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Body safe dildos Anonymous 08/04/2017 (Fri) 16:24:56 No. 31766
Are you girls guilty of sticking whatever inside of you or do you go with safe materials like silicone only?
I've used little wooden bowling trophies.
I don't recommend wood. Tried it when I was 16. It's pain in the ass.
Since I don't really buy my stuff, I use whatever is around at house, usually it is plastic. I try to at least clean it with water beforehand.
When I was 10 a tied a Lego horse to a piece of string and put it up my butt. Definitely would not recommend. At least I had had the sence to tie string to it or it would have been a night'mare' to get out again.

Fortunately I have more options now and buy purpose made toys.
silicone only
You actually can get pretty good body safe wooden sex toys. Varnish exists


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