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Non-Trans CD/Trap/Sissy Vids Anonymous 03/18/2017 (Sat) 18:26:36 No. 31308
This Jessica Fappit vid is everything I've ever wanted in a sissy video. I don't care for genetic girls, and I respect transgirls too much to see them as anything other than girls. People who look like girls but identify as guys are what I really like, and this video is one of the few that really hits that demographic. I was wondering if anyone else has made/come across anything similar?

But she's obviously trans tough.
her personal description of it is that i've read in interviews/twitter is she "was a boy, but was turned into a girl" rather than the more typical trans narrative of always knowing who you were "deep down". She's clearly very into sissification and I'm assuming her identity comes together at a kind of middle point between fetish and female, but maybe that's not exactly it. Only she could say for sure.

she's clearly living as a woman so I'm not saying her fetishes make her any less trans, but for people like the OP and myself, the object of our fantasies (people who look convincingly like women, tits included [so not CDs/traps] but still ID as male) don't really exist in real life. so outside of Amanoja 9 manga this is the only porn i can find that comes close to that.

anyway OP she has other vids, mostly geared towards castration fetish, where she uses lines like "I used to be a boy" and such, so you can search the "castration" or "gelding" tags on her clips4sale. but they're not geared totally towards the shemale/"I'm actually a man!" scenario, it's just kinda peppered in there.
GTB captions come pretty close though. See the captioning thread.

As you mentioned it happens in the 2D world a lot but alas there is no 3D.
it is a good sissy video but the monologue does get a bit repetitive. i wish that she had more of a script that told a story.
>rather than the more typical trans narrative of always knowing who you were "deep down".
That's more of a stereotypical (though still pretty common) narrative than a typical one. What is typical is feeling a form of unease or discomfort over being your birth sex, even if you don't identify it or the cause of it for a while. You can still very badly want to be female, or at least feel depressed and uncomfortable by not being female without consciously knowing why, without identifying as a girl/woman. For a lot of people it's more a matter of semantics or interpretation of gender theory as to whether they consider themselves to be "women on the inside" without physically being that way.

I mean, she is clearly trans with a fetish for sissification/feminisation. If you read her Tumblr you have posts about her dysphoria and how she just wants to be accepted a a normal girl and her support of trans right juxtaposed to posts about her being a feminised sissy slut or how much she loves trapping straight men. She's explicitly said the reason she does porn and does it exclusively as a bottom is to show that trans women can be women too, and don't have to be defined by their genitals.

To me it looks like she considers being a feminised male who's gone so far as to become a woman such that she's treated like a woman and is sexually desirable to men as a woman regardless as validating to her womanhood. As an MtF who also shares similar fetishes I can identify with how she feels a lot. Not being totally female and having to approximate it by feminising yourself is a bad thing, but by framing it in the context that it doesn't matter because you're a woman anyway, and making it actually a good thing, it becomes something to be enjoyed rather than something which makes you uncomfortable.

The clip in the OP is really satisfying to both the fetish and the dysphoria. Things like "the first time I heard an audio clip that said I was just a girl and I couldn't be anything else"; it's "forcing" you to be feminine and you can pretend it's something you're made to believe, but really it's just expanding on things you already feel and validating you.
this girls a camwhore and does porn, she's just reading a script for money. >"all the changes in my breast were from feminization not hormones" grow up people.
i mean, duh, we know.

however, i'm sorry to be speaking for her, but i think she'd agree that she definitely shares this fetish. she's been vocal about her return to porn as Jessica Fappit being about doing it "her way" (hence strict bottom-only, etc.) the script is definitely manufactured but i think most content she produces, OP's video included, is from themes of stuff she gets off on herself.

She posted on this board once under TexiTrap. I didn't save the screnshot but she said something like "be careful guys this stuff works"
if you know Jessica that's no act, she's legitimately feminized and totally gets off to being a bottom only feminized slut
Hi gurls, someone know if this "film" exist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl1vWWPZtWo
I want to be a feminized budget like you please help me I'll do anything for you anything you wish


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