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Open file (269.68 KB 1600x1200 130225052557.jpg)
Chastity Anonymous 04/28/2011 (Thu) 10:29:58 No. 4
May as well restart the excellent Male Chastity thread.

Guys in chastity, women who like guys in Chastity, guys who want to be in Chastity and Chastity pics: post here!
Open file (52.41 KB 600x433 129294493473.jpg)
Open file (171.73 KB 1600x1284 IMG_2755.jpg)
Open file (75.49 KB 432x424 125204217941.jpg)
Out of all the models there are, this one interests me the most. Does anyone have experience with something like this?
I don't have any experience of urethral devices myself, but they're really not intended for long term wear: you'll get scaring of the urethrae and/or an infection if you tried to wear one for an extended period of time.

I once read on 420chan that bacteria can't develop on chrome, though. Is that true?
Bacteria can certainly develop inside your urethrae, and they can get there a lot easier if you have a lump of metal shoved down it!

It will also cause scaring, which would be unpleasant.
Open file (163.82 KB 1024x682 1300555991634.jpg)
Open file (65.12 KB 428x459 004.jpg)
Open file (53.04 KB 600x483 6045.jpg)
Open file (52.30 KB 358x474 1272863704516.jpg)
I might as well post all of those female chastity pics I uploaded for posterity's sake
my favorite pic
Open file (4.57 KB 194x259 1293657590988.jpg)
Open file (34.97 KB 350x500 Chastity-001.jpg)
Open file (21.01 KB 350x500 Pierced-004.jpg)
Open file (82.83 KB 400x500 three-lock-box.jpg)
Open file (26.65 KB 280x500 DSC05146_-full.jpg)
Open file (65.96 KB 529x659 1297238701662.jpg)
Open file (66.14 KB 1024x768 1297638748936.jpg)
I guess that was my last one

OP: "May as well restart the excellent Male Chastity thread."
Currently wearing the CB-6000. We've played with the CB-Curve before, but while wearable, it is way too visible under clothing.

I get the impression the CB-6000 isn't visible unless you actually know it is there, and even that is just because of the sharp edges of the lock and the side guiding pins sticking out. I should be able to find a way to cover those up.

Slowly we are getting used to the device; for now it is just a toy were I get to try it on and take it of if the fit isn't right, but soon we'll probably start playing with short terms of lock ups during holidays and weekends. My girlfriend is game. :)

Any other experiences out there?
Open file (79.42 KB 380x304 kalis-teeth-bracelet.jpg)
>Any other experiences out there?

I've only ever self-locked, sadly. At the moment I have a KTB but the longest I've worn it for is about 48 hours. It's pretty damn comfortable, when flaccid, and pretty damn effective when hard! It does still occasionally pinch though (how could it not, with all those spiky bits?), so I'm considering a Bon4...
Except the original thread had females too. It was just primarily dominated by men.
i found out i can't wear the cb-6000 due to the way my cock hangs. Any tips for someone who can't wear the poular device and where to get something that works?

I spent last night locked up in the CB-6000, and it went fairly well; I woke up around 04:00 with an attempt at an erection and got out to drink some water, which helped. I woke up around 05:30 again, and lay half asleep with my penis staying as hard as it could for most of the time. I expected to be very sore in the morning, but as soon as the hard on went away, the chastity device felt comfortable again. I suspect the middle sized ring I was using is a bit too tight, so the erection wouldn't subside normally unless I got up. I exchanged it for the largest ring this morning. I also trimmed the two side bars down to the length needed for the smallest spacer (which fits very well) to take care of the two points jutting out.

I've noticed that I can wear the CB-6000 very well concealed by wearing briefs underneath a boxer brief, keeping the package nicely in place. Just now I went out to do the groceries, and for the first time I've felt somewhat comfortable with it outside of our apartment.

All in all, a good experience, although this does open up possibilities for prolonged wear (!). If my girlfriend agrees with my observation that the device can now be worn comfortably without it showing at all, the natural barrier of not being able to wear it to work on weekdays will be gone..

This whole blogish post must sound like baby-steps, but it may just be the next phase for us. Slowly, all of the prerequisite work is being taken care of; she has come to understand and appreciate this desire (which isn't that strange because she enjoys bottoming in our light occasional BDSM play) and likes how submissive I become towards her when playing with this thing. Also, the practical hurdle of being able to wear a chastity device comfortably and with confidence is being overtaken.. I could be mistaken, but it looks like soon we will be at the threshold where she can and will take control of my manhood for as long as she pleases. This probably won't mean much in terms of length at first, and it will probably remain a play thing for quite some time, but still..

I am relinquishing control. And although it goes against a lot of society's unwritten rules and perceived common sense??? I actually want this.
Open file (114.10 KB 583x600 459225458.jpg)
Very, very, VERY nice.
Open file (67.84 KB 450x600 12510019148.jpg)
Hey there. Just got here from fapchan, as I was backing up some pics. Might as well post 'em here, right? So, dumping my favorites from the old thread.
Open file (43.91 KB 400x533 125100193712.jpg)
Open file (82.36 KB 600x576 125100198798.jpg)
Open file (34.29 KB 539x676 125133600585.jpg)
Open file (36.68 KB 600x421 125159080365.jpg)
Open file (343.39 KB 1162x775 12536773019.jpg)
This pic had a like text with it, here it is:
"Here is a treat for you guys, these are pics of a sub controlled by his Mistress. This is one nasty piece of chastity and is perfect to keep boys in control. You can see in this first pic he has started to leak from the thought."
Open file (429.97 KB 860x1024 125367741980.jpg)
Open file (373.09 KB 881x1024 125367752492.jpg)
previous pic: "It starts."

this pic: "Looks nice and evil."
Open file (462.41 KB 935x1024 125367755731.jpg)
Open file (379.77 KB 1024x768 125367758659.jpg)
Open file (369.48 KB 1024x768 125367767550.jpg)
Open file (373.85 KB 1024x768 125367774211.jpg)
"All in and locked."
Open file (361.14 KB 1024x768 125367778666.jpg)
"Better view."
Open file (405.40 KB 1024x768 125367783898.jpg)
Open file (387.93 KB 1024x768 125367798496.jpg)
Open file (90.26 KB 834x1310 1304143933611.jpg)
Them the following conversation ensued, about this device:

-"Interesting, have more info about that device, or is it a custom job?"

-"found it, here is that one along with other variations on the design


-"Good work finding that.

Here is how he described the removal of it by his wife/mistress:

"I did ended up with a sore cock after my wife took (actually yanked it off) the device off since it was extremely difficult to remove and I was kind of OMG this thing won't come out. She basically yanked the plug off my cock and it was like pulling me inside out. I think next time I'll take it off myself SLOWLY!!! However, this yank thing could be a good CBT game since I almost fainted and my cock shriveled almost into oblivion after the yank. I may want to try this yank thing again, but I need to psyche myself for that. It is not for the faint of heart."
Open file (60.71 KB 600x450 125395191686.jpg)
btw, THAT pic is totally unrelated. I was talking about the chastity device.

Open file (56.69 KB 500x650 125398701960.jpg)
Open file (57.31 KB 800x720 127854525668.jpg)
Open file (71.12 KB 392x480 127854527824.jpg)
Open file (45.53 KB 492x600 129964884146.jpg)
Open file (25.28 KB 375x500 1303933345393.jpg)
Open file (135.97 KB 701x1051 1303934191363.jpg)
Open file (80.14 KB 1078x808 13027350218.jpg)
Open file (158.93 KB 548x730 130338066938.jpg)
That was it, actually

here's a cool vid, also from that thread:

and another, from the same Domme:

That's my contribution! Hope this thread gets to big as great as the old one.
In Micro science we learnt that if you have something like this or a catheter on for long times you WILL get an infection ( 100% of people will have developed one after 30 days )
I wish I had more of these (assuming there are more). If anyone has any, for Gods sake please post 'em!

Yeah this dainty one with a huge dick wasn't built for the CB 6000. Or it wasn't built for her.
>>66 cute >o>

I wish I knew a guy that would do that, and dress like that as well, forced fem and chastity devices on guys are so damn hot!
where are you from? i like forced fem
lulz sc
Open file (41.17 KB 660x495 diane 140.jpg)
Well out of all of Newfapchan, this is the place you're most likely to find someone.

Is it just the *look* of a guy in lingerie and a chastity device that you like, or is it the idea of locking up a boy and feminising him?
He is very cute and the device looks so nice on him.
Hmm, I would have to say both.
This thread needs to be re-stickied.
Well now you're just going to have to tell us more!
More about what? =D
whats going on in yours head of course.
I am very interested in what, exactly, is going on in your head. Please continue.

I wish I knew a girl who would do it to me, because I'd sure as hell do it.
What's strange is that if you believe the internets, there are loads of women out there who are into chastity/feminisation/pegging/femdom etc.

*If* you believe the internets. Yeah.

Come to think of it, I wonder what happened with the lesbian Domme who was trying to get her own femme boy to lock up...
It's not so implausible. People are more likely to admit to their kinks when there aren't any risks in doing so. Telling your partner that you want to be gang raped by an army of strapon-wearing lesbian midgets has maybe a 50% chance of losing you your partner...

I actually talk to and hang out with people like this who do like to do these things in real life. You are right you should not believe everything you read on the net but if you meet up with people who are like minded you will see this is not all fantasy in some obese guy's head who's living in his mom's basement.
My gf actually was the one to suggest pegging and chastity. She does not like like feminization, but she does it anyway. Even now I am wearing panties she bought for me. I also know a guy who got his gf into chastity too. Anyhow, the point is that it's more likely than you think.
Could we get a list of useful 'free' chastity sites?
So do I. Hell I've helped run a few local munches in my time. Which is why I know the number of people who *say* they're into it on the interwebs outnumber the people who are into it *in real life*.


The last three are fetish sites that include chastity and there are many more out there.
Open file (13.32 KB 240x195 ch_cb2000_pink.jpg)
Open file (21.97 KB 375x500 shawna_pink_cb2000.jpg)
Open file (32.37 KB 397x522 the_right_way.jpg)

Oh yes, there is a big difference between fantasy and reality and most are way too scared to bridge the gap or when they do get it it doesn't live up to what they imagined.
I still wanna be locked up, but I gotta find those ones that fit the whole way around cause my cock hangs and the normal devices won't stay on
Yeah. It must suck not being albe to cum. That's the best part, right? lol
Oh there are lot's of ways you can cum if you're in chastity. They may not all be fun, though ;)
Hrm, there are? I've tried pegging and using a prostate massager whilst locked up, and it feels good, but I've never been able to cum from it without at least a few strokes of help.
It's different for each person. Some find it very easy to be milked: others never seem to get it to work. I'd suggest that if you're locked up for long enough, it probably becomes a lot easier ;)
Hrm, how long are we talking? My girl rarely keeps me locked up for more than three or four days at a time. Do I need to ask her for longer?
Probably a couple of weeks. Certainly if you add some teasing in there (mmmmm, blue balls)

>Do I need to ask her for longer?

Well, yes. You should do that anyway...
Currently locked in my cb3000.
Still looking for a keyholder, it's damn hard to find someone.

20year old virgin male.
IIRC the times I still got unlocked sometimes (now over 2 years ago...) it usually took about 2 weeks for me.

It is damn fucking hard sometimes. Where are you located?

If you haven't done so already check out the sites I listed above.

Yeah I've been to those sites before and just haven't found anyone right yet.
I'm in the Uk.
Wait a minute, I'm intrigued. Are you locked up permanently? Enquiring minds want to know the entire story!
Yes, I'm locked up permanently.
Any chance of a little more detail? Like, how did you end up locked up permanently? Was it your decision or your key holder? Why permanent? How do you find it? What device are you in? Is there *any* chance of you being unlocked in the future? If not, is there any possibility of anything more...permanent?

I'd love to know the whole story. The idea of permanent chastity is a huge turn on. (The idea of someone being a permanently chaste virgin is even hotter, but I digress...)
It was her idea, with me mostly moving along with everything she suggested or just did.
As for getting unlocked, I can't predict what she'll do, but it's very unlikely, she get's enough sex from other guys.
Do you perform cleanup duties after this also or no?
Yes, not only cleanup, but general toilet duties as well.

My hope at the moment is to find someone that'll keep me locked permanently. Being a virgin, it's just incredible.
I'd be denied something incredible, it'd drive me insane.

I'd love to have an actual wife in the future who would tie me up and unlock me. Then hover mere centimeters above my cock, just denying any penetration. It'd be incredible.
Obviously i'd please her in anyway possible and she'd cuckold me.

But this situation will be almost impossible to actually obtain.
I recently met a guy in a similar situation. In his mid-thirties and married, but locked up and still a virgin. He doesn't get unlocked for teasing though, and said he hasn't even seen his dick in over 10 years.
His wife of course cuckolds him and has sex with whoever she likes.
So you're cuckolded by her I take it? Did you have any say in being locked up permanently, or did she just do it? How do you feel about it?

I like the idea of a young virgin being taken and locked up by a cruel domme who cuckolds him and feminises him, until one day he begs her to remove his balls...O.K, so it's a bit of a heavy fantasy, but it's still hot.
Yes, I'm cuckolded.
About locking me up permanently, that's something she just decided without even telling me. Only some time after I was locked up the last time was it she told me I won't get released anymore.
How I feel about it... Well I would be lying if I said I'm not jealous of the guys who get to fuck her now, especially as she now is willing to do things like anal.
But, I guess whatever makes her happy makes me happy, so I won't complain.

What was your initial reaction? And how long did it take you to get used to the thought?
Do you think you will never cum again?

How did you start this relationship? Did you actively seek out a domme to cuckold you, or did was your keyholder vanilla initially I.e. was she your girlfriend and has become your domme over time, or was she always your domme?
When she told me nore more releases, I was already locked longer than usual (she never told me when I'd be unlocked before), so I guess I was already expecting something like that.
Initially I was of course a bit anxious, but got used to it quite fast. She helped that with punishments whenever I tried to complain or wasn't eager to do as she wished though.

I think my chance to ever cum again is very slim, and I'm certainly not expecting it.

I didn't seek a domme and found her by chance, but she wasn't exactly vanilla when we met. She won't tell me though if she wanted it like it is now from the beginning and just tried to ease me in or really changed since we got together.
Are you teased at all (other than the cuckolding/cleanup)? Are you milked? What sort of device are you in?
I'm in a full belt, what model exactly she won't tell me, and I never really was curious enough to compare to all the types that are out there...

She does tease me a lot, although I never get unlocked in the process.
As for milking, she found a way to do it that feels quite unpleasurable. Still (or rather because I guess) she does it quite often.
Can't really describe it because she blindfolds me everytime and I have never seen her doing it.
Can I ask where you are from and if you would mind posting a picture of youself in the belt?
I am sorta jealous of you with this also.
I'm from Germany.
And sorry, I won't post picturef, not only do I currently don't even have the means to, but she also explicitly forbid doing so.

And don't be jealous, search your own!
>She does tease me a lot, although I never get unlocked in the process.

How does that work, exactly? What sort of teasing are we talking about?

> As for milking, she found a way to do it that feels quite unpleasurable.

Haha, oh you poor thing. I'm quite jealous!
Verbal teasing, anal stuff, or making me watch/listening her masturbate/get fucked.
Most of it is hard to describe, but she manages to keep me horny.

Today she originally planned to milk me, but instead a chance for her to go to a threesome with two guys came up.
But I'm not sure if it's something to be jealous of, sometimes if she thinks I misbehaved or just feels like it she can do it really painful...
I am quite lazy and its one of those things. I'm not sure if I would be able to stand it

Did you meet this guy in person or online?
I'd be interested to know how the relationshop started and how it all worked out.
I'd love to be him someday.
Ooooh, yay chastity~!

I have a cb2000 (pink) but I can't wear it, unfortunately... though how I wish I could wear it... and give someone else the key.

However, I have been in a sort of chastity the past 6 days, having not been allowed access to myself as though I were in chastity.
Sort? care to explain?
Well it started off as holding off for a few days for a friend of mine that was coming to visit. When she got there, she had a condition which prevented any 'fun' between us. She basically told me I'm not allowed to cum until she is.
So basically you're just not touching yourself then?

Well I'm allowed to touch myself, just not cum. Honestly though, I think tonight I'm just going to lock myself in my CB2000 just so I don't tempt myself any more.
pics? And temptation is where is its at
Open file (97.10 KB 640x480 100MEDIA_IMAG0141.jpg)
Here's a picture I guess... took it about 20 minutes ago.
Thanks kind sir. How does that feel?
And its PINK! I know they are all but still..
They're not all pink...

And it feels tight. I mean too tight. It causes irritation on the underside of my sac so I can't wear it for too long.

Looks very good and should stay on long to keep you chaste and frustrated. That is one of the 2K series which has been discontinued and the main issue is the hinge in the ring which can cause irritation.

If you are not lubing the ring regularly it can cause irritation, using a bit of latex to cover the hinge can work as well. If the ring is really too small then move up to the next one.
I can't exactly move up to a larger ring as I already use the largest one.

As far as keeping it on... if it were any other model, I'd be fine, but the design of the 2000, particularly the bars, cause damage. I'm pressing against the cage even when flaccid, and after wearing it for half an hour, it leaves some rather deep marks that take a good amount of time to go away, and stay longer the longer I keep it on.

Aaah, that makes sense and is unfortunate. What you may want to do it sell the 2K as people are still looking for it and go with a 6K, 3K or a silicon device such as the Bon4. I normally suggest the 6K but if you have a larger girth the 3K has a larger opening.

I suggest the silicon based devices since they are pliable and are less likely to leave marks on your skin.
I was thinking of getting one of the silicone devices I've seen. My only problem now is motivation. I have nobody except for myself to get that for.
Hi! Yeah I'm still around. I was wondering what happened to the site and I just now found the new one.

Not sure what to report on really, I can't say me and sissy boy have done too much since I last posted... Time and distance gets in the way. Frankly I'm sick of dealing with it, but it's not like girlyboys are a dime a dozen and I can just find a replacement.
Hey folks.

I've just become the proud owner of a lovely Birdlocked Neo, and I'm sitting here locked in it as I type.

I've been wanting to get hold of a chastity device for a while and didn't like the look of the hard plastic ones like the CBs.
I plumped for the Birdlock over the Bon4, as I'd read some poor reviews for the latter concerning the multiple parts, pinching and such.

I'm glad I did. The Birdlock is comfortable as fuck and other than a little bit of confusion when initially putting it on, it does the job well.
Ah, I thought something like might have happened. Glad you found this replacement thread.

Last time you posted she was going to have a think about it before letting you lock her up: did she decide wisely?
Oh, no, I'm the girl. The boy doesn't post here. Or at least, if he does he does it without my knowledge.

We've been doing chastity off and on. Not as often or as long as I would like, but the distance between us and the rarity in which we have face time prevents any extended periods of him locked away. Sanitation and cleanliness are a big concern of mine, I'd hate to have it locked on him for too long and cause infections or just general grossness.

I am pushing him to get a Prince Albert piercing, because I really like the idea of one of the devices that locks through the piercing. He is considering it, it would be a big step in our relationship so it's not something that's going to happen over night.

And for the uninitiated, a tl;dr version of my relationship: I am a lesbian dominant, I have a very femmy sub boy who I have been training. I want to keep him in extended chastity because 1.) I want to control this stupid faggot's little brain, and 2.) I really have no sexual interest in him, I've had sex with guys and it's just kind of gross to me. He exists to crossdress and wear pretty outfits for me and to be my service submissive. I have a female sub whom I love with all of my heart, and she fulfills every sexual need I could possibly have.
How does he accept being 2nd class to you?
Not quite sure what you mean by that. If you are referring to the complete lack of sex, then he actually finds it quite fulfilling. We have a very strong emotional connection, and we both feel that is just reinforced by not having sex change the equation. I milk his prostate and tease him by jerking him off, but sex is out of the question. As a result, our... relationship is very strong.

Aside from, you know, the fact that I get to see him very rarely due to our conflicting schedules.

Or did you mean him playing second fiddle to my girl sub? All three of us have had to adjust to the situation of having two submissives, but she is kind of the alpha and is happy to switch and take charge of him when needed.

I find your implications humerous, though.
I'm planning on getting into this with my lady (in a few months, at the earliest in all likelihood) and I've gotta ask some questions.

How much does it hurt?
Exactly what is the pain like? (Sharp, stabbing, throbbing, etc)
Any changes to routine that I'll have to make when wearing it? I plan on wearing it just with her for the first while.
How long would you recommend I wear it for when I first start? Ideally I'd be able to go the weekend, but I'd like to hear it from you guys.
Anything else you think I should know?

Thank you all.
Being the slow ass I am, I forgot perhaps the most important questions.

What device? I was looking at the CB3000 or 6000, but pretty much only because I don't know of any alternatives by name. Also because I told my lady about the points of intrigue and she was... intrigued. I understand they're hard to obtain and the model that they're made for is discontinued, though.

So, what do you guys suggest?

How much it hurts depends on the person, some feel a mild throbbing and others tear producing pain. If you bring in the Points of Intrigue you up the pain factor. The PoI are only compatible with the 2000 and 3000.

You have many choices for devices but the most common ones are the CB 6000, the CB 6000s, the Birdlocked and the Bon-4. If you get the 3000 make sure it is a newer version as the older ones have a hinged ring and that causes issues.

Your routine will change as you will now have to sit to pee, you will have to take extra time in the shower to clean the device, you will need to make sure your underwear is supportive enough and that your pants aren't too tight.

How long you should wear it depends on you, start with one day and see how your handle it then a 24 hour period so that you can see how sleeping in it feels. Once you have it set you can go from there to a week or longer. I've had new boys locked up for a week and I know of others who have been locked for weeks or more the first time.

Not every device works for every guy and spending money on something that may not work is not good, if you can find someone close to you who has a device and would be willing to let you try it on I would suggest going that route first.
Thank you very much. I've gotta say, that was surprisingly prompt. I'm interested in a bit of discomfort if I try to get hard, but otherwise have it be pretty... okay I suppose would be the right word. I really want discomfort or pain when she's teasing me, though. I suppose the shorter CB6000S would serve me well in that regard?
...I really need to think out all my thoughts before posting. Sorry for the repeated double posts.

I saw that there's a new points of intrigue coming out for the CB6000 soon, and there's currently something called the Baltus security points which look like a more brutal version, although the description says they should be filed down to achieve the right effect.

I also need to brush up on my *chan skills (I'm typically just a lurker). I forgot to do two greater thans to point at another post.
Hrm, where did you hear about the new points of intrigue?
On one of the sites that sells all the CB devices and... aftermarket accessories they had a note about the incompatibility and that they had a new design coming soon.

Also, >>309
Isn't the new model CB3000 incompatible with the points of intrigue? And is there some chart I can use to compare girth and length to my recommended device?
There is no "new model" CB3000. There is the CB6000, and the CB6000S.
You pretty much answered my question nail on the head...
Ah okay, cool. :3

I think I have awoken some forced fem fetish in my girl sub, she has taken quite a liking to helping the boy get made up and dressed for me. It's cute that the two of them go into the bathroom to change into lingerie and do their makeup, and I hear her fussing at him for being difficult. Maybe occasionally a quick spanking. And then the two of them come out and I have two pretty little tarts to play with. :D Boy is locked up, useless as ever, and he has to sit and hold my girl's hair out of her face while she goes down on me or vice versa. Hold toys or lube. Kiss on my neck and shoulders and breasts while I am masturbating to orgasm.

Then afterwards we all cuddle, all three of us wrapped in half-put-on lingerie. It's really sweet and adorable.
That's not what I heard. I heard that the newer CB3000's used the rings from the CB6000 and was thusly incompatible.
>NOTE: the points of intrigue sold elsewhere on this site and not complatible with this model.

So how do I tell which exactly I'm getting? Or is this site full of shit?
I don't intend to rub it in anyone's face (then again, given the interests of those present, maybe you that?) but here's further proof of compatibility issues.


>Are the rings interchangeable with all product cages?
>Yes, with our newly redesigned Curve and CB-3000 all of our rings are now interchangable with all product cages.

>Are Points of Intrigue available for your products?
>Right now Points of Intrigue are not available for our products. We are currently redesigning the Points of Intrigue for our new rings. We will add them to the website when they are available.
You're welcome, the "s" version can reduce the pain when you are trying to get hard, the majority of the pain comes from trying to get hard and the ring pulling on your balls. If you have little room to get hard the erection is thwarted early and there is less pull. Some do get pain just from trying to get hard too.

You have answered your questions about the points of intrigue and the rings on the 3K. The previous rings were hinged as I mentioned which you don't want and the other issue is the posts point towards the body and those would poke into the pubic area and that has been fixed in the new version. The difference between the 3K and 6K is the shape of the opening at either end, they are both narrower on the 6K.

If you really want comfort and your balls aren't tight then a silicone device may work for you.
Sounds quite funny. I take it the sub has long hair? But thanks for sharing.
That sounds both very sweet, and very hot.
I think I'll go for the 3K then. I want a bit of pain and my lady certainly wants me to have a bit of pain. I've emailed the manufacturer asking for their ETA on the new points. With any luck it's less than a few months! Regardless, I can get the Baltus Security Points which look notably more harsh.

Thanks for all your help!
Well I mean, we're both really femme looking girls, my hair is to my shoulders and hers is around breast length. She has kind of a scene girl cut, pic related (though her hair is dark red). So it's more of a convenience thing to not get hair on our mouths when we're eating the others' pussy, plus it makes boy feel useful.

That's not to say, of course, that he isn't in the middle of us sometimes. The only thing he is strictly forbidden is penetrative sex, and we have gotten pretty creative and keeping him aroused and edging him without letting him be inside the female body.

Typing this, I realized it has been like 4 months since he's had sex. I asked him if he is starting to forget what it feels like and he said "yes". >:3 God I love taking sex away from him. <3
Open file (19.63 KB 300x400 scene-hair.jpg)
Oops, forgot photo.
Oh heck. Looks like they've retroactively changed the version numbers on some models. Either that or it's just some retailer fucking around with people...

I hate marketing people.
The cuddle part does it for me. Bet you are one group of happy campers.

You are very welcome, good luck and enjoy. My sadistic side hopes your gf keeps you locked and teased for a good long time till you are in tears wanting to cum. ;)
I dunno but I thank you for sharing your stories. I'm getting a nice joy from reading them. And I take it then you peg him then?
Oh yeah, totally. :D We don't do it super often, but he is quite a little cockslut when I do decide to put him in his place that way. My girl has asked if she can do it to him, I haven't let her yet but I think I might. She's always wanted to strapon fuck a boy. And I kind of would love the chance to be face to face with boy while he's getting nailed. :3
Oh my, you're all quite lucky to have eachother~
I'll be sure to share my story if everything goes as planned! And I hope so too!

Wow, your stories got me really wet. Thank you so much for sharing them with us <3

Has he ever been disobedient? How did you punish him/will punish him if he ever does?

Maybe it would be more accurate to call her your apprentice then.

Great, I look forward to it.
Open file (31.10 KB 400x347 198428686.jpg)
>Wow, your stories got me really wet

I came.
For anyone looking for a chastity device Extreme Restraints is having a 20% off sale. The coupon code is CHASTITY20 and expires on June 13th.
Regrettably, we won't be ready to purchase anything for a few months. Although, I'll check back again when its time and hopefully there'll be another discount!
I have a modified CB6000. It is fitted with a remote shocking device. My owner/girlfriend holds the remote. She can administer 5 levels of electric shocks to the head of my cock. Level one is annoying and level 5 is excruciating. I will post a pic this afternoon.
Please, do continue! And if you happen to have any instructions on how to make it, please share!
Open file (279.82 KB 640x480 blowup.jpg)
Here is my modded CB6000. There are 10 pics in all. When a shocked is administered, it is always felt on the head of my cock. She usually doesnt have to shock me more than once, but sometimes does just for the hell of it. She has used it to make me dress up, get in the car with her, so she can drive me a mile into town. Then she uses it to make me get out of the car and walk home...dressed in a short skirt, panties, stockings, bra, etc. Very humiliating.
Open file (299.23 KB 640x480 cb_front2.jpg)
Open file (295.99 KB 640x480 cb_front.jpg)
Open file (284.79 KB 640x480 cb_side2.jpg)
Open file (279.22 KB 640x480 cb_topview.jpg)
Open file (273.91 KB 640x480 labeled.jpg)
Open file (256.92 KB 640x480 sideview2.jpg)
Open file (291.19 KB 640x480 unit_and_remote.jpg)
Open file (250.74 KB 640x480 sideview.jpg)
if you have any questions, ask them here. I will respond here within a day or so. Thanks.
What was the shock device she used originally from?

Oh, and I like the tattoo.
the shock device was taken off of a dog shock collar. We picked it up at walmart for $50. There was another, smaller, one for $100 that I am working on modifying now.

Also, the tattoo is henna. It stains the skin for weeks. She handcuffed me and applied the henna a few weeks ago. It was much darker. There is another on the small of my back that says "cumslut" in huge letters and one on my chest, below my neck, that says "will work for cum". My girlfriend is a bitch. She says she is trying to keep me from cheating. Most of the time the things we do are hot, but sometimes she makes me do things that I really dont want, like the henna tattoos, I did NOT want to have that on my body.
got a favorite story about it?

And out of general curiosity what was the longest period of time you've been locked in?
favorite story? Its all pretty

fucking hot. My girlfriend is young,

college-aged, and we live in a

college town. She is young, thin,

sexy, and hot....and a huge slut. On

Friday and Saturday nights, she goes

out and does whatever she wants. She

goes home with whoever she

pleases...young college guys or even

older locals, black guys...she will

fuck anyone she is attracted to and

she loves sucking cock, just not

mine. Being locked up Fri and Sat

nights waiting for to get home so I

can eat her pussy is always hot.

Sometimes she will call at 2am to

tell me to hanfcuff myself in the

spare bedroom. This always means she

is bringing someone home to fuck. I

get to hear her having the daylights

fucked out of her, but I dont get to


Also, she takes plenty of pics, she

says, to use for blackmail in case I

refuse to put the cage back on when I

take it off for cleaning. Also,

anytime its off, she locks a dog

collar around my neck, which is

chained to long dog chain outside.

One of the hottest things she has

done, which was a totally surprise,

she told me to get dressed up-

stockings, panties, short ass-showing

skirt, black bra, tight girlie shirt.

Then she handcuffed me behind my

back and told me to get in the car.

She drove me over a mile down the

street and told me to get out and

walk home. I resisted at first, but

she brought out the remote and

shocked me, and drove even farther

out and made me get out and walk

home. As she drove away, I stood

there, handcuffed behind my back and

dressed like a slut. i could see

headlights and hear cars in the

distance. I hurried home as fast as

I could, under streetlights and past

apartment buildings. When a car

would come, i would try to hide, but

I was spotted several times. I

finally made it home and the doors

were all locked and her car wasnt

there. I spent 3 hours handcuffed

outside. Finally she came home, but

wouldnt tell me where she has been.

She has videos of me sucking her

exboyfriends cock, him cumming on my

face, me swallowing for him. He

calls a few times a month. Each

time, she likes to take pics and

video me with his big cock in my


The last ten or twelve times I have

gotten to cum, she has jacked me off

and ruined it. I havent enjoyed an

orgasm in months.

Recently she brought home a dog dish

for me to eat out of...in the floor.

There are times when she likes to

handcuff me bent over and whip my ass

with a riding crop. It always leaves

whelps. usually this leads up to her

exboyfriend coming over and me

"enthusicatally" sucking his cock.

She really likes seeing me appear to

like it.

She also has a friend, Laura, who

comees over. We had a hot threesome

with Laura years ago, before we were

into chastity. Now when Laura comes

over, its to help my girlfriend

humiliate me. The two of them make

me do embarassing things...if I say

no, I get shocked several times. I

hate it my GF gives the remote to

Laura. She always shocks me even

when I obey her.

O also wear it (the shocking chastyty

device) when I leave the house for

work or whatever. My GF will show up

at my work with reducious demands and

requests that I am forced to carry

out. She forces me to embarass

myself at walmart. She has made me

ask out obviously gay, faminine men

and then follow up by going on an

actually date with them.

There isnt anything we havent done it

seems. Sometimes I love being

owned...but sometimes I hate it...and

she doesnt care. She has control of

everything. My paycheck is deposited

into an account that I dont have

access to, my cars are in her name.

She really has full control.
that formatting sucks, but thats some of the hot things we have done...
Interested in CBs but never worn one.

I sometimes masturbate by humping the bedsheets, usually when I'm already lying in bed at night. The pleasure comes from the pressure, not the friction and it doesn't require me to get hard.

Wouldn't this still work with a CB on? I kinda think it would ruin the entire point for me.

If I just ruined chastity for anyone: Whoops.
How does that work, exactly? You can cum from just that?

Now I'm admittedly far from an expert, but I doubt you would still be able to manage it with a chastity device.
no sir, i can't say that it's happened to me; only made me more frustrated.

Are you sure you are thinking about the same thing I am, though? What I mean is just kinda lying face-down, then rubbing my crotch over the bedsheet until I cum. If a chastity belt can prevent that, that would be perfect.
Birdlock dude here. the ladyfirend and I got onto doing other things for a while, so the birdlock hasn't seen much intensive use up to now. I've been wearing it for the past couple of days though.

I'm very disappointed. I can pull myself out of this thing like it's nothing.
I modified the locking strip with one tighter hole and I can still pull out. it's pretty much impossible to get it any tighter as well.

any suggestions on a new cage?
The cb-6000 is great. The combinations of rings and spacers will do you well in finding a good fit.
Someone lock me up! 18 year old gay virgin from the UK
Did all of the posters here get their internet privileges revoked by their keyholder or something?
I'm still here. been caged since 6/25/11. My girlfriend gave me a ruined orgasm last wednesday but I'm locked up until she decides I'm ready to come out. The shitty part is, in about a week she's leaving for 2 weeks out of state and I'm guaranteed to be locked up then. I'm just afraid she won't give me release before that trip...
Well, pretty much spontaneously, I locked myself up and put the key in the freezer. Wheeee!
I'm another permanently locked guy, kept without orgasm for now close to 3 years.

My gf doesn't cuckold me though, she only replaced my dick with a strapon I have to wear during sex when she wants to fuck "normally".
She says it's better than a real dick because it's easier to change if she wants a different type and there's no problem of cumming too fast.
I'm planning to get circumcised for chastity purposes.
For once because the inside of the foreskin is a bitch to clean inside the cage and also I want it done as tightly as possible to dull my sensitivity. I'd actually be GLAD if I had to use lube to fap.
PLEASE don't get circumcised. You will regret it. I know you think it will make you happier but just for the love of god don't fucking get rid of your foreskin. Do some reasearch; you'll lose alot of feeling and NOT IN A GOOD WAY. Just think it over.
did you decide on this or did she? what was your sex life before the lock up and now?
It was her idea, and as usual I just went along with her suggestion.
Not that much changed actually, even before she often concentrated on my ass as she cums the hardest from fucking me with a double-ended strapon.
From her perspective the main change is that our sex lasts longer, as she never really liked the taste or feel of sperm that's no loss for her.
Apart from that she isn't my domme or anything though, and quite likes to be tied up and such.
>Do some reasearch

What makes you think I didn't? This isn't something I just randomly thought of.

Also don't start this bullshit again.
Yes, don't. If this becomes a cut vs uncut thread appropriate action will be taken.
any interesting stories?
Before I was locked up she continually edged me for more than a week only to lock me without letting me cum one last time. She even masturbates to the thought of me being continously horny without a chance for release.
She herself isn't better though and said a day's wasted if she didn't orgasm at least 3 times...

Also, her mother found out about our doings by accident, but to our great surprise she's actually supportive of it.
Open file (104.05 KB 864x864 1297315955191.jpg)
Man...I love the idea of a cage...

But I can't imagine permanent chastity or cuckoldry... To each their own...all the stories are turning me on like crazy... but when I actually think about the application to my life, I just can't see it. But...maybe I'm just not as kinky as you all!

I'll just stick to assplay and milking with the occasional beating :3

I really appreciate the design of the cage, by the way, as an electrician. What is the output on it? (Also: nice choice of crimp.)

Anywho...thanks for the stories. I'll keep lurking now :3

Is it more of a "let's see how long we can keep this up" thing or 100% serious "no more cumming ever again"?

You said it was her idea and you just went along with it, but can you describe how she told you were getting locked up and how you felt during the time?
Aww, poor thing. Does she masturbate in front of you? Did she edge you one last time and then immediately lock you up? Did you know at the time it was going to be a permanent arrangement, or did she tell you later?
We both did and do consider it permanent never cumming again, but only time can tell what happens.
Even though I'd want to I can't really describe how I felt, because I honestly don't really remember it very clearly. Were pretty mixed feelings I think.
She told me like it was something completely normal and no big deal, but that's what she always does when she wants to introduce something new. Was completely undramatic.

I knew before that at that date I was going to be locked up permanently, she just didn't clearly state if she were to give me one last orgasm or not.
And yes, she does masturbate in front of me. Like I said, we still have a good and varied sex life, just with my dick replaced by a strapon whenever its needed.
Also, she's into stretching and says it makes it easier for her if she doesn't have to worry that she'll become to loose as a result.
Sounds hot. What device are you in?
how do feel about being locked up now?
>Also, her mother found out about our doings by accident, but to our great surprise she's actually supportive of it.

you can't just say something like this and not tell us how
anyone got any advice on buying?
i was thinking of a cb6000 or 3000 but its weird in Aus the 3000 is more expensive by a bit is this because of any particular reason?
The 2000, 3000 and Curve are no longer in production. They're only making the 6000 and the 6000s (although to confuse you some retailers are labelling the 6000s as a "new 3000" and the 6000 as a "new Curve").

Which is a shame, because I'd really like to add a 2000 to my collection.
Here's another locked up sub. We dabble in quite a lot of femdom and other related stuff like sissification and even cuckolding with my gf. Currently I'm locked up, since my she is away for the whole of July on a trip, and she left me locked up and hanging, since I need to stay for work. This lock-up will be my record time without an orgasm, and I'm loving it so far.

I've been locked up for a year, on or off. I also fantasize about also being permanently (or semi-permanently) locked up, and for her to start cuckolding me with someone else, and she has responded positively so far. She already has embraced sissyfication at least on the humiliation side, calling me her sissy, although the rest of the feminization is still yet to begin.

Just needed to post to relieve the frustration, all these images and stories, and no release for me. -.-
Poor you :P

Now here's something I've never understood: what is "semi permanent"? It's surely permanent or it isn't?

Another question: if you were to face permanent chastity...would you submit to a penectomy?
Open file (402.74 KB 1024x768 compare2.jpg)
If you want to argue semantics, then yes, "semi-permanent" could better be rephrased as "significantly prolonged periods of chastity lock-up with diminished or no sexual relations with the keyholder", but semi-permanent is faster to write. And sounds better when you're horny.

Considering penectomy, no. Part of the enjoyment of being in chastity for me is the fact that my penis straining against the device and looks ridiculous and useless locked up with it. I have a bit of a humiliation fetish to go along with this all, and it requires the penis to actually be present. It then boils down to a "ruined man"-type of scenario, where every nut and bolt is present, even if unused.
please post how many times i should still edge! my mistress has kept me going all night... how many more?

At least 9.
Open file (75.54 KB 400x600 d666.jpg)
Could anyone give me some advice on cheaper chastity devices.

Ive seen some on E bay for ??20-30(30-50$), various metal designs and you can get what looks like a Cb 6000, cheap copy no doubt.. anyone had experience with these?

Im looking for a cheap device to try out chastity for the first time, only realy needs to be good enough for short term wear ( few days) im also uncut.. ive heard that some devices have a habbit on pinching to.
The metal devices you get on eBay are fun for daytime wear or for an evening out clubbing, but they're not suitable for sleeping in. The CB3000 knockoffs are ok, but be warned that if you get a dodgy version then the cage will just be glued together, so sooner or later it'll snap, possibly whilst you're wearing it.
The cheap plastic ones on eBay I.e CB knockoffs are usually just plastic welded, and as >>494 notes that means they can split. If it splits when you're wearing it, it can trap your skin. If you can't get it off, that could lead to a nasty injury in a place that wouldn't be particularly comfortable!

The cheap metal ones will almost always be cheap cast metal items with a very poor finish I.e. sharp bits of ridges on them, and almost certainly will weigh quiet a lot.

You're looking at ~??100 for any decent chastity device: that's true of pretty much everything except the custom made belt-type devices, which are going to set you back somewhere between ??500 - ??1000.
I got myself a CB3000 knockoff in black off eBay just to see what they're like. My original genuine CB3000 is getting rather grotty, and I've found I can pull out of the BON4. The main issue I've noticed so far is that the pins on the cage are metal. This might sound like a good thing, except they need to be trimmed short to avoid pressing painfully into my skin, and having trimmed them I've found they're rusting like crazy. I guess they're just coating the metal with something non-rusting rather than using a decent material for all of them.

So I guess I'll get a CB6000 short. Or possibly a Birdlocked Neo.
Open file (55.76 KB 640x480 281464962.jpg)
Thanks for the advice all, i might try one of the plastic ones then.. ill mainly be wearing one as an accessory when dressing or using disposable plastic locks for short term keyholding so should be able to get out if one easy if it breaks. Found a seller claiming to sell high grade polished steel ones to so might be worth checking into,hhmmm choices choices.
The Birdlocked Neo looks interesting, but I can't find many reviews about it yet. I have a few problems with the CB-6000: its hard plastic cage makes it stick out when wearing tight jeans, and for me an attempt at an erection pushes the device away from my body, because apparently my balls hang lower than ideal for the CB range (not very low though). The latter does not mean that I can get a full erection, but it does detract from the experience.

From what I can tell by reading the view experiences with the Birdlocked Neo; it seems to be better suited to men whose balls hang a tad lower. I am tempted to try it at some point. The flexible material may also be more comfortable under clothing.
I have a Neo! I've been pretty disappointed with it to be honest.
I have the same problem you noticed with your CB, in that an erection just pushed the device away from me.
I also found it pretty easy to pull out of. which is a shame as it's really comfortable wearing during the day.
It can become very uncomfortable when sleeping though. the Silicon is pretty grippy and it can pinch your skin when you're not moving around for long period. It's most noticable early morning. (though this might happen with other devices.)

I'll try and get some pictures up soon to help illustrate.
I suspected the same problem would exist.. I am now wearing the CB-6000, which is comfortable, but feels bulky. On the other hand, I put it on yesterday when my partner was out and she hasn't noticed yet; it is not extremely noticeable, but I wouldn't wear it to work. I was hoping a silicone-based device would make the cage act more as, well, a penis, as far as floppiness and bendability is concerned.

We haven't done any long term lock-ups yet because the device needs to be comfortably wearable for consecutive several days before going there. The current ring/spacer combination is good though.
Another new device that caught my interest is the DickCage, which has a much wider base ring:


It is quite new (June 2011), so I'm keeping an eye out for more reviews.
I've been in a CB 6000 long term, and part of the magic for me I guess is the bulkiness. It is by no means noticeable, and I can wear it to work and to the gym just fine. I have even flown with it on, no problems there either. But I have the same annoyance with it too, I don't like the way it slides up with my erection, and there's really nothing further I can do with the spacers or rings. And my pants are mostly form-fitting jeans too.

I've been keeping my eye on the dickcage too. I hope more reviews get posted soon (maybe even in this thread), so I can consider buying one soon. I really don't dig the shape in the other silicon cages like the birdlocked ones, so I really hope that turns out to be a good product.
continued from

Girlfriend is starting to enjoy this chastity thing. I am now locked in for 3 days, which is more than we ever did when we were still trying the device out. Yesterday I set up a folder with a few tease-and-denial clips, pictures, and erotic stories about men who brought up the idea of chastity themselves, and end up getting their wishes granted (and getting more than they bargained for, or exactly what they really want of course). While she watched and read, I lay cuffed and spreadeagled on the bed.

When she came back, she took a while to enjoy the scene, and commented on how she liked the clips and stories. Involuntarily, my locked dick began to twitch; the effect you get when you try to get an erection, but can't, and it tries again, to no avail.

She laughed at me. Calling it cute.

This made my dick try even harder.

She removed the cuffs, but told me the cage was staying on. Meanwhile, I am getting used to going outside for shopping and things, not worried about a bulge being visible ??? it isn't really. Just now, I gave her a good orgasm by fingering her; afterwards she asked me what I wanted ????? which is to take the device off and cum. She told me I am not getting unlocked for a couple of days at least???

This made my dick again test the limits of the chastity cage, I never expected her to come to the point where she would actually take control of my release!

The game we're slowly setting the rules for is that when I get unlocked, I'm (probably) free to do what I want, but when I choose to put the cage on myself again and give her the key, she won't tell me when I get out, but it will be longer than the last time.

There is a very real chance I'll lock myself in again the very next day.

Where can I find this?
Hi all! I have been thinking about getting a cb-6000 for a while now. I can't figure out if I need the short or the long cage. I'm around 3.25 inches soft. Thanks!
Start with the full size one. You can always buy the shorter cage on its own later if necessary.
Open file (203.09 KB 480x620 100122-222625-s.jpg)
Hey guys just wondering if you could give me some advice, recently bought a Cb 6000 and i find that i realy seem to "hang" a lot or get half erect while wearing it.. is this normal?

Pic related.
That happens to some people. Unfortunately it means the CB range is pretty much useless for you. You might be better with a silicone cage, or you might not.

Thx, so no way to "fix it" , thought a smaller ring might help but did not realy seem to.

You can try a smaller ring but that just may end up hurting and cutting of blood flow, if you do it monitor the colour of your balls.

What may work is the KSD-G3 which is an after market anti-pullout device. You can find it by doing a quick search on the net.
He might try to use a "shemale" chastity belt. That is, one that looks like a female one. He can't access the cock to masturbate but it can still grow "freely"
That sounds damned hot.

Do you have a link?
I once was linked to a femdom erotica, I think it was linked in an older thread. The website had blue background and the story itself was about a woman who had an enslaved cuckholded male slaveboy in her basement/closet... Hoping to find it again.
More pictures damnit. You guys that are locked up need to show it. Maybe you'll get pleausre form knowing that while you can't get off, others will thanks to your exposure.
I feel ironic jerking off to the idea of being in chastity :-/
Open file (269.05 KB 600x450 6.jpg)
Open file (195.51 KB 1200x803 1309794614435.jpg)
anybody else got one of these? :
Open file (46.62 KB 462x582 locked.jpg)
Got locked up yesterday :3
totes do. It's heavy as fuck and not very long-term. But it's pretty sexy.
Self humiliation for the expense of others is hot. Write on your selves.

Write what?
Aren't you a lucky one. I hope that's staying on for a long time.

I'm jealous. :(

What chastity is that? How did you find someone to lock you?
Small dick, dissapointment, etc. Or, have the person who locked you up write on you. More humiliating the better

Yep, not getting out for a week and probably not gonna cum for much longer :3


Bon4, found him on recon I think. He also posted on old fapchan and here, too.
Open file (48.23 KB 548x480 writing.jpg)
Open file (354.40 KB 1893x2004 cppanties.jpg)
Chastity, feminization and humiliation with markers, my favourites so I had to contribute. This is me in CB3000.
Open file (175.14 KB 1485x1212 cpstallionguard2.jpg)
Stallion Guard from Mr S Leather, not so much chastity as CBT but I thought I would include it anyway.
Open file (330.30 KB 1758x2178 cpjock.jpg)
Mr S Leather chastity jock, not long term but excellent toy. Hope you enjoyed.

P.S. I do notepad slut requests :)
You have an incredibly yummy stomach. :3
Oh, I wondered if you were still around. How are things going with you and your boy?
He's been forced to openly crossdress to school. ^_^ Still working on making him get a PA...
Wait, are you >>554 ? If so then I demand more photos. And preferably contact information. >:3

He is a very cute boy and takes to chastity like a fish to water. Watching his little dick react when freed is absolutely hilarious.
It's bouncing. Try another address?
>He's been forced to openly crossdress to school

Cute! I do hope you've kept him in strict chastity? Wasn't the plan just not ever let him out?
I emailed you. :3

Well... the problem is that girl's clothes don't leave a lot of room in the groin to hide things, and since I'm trying to make him be a -passable- girl, I don't need a giant bulge in his crotch. So he's only locked up when we're together, or when he's wearing boy clothes.

The plan is, yeah, to make him get a Prince Albert so we can get a low profile device that goes through the piercing, so he can be locked up AND crossdress at the same time. We haven't gotten the PA yet though, that's plans in the future.
May I suggest you might want to investigate the subject of tucking or wearing a gaff otherwise known as a cache-sexe if you wish to hide undesired bulges.
Oddly enough the "bulge" is a problem I have, and a reason most chastity devices are totally unsuitable for cross-dressers.

Not being circumcised means getting a PA is a trickier proposition for me: it all gets a bit messy when you try to wrap a foreskin around a bit of metal.
He has a pretty small penis as it is, so he doesn't need to wear a gaff. He has tight fitting panties that he wears and he's learned to tuck. It's just that the CB3000 we own is pretty bulky and there's nothing you can do to hide it when wearing some girl cut jeans or a short skirt.

He's circumcised thankfully. If he was uncut, and if there wouldn't be a huge cleanliness problem, I'd make him get his foreskin pierced closed (like you see with girls and their vulva). I actually tell my girl she's lucky I am in love with her pussy otherwise I'd get her pierced closed too. :3 Girl-chastity is so much harder to pull off.
True that. Female chastity is pretty much impossible without serious hygiene issues.

Closing the foreskin isn't really practical for a male either. Apart from hygiene issues the piercing would migrate or be torn out very quickly the first time the guy got an erection.
> I'm trying to make him be a -passable- girl

I don't know if you need it, but here's some inspiration:

He's cute! A shame he's into "manly men".
Cute? There's an understatement! If you haven't already, check out the "Blue underwear" video. Holy crap...

Yeah, shame about the "manly men" thing. But hey, I guess that was inspiration: just think how cute your own little boy could be!
I've been curious about this for awhile, finally just ordered a CB-3000, though I don't have anyone to lock me up at the moment. I wouldn't mind having some online fun with it either. If anyone feels like chatting, my Yahoo messenger name is nysubboy.
Open file (83.61 KB 534x399 me.jpg)
This is me BTW.
Out of curiosity for all those who're locked up:
Who actually knows about it?
I knew there was something I meant to ask ages ago: anyone know more about these two? Any more vids?
Open file (45.59 KB 640x480 1314504049504.jpg)
I'll just be bumping this here thread
Open file (50.79 KB 480x640 13043870766.jpg)
Open file (8.76 KB 260x300 130429396131.jpg)
Open file (50.43 KB 400x600 pupett096tgp04.jpg)
Open file (56.29 KB 400x600 pupett096tgp05.jpg)
Open file (33.57 KB 480x360 1315797845116.jpg)
now for some male pics
Open file (37.93 KB 550x367 1315798479960.jpg)
Open file (80.61 KB 503x529 1315798855772.jpg)
Open file (131.41 KB 640x620 1315797009005.jpg)
Also here's a hot vid:


It's a compilation of various vids where the traps/shemales have anal orgasms. One of them is in a chastity tube.
This entire scene/video from Divine Bitches with Ashley Fires is amazing.
Pics of him in public in girls stuff now!
Open file (89.27 KB 480x640 2011-09-10 19_42_14.jpg)
I'll see what I can do. I don't go to his college so I can't really follow him around. I'll make him take one in the morning or when he's in class - but no promises that he'll want me to share. I do respect his wishes and his limits about that sort of thing.

That said, I made him dress up in a maid outfit this weekend and clean. Pic is terrible, but relevant.
You've not cut the pins down to size...
No I haven't. We still haven't found a good size of everything for long term wear. Plus, we're still planning on getting the PA done and phase the 3000 out.

Hmmm, I was a bit surprised you let him have pubic hair. It also looks like you don't have the right center post/spacer combination there, it should not stick out that much.
If thats a cb6000 I think you've got that on backwards. I wear mine with the rods pointing outward, followed by the ring, followed by the smaller plastic 1/4 circle, then the spacer then the cage.

You'll notice that if you do it this way the tiny notches on the sides of both the 1/4 circles line up to hug the ring. This way you don't really have to cut the rods unless you're worried about a bulge.
I did grill him about his pubic hair, though it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision to lock him up. He knows better for next time! And yeah I seem to have misplaced the smaller posts for my device, but he owns one as well and we're going to use that one long term. At least, until he gets pierced.

It's a 3000, not a 6000.

I wouldn't have given him a choice, in your situation I'd have your girl shave his crotch and pits and sit back to watch his discomfort or arousal and have a bit of fun with it.
He's clearly not been shaving for quite some time to get a bush that hairy. Eww.

I'd have beaten him hard for that, and then waxed him! But then I really can't stand body hair...
I have to say, not to be a pain or a problem poster, my images are here. The first image is nice, it has no EXIF data and it seems it might be different from the second image. Which has no exif data and features a very different chastity device and what seems a slightly older/much more hairy body. That one does have EXIF data, so we could ask for proof?
Sorry, typo. The second image does have EXIF data.
Touche, I think I was far too lax with him. We're having play time again this weekend. Probably a long tease and denial session, I might try milking him again, and maybe some light CBT if he's okay with it. I love beating him but he's suuuuch a pussy about it!
Sissies are usually not into pain. :p
Oh are we not?
I'll put it this way - my girl can take a much more severe beating than the boy can, and she doesn't consider herself a masochist. Boy tries, but he's so sensitive to physical touch and pain. He's learning though. <3
No, If you read through some "sissy fanfics", you would notice that the only things that involve pain are mostly spankings or other things that are more humiliating than painful.
Open file (126.06 KB 630x644 sissy.jpg)
That just means that people who write "sissy fanfics" are not into pain. Humiliation features strongly because a lot of TV's/CD's/sissies ARE into humilation (A proper "sissy" is SUPPOSED to look ridiculous: pic. related), but that doesn't also preclude them being into pain as well.
Nobody said that a sissy can not be into pain aswell. It's just uncommon.
I want to be a girl, and it turns me on to get hurt ;)
I think we can all agree that making definitive statements about someone they do no know is absurd in the extreme.

Back to chastity pictures and conversation.

Although if anyone does have some pictures of sissies in chastity and/or in pain, bring 'em on (perhaps in a separate thread though)
Open file (1.10 MB 3264x1952 IMAG0195.jpg)
Well, this thread has somehow inspired me to do this. I usually don't do this, even on my own, let alone take pictures... but.. well... here you go, since it's on topic.
Open file (1.15 MB 3264x1952 IMAG0196.jpg)
Open file (1.18 MB 1952x3264 IMAG0197.jpg)
Open file (1.09 MB 3264x1952 IMAG0198.jpg)
I've been wanting to work up the courage to dress up in public, but I havn't mustered up the courage.
Open file (1.11 MB 1952x3264 IMAG0204.jpg)
And there we go... that's all of them
Open file (1.09 MB 3264x1952 IMAG0199.jpg)
Somehow I forgot to post this...

you're cute, show a little more of yourself.
self locked or...?
Yeah, self-locked, right before I took those pictures.
Open file (161.60 KB 359x600 ktb_side1.jpg)
I figure it's only fair I post a few pictures of my own: these are me, and my Kali's Teeth Bracelet (KTB).

I also happen to be wearing one of my maids outfits, because I felt like playing dress up while I did some housework today: 2 and a half hours of ironing is a killer on your feet when you're in heels...
Open file (274.04 KB 800x478 ktb_top.jpg)
Open file (142.42 KB 359x600 ktb_side2.jpg)
An arty shot, thanks to the automatic flash.
sounds awesome. can you show us some photos of
you in your maid outfit?
I did take some at the time but they all came out horribly, and I was really trying to get some shots of the KTB really.

I will try to take some of my outfit(s) some other time, although I don't really know when that will be, and they'll be in a different thread!
Just got my CB3000 in that I ordered!....Aaaaand it turns out I'm too big to fit into it. :( Tried fapping first, tried cold water, ice, just can't get into it. :(
does anyone know somewhere I can get a non expensive cage? I don't have one and I don't want to spend lots of money if I'm not 100% sure about fit, since a lot of people are saying they are to big/doesn't hang right/
Well, you could get an eBay fake. But I wouldn't suggest wearing it without access to the key so you can take it off immediately when it snaps.
More Notepad Whore! Cage + "Disappointment."
+ size of penis
+ public shot
"Dissapointment" is a very long word for a notepad slut if you want it to be legible.

Size we can do.

Sorry no public shots, we are safe, sane, consensual couple.
Open file (236.76 KB 1024x768 1696421987.jpg)
Open file (169.87 KB 1024x768 1453293068.jpg)
I saw these and thought of you, Fapchan
This boy >>571 has been locked for the last month without orgasm, he has only been allowed to get hard in my presence. Yesterday he was given two orgasms, one slightly ruined and the other shook his whole body. He was covered in his own cum. His little dick is now locked up again.

He is such a horny boy, I put a vibrating bullet up his ass and he would grind the table he was sitting on so he could feel it more. At one point I put the control in his hand and he turned it up full till his ass was sore. I was highly entertained at his antics and couldn't help but laugh.

Now that the pipes are clear he doesn't know when he will cum again and all he knows it will be month(s).
Now you have me wishing I could have that experience I'm all turned on over here now.
Open file (133.27 KB 764x778 1377918370.jpg)
Open file (44.46 KB 786x480 First Shot.jpg)

You can have that experience and more, you just need to find a Master or Mistress to lock you and keep you locked

Here is his first cum shot, it wasn't as voluminous as I expected after a month but the second orgasm brought out so much more. His stomach, dick, balls, the blanket underneath and my had were all covered. Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of that. I won't show his little dick since it is unlocked and would make you laugh.
Yeah but the problem is I don't know where to even begin to look for something like this =(
Fetlife.com is pretty much the best way to find people in your community. You could try collarme.com if you want, but that's a dating site and is just a massive crapshoot.
Open file (222.16 KB 816x612 To Post.jpg)
Another entertaining visit from the locked boy with a little dick. He came over, stripped, was blindfolded, shaved and then I played with him.

His little dick is really fun to play with and a barometer to his mental state. The idea that chastity will change him, make him a premature ejaculator made him real hard and leak.

At one point I let him touch the teenie weenie and he has been missing it, I won't be so kind in the future. Attached is a picture, I asked him what he would give to play with himself and all he could offer is 50 cents. I laughed at how little he values it and his pleasure.
>>779 "The idea that chastity will change him, make him a premature ejaculator made him real hard and leak."

That is the hottest thing I've ever heard. As a premature ejaculator, becoming more premature is shameful and sexually arousing at the same time.
My regards, that's hot! please continue to humiliate him and... don't forget: post everything here.
Why won't you people post more of your small locked up clits?
Open file (45.45 KB 480x449 1956972446.jpg)
Open file (114.83 KB 975x715 171998976.jpg)
Open file (115.46 KB 976x903 Tiny to post.jpg)
The poor little one was sick this week so he was unable to come see me, that means he was unable to feel his little dick get hard or feel any pleasure. Oh well....such is life. It looks like he will be without an erection for two weeks. :D

>>798 He has a dick, a penis, a cock and not a clit, it is small and fun to play with but still dick all the same. As for the pic when I wrote the word "Small" on him he knew right away.
Alas, if that's a BON4 he's wearing, he can do whatever he wants in it... They're about as secure as fuzzy handcuffs, which is a shame because they're way more comfortable than a CB.
Yes it is a Bon 4, version 2. This is not only about the device but the boy as well. I first locked him in a CB 6000 and he could pull out of that and after he took a pic to send to me letting me know he could he stuffed his little dick back in.

When I mentioned before that this boy is made for chastity I was not blowing smoke, he knows his little thing should stay locked and enjoys the little bits of freedom he gets. He is strong and not one of those useless little shits that need constant supervision. There is also the matter of trust.
he knew you were writing small on him? how does he feel about that?

First of all he does have a smaller one, smaller than average. When I wrote the word he said it out loud with a bit of a triumphant tone since he was able to decipher it.

He was still sick last weekend so when he comes to see me this weekend it will be three weeks since he has had an erection or his dick played with.
You guys have had a bad influence on me. I used to have a CB3000, but I never did much with it since it was a bit big and very uncomfortable, and I managed to drop it and snap one of the posts. I've just ordered a Birdlocked Mini and put the delivery address as my girlfriend's flat. We'll see how that goes...
:D awesome
I meant to continue this post. I also just got a new device, from Mature Metal. I'm very excited because it's custom fitted and very sexy. Should be here within a month, so I'll post pics of it when it arrives.

I have a feeling this game will get a lot more serious because of the security of a metal device, which I'm excited for. My girlfriend and her new boyfriend are getting pretty serious and she has told me that when they start having sex I won't be having any more :D

god i'm fucked up :3
This prospect would scare the shit out of me, both out of jealousy and fear of losing her to the other bf. Being locked up and not getting any would probably make me depressed in no time - and I don't live monogamously.

Good luck to all three of you.
Open file (22.36 KB 300x300 340816873_tp.jpg)
Is there even a affordable solution to keeping me chaste that does not allow me to simply pull out my dick AND is wearable under normal clothing?

My dick, when flaccid, is rather small (something like 10cm or 4". Things like the one in the photo look nice, but it would be easy to simply tug on the skin and pull it out (I guess).

Any ideas? I am not hell-bent on escaping, but if it is too obviously easy, it would spoil the fun.
The most obvious way to preventing pull-out is to combine a chastity device with a piercing like a Prince Albert: once the device is on, you can pass a wire through the ring and the hasp of the padlock.
Sorry, I'm confused. Have you posted before? What's the full story? Enquiring minds want to know!
Well, I am >>816 and the thing is, I am uncut and absolutely positively cannot stand my glans exposed, it has to be covered. This makes a PA a bit difficult, I guess?

I have thought about piercing my foreskin, but I am unsure how that heals and how the rings look when pulling back the foreskin - they have to go up the shaft somehow and a lot of skin will be crumpled together, right?
Yeah, if you're uncut then a PA is out of the question; you'll never be able to keep it clean when you're in a chastity tube, for a start. Pinching would also be a big problem.
Ive posted before, but not answered questions. Im 18 and so is my girlfriend. We have been experimenting alot and getting kinky lately. I introduced her to chastitty and wanted to have some fun with it. We play around with it on and off, but recently things got srs. We havent been having alot of sex andsince i told her id love for her to get another boyfriend and etc she told me im going to have to forget the idea of having any more sex with her. We have a strong relationship but because of the denial i secretly want and that i can enjoy ae are ok with it.
A few weeks back she basically said that shed like me to be her "gay boyfriend" and im capable of that and beinv denied so long made me hot to the idea and i agreed. I asked a friend of mine who i have had a sexual encounter with before if hed lkke to get head from me while my gf watched. He didnt understand why but he agreed cause, its head. By the time this night came id been locked up for about a week so i was starting to be really horny. My girlfriend forgot thr key at her house but i managed to painfully slip out before he got to my house lol. We showered in front of my gf and i sat him down after and blew him. She loved it all. After that we moved to the couch in my living room and we awkwardly sat there until my girlfriend grabbed his hand ans they basically slowly started exploring each others territory taking it slow and holding hands. I sat there listening and drinking.
They made out while she jerked him off, by the second time he came my girlfriend put her cummy hand near my mouth, which i cleaned off. Pretty hot.

Later on, 2 weeks ago we met up on friday night and had dinner before parking at a field and my girlfriend asked if hed like to be a part of our relationshil. Shw really liked him and he liked her alot. He was just afraid to come between us but i assured him its okay and that i was comfortable enough to trust my girlfriend could manage two boyfriends. Shes very excited of the idea, to have two boys. Its the best way to make her happy it seems. She always has two guys to vie for her and want her, and its really strengtheneed our personal relationship, we really enjoy the time we spend togrher now.

Theyve been dating since then. Shes really smitten with this guy. Hes been picking her up and taking her home and theyve just been learning each other and making out etc. Shes spent the night a few times.

Anyway, ive been locked up since they started their relationship and my gf and i have been trying to figutr out our roles. Her and i have had misjnderstandings and shes gotten upset with my miscommunication but its tough and you need a good strong relationship with each others interests in mind.its the only way to make it work. For example ive done alot, transcending jealousy and trying to get over the naural resentment of this guy that im feeling. Its very hard, because of how much happier shes been because of him. My gf has done alot for me, making sure im comfortable and happy with how things are going making sure im satisfied in my own way. If you were to describe it, all i want is to be her go to sub boy. I still am her boyfriend first, but the idea is that shes going start using me alot more in the sexual submissive way and service sort of way sexually. Im still emotionally and publicly her boyfriend. We still support each other and care for each other. Ive just lost some od that responsibility to this guy. Which is good because now we can all focus on the common goal: my gf and her happiness.

Being in strictly enforced chastity is one of my conditions that ive asked of my gf. Shes more than happy to play along, and i like the fantasy become reality of cuckolding. Its dangerous and full of mood swings and it takes alot of courage and strength from both of us but its very fulfilling.

This guy, he can eat my girl out and bring her to orgasm while i have never done that. Thats one of the most painful and secretly one of my favorite thing to know about their relationship. I feel so humiliated and broken down as a sexual being, especially how my girl goes on about how many times hes made her orgasm with juwt his mouth while i groan and feel my cock swell in its cage. Idk why but i fucking love that feeling. I love hearing that some guy she hasnt been seeing for more than 2 weeks can pleasure her so well and make her talk about him the way she does.

Just this wedesnday afternoon i was taking her to my house when she said: "sooo.. i sorta had sex with (name)". I cant describe how it felt. It was like id been betrayed in the deepest way possible, and my masculinity had just been shed and all of my jealousy broke my pride and set me in a quiet state. I didnt know what to say.. i just was sorta basking in my feelings, in that position of powerlessness. Im pretty type a outside the bedroom so im very in control of my life, heck i even tactitcally orchestrated this whole shebang. Hearing my girlfriend of almost 4 years flat out tell me she had sex with a guy shes only been seeing for 2 weeks broke all those illusions of control. D/s is all about thr power exchange. I think this was the first true exchange ive been through thats had lasting effect on me. I really feel like my girlfriend is in.control now. I love being.forced into accepting the reality of this, and for sure her saying that totally did the trick.

I know now that ive lost control that im gonna need to accept more change in my life. Before we added this guy to our relationship my gf and i had talked alot. She told me that when her new bf and her begin to have sex that shes going to cut me off entirely. I loooovvvee thisssss. I want to be denied like this. I love the thought of sitting at home every friday night like a good boy, locked up and forced to just think about her and what they could possibly be up to. How many times has he made her climax? What about him? I think about how inferior i feel to this guy, how much more attracted she is to him. I can tell, by the way she talks about him. She lights up in a way that ive never seen before, its the hottest thing ever. My girl just cant resist him.
Anyways, i got to cum wednesday but today i went back in my cage and now im at a friends. She spent the night last night like sbe does each friday. She never answers my texts and never says goodnight to me. I think she knows how hot it is to me.
Anyways, i ordered a custtom fitted queens keep from mature metal thr other week. Im planning on taking chastity play a little more serious because of thr compomise involved between us. Eventually, i ideally want to be basically locked up for very long term amounts of time and evolve to serve my gf and her bf alot more. Hes a bit subby too so its funny that she attracts those kinds of guys. But id love for him to realize i will do anything he needs me to do for them. My time will come. I understand they need time to develop as a couple. Theyre really good for each other compatibaly speaking.
Im really excited to start being locked up longer in a device thats custom because of the security and mindfuck of steel involved. I asked my gf to give me occasional teasing sessions, to keep me frustrated and on edge, reminding me of the pleasure her new bf is free to feel probably every time they see each other. I dont remember the last time my gf really played with me and showes sexual interest in me. ive only kissed her feet and rimmed her as my form of sexual release for the past 2 months almost. Its very hard. I want to cry out of frustration and pain alot, and i feel like im being more and more broken and defeated all the time. Its going to ruin me when.i hear her say "i love you" to him. Dont get me wrong, this is the happiest we have ever been. Im finally experiencing my deepest fantasies and i know my possible fate and the lasting effect of this on me. I really feel like ive lost a certain innocence and sense of pride sexuallt. I love the feeling of my cock being locked away and rendered useless, and i love the bitchy "ew, put that thing away" i hear when im naked around my girl. I love the feeling i constantly have, of my manhood and sexuality and my purpose slowly being drained out of me while all i can so is watch myself lose all control and spiral into being sexually useless, transformed into an obedient sub boy to my gf and her lover. Ill post more later because my phones dying. Ask questions if you want. Ttyl.

So how often do you get to cum at the moment? Are you a virgin (I assume not, but just in case!). When she says she'll cut you off entirely, do you know what she means by that (I.e. no sexual contact *at all*, not even cleanup? Or something else?) Do you have any plans towards E.g. pegging, or feminisation?
I'm not on any schedule for having an orgasm, which sucks because I sort of like to know but when I asked my girlfriend when I would get to cum she said "whenever I fuckin' say". lol, i love that girl.

I'm not a virgin but I haven't had sex with her in over a month. Maybe even two. I've pretty much started to forget what sex feels like so I guess you could say I'm basically being made one again. What my girlfriend meant by "cut off" was sex. Right now the way things are going it seems I'm done with sex with her. I might get it as a pity fuck or just a little feeling of it as part of a teasing sesh but I think now that she's finally had sex with this boy I'm done for. She knows I want this and I love it, and she's happy to let me be her sub boy and do anything for her. As of now I'm very free and open to kiss her feet and massage them and basically do anything I want that I can do with them, and when she needs to masturbate I worship her feet or ass to help her get off. When she masturbates in front of me I really really can't stand it and it breaks me down really badly and I just sort of kiss her feet and feel super low and submissive.

We're still trying to figure out our roles in all this. She's falling in love with this guy, no doubt, and I'm really needing to work with all this. She loves having two boyfriends because idk it just feels nice and I love going deeper and deeper into submission to her. I still would like to play the role of boyfriend, because I like to just date my girlfriend and be in love with her but this relationship they're forming might change things too. Who knows.

I've been pegged before by my gf, she loves it and I love it, we just need more time to do it and to prepare for it. I haven't been pegged while locked up just yet, but I think that'll be the next step, ala OP's pic. Feminizing... idk, I don't want to be a girl but I looooooovvvvvvvveee the idea of being feminized. I don't want that sissy bullshit, I don't have a 'clitty' I have a penis and it's in a cage. But I do know that I want to be forced to only wear panties and sit down to pee, etc just small stuff, nothing big. I want to be trapped up sometimes and pegged/suck her boyfriends cock or something but I don't want to be fully feminized. She doesn't really know my feelings on that. I wish I could tell her but I'm unsure how to put it into words. Maybe I'll show her these posts, haha.

Like I said, I think I'm just sexually submissive to both of them. Outside of sex, I'm still just boyfriend #1. Sexually speaking, I'm going down a pretty interesting path. But, I honestly feel like my girlfriend is falling for this guy and we both know it, shes trying VERY hard to keep things even between us, setting up days where we have her to ourselves and where she's got her own downtime. But I know she prefers him over me right now, and I can just tell with how she behaves. It really hurts and I want to vomit out my insides and just break down and cry thinking about her preferring him over me but that's just natural. I know that I'm loved, and I know that she only feels this much for him because of the newness of their relationship. It's going to pass, we're going to be alot stronger as two people in a relationship, and we'll have alot of fun in the end. I sound like I'm in alot of agony and pain and I'm denying that my girlfriend doesn't love me anymore but I know what's going on. Most people who would read this would think that is the case, but I'm pretty sure I know I'm right about how things are going. We're just fine and we're excited to continue this journey, wherever the fuck it's taking us.

I should mention my GF and I have been talking to a "mentor" of sorts who's really into the scene and she's very interested in what we've been doing. We're all best friends <3 and she's been really helpful in getting us to communicate what we both want and what we are feeling. I honestly could say that without her none of this would be possible. She lives across the country from us, so we only text and chat on the internet but we've become really good friends. She's actually >>189
and alot of the things I've fantasized about and want are things that she's talked about on here, haha. I love the idea of losing my privileges to wearing boy underwear and being forced to wear panties all the time. fucking wonderful idea. But yeah, that's as much as I can think of to say, so I'm open to questions. I'd love to talk more about this, so if anyone wants to say anything I'd be happy to talk.
Open file (191.33 KB 1014x761 DSC00011.jpg)
Might as well post some OC starring me.

I haven't cum in 4 months :3
Open file (189.59 KB 922x692 DSC00049.jpg)
Open file (155.66 KB 830x623 DSC00134.jpg)
My new maturemetal jailbird.

1 1/4 inch length.

It's pretty much awesome.

btw the full sets of 35 some odd pics is over at: https://picasaweb.google.com/105142505353640877321

if you're interested.
Omg your pics make me so hot. Can you tell me how your new cage is? I hear you cant get hard in them. Compare it to the cb6000 in terms of security and that whole getting hard thing.
Well as you can see from >>828 the cb6000s was way too big for me.

With my new jailbird when i am completely flaccid it fills up the cage entirely, thus allowing zero amount of expansion in the cage.

as an added effect, they are easy to clean and are able to be worn 24/7/365 which is what im going for with permanent chastity.

also seeing as the cage prevents me from engorging i have been leaking alot more lately due to the reduced distance the precum has to travel, which turns me on alot.
Out of interest, who's your key holder? Do you mean permanent chastity as in "never cuming again" or "long periods between orgasms"?
Open file (570.59 KB 1613x1210 DSC00031.jpg)
I don't have a keyholder. But i am looking for one. That's why if you notice there is a zip tie locking the device. I mean why use a lock if you can simply use your keys to unlock it when you can use something that has a slimmer profile for panty wearing?

And by permanent chastity i mean never cumming again. I still enjoy anal orgasms for release though.
Reading your story got me hard as hell. I hope the three of you can work it out.
...Well, we've made sure I'm ok with it on for a couple of nights. I'm now locked up for potentially quite a lot longer.

The first day, I get to spank my girl once. On day two, twice. On day three, three times, and so on. When she decides she can't take it any more, she has to let me out.

To make it more fun, if I wear a butt plug for at least an hour beforehand, I can use a crop instead. If I also let her give me an enema, I can use the paddle, and if I take a pegging I can use the cane.

I suspect I'm going to be locked up for a month at least... Maybe if I use the paddle and cane on alternate days I'll be able to get out sooner, but from past experience I've found she can take a hell of a beating.
So let me get this straight: you've managed to self "lock" for extended periods? Blimey. You *are* a chastity slut!

Male or female keyholder?

Either/or; i'm bi.
we're working on it. I'm having trouble adjusting to the fact that I'm losing control and they're falling in love, but I'm in this for the ride that I'm describing so all is according to plan.

That sounds awesome. I've always liked relationships with no clearly defined dom and sub the most.
Well... I'm the dom, she's the sub. It's just I've taught her that sometimes if she wants to please me she has to tie me up and tease me for a while first to make the orgasm better and / or ensure she'll get a good hard raping when she lets me go. So this is just an extension of that.

Kind of like a caged beast then?
Those are some sexy heels and stockings. Where are you from?
Anyone have any experience in birdlocked devices. I've used 3000 (too small) and 6000 ( hard to pee and constant cleaning w/ cue tips ). So how do Birdlocks wear? Both 3000 and 6000 hurt at night if you catch my drift. Is anything besides a lori any better? I could buy one but I can't justify the cost...

How much is chastity a part of everyone's life. Its something me and my gf do maybe once a month, but I realize for some people their women might keep them in all the time.
903/940 (north texas)

That's too bad, it would have been nice to take the key and your orgasms off your hands. You should still give me your MSN/Yahoo, though.
Wow, I'm in 940 too, what are odds of that?

Open file (226.34 KB 1280x960 how_to.jpg)
What's with the cable ties?
Dunno, that's not me. But I guess it's to stop the cage from splitting.
im in EMS. That man's unit should not be that brand of purple... get a larger ring. otherwise, carry on :)
Open file (126.98 KB 950x842 Little Bitch.jpg)
The little one came to see me last week. I've decided to leave a little pubic hair on him for Movember since he cannot grow anything on his face.

After shaving and cleaning him I played with his dick for a while and he came, the pathetic boy came so easily. I pushed him a more after that and he resisted but he didn't have my permission to cum that first time. After he came I squeezed his dick and he came again. I scooped up his cum in a shot glass and made him drink it and the rest was rubbed into his chest.

If you want something written above his little dick you can suggest it and I may do it.

Something with the word "Blue" in it, referring to blue balls.


Also, someone seriously needs to fucking help this poor guy. That thing looks like it's about to fall off.
hey guys its >>825 and the posts before it.

My mature metal cage came in, omg its so sexy <3

I'll take some pics later on and show you :3
Does anyone know of any devices for guys that are a bit bigger? Not that I ever considered myself big before, but I ordered a CB3000 and I couldn't fit into the thing (and I was soft, I came first, tried cold water, etc.) It seems like most devices are about 1.5" wide, and I'm about 2" wide when I'm soft. Any suggestions? (And getting anything custom made is out of the question as I can't afford that).
You want The Curve. It's designed specifically for larger guys, with the obvious flip side that it's a larger bulge to pack away.
You can try the Curve as suggested by >>866 or you can also checkout the Bon4L. (L is for Large).
Open file (177.14 KB 300x2261 E146.jpg)
Anyone tried one of these? I was going to get a KTD, but then I saw this...
Looks like a wimpy version of a KTB. You couldn't use it for long term wear, as there's no way to stop the wearer from just unscrewing the spikes.
Thanks for the suggestions...I checked out the specs on both of them though, and it looks like the opening of the Curve is 1.5", and the other is about 1.4", so still not quite big enough.
Open file (149.16 KB 600x800 FapPost.jpg)
Due to school the boy with the little dick finally got an erection after two weeks and it stayed hard except when I was having a little sadistic fun.

I let him touch it with his right hand, he used to jack off with is left as the right one was on the mouse, and it doesn't feel as familiar as it used to to him. A little longer and there might be a total disconnect between his hands and his penis.

Here's a pic for your enjoyment. >>863 I was going to write your suggestion but this one came to mind and his balls aren't blue yet since he had an orgasm two weeks ago.
Open file (114.64 KB 880x707 1107158138.jpg)
<3 chastity games!
any more of these?!

No, please don't shit up the thread with this caption bullshit. The pictures have nothing to do with chastity 99% of the time.
Apart from the one that was posted?

Anyway, the caption was more to illustrate the point that chastity games are hot, without having to type a long drawn out post on why chastity games are hot.
meant as in more ideas fore games. sorry to bbe so vague
I just love, love the idea of chastity games where there is an amount of chance involved. Particularly if there's big odds at stake.

For example, being locked up and then being handed two 6 sided die. The first roll is the number of days, or weeks, and you roll a six. Now you roll the second dice: odds means days, evens means weeks. Oh, and by the way, doubles means the time is doubled as well. So you roll...and get a six again.

So: would you try for double or nothing?
I just got a birdlock device and so far its fairly comfortable. Will post pics if you guys like.
Sure why not.
please, please, please do so!
Question for all the other locked ones:
Who knows of you being in chastity?
my girlfriend's bf does. Pretty humiliating cause he doesn't get it.

Nobody, besides my keyholder. And you, internet.

my gf (keyholder) and some of her girlfriends
Man, this thread is awesome. I just discovered this place, and read through the whole thread, fapping until my dick hurt. I can't believe how jealous I am of one of the guys who's locked up permanently (the one not getting cuckolded). I always thought it sounded too extreme, but it's almost scary how much I'm liking the idea right now thanks to this thread.

I wish I had something to contribute, but I don't really have any pictures, nor any experiences to share, so all I have are my fantasies, and I don't see anyone asking about that in this thread.
Tell us more.


Awwww you poor boys, sounds like you really need your dicks locked up. Keep in mind all that fapping you did could be your last if you do find someone. I constantly laugh at the idea of guys being jealous of a boy with his little dick locked up.
My ex knows (laughs her ass off all the time), one of my friends, and a coworker are the only ones that know.
Are you implying I wouldn't like it if it actually happened to me? Because there's also something appealing about regretting it after getting into it, but not being able to turn back.
Open file (486.72 KB 1552x2592 068.jpg)
I've been locked up for about 2 months now by my girlfriend but she recently unlocked me for a week to heal up , as I got a few "scratches " from wearing the device and she wants to have some fun with me next week.
but as I inspected my dick after release I noticed that it has shrunk !
I used to be 7 inch when erect now im only about 4,5 inches long.
And it dosen't seem to get bigger over time.
has anybody experienced something similar ?

not that I mind it , my girlfriend enjoys humiliating me and and it further justifys her cuckholding.
I've heard about it, but I thought it was a myth. Maybe you could document it if it keeps happening?

As someone with an above average penis and a small penis humiliation fetish, it sounds both scary and extremely intriguing.
>My ex knows

how did that happen?

sure , but be careful what you wish for ,although I red that it should be reversible given time to regenerate it doesen't seem like mine is growing back to it's old size (been observing it for a week now )

It is hot and all that , and we enjoy all the humiliating aspects of it but I'm really useless now for normal sex since I don't really have much stamina from the start + my girlfriend likes it huge .
That's why I said it sounds both intriguing and scary. Even if there could be no turning back, it sounds extremely arousing to be made permanently sexually useless like that. To know that even if I get unlocked, I won't be able to do much good with my penis, and being told that I'm better of staying locked up for this reason.

well , I can see your point , and luckily I'm with a mistress with which I'll probably stay quite some time and we're both into my uselessness.
things may get complicated is if I somewhen make up my mind and want to find a new partner.
but I'm actually quite sure I could get allong with a new partner aswell as I'm quite a capable and interesting person outside the bedroom , plus the humiliation inside the bedroom would still be awesome !

so , small penises rock !
anyone tried the cb6000 or cb6000s?
we are trying to choose one for my boy
he's 5-6 hard- and about 2inches flacid and want to get a proper fit
Yes, you can end up regretting it especially after you see the effect it has on you. If you are strong enough you may just keep with it and wallow in your regret.

This does not happen after two months, not to that amount. There are those that have gone for years and have lost 1/2 inch to 1 inch but after an extended time of freedom have gained some of it back.

I would suggest the 6000S in his case since there is less room to grow and will make things better for him.

On a side note one of the major effects of chastity is making the boy more sensitive. My boy has been locked for about three months now with somewhat regular visits to be shaved, cleaned and played with. This last little stretch worked out with us not meeting for 3 weeks and our schedules synched this last Saturday. After the routine of making him smooth and clean I started playing with his little dick. He lets me know when he is about to cum when we play and I will stop, out of the blue he said it very quickly. He used to edge for hours on end and when I first started playing with him it took a long time before he got close but that has changed. In the 3 1/2 hours I edged him I had to stop maybe 15 to 20 times. There was one point where it kept twitching for minutes and another where it only took three pumps for him to get close.

I can see him getting even more sensitive though if he gets close or cums with a few pumps of my hand it won't be as fun but will be exponentially funnier.

well I did shrink that much , but after thinking about it ,it may be that drastic because we've used a device that ,may have been too small.
I got scuff marks (don't know if thats the right word) from wearing it for longer than a week , and i could nearly fit my flacid penis in the tubewithout looks of stuffing and overspilling skin so it may have something to do with it.
I'm similar, around 6.5 hard and 2 flaccid. I have the CB6000 and have the same problem that >>516 is having. Maybe go for the Birdlocked?
A tool you all might like to try out:

Could you document it maybe also using that tool aside from just photos? It would be interesting to see the evolution.
That said I heard it shrinks temporally, just from lack of use, kinda like having perfect abs and then having a beer belly. If you "exercised" it again it should get back on track according to the same myths saying it shrinks.

Are you me?
I'm intrigued, but where do you measure? To fit the cock cage the whole length for the cock cage? cause hes about 6.5 cm so I'm not really sure
what to get for me.
I don't get what milking is about.
Prostate stimulation to release built-up semen without orgasm?

But I've masturbated by prostate stimulation many times and get orgasms with it. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?
It's a different kind of orgasm. Plus the point of chastity isn't just orgasm denial.

But it's still pleasure and release...
I haven't experienced it myself, but I've paid close attention to other people's experiences, since it interests me greatly.

From how I understand it, prostate milking and prostate orgasm are completely different things. Prostate milking means pushing on the prostate in a certain way, to force the semen out of it, without giving much pleasure, and assuming the domme doesn't get carried away and starts pleasuring his prostate, he'll only feel some pressure on his prostate, the sensation of semen dripping out of him, and still feel unrelieved even when he's milked empty.

A prostate orgasm, on the other hand, is the exact opposite, an orgasm without releasing any semen, thus often referred to as a dry orgasm. But from what I've heard, this alone doesn't provide the same kind of relief that an ejaculation does. And even if it does, not all guys can achieve it, and it sounds very humiliating to try training yourself to achieve it.

But please correct me if I'm wrong, are you able to get sexual relief from only stimulating your prostate? I'd be very interested to learn if there's anything I've missed.
Open file (27.90 KB 315x480 1OhhL.jpg)
Well since no one has posted anything interesting in a while here's a video to someone making their chastity permanent:

device is in the mail ;3
Does that link work for anyone?
Open file (16.68 KB 186x199 my god___.jpg)
As hot is this is, it is also absolutely terrifying...
Open file (488.44 KB 2048x1536 P1030064.jpg)
My cb6000 came today, someone should mention that the trick isn't getting out of a chastity device it's getting in!

Lubrication and persistence got it in but next time, I'll probably attempt the sock method its meant to be easier.

Any advice on a lock that won't jingle so much in public?
You can try putting a spacer between the cage and the lock, should create some pressure on the lock and stop it from moving too much.
You can use a bit of surgical tape to hold the lock down.
On the subject of permanent chastity I know that Tollyboy offers a "permanent lock" option[1], and I'm certain that Mistress Lori offers "breakoff screws" as an option, but I can't find it mentioned on her website any more.

[1]: http://tollyboy.com/business/languages/prices.php?lang=english
Emailed Lori about exactly that a couple weeks ago, got this reply.

"With the new security screws all that needs to done is fill in the recessed area with epoxy and the deed is done. Make sure your device fits well before doing this."
Are you considering permanent chastity? For you, or somebody else?
Yes, my GF and I are giving long term/(possibly) permanent chastity a go.

We've been into orgasm denial/t&d for years, and she's very turned on by the idea of keeping me locked. We purchased a CB6000s last spring that was...frankly disappointing. Difficult to keep clean, insecure, and never really fit.

We've saved up since then, and ordered a PA-secured Lori a week ago as a Christmas gift for the both of us. We're counting the minutes. :3
Open file (6.34 MB 5184x3456 IMG_0523.jpg)
If only i could tie a proper bow!
Open file (6.25 MB 5184x3456 IMG_0522.jpg)
Does this count as a being good all year long or bad?
Sounds nice. How do you feel about the idea of permanent chastity?
Depends, have you been in it all year and when are you due to get out?
It's sort of a shame that Lori doesn't do the snap off screws any more. Filling the holes with epoxy seems less...sexy.

I always imagined being secured, and having the device removed. Then my Mistress would tease me for hours, until I was writhing and sweating. Then without letting me cum she'd ice me down and re-install the device for the last time. She tightens the screws, and then looks into my eyes and smiles as she inserts the key and with one last final turn...*SNAP*
Physically permanent chastity seems to go against all notions of sanity and safety. I think you can go a long way in making chastity permanent by not being let out, but you might want a way-out if you get hospitalised, or for some other unpredictable reason.
The only true "permanent" chastity would be a penectomy, and that's rather extreme. Any device can be removed, lock or no lock: but you have to destroy it to remove it. So yes, you could remove a "permanent" device if you really needed too.
I always assumed that if you wanted to destroy a metal device, you would have high chances of also destroying your dick.
Not at all. It's not all that difficult to carefully drill out the screws in a Loris device, or to destroy the lock on a belt or cage device. It won't hurt you, but you won't be able to use the device again.
What if you wear it for so long you're no longer able to get erect?

I'm not completely sure if it works that way, but I doubt you'll ever be quite the same after wearing one for years without ever being let out.
No, it doesn't work that way: erections are caused by blood being pumped into the erectile tissue. There are no muscles to atrophy that could (physically) cause erectile dysfunction in that way.

Psychologically? That's an entirely different matter.

That's also not to say that the idea of being made impotent in that way isn't a turn on. Just imagine never getting an erection or being able to cum, no matter how much you or someone else tried? The ultimate "ruined man" scenario.
just wait until you're 60
I have my steel one I'me wearing since my 18th birthday, and I don't see any way of getting out of it without hurting myself.
But well, it is a custom design to specifically achive that, so...
I'll bite: how long ago was your 18th birthday, who locked it and can it be unlocked?
Around 5 years ago, locked by my girlfriend/mistress.
As far as I know it can't be unlocked.
I'm sure we'd all love to hear to full story.
Love to see a picture

She's still deciding got it 5 days before xmas as an early gift. been in and out but only while she has been there watching as i'm not allowed to touch.
Open file (187.56 KB 568x1200 C92Qb.jpg)
Found a chastity video I think you guys might like

Terrible video, but nice picture.
Seems like a plan to me.
>ive only kissed her feet and rimmed her as my form of sexual release
I really do hold out hopw that you are not just an erotic fiction writer
It's fairly easy to tell. Anyone writing about permanent chastity, cuckolding, being a virgin, shrinking penises or having an eight inch dick is a fiction writer.
Sadly, and basically, this. The "I don't know what sort of device it is" or "I'm not allowed to post pictures!" are also a dead give-away.

Fantasy is fine, but let's not bullshit.
>being a virgin
What, you're trying to tell me it's rare for virgins to be into this?

lol.. You are such a presumptuous moron. I'm a 19 year old virgin and I'm most certainly not a "fiction writer" (not that I've ever written anything here yet, because I haven't had any experiences yet :( )

Anyone in the UK close to Manchester? :D
I'm guessing, but perhaps what >>1117 meant was "someone claiming to be a virgin in long term chastity"?

Although I'm not sure I agree with him, because the idea of a permanently chaste virgin is *fucking hot*. I think I may have mentioned it two or three times in this thread before...
Yeah, that statement sounds familiar.

What do you like about it anyway? That he'll never really know the pleasure he's missing out on? His humiliation from being a virgin despite being in an otherwise sexually active relationship? The control he's giving up by letting someone else decide whether he'll ever get to have sex even once in his life? Or just the purity?

I'm highly aroused by the idea too, so I'm quite curious.

About 37 minutes in if you want to skip the rest.
Oh definitely the control he's giving up. The idea that a women could convince a guy to give up sex in it's entirety? That's hot. Not to mention the epic tease & denial that could happen.
Open file (1.36 MB 2592x1936 IMG_20120107_174004.jpg)
so glad I found this thread. Awesome! Somebody directed me to newfapchan and this thread's boss.

I've been locked for a few days now...I can't actually remember how long. Maybe five? Anyways I walked into the bathroom earlier and I was leaking. I love that feeling.

anyways, I'll post some of me.
Open file (1.12 MB 1936x2592 IMG_20120107_173822.jpg)
woops. forgot to rotate the pictures.
Mature Metal? Nice.

How is your chastity device for security? Are you using an anti-pull-out insert?
Who's got the key, and when are you expecting to get out?
mine's not a regular jailbird, I actualyl have two different ring sizes.

The smaller size is perfect but I have trouble sleeping in it.
With the larger ring I can pull out if I am super desperate, so that kinda sucks. But yeah, the smaller ring is perfect.

Girlfriend. I'm out right now actually. We don't go for very long at a time, she likes letting me out. (or is afraid of keeping me in for too long, I dunno.)
Open file (15.66 KB 451x338 cbbb.jpg)
My CB6000s broke while I was locked up the other day. I'm rethinking gluing it back together as it hurt like hell and I'm not sure I want to relive that if it happens again. D:
Serves you right for buying a cheap Chinese knockoff off eBay.
Hi I'm still here. So the relationship between us three is pretty good. So the no-sex thing is going good.
We had a sort of "break" over December, due to finals and just family stuff. It's not very fun to wear a device and trying to do well on tests thinking about sex all the time. We've resumed the "lifestyle" a bit more since a few days ago actually. I got to cum quite often over break and now things are returning to a bit more kinky/strict way of life.

We've really only had sex a few times since. I mean, sure " no more sex" and all, but we're in a relationship first, then having fun and games like my post detailed. Funny thing, turns out my dick is uh, too big for her. I think it's hilarious. The irony of it all, usually you'd think it's a small penis that gets you less sex. You'll have to believe me, there's no sense in lying. I'm slightly too thick and she's slightly too tight. I'm average length, just pretty thick. My girlfriend is just sorta turned off to sex with me because her cootch hurts too often when we try. She feels pretty bad about it but the "no sex" thing is a good way for me to have fun being denied while at the same time helping us make sex alot less painful on her vag. Her boyfriend is thinner than I am, but slightly longer. So it's like a cute sexy yin/yang thing going on. I was his friend far before he came to the relationship and even before I got with my current girlfriend.

As for the gay-boyfriend thing, I'd like to date a dude but honestly all the gay guys I've met are huge fucking flamers. I hate flamers with a passion. You might think of me as a fag hater. Maybe I am. I like gay men, not flamers. Seriously. It'd be fucking awesome to have a boyfriend who is proud of his masculinity but still down to suck dick. They're all probably closeted, I know. Whatever, life is just fine with a girlfriend who loves me and indulges me and my co-boyfriend. She likes to watch us make out, and it really gets her going. I like the guy alot, and like making out with him. We'll probably go alot further than that eventually.

Whenever we're all three together we totally finger/masturbate our girlfriend while sucking on her tits, and stuff like that. Then we bro fist. I've (mostly) gotten over my insecurities and fears of boyfriend #2 pleasing my girlfriend, and I'm happy that she's happy. I've learned to give her pleasure in different ways than my penis, which is pretty fun. I love watching her orgasm. She arches her back and quivers, ohh yeah. :3

Idk what you want to know, just writing what i know off the top of my head.

I like that feeling. It's so weird.

i wouldn't post if what I wrote wasn't true. I know what you're saying but like I said, there's no sense in lying. I don't need to post pictures because I don't need to be validated nor do I have an obligation to fulfill any of your requests for "proof" of what goes on in my life. I post because I want to entertain the people who are interested in hearing about my experience with what is a fantasy for a lot of people interested in this stuff. I said that my only form of sexual release is rimming and worshipping her feet. It's true, and that list has gotten bigger recently. I told her I want ruined orgasms, and I have them as a way for release. She wants to peg me instead of jerk me off, which I'm delighted to hear. Mostly though I'm busy giving her orgasms and making her feel good. I hope that's not too erotic fiction for you. It's not some stupid fantasy that I enjoy making my girlfriend orgasm with my mouth or fingers.

Ask more questions if you feel like it.

I bought it from XR. No knockoff.
The real things are known to split. Nothing perfect, and the pressure on the weld can be pretty big when you think about it.
Open file (38.42 KB 451x338 IMG_20120110_185650.jpg)
Open file (33.27 KB 338x451 IMG_20120110_185711.jpg)
My Cb6000 split once, fixed with superglue then almost a year later it cracked again.

I gave up on fixing it and was able to get the maturemetal out of pure luck.
how do you get a chastity belt out of pure luck?
I have a blog, and put up a paypal donation thingy, and like ONE time after the cb6000 split, I explained my situation, and figured that at most I might get twenty or thirty dollars if everyone who read my blog donated a buck or two.

Mature Metal had contacted me via fetlife and we exchanged emails. He knew my situation, financially etc, and just happened to have a device that fit my measurements that someone else had ordered and never paid for. He said he was going to sell it to the guy for $450, but I could have it for $200. (it was more expensive because it's not his regular Jailbird design I guess.)

So anyway, after my 6K broke, I posted on the blog talking about this and how I was going to try and save some money up so that we could order it for my birthday. Something happened (I can't remember but I'm sure I posted about it) and whatever money I had put away wasn't going to be able to go towards that, and I was pretty upset.

So I check my email one morning and there's a notification from paypal, telling me some guy in Colorado just sent me a transfer of $200. I am freaking out ecstatic, and email the guy to thank him, half thinking that there will be some sort of catch that he will try and guilt me into performing for him.

I thank him profusely in the email and am genuinely excited to hear back from him and he just tells me happy birthday and to pass it forward when I can.
That really is lucky!

What's different about the design from a normal Jailbird?
Open file (648.67 KB 2048x1536 P8020527.jpg)
the jailbird is two pieces, a ring with a post and the cage.

Mine, however is three. The ring with a hole for the locking pin, the cage, and the locking pin.
Open file (72.26 KB 856x480 1319899693018.jpg)
I have to sit back and think about how bizarre the world is where someone would get a chastity belt on their birthday because some anonymous stranger donated money on their blog. Plus the fact that said person would be ecstatic about the gift (no offense but the fact that people would enjoy the fact of having their dicks locked up sounds hilarious when you give it a ponder).
lol yeah, I know. :P

It's weird as fuck, but that's life.

It is an odd world. I told a 21 year old boy that if he was 100% sure that I would buy a chastity device that was suited to his sensitive skin and lock him up for a long time. His answer was "Yes".

He's been locked since the beginning of September and his last erection was December 10th. Sometimes you get lucky.
200$ is still pretty much for a small piece of metal/plastic.
Yeah. I've locked my dick up after Christmas for almost a week (the longest I've gone) and I feel happier than I have for a while.

Life's weird I guess.
I get that same thing. I'm depressed if I jerk off. My girlfriend helps me stay happy by denying me!
Open file (28.35 KB 480x640 cage3.jpg)
I've been wanting to do something like this. The other week I ended up going 3-4 days without masturbating because I was so busy and tired. Usually I manage to find the time somewhere, but it just didn't happen. Mind, I've actually gone longer than that before, but never when I felt sexual tension.

Anyways, I was feeling pretty good by the last day, and noticed that I had been doing pretty well up until then too, and afterward when I finally did have a go at it, I think I came more than I ever had before.

So I want to try a chastity device and see what happens if I go longer. Plus, I've been really going at it lately and wearing down my head's sensitivity, so giving it time to heal would be nice.

The problem is all the vendors I've come across are really expensive (or sketchy), the low end being nearly a hundred dollars, and the high end much more. A lot of the time, it seems like the markup is two to three hundred percent. This has probably been asked before, but anybody know where to get something good, but cheaper? Also, how to reliably store a key for periods of time somewhere that I can't get into it?
That sounds both cute and humiliating, to have to depend on your girlfriend controlling you to be truly happy.
I never said you were being facetious in any way, just that your experiences surpass most, if not any erotica written on the topic. After all, most of the authors never did the things they wrote about.

In any case, I'm really happy about your relationship and hope everything goes well. I would love for you too keep us posted, if not here perhaps via blog?

And I assure you, requests for pics from NFC's users are probably less motivated for validating your story, and more so to get great opportunity to fap like hell.

Where are you from, btw?
I got a cb6000 off ebay for only ??30 or so. Not too bad and from what I've heard the imitations last longer than the real thing anyway.

As for storing the key, I'd wait and see if it's actually an issue. All you have to do is set yourself a challenge and stick to it.
>Also, how to reliably store a key for periods of time somewhere that I can't get into it?

Freeze it in a cup and dump it at the bottom of the freezer under all the stuff you will never eat anyway.
No good, you can just boil it out. Try posting it to yourself.

By the time you have it out of the ice you are already not interested anymore.
Two or three minutes? In my experience it takes longer than that for an attempted erection to die down.

The key in the ice is supposed to be a message to yourself. If you boil it then you're pretty much without willpower.

Leave it at a friend's house for a few days, in a secret place in some ass backwards place in their house. Or just ask a girl friend of yours to hold on to it. Maybe tell her why. :) She'd be happy to oblige.

One time I left my key at a big-box store, hidden in a shelf. I was so nervous when I went back for it, I was so afraid it wouldn't be there.

You can always mail it to yourself, the mail system never fails.

If anything, you can always set up a safety deposit box and tell them that you need them to keep it for xx amount of time and they'll do that for you.

There are keyholder services online too, just look around. Try craigslist or something as well to see if any one is interested.

I can think of these for hours.
>Or just ask a girl friend of yours to hold on to it. Maybe tell her why. :) She'd be happy to oblige.
I wonder what the chances are that she would oblige. Or the chances she will get more into it than you intended.
that idea is fucking hot

That is easier said than done for most and I speak from experience. There is an inherent weakness when it comes to masturbation and sex or anything that gives release/relief/pleasure and some just don't have the strength and will power.


Freezing it in plain water is too easy to get to, freezing it in a mixture of water and flour or sawdust creates a concrete type compound that is slower to thaw even with hot water.


There are many who will hold keys and if interested do more than that. There are sites dedicated to chastity and fetish and they are listed throughout this thread. Even though I have posted on craigslist it is not the best place.
if your interested, check out these, a fraction of the cost: http://www.fetish.0catch.com/hischastity.htm

I read some bad reviews about that place. In fact they all were bad.
good to know, i was considering one of those.
I ordered my chastity cage a couple of months ago, the Birdlocked Neo. It's exceptionally comfortable and I can stay in it for days at a time, so long as I keep it clean. I also like that I can get out in an emergency, even if I don't have the key; on the downside, the material is pliable enough that I could probably get off through it. (I haven't fully tried though.)

My Master is online but I obey him, as I am punished if I break a rule or unlock the cage before he allows. He rolls a die to see how many days I have to stay locked up, and every time the die gets larger (first it was a d6, now it's a d8, and he has dice up to a d20).

Last night he ordered me to lock myself in: no die roll, no hint of when I'll be let out. I'm completely at his mercy, and I can only wonder how long he'll keep me in...
>I also like that I can get out in an emergency, even if I don't have the key

Kind of pointless then, surely?
Sounds like being sensible to me...

>>1175 didn't exactly specify how he could get out.

Why are humans so shitting presumptuous?
I want to buy a device to lock myself up in but I don't have the money to do it right now are those knock offs really unsafe or anything? I suppose a $30 CB knock off would work until I can buy a Dickcage that thing seems perfect.
They can be unsafe, yes. The cage portion of the CB series basically consists of two pieces of plastic glued together, and particularly on those cheap models, there's a chance that they will split, exposing some sharp edges directly to your penis, and possibly squeezing some of your skin between the two pieces. More like to hurt than to permanently damage you, but it's up to you whether it's a chance you want to take.

Note that this might also happen with the original ones from the CB series, but it appears to be much, much more likely to happen with the cheap Chinese ones.
I think that's just a rumor. Why would it split
without any reason? For 30 bucks you should be
able to expect that the 5 inch piece of plastic
you just bought doesn't fall apart.

Lets consider the actual production costs for ANY chastity
device, assuming its only around 20 grams of plastic and some glue
(excluding the metal ones), the production costs should be considerably
low (I guess around 2-3$).
But because there is such a low demand for chastity devices, they
have to overprice it, which is unfair, to take hundreds of dollars
for something you made for 5 to 10 bucks (maximum).

30$ is more than enough for any chastity device, plastic or metal.
Anything else is just scam.

(Also: Be aware that this thread is pretty
popular. The chance that actual device vendors are in this
thread is there. They'll tell you anything to buy their
overpriced shit. i.e. "yeah those cheap ones will break easily".
I don't want to point fingers, but
I guess it would be possible. Who knows.)

Because you can buy plastic and have it moulded to the shape of a chastity device for $2

You'd have to be a pretty desperate chastity belt salesman to have to advertise on newfapchan.
The original CB3000 was made in two parts and sonic welded. The Chinese knockoffs were glued. The knockoffs had splitting problems.

The new genuine CB6000s are also glued, and have horrible problems. The Chinese knockoffs are also glued, but this time they've actually done a better job of it than the proper ones.

Yes, when you have a company buying large
quantities of plastic and machines that automatically
process them, you can sell your products at a
really low price and still make profit.

Just think about all the junk at the 1$ shop
(plastic dishes, cups, disposable-shavers e.t.c.).
All sorts of small plastic thingies that are so
cheap because the production is simple and the costs are
considerably low.

That's just beside my point here, sorry.

That's exactly my point, the price says absolutely
nothing about the quality. They could be selling
them for a thousand dollar and it would still not
make it a better device.
Thanks for the input all, think i'll order one of the knock offs and test the waters a bit. I honestly agree that $120-$150 for a piece of molded plastic is a bit ridiculous which is what turned me off on the entire idea especially if you spend the money and it turns out it is more fun in a fantasy aspect rather than a real life activity. I suppose you could sell it but you'd probably eat part of the cost.

Once I get paid next week i'll be ordering one I think
I know all 3 of them IRL, and I can guarantee he isn't lying about any of it.
Open file (117.25 KB 893x1000 McskL.jpg)
since the thread has been without pictures and videos for a while here are some I found:

Open file (236.10 KB 1024x768 r87050459-72e3.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 2592x1944 IMG_20120125_211637.jpg)
I think I've been following and lurking this thread since it was started. I just wanted to say thanks guys for giving me a bunch of different ideas and helping me discover the wonder world of servitude.

For a while my gf's sex drive has been dwindling under the pressure and stress from school. What went from having ball slapping sex from 2-3 times a day went down to once or twice a month. This might be normal for your average couple but I have always had what some might consider a high sex drive.

I started to look at my other options, tried sleeping with other women but it wasn't the same as what I have with her... Most of the time I would walk away feeling like shit. I mean it wasn't her fault per say but just the circumstance she was in. So after coming clean about what I did we had a long talk and we both agreed that we wanted to stay together but we needed to find a solution.

I had seen it before and i can't remember where but it was a video where a girl was giving a guy a ruined orgasm and a bit of tease and denial. It was at that point when I suggested to her that we try to play a "game" where she would tell me when I could and couldn't cum. At first she was skeptic but according to her "you deserve to wait a while". I mean shit on a typical day I would jack it at least 3 times. So she had me wait 5 days and wouldn't you know it on the 3rd night abstaining from masturbation I woke up in the middle of a wet dream.

She couldn't get enough of that and talked shit for like a week on how I couldn't hold my load. Then we, collectively, started to add arbitrary rules to the "game".

All of this occured about a year ago. Today, after many different sessions of playing our little game she locked me up in this, and took the keys. This is the first time I have ever been in one. At first I was nervous but now after a few hours I feel really comfortable and it makes me nearly impossible for me to play with my self with out her supervision.

Oh and pic related its my new toy :)
am i really the only person who has a clear blue cb-3000?
quite possibly, ive never seen them in any color
Lucky boy.

They are around but not as common. Some of the coloured ones were knock offs or old stock since they have the hinged ring.
The "sonic welded" thing was made up by AL Enterprises as a marketing thing to try to stop people from buying knockoffs. The fakes were made using exactly the same process in the same factory. Then AL realised that they could just sue retailers, use VERO etc instead, so they dropped the whole "you might get hurt" thing in favour of legal action.
Open file (1.47 MB 3264x2448 1328253278918.jpg)
Open file (76.54 KB 640x480 1328253164200.jpg)
Open file (259.70 KB 798x478 1328253549868.jpg)
Open file (67.25 KB 640x480 caged.jpg)

Me again. 14 days in and my Master has finally let me out. I earned 3 orgasms during my time, so I get 3 days off, and then it's right back in again. Probably for 3 weeks this time. He says he wants to work me up to every two months.

I took this picture before I unlocked.
You never cease to fascinate me
Good boy, I wish you luck and I like how smooth you are.
where do you get these pictures? looks gorgeous.
>where do you get these pictures?

Internets. Seriously, there are loads of blogs out there.
I can just watch this gif forever
Oh god, me too...

I finally bit the bullet and ordered me a device. I'm mostly interested in the physiological effects and seeing if it can help me abstain for the sake of my head that I've been running down, but thoughts of mailing the keys off to scorned or would-be lovers consume me already.
haha Glad I can be interesting. I know things have gotten... rocky for them, but I'll let him talk about it if he wants. It's not really my place.
Also I'm on IRC a lot during the week if you think I'm fascinating enough to talk to in real time.
Well, I've been a long time lurker of this post... and due to it, I've ordered me a CB-6000s tonight. It should be here in a week. I'm about 5.5" uncut. When I get it I'll post pictures.
Wasn't able to jerk off for most of this week on probably the 5th day I had the most vivid dream i've ever had and it was of me wearing a chastity belt and one of my female friends milking me dry I just kept leaking and leaking and leaking, woke up and my panties I fell asleep in were soaked with cum. Been toying with the idea a lot recently so i'll be ordering myself one to sleep in and wear around the house . Fuck I wish I had more dreams like that.
Open file (1.58 MB 2048x1536 CIMG6362.jpg)
because i forgot to do a task my gf told me that i'm not allowed to fap for the next three weeks. started last thursday and this evening my gf told me to lock myself up.
so since i'm lockes up i have to post it here an upload a pic aswell.
See this is where you learn that you are responsible for your actions and in-actions and accept the consequences.

The Fort looks good on you and quite secure.
thanks, well it is quite secure and it's even comfortable to wear
Just got my first "real" long-term chastity device, a Watchful Mistress from Mature Metal. I've been wearing it for only a few hours so far, but it's damn comfortable. This bodes well; I've tried other chastity devices like the CB series and a birdlocked knock-off and neither work, and get fairly uncomfortable after a few hours to boot. This thing... comfy. Incredibly comfy. I can feel that it's there, but it only chafes when I get erect.

A few things: first, I do have a Mistress. Our relationship is fairly new - a few months - but things are progressing well. This is as much a fantasy of mine as it is for her; apparently she has wanted a "bitchboy in chastity" ever since she was introduced to the concept, and me... well I don't mind being called bitchboy at all.

Second, the belt fits great, but I do need a waist chain to keep it from slipping. This isn't as much of a problem as it seems, since waist chains are easy as hell to get and adjust, and the slipping is only enough to make it difficult to pee. The security of the device is not compromised as far as I can tell. I think I'll be able to manage this long-term, as in months. This is good, because Mistress likes the idea of me being in chastity for months... and so do I.

I'll be taking pictures soon... well Mistress will, anyway, and I may share some with y'all. Oh, and another random thought regarding another anon's mention of sissification/crossdressing: I've discovered much the same thing, that it didn't arouse me by itself, but combined with the concept of sexual denial or chastity it really "clicked". Mistress has taken me to Ross ("Crossdress for less") and helped me pick out my first set of slutty pink lingere, promptly followed by a good assraping with her strap-on. Before I was afraid that would be too much to handle at once, but now I'm eagerly awaiting a repeat of the event, only this time with my belt still firmly locked on.

Finally, I can hardly wait until I get to the point where I start leaking. I imagine by that point I'll be quite... devoted. ^_^
maybe not the best place for this. but im sick of searching :p

anyone knows a place where i can download the " Be Care??ful What You Wish For " Chastity ebook ?

all help would be appreciated :)
Good to hear the Mature Metal device works out. I hope your relationship works out as well.

I find the thinner edges of the CB-6000 irritate my skin at the bottom of the tube opening where the balls exit the device. How is your Watchful Misstress in that respect?
Almost non-existant. What I mostly feel from there is a light pressure, if anything, at least when I'm soft. The thing is all rounded edges and curves, no pokey bits to be had. Comfort is high. The only thing that's notably different, aside from the better fit, is the weight. Depending on your mood, that can be a good thing. It certainly makes me feel more "secured".
Open file (94.67 KB 750x750 82399_1.jpg)
Looking for a new device. Anyone tried an Exobelt?
Open file (158.41 KB 750x750 82418.jpg)
...or a Dick Cage?
I have no idea what's actually happening here, but it looks awesome. Anyone know anything about it?
demand more of this.
Odd. That post were I mentioned the combination of cross-dressing and chastity seems to be gone.

Moderator: Are you silently deleting posts? If something doesn't belong in a thread, could you at least post why you removed something?
After a bit of investigative work, it turns out it's a shoop. Which is a damn shame.
As far as I know, your post wasn't deleted on purpose. Long story short, your post was probably removed in CP spam cleansing (we've seen a lot of these in the last few days).
Repost it if you'd like.
So a brief update on my last post. I've been in chastity for more than a week now and things are going real well. I've become completely used to the belt, although I still find myself poking at it on occasion, if only because the feel of my cock imprisoned in steel makes me horny. Of course a lot of things make me horny these days, although not as much as I would expect.

To be honest, I expected to be quite a bit more desperate at this point, but for the most part what I am is comfortable, oddly. I'm definitely more devoted to Mistress, but I don't feel any despairing need to be let out of chastity. It feels somehow right that I should give her several orgasms while I get none. That's not to say I don't want to cum, but it's not the overwhelming need I thought it would be. Still, like I said, I feel increasingly devoted to Mistress these days, which suits me just fine.

As for when I can expect release, Mistress has me on a "gold star" system: every time I do certain things I get a gold star (yes, I shit you not, a gold star sticker like in kindergarten). A few examples: "small gifts and general ass-kisserey" (sometimes literal), "give me an orgasm", "cook me or take me out to a nice meal." For this first time Mistress has me working towards a goal of 20 stars, and as of last night I'm at 11. I'm sure that number will go up, which I honestly look forward to; it makes me horny as hell at the very least, especially when I picture some far-off future date where she makes me earn some ridiculous number, like 1000.

I have never felt more owned before. I love it.
Sounds good! A week is easy. Most men can manage a week just by willpower alone (seriously). I suspect you'll begin to feel a little more horny. Hopefully your mistress will keep you locked up long enough to make sure you're *really* ready, though.

>especially when I picture some far-off future date where she makes me earn some ridiculous number, like 1000.

Mmmm, sounds good. Let's not forget the demerits which of course come off in batches of 10, or 25...

>cook me

Blimey, that's a bit extreme isn't it? ;)

>Mmmm, sounds good. Let's not forget the demerits which of course come off in batches of 10, or 25...

I would say demerits would happen, except Mistress is decidedly NOT into bad boys, disobedience, or failure. One of the reasons we're so compatible is because she adores perfectly obedient, well-behaved boys and I love being perfectly obedient and well-behaved. She doesn't need an excuse to do things to me other than "I'm the Mistress and it entertains me."

That being said, I could easily see her deciding to extend the number of stars I have to earn because she "feels like it". So long as it wasn't done too much it would probably get me incredibly turned on.

> >Cook me
>Blimey, that's a bit extreme isn't it? ;)

What can I say, we play hard.
Well the image is from http://rohosub.tumblr.com/post/17513085380/crossdresser-in-chastity-being-exposed-and
but who knows where he got it from.
hi everyone!

quick questions. i ordered the following book for my gf, hoping that she would become my keyholder and lock me up ..

i read some good reviews but is it any good?


It'll probably be as good as any other book. The question is, have you already raised the idea of chastity with her? If not, I wouldn't just hand her a book and expect her to understand.

she knowns about it and has kept the key for several occasions (when i asked for it). but thats about it.
Open file (44.13 KB 474x500 wedding.jpg)
A story follows
We had married, officially, a week earlier. Today was our collaring ceremony. *My* collaring. As my Mistress waited at the end of the aisle, my friends helped my dress: a beautiful but very slutty sissy dress, which my Mistress had chosen for me.

When the time came, my heart was racing. Getting married was nothing compared to this. Suddenly it was time, and I turned the corner and began to walk toward my Mistress at the end of the aisle. This time, as I was wearing the dress, She was dressed in a smart skirt suit. I walked slowly, my 4 inch heels clicking against the hard floor. My heart melted when halfway up the aisle, my Mistress turned and smiled at me.

The ceremony itself was over quickly: there was never any doubt I would accept my Mistresses collar. The pronouncement at the end was slightly different, I admit. "I now pronounce you Mistress and slave. You may now beat the Slave". With that my wife and Mistress turned to me.

"Stand at the cross."

I knew exactly what to do. Handing my poesy to my maid of honour, I turned and walked toward the wall, where the St. Andrews cross stood, and positioned myself with my back to the cross, my arms and legs spread as I had been trained. My Mistress stood and watched as her friends and our witnesses fastened the straps around my wrists and ankles.

My Mistress smiled and walked toward me. Running her hand up my stocking clad leg, she reached under my layers of petticoats and satin, toward my steel chastity belt. With her other hand, she produced the key to the belt and slowly placed it in the lock.

"Slave, do you remember that I six months ago I said that you would wear this belt until we were married?"

"Yes Mistress, I do".

"Do you remember that I promised that once we were married, that I would unlock you?"

"Yes Mistress, I do"

My Mistress reached below the voluminous layers of satin and lace, and slowly turned the key. With a soft *click* I heard the lock of my chastity device release.

My heart began to race. A slave who belonged to one of my Mistresses friends appeared over her left shoulder, carrying a small red pillow. My Mistress turned and picked up the object that was placed so carefully upon the pillow.

"Tell me, slave. Do you know what this is?"

My Mistress held the object up toward my face. I immediately recognised the thing that She held within her hand. Suddenly I felt my throat become dry.

"Well? Do you know what this is?" my Mistress demanded, the beautiful sadistic glint twinkling in her eye.

Eventually I managed a reply "Yes Mistress. I do. It is a permanent lock."

"Well done, that's right. Now that we are married, and you are collared to me, I've decided that I do not need your penis any more."

My eyes widened. With a wicked smile, my Mistress reached under my petticoats with the permanent lock in her hand.

"I only promised to unlock you after six months. Of course, I never said anything about removing your belt, or allowing you to cum...

With that, I heard the soft *click* as my Mistress gently pushed the new and inescapable lock on my belt. I felt a chill run up my spine. My Mistress lent toward me and kissed me on my cheek. "I love you so much. You're mine forever." She breathed in my ear.

With my eyes shut and my head hung, I heard my Mistress turn to the gathered crowd and announce "To celebrate our Marriage, every person here my now fuck my slave!"

What a lucky man I was.
Starts good, but turns to absurd for my tastes with the permanent lock and the "all fuck my slave now please" bit.

Entertaining though.
Open file (190.18 KB 843x1022 cb-ssä.jpg)
my thingie in chastity
Open file (200.13 KB 593x1265 2012-02-05 06-10-25_375.jpg)
another pic of me in chastity, sadly not in girly clothes in either pic

Looks great.
thanks a lot!
not the biggest thingie though, which i'm constantly reminded :)
oh and i love Your name in the name field :) just now noticed it... i'm a slave :)
oh and how rude of me, ofcourse i meant to say, i love Your name Sir :)
Oh, wow. Just noticed the new thread. Did anybody save a copy of the old one?

I'm actually topping a girl in a relationship right now, and female chastity is kind of impractical. Not sure if I'm willing to go looking for a keyholder, when I have a sub of my own. What do you think?
I saved a copy before it went down, I can upload it sometime.
So I've always been interested in being locked, chastity-wise, but me and my girlfriend may have stumbled upon a young virgin sub to play with.

And that's just too good of an opportunity to pass up on, right? I have to lock that up?

Think it's safe to lock up a first timer for a week, or if I want to be a responsible keyholder should I make sure I can release him sooner than that for a first go?
I'd suggest an hour first, then a day... Different guys have different anatomy and it's worth it to make sure there's no issues with the cb type like pinching or the like.

This may sound cold, but I'm not really convinced I wanna see this guy two days in a row. Maybe an hour, and then a night, and then a week?
Have him lock himself up but keep the key, for a few hours at a time, over a period of week. Aim for him to sleep overnight with it locked by the middle of the week, and for a full 24 hours by the end of the week.

Make it clear that this is in preperation for him NOT having the key.

If he can do that without any complications (I.e. his balls turning blue and dropping off!) then you're ready to start locking him up yourself (yourselves? Is your GF involved too?)

I like the premise, but the timing's way off. After getting the sizing right, my first time self-locking was about 12 hours -overnight-, and then 24, and then about three days.

He can do at least that fast. XD

Anyways, yeah. Potentially sharing him with my sub/girlfriend.
>After getting the sizing right

I had sort of assumed that would be a part of the weeks preparation!
Thank you boy, it may not be the biggest thingie but it is a locked thingie with his most important. My last boy has posted pics on here and his was big either but did keep him horny.


This all depends on how well the device fits and how strong a boy he is. If you have him for a while then lock him up and play with him to see how the device fits, let him get soft and see if he can pull out, and monitor the colour of his balls and dick when he is locked.

I had a boy locked two weeks ago, locked him on Sunday and he came to see me on Wednesday. Since he is 19 and this is his first lockup I gave him the key for a just in case situation. I did tape the key to a piece of paper with duct tape so there is no way he could remove it without me knowing. He actually had to remove the device on Tuesday morning because it was pinching badly. He couldn't really get soft when he put it back on so he shoved it on. When I saw him on Wednesday I took of the device and there was a scratch on the underside of his dick and a swollen area. I did not lock him after that as I will not damage a boy.

The first period is always the time you need to monitor his physical and mental state, it is not a lock and go thing unless they are experienced and know what to expect.

I guess that makes sense! So just having him locked up overnight and monitoring him for that might not be enough time?

I definitely like the tape on paper idea.
Overnight might be good enough but I usually give it a week where the boy has a key since he may be in situations which you may not have prepared for. If he is weak he may be tempted to unlock and by using something like duct tape on a piece of paper with your hand writing on it you will know right away if he unlocked without your permission. Since the paper is unique he cannot lie to yo.
Open file (76.94 KB 800x600 3375.jpg)
So as it turns out, chastity device + corset + skirt = really comfy.

And here I thought fapchan was guiding me into a life of depravity.
That chastity device isn't right for you as it should not pull down that much, you could probably pull out of that when flaccid. I would suggest the Bon4 since you have low hangers.

Mine gets like that when I get hard, sometimes. It tightens up again, when I get soft. I haven't tried, but I don't think I could get out.
yes, it's quite tiny, that's the reason for the chastity Sir
looks to me like the ring is too big or some other size issue
Boy's agreed to be locked up for me and my girlfriend this Friday. If all goes well, I'll let you guys know how it goes!

My plan is (after we make sure everything fits alright) to start with roughly release every week, but the requirements for release to go up every time.

By the end of the summer he'll either not have been released for a long time, or be a no limits slave. Either one works.
Boy decided he was straight. XD
So what does that mean? He's backed out?
My boyfriend finally agreed to long term chastity.
Now I only need to talk him into letting me feminize him.
We'll see. Maybe that, or maybe my girlfriend has to do the actual locking and then we see how straight he is in a few months.

I'm curious what that negotiation was like!
After a month or two in chastity he'll agree to letting you do whatever you want to do to him, including putting him in a dress and calling him Nancy!

When you say "boyfriend" can we assume you're female?
Open file (1.64 MB 3648x2048 IMG_2919.jpg)
Joining those of you locked, 24 hours in the only time that was really bad was waking up due to the morning wood or at least attempted morning wood.
Good boy, stay that way. You will see over time that the morning erections will fade and you will just wake up with a wet spot on the front of anything you are wearing or on your sheets if you sleep naked. (I see you are a Redditor.)
Yep! Long time lurker on /r/chastity and a few others finally registered to join in on the fun and frustration

No Problem... my bf got his 23 days ago - and by now he's doing a lot - you just have to do it the right way! Let me give you a short abstract on how I did it...

By the way... it originally was a bet - if he could make a month without an orgasm - he just needed the right incentive! And we agreed to see how far I could push him.

By now o trained him to lick me out every time I want (at least every morning and evening) which is something he rarely did and also to eat my ass and wear only panties (just to prove a point) which he would "never do"... *evilgrin*

We got the CB on a Monday. (Just on the side - we experimented a bit with the rings and spacers, and at first we took it of for work, but since the following Wednesday he wore it continually) The first week was kind of hard, he was quite unruly, but on Saturday he was changed like someone flipped a switch! (Maybe it helped that I teased him pretty long Friday evening?) He became extremely compliant and also cuddly... On Saturday I started his training - I tied him to a chair and showed him pictures (chastity devices + panties, close-ups of pussies with assholes or only assholes) while lightly teasing him. If he looked away or reacted negatively I stopped the teasing. We had such sessions almost every day since then, but I upped it step by step. At first he had to agree to statements about my training goals to get continuous stimulation, by now he has to tell me why he should be allowed to wear panties and eat my pussy and ass whenever I want... works like a charm!! In the middle of the second week he listened to Chastity to wife V3 form WMM (http://www.warpmymind.com/Files/3234/Chastity-to-Wife-V3-with-Binaurals.php) and also he hasn't had any success with hypnosis till now he went under like a stone - with total amnesia. I made a cut version without the awake part and he listens to a few loops every evening. He just can't wait to get my worn panties over his face and sink down. By now the trigger to eat me makes him so extremely desperate it's almost comical!
On the second weekend we had some marathon T&D sessions. By then he did almost everything I wanted from him. Since the second week he's doing almost all the housework. (BTW - he wore panties 24/7 since the second Wednesday) On the second Sunday he started to massage my feet while I watch TV and be my footstool - which he does every evening since then. Last weekend we had sex - after I treated his thingy with some lidocaine and gave him some Kamagra *evilgrin* I had my fun... afterwards he curled up at my feet and silently whimpered for hours. Since the next day he is begging to service me, even begging to lick my ass to please him. He also agreed to be my dildo in this way every time I want him to and to stay in chastity indefinitely!

This was just a short and quite unstructured abstract... if you want to know more just ask...

P.S. Maybe I make a picture later and put it up....
Is the leaking part guaranteed? I almost never get any precum, but find the idea leaking uncontrollably as a result of orgasm denial really arousing.

That's amazing. The way you don't just persuade him to go along with it, but actually make him want it and beg for it ...it's both really scary and really, really hot. Any plans for how long you want to go with him? Since you've made him want to be locked up indefinitely, do you plan to go along with it? If he's still at the point where he looks forward to getting unlocked, you could constantly tease him for the next week about how good it will feel when he finally gets unlocked and can orgasm again, but on the last day triggering him and telling him he won't get to service you unless he renounces his right to get unlocked.
I don't really know where it goes from here.. I only thought it out as far as the bet went - we both want to explore it a bit further... funny thing is he isn't really sure if he wants an orgasm at this point - may be because of the hypnosis... idk But the tease part sounds nice... Maybe I use him as a dildo again.. we'll se how that works out. I don't want to cuck him or something like this.

I'm thinking about conditioning him to get back in chastity if he has an orgasm... I recorded him begging for chastity and servicing me and plan to make a tape (file) from it...

Funny thing is (maybe also the hypnosis) that by now he feels naked when not in chastity - after the T&D he almost can't wait until his thingy goes down so he can go back in his tube!!

Some General things I forgot to mention: (again not very structured)

During the first week I stroked his ego, what a good man he is doing this for me and so on... I guess it's really important. And he started exercising (home bicycle), at first half an hour but pretty soon at least an hour per day and a bit of body building 3 times a week. He has become a bit chubby over the last 5 years (were together for 9 years). He doesn't do strictly all housework, I rather do the ironing (which man can't really do good) and let him train, I don't want a sissy maid, I rather want a well defined man for which my friends envy me and which is soft and cuddly nonetheless... for this reason I don't want to feminize him in any way, he's just wearing panties to proof the point I can make him do almost (?) everything...
I was leaking a bit probably because hearing that lock click was pretty fucking hot though had to put a condom over the end on the first night.. Roommate has the keys but not as a real keyholder a she is just a friend but she agreed to help me keep them safe so my lack of will power doesn't become a problem she is aware of my kinks and bi sexual ways. Can't wait to bend over and let a man pound my hole while i cant even stimulate my cock all i will be able to focus on him entering and then filling me up. I've been toying with the idea of only allowing myself release if the person im hooking up with allows it after I've satisfied their needs if not i keep going till someone is kind enough. Also would have to swallow my cum after ive had an orgasm
Open file (759.68 KB 3648x2736 CB1.jpg)
Open file (474.80 KB 3648x2736 CB2.jpg)
Second pic - the camera didn't get it right, the panties are rose/white striped and with slight ruffles... really little girl panties...

BTW - he wasn't to enthusiastic to make the pictures, but again... *evilgrin*
BTW - Any creative suggestions on what i could do next are greatly encouraged!
Open file (84.23 KB 1280x740 chastity.jpg)
New spacer size in place feels much more snug and not too restricting, think I found the right size this time. Also just to confirm for real (using this in two places so excuse the reddit reference) that is indeed my dick in that pic.


*never* thought of trying this I need to find a rubber band because the amount of electrical tape to effectively dampen that lock is way too thick lol
ive wanted to get one like this, i think it would be a little more low profile in pants, but i dont have the cash... anyone have any experience with these?
I don't think these pin-in-urethra models are suited for long-term wear.
there are some that are designed with a tube rather than an solid pin to stay in place even if you have to go to the bathroom and such. it would have to be cleaned regularly tho
Even with a tube, the hygiene required makes long-term lock-ups impractical. I think you would need to clean everything thoroughly at least every other day.
Open file (1.69 MB 2592x1944 IMG_20120407_083702.jpg)
So i have a birdlocked neo and i've been in it for a few days now but every night at like 3 am I wake up in a hot pain from a nocturnal erection. After it goes away I'm fine again. Does anyone have a problem like this and if so how are you getting around it or did it eventually stop?

pic related its me this morning
This is common and for some it does fade in time as the body gets used to being locked up. There are different ways of dealing with it, you can walk around till it subsides or you can try to pee or if you're mentally strong you can try concentrating on other things.

I know for some it never goes away, they just learn to deal with it.
Getting up and drinking some water helps for me.
this helped, thanks!

I love how so many of your posts are "useful advice, useful advice, super sexy closer concept line."
Surprise update. Out of nowhere, my usually submissive girlfriend decided that she wanted to lock me up.

Unexpected, but now I'm locked up and she has the key! Probably just for the day.
>Probably just for the day.
Little did he know...

A man can only hope. :)
Maybe not so much a man anymore..
Probably just for a day or two. I'm hoping for a week, but I'm not sure she'll last that long.

I'm not sure what "too long" would be.
You never know. I've heard a few stories about sub girls who got really into domming after actually trying it and finding out it's more fun than they thought. Just make sure to keep her as sexually satisfied as possible so she won't get the idea that locking you up means abstinence for her too, it will just be self sacrifice for her that way. If you manage to show her you can give her more pleasure when locked up than when not locked up, you might be in for some fun.

Keep us updated.
That is just my nature, I have a good/helpful/empathetic side to me which likes to help but I am also a perverted sadist that loves to have fun.
You guys are going to let me know if I'm posting too much, right?

Anyways, coming up to the end of day two. This morning I mentioned a scene we could do on Friday (with me as the top) and she seemed... kind of offended that I would assume I was out.


Haha, you know what? She's been having more orgasms in the last two days than normal. Because I'm horny, so I'm fighting to go down on her.
My sub's kinda like that. After I told her that my orgasms were entirely her responsibility she got very good at teasing me. Usually when I'm locked up it's just for a few days, so when I come in her mouth there's lots of it, but sometimes she makes me go much longer and does strange things to my ass while I'm locked up, to make the eventual orgasm that much better.
And... out. Three days and I was just starting to settle into it. She had originally planned for one, got really into it, and now she's really bummed out she didn't go for five.

I told her next time. :)

Important lessons: Pubes are bad, lube is good, you probably need more lube, and if you can switch use a big ring for sleep and a small ring for day.

Anyways, I'm excited/scared how much she enjoyed that, and how eager she is to push for longer.
Open file (30.15 KB 640x480 caged.jpg)
So my device arrived in the mail today, :D

sorry for the crappy quality webcampic.
Oh this thread and how i missed coming here to read it
I know right? This thread has been far too quiet, especially since /girly/ came along. It's almost as though people *aren't* locking cocks up!

Hey now, not true, I just got a cage to lock my cock up thanks to this thread :D

I'm >>1448 btw
It's encouraging to read that even sub girls can get into it like that. I thought you'd need to have a sadistic side to enjoy locking someone up, but maybe there's more to it than I realize. Have they said anything about what they enjoy about doing it?
My sub likes the extra attention she gets, when I'm all desperate and stuff, plus I think the change in behaviour itself is interesting. She also knows I'm into chastity and enjoy that special type of being turned on, even if I'd much rather be fucking her in the moment, and gets a sexual thrill from it because I enjoy it.

I think it's everything appealing about being a keyholder, except the sadism.

Plus a little bit of sadism, for good measure.
Looks good, how has it been working for you?

Hey, some of us are available to lock dicks up but there is a lack of strong submissive boys. Weakness is rampant.

That is one of the main side effects of chastity, the build up of energy and a need to release it in some way. In a self-locked person they tend to channel it towards some sort of self abuse trying to get relief. In a sub locked by another, they tend to focus their energy on their key holder. In your case it makes sense that you would use that energy to play with your sub and would explain why she loves it.
Yeah a little bit but i stopped coming here for a while as it as
>In a self-locked person they tend to channel it towards some sort of self abuse trying to get relief.
What kind of self abuse are we talking about?
Again this all depends on the individual. Some will go at their hole or nipples like there is no tomorrow. They get pleasure and keep hoping the more they do the bigger the chance is they will reach that peak but rarely does it come to that so they are left frustrated, even hornier and sore. Some that are into pain will use anything at their disposal to get sensation.

I am speaking from my experiences with boys as well as from talking to many and don't speak for everyone. The thing with chastity is it blocks that final release of an orgasm but many keep trying to get to it out of habit or desperation.
>The thing with chastity is it blocks that final release of an orgasm but many keep trying to get to it out of habit or desperation.


Your body wants orgasm, so it makes you do whatever it takes to get it, but because you're locked up and can't orgasm, you just get more and more desperate. It's a vicious cycle.

So I read something the other day. It's a pretty simple concept, but this blogger a couple of years ago mentioned the following.

>Eileen???s attitude and comfort level with my being denied.1 As she put it, ???I simply no longer have any sense of guilt about denying you.??? Then she paused for a moment with a thoughtful look on her face before casually adding, ???You should probably be scared about that, by the way.??? That was the comment that has hatched a swarm of butterflies in my stomach, which???since last night???has yet to dissipate.

Apparently quotation marks are an issue. XD
How enjoyable is it for to watch their futile show ?
I rarely found you on

It is quite enjoyable as I have mentioned before I am a sadist and get enjoyment out of the suffering and giving pain to others. I'm not talking about the suffering going on in the real world but of that of a boy who can no longer get hard, can no longer touch his dick and who looks to me for orgasms.

You have to keep in mind that since you reach puberty or even before that you learn that rubbing your dick gives you pleasure. You learn that orgasms can be amazing. This is all part of our natural make up. What I do takes that away from a boy and leaves him unable to get any of that unless I allow him or it is at my hand.
Any interest in locking up an MTF tranny? :3
All depends on if you are close to me, if you are compatible and if my unoccupied CB 6000 works with your anatomy. I am always open to locking someone if they are strong and clean.
I'm pretty interested.

I think I have a good member for the CB6000, that model has always been my favorite. :3

I'm in the US south (or, technically, in about the middle of the "eastern" states, but in a redneck state still)... what does 'compatible' mean? I get on well with most people. :D
Florida is about 900 miles south of me.

Unfortunately I'm north east of you as in way north east, Vancouver to be exact.

Compatibility means I look for those that are mentally strong, don't smoke and are drug and disease free. They have to understand that being submissive doesn't mean being weak. I also get to know as much as I can about a boy I lock and he has to be able to hold a conversation, I don't like the ones that can only grunt one word answers.

The main issue with the 6000 is that some are able to pull out of it when flaccid. It ended up pinching the balls of the last boy I locked in it as well as he got a scratch and swelling on the underside of his dick through his stupidity.
Truly sad re: distance. ;_;

Everything else seems to have fit pretty well. (le sigh)
Unfortunately the internet shows us there are compatible people out there but also shows us how big the world really is.

You will find someone to lock up your dick as it should be. You may find one that not only locks you up but drives you crazy with how horny he keeps you.
I'm kind of working on bizarro domming someone into getting us both into a permanent chastity situation. Them first, since I'm the most dominant.

My email's here for anyone close-ish.
Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
I need people!
Open file (106.95 KB 830x532 1331168028052.jpg)
just some pics I grabbed off a random chastity thread in /b/
Open file (76.64 KB 830x530 1331164596677.jpg)
Open file (64.61 KB 822x698 1331165623008.jpg)
Open file (718.76 KB 3072x2304 1331166451280.jpg)
Open file (60.79 KB 500x375 1331167132833.jpg)
Open file (60.30 KB 500x533 1331167512876.jpg)
Open file (49.97 KB 489x700 1331167336900.jpg)
Open file (57.61 KB 500x541 1331167222359.jpg)
Open file (104.27 KB 1280x960 133645070184.jpg)
This appears to have been misplaced.
Open file (45.19 KB 581x600 133645082791.jpg)
This too.
yeah sorry about that. looks like I missed the reply button and lost track of which page i was replying to when i hit flood detection.

ty very much sir.
Open file (1.40 MB 2136x2848 DSCF1510.jpg)
My CB6000 finally came! And now I never will! My wife is so wonderful - I mentioned off-hand how I might be into being locked up, and she was all, "Yeah? I would love that. Can we afford a chastity device? Order that shit up!"

I've readjusted since the picture was taken, so don't worry about that wrinkle there. I fixed it.

This thing is super comfortable. I've never been in a chastity device before, and I've already worn this several hours with no issue except when my cock tries to harden, which I'm pretty sure is by design. I can pee with no problem, and it's barely noticeable under pants.

I *almost* completely wouldn't fit (my cock's not that big, which makes me wonder what kind of midgets these things are designed for!), but I read about "the stocking method" (Google it) and voila! Locked up safe and sound, and feeling sassy!
It gets easier to get in. Chastity turns you on, so trying to get into the chastity device the first few times can be tricky. Even with lube.
Definitely gets easier. A bit of lube makes all the difference too.
A week ago my girlfriend was going to lock me up for a week. Had this happened, I'd probably be getting out around now.

Unfortunately, I had to beat her up instead. XD
I have nothing to contribute and I'm late to the party, but sweet jesus lady, your story is arousing as fuck.
I wish I could have a CB. I'd use it to lose weight. One orgasm for every kg down.
>One orgasm for every kg down.

You wish. How about your keyholder chooses your target weight and you stay locked up until you achieve at AND hold it for a month?
Been chaste (but not locked up) for 27 days now. in a few days I'll go into my cage for what Mistress says will be another month, unless she takes mercy on me... My previous record was only two weeks, so I'm a little scared about what she'll do to me... she's promised to use my unfulfilled need to turn me into a total sissy. Maybe I'll post some pictures here!
Tsk tsk, asking for mercy among your peers? What a pity. And here I was thinking I might give you a break and let you cum after a month since you've been SO very good... But after this little display, or rather, lack of display with no pictures. I have no choice but to lock you up in the closet, sucking on a dildo while one vibrates up your ass.

Unless, you post pictures of your pathetic little clitdick.

Yes Mistress! Here is my pathetic clitdick...

And here is my pathetic clitdick, caged as it should be always, Mistress!

This is stupid, please take it somewhere else.
Those chastity captions are all horribly written and nonsensical bullshit and all miss the appeal in the first place.

The second someone is agreeing that their 'clitdick' needs to be locked up the romance is gone and theres no reason to play anymore.
>see newfapchan in my history
>oh yeah, I forgot about that place
>find /smb/
>chastity thread
>see myself in the thread
This is not all about force and domination, for some it is about humiliation and self degradation. They still get enjoyment out of it even though it doesn't fit in yours or my view of it.

Well then you should post more pictures. ;)
Open file (99.02 KB 591x681 fancyjailbird.jpg)
here's my favorite one, put a little artsy stuff on it.
and another...
and this is what a boy's cock looks like when he's let out after a while locked up.

takes a while for it to remember it can get bigger.....and makes you feel even smaller than you are.
and one more because I'm totally into SPH
Thank you for the pics, I like the locked ones and the second two made me burst out laughing. Yes, that little thing is best locked up. Do you have any issue with me adding these to my Tumblr?
So what's the longest you've been locked up for since you were last here?
not very long actually. We've both been ridiculously busy with school and other things keeping us from really devoting time to kinky stuff. Maybe three or four days.
Can you actually pleasure someone with that? Does it get bigger?

Yeah it gets bigger. I'm actually right under seven inches when I'm fully hard. Of course, I've gained some weight so it doesn't look as glorious anymore. Starting paleo today and I expect my pictures will be a lot different in the near future. :)
Open file (1.97 MB 3264x2448 IMG_1003.jpg)
Aaaaaaaand locked up again. Trying a smaller ring and spacer so walking is hopefully easier.
What does that mean?

Also, nice to see you are still alive. I heard you had locked yourself out of the interwebs (or at least got rid of access to "staight" interwebs).

Is that still the case? Still allowed to at least browse gay porn?
SPH == Small Penis Humiliation
Open file (199.00 KB 980x735 00001.jpg)

Aww...it's so cute, how long you been locked up now?

Does someone here like humiliation now? ;)
yeah that never really took off.

we tried it out but it was such a pain in the ass because it would give me timeouts when I was doing things like reading other people's blogs that linked to adult sites on the sidebar and stuff.

I try my best not to look at porn and stuff but it's really hard when you're locked up. :P
Those were older pics but at that point it was a few months
Love humiliation

Mmm...you gotta name sweetie?

Have you been let once since then? ;)
Today is day... five. I hope I get out today, but I also know I'll probably go straight to fapping about being back in.

She may also keep me in another two days to round out the week.

So here I sit, in my CB6k and My Little Pony t-shirt, playing Skyrim to distract myself.
I hope she's making you wear that shirt as humiliation.
Sadly the relationship with my mistress ended due to complications

Aww...did the littler piggy get too greedy? :p
Sadly no she had to move away for a job and I just got a new one so didn't work out the way we planned.

Aww..now no one is around to tease your locked up little dicklet? ;)

Haha, nope.

Anyways. Didn't get out yesterday. After I get out, I'm not going back in until I get something metal. I'm sick of plastic. It rubs.
Other then myself, no...
Open file (1.11 MB 1944x2592 IMG_20120608_233415.jpg)
I just bought one, and put it on but sadly no keyholder yet :(
haha, saw you on 4chan.

they need to just make a chastity board on one of these chans so we don't get shit from all the regular folks.
I know right :)
Come see me, I'll hold those keys. ;)

Looks like you need a shave. On a side note I can see you need the chastity device if that coke bottle is full of cum. (j/k I know it's for the fish tank)
Lol yeah its meant to be behind the tank. I was struggling to make it leak proof to make co2.

Yeah I do need a shave but I was to eager to put it on and now if I take it off. I doubt I'll be shaving lol.

At least you know what you have to do when it does come off.

Don't shave. The last thing you want is the plastic base ring rubbing up against irritated skin. Trim it as short as you can, without shaving.
Has anyone experimented with creating their own chastity style rope bondage? The basic idea is to tie the shaft with a Marling Hitch and then use remaining rope from tip to tie underneath balls to CBT Ball Seperator. This could be done with two separate lengths or rope.

These two links illustrate the process:

Marling Hitch CBT

CBT Ball Separator

Is anyone willing to experiment and upload their results? Perhaps we can create our own versions?

If not, does anyone have any similar images?
Open file (37.34 KB 600x450 normal_8.jpg)
Open file (26.07 KB 450x600 normal_7.jpg)
Could somebody click on this link for me? I need it in order to get unlocked.

added 1 day. no need to thank me.

I will anyway! Thanks!

This link can be hit every 30 minutes: http://CarliLock.com/friends.php?wearer=morewellian&id=33609
I did the random and don't know if it added two days or removed one.
I think I added two days. Maybe. Not sure. Carlilock is confusing and weird.

Me again. What started at two weeks is now more than eight. Son of a bitch. You guys can stop clicking now...
>You guys can stop clicking now...

Added two days for you
I wish there was a better alternative to Carlilock.

Seriously, this is crazy. Please stop adding time. I'm at like five months now, and I don't know if I have a maximum. I don't know if I can do the time I've got. This is already the longest I've ever gone without orgasm (a month and a half).

oh please.

you wouldn't have put the link up if you didn't want something like this. Or you know, deleted your post with the link in it.

I had to post the link, and I'm not allowed to delete it.
Well there are two things you could go about doing here, you could ask an admin to take it down, or you could stop doing it. your choice. I can honestly admit i will not be deleting it :)

Thanks. You've been very helpful.
And here we see why using CarliLock is a bad idea...
So out of interest, who's your keyholder, and will they *really* enforce the time you get on Carlilock?

A friend of mine online is domming me and acting as my Keyholder. Unfortunately I only have a Birdlocked, so i can slip out, cut the strap, or just cum in the cage. I want to set a personal record of two months, and from there it's whether I decide to abide by my friend's decision. So we'll see. I'm also kind of looking for a new Master/Mistress, because my friend doesn't have a whole lot of time for me these days... Regardless, it's still weird seeing my Carlilock time go from 2 weeks to over 6 months.
Where are you located? You should see if you can find a local key holder as that makes it so much better.

Los Angeles, Sir.

One of the plus sides of Carlilock is that you can set an upper bound. I live close enough to you (and some girls, too, actually), but I'd feel really uncomfortable saying "oh, by the way, you can't go more than a month".

Anyone else ever get that?

Having a local keyholder would be awesome! How close are you, would you be interested, is this something we could talk about?

I suspect that my current KH set an upper bound of a month or two, but he won't tell me. More fun to tease me, I suppose. There's still a chance he didn't, he has previously expressed that ideally I should be let out only a few times a year...

Sorry, I live close enough to Master, not to you. Otherwise, I'd totally lock you up.

Ach, my mistake. Sorry!

No worries. But if you live in LA, and you're open to a male keyholder, you really have no excuse. Your city is bigger than my province.

I just started looking, really. But true! I'll find somebody, I'm sure.
I live way up the coast from you as in Vancouver, BC. It can be hard to find a Mistress to keep you locked since there are fewer of them which makes them more in demand. If you are open to a male key holder then your chances are a lot higher. Check the standards such as Fetlife and Collarme and here are a few more for you:


The Reddit ones can be good for info as well as showing off and meeting.

How far are you?
There is no shame in having hard limits. Some won't accept that and you don't play with them. Whoever holds your keys would need to understand that either you need to be unlocked for a period after a month or have an orgasm in that time. Some like the permanent lockup but that is not my style, I feel an orgasm now and again clears the pipes as well as reminds the boy what he is missing and that makes the next lock up all the more frustrating.

Thank you!

Victoria. But I've got a few female options to work through, first. :p
anyone here from near boston?
Do you think it's possible to train a male to prefer orgasm from anal stimulation? Thus making their penis a vestigial organ?


Probably not. I'm sure there are people who prefer anal orgasms, but it doesn't sound like something you can trail.

Plus, the whole point is denial, isn't it? Wouldn't that miss the point?
*train. Spelling is hard.

Actually this is possible. There are those that have been locked long enough that their erogenous zones have shifted, they can cum just by being fucked. It happens to those that have been castrated but that is a whole different story.
A guy I talked to once claimed he achieved his first anal orgasm after forcing himself to not touch his penis for a week, while constantly stimulating his ass (basically wearing a buttplug 24/7).

I've been tempted to try it out on my own, but that would ruin my whole fantasy of being trained into loving anal.
Achieving a prostate orgasm isn't hard and it doesn't require training either. You just have to know where to push. Try using a smooth pen with a rounded tip. It's not just about pushing it in and out, but forwards and backwards, left and right, in circle motions and so on until you hit the spot.
Anal orgasm is possible. What I'm saying is you probably can't train somebody to not enjoy their penis, through chastity.
Open file (1.69 MB 180x140 1338694497766.gif)
Open file (778.71 KB 180x144 1338095847317.gif)
Open file (2.35 MB 320x240 1339166649015.gif)
Open file (3.94 MB 192x172 1338179522997.gif)
Open file (92.72 KB 600x620 ptFantasyVacation.jpg)
Open file (3.16 MB 427x240 370114166.gif)
Hey, I'm looking to test out chastitylocked.com, before I get locked there myself. Does anybody want to be locked up?

Basically a less evil carlilocked.
Open file (120.74 KB 1000x667 IMG_8508.jpg)
I am sure I am doing something wrong, but even at the largest ring size, the ring bites into my ballsack. It is OK for maybe an hour but then I get a red pressure ring where the device was.

Is my scrotum too large or is this to be expected and just takes time?

Maybe someone can tell from the images?
Open file (109.48 KB 696x1000 IMG_8511.jpg)
One more image...
Open file (70.77 KB 813x1000 IMG_8512.jpg)
And another one
You have the wring assemble wrong. The part behind needs to fit in the middle and I tried to show with the crappy drawing on your pic. You also might need to use a different spacer at the top.

I have found the rings to be small and if setting it up right doesn't work for you then you might have to try a different device.
Open file (162.08 KB 736x1113 caged.jpg)
New picture to celebrate a new mistress taking my key.

them blue balls. eww
I know right? It's disgusting. Also, who chooses a Camo Chastity Belt? Do you think you're going to have to hide your junk for some reason, and if so, what for? Silly boy clearly needs to be locked up.
I lost my CB! I never want to wear it again, because I am getting a metal one, but I'm sad I lost the old one!

Maybe I wanna wear it a little...
I stared to wear a butt plug on occasion while locked up. Today I put it in, went out, ran some errands. While driving it was pushing on all the right spots and I came right there in my pants. Shit was cool
Just bought a bon4
Hoping for some fun times with the Mrs.
More like I'll have a fun time with your mrs.
$35 and it's supprisingly comfy
Where did you find one for $35, they run for at least $150.

you can get new cages on ebay for cheap, that's where I got my cb6000 for like ??30ish
Yeah but most of the time they are knock offs and don't have the quality. I have the 6K and the Bon4 R&L which I bought from Extreme Restraints, when I put something on a boy I want to make sure the quality is good.
and when the ACTUAL devices are known for their shitty glue and snapping in half I'd never put a knockoff plastic cage on my dick.
Exactly, the CB series don't use glue but a sonic weld which has issues cracking under pressure so I'm not going to trust a cheap knock off especially when a boy is not close to me. When it comes to the silicone ones then you are talking about the material it is made from, you don't want anything with phthalates.
The CB3000 used a sonic weld. The CB6000 does not (even the genuine ones). And some of the cheap CB6000 knockoffs use better glue than the genuine thing...
I was able to bring myself to an orgasm last night without any direct stimulation to my dicklet, my CB6000s was on I was flat on my stomach with a 8 inch vibrator pistoning in and out at a medium pace or so I didn't even try the vibrator part just the sensation of it pulling almost all the way out then going back in felt so fucking good I finally got into a rhythm that was feeling amazing and my entire body exploded I didn't feel much in my dick except the sensation of cum shooting out once the feeling subsided I had shot cum all over the inside of my cage and all over the towel I laid down.

The best part? I didn't lose my desire to eat my own cum it was amazing
So my boyfriend has had me locked up for 11 days now. He refuses to tell me how long I'm going for, only that I will break my previous record of 35 days. We just moved in together, and so finally have time to start moving to full master/pet play, and full time chastity :)
sounds hot. do you have pictures?

Want to encourage your boyfriend to come on?

It's always seemed to me like chastity would be a whole lot easier and a whole lot more fun in a gay couple than a straight couple. Because, like, the keyholder doesn't lose sex in the same way.
So I'm seriously considering getting a chastity device, and ExtremeRestraints is having a sale. I was thinking of getting The Bird Cage (http://bit.ly/gN5XHN) specifically. I do have a small problem...

I already have a device (cb2000), but after trying several times to wear it, I cannot as the cage itself is too small. Fully flaccid I fill up the cage fully, and even the slightest amount of physical arousal would cause large amounts of pain. I've tried wearing it overnight, and have never made it through, as I would wake up in extreme pain. I would remove the device and end up with severe indents on my cock lasting for hours... if I attempted to wear it for any significant period of time, it would definitely cause lasting damage.

Does this device seem like it would work out well for someone who is larger?
Open file (2.74 MB 3264x2448 photo (2).jpg)

He isn't a fan of sites like this, unlike me. Sadly :P And I've been in 2 mistress/pet relationships in the past. IMO, both are great, it's personality and actual love for me, not body parts. They didn't lose out on vaginal sex either, just made me wear a strap on for them :)

As for picture, will this do? I am now 19 days in to the unknown stint. :)

It doesn't sound like size is your real problem. You're going to swell up in any cage you buy, and there are very few guys out there who wouldn't fill up a cb2000 when they try to get hard. If you're getting lasting marks and having so much pain you should go for a different, softer material, like silicone.
have you actually tried wearing it throughout the day?

You're going to get nocturnal erections. Even when your brain gets used to it and starts cutting them off, you'll still get them when you've got to take a piss.

Also, depending on your flaccid size you might be too big for a 2000, like someone else said.
also I figure I'll post a semi update.

I did a post on my blog talking about how I had kind of rediscovered puppy play, and hwo I really wanted to talk to her about it.

Well, I did. We've been at her parents so no puppy play, but the night before last she decided that I had been good enough to deserve an orgasm and I got one after Fifteen days locked up. (New record for me! Yay!)

Essentially we started talking about the puppy stuff and she was telling me what she'd enjoy doing....how she'd keep me naked on all fours, and get a leash for my collar, and keep me at her feet while she watched TV or played a computer game, so she could scratch my head and tease me. (All of this while she was scratching behind my ear and stroking me)

She let me touch myself and I think I came when she told me how she was going to make me get at the foot of the bed and lick her feet like a good little puppy.

I can't WAIT to get home.
Yeah, it's too much to wear even during the day. I've tried wearing it throughout the day and leaving it off overnight, but even keeping it on for an hour or so and it gets uncomfortable, regardless of how aroused I get.

Also, Chaste Boy! I think I remember talking to you a year or so ago through e-mail at some point...
are you using lube at all?

the plastic is not good for your skin at all, it likes to grip and pinch and stuff.

and yeah I think we did talk...briefly...
I have tried lube... tried no lube... it's not going to matter much. The cage pinching isn't the problem, it's sheer size is.
then yeah, that's your problem.

I'm a grower, which is great because I can use smaller cages.

I'd check out the 6000, it's longer than the 2000 and supposed to be better anyway.

Unless you want to just drop the money you're eventually going to drop on getting a custom cage right now. That's the best route, but also the most expensive.

Update, I've past 40 days now (today is 42), which officially puts me past my record time. Still don't know how long I'm going for, but my owner said that he might want to see how long it takes for me to simply break down <.=.<;;
I am so jealous of your suffering, right now.
Believe me, it's suffering, but at the same point, I sorta don't want this suffering to end. I'd feel like I'm starting over from the beginning if I cum now.... x3
Open file (694.78 KB 800x600 1346162878739.png)
Open file (74.98 KB 1000x750 1346162985630.jpg)
My Mature Metal Jailbird arrived in the mail yesterday. My question is for those of you who have been wearing a jailbird for quite some time: What do you do with the tip if your penis? Seeing as how I am a grower I was able to order my device nice and short, but the problem I am running into is the tip of my penis poking out the end of the cage and being pulled open by the bars. Not only does this make things very sensitive, but I am also concerned about getting lint or other foreign particles in there... any advice on what to do to keep the little guy closed and not rubbing on my underwear?
Would like to post this here. Hopefully i will regret it <3 http://CarliLock.com/friends.php?wearer=indeflockedboy&id=35449
I'm poor and living on friends couches. I would love to find someone willing to get me a cage and lock me up, of course they would keep the keys. Two questions, are there any ways of finding people who are into this sort of thing discretely? If I did get locked up, are there any potential issues with nocturnal leakage? I don't want to be making a mess on my friends fine stuff.

I've been clicking this and hopefully adding days, the crappy part about the site is it doesn't tell you what you have done.


There are many ways to find people and many of them are discrete. If you look through the thread there are multiple sites listed that deal with chastity where you can find someone to lockup that dick of yours.

Leakage can happen if you are a leaker or if you are locked for an extended period without an orgasm. Wearing underwear will usually catch it all and if you are sleeping on a friend's couch I assume you are not sleeping naked.
I've had 195 visits. I'm at 26 weeks, but I have been drunk since then and I think I pressed "random extend" and doubled my current time at least once or twice. 26 weeks is uh... good.. thanks...

Congrats and I'm interested to see if you make that, you realize a year is 52 weeks and you have committed yourself to 1/2 a year. I wish you luck and hopefully the keys are with someone else.
Thank you. I am in a mature metal cage, and have been for about a week. I just mailed the keys to a good friend of mine today. She has full control now. I have a huuuuuuuge feeling that she will keep them way longer than 27 weeks, though :3
You're welcome and that's awesome. You should start a blog or something to document what you are going through so that you have something to do as well as others can see.
Open file (227.83 KB 960x1280 1.jpg)
That's awesome! The only thing better would be if you were wearing a jock or thong so you would have tan lines.
Hey, so I have a weird question. I wanna get a Mature Metal device so I can wear it for longer, but I've never actually worn a traditional cock ring before.

I have to pick a ring size I'll be able to get on, right? Is there a trick?
There is no trick, you contact them and they will send you sizing rings, they cost $30 plus shipping. If you can find someone who already has them then ask to borrow them.
This has to be the hottest chastity video I have seen in my life. It's short and I have no idea what she's doing to him, but holy fuck.


I think electricity is involved.
I bet it's a vibrator inside the cage.

If you read the caption it says he's watching porn and spontaneously came while locked. It happens and why many locked boys have to avoid watching porn or they get some sort of release.

The video sound like some sort of impact play such as a crop or cane.
If you look at the top comment, it makes more sense... if he spontaneously came, why would he be filming it perfectly like that... and he also appears to be pumping it, you can see the reflection of his hand pumping something
Open file (621.30 KB 2408x1488 1336761355329.jpg)
The sound comes from a fetish clip, forced orgasm and p.o.t.
Whats going on here?is that some kind of plug or pissing or wat?
he's just pre-ing like crazy
how the flip do you find keyholders?

And I've always wondered, how do you keep the bulge down?

We are around and not that hard to find. I and others have posted links to sites in this thread where you can find a keyholder.

The bulge is kept down by wearing the right type of underwear such as briefs, boxer briefs, or jocks. Not only do they minimize the bulge but the movement as well.
Hey guys, noob here, just looking for some advice.

Right now, I have a CB-curve, but I almost never wear it because of a few things. First, the holes in it let me touch myself. Second, my dick never seems to occupy the whole cage, it just presses against the curve part and stays there. Also, when it tries to get hard, it pulls the cage pretty far...I think in the old thread, someone said to get a bon4 if it did that. Finally, its way too easy to pull out. But primarily, I can't really wear it because of how huge it is.

So, I'm thinking of getting something a little smaller, do you think a CB-6000 or a bon4 would work better? If I got a CB-6000 cage, could it work with the Curve rings?

not an expert myself, but maybe you should try a smaller cage.
the curve is made for guys who have large flaccid cocks.

The whole point of the device is to keep you from getting hard and touching yourself, so I don't know why someone who didn't have a big monster 24/7 would even look at the curve as a viable option.

growers ftw.

This anonymous seems to have just the opposite problem. I wear the regular CB-6000. I am uncircumcised, so when I'm flaccid I pretty much fill the whole cage with a combination of my cock and foreskin. Some skin is also left out and folds up between the cage and the rings. However, I don't think I have a monster cock when flaccid though.

When I try to get erect, the cage travels up my shaft for about one and a half inches before it stops to tug my balls. I end up having a sort of semi-erection, where my cock is sort of half-erect and half not. I can actually reach a ruined orgasm by working the left-out part. Also I've managed to split the cage when erect at least three times.

I was thinking upgrading to the curve would solve my problem, but might as well ask here if anyone would have any suggestions. Could it solve the problem, or do I need to think about a different sort of cage, will the bon4 for example solve this shaft travelling issue? Will upgrading to the curve result in the same thing happening with a lot more empty space in the cage? I do like the cb-series because of the solid feel of the cage, but I'd rather get rid of that pesky partial erection.
Question if anybody could help out

I have the bon4 and it fits well, but i have this problem. sometimes when I'm soft, I'm a grower, and sometimes i'm a shower. I'm not on about being hard or even 'semi'. It's kind of like when we're cold, we shrivel, but randomly in the day. Anybody know what i mean? I'm thinking about a smaller cage
I think being in plastic might be the problem.

Now I've never worn a curve but I split my 6k twice. I got my jailbird and it's been smooth sailing ever since.
>that feel when 2" soft and 7.5" hard and can't find a good cage

Find a device that's 2" long? Not that hard.
finally i can post as well.. my gf locked my up in my CB6000s this Wednesday, probably see release tomorrow already (when her period stops) . but i hope that she'll keep the key on a regular basis :)
I had that problem as well, but the Bon4 is working really well for me. (Plus it's unbelievably way more comfortable than the CB2000 that I used previously.)

I'm definitely a grower more than a shower, but to be able to be secure in the CB2000 I had to use the smallest ring and it hurt all the time. I tried the medium Bon4 ring and it wasn't that comfortable but strangely the smallest ring there was. Go figure.
hi all,

anybody has any experience with the mature metal 'Queens keep'? GF and I are looking into buying one.
Not personally but I understand they're very secure and good for long term wear (as in, months at a time). If that's what you're looking for, good luck!
I'm wearing the Jail-Bird, I choose it over the Queen's Keep because the round ring at the base of the cage part seemed more comfortable. I love it. It looks great and is comfortable.

Take your time to read up on the experiences from others and make sure you measure correctly. It helps to have experience with a CB-series chastity device.
well, we have a cb6Ks. but the miss would like something more solid and easier to clean.

and she prefers the look of the queens keep.

i just ordered the measurement rings and planning to order a mature metal cage with my xmas bonus.
right now my fiance has gone to work for a few hours so i decided to put on some pink pantys and my CB6000s and clean the house, it's been awile since i wore it with out her around, what should i do???

me again! we have received the sizing rings from mature metal . So currently busy with getting the right size. going to order the cage next week. exciting times ahead!
Open file (926.66 KB 2832x2128 101_0425.jpg)
Open file (727.22 KB 2832x2128 101_0456.jpg)
I'm just going to leave these here..
Open file (789.52 KB 2832x2128 101_0459.jpg)
Open file (856.70 KB 2832x2128 101_0460.jpg)
Open file (828.81 KB 2832x2128 101_0474.jpg)
Open file (881.92 KB 2832x2128 101_0478.jpg)
That is all. Enjoy.

Great looking dick and even better that it's locked. If I had you in my hands you'd be fully shaved and I'd take advantage of your foreskin sticking out to tease you and keep you horny.
Anyone know what model this is?
Open file (102.23 KB 720x405 IMAG0215.jpg)
I just purchased a cb6000s for myself anyone in the Socal area want to be a keyholder?
Open file (1.49 MB 1920x2560 2011-01-27 07_14_25.jpg)
Any guys in the UK looking for a chastity (and more!) sub? :3
Open file (265.89 KB 1095x1473 ElopG.jpg)
Does anyone know the correct name for the chastity tubes that are open on the end (so the head is out)? Any opinions on them? More interested in preventing erections than enforcement.

Pic related; only pic I could find in my thirty seconds of searching.
I think they're just called tubes.
Open file (138.65 KB 500x667 13574360356.jpg)
you've got the PA-5000 which uses a Prince albert obviously.
I think the houdini is open like that too, but it's not really made for long term play considering it's just a handcuff and a tube.
The idea of having a locked-up fuck-toy like this makes me so incredibly horny...
That's it. I'm going to breath some life back into this thread
If you guys got porn, post! Here's a sissy chastity gangbang:

This video is whatever but the dialogue is so goddam hot.
Mistress wants to feed me a pill to make me more horny. Can anyone here recommend anything like that?
Open file (1.34 MB 2000x1667 1327903043459.jpg)
Open file (95.75 KB 668x481 dhgate.jpg)
Just got a device from dhgate. Wish it was more restrictive.
If any of you guys have stories to share go nuts. Here's a popular though extreme one:


Here's a little bit more tamer one, though not by much the more I think about it:

They are cheap and a good way to get some experience. Once you want you can spend more and get a device more suited to your wants and needs. The fact that they are cheap means the workmanship is not all there so make sure there are no sharp edges and that you don't get any cuts or sores, if you do then stop using the device.
You need a smaller ring. It should fit further up.
Open file (50.60 KB 800x450 856547309.jpg)
Sorry for the blur job, will post higher res photos eventually
Open file (37.96 KB 494x450 1674114343.jpg)

I sure hope someone else is holding the key to those cute little ballsies, sweety.
Open file (71.86 KB 610x814 v1Y6Vgg.jpg)
If you enjoy watching sissies in chastity, you'll love this:

I love the design of the CB6k series, but it looks like it would be easy to get a grip on it and still cheat and masturbate with it on. The Birdlocked on the other hand looks like it compresses your package so much that you can't even grab around it.

Anyone have experiences with both and can comment on this?
Open file (57.13 KB 610x458 I6FFtV6.jpg)
Chaste man getting dildo'd by woman. One of the first chaste porn videos I've ever seen:

As a guy who owns pretty much all of the major cages, I can tell you that the Birdlocked is massively easier to jack off in if you manage to get going right. Additionally, too much lube and the Birdlocked can pop right off of your caged ass. That's why I don't use it anymore.
You need a way smaller ring. That sucker should bite in and wish you weren't in it lol
Terrible fit is terrible.

You guys should start with the CB6000 and use its adjustability to determine your needs.
why good evening ladies, sirs, and lockees. i just got my first cage, and i'm super excited to have it.


I absolutely love the feel of it, but when i'm wearing it, i've noticed my balls start darkening. i think it's cutting off circulation, but unfortunately i'm more girthy than length (6.5" full erection / 1.75"-2" full girth erection, ranging from hard to ROCK HARD), so i need to have the larger cages while my cock is more of a regular size.

does this mean that i need a spacer (which isn't available on this model) or should i try stretching my balls out some to see if that helps at all?

i really wish i could wear it for more than 5 minutes...

Open file (686.49 KB 1840x3264 IMG_20130609_233639_654.jpg)

follow up.

after a bit of adjusting and making sure i've pulled a lot of my scrotum through, i've managed to get it to fit much more kindly. it still makes the back of my balls kinda burn though, so i'm not sure if that's just the skin stretching out and me not using a moisturizer on it, or if that's because i'm actually hurting myself by lack of circulation.

pic related, it's me and my new toy.

ps: the "leather" isn't. it's just a foam belt that can be cut off, and then you have a 1.75" inner diameter (regular size) Bird Cage. i was hoping for a 2", cuz i think that'll help me with circulation issues.

however, i told my fiance (this was the trial toy to see if i really enjoyed chastity belts and hooooo boy yes i do) about these detriments, and we're going to be saving up for getting me a Curve instead :)
follow up part 2 cuz i thought of more:

1) yes i'm fat i know :(
2) sorry about the picture resolution. just took it with my phone and uploaded it.
3) i'm up to wearing it for ~20minutes at a time, keeping extra care to examine my testicles for pain, discomfort, or lack of circulation.
4) i wish i had my prostate toy with me, but it's at my fiance's place
5) i am absolutely loving how much precum drips out the tip of my locked cock...
Open file (452.57 KB 1504x1600 ice1046-302342351.jpg)
>have mercy

Open file (26.09 KB 640x480 snapshot (9).jpg)
Here's some blurry OC, enjoy ;3
Open file (478.93 KB 2448x3264 6HZDmje.jpg)
My dick. Just bought it.

I am bisexual, so this is for my gay encounters.

I often fuck myself with a dildo on cam for people to see. If I didn't lock my dick up, I could come in minutes because I get so horny. So instead its locked away, and I can use hours to fuck myself ;)
Open file (103.01 KB 500x667 1194554970.jpg)
hot. Have a keyholder or are you going solo?

Also hot. Hows it like getting fucked in one of those things?

Also: found two hot chastity vids:

Open file (32.02 KB 640x480 Snapshot_20130616.jpg)
First time wearing it for more then a few hours/over night. This was me a few days in
It's amazing.

I will be doing a dildoshow on CAM4 in 3 hours from now. cam4.com/ungungun1
oops. wrong url.

Updated again:


I'm on in 20 minutes
Has anyone here tried to incorporate chastity into studying? I want to get a cage and only unlock myself if I get at least 90% of my daily Japanese vocabulary practice right (I usually get 80-85% correct).

I have locked boys for many reasons including studying, if they study and do well then they get time unlocked and maybe get an orgasm and if not then they suffer.
Hey everybody, just locked myself up :3

Feel free to add time to my session here, I'm feeling slutty and I need to learn how to discipline myself.

Open file (308.57 KB 738x1561 IMG_13322.jpg)
I've just started playing Chastity with my online keyholder and so far its been really fun.

http://myfirstchastity.tumblr.com/ posted some pictures of my experience here.

Very nice, I'll have to follow you. Remember that online is fun but is a pale comparison to the real thing. Have fun, get experience and then find a local key holder to take you further.
That's the plan. Not sure how I would find a local keyholder, though.
Open file (423.88 KB 1123x1951 IMG_1438.jpg)
If you would be so kind http://www.emlalock.com/?data[page]=req&data[id]=id2h2t1wxm

There are many sites that I have listed previously and I'll add them again.

http://www.fetlife.com (all fetishes for everyone.)
http://www.lockedmen.net (chastity site just for men.)
http://www.recon.com (fetish site for gay/bi men.)

There are a bunch of others but these are the main ones and the most active.

Added 3 hours and 5 minutes. That site should deal in days and not hours.
That's strange. I thought the voting was days.
I'm considering buying myself a jailbird, but that $300+ is rather steep for my budget.

If only I could find a mistress in my area that would hold my key for me if I buy the jailbird, and also "encourage" (read: force) me to transition (I'm MTF, but not transitioning yet).
tell me folks...how much is an entry model for chastity? also suggestions on models would be great too. i want to become a sissy and feel chastity would do me good....
Read the thread. Start with a CB6000, maybe a 6000S depending on your size. Use that to determine what your sizes are, get used to chastity. Move on to appropriately sized metal cages (or custom) or roam around the various silicone and plastic cages. CB6000 is the standard. lockeduplove.com is a good reseller with good prices. If you don't buy from them or direct from the manufacturer, you're taking a gamble on whether it's real or not. Spend the money, get the right one, get locked up.
Open file (88.75 KB 877x613 1.jpg)
Just got my new steel cage. It's way more comfortable than I expected. I thought it would take some getting used to but I had no problems. (Ironically, tighter/smaller is more comfortable than looser/bigger.)
Open file (97.75 KB 621x658 2.jpg)

(OC? On my NFC?!)

looks like someone is not going to have a orgasms for a while. :D
Finally got my new cage! I can't wait to give my gf the key.
I was wondering if anyone here could help me, I'm looking for a chastity device but I'm really small. And by really small, I mean about 1 inch completely flaccid and about 3.5 inches totally hard. I'm not very thick around at all either, maybe 2 inches around at the thickest. I also have small testicles in a very small, tight sack. (I really got the losing ticket in the genetic lottery.)

I've looked at a huge variety of plastic, metal and silicone but they all seem like they'll be too big for me.

Can anyone recommend a device or is a custom job all that's out there for me?


http://www.dhgate.com/product/latest-design-super-small-stainless-steel/151574140.html maybe?

I got my cage ( >>2071 and >>2072 )from this website and have been happy with it.
Open file (4.30 MB 4320x2880 P1020350.jpg)
Greetings from sissyboi from poland
Open file (61.34 KB 931x689 sizess.jpg)
My girlfriend made this comparison between me (bottom) and her 2 previous bfs.

Thats how she justifies all the bondage, assfucking and cuckolding she does with me.
Hi preety girl I love your little clitty, and I am also from Poland. If you would like to get in touch write me masterzayl@yahoo.co.uk. Mam nadzieje że sie odezwiesz.
Some pic I found on tumblr
Finally got my jailbird the other day. Starting small just for fun:
That's very, very hot. How else does she tease you about your small penis size?

She made a tumblr about it. http://shelovesitbig.tumblr.com/
I sort of wish I had a smaller penis. Almost 18cm hard. Is there any danger in locking up a cock with a chastity belt that's too small? How does this look (it's me)?
Nice. Does she compare you with her bulls? What were the biggest ones she had?

She had an 11" thick as a beer can, and a rough 12".
The worst thing to worry about is circulation. As long as you can bear the pain of fitting in the cage and not getting hard, and the circulation is good, then there's nothing I'd worry about.

>>2085 here. I haven't checked this in a while. Thanks for the suggestion. I've actually tried a few devices including the 6000s. Even at 2.5 inches it was still too big for my tiny cock. Sadly I haven't found one that fits well enough to wear long term.
Are there any options out there for actual secure chastity without a PA piercing?

It's annoying how easy it is to slip out of these things. The most 'secure' one I had was the Bon-4. Although it was the easiest device to slip out of, at least you couldn't get it back on without your keyholder realizing.

Is there anything? Or do I have to piece my cock to have my orgasms totally out of my control?
Open file (576.52 KB 739x1200 newBon4_4471.jpg)
Massive dump incoming
and chastity vids:
sissy solo

Guy taken out of chastity, given numbing cream, two condoms and a black dick extender and told to fuck a pocket pussy (no this is not the vid you're thinking of)
Open file (284.94 KB 1280x960 1391966841655.jpg)
And now for some chastity stories!

forced bi

virgin marries woman and the only sex he gets is pegging
Open file (95.06 KB 500x667 1387501800197.jpg)
Out of all my travels through out the internet I've always wanted find two very specific types of stories: Chaste virgins getting all their pleasure from pegging and chastity done by a loving domme. Outside of the story I posted here
I've never found any stories that fit either of those descriptions. If anyone knows of any post it here because I'd love to read them.
Open file (1.67 MB 2448x3264 1385318151849.jpg)
Open file (120.11 KB 1024x684 1319389591227.jpg)
Open file (507.37 KB 2048x1536 1329201945581.jpg)
Open file (521.07 KB 2048x1536 1329201991803.jpg)
some more tease, the first one has a messed up ratio: