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Let's shake things up a bit | Casual chat thread? Anonymous 10/14/2017 (Sat) 08:53:20 No. 31923
What are you up to, girls? Any new things you've been experimenting with?
I've been experimenting with semen ingestion lately. Goes good on all meals and it has quality porn too!
Been listening to some /hypno/ tracks lately and having tons of fun with those. Mostly new to hypnosis, and boy, it's fun as can be.
I'm a few weeks away from finally be able to experiment with being a sissy and I cant wait. Also I've listened to the bambi files and they are as strong as goddess gracie files for me, so I'm going to have loads of fun with them I guess.
Finally being able to experiment more* then just owning 2-3 panties and bra's and a buttplug
Having a place on my own after so long will be heaven on earth and I don't even know where to start I want so many things.

I might have to write down a list of sissy goals for myself I guess hehe.
>Having a place on my own after so long will be heaven on earth and I don't even know where to start I want so many things.
When I got my own space I went wild. Gawd yes, having your privacy is invaluable. The options for clothes and toys are unlimited. Very liberating.
>I might have to write down a list of sissy goals for myself I guess hehe.
Sounds like a fun project for me. I may have to find someone to give me challenges.
Oh I cant wait to start ordering everything I always wanted LOL
I need challenges as well, I found a nice challenge on milovana, now I wont be doing everything by the letter but the tease is goddamn hot

Have my own place. Have yet to suck a cock. In my early 30's but look younger so I figure I might as well crossdress and get fucked while I still have my looks.

Been through the Bambi files which were very potent. I enjoy being a brainless bimbo and having the triggers tied to being dressed up in uniform. Also, having to suck on a cock (dildo) to remove clothing is good. I had my first ejaculatory HFO to Bambi Cockslut and cum every time to it now.

I don't make much money and I've spent what I can afford on breast forms, a pocket bra, a cheap wig, makeup, and cheap clothes like thrift store skirts, camisoles, nylons, thongs, etc. Oh, and I have some nice platform heels that are actually called Bambi heels. So, there's that.

I've also gotten my ears pierced. Just wearing titanium guy hoops until I can switch them out in a couple of weeks.

I haven't done anything sexual with a guy yet, though I've come close any number of times on craigslist. I need a better wardrobe, learn to do makeup properly and practice my feminine voice more. I consider it acting and not a lifestyle. I want to play the part perfectly.

I figure I'll enjoy fucking guys to an extent. But, really, I'm not that into it. I just want to try it while I'm fairly young still, get it crossed off my bucket list.

I actually have a real succubus who's my queen. I should be worshiping her instead of playing with porn. But, as she says, I'm a big baby.
I've had my first attempt on bambi files a couple of nights ago, they are really strong files. Looking forward to try them once I'm on my own.

I am not sure how far I want to go, but I can see myself owning loads of clothing and toys and move on from there.
I've been waiting far to long, and I cant wait till I'm settled.
Had the urge to be a girl again, so i'm looking for some good hypnosis files which aren't just TTS and don't have annoying tones in them.

Might experiment with breast pumps on my nipples to get them more sensitive.
What do you mean by annoying tones? Those annoying loud noises you find in poor productions or "subliminal" whispers(mostly just repeating stuff on the main track)

I have no experience with breast pumps but you sparked my interest, is there anybody aware of the effects of breast pumps/nipple pumps on men?

In other news I've tried the bambi files again, I cant remember much of the files but the files are REALLY strong if you already have experience in bringing yourself to trance.
During the induction on my second listen my mind switched off and I became bambi in an instance.
I was not able to complete the files but I plan to tonight and I cant wait to become Bambi again!
I should stop rubbing myself so much whilst listening *giggles*
Once again I felt like trying chastity(if only so i can concentrate). I had thrown my rings and dildo into the closet, irony of ironies, and could only find the smallest ring and had to stealth buy a new dildo. The scary thing is I don't live alone so someone probably found the rings and dildo, but not the cage because I know myself and knew that Id eventually come back.

Bad news is that my penis is too big for the cage and kf I dont want extreme discomfort from the ring I need to stay limp. Hard to do when the thought of it gets me hard. I need a bigger cage that can get here quickly and discreety.

Going to try to offset the urge to get hard with anal training. I think this is my third day without cumming. Never make it past five :×
Mainly the annoying loud hums that people sometimes put it to make it sound like one of those hypno devices. All it does is give me a headache and drowns out whatever the hypnotist is trying to tell me.

TBH I'd really like to lactate some day, but I've only really been able to find a handful of accounts of men inducing lactation without HRT, all of which are dubious. For now though I might settle for some pumps tugging on my nipples to make me feel more girly~
Yeah, those are really annoying, I usually just delete those files instantly.
Some good files have them to, but on a lower sound level which makes them less of an annoyance.

I never head of lactating men, it would be pretty arousing if it was possible though. I have to admit I've dreamt of lactating from my breasts during a long fap session.


Once I'm settled in and have some toys/clothes I want to try chastity as well, however I fear that I will open it up when things go though so I need some one to force me into it I guess hehe
>>31936 here
So the training was... Intense. No sissygasm, unfortunately, but I felt very, VERY close a few times. A few observations:

Its definitely mental. You need to be patient and not buck like a bronco. When I was really onto it, and I fell in and out of it, it was slow and focused heavily on the fantasies of it (mone revolve around the game tales of androgyny).

It is also really taxing! I got so tired that I could barely stand. Good news is that by then my clit was barely there. It was hard and caged, but I wasn't focused on it at all. The closest I came to cumming like a slut was when I tried getting into it big time, pinching nipples and etc. Unfortunatelu I couldn't get a good grip and the dildo kept popping off the floor. Might need to try duct tape in the future.

Lastly, ot took REALLY submissive fantasies to make it anywhere close to pleasurable. I really had to abandon any shame in it to enjoy it. Not cumming is frustrating and Im getting the chaser effect big time. If you give in the purge is right there with the guilt.

Also, Im wondering if anyone knows good poppers? Real turn you into a bottom bitch ones. I got Iron Horse and it sucks.
Honestly Im only trying chastity to abstain and increase the pleasure. I'd recommend you get the right sized cage/ring and one that does a good job of keeping your erections, well, not erect. Mine chokes something fierce. Once you realize it's just another tot though it's fine. Just guard it with your life!
Hey cuties, I'm just posting here what I posted back on newfapchan and in some of the other threads:

Since I can't seem to find any good public telegram groups dedicated to sissies, I thought we should make one of our own!

Hopefully this'll make for a more immediate place to talk and share links, advice, captions, porn, and whatever your sissy heart desires.

Also feel free to post the invite link elsewhere, wherever you find good sissy girls wanting to join,

Is telegram safe?
Pretty safe I'd say. Markets itself on security, anonymity, and encryption, IIRC.
Hmm yeah, I'd imagine needing to squeeze your nipples to release milk could definitely be arousing or at least somewhat pleasurable. That's why I want to try it out.
It'll probably help with nipple sensitivity, something that I'm curious about since I've been playing with my nips for quit sometime now

Hmm yeah I might join in on the group later
YES NFC is back!
And better than before.
Open file (1001.40 KB 500x251 1509997610969.gif)
>no bf to hug you
>no bf to comfort you
>no "I love you" every morning
I love you :(
No, telegram is Russian garbage.
Open file (101.83 KB 800x1132 1508917803992.jpg)
What would you recommend then, anon? In particular for groupchats.
Sup guys
This is a female board.
I made myself a kik and a new reddit account specifically for my sissy side the other day, so that's been a lot of fun.

Hopefully I'll be able to find someone that'll enjoy feminizing me.
Right girls, as of today I'm officially out of the parents house.

I'm going to start from scratch and build up my collection from scratch

Time to have fun!
Been a while since I've visited /girly/
Removed myself from Tumblr, sissysocial and other sites because it became an addiction to visit these sites.
It does not mean I've quit my sissy ways.

Infact, 2 years ago I would have propably laughed at the fact that one day I would end up clean shaven all the time and own more panties the boxers.
Open file (657.09 KB 960x1280 P1010012.JPG)
I'm engaged, but I've never told my fiance about crossdressing and camwhoring online. She has given cues that she finds such things to be revolting or even frightening. I had been hoping I could find a woman who was into what I did before, but it didn't happen that way. I still have all my girly clothes, and I'm not sure what to do. I have sex with her a lot(usually just in missionary position), multiple times per week, and she loves it, but I find it difficult to adjust to sometimes. I'd like for both of us to camwhore together someday, but I don't know if I ever even want to tell her about what I used to do.

I told kingADVRC he can post all my photos from Mewch anytime.


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