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Open file (120.66 KB 800x1200 h-4-2494009-1305306044.jpg)
trance.exe ohgodhowdidthis 02/19/2015 (Thu) 01:43:40 No. 18976
RIST / brainwashing / flashing images + text program I'm working on. Please try it, it's super intense

> latest version will always be here: h++ps://github.com/ohgodhowdidthis/trance/releases

there was a thread already; I made a new thread just so I can put a more useful link in the OP which I can update rather than one that's obsolete. Sorry about that, hope it's OK
FYI, the old thread is here

> updates since the last time I posted:
- animated gif support. Throw them in, and they'll be mixed in in various ways
- oculus rift support. Set your rift to extended desktop (no direct HMD until they support it under OpenGL, sorry) and just run the program as usual. (Holy shit this owns)
- tweaks to the various styles to make them a bit more relaxing and work nicely in rift

> planned updates:
- webm support. I know you guys want this, loading gifs is a good stepping stone (webm is a bit more complicated though)
- a nice GUI that lets you change settings more easily and set up "playlists". The idea is you'd be able to time it out to an audio file so that certain themes/sets of images/text accompany certain parts of the audio
- shout if you have any other feedback

> instructions:
- unzip into a folder (say X:\trance)
- in that directory put images, animations and text files containing messages each on their own line
- if you create subfolders under that folder, those images/text/animations will be shown together so you can create themes. For example, you could have:
if you use subdirectories, anything in the root directory (X:\trance in this example) can show up at any time
- run trance.exe, enjoy. It will procedurally switch between the various themes and do nice random patterns
- supported formats are: .txt (lines of text); .gif (animations); .png .bmp .jpg/.jpeg (still images)

> troubleshooting:
- !!! you need "Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013" h++p://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=40784 (for now x86 version even if you have a 64-bit system! 64-bit version coming soon)
- some settings in settings.cfg file (hand edit for now, will be a GUI later) especially to tweak RAM/VRAM usage
- otherwise, it should work on XP and newer, shout if you have trouble
this is amazing, thanks for updating it for gifs
I can not run the program, because my operating system (W. Vista 32) shuts it down due to the data execution prevention. I tried to disable it but my request was promptly denied. I got the message that the program can only be executed with activated DEP.
Love this program! Any way to increase the max resolution?
this, new version of program no longer open in fullscreen
Can you share some images/text to feed into it? I don't have anything of my own to use here, but I'd like to give this a look

OK, I think it might have been due to some issue with Oculus support. It should be fixed in latest version (same link). Sorry about that


I can't reproduce the problem, which makes it unlikely that I can fix it. It works fine even with DEP enabled on my machine. You can try disabling DEP maybe

I might get around to putting some stuff up somewhere eventually
OMG Oculus Rift support is amazing. I can't wait until playlist support is added. Thank you so much for working on this.

Here some to get you started. Not sure what your tastes are but any of the gifs and/or images from these tumblrs will give you a good mind fuck when used with this program:

Thank you so much for fixing the resolution! Now this runs full screen on a 2560x1440 monitor for super brainwashing! I also love that it runs animated gifs. There are tons of spirals and other trippy stuff out there that I've always wanted to run in a viewer that will randomize a folder full of them, and now I can! Now all you need to create is some super intense brainwashing audio :)
How does one with zero programming experience run this?
I would love more examples on folder organization. I get the general idea but I'm not too sure how it works
Open file (938.86 KB 300x168 1422778815900.gif)
>>18996 here.
As i mentioned, deactivating the DEP under vista appears to be impossible.
Anyways, i got fed up with my machine since it caused quite a few issues lately and reinstalled vista.
Now your programm works pefectly. I have no idea what the cause of the issue was.
Thanks a lot for publishing this fine piece.
Every time I open up the trance.exe it goes full screen then crashes imediately, I don't know what the problems, (Btw first time using this rift)

Also, how/where do I add pictures and gifs in the program file? I know OP explained it but I don't really understand this kind of stuff.

Also, if someone already has a premade file with pcitures in it that would be awesome, ( mainly looking for feminization type stuff )
You just put them in the folder that contains the trance.exe file. What I do is unzip the file that I download into a folder and then make multiple copies of that folder for each of the types of trances that I want, such as FD hypno stuff, feminization stuff, cock worship, etc. I will work on trying to upload some of them.
It looks like if there's no static images in the folder, just gifs, it'll fail to start up. Was stuck getting it to work until now since I'd been testing it with just a bunch of animated spirals.
yep. Right now static images are the main thing and gifs are an extra bit treated specially (can't really just load a hundred gifs for memory reasons). Maybe it can be fixed but for now make sure to have some static images
Okay, here is a zipped file containing the program and many of my favorite animated gifs and images that are mostly cock-worship in nature. Super seizure warning with this...use at your own risk!

So thanks for the files about cocks, but I still can't get it to work

Can you upload a zip of a trance program with the cock files? like the one you gave except with the whole thing, not just the pictures?
I can highly recommend the audio files

- Orgasm
- Oxygen
- Wet Dreams

from this thread h++p://www.milovana.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9540 as a synergic addition to trance.exe

They're free, contain binaureal beats and sexual sounds that really make your mind go horny as fuck.

Also: How about we share our folder/versions in this thread once we have cool ones established?
pretty good, eats 700 mb tho
What exactly isn't working? Does it pop up an error message? If it just crashes, then you may need to remove a lot of the gifs as they do take up a lot of video memory and may not like slower computers and video cards.
Open file (22.01 KB 464x174 Capture t.jpg)
I am getting the error message in the picture attached. Any thoughts? Thanks!
One alternative is to create a blank gray (or color of your choice) image with Paint. Gifs will show up pretty well even if they are in the background. Sometimes, though, the program will just show the image(s) with its own spirals.
poster above: you need the C++ redistributable as described in OP
Ah, you need to download the x86 version of this: h++p://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=40784
added a 64-bit version. Needs the 64-bit version of the C++ redistributable, but I decided to just shove the correct version of the redist in each zip as well to avoid confusion
Thanks, the x86 version worked very cool program. Thanks OP! :)
Love the program, but I'm having some issues with getting this to work properly on an Oculus.

It shows up on the Rift's screen fine, but the images are weirdly mirrored and the two eyes aren't displaying the same, so it ends up just looking like a big mess and you can't focus on anything.
thanks for letting me know. which Oculus do you have (DK1 or DK2)? do you have the latest version of the Oculus runtime? using extended desktop mode (direct HMD shouldn't work)? do any suspicious warning messages show up in the terminal window when you first start up the program?

can you figure out some pattern to what the eyes are seeing differently (e.g., perhaps it looks as if the left eye gets the left half of each image and the right eye gets the right half, rather than slightly altered views of the whole thing)?
DK1 and the latest runtime, extended.
Like I said, it shows up okay and runs okay, just isn't displaying how it should for the oculus (but also not normally)

The terminal displays this:

I ran it with only a single image so you can see what it's displaying as:

As you can see, it's mirrored and duplicated the image a whole heap. The other thing is that the spiral isn't centered within the distortion, so viewing it overlays an odd double effect - however this is minor compared to actual image display, as it wouldn't overly affect usage.
I am eagerly awaiting something that can use WEBm's

i have 10gigs ~3000 files that fit the theme ;)
The spiral might be a bit off. I'll look into that. But the image mirroring/duplication is intentional. The problem is that the perceived oculus display is huge compared to (say) a monitor, so you can't really just stretch images across the whole display or else you end up feeling really zoomed in to the centre of each image and can't really see what's going on. The solution so far is to shrink them a bit and mirror them out to fill up the space. I don't think this should mean you can't focus - looks like the left/right eyes line up fairly OK in the screenshot you posted
Mind if we ask where you acquired all of those WEBm's?
crashes for me on the console with "oculus hmd failed"

i dont have oculus btw
hmm okay. There's definitely something off-center though when I'm using the oculus itself, each eye is definitely seeing something slightly different.
4chan animated gif section

reddit 60fpsporn

and from all over the internet,

its mostly cumshots/shemales
...yeah? The Oculus version is supposed to have some depth to it, it's not just a flat image

that message will always show up if you don't have an oculus. The actual reason for the crash is likely something else. What happens?
Maybe it's just the images I'm using, I'll play around with it some more :)

I put up a release with webm support in the usual place. It's a bit experimental, let me know how it goes
After that just the default "This program has stopped working" windows message. It does give me about 1 second of a blank black full screen before it does that.
you might try turning down the number of images stored in RAM/VRAM by editing the settings.cfg file. What are your computer's specs (particularly video card)? It does need quite a decent machine especially if you have a lot of hi-res images / large gifs
When using the experimental build with an Oculus Rift, it will freeze right away and I cannot move past the standard Oculus warning screen. This happens both when there are webm files in the folder and when they are removed. It does not happen when I'm viewing it on my monitor.
getting this same error across all the recent releases except the very early one, which works like normal but crashes halfway through

the old old version i had of this from the old thread never crashed once

tried moving my gifs out of the folder, webm, everything, even isolating it down to individual pictures, but it'd pretty much just always crash.

i am using a directory structure like this:

fonts/trance exe -> subfolder containing various folders -> each folder contains .txt file and assorted pictures

could that be the cause, OP?
Would the creator of this wonderful program be able to say if it would be possible to have the built-in spiral animations turn in the opposite direction? Either via a configuration setting, or, if need be, a different version? I've been having a lot of fun with it lately and noticed that the spirals turn away from the subject. This can give a nice sensation of falling but I'd like to see what it's like turning inward. I'm hoping it will feel like my mind being sucked out of my eyeballs.
I'm working on a version which will be much easier to configure and have a whole load more options. Can probably do that. I'll update when it's ready
pls fix webm ! :)
>> pls fix webm ! :)
webm already works
I'm having an issue while using the Oculus: when I first boot up the program, it will display the Oculus warning message and the first image, but the program freezes at that point. The warning message looks more opaque than usual (it's usually a bit transparent).

I've reverted back to using an older version of the program, which seems to work fine. Any idea what might be causing this error? I've tried removing all but a few files (including a set of just still images or a few still images and a couple GIFs/WEBMs), but it still doesn't work, so it doesn't appear to be a problem with the types of files in the folder.
First off great work. I just started using this with my wife and couldn't be happier. I have a few questions any chance of a google cardboard version or Android phone version? Also do you think you might be adding audio support? Thanks again.
Hey, I think I figured out what caused the crash, it was happening to me. I had an "images" folder with all my images, but nothing in the root, and it would crash every time. I put an image in the root, and it works fine. Hopes this helps
I dont know how hard it would be to make an android version but if anyone could figure out a way to record the session that could also work. After you have the recording it just takes a side by side viewer on the phone.
Didn't think about the side by side idea. I'll have to try find a good screen capture software. I tried them years ago and found the capture to be very jaggy. Though I have a better pc now. Thanks for the information.
this is amazing!

however, it doesnt seem to work well with lots of files, it uses a lot of ram, doesn't seem to ultize the video card/vram much at all

eventually it starts running out of ram and eating into the page file causing major slowdowns

i have 8gigs of ddr3
Open file (411.57 KB 587x880 4adc08e28b12a.jpg)
> new version
okay, I uploaded a new version. It fixes a lot of bugs & stability issues so please try out the new one if you're still having any problems.

there is a new config file format - "session.cfg" rather than "settings.cfg". It is generated on first run.
***If you change the files you're using you need to delete the session.cfg file and let the program regenerate it*** (for now, this will be nicer soon)

the new version actually has the playlist functionality too, and way way more customisation, but there's no way to actually *edit* that stuff yet, unless you want to mess about with the config file

responding to things:

> however, it doesnt seem to work well with lots of files, it uses a lot of ram, doesn't seem to ultize the video card/vram much at all
> eventually it starts running out of ram and eating into the page file causing major slowdowns
what are you using to measure? what gpu? how long did you run it for?

by necessity it must use at least as much VRAM as mobo RAM; I can run it forever without problems afaik (you can try editing config file to change how much stuff is loaded at once). nevertheless, I did change the new version to unload from RAM more aggressively, so it might help

> android stuff & so on
a native android version is quite unlikely, since this is C++ and it sounds like a massive hassle to make it work nicely across devices

I would advise against screen-capture programs. the results will be awful. Might eventually add a "video generation" mode - specify how long you want, then the program runs, captures frames directly, and outputs a 100% smooth/accurate video file. hopefully that will address this one
Thanks for the responses. I look forward to the potential video output function. My wife can't wait to try the new version tonight.
i lowered the image cache to 16 in this new release, and wow its working well

32 caused images to become broken after awhile and transitions were slow

im going to update my source material and enjoy this ^^
I like the idea of video capture. Being on an older mac, and not very patient with things that need in depth setups, I kinda got accustomed to not getting to use a lot of these cool little things. If people start uploading their own captures, I may get to see one that suits me.

It's really cool that you made this. I hope people are appreciating it. I don't even get to see it and I appreciate it.
Still having issues with getting the new version to work with the Oculus Rift. It still freezes immediately on start up, but now it gives an error in the console: something to the effect of the IMU skipping frames. I'll get an exact log next time I get a chance to try it.
> This is fucking amazing!
It runs great on my PC. (core i5-2500k, no graphics card, Win7)
I already made several session.cfg's and with eager anticipation I look forward to a GUI.

> Please help me
When I try to compile I get errors. Perhaps a kind soul can find it it his/her heart to help me out here. I'm using Visual Studio 2013 Community, the latest build of 'trance' (20150407), and I'm using the same libs as 'ohgodhowdidthis':


I'm a semi-noob when it comes to C++. What am I doing wrong here?

I get these errors:
Which exact VS2013 version (in about menu)? I'm using 12.0.21005.1 REL

Also, it's a bit of a nightmare to build the whole thing, since you need to build all the dependencies individually (and some of them you need to configure manually to use correct paths, usually "Win32" and "x64" depending on platform). Didn't really expect anyone else to actually want to go to the effort, maybe I could write up some instructions
My mistake, the debug build was actually broken (you want to be using Release though). Dependencies are still going to be tough though, I added some info on how to get them all set up if you really want to try.
Nice, those optical illusions you added, work great.
Great stuff!
On a side note, I recommend using very short phrases or single words when creating a text file. Otherwise it will cover the images, the same goes for images with text already in them
Hey, does anyone know where can I find some good text samples?
Anyone want to share there's that they made?
When I run the newest version on the Oculus Rift, the video freezes and only displays in the right eye. The left eye is completely black. Any ideas for fixes?

I have the same issues. Each eye sees the extreme left and right parts of a huge spiral (there is a middle part that neither eye sees, so it looks like a chunk is missing). The photos also are also usually shown three times, instead of once for each eye.
re: oculus rift issues, I wonder if it is a difference between DK2 and DK1. looks good for me on DK2. is everyone having problems on DK1?

> new version
I uploaded a new version that can output various video formats if anyone wants to try it out. you need to run it from command-line (again, GUI is coming, eventually... I keep getting distracted)

trance.exe --export_path=output.h264 --export_width=1920 --export_height=1080 --export_fps=60 --export_length=30 --export_quality=1 --export_threads=4

the options are
export_path: file to write. supported extensions are .jpg/.png/.bmp (will write a whole bunch of individual frames), .webm, and .h264 (will write videos. Use mkvmerge to convert raw h264 to mkv)
export_width/height: obvious
export_fps: frames per second of output
export_length: length (in seconds) of output
export_quality: quality of encoding from 0 to 4; 0 is best/slowest, 4 is worst/fastest (only affects webm and h264)
export_threads: number of threads to use for encoding
I should have specified, I'm having the issues on DK2 (windows 8, oculus runtime latest version). (>>20125 here)
Still getting the same freezing issues with DK2 (the program freezes, left eye goes black, right eye freezes on first image displayed)
Can you share the image folder that you used for the demo? That was hot as hell!
the new version is really much much better w7 64bit OS - The best is after the first run I can change so many things, framerate, colour etc. Really great I love it ;) !!!
the new version is really much much better w7 64bit OS - The best is after the first run I can change so many things, framerate, colour etc. Really great I love it ;) !!!
those having trouble with oculus: could you edit the session config file, and change the lines

oculus_image_depth: 1
oculus_text_depth: 1

to read:

oculus_image_depth: 0
oculus_text_depth: 0

(value of 0 should disable all depth info so that both eyes see exactly the same thing - does it make anything better/worse?)

could you also check you have the 5.0.1 runtime which was released recently and are using rift in extended mode (not direct)
oh, one other thing, if anyone with oculus trouble has a bit of programming knowledge - I updated the github project to have all the dependencies pre-built, so it should be a one-click build with VS2013 if you want to help out debugging :)
Same issue of image freezing and no image in left eye persists on DK2 Oculus Runtime on Windows 7 (even after setting depth to 0 for text and image).

Got any other suggestions? Last known build that worked was 20150222 (Feb22) build.

Following up on this: I tried using the new export feature without my Oculus Rift being plugged in. It created a double-image, like I would expect to see if it was displaying to the rift, but the image froze again in the video file.

I changed the config file to disable the rift, tried exporting again, and the same thing happened. But when I run trance.exe without the rift attached, it works just fine.
Using DK2 Oculus Runtime on Windows 7 I was having the problem where it freezes after the first frame.

I was eventually able to build from your src code and now it's working great! You've been doing an amazing job with this! Thank you so much!

FYI, this won't compile in Visual Studio 2013 Update 3. I had to update the way a few lists were initialized because I was getting this error (h++ps://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn793970.aspx)
I'm the guy who just posted ^

The problem seems to be coming from the ttf files included in the the release. If I remove those font files everything works great.
So, am I supposed to be seeing images, or just the spirals and the imagery is subliminal?
You're supposed to be able to see the images that you gave it, yeah.
>Oculus Rift support

THANK YOU! I knew there had to be SOME hypno program out there that had this - it was just too obvious!

I know that this would be substantial scope creep, but it seems like the next logical extension would be audio. One thing I've really wanted would be a way to do something like what you've got with images, with audio files - instead of a linear audio playlist, mixing several of a set of audio files together and fading them in and out. If you could spatialize them binaurally so they seemed to be rotating, that would be even better!
Hey, the images I put into the folder aren't showing up - it's still showing only the default assortment of spirals. Any ideas?
Nevermind, I forgot to delete the session.cfg when I changed the files and it works now.
Nevermind, I forgot to delete the session.cfg when I changed the files and it works now.
this sounds awesome
I'm getting some weird Garry's Mod kind of glitches with the webms and gifs that I use. It looked cool at first but I don't think it's intentional...
Oculus Rift DK2, Runtime 6.0

I cannot seem to get past the warning screen.
Anyone else getting this to work with DK2 Oxulus?
Can't seem to get passed the first frame, what's your setup? (Monitors, runtime version, etc)
Remove the .ttf font files that come with this build. I was having the same issue until I removed the font files.
that seems to have worked!
Just can't have any text at the moment I guess?
I usually don't use the text feature, so I'm not sure. Maybe you can import your own TTF files to see if those work?

As a workaround, I've just been using a photo editor to add minimal captions to the images I've been using. seems to work just as well.
This program starts to glitch and eventually freezes my computer completely after only a few minutes. Think that could be fixed?
Might be a problem with your computer...is it new(ish)? If you don't have a decent graphics card and a good deal of RAM, you might be having trouble with some of the default settings. Try reducing the IMG cache in the cfg file and see if that helps?
Is there any way to force it to run on a secondary monitor without having to make it primary temporarily?
Heya^^ , i'm noob for config/install this someone have link or pack with all pic / gif / vido for brainwash my sissy mind ?

thanks i can give some hot pics (of me) like gift giggles
Is there a way to download these besides the "mirror" links? Like, can they be downloaded directly from the site?

Because almost all of the mirror links are dead besides one site that only lets you download a file once every three days.
When using Oculus Rift, if you do not remove the *.ttf files, the display will stop within a few frames. You must remove these and delete default_session.cfg to get the application to work again.

However with these .ttf files removed, you cannot use the SUB_TEXT and FLASH_TEXT portions of the program.
is there anyone apart from me for whom the ttf/text stuff *does* work in Oculus mode? Because it works fine for me and I'm at a bit of a loss what could be the problem
What rift do you have? DK1, DK2?
What is your OS?
What is your Oculus Runtime?
Did you install the fonts?
Did you do anything other than extract trance.zip, drop in pictures, and run?
What is the directory makeup of your trance folder?
Thanks for sharing this wonderful little program with us. I'm surprised it's not more well known. This program is much better than subviewer. You're the best!
I have root folder with images and a subfolder with gifs.
Q1. I there a way to turn off overlaying effect?
Q2. Is there a way to increase overlay transparency level?
Q3. Can gifs be made to not rewind but only play forwards?
Thanks for the wonderful program :)
whenever I output a video I get a one sec frame and then it freezes like that to the end. Any ideas?
If you like the photo for this thread here is the video it is from enjoy!! h++ps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJLtpUvQqDE
> new bugfix version

I've uploaded a version that hopefully fixes the "hang-on-first-frame" problem with text turned on. I think it was an issue where deciding how big a font size to use it could get stuck in an infinite loop. let me know if it helps

sorry not to have made any major progress the last couple of months; have been super busy

1/2: not sure what you mean by overlay. can you be more specific
3: not yet but eventually this should be an option per-gif
bumping this
It doesn't work with Windows XP.

>The procedure entry point InitializeCriticalSectionEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll
I still have the same problem I had before (>>20125)

Now it doesn't run on the rift at all, just on my computer screen (using the new 0.6 runtime on windows 8 64bit). Opening the trance application or using "Open on Oculus Rift" both play the spiral and three images on the computer screen, but my DK2 stays black.
Did anybody happen to save the cock worship package? The link is dead.
What could be the reason if i'm only seeing patterns (spirals etc.) but no images or gifs?
I have tried with .jpg .png and .gifs and even used the naming convention in OPs post
Thanks for your help
nevermind, fixed it. Great program!
Will we ever see a mac version of this?
Though I doubt that would happen, I would absolutely love it if it did. We haven't really seen many updates from the creator recently, unfortunately. And I know s/he wanted to add a GUI and more options for customizing, so I doubt cross-platform compatibility is super high on the list of priorities (sadly).
Why are both the mega links in this thread both dead? Does anyone have a mirror/can reup?
I don't have a mac of any sort so it's not really feasible for me to do that. but it's open source so if somebody had the inclination they could contribute a mac port
Cool, Just curious, you've done some amazing work anyways! Thanks again for your glorious contribution!
It still hangs on the first frame.

Windows 7 64bit
Runtime 5.0.1
Oculus output works fine if you remove the font files and have no text files in your images.

If you're not using the oculus, I can get the text files to be read (and show up in the app) perfectly. It only doesn't work when trying to do text to the Oculus.

I've tried toggling the system.cfg values 'oculus_image_depth' and 'oculus_text_depth' on/off 1/0, to no avail.
I want to get it working so badly but my knowledge of how to configure just isn't there. I've tried to intuitively figure it out for an hour but can't.

You say to unzip into a folder.... could you explain in complete step by step order right from extracting the files?

Just from my complete cluelessness, I tried pasting a text folder and image into every folder possible but still nothing changed when I launch the Trance app. I can't figure it out. Do I need to change something in notepad?

What I'm asking is... how do I get to where I need to dump the image/gif/text files.

Please help a noob out...
I'm curious if anyone can tell me about the limits on the text files.. I spent a lot of time in the past creating incredibly varied messaging designed to work on as many points of resistance in a person's mind as I could think up, for different behavior and emotional response changes (Nothing devoted to erotic or sexuality topics unfortunately). As such, I could conceivably create a text file with several thousand sentences, each between 20 and 90 characters in length. Will I run into any memory issues? Will the program be able to randomize the entire text file, or will it cap off at some point? Any insight would be appreciated.
WOuld it be possible to make an Android version?

Unzip files using program like winzip or winrar

Take images and paste them in folder where you unzipped the program.

Create notepad documents with any text you want, save and place in same folder.

Start app, all should be good
How does someone know if they're on the way to getting the effects they want? I stare at the spiral, but I'm not good with hypnosis in general. Do I just need to keep to a schedule, or are there more obvious signs that commands are sinking in subconsciously?
Holy shit this is basically the thing that I've been looking for for the longest time. Great job, OP. Really well done. Thanks so much.
Also, for those of you that would rather have spiraly-or-mindbendy-type fonts rather than the schoolgirl shaped ones provided, I've found these to work well.

Just delete the ones in your folder, unless you want to keep them, and replace them with these. Then, update your session.cfg as necessary
:C The trance.exe works, the spirals are nice and smooth... but none of the images, audio or gifs display.
Try deleting the "default_session.cfg" and run it again and see if that works.
sorry for the slow progress the last few months. busy in real life.

uploaded a new version that uses the most recent Oculus SDK, and hopefully finally fixes the problem with text crashing.

might actually get round to doing the playlist feature stuff soon.
Just downloaded today, extracted, added some images and a text file to directory, double click the application in the directory, nothing happens. trance.exe is running in processes tab of task manager, but no new window has opened and I can't interact with it in any way. I've tried repairing my Visual C++ directories to no avail, and have tried running both the 64 bit and 84 bit versions.

Is there a previous version of the program I could try?
Oh, running win 7, Nvidia 750ti, and intel i5-4670k @3.40GHz
Don't be sorry. You're doing great work and you can take as long as you need. This is something you do for free for us and the least we can do is appreciate you and let you do it at your own pace. ^_^
This post was already on the third page... we cant let this post disappear. OP, please keep developing :3
Open file (627.45 KB 1258x1600 1451729761964.jpg)
apparently requires opengl 2.1, so does not work on older (~2006) laptops with embedded intel graphics chips/drivers that only support 1.0-2.0.

reporting for infoz, not asking/expecting old opengl support.
I had an idea that I'm curious about. Would it be any more effective to have a section where the images and words would spin in an opposite direction to the spiral while it flashes? Sort of like how the flashing prevents your conscious mind from being able to read it properly, except with some motion involved to make it even more difficult
Will the program only show lines of text in a random order, or can you make it show lines of text sequentially?
I think for me it crashed because of some .gif that were not animated.
Open file (40.55 KB 500x354 mmmmm.jpg)
Still alive?

Ready for vive?
I've uploaded a cock worship video created using the trance.exe output as described above. Thanks so much for creating this feature! Please let me know what you think. Super seizure warning!

And here is another video that is more shemale-oriented cock worship brainwashing:


I don't have a Vive, but it looks like I could rewrite against h++ps://github.com/ValveSoftware/openvr instead of the Oculus APIs and hopefully it'd then work on both.
Thanks so much for the thread and efforts
get it in the usual place:

> h++ps://github.com/ohgodhowdidthis/trance/releases

new features:
* GUI for creating sessions with support for various features that have existed already but were pretty tedious to edit manually with the text-based session file, including switching themes dynamically, playlists, video export, and so on
* audio support so you can play audio files on several channels triggered from the playlist - NOTE no MP3 support yet (sorry), have to convert to ogg/flac/wav for now

hopefully it's reasonably straightforward, there's no proper help functionality yet, let me know if you run into anything. basically extract the zip anywhere, create a "new session" in the directory where you have media.
creator works great!
still can't get text to display in oculus rift mode.

If I include the fonts then I either get random static, or a black screen when I start it up, delete the font files, and ORift mode works again.

the text works fine outside of rift mode

works for me, so going to be tricky. can you confirm that it still doesn't work if you use the font files bundled with the program, use *short* text lines (like just a single word each), and set the "font cache size" in the system settings very low (e.g. 1)?
Oculus SDK 8.0
Windows 10 Pro
Core i5-4570
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
Oculus Rift DK2

If Oculus mode is enabled, I get the Health and Safety Warning as usual, then after clearing it I get a black screen. If I disable the mode and change nothing, it proceeds as normal.

Attempts to resolve:
(in all these cases I tried from both the creator.exe and trance.exe)

- I have tried both x86 and x64 versions, fresh from the .zip - so using nothing but the included fonts.

- I have tried setting the text depth to 0 and the font cache to 2 (if you set it to 1 it changes to 2 upon saving the settings).

- I have tried it in administrator mode, no change there (other than dismissing the safety prompt seems to take an extra long time?).

- I have checked the "Unblock" checkbox that shows up on files originating from outside this computer: h++p://winaero.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Windows-10-unblock-a-file.png

- I have tried substituting in other font files. Same result, black screen in Oculus.

- I have tried reinstalling the runtime.

If I uncheck the font files from the Theme and do not include them in any of the active playlists, then the Oculus support works fine (without text of course). When executing from command line there doesn't seem to be any additional output that might help.
thanks for the info. I think it probably must be SFML font loading messing with the OpenGL context somehow. I'll have a look into it.
I have the best luck when not using fonts at all. For some reason, it always tends to mess stuff up when trying to display on the Oculus.
I keep getting errors. It crashes momentarily after opening. A command prompt box opens and is filled with the same type of error message: wrong operand type. Then the screen flashes, and then turns black aside from the error message that something is going wrong. I can upload a screenshot if that isn't enough to figure out what's happening
Try removing the font files and any .txt documents from the folder. Those are what end up giving me the most issues.

I picked up a DK2 today, picked up the latest release, reinstalled the C++ resdist (used trance.exe before)

But when i fire it up I get the 'Oculus initialisation failed'. I'm chalking it up to i'm a newbie oculus scrub and i'm missing a basic step to get it running.
(I've enabled Rift support in the creator)
Any basic pointers would be amazing.
I did that but it still isn't working. It goes "further" I guess but it still crashes. I'm going to uninstall and reinstall and try it all again, I'll update when I can.
Is Vive support something you're working on? I really want to use this with my Vive!
You could always run it in Virtual Desktop and adjust the screen settings to your liking. I've just received my Vive and am going to play around with the trance stuff this weekend :)
good idea works good thanks!
Thanks for this. Unfortunately the file is offline now, any chance for a reup?
hey Ladies...
so now we can have a dildo font...

great to see i a single compilation...
I've done some updating since but I will try to get newer stuff uploaded soon.
I've done some updating since but I will try to get newer stuff uploaded soon.
Amazing program so far, thanks for sharing. I noticed certain text strings cause the program to insert incorrect characters instead. For example, whenever I type the letter combination nl, the program inserts a space and slash / instead.
Tried it with an Oculus rift CV1 and it works fine in virtual desktop. Shame i can't get it to work in 'fullscreen' mode as in it covers your whole fov with the same image on each lens, anyone got any ideas? tried changing oculus depth between 1 and 0 to no help.
I think there are some issues with compatibility between Trance.EXE and the new Oculus runtime. I just updated my runtime to try out some new games and found that it gave me the same error when I tried to boot into Trance.EXE. Hopefully the author will update to be compatible with the new runtime :( Otherwise, if you install an older version of the Oculus software, you should be able to get it working again. I think the last known compatible version was 0.80 (but my memory is not the greatest, so take that with a grain of salt, yeah?)
Is there something like a mega pack of captions for this? (going feminization/sissy route)
would anyone be so kind as to share theirs?
Managed to find a runtime switcher on reddit that works pretty well.
can cycle between 0.8 and 1.3 - so I can get it to run using 0.8

still need to work out how to setup folder themes and text to display - but one step at a time.

>>23934 - Thanks for the tip
I have uploaded a new version in the usual place that is compiled against the Oculus SDK 1.6.0.

>> I noticed certain text strings cause the program to insert incorrect characters instead. For example, whenever I type the letter combination nl, the program inserts a space and slash / instead.

thanks. This was only supposed to happen for newlines ("\n"). it's fixed.
I'm having some issues with the new build. The program boots up just fine but I'll get one of two results, and neither work:

1. I just got a black background and changing spirals
2. The screen is black with a little hourglass in the bottom-right corner.

Both of these issues are on the Oculus Rift DK2.
If it helps, I'm getting this error in the trance.exe console:

0<18> : error C1105: cannot call a non-function
I just tried the release you updated about half an hour ago. Still getting the same error as last time when trying to load it on the Rift DK2. Now it's saying that it's unable to load Oculus frame.
Since 1.12 I'm getting this error when launching a session:
As a result no pictures are loaded at all.

0(18) : error C1105: cannot call a non-function

The issue is in
glGetShaderiv(shader, GL_COMPILE_STATUS, &success);
in the function
when it is called from
auto compile = [&](const std::string& vertex_text,
const std::string& fragment_text)
when it is called with
_image_program = compile(image_vertex, image_fragment);

Using a gtx770 gpu.

I ain't know shit about openGl so that is all I can provide.
thanks for the details, that let me find the bug. I will upload a fixed version shortly. (did you update your GPU drivers or something, though? that GL code hasn't changed in forever)

something I'm having trouble with on the new SDK is that the HMD seems to stop rendering if it's perfectly still for 10 minutes or so, which is kind of bad for this program and I'm not sure if there's a way to disable it :/
Just double checked with the same driver:
0.1.1 Runs fine
0.1.2 and 0.1.3 comes up with the error

I don't think the auto disable is an issue. You are never perfectly still with your head. If it doesn't expect controller input it should be fine. If someone has trouble with this a workaround may be to set the oculus service to manual start, but haven't tested this
Open file (127.63 KB 1296x759 Capture.jpg)
I'm experiencing that the Program is running sessions fine, but not exporting video. Whenever I try to export to h264 or webm it outputs an all green video of the selected length. Any ideas or work around? Thanks.
A quick tip for some of you that can't get it to work right:
Set it up in a folder OUTSIDE of your download folder. Windows 10 (and others) run executables in a sandbox so it can't see the pictures in it's own folder.
Holy shit, i should have kept up with the development. The new creator and video export is awesome. Great work

made this h++p://webm.land/media/2o3m.webm
I really like the idea, but I can't get it to work. I drop the gifs I use for testing into the folder I extracted it to, but they just end up in the font section. Is this where they are supposed to be?
So I'm still getting the green screen problem on my windows 10 desktop. I did try the latest 2 versions of the program on a win 10 laptop and they were exporting fine. I have no idea what it could be, the desktop has all updated drivers, and vc redist, as well as more codecs than the laptop (k-lite pack), I even tried adding the specific web-m stuff from their page, which I didn't do on laptop, and still no go. Still just getting a video of the correct length but with an all green screen as export.
Still haven't figured it out, but made some progress. It may have something to do with the nvidia gtx 1070 drivers and/or ffdshow issues.

I tried using 4 or so video capturing warez, but none were able to capture the stream after the session launches.

I have 2 screens, and found a work around where I run the session from 1 screen and have it play on the other, and then tell the video capture software to grab the other screen. However, even that is buggy as sometimes I have to swap the windows back and forth until it works.

Wish I could save the hassle and retain the original quality.
I have the same green screen problem with my pc. My card is a 960 and I had the problem on windows 7 and windows 10.
Also having the green screen on video export issue. Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 card.
So I did a fresh install of win 10 and sure enough, it's still exporting to green video. Since it works fine on laptop, I can only assume it has to do with something hardware wise. PC plays webm videos fine, so Trance.exe isn't encoding it right on this machine. SO what affects it? I mean I don't really know how trance.exe "exports" the video. Does this mean it's a graphic card issue? Should I be on Nvidia forums? Using gtx 1070, so it's current. Really wish I could work this out.
Finally, I narrowed it down to Fonts. Sure enough after deleting all the fonts and trying just to export spiral, and voila, exports just fine.

It's the fonts and text files, they work fine while running the program, but not for exporting. So far I've tried a handful of fonts and none work, If anyone knows ones that work, let me know.
It would be pretty awesome to have a SBS 3D mode for the exporter - for android cardboard and the like. I had a look at the source, but it seems like the heavy lifting is actually doing the rift sdk?
It is the fonts, without the text files in the program it runs fine, no green screen.
I wonder if there will be any non-sissy/non-cock-sucker files for this, it really sounds like a good thing to try with female tease and arousal.

Considering this program is 100% customizable in terms of what images/text you input, you don't need to wonder or wait. Just load up whatever images you want to see, input whatever text you want blasted into your mind, pick your favorite hypnotic audio, and baby, you got a stew goin'.
So, using a standard Oculus Rift, not a DK1 or 2, I'm getting the dual images problem that others reported before. It's like the 3D isn't aligned correctly. Is this fixable? Should trace.exe even work with a new Oculus?
>No Unix support
>Doesn't run in Wine
Any plans for porting this to a cross-platform GUI toolkit, or should I fork it myself?
Nevermind, it's already using wxWindows and other cross-platform libraries but there's only VS makefiles, all dependencies are bundled with the source, and there's absolutely no license. If OP is here, he'd probably attract more contributors and packages if he actually cleaned this shit up a little.
> I'm getting the dual images problem that others reported before.

yeah. This is because the 3D rendering code was basically a complete hack that didn't actually do proper 3D calculations at all - it just used the same 2D code and did some guesswork offsets in each eye to sort of approximate "perspective". It sort of looked 3D but meant different pieces could be pretty difficult to focus on.

this is at last no longer the case. I have just uploaded a release that does correct 3D rendering, which results in a much more experience in VR.

> green screen when exporting with fonts

I'm not sure what the problem is here, but the new release has rewritten all the rendering code and text rendering now uses pretty much the same logic as images. you could try the new version and see if it's fixed.

if not, you might be running out of GPU memory? try reducing the values in the system dialog, maybe?

> It would be pretty awesome to have a SBS 3D mode for the exporter - for android cardboard and the like.

if I'm not misunderstanding what this means, it's actually already in there. If you export video with the Oculus rift mode enabled it will export a side-by-side 3D view.

> Nevermind, it's already using wxWindows and other cross-platform libraries but there's only VS makefiles, all dependencies are bundled with the source, and there's absolutely no license. If OP is here, he'd probably attract more contributors and packages if he actually cleaned this shit up a little.

I'm sorry that the weird wanking machine code I work on in my spare time is not up to your standards. I don't get a lot of time to muck about with it, and I have to prioritise. I usually work on linux, and I would like to port the build to CMake, but haven't gotten round to yet since I doubt there's huge demand for a linux version compared to other features. The dependencies are (currently) bundled only because some of them are a complete ballache to compile on Windows.

I have added a license just for you
Thanks much for the update! Any idea what this crash error means with the latest version, Windows 10, and Oculus Rift enabled?
"oculus texture swap chain length failed"
Thanks again for all the updates, and trying to address people's issues. Unfortunately still getting text issue. I've got 8GB direct GPU memory, 32GB system memory, 5GB page file, and Nvidia reports I have about 24 GB of combined GPU memory which I'm guessing should be enough.

You mentioned reducing the values in the dialog, where is this setting / how do you do that ? Or if anyone else knows how , just let me know, thanks. Again, great work, I'd gladly help fix the code or text issue for the project if I knew how.
I also noticed that if I run trance.exe after creating a session with creator.exe, it cycles all the images as told by the session file, but does not include any text. So trance.exe when run alone or with creator open, does not include text, only when using creator to launch session does text appear. So I think when creator calls trance for an export, trance.exe isn't grabbing text right, but idk.
Tried it on laptop again, and it works fine, so the text issue must be configuration specific, which is lame, cause my desktop blows my laptop out of the water.
So, Ok, I realized trance.exe should play text when called alone, unless there was a text file in the folder, so that's a non issue. However I experimented with some other stuff. I tried leaving all the font files, but just disabling them in the used files checklist in creator, and voila, it exports images with no text fine.

I also tried using just trance.exe with the font files unchecked in creator, and it also plays all the text fine.

So, it's something that happens when I check a font box in creator, and has nothing to do with whether the font file is present in the folder.
Changing the values in the creator settings has no effect on the issue. I also tried frame by frame exports and it's the same issue although its all black in stead of all green.
> So, it's something that happens when I check a font box in creator, and has nothing to do with whether the font file is present in the folder.

thank you for all the additional information. I think I've got it sorted out. I think SFML's font texture was doing something weird that didn't get reset and then broke the postprocessing step (only used for video export). Please try new the bugfix release
Still no go, I tried both the 64 and 86 versions. In both instances, when I unzipped the release, they gave Unzip warnings, that data remained after the unzip. So I'm not sure they were zipped properly. The folders that did unzip looked to have all the needed contents and both releases functioned. However, when a font is selected it still green screens the export on some systems.

I did a test and exported a 7 second webm video without a font checked, and it rendered the spiral and all the pics and gifs fine, just no text, and it was 3,832 KB in size. I did the test again with a font boxed checked and it output an all green video, of 7 seconds, that was only 181 KB.

So, whatever it's doing, it's not just say covering all frames with green, but rather not really compiling much data at all at that point. Finally, I've tried both with VR and/or V-sync settings and those make no difference. And, I've tried altering all my video cards settings individually for both creator.exe and trance.exe, and all compatibility modes, and none of that affected it. I downloaded the source code, just to look at it, but I'm not really a coder so I'm not sure what I expect I'll find. Thanks again.
whoops. Not sure what happened with the zips, but I just replaced them so you could try downloading again.

if it still doesn't work, and you can build the project (with visual studio 2015), the problem is almost certainly something in Director::render_text (around line 500 of director.cpp). you could try deleting bits of it and seeing what happens. :/ (maybe try removing the line font.bind_texture(large); and see whether it still green-screens?)
So I'm still getting the non-aligned images when running the latest version with Oculus support turned on. This is when using Windows 7. With Windows 10, it crashes before I even get anything to the HMD and the console gives this error: "oculus texture swap chain length failed". Any ideas what's going on here? I would prefer to use it with Windows 10 since that is what my faster computer uses. It does work just fine in non-Oculus mode using Virtual Desktop, but it doesn't really fill the entire field of view unless you zoom in which then decreases the image quality.

One tip to others if you don't know it already. If you don't want the built-in spirals to show up, set all of the spiral colours for a & b to 0. At least, that's how I've been doing it.

Overall, I love this program! It can be a real mind fuck with an HMD or really big monitor and a good set of flashy images. This is the sort of thing I would imagine that evil government scientists are using to brainwash people. I hope that's what the creator's real agenda is!
New zips were fine. I tried what you said in Studio, and removed that line of code and rebuilt it, but all that does is change all the text into black rectangles, and it still wouldn't export those. I tried getting rid of some of the other code there, and also tried reordering some of it, but it just broke the code or didn't do anything , each time.

I did come across 2 articles that may be related.

h++p://stackoverflow.com/questions/7328376/why-is-libgdx-spritebatch-bitmapfont-breaking-texture-bind basically suggested that one of the calls made after a bind is disabling a draw package, but I can't tell if that's the case here, and I don't know why that would be machine specific.

The other article was about sprites and textures and suggested that the texture may be suffering from a time to live issue, which I could possible see being machine specific, that is, maybe fast machines are doing something so quick that it's causing the fault.
I was trying to figure out how it was drawing vs exporting, and I'm not sure the issue is with the rendering. I researched GL_QUADS, and all the articles said it was legacy at some level. So I tried a bunch of other draw packages and they of course rendered the text wrong, but it rendered. But quads does indeed work fine. So at that point how is it exporting what's drawn?

That is, I think it may be rendering fine then just not piping it out. So maybe it's an issue with export.cpp, or export.h, specifically, the Frame Exporter, the VPX_codec_disable_compat or the trance_export_h. Again, I'm just fishing with my very limited code understanding.

>if I'm not misunderstanding what this means, it's actually already in there. If you export video with the Oculus rift mode enabled it will export a side-by-side 3D view.

it is most definitely not exporting in sbs 3d format, not even with runtime installed and oculus mode activated. there's also the fonts problem, which the latest release claims to have fixed, but persists

in case it matters, I have an intel I5 6600k and a NVIDIA gtx 970

that being said, you are doing god's work with this project, so you have my thanks
I briefly mentioned it before, but I see a few people posting hardware specs, and so far it seems the Font Export Issue is hardware specific. It looks like higher end Nvidia cards are the ones being effected.

The program worked fine on my pc when was running Win 7 and a GTX 660Ti, but not with Win 10 and GTX 1070. Since it works on other win10 machines, it seems to be the cards.
I created a file with multiple Themes, and used programs and playlists to play those themes in a certain order. At first it was working fine, and all themes played at the correct times and from correct sub folders. Then all of a sudden, it started ignoring theme weights.

When I launch, it goes in playlist order, but the programs are grabbing themes from folders where the weight is set to 0. Even when I pin 1, set it to 100, and set all others to 0, it insists on picking a second or more theme from somewhere. So then I tried copying the theme, and setting it as 100 so it would pick the pinned one and the copy, (so only one folder would play) and it still grabs stuff from other folders.

It wasn't doing it at first, only after using the program for a few hours. I tried, deleting config, and restarting machine, but it doesn't matter now, it always grabs a second theme from somewhere random. Not only that, but even thought I saved the session with the copied theme, whenever I close and reopen session, the copied theme is deleted, as if it never saved.

Lastly, I'm not 100% sure it's actually using the visualizer weights correctly, as I turned off all rapid fire text (mixed, accelerated, and rapid) and it still seemed to call those effects.
just looked at the session in notepad too, and sure enough it's not matching the program settings. So even though I'm updating them in the program, and even though it opens with the right settings the next time, it's not updating the session file correctly. I'm lost. I may try and update the settings directly in the session with notepad and see what that does.
Say I change a value in a dropdown box for visualizer weights on the program tab from some number to another, say from 1 to 10, and then click on another tab within the program, say themes, when I go back to programs tab, the number has reverted to 1 and does not stay on 10. The only way it stays is if you change it, and then click the cursor to another dropdown box within the same tab before changing tabs.
Unless there is only 1 theme in a session, programs call at least 2 themes, even if the weights are set to 0. This is the same for the visualizer weights. It seems that 0 isn't really set to 0 but rather set to less than 1.

It would be useful to run 1 theme on a program or actually be able to turn off themes for certain programs. Same for visualizers.
Is there any way to get this started on Linux?

Love your work by the way, you're amazing!
reply to 24760 I'm not 100% sure, but I think if you get Visual Studio and add a cross compiler like h++ps://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=VisualCPPTeam.VisualCforLinuxDevelopment you can build it as a Linux file.
just started with this and wow, its great!
I have a vive, is there anyway to force this to boot in steam/openVR? i thought revive would work but I don't think im doing it right. i fucking need this man
Can someone post their rootfolder, I'd like to see an example so I can understand how this works.
> I have a vive, is there anyway to force this to boot in steam/openVR? i thought revive would work but I don't think im doing it right. i fucking need this man

you're in luck. check the releases
Hey Hey, :) the new version is now finally exporting text and not green screening! Terrific, what ever you changed fixed it for me! I haven't yet checked some of the smaller issues with weights yet, but the exporting thing was the main thing.
I just tried it, but all I'm getting is a black screen when I start it. Tried both 32 and 64 bit versions. Any special requirements?

thanks for trying it! Unfortunately I don't have a Vive myself, so I don't know if I can help too much - all I know is that I can run the program on my Oculus through SteamVR and it seems to basically work fine

did you go into the settings and choose the SteamVR renderer? does it work in non-VR mode on the monitor?
I recently upgraded my computer and OS but still get the out-of-sync 3D images when Oculus Rift is enabled. After reading your last post I also tried to run it in Steam VR but it is doing the same thing. Are you running it in desktop theater mode? I can run it using Virtual Desktop for Oculus but that's not really any different than just watching an exported video. I like the fact that you get a real full screen using trance.exe but just can't figure out why the images don't line up. Thanks to anyone that can help!
can you describe exactly what you mean by out of sync 3D images? I can't really imagine what that could be
It does work on my monitor. It's only when I set it to steam-VR mode that I get nothing. Appears that the program is running, and it definitely starts something on the Vive, but the image is just black.
The images aren't lined up so it's like looking at everything cross-eyed. It's like a half side-by-side or something, sorry, not very 3D knowledgeable. I tried adjusting the image depth intensity and also the little lens slider thing but that doesn't make enough difference.
not with a vive, but with a little trick I managed to put steamvr in my mobile
only, instead of the images all I get are blue lines that keep piling up. audio is 100% fine, though
again, thank you for the work you're doing
picture related: h++ps://puu.sh/vncEF.jpg
it appears the mobile is trying to render the images but it just can't do it properly, for whatever reason

"- oculus rift support. Set your rift to extended desktop (no direct HMD until they support it under OpenGL, sorry) and just run the program as usual. (Holy shit this owns) " how do you set oculus to extended mode? i just get a black screen with oculus cv1
just uploaded a release with a lot of .gif/.webm handling improvements.

> how do you set oculus to extended mode? i just get a black screen with oculus cv1

hm, that is quite old, you shouldn't need to set oculus to extended mode any more. (I don't think it even exists any more)

> The images aren't lined up so it's like looking at everything cross-eyed. It's like a half side-by-side or something, sorry, not very 3D knowledgeable. I tried adjusting the image depth intensity and also the little lens slider thing but that doesn't make enough difference.

latest release has a system setting for eye spacing in VR. Can you try changing that? (probably reducing it)

> steamVR mobile / vive issues

no progress on this, still can't really debug it. I'll maybe see if I can run it on a mobile or something.
you can absolutely run the vive thing on mobile via Vridge + Riftcat to emulate a vive for steamVR

it's what generated the blue lined things in the first place
i'm having the same spacing problem with oculus in the 64-bit version, so far as i can tell adjusting the spacing doesn't change anything. there is just a big "gap" between the left and right images
could one of you with the spacing problem try to get a screen shot somehow? either from VR itself or perhaps by exporting a couple of frames of video in side by side VR mode?
the problem, at least for me, does not occur in exported video. i was able to view the intended 3D effect by exporting to webm and then watching the stereoscopic video in DeoVR

after experimenting for a long time, i believe the problem is that the left and right eye are flipped at runtime (but not in exported video)

the centers of the left and right spirals are clearly "outside" the centers of the left and right lenses (that is, the left spiral is centered further to the left of the left lenses' center, and vice-versa). this makes the separation very extreme and impossible to "magic eye." if the left and right were flipped, the spirals would be closer together and easy to "magic eye"
I'm running Win 7 and can't get occulus runtime to initialize. All I want is to be able to output split image video.

Do I have to have an occulus rift connected to my computer (I don't have one)? I've installed occulus runtime and no go.

You don't need any VR software to output split 3D video. You can just choose the side-by-side 3D option on the video export menu.


I uploaded a version that lets the eye spacing be negative (which will swap the eyes). Can you try it out and see whether that's really the problem?
the negative setting didn't help, but i found settings that do work, and i can now explain the problem much better

increasing the draw depth moves the centers of the spirals farther apart (outward). increasing the eye spacing moves the centers of the spirals closer together (inward). these need to be in balance, or else the centers won't line up

the problem is that the depth moves the centers outward much faster than the eye spacing moves the centers inward, so the viable range in which the centers line up is very small. for me, the range is approximately from 0.0 depth and 0.1 spacing, to 0.02 depth and 1.0 spacing. past 0.02 depth, the centers move too far outward for any eye spacing setting to correct, which is why i thought they were flipped

since the creator only lets you set depth in increments of 0.125, there's no viable creator settings that have any depth and work for me

thanks for your time btw
for what it's worth i was able to get pretty great and convincing effects at 0.005 depth and 0.4 spacing
There is some kind of issue with the Program Visualizer weights, not resetting, or not actually checking or using certain weights or something.

I usually use the moderate and mixed effects, while setting the intense effects to 0 or 1, while setting most other effects at 20-100. This does usually work at not allowing those effects to trigger. However, then I started noticing, that with the values set like I described, that it was ONLY calling 2 or 3 of the visualizer effects, and not using the others at all.

For example I couldn't get the subtext effect to trigger at all. I ran 8 or so sessions, with different weights, launched from the session or exported to file, for over an hour total and subtext didn't trigger once. I even then set subtext to 100, and all others to 0 and it still wouldn't trigger. I also deleted .cfg file and tried again, but it just wouldn't trigger in a session that I had already created. I checked the session in notepad, and it looked 1005 fine, I couldn't see anything that would indicate a certain subtext routine shouldn't be called.

Lastly, I tried creating a new session from scratch, and setting subtext to 100 and the rest to 0, and voila, it called the routine perfectly fine. So somehow, the issue is with saved sessions that have had their weights changed. So idk at this point.
Do you have more than one program? Sure you're setting the weights on the right one?
Yes I was using multiple programs, but yes, I was sure I was checking and changing them in the correct program. It wouldn't call it in any of the programs.

It's not the worst issue, in that I can circumvent it by making shorter individual programs and sequences and then just stich them together in a movie maker. It was just nice to do it all in one place.
When it tries to switch from one playlist item to another, instead of switching it gets all stuttery and the text stops working.
*sobs in abandoned project*
*sobs in an abandoned chan*
It's a real shame this project has lost interest.
With VR becoming more mainstream perhaps this will become popular again some day.
ultimately there's a more well developed software in Mind Melting Machine

>except the controls are awful and the editor is too

so for anyone who misses this here's a pastebin link to a bunch of files other people made


How to a trance.exe session file

> save it on as pastebin-session.txt or whatever

>open new session in creator.exe

> name session same as saved file

>text should autofill into the text box and leave you with a session you can edit/save/launch

sorry, I haven't abandoned it, but been busy with other things. Hopefully have some time soon
may as well post a new thread in 8chan, then, because this chan is ded
>This Chan isn't dead it's just half the content people want is DNP
excited for standalone VR?
Open file (76.85 KB 720x537 tough place.jpg)
I would love to get rid of the DNP, or at least lessen it to an extent. Hopefully that can be done eventually.
anon=dead? would be perfect with sound/music etc
Hey man, I've known about this project for some years but have only now gotten to a point where I'm extensively using the program. I have some questions about exporting videos from it - should I ask these here or do you have a discord / irc where I can hit you up sometime?

Hope you're still active, you're a legend.


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