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Samantha Bandler Anonymous 05/14/2017 (Sun) 16:40:30 No. 25050
I know nothing about her except that some consider her to be really effective. Can any one with experience comment on her files?
I downloaded a big shared of videos and hated them. I didn't experience anything. I could only find the barest of subliminal messages when deliberately looking. In my opinion, not worth the time at all.
Was that the the free youtube ones or the paid files?

I have found her extremely effective in my personal experience, and in fact I find myself somewhat addicted to her. I have a massive Hypnosis video collection but any time I sit down to watch something it's almost always her, even though there are many other files that are very effective for me. Even if I put the list on shuffle I find myself skipping through until I find one of hers.

After years of watching short videos I tried one of her paid audio files and had a HFO without even consciously understanding any language leading to it. It's also the only HFO I've ever had while laying perfectly still (vibrations aside) instead of humping the air. Probably the best hypnosis experience of my life, but that was after a few years that probably had a lot of trigger training in her videos.

I'm diagnosed ADHD, so it may just be that the flashing images help me avoid getting distracted.

If you want to get into her videos, avoid the really short ones as they don't really have a lot of time to do anything. I particularly find the ones where she encourages you to resist blinking incredibly effective; I had a cash bet with myself that if I really wanted to I could keep my eyes open and avoid going under, and I lost. I'd really like to try the bet with someone other than myself to find out for real that I didn't just WANT to lose, but there're obvious problems with that.

Be warned, though, her files are not all up front about what they contain.

And I dunno if this is placebo, but I feel like I'm compelled to talk about her, too. Taht excites me by itself.
>>25053 >>25054
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with her files. Have you, over the years, felt any changes in your self because of her files?
Has anyone else?

Yes. I had zero interest in dressing up or in dick before listening to her, and while I've always been on the hunt for new files, I'm fairly sure she's the source of warming up to those ideas(I'm the same guy from the other thread, though). I have no interest in men, but the thought of sucking dick excites me now, and I started wearing clothes my ex left at my house. I've worn women's clothes before for stage production and videos etc. as a joke and it has never excited me in any way, but now when I put on any of it I immediately feel a rush of pleasure.

In addition, the sort of addiction I mentioned before. Maybe it's just because her files are effective for me, but I always find myself going to them first over old favorites even knowing full well those files are effective, too. And the compulsion to talk about her, which I seem to want to do at any opportunity.

I haven't gone through her files and picked apart the suggestions (partially because upon opening one, I really, REALLY want to watch it) but I'm fairly certain these are direct and intentional results of listening to her files.

It should probably scare me, but really it just excites me. I don't know if that's something in me inherently or also something she did.
Are there any files that stand out? may it be for their quality, effectiveness, etc...
Thanks for responding and being so open.
Do you like any other hypnotists or specific files?
I'd be interested to know what audio or video files worked best for you. I feel like the meandering induction in stuff like Bless Feminine Fun works pretty well for me, but some other file with backwards sounds is the only one I've come close to actually trancing while listening.

I think it's basically all erotic audio listening for me at this point. But it'd be nice to find one that happens to work (Siren's acceptance file is the only one I know I tranced for certain).

As for files that I personally find effective, "Samantha Sez Trance Now" (there are a few titled this, but the one with the asian girl in the beginning), "Hypnosis Grants you Three Wishes", and whichever one has the countup where you need to blink more and more as the numbers go higher have all been great off the top of my head.

The audio file that gave me the unexpected HFO was either "Samantha Sez Desire" or "Trigger Happy", I'm not actually sure which one. On the whole I think her more recent stuff is better in general, with the new voice.


In terms of videos, G0dd355 Z3n0\/a was surprisingly very effective for me, but half her stuff is just fantasy with no actual hypnosis so it's frustrating to sift through. Nikki Fatale is fantastic, but everyone already knew that.

If I'm honest I mostly watch Samantha videos these days with the occasional dabbling in something else.
It's a dude who believes in mind-control and conspiracy theories trying to feminize men. Pretty hot stuff nonetheless...I hear people have gotten taken by her files pretty hard...
bump what exactly do her files do ...any specifics?
make you gay basically, in the end that is
I've always been suspicious that Samantha's files have a kind of indentifier/watermark for who it was purchased for so that pirated copies could be traced, so I never really shared what I've bought.
easy way to test this - take one of the files you bought, get the MD5 of it compare it to a pirated version of the same file
post saMANtha Bandlers real identity and info again
You all know "she" is a he right? It's the "Neospeech Julie" text-to-speech heavily edited...
Everyone's aware m8

I'm not fapping to the dude I'm fapping to the "character". Dudes write half the domme's scripts anyways, this isn't really any different to me.
If you are on RetroShare, here's the latest collection:



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