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Open file (65.00 KB 600x600 BgdLG-ECUAA4ntb.jpg)
Anonymous 03/12/2014 (Wed) 17:26:55 No. 3995
Name the best things about having a nigra girlfriend:

1. People think you have a big dick
Open file (519.26 KB 500x500 1373935543522.gif)
2. You never get called racist.
Open file (47.71 KB 661x891 1298670458766.jpg)
3. You also are instantly assumed to be a great catch by family, presuming you have a car and (almost any) job.
Contrast. It's all about contrast. Seeing my pink sink into all that brown? That is some straight up HNNNNNNNNGGH
Open file (52.67 KB 484x613 eastafrican.jpg)
5. Instantly cooler then other white guys. I'mma nerdy, pasty, skinny gamer but nigras guys will fist bump me because im with a nigra girl. Street cred yo
Open file (41.45 KB 581x435 b1.jpg)
6. Genetic diversity/ No Chance of inbreeding
You get to find out which people are secretly racist but are too afraid to admit it openly.

You can see their skin crawl when you hold her hand. It's also interesting to see equal numbers of nigra and white people do this.

Raceplay is definitely the #1 best thing.
Sorry, what is this? I know ageplay is when a couple pretends to be different ages in sex, and breathplay is controlling breathing. In raceplay do you pretend to be nigra or your gf pretends she's not, or what?
You must be new to the internet.
New to the Internet....haha
Defo watching your white dick slide in & out of that nigra pussy, always does it for me & imagining she's a ebony porn star
Two words... Nigra Anal. Nothing better.


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