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(451.78 KB 2400x1680 bambi-sleep.jpg)
Bambi Sleep Anonymous 04/30/2017 (Sun) 19:04:06 No. 24982
Bambi Sleep is a collection of intense feminization and bimbofication hypnosis recordings, which will turn the listener into Bambi, a perfect bimbo girl.

First Set: Bambi Bimbodoll Conditioning
These are insanely good, mads props. High production quality and good content. Looking forward to more <3
Blog is down.
I'm going in. I tried Kei's demon girl stuff but it was too controlling for me. We'll see how his goes. There's a sweet spot I'm looking for.
this is definitely NOT the file then. The FAQ is lying.
Not even that bad, only triggered when Bambi wears her uniform
The takeover file is the dangerous one. Even with the uniform file it still has a permanent lock that gets stronger.
Yeah this reminds me of the female takeover file mentioned at WMM as I mentioned before I think this file will give you a false sense that your in control then bang bimbo takes over and you'll be taking a back seat. But I could be wrong that's just my two cents.
Holy shit... this is really gonna change me I think. I think I want my girlfriend to get involved now.

I thought the catgirl files were the only ones that could put me into trance well enough so triggers would kind of work outside of trance, but those files were taking up too much of my time so I lost interest in them. I listened up to part 7 today, and I can't remember any of it aside that I popped bubbles and other small things. I actually have this amnesia feeling.

Thank you.
This series literally takes the best aspects of all sorts of powerful trance and blends it together. It straight up lifts Lutz Bubble Induction and Mind Mistress Acceptance/Amnesia training. i imagine most havent heard MM's Acceptance but that is one of the most powerful tools for change out there. When you dont remember where an impulse or idea comes from you think it was you own. Thats a big deal.

The FAQ not lining up 100% with how the file is portrayed is a definite red flag. The answer to "Is this permanent?" is misleading at best.
What do you mean by red flag?

And that makes sense, the amnesia thing. I guess that's why these files seem to be working really well.

I think they mean red flag as in the files could be sneaking in effects you might not want or something else underhanded.

Besides the "Is it permanent?" I don't think there's anything funny going on, and the permanence is just a result of how good the files actually are. I listen to them all daily now, and I can't imagine stopping.

Amnesia + HFO are the holy grail for hypnosis files, so it makes sense you're going to keep coming back indefinitely now that we have a file that actually works.

Has the file -not- worked for anyone? I've only read reactions from people who either had it work perfectly and have been converted, or from people who got cold feet and dropped out early because they were too effective.
Have you picked out your Uniform?

I have panties I wear as my uniform currently. I really want to get a bra next.
Did zilch for me after one listen. Or at least I think it did zilch. Other than the recommendations of others I'd have no urge to listen again.

So the amnesia effect still worked, but no urge to relisten or anything else?

By red flag i mean questionable ethics behind not being forward about this basically being super-forever permanent in practice. This is Catgirl levels of permanence but Catgirl is very up-front. Okay, technically you arent Bambi all the time. Except if you think of the triggers or are actually triggered which one of those triggers is that any time you hear/see/write/read/think the word Bambi you become Bambi. If you try to resist thats also a trigger for becoming Bambi. Theres also an ever expanding uniform where when you wear any item thats part of it you will become Bambi. Your uniform can consist of more than just clothing such as makeup, perfume, or jewelry. Of course you can take off any part of your uniform but only after you suck a cock. Need to take off those panties or wash off that lipstick for work? Hopefully you start keeping of collection of guys you meet on craigslist that you can hit up often otherwise you might have some embarrassing moments. Even if you wanted to get out of Bambi you would probably forget about that after a memory wipe trigger, and by the time you meet up with the person who is supposed to get you out of Bambi-mode you see his cock and drop to your knees and never want to not be Bambi ever again.

This is as permanent as you can get.

I'm pretty sure all the triggers only take affect once you are wearing "your uniform" or in other words panties/dresses/heels/makeup/whatever.

The only danger would be the suggestions in takeover that encourage Bambi to want to come out more often increasing your desire to wear items and listen more. Also the fact that the hypno experience is so good, you'll just naturally want to listen more and more.

But that doesn't make Bambi permanent, just a regular occurrence.

Your wrong about the cock thing. You don't need a real cock to un-Bambi, anything phallic will do.
Me again. Haven't gone a day without listening. This shit is addicting. It's only been a few days and now I own:

A realistic 5 inch dildo
Foundation that better matches my skin tone
Eye shadow kit + some brushes
A pink push up bra
Reddish pink lipstick

My uniform:
Smooth white panties
Black tights
Pink push up bra
Black dotted dress
Foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss

Bambi looks really cute in her uniform :)
All of this is on point except the end part; as the other Anon said, you don't a need a harem of craigslist dudes, you just a dildo or something.

Though even then it makes it hard to do; listening to Bambi Uniformed again

it still makes it hard to strip even then, and suggests that you might still go limp, and that you need to really blankly foccus o nthe cock which totaly means it'd be hard to remember to take stuff off

And then there's the selftrigger that locks you in more deeply so the cock option isn't there, that suggests that you'll trigger yourself when you think about undressing.

Oh, and maybe a tiny smidgen of a suggestion about not remembering to undress at the end here?
This is great stuff. I really appreciate that it's divided into tracks so that training can be customized.
I'm really surprised this hasn't picked up more attention. This is the real deal.
It's actually being discussed a lot on 8/hypno/. The thread is 100% discussion unlike the circlejerk of requests for files and reups. This almost NEVER happens!
Oh shit, totally forgot. I haven't checked other boards in a while just because I had started to lose interest in this kind of thing (until these files).
I cant connect to the blog, for some reason it only brings up a background image.
As they are free files can any one upload them?.
I am really looking forward to listening to them and I would greatly appreciate it.
Like so many thnks your so awsome like you totaly did this for me like your the best.
My friend insists that i need to listen like more of this stuff but like she... like... it doesen´t work on me like Daa! Any way like I was telling my neighbour, he´s hot btw, yesterday I really really like them a lot like I could listen to this all the time like ALL!!! the time.
Topkek, these threads are nothing but circlejerks

> muh super dangerous power triggers
> muh NPL

I still haven't gotten a HFO, but am I supposed to if I'm only doing 1, 2, 3, 10 for now? I don't know when it's supposed to happen.

It's a really intense experience. I already got into cross dressing through another 'tist where it kind of got stealthed on me so it's hard to say if there are day-to-day effects yet.
Track 9 is where the HFO happens. Which file gave you the crossdressing urges?

Samantha Bandler videos I could find.

I don't know which one, but I know it squicked me out for years until after a few months when I started with those.
Does anyone know what are the intended effects of the control loops?
The names are Barbie, Bimbo, Doll and Puppet.
I was wondering the same thing, but I haven't listened to them yet. I'm skeptic because training loops are usually just annoying audio files that don't do anything. But then again, these files are in their own league I've realized... so I'm gonna give them a try eventually.

Another thought I'm having is to not spoil the content of the files until I listen to it.
From a quick listen: Barbie and Bimbo are about making you dance to silly songs. Doll and Puppet are about screwing with your head and making you do stuff like moving around.
Ok thank you very much =)
This thread caught my eye and I have downloaded the files. Before taking the plunge I have read the postings on 'h++p://8ch.net/hypno/res/24009.ht' and 'Warpmymind'. They seem to suggest that this is a very powerful set of files so I thought I'd just listen through some of them to see what is being suggested. WOW!! They are really something. I haven't been that hard in ages. I thought this is too dangerous but the more I think about them the more I feel like giving them a go. It seems really hard to resist, I find myself thinking about it all the time. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be listening real soon so to perhaps to try to limit the effects I'm going to listen to 1,2 and 10, maybe with 3 as well, first and see what happens.
This thread caught my eye and I have downloaded the files. Before taking the plunge I have read the postings on 'h++p://8ch.net/hypno/res/24009.ht' and 'Warpmymind'. They seem to suggest that this is a very powerful set of files so I thought I'd just listen through some of them to see what is being suggested. WOW!! They are really something. I haven't been that hard in ages. I thought this is too dangerous but the more I think about them the more I feel like giving them a go. It seems really hard to resist, I find myself thinking about it all the time. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be listening real soon so to perhaps to try to limit the effects I'm going to listen to 1,2 and 10, maybe with 3 as well, first and see what happens.
I'm new to the whole hypno thing. I tried some recordings, repeated a few but I didn't really experiene anything. I figured it would just take "training". I stumbled upon this set and while trying it with 1, 2, 3, 10 I did notice I felt .. different. When the fingers were snapped, some weird feeling kept going through me. During the bubble part, when you have to "forget" stuff, I noticed that I kind of did forget stuff. I felt I could access the memories any time I wanted, but there was some small barrier that prevented me from immediately recalling those things, and I chose not to break that. It was fun and exciting.

Anyway, I'm not really into feminisation. When I fantasise or am turned on, flipping through some H-manga's or whatever, I do sometimes picture myself as one of the female characters. Aside from that, I have no urge to dress or use make-up or whatever at all; it's only during arousal on some occasions, like me also being into MILFs or loli only when they're in manga, but not at all in real life.

So I thought I could go ahead and play these files sometimes due to the initial "success" I had. But after reading some of the comments and things people said about lasting effects, things got eery for me. I want no lasting effects or become feminine in real life outside my fantasies. I've always been told that hypnosis cannot make you do stuff you do not really want. It leaves me wondering whether or not I should avoid using these files altogether and look for something else. Any thoughts by experienced users?

Sorry for trying to bring a "serious" post to a *chan board; I must be out of line.

These files do have lasting effect. You will have growing urge to crossdress. It will be pleasurable so you will end up doing it more and more. You will turn to Bambi when you crossdress. But in my eyes this doesn't mean you have to be feminine all the time. You can still enjoy your masculine side. Even one of the files mentions that Bambi doesn't need to be in control all the time. Although She will grow stronger every time you listen.

So I guess these files can turn someone fulltime crossdresser but others can maintain balance... It up to you.
I have gone through the 1 2 3 10 playlist three times. It's really a high quality production. My plan is once per day for a week or two then I add a few from 4 to 9, dont know which yet.
In my opinion, it's worth listening to all the files at least once for the HFO. These files have been the only ones that have actually gotten me there. There's a lot of comments on here, and other sites alike, that say this is some serious shit, etc. but in the end, you'll be fine.
Do post back on your experiences, please. I'm quite interested.
Did 1 2 2 3 10 a few hours ago. Wanted an extra deep one. It felt different. I really feel happy at the end, and just dont remember much.
Next is 1 2 3 5 7 10. I'll do it lots of times.
When I feel like it i'll incorporate 9 =).

I must say, slightly tempted by 4. 6 is nono. 8 is a no too.
I've been listening to 1,2,3,10 for almost a week now, but idk if it's been having an effect on me or not. Idk if I fully get into trance the way I should. I do tend to lose track of time in the files, and I don't always remember everything. Do you girls repeat what the files are saying during the trance or do you just go along with it? I've been repeating them in my head, but with a 1St person POV. Any help would be great. :/
Is it recommended to wear an uniform when training with 1-2-3-10? Anything specific, besides panties? I haven't listened yet and would like to do it right.
Also, is there a way to listen online?
yes but it will be far far more meaningful after listening to 7
Seems like you and I think the same. I've ruled out 6 and 8 as well. I don't have that much time to listen often so I doubt I'll make much progress, which is why I like reading about other people's experiences. It may give an extra incentive to try and free up some more time for this!
Honestly, I think that's the biggest part of this fetish for me. Feeling like I'm losing myself and being turned into something else.. just like Bambi
So i did all the files in the end, several times. My inhibitions were KOd!

I deleted everything and quit cold turkey. Lost interest after finally cumming after 4 or 5 days of constant horniness.

I don't think these files are that dangerous. Unless you're wearing a chastity belt. Listening to these regularly with a chastity belt on would lead to very very permanent results.

Otherwise it is just a vivid masturbatory adventure just like all erotic hypnosis files.
Don't worry too much, it's all roleplay. You shouldn't take things written on the internet too seriously. Any effect from audio file hypnosis, if at all, is placebo. Just be careful not to confuse a sexual arousal from crossdressing with being happier pretending to be a girl in your life. There seems to be a trend to normalize that, but unless you are one in a million you will become very unhappy going down that path.

My opinion, anyways.
"one in a million" I know loads of trans girls who got really into sissy hypno shit. It's an outlet you can play with without having to admit you're trans.

If you're into sissy shit there's actually a pretty high chance you're some level of trans or non-binary. You need to work it out for yourself and don't let other people tell you what you are and are not.

There's a lot of self-hate in the sissy hypno community, since there's a lot of prejudice about transgender people. Don't let haters dictate who you are.
ive listened to 1,2,3,10 about 4 different times. Maybe one more but its hard to remember. Also did a listen of the entire run besides 2 once or twice. Got home for the weekend to an Amazon package that included a shiny pink skirt. Havent done any hypnosis so far today but im sitting here in a more complete uniform and the waves of pleasure im feeling is intense.

Plan on listening to Vives Bimbo Pride to start off the weekend. ive had very good success with it in the past and it seems like ti would work well with Bambi. After that im going to do a session of 1,3,3,3,5. That seems like a good time.

Wear your entire uniform and do 1 2 3 4 9 4 7 4 8 10, you will have a good time =).
bambi listened to this.. fun fun fun! After that all day long she was in her uniform and watched this on loop for hours h++ps://ufile.io/l7wyp

Best memorial weekend ever giggles
How many times did you guys listen to tracks 1,2,3,10 before you added the other parts? I'm trying to condition myself for deeeper trances before I go for the whole thing. Otherwise it's probably a waste of time
Fuck, why does the good stuff always have to be so damn permanent? I went really deep with this last night, but it scared the shit out of me with how willing I was to go along with the suggestions. For those of you that have been listening consistently, how has it impacted your life? There are so many loopholes in this for making it seem like you have a choice to not be Bambi, but it's more of an illusion.
(1.02 MB 266x314 1482243172863.gif)
There's no going back. I've been in chastity for over a month. Completely limp and useless clit now. Been using only panties for the last 2 weeks. Sucked my first cock last week. Went to a gay bar completely dressed as a girl last week too. Came out to my family and friends as a 39 yo trans girl. My wife and kids don't want to look at me, but i'm OK since i'm BAMBI NOW!
nice LARP dude
I don't think there's any chastity stuff in Bambi. You are told several times that various activities make your clit erect.
You are also told you can ONLY cum like a girl.
h++ps://uploadfiles.io/u25a8 Sleep Loop: Bambi Uniform Cock - the Vanilla sleep loop with a visual component.

h++ps://uploadfiles.io/1f8oy Cockslut Loop: Wipers and Uniform L Triggers - Cockslut Loop with wiper sound in the background. File 7 Uniform triggers throughout. Lots of cock.

h++ps://uploadfiles.io/ggw51 Sleep Loop: Wipers and Uniform L Install - Sleep Loop with wiper sound in background. The trigger from 7 Uniform is here in its installation version. The trigger install for Uniform is on repeat. Added in some more bimbos for inspiration.
Forgot to say.. not official in anyway. Fan edits.
Like those files look so amazing and well done but they are corrupted when I download the. Nice work.

>Bambi Fuckdoll Brainwash

We need more info on the content of these new files; their official description is kind of foggy ^_^
Check out the 8ch thread
Or just accept your fate
you know, I'm sooo tempted to just slide into my girliest possible appearance and listen to these two playlists for like 8 hours per day for a few days =D
Well get to it and report back in a few days !!
These files are pretty nice. Does anyone know what the text-to-speech program being used is?
h++ps://volafile.org/r/c9tufby8 Don't share link don't bump thread don't post anything outside thread regarding files just download what you want. Enjoy!
In case anyone is interested, I've gone through the files (first 10) and picked out the important triggers/suggestions from each so people can identify what they do/don't want.
While these files say they aren't permanent, the wording in the files do set up a permanent alternate personality of Bambi but who can only be brought out while in her 'uniform', but also installs triggers so the uniform cannot be removed.
It is also noted that the key part of the uniform is panties, so you could theoretically be unable to remove them under your regular clothes and still feel the effects of the programming.
1 - Bubble Induction
TRIGGER: 'Bimbo doll' - takes you to the induction state
2 - Bubble acceptance
TRIGGER: 'Good girl' - deepening trigger/happiness
3 - Named and Drained
TRIGGER: 'Bambi' - the name triggers happiness
CONDITIONING - locks away old personality for the duration
4 - Bambi IQ Lock
CLOTHING TRIGGER: Bimbo uniform (see above, could be just panties) makes you dumb
MENTAL TRIGGER: 'Wipers' While Bambi stops you thinking of anything non-bimbo and any thoughts 5+ words in length
5 - Bambi Body Lock
CLOTHING TRIGGER: Mentally gives you a bimbo body and libido while wearing your uniform
6 - Bambi Attitude Lock
CLOTHING TRIGGER: Bimbo uniform makes you appearance obsessed
MENTAL TRIGGER: Installs anxiety trigger if not perfectly made up
MENTAL TRIGGER: Resistance causes pleasure and the need to be obedient
7 - Bambi Uniformed
CLOTHING TRIGGER: Bimbo uniform brings forward Bambi personality, states key uniform item is panties
ACTION TRIGGER: Uniform cannot be removed (an thus locks you into Bambi) unless sucking on a phallic object
TRIGGER: 'Bambi Uniform Locked' - prevents undressing even while sucking (length of time not specified, just says it gets longer each time). Attempting to force removal will cause you to go limp.
8 - Bambi Takeover
CONDITIONING ONLY: Makes the Bambi personality stronger, gives her her own memories
9 - Bambi Cockslut
Trigger: 'Drop for cock' - not explicitly set
HFO scenario starting with giving blowjob and then fucked with a fucking machine
10 - Bambi Awakens
TRIGGER - 'Bambi Sleep' - sleep trigger, brings forward Bambi
AMNESIA - Sets and forgets triggers and conditions of the file
Hope that helps - I feel the descriptions on the website are a little misleading. Going to check out the new 5 that came out soon.
Finished my breakdown of the second set of files (Bimbo Brainwashing). This set is much stronger, using the triggers from the first set, and having much more aggressive backing tracks.
While the first set could be used to be a horny bimbo safely (with 6-8 removed), this set is much more geared towards permanent personality shift and being a blank bimbo doll.
1 - Mindless Blank Doll
Faster induction, uses triggers from first set to induce fast/deep state.
TRIGGER: 'Bambi Freeze' - Body and mind lock - no movement or thoughts
2 - Cock Dumb Hole
Combination of IQ and Body Lock files
MENTAL TRIGGER: Upgraded - now cannot use words of more than 1-2 syllables, and can only refer to oneself in 3rd person (no I/me)
3 - Uniform Slut Puppet
Combination of Attitude Lock and Uniformed
States that the goal of dressing up is to suck cock
Uses the 'Uniform lock' trigger
MENTAL TRIGGER: Upgrade - Your uniform now controls your movements to be a perfect bimbo, and will be completely blank while wearing it
4 - Vain Happy Horny
States that your old personality should just fade away
ERASE OLD PERSONALITY: Visualises that all that is left as your old self now is a pink satin mannequin that you are told to place a blindfold, ballgag and earmuffs on (so the old you can no longer see or hear what Bambi does, and cannot speak to Bambi) and then is lowered into a box which is locked so it can 'sleep forever'
SLEEP TRIGGER: Orgasming as Bambi causes you to fall asleep only waking (still as Bambi) when you're horny again.
5 - Bimbo Drift
AMNESIA TRIGGER - Sets and forgets triggers, and you can only wake once you have accepted them
There is also an additional trigger used throughout 'Zap Cock Brain Obey' - it's never explicitly set or said what the effect is, but it's randomly inserted to interrupt phrases
So in summary, these files used in entirety aren't temporary. The website states that it is temporary, but it's got several clever loops linking the Bambi personality to her uniform but then implants triggers which makes you a) want to wear them b) cannot remove them once on and c) suggests you will accidentally self trigger the lock even when trying to take it off.
To that end, the Uniform and Bambi Strengthening files are the dangerous ones. I also don't like Attitude Lock because it installs an anxiety trigger. If you're looking for a 'vacation from self' as a horny bimbo, it's probably safest just to use:
First Set:
1-5, 9-10 (being Bambi, dumb, horny and HFO)
Second Set:
1,2 & 5

I've only listened to the first set of triggers a few weeks ago and not again since.
Your description really made me want to listen to "Vain Happy Horny" and "Bimbo Drift", (of course with the induction in front) and WOW it took me deep! I was so fucking blank, and while I remember most of it, I don't remember these two

"ERASE OLD PERSONALITY: Visualises that all that is left as your old self now is a pink satin mannequin that you are told to place a blindfold, ballgag and earmuffs on (so the old you can no longer see or hear what Bambi does, and cannot speak to Bambi) and then is lowered into a box which is locked so it can 'sleep forever'"
"SLEEP TRIGGER: Orgasming as Bambi causes you to fall asleep only waking (still as Bambi) when you're horny again."

at all. I wonder if there were any changes to the files or if the amnesia commands at the end simply worked better then I thought they did.
Whatever it is, it felt great. The only thing holding me back from completely giving into them is that I am absolutely not into crossdressing. The fantasy of being forced to "dress up" is quite tempting, but the dressing up itself is more a turn off than a source of pleasure.

Well, I guess there are more than enough sissys out there enjoying that part, it's just not for me.
That would have been the Bambi Freeze trigger the first file sets as well as the amnesia trigger in the awakener. Glad you enjoyed it - I wrote the guide so people would know what they're getting into, not necessarily to turn people off it.
Well most of us are here to enjoy our fetish after all ;)
The amnesia stuff is -really- good. Amnesia rarely works for me but I was lucky to remember bits and pieces of a couple sections. You could have also fallen asleep...
Guess I will never know for sure^^
Bambi only refers to herself in third person noob
what is your best Bambi experience?
hoping some new files appear this weekend, it would line up with similar times from the other files being posted
wow this is very strong and can make your female identity grow and take over and Im being serious here - you could end up feeling transgender dysphoric and needing to transition
Link to the discord is dead
The invite on the Bambi Sleep blog was deactivated after a small raid. For the time being, we are giving out invite codes for those who ask, until we figure out what to do so that this sort of thing doesn't happen again. If you want an invite, feel free to email me.
I had two ejaculatory HFOs in two sessions.

Do you need to follow the hints to clench and unclench to get the HFO? (Meaning the stop-pee clench.)

I also found rolling my eyes back in time with the clenching helped. Yes, rolling my eyes back before the orgasm. My eyes were shut throughout.

Some of the Bambi Sleep commands have a dissociative effect. You slump a little, and hear the rest as Bambi while your self "sleeps." While the cat's away, the mice will play.

Uniformed track could be distracting if you are too on guard/too close to consciousness.
>Bambi Fuckdoll Fantasy
what happened to the bambi threads? they get deleted? last time I was here there were recent ones
If they were posted within the past 7 months they were lost in the datacenter outage that erased a lot of recent content.
If it was before the past 7 months it was most likely lost in a past spam attack.

I have recently tried this series, I am very cautious about going too quickly with hypnosis as I have the ability to trance deeply. Suffice to say that these files are intense and work as advertised. I have listened maybe 6 total times (starting out with the relatively safe ones, and then adding) - and the last time it really took effect.
I like bambi, really should listen more often though


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