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hot latina goth loves bondage lola 05/19/2015 (Tue) 01:41:47 No. 2813 [Reply]
Anyone know her? Would u text her and post results? More??

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kellyused 04/28/2015 (Tue) 06:45:20 No. 2802 [Reply]
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Hope you enjoyed.
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Blue Balls Anonymous 01/11/2015 (Sun) 18:30:41 No. 2731 [Reply]
Hey guys,

I have a problem called blue balls. I've been masturbating almost daily for years now, and took a two-week-long break during Christmas because I was visiting my family. After I got home, I jacked once, and decided to try tease and denial because that one orgasm felt so spectacular. Well, I edged myself I guess 10 times during a period of six days after which my balls started to ache and swell a little. This happened yesterday. I thought the only way to get the pain away is to masturbate, so I did, twice. As I woke up this morning, the pain was still there, though. I've masturbated once today, but the pain doesn't go away. It's not as bad as yesterday, no, but it's still a little bit frightening. My balls don't look normal either, as they're not hanging loose like usually but rather a bit swollen and "tight."

I think the reason for this is in fact the tease and denial, but I'm still a little worried. I've read on the Internet that the pain of blue balls should end after masturbating but that's not the case with me. Have you guys any experience on similar situations and can you say how long the pain remained in your testicles?

I hope it's nothing serious and that everything returns to normal after at least a few days, but if it continues I think I'll go see a doctor. Such a shame, too, since I love the idea of tease and denial and chastity devices, but this pain is not enjoyable at all.

Should I just milk myself out of all the cum or try not to think about sex in the first place?

Pic sort of related.
Update: I still have the pain. I have decided to visit a doctor tomorrow. I feel like my balls are burning. The pain is not horrible, though, but rather annoying and scary. Physically, I could take this pain like a man if I was sure everything is alright down there. However, since I'm not exactly sure about the case, this situation is pretty hard to handle mentally.

Does nobody really have any stories/experiences on blue balls like this? Ayone?
Thaw doesn't sound like blue balls, that sounds like a testicular infection. Go see a doctor, drink lots of water, ibuprofen, and get an antibiotic.

Source: I've had a testicular infection. Balls swelled up and were sensitive to the slightest move. Pain no man should ever feel, period.

Seeking Videos of Girls getting stuck in Self Bondage. Anonymous 01/08/2015 (Thu) 16:33:16 No. 2726 [Reply]
I have scoured the web for something like this.. Perhaps a girl records with her cam and gets stuck in self bondage.
may be not exactly what you asked for, but I love it
cute, but i have been scouring for something like, a girl alone.. stuck in self bondage on cam. It sounds like the rarest thing to find.
You'd think somebody would at least have faked it as an obviously hot idea...

I assume she got out eventually.

Open file (370.17 KB 860x319 cagedwife.png)
Anonymous 11/07/2014 (Fri) 13:46:11 No. 2652 [Reply]
Thread for captions
Open file (1.38 MB 1086x735 caption.png)

Open file (84.04 KB 800x1195 064_1000.jpg)
Fat Bondage Anonymous 09/14/2014 (Sun) 16:33:54 No. 2578 [Reply]
Hello, this pics realy turn me on...
anyone got more of this kind?
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Open file (49.61 KB 800x531 991_1000.jpg)
Open file (52.39 KB 531x800 992_1000.jpg)
holy crap, this looks amazing!

Open file (73.42 KB 830x524 kRT8cIC.jpg)
Orgasm Challenge [if you cum, you lose] Anonymous 07/01/2014 (Tue) 21:59:59 No. 2533 [Reply]
anyone got videos similar to this:
You do realize the h++p filter is only on /hypno/ right?
Bump for interest.

Open file (101.47 KB 1024x830 foryourpleasure.jpg)
Fantasies General Anonymous 06/30/2014 (Mon) 13:09:50 No. 2532 [Reply]
I haven't found a thread here that has anything even close to what I want, and I'm bored, so let's have a thread where anyone can post there favorite sexual fantasy, especially if they are specific and involve various types of kinks. I'm curious to see what is posted.

I'm a transgender girl, my undying fantasy for months now has been to be locked in a display case, bound in such a way that my genitalia and my tits were accessible to a crowd, and I was blindfolded, so people would come out and just play with me however they chose.

Mine isn't too specific, but it's something I haven't seen and has been basically the only thing I've fapped to for a couple of months now. Pic related used to be my fantasy.

IDK if this thread will live, but it's worth a try :P
That sounds really hot.
Mine would be being a full time pet for a dominant couple.
I'd have a cage, a bowl, a collar and all the other things a pet should have.
I'd be punished for being a bad dog and rewarded for being good. I'd do tricks for my owners and get taken walks with other dogs.
agreed, super hot op! here's mine :
It’s always been a fantasy of mine to organise a party where IM the party favor ;) i’d let one of my friends organize it and pick out my birthday clothes, something frilly and slutty and before the guests came I would be tied to a table and gagged, with a sign saying “abuse how you want to” there’d be a tub of lube and a nice selelction of sex toys next to me. I just love the idea of being treated like an object for a group of people, being used and everyone watching me in my panties, getting fucked by a stranger.
My fantasies are usually being the dom. I'd want the girl humiliated in some kind of public place, like a laundrymat late at night or a bar's bathroom, with her mouth ductaped, with her fat ass pointed at me. I'd spank her, and keep spanking her until my handprints were all over her ass. Theeennnn, I'd switch to a paddle, then a riding crop. I'd tell her lovingly in her ear to shut the fuck up as her ass got redder and redder, eventually developing beautiful bruises. She wouldn't be able to sit down for days. And she'd be dripping wet with fuck juice the whole time.

Open file (297.69 KB 956x1109 image.jpg)
My naughty pet BranDom 05/13/2014 (Tue) 00:35:50 No. 2524 [Reply]
My sub has a tumblr and I thought some of you might enjoy.

Open file (49.17 KB 500x625 iphone_anime.jpg)
BDSM mobile apps? Anonymous 04/09/2014 (Wed) 03:26:14 No. 2493 [Reply]
Are there any good mobile apps involving BDSM? Maybe something like http://www.virmst.eu for phones? Other things would be great too: other virtual masters, games for couples, party games, mobile communities, role playing apps, "friend" finders, bdsm chat, or even single player games. All the ones I can find seem to just be either terribly coded or have little to no content.

I'd figure most of the good ones wouldn't be in one of the app stores and I'd have to download them third party anyway. So anyone know where I can get them?


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