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hopeful latex sissy 01/25/2018 (Thu) 12:59:04 No. 32143
I have a fantasy where I'm taken to a gay bar/truck stop/back room of the sex shop/wherever, and left with my leash tied off in the mens room wearing something like this next to a bottle of lube an sign saying I'm free to use.

I'm used by dozens of men throughout the night, with the suits built in condoms collecting all their cum, and at the end of my shift, my master empties the condoms into a glass for me to drink.

Anybody have experience with suits like this? What's it like getting fucked/sucking cock in one?
being tied up and left somewhere to be used like this is one of my hottest fantasies.

Just the thought of being stuck, bent over, with guy after guy shoving his cock up my ass, filling me to bursting with cum.

Never used a suit like this though, but if I ever get the nerve up, I may have to get one.

Do you have any videos of someone getting fucked in one>?
I find the idea of not just being feminized, but being less than feminized to be incredibly sexy.

The though of being a person's sex doll, to be taken as they pleased, or passed around to whoever want a go makes my clitty hard


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