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Open file (269.39 KB 670x800 1370463238210.jpg)
Ruin my clitty Anonymous 03/19/2016 (Sat) 20:15:27 No. 29376
How can I ruin my sexual stamina and penis length, short of surgery?

I am currently almost 6in, but I'd prefer to be ~1-2 as well as impotent.

I want any girl ( or man) that sees me to know at a glance that I am not going to be the one penetrating ANYTHING.
You might be able to ruin your stamina by cumming as quickly as possible when/if you fap, without any edging. Time yourself and then keep trying to be quicker than last time.
Also, you could try "fapping" in a prone position. It's said that doing so will make you impotent.

Buy a small chastity device and keep it on all the time.
Or, you can take PM and that will virtually kill your libido. You won't get hard, nor care that you aren't getting hard. Not even morning wood, if taken in sufficient amounts.
Take it long enough and it just might make you impotent.
Bonus is you might grow titties as well as have a soft clittie all the time.

Wear panties. The tighter the better. Wear 'em 24/7. Don't give it room to get hard. After awhile, it just might quit trying.

If you're of small enough stature, buy girls 100% cotton panties. They don't stretch much and are cut better for a "guys" shape than women's panties are. If you can wear a women's size 6 or maybe even 8, try a 14 or 16 girls. Maybe they will work for you.
But whatever you do, buy your own. Don't steal them because you'll need a bunch of pairs to wear all the time and you want them to fit just right.
Amazon is your friend, if you don't know a girl to help you get them or are not enough of a sissy to purchase them yourself.

Good luck. I hope some of this can help you achieve your goals.
A tactic I read once in a Tumblr blog that supposedly had worked on numerous people was to touch or jerk your dick for prolonged periods of time and to stop touching it whenever it got hard. In this way you teach your brain that stimulation only happens when you're soft and eventually it will stop getting hard. Supposedly after about two weeks of only stimulating your wee-wee while soft you will be able to achieve orgasm without it getting hard at all; it will be harder to get it hard again but i'm pretty sure it's reversible.
Hey, here's what I know, from personal experience and research. All of these require a high level of dedication and self control. but they work in the long run. Like all behaviour modification it requires work, and it's not gonna happen by itself.

1. Ruin stamina:
Figure out how long it usually takes you to orgasm. Then set a timer for that time, let's say 20min. (set it on your phone or open a new tab and type "timer 20min" into google) This is all the time you have to achieve orgasm today. If you fail, you have to wait until tomorrow. And no touching in between. Once you orgasm in the allotted time, you take a minute off the timer. So you have to orgasm in 19 min, 18, 17 ... Until eventually in a few months you will completely ruin your stamina.

This is like the Couch to 5k but in reverse. ^_^

2. Penis length:
Chastity cages worn for an extended period will indeed reduce your penis size, but it is temporary. It basically just compresses the tissue, but after you get out of the cage for a longer time, and have erections, it will return to the original size. Or if you do it for a long time, more then a year, there will probably be some permanent shrinkage. So, the goal is to have as few erections as possible, and have your clitty as compressed and I AM A STUPID FUCKWIT AND I DESERVE TO DIE!ed back into the body as possible, for as long as possible. That will shrink your clitty.

2.5 Limpness:
Getting rid of erections is essential if you want to reduce size. The general idea is to teach the body it doesn't need to be erect to orgasm. "Prone masturbation" is one way to get to it. Or if you don't like humping, you can rub your clitty through a few pairs of tight panties or by "shaking" a chastity cage until you cum. Or my favorite method a magic wand type vibrator.

This is the foolproof method http://littleredsissy.tumblr.com/post/101164275550/limp-clitty-training it does take a while, usually about a month until you start to see initial results and about 6 months until you are unable to get hard even if you want.

There is one problem. Limpness training usually build stamina, not reduces it. So, only after you have trained yourself not to get hard you can work on reducing stamina. At least in theory.

Or you could try both at once if you want a challenge. Orgasm in a contained time, while also stoping if you get hard. I would say it could work. But I would start the sessions with a much longer time, like an hour...

4. sticking to it
Sticking to this types of training is hard for most people. Since the old way usually feels better, and is more "natural". So here are a few tips that will help.

4.1 Write it down. For some reason if you write down your goals, you are more likely to stick to it. (it sounds stupid, but do it.)
4.2 Checkmarks. Get a to-do app and set a task tor each day. And when you are done, check it off.
4.3 Social pressure. This is the best one, do it for someone else. If you have someone that you look up to, and you know they will be disappointed that you fail, you are much more likely to stick with it. If you don't have a specific person, the next best thing is to write a journal, either here or probably better, start a tumbler and do regular updates.

The first 3 weeks are the hardest, and then it gets to be a habit, and it's not that hard to continue any more. And remember, it isn't about sticking to it, as much as getting smoothy back on track if you screw it up. Learning to get back on track is infinitely more valuable.

If anyone takes my advice please report back :D
Open file (327.59 KB 708x676 amazon.jpg)
Thanks girls!

I guess it is time to start looking at cages. I supposed metal >silicone for shrinkage, because silicone would stretch right?

Nice informative posts.
>buy stuffed animal

>hump it (only while limp, if erection occurs... wait till flaccid.)
So I'm about 4.8 inch hard and are usually 1-1.5 inch flaccid. If I got A holy trainer small, would it hurt if my penis were only able to grow say 2.5? I'm a little kerfuffled on exactly how small is too small length-wise. I can practically become an innie with just light pressure if that hells clarity my flaccidity lol. Thanks ladies.
Open file (689.94 KB 1200x617 3ir5qbd.png)
Well I just found this. Which is amazing to say the least lol!! Trying this tonight!! Hoping for permanent shrinkage over time :)
And the link to the instructional!! Happy shrinking :)

Works really well, felt so good today almost no arousal in my wrong parts.
Glad you think so!! I only just foud this out the day I posted and I've been using it ever since! Everything stays right where it needs to be and my little balls are MUCH happier closer to my body :) Using this method until I order a small HolyTrainer :)
Open file (77.52 KB 400x300 3tkI46JuTs.png)
Few things. The biggest contributor to ruining your clitty is chastity, you need to be in it longer and longer. start out with a day, then go a few, then a week, few weeks, few months, etc. Chastity allows you to be aroused but you cant get erect which trains your mind to dissasociate the two reactions from eachother.
when you do masturbate, if you cant masturbate anally and you just have to jack it either you should use the flimsiest girliest grip on it to train it be sensitive and girly, or pillow humping. masturbate by humping your pillow, pausing when you getr hard & continuing when your soft.

And last, practice anal masturbation. it takes training, but eventually its all you'll want to do to get off and the best part is you dont have refractory period after you cum from anal (where you feel gross or ashamed or whatever)

Ive been doing this for about a year, i used t have a 7.5 incher and now its a solid 3 - MAYBE a 3.5 when hard. so much better for panties
I love the additional lift you get from it, like a push up bra for your clitty, let's you cross or push together your legs with so much comfort. Boy parts sometimes feel super uncomfortable in girl clothes since you can't always position them right. You can wear this all day and feel comfortable. And you can tie your pantyhose with a pretty bow and look super cute. <3
how do you mean "fap in a prone position"?

Prone masturbation is the act of laying face down and humping a flat surface, like a mattress, until orgasm.
So technically speaking, perhaps "fap" was the wrong word to use because you're not using your hand.
20 minutes!?!
I cum in two minutes and thought that was normal...
I guess I was destined to be a sissy from the start
jesus i did not realize i was so abnormal it takes me an hour or so on average. i think its part of the reason i got into analplay
If you *gently* but firmly squeeze your glans (head), you can make your penis soft. Repeat: gently. This can put you back in a limp state faster, to continue stimulation without erection.

But remember, you aren't training yourself to re-limp yourself, you're trying to teach yourself to feel pleasure without becoming erect. Stop yourself when you feel yourself clenching the pubococcygeus muscle (the one that makes an erect penis bob up when you flex it):

>The pubococcygeus muscle controls urine flow and contracts during orgasm as well as assisting in male ejaculation.

It also stiffens the penis, so try and minimizing your urge to flex it.
bump (because of the spam)
For me its around 3 minutes.
I never realized that I am that less of a man
Can people honestly go continously for 20 minutes? I have to repeatedly stop to make it through a 4 minute video...
hnnng why is this such a turn on/
yes,they can.Because I can and its not a good thing,just irritating for me.

I am stopping and stroking since I discovered masturbation.Back then I was into increasing stamina.I jerked off like that for 7-8 years.

Then i tried to achieve impotence through this stop-when-you-are-erect method.After few years I can guarantee it doesn't work for me.But to give you an idea I am doing stopping and stroking for 10+ years.

Anytime I try to achieve impotence or thinking about impotence gives me a boner.Anyway,fact is you can stop when you are erect.But in my case when I return to stroke it, it gets erect again.All it does is to prolong my jerking off time .After two hours I just finish it stroking erect,because it can go as long as i want and i don't have damn time.

So after years of practice now if I stop I can go on about minimum two hours.Even if stroke continuously it can take 20-25 mins if I am super excited.

Now its just a hassle.I take enormous amount of time so my jerk off is limited to 2 times,max 3 in a week.I have to take out time specifically to jerk off from my schedule.And frankly after an hour or so I really don't care anymore and just want this damn thing to over with.

Not compatible with being sissy at all.No loss of boner length.No loss of hardness.Last few days even morning boners are back again.

That sucks :'(

Ive done that method for less than year with the similar problems, I guess it's good to know the long term effects.

I don't know what I can suggest that you haven't already tried, but maybe stop masturbating for as long as possible? People from r/nofap mention how sensitive they become after 3-4 weeks, get a cage if you can't keep you hands off yourself for that long. When you can't hold off any longer, go as quickly as possible. Time each session and aim for a slightly shorter time next.
Prostate stimulation.

You can do it just by thumping your perineum as if you were knocking on a door. No erection, but sexual stimulation. Don't touch your penis until the very end - then you can jerk off and ejaculate with your completely flaccid penis.

I don't know what the long term effects are, but I have less and less interest in boring old erections.
Have you tried a fleshlight or something similar? Or playing with your ass? And when you masturbate do you use porn or your imagination?

Didn't try flashlight.

I tried using vibrator.It gives a warm buzz but nothing more.When I am concentrating on vib my penis stay flaccid but that way I can't really orgasm yet,so I have to touch my penis.

The moment I touch it few times it gets hard or at least semi hard.

My jerking off routine evolved overtime.For years I never enjoyed video and my sole jerk off material was romantic stories in fictionmania.Then I discovered tg stories and never looked back.Last few years as I become more comfortable with my sexuality I witnessed a marked change.I can enjoy porn video a lot if it happens to be mascular guy and pretty girl and well acted.I like simple porn but should be shot well.Think of Marc Dorcel Productions.My use of stories as a erotic material has gone down quiet a lot.

My routine is I put any good hypno in the background.Then I watch porn,while listening to hypno in the background.In this way,I can emulate the effect of trance(being immersed in porn) while listening to hypno and getting suggestion.

The choice of porn videos also evolved overtime.While I do like extremely mascular guys but I am getting more attracted to regular guys.I used to get terribly turned off by regular guys but sometime I can catch myself thinking while watching videos or browsing through candid pics..."humm...that guy is hot".In other words i am not turned on by penis solely.

I wrote a detailed reply...lol
I appreciate it! Did you try PM or any other estrogenics to help with limpness?
I did take PM.First reason was to actually see it's effectiveness and second was to gain a secondary feminine characteristics slowly.

PM works absolutely.The erection was less firm and hard to achieve,

The problem was in a higher dose where actually I can see the change,

1.Caused severe depression and made me think probably feminization was not for me.Depression made me loose interest in any sort of sexual activity.In other words I lost interest to jerk off.

2.PM gave me hint of boob.Within two weeks of ramping up dose(2000 mg/day from 500 mg/day) I got breast bud and severe excruciating pain.It was so quick and so sudden I panicked.

3.After i stopped PM ,i found out my bilirubin level was considerably high. I suffered from PSVT(tachycardia) which caused my doc to prescribe blood thinner for life.I am not taking blood thinner but I can't take PM either which can thicken blood.

Whatever happened to me it's just individual experience.I didn't stop PM because I lost interest in feminization or after my libido gone down I got bored.It was due to medical condition.I am not for or against PM.Just that I am not taking anything estrogenic without medical supervision anymore.
Hi Sree
Sorry to hear of your med issues.

I just wanted to say that your initial experience mirrors my experience with PM.
Well, minus the panicking part.
Your #1 and #2 is exactly what anyone starting PM at effective doses should expect to experience. If you don't, you probably aren't taking an effective dose.

The loss of sex drive, I would attribute to reduced DHT and high levels of phyto-estrogen.
Male sex drive is fueled by testosterone and more so by DHT. Less so by estrogen.
And PM does have at least some inhibitory effects on DHT production, possibly a lot. Which is why I think ones sex drive becomes virtually non existent while on PM at an effective dose.

>>I am not for or against PM.Just that I am not taking anything estrogenic without medical supervision anymore.

Do you think that PM caused your high bilirubin levels? If so, wouldn't stopping PM bring those levels down? Or are you saying the estrogenic effects of the PM simply aggravate a pre-existing condition that you just didn't know you had? Or has some other cause?

Also, if you are not going to take anything estrogenic without a med doc involved, that will most likely only leave a road to full trans open to you. Doctors aren't interested in helping to achieve the kind of results most on this board are looking for.
"Sissy" isn't a "thing" to them.
Since I checked my bilirubin level pre PM and checked after PM the only conclusion I can draw is PM may have been a cause or had a contribution.

Secondly,The cost of PM is high and I can get actual Meds without prescription from wholesale market in the same price.

Yes you are right in the sense that no doc would prescribe PM but given a choice I would rather be trans.It's not easy due to family and money but if given a chance I would take real meds and go whole way.
Does anyone have any success stories about how they made their clitties permanently limp? I'd love to hear how you went about it!
I've been on HRT for four years. I'll eventually have SRS. I'm stealth and known to be queer, but not generally known to be trans. I have an intersex condition and started with extremely low testosterone and a stunted puberty to begin with. I rarely masturbate. I have female partners, but I'm definitely the more submissive partner. I haven't had spontaneous erections in a long time, I've seen a reversal of my testicular size, and a very small decrease in the size of my penis. I still get hard when aroused or directly stimulated and attempts to "train" myself out of it have not been successful. I've asked my doctor why after so many years on a relatively high dose of HRT meds and a generally lower testosterone production and receptor site amount to begin with this is the case. His answer: everybody is different, and it largely depends on both genetics and state of development at the time HRT was started. There is a psychological component, of course, but it's probably not within everyone's ability to do.
The picture used here makes me gag and kills my boner.
Where can I get a clitty cage
I think it's great and I'm glad OP posted it.
Do you girls thing this could have any long term effects?

Where would you get one?

Open file (233.46 KB 1280x960 IMG_6842.jpg)
"I minimize my "unwanted package" with an O-ring. The inside
diameter will vary with your size. I would think about 3/4" inside
diameter would be a good start. Basic procedure for circumcised
sissy is to pull all foreskin over the glans and place all skin inside
of the O-ring. Once ring is in place, tug on inner surface so as to
pull all skin forward. Done properly, all the loose skin is in front
of the O-ring. I have been doing this 24/7 for over one year.
Benefits include much more sensitive clit-tip and foreskin within
a few months. I also enjoy the fact that my "thing" is no longer
free to flop around inside my panties.
I do believe there has been a reduction is size both erect and flacid because my "thing" is always being held to a shorter length and not
free to hang loosely."
Post on sissykiss.

I've tried this and wondering if any health risks could come out of doing this for an extended time. I mean, if your foreskin is to be held tight from the actual penis.. Would it not damage it? Anyways another possible way to shrink your weenie over time.
This thread got me rock hard, I would totally fuck the shit out of you
Those bumps don't look very healthy man.
Open file (4.98 MB 2738x1000 dddd.png)
By bumps I assume you mean what is on the clitty. Those are the many folds formed by the foreskin forced to the front. I stopped doing that just because I fear there would be some horrible consequences. It only looks pleasing at the front.. At the sides.. It's not so attractive. Even if it did force my clitty to reside with in me and it would make a bump around 1-2 inches?

I decided to purchase a holy trainer small version instead.. Worn it for 3 days now. (I take it off at gym/shower)
Teeheehee. lel, thanks.
Oh my, you have an adorable little sissy baby clitty; you won't be able to please anyone with that little thing! Do you have anymore pics?
Open file (48.67 KB 800x599 1461696187415.jpg)
so would it be better to work on quickshooting first, and the graduating to limp clitty training?
I get that this a fetish thing, but why dont you get on hormone pills? it will kill your boners and make you look more feminine and pretty too, double profit!
I don't know, my experience says it's not a good idea, since your "get hard" reflex would develop a hair trigger.. the other way around should, in my opinion work better. First get to where it's not a constant struggle to not cum while soft, and then work on cuming faster.

If you end up going for it, I would love to hear about how it's going. More data is always good. I only know, first hand of a few people actually achieving permanent limpness. And I'm always wanting to learn more about how they got there.

And if you want to work on a more detailed plan, that is tailored to you, contact me and we can chat. ^_^
Open file (592.35 KB 729x984 1472118488320.png)
Sent :)

Only reason I'm not is because I'm not quite ready to lose my family over growing cute lil bitchtits.

Otherwise I'd live off of pm and spiro.
Open file (89.67 KB 858x1000 74v17i7p.jpg)
Question for you Girlygirls...

Is there any interest in a Clifty ruining general thread, so that results can be tracked and techniques can be shared and so on?
OMG yasss
Iunno if anyone is interested but I made a tumblr to (among other things) blog about my experiment to ruin my dink.

Open file (41.11 KB 338x505 6444.jpg)

Thanks for all this info.
Alternatively,you could try using a lot of estrogenic oils on a daily basis and see how that affects your body.
got a link to what you are talking about?
The gist of it is a lot of body care products contain estrogens and some of those are made from certain oil extracts.I'm not by any means an expert but there are quite a variery of estrogen creams out there(usually aimed towards middle-aged women).


A lot of those creams are also intra-vaginal so I guess you could try using it on your c0ck and testies and see what happens XD.

I've also read lavander oils may work to dome extent but I'm not really sure.
sounds fun tbh.

i can only imagine what a year of this would do.

If anyone actually tries this I would appreciate if you posted the results.
boop for science
UPDATE:Yes.Aplying estrogenic (vaginal?) creams which are usually aimed at women who suffer from low estrogen WILL shrink your cock without any long term adverse effects besides a smaller,skinnier,limper,more sensistive dick.Or you may become sterile forever XD.It all depends on how strong the cream is and where you apply it.




A way to avoid damaging your sperm production and quality(and probably the only one)would be to only use it on your clitty(only the head maybe?)Coupling this with chastity could hopefully aid fast results.And do expect weaker erections.

But these are all assumptions on my part from what I've read on the internet.
I feel like I have to remind everyone here how much of an impact this will have on your genitals.You are basically bathing your "you know what" in natural estrogens.Since it will be absorbed into your bloodstream this means that all of your body will receive an estrogen intake,not just your c****y.
Luckly you can adjust the dose pretty well and your testsoterone levels will just adjust.

Take care.
so what would be the best (cost effective) cream for this you think?
I don't think the place you apply estrogen really matters tbh. Like it's supposed to just get into your bloodstream and then just work like an estrogen you get any other way. I may be wrong, but I believe all these area applied estrogenes are just a meme.

They aren't awfully expenisve .I don't personally plan on doing this at the moment but they're quite cheap(10$-40$).


It's not a meme.It does matter where you apply it.This is the reason there are estrogen vaginal creams for women who suffer from dryness down there.Taking a pill wouldn't help with that.

There are even breast creams with topical phytoestrogens made for breast growth.
bruh.this is just a fetish
do you seriously want to end up like pic-related?
As someone who wants to see more of those in the world, yes. Except that then it'd be less impressive. Still, fucking adorable.
f-fuck.I'm scared and excited to try this.

Open file (237.16 KB 1760x1320 cKTz6eI.jpg)

Serious response:Don't do this unless you are 100% certain you will want to live forever with the consequences of this.

Fetish response:OMG .Haven't you done this yet?Your body will thank you,trust me.The erections will finally end and you'll finally be free.You can still diddle with it and cum but It'll be like a girl's clit.

The sooner you accept that curiosity will get the best of you,the better.
don't topical hormones cause cancer in the long run anyway?
who the fuck care,this fetish is eating up way too much of my time.I need a break.
and not really,no.Estrogen in general can lead to cancerous growths but same goes for testsosterone.
I can last in bed ~40 mins nonstop, ~2 hrs if I take stops. Idk about fapping- If I wanna cum I'll cum in someone
Open file (99.19 KB 960x544 1491319334734.jpg)
i haven't lasted more than 5 min in 10 years.

Nice. Next step, make it 4 minutes.
Open file (1.83 MB 324x216 cherylHJobOne.gif)
>not cumming in less than 1 minute
wait so which way is you cock facing?
are you laying on it with the head towards the belly button or vice versa?
Yes! Please.
it works for me with the head facing down, away from my belly.

if you're wearing panties it is a lot easier to keep it tucked down so you get as little stiffness as possible. cumming this way is heaven... the only thing that's better is cumming from getting fucked.

uhhh its hrt, it gets absorbed and affects your entire organism, its not local action
wont do as much with your normal testosterone in action but long term usage it could suppress your natural hormones and feminize you!

of course you might not get hard with estrogen and reduced T
>it gets absorbed and affects your entire organism, its not local action

You may be right.I haven't delved too deeply into the subject but I'm willing to bet it is both local action and it gets absorbed into the bloodstrean as well.

But what I can tell you for sure is that IT IS NOT HRT in any sense of the word.Hormonal replacement therapy with estrogen implies you are blocking the testosterone production FIRST then supplementing with estrogen.This is totally different.Anti-androgens(testosterone blockers) are super dangerous and you shouldn't mess with them unless you know what you are doing.
The "replacement" refers to replacing hormones you don't naturally have with them from some external source, not blocking some sort of existing hormones. If you have estrogen when you hit menopause, it's still called HRT.

Anti Androgens are not dangerous. If you have no primary sex hormone for an extended length of time, you get osteoporosis, sure. But to imply that somehow taking estrogen is safe compared to that is silly. |

But whether or not you can call something HRT is irrelevant, what matters is if it's safe.

Now, I know that local application of estrogenic creams to the breast area does have localised effects, so I'd imagine the effects would also be reasonably localised in the case of genitals, but don't quote me.
Does bovine ovary actually shrink your clit or does the extreme amount of estrogen just make you atrophied
Started a thread in the eunuch archive about shrinking penis. Androcur has been pretty good to me so far but the shrinkage isn't permanent just yet.


More limping info dump bump


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