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Anonymous 12/29/2015 (Tue) 23:55:04 No. 28668
hi, first time posting here, i'm not completely sure this is the right thread but i was referred here by someone.

i've had a weird gay experience last week, i'm not really a girly guy or sissy but i was told i might be going through forced feminization and thus should try this board, but i know little to nothing about it. do let me know if i'm i the wrong place.
>be with 2 best friends (a couple)
>they're very open, they talk about sex alot. she doesn't do anal because she think he'll never fit.

> often jokes if he wants to do it he'll just have to find someone else.
>one day the jokes going on as usual but i say say she's probably overeacting (have experience with plugs, prostate and all.)

>tells me if i think it's so easy, i shouild do it.
>good friends so i just play along with the joke.
> he stands behind me and bend me over and says to her "like you'd let me"
>she just shrugs "it's not my ass, i don't care"
>i don't really know how to respond. i've thought about it a few times but never found guys attractive.

>he lowers my pants and i kinda freeze not sure if it's still a joke.
>she's suddenly not that sure anymore either and walk up to us
>he pulls down my boxers and drops his pants.
>feel his dick drop on my ass/lowerback
>feels massive
>she looks at me and lives this look like "are you really letting this happen"
>keep quiet and just look in front of me
>feel a big glob of spit fall on my asshole
>suddenly feel pressure on my ass
>he pushes in slow and works the head in
>he grabs my hair and pulls me back onto his cock.
damn, didn't know it went all flashy. guess things work different here. i'll continue without the ">"

she asks "so anon, is it as easy as you thought ?
shake my head "no... he's big"
proceeds to fuck me infront of his girlfriend.
calls her to him to make her watch how he's balls deep inside me "see ! i'm not too big"

she tries to be kinky "so how does it feel getting fucked like a whore anon" ?
ignore it and lay there doing my best to take it all.
he goes really hard. to the point where it's kinda painful
feel a strange feeling in my gut and start to drip some cum
have an orgam, feels way different than anything before.
she loves it "omg anon did you jsut cum like a girl ?"
i spasm slightly and tighten my ass
he grunt and hammer in balld deep
cums inside me.
pulls out and slaps one of my cheeks.
pulls his pants back up, while i just lay there, bent over

after a smirk from her they kinda go back to what they were doing
i follow after a minute or 2 and sit newt to them watching tv for a bit
stays really quiet, but not sure what they're thinking>
i leave shortly after, i was supposed to anyway.
>second time , this sunday

-hang out like we usually do, watching tv, not awkward as i expected
-a few hours pass by, things seem pretty normal again
-only staying for another 20 minutes, think nothing'll happen.
-i was wrong
-she scoots up closer to me and takes my hand and moves it up her skirt
-no panties
-i look at me my friend, he's watching but doesn't say anything.
- she leans in to me
-"what are you waiting for anon ? eat me out"
-seeing how last time went i get to it
-get on my knees in front of her spread legs
-move skirt up and start kissing her pussy
-getting into it
-see him whip his cock out and start to stroke it as i'm going down on his gf.
-first time i've seen it, thing's huge
-figures he's the one who wants to watch this time"
->work on her clit, doing my best
-didn't notice him getting up
-she grabs my hair pulls my head up
-he's next to me, and slaps my face with his cock
-she's still holding on to my hair
-"come on anon, open wide"
-kinda weirded out and cought of guard,didn't plan to suck cock. don't know how
-hesitantly open my mouth, i was just eating out his girlfriend afterall.
- slides cock into my mouth
-"good girl" she starts moving my head for me
-really tough on my jaws, girls make it look easy
-"come on, use your tounge or something"
-hesitate and try to move my tounge around it but not alot of room in my mouth
-after a few minutes "you really suck at this"
-she pulls my head off of him and "fine, back to me then"
-get back to eating her pussy
-enjoying this alot more
-minutes later feel my pants being pulled down
-try to look behind me
-pulls my head back into her pussy "shh, let it happen"
-feel something cold drip on my ass
-i assume lube, definitely more planned than last time
-pressure is building up, feel my ass take in the head
-"thaaat's it. good"
-try to focus on relaxing untill most of it's in.
-"don't forget me" she urges me to continue
-slowly get back to her pussy
-he goes slow for a while, seems to last longer than last time
-picks up pace
-thrusting hard
-have to hold on to her to stay in place, can't really do much to her anymore
-look up at her, she doesn't seem like she's worried about her own orgasm anymore
-he grabs my hair again pulling it hard
-looking straight at her
-she's rubbing her pussy looking at us.
-slams in hard ,feel his balls slap against me
-after a few more thrusts i start to cum.
-again she's very amused by it "god you're a bitch"
-keeps hammering in me
-she looks at him and then back at me
-looks at my face and puts a hand on my cheek
-he starts to grunt and empty his load inside me
-she smiles "that's it, take it all"
-finishes shooting his load and lets go of my hair
-exhausted my face falls into her lap
-i slowly pull my pants back up
-he leaves to the bathroom
-sit up next to her "fuck... is he always that rough ?"
-"not usual, but he really goes to town on you"
-notice i'm already 5 minutes late
-leave before he gets back.


that's about it, i(m not completely sure how i feel about what happened. but i did like alot off it. i've never bene into guys but somehow the toughness and domination did something for me, but i'm not sure how far this could go
hot! i might have drooled a bit while reading. maybe.
thanks. and it was good, though i'm still pretty sore.i m' not sure if this is really looking like forced feminization but someone noticed they only refer to me as a girl and said it looks like that's where they're heading
hard to say. but i dont think it is forced. you would have had to at least object in some way for that to be the case, dont you think? from the outside looking in, i suspect that if you were to say 'no more' then your friends would leave it be. not sure you could ever go back though. and it does not seem like you want to stop. i would not either.

a cautious person would suggest that you set some boundaries. but then, that might break the excitement in a way. i hope you can trust them to back off if they go too far and you let them know it.
If you can, try to have a talk with them about it.

What does this mean? Do they plan on telling anyone? Is it going to be possible to just hang out as friends anymore or will things be changing.

Don't get me wrong, this sounds ridiculously hot, but communication is pretty darn important.

At the same time, you may not want to ask too many questions. Part of the allure of these encounters seems to be that they're coming by surprise. The second encounter seems thought-out and planned in a really creative and hot way, and you don't want to spoil that if you like it.
i do think they'd let it be but i'm not sure. the second time i really wasn't planning on letting the same thing happen again, but when she let me eat her out i really thought i was going to get to fuck her. after that i kidna felt obligated to open my mouth for him after going down on her. dicks really never appealed to me, but when they just did what they wanted with me.. i dunno it did something for me. even though i'm generally not into it. i feel like if i talked about boundries i'd hate it afterwards.
i know they won't tell anyone, and i do think we can still hang out as friends. on the second time it was a pretty normal evening. but hard to say if that'll stay that way
Hey I'm the person who referred you here.
What's great here is that you can keep up updated through the next few weeks because this board is so slow.

I'd say don't speak up and set boundaries and trust them. They seem like decently adjusted people and you've known them for a long time. It's the random strangers that you meet in the BDSM/fetish scene that you should discuss boundaries with. As soon as they mention something that is WAY too far for you,(if that ever comes up which I don't think it will) put your foot down very hard.
I don't think they would get extremely weird with it ever.
This sounds so hot, you should totally keep going along with it if you like being treated as a girly fucktoy OP!
If you want it to happen, then kick things up a notch:

>buy a slutty pink thong
>wear it to your friends house the next time you visit
>wait for their reaction when your pants get pulled off
and wear a small lubed up plug to cut down on soreness and recovery time.
i"m not sure. like i mentioned earlier in thio thread on the second evening i really wasn't planning on letting him do it again. but once she pulled my head up by my hair and he slapped my face with his dick i just... couldn't say no anymore. i don't really want it but the namecalling and "forcing" did so much for me.
i don't know if i want to be. i'm not a girly guy or ever fantasized about it, but when it happened i didn't really want it to stop ? also i'm not sure yet show much of this is them trying to treat me like a girl or if the stuff his girlfriend said was just random

Stop lying to yourself. If you didn't want it you would have never gone back there again.

>just buy the thong

Think of it this way, do you think a girl who was sexually abused by friends would hang out with them again a few days later?
Of course not.

You want it, you're just not ready to admit it yet.
>just admit it and be happy
i honestly didn't know if it was just a joke gone too far or something the first time. second time i basicly thought he wanted to watch this time because she did the first time, maybe they wanted some kind of swinging thing, seemed to go that way when i was going down on her. but then.. wel, you read the story

Actually, even better idea.

>instead of buying a thong and showing up in it, when you get there, ask to use the bathroom
>go into their dirty clothes basket, or bedroom drawers, and find a pair of her panties
>put on the sluttiest pair you can find, put your pants back on, and wait for it to happen

I can guarantee she'll love it.

Make sure they're easily identifiable.
Plain back panties etc could be anyones.
Make sure she knows they're hers the second she sees them.
i can't say i'm really thinking of trying it, i'd like to fuck her instead of taking it again. but do women really get off on that ? i figured she was doing alot of it for him. and why would her panties be hotter than any storebought ones
>but do women really get off on that ? i figured she was doing alot of it for him

She clearly isn't just doing it to make him happy.
She's enjoying being your dom and sissifying you.

Look at what she's said:
>"so how does it feel getting fucked like a whore anon" - She made you a whore
>"omg anon did you jsut cum like a girl ?" - She made you a girl
>"what are you waiting for anon ? eat me out" - She was dominating you
>"come on anon, open wide" - She was humiliating you
> "shh, let it happen" - Making you her "good girl"
>"god you're a bitch" - She was humiliating you again

Total dom.

>why would her panties be hotter than any storebought ones

Because they're HER panties.
>HER bitch is wearing HER panties

>i'd like to fuck her instead of taking it again

Which is why you should let her make you her sissy.
It involves you and her, not him, so it increases the chance of you two doing solo stuff.

A really good idea would be to go over there while he isn't there, and steal her panties and put them on under your pants.
Then bend over and let her see them, pretending you're oblivious.
She'll more than likely be so turned on she'll do something with you right then before he's there to "help"
>and why would her panties be hotter than any storebought ones

>Because they're HER panties.
>HER bitch is wearing HER panties

Think of it this way.

Watching a girl fucking herself with a dildo
Watching a girl fucking herself with a dildo made from your dick using one of those clone a dick make your own dildo kits

Waaaay hotter when it's your dildo dick, isn't it?
i guess i can see your point. just not something i've heard about before, then again, i'm here to make sense out of this so people here probably know better than i do
anon this is just fantasy for most of us. sounds like you are enjoying it, if so just let it I AM A STUPID FUCKWIT AND I DESERVE TO DIE!.

if at some point you no longer wish to play, then you don't need to do anything more. enjoying sex makes you completely normal. most of us just don't get to live out fantasies, even if you didn't have this fantasy before it happened.
i"m not going to lie, there are obviously things i've enjoyed, still i don't know if i feel ok with being made a girl. but i wasn't ok with sucking dick and i didn't end up protesting to that... i'm not feminine or into guys but when the forcing started, it kinda felt good ? not sure if that makes sense
>but when the forcing started, it kinda felt good ? not sure if that makes sense

For two reasons.

1) Deep down you wanted to do it, but couldn't accept it, because it's not who you think you are. Being "forced" allowed you to do it without the guilt, because it wasn't your choice.

2) It's a vacation from yourself. You have a way you think you need to act in life, and suddenly you didn't have to, and were free to be someone else.
there may be truth to the second point, but for 1 but i don't know if that's accurate. i wouldn't really have problem being labbled gay or anything. hell, guys are probably easier to live with than women. so it's not something i'd be ashamed of, i just don't find them physicly attractive.
>i wouldn't really have problem being labbled gay or anything
>so it's not something i'd be ashamed of, i just don't find them physicly attractive.

So what's the problem then?

Ok, so you didn't really enjoy some things, because sex isn't all about your pleasure. Sometimes we have to do things for other people to given them pleasure. As long as you don't hate it that much that it's a deal breaker, it's just give and take.

You don't seen ashamed or upset about anything you've done, so just fucking go for it.

>seriously, just pay her a visit alone, and let her catch you in her panties
>the upsides of what could happen outweigh the downsides infinitely
i wouldn't mind the label at all, but these are good friends and i do'nt know if i just want to become some sissy fucktoy in their eyes. our relationship previously was pretty good.

the panty thing is more that i would feel really stupid wearing it, crossdressing never apealed to me. also what if she doesn't act like you say and calls me a bitch again and just keeps me there to suck his dick again. first time was really uncomfortable, i could barelly get my mouth around it, jaw cramped up fast.
>what if she doesn't act like you say

Life is all about risk...

Just stop pretending you don't want it to happen.
If you didn't want it, you wouldn't be here.

I think what you're really struggling with, is giving up power.
Your main goal seems to be to try to spin this situation to your advantage.
And if that's your goal, you'll fail. They clearly want you to be their submissive, and won't let you "top from the bottom".

Just stop fighting it, and have some fun. What's the worst thing that can happen?
if it were just randoms i'd agree with you. if things go to far just leave, but there have bene great friends for the past 10 years. and i really don't have alot of them so i'd like to prevent losing them.
>great friends

It's better this way.
At least they'll have concern for your welfare and not just use and abuse you.
At the end of the day while this is undoubtedly hot, just make sure you feel comfortable with what you are doing before taking it further, otherwise you'll probably get upset.

It at least sounds like you enjoyed it, so I dont think its completely one-sided. I think if you let them know what you want out of it they will reciprocate, assuming they aren't just using you as a walking talking sex toy.
this makes sense, the only potential problem i have with that is that i only started getting into it when they did things without my explicit consent. i feel if i talk about it i could lose that and just hate it then. i'm probably not making much sense

They didn't force you to do anything. You wanted it.

Like I said:
> Being "forced" allowed you to do it without the guilt

You're just trying to convince yourself that you didn't have a choice so you're not responsible for your actions.

>if you were a college girl you'd cry rape after a one night stand
i know i had a choice, that's why ther forced is in parentheses, i could've said something at anytime, but once they just did whatever they wanted, i did get turned on enough not to say no. maybe it's more about domination than it is about being feminized for me, but the consensus seems that for them the feminization thing is what they're after.
>maybe it's more about domination than it is about being feminized for me, but the consensus seems that for them the feminization thing is what they're after.

That's kind of how a power exchange works.
If you loved and enjoyed everything they made you do, then are you really giving up power?

You're just trying to "top from the bottom".

Or in other words:
You're not meant to be enjoying what they're making you do, you're meant to be enjoying that they're making you do it.
get one thing straight: she is not going to fuck you. whether you wear her panties or not. whether her boyfriend is there or not.

and be careful with the panties idea. that has a very good chance of backfiring. between the two of you, the two pieces of ass her man is tapping, she has the power. she makes the choices. but if you start choosing instead, she may come to see you in a competitive way subconsciously. not a good thing for the friendship or for the sex.
she is not going to fuck you

How could you possible know what she wants to do or not do?

>and be careful with the panties idea
>she has the power

And submitting to her gives her the power she craves.
"How could you possible know what she wants to do or not do?"

this coming from the poster that said: "I can guarantee she'll love it." ??

OP, she is not going to fuck you. and the panties idea is a bad one. but if it appeals to you then by all means go for it. good luck.

I think you're just jealous and want to ruin it for him

definitely envious. but i dont want to ruin it. quite the contrary. i want to read about it. every new encounter.

but you are making a HUGE amount of assumptions and are coming from one singular viewpoint with all of those assumptions. your own viewpoint. can you truly not even allow for the possibility that the woman in question could react in ways that differ from your assumptions?

one thing that is obvious though, is that she is not going to fuck him. that is as plain as can be.
>one thing that is obvious though, is that she is not going to fuck him. that is as plain as can be.

You should use your amazing psychic abilities to win the lottery every week.
Real girl here. I for example would be highly insulted if you steal or wear MY panties.
If she instructs you to put her panties on.
You do.
That is submission.

If you put her panties on without being told.
Without even asking.
That is the opposite of submission.

And that will likely piss her off.
Don't do it.
>Real girl here

Getting your dick cut off doesn't make you a "real" girl

Listen to these two. Do not steal/wear this womans panties.
Yes, it is possible that she might like it upon discovery and be happy about it, but odds are strong that the reaction will be other extreme because a girls panties are very personal to her and you should ALWAYS ask permission first before wearing ANY womans panties. If she likes idea, she let you know if it's ok.

Either way, if you do that anyways be prepared for a very strong reaction from her that may cause you to lose favor in this womans eye and I do not think you should risk losing her favor. You need her to like you. Not be mad at you.

What I think you should do is to buy your own panties. Preferably pink crotchless panties that you wear under your own undies. That way you get the thrill of them being discovered and give them added thrill when they discover them.
You can also leave them on during festivities.

This will be a guaranteed win for all parties involved. I feel very confident in saying that it will be a huge turn on for her, when finding you in them.
If nothing else, she will certainly want to know where you got them and if you bought them yourself. Which you must do if you do this. Stealing them from some innocent girl is wrong.
Go to store and tell sales lady its gift for your girlfriend. Buy a bra to match, too. It will make your purchase look like completely normal Vday present. Have them gift wrap it.

After all, valentines day is coming up. If there is EVER a time it is safe for any guy to buy girl lingerie safely, it's in weeks prior to valentines day. Anyone who sees will just think you being good boyfriend.

Also, as for just staying friends only, that my friend is most likely no longer an option. If you put your foot down and say no, but want to keep relationship same as before, it will either become weird feeling for you or them or both, or if everyone pretends "nothing happened" (lol) she will inevitably make little comments from time to time or otherwise tease you about it, as she now knows you like it, but are suppressing it.

After all, you never verbalized any resistance AND you came back and let it happen again.

Once is being curious.
Twice, experimentation.
Thrice becomes habit.
Fourth time signals addiction and you go back countless times from there and become her little bitch boi as long as she wants.
Fun times for you, my friend!

Had you stood up and said firm no right at the beginning, that would have been that and things stay normal. But now, all of you know that his cock been in you both ways and you cum from it. You really think things just go back to the way it was before? Every time you see each other now on, whether said or not, that's the first image that will be in mind about each other. Good luck with that.

You should just have fun with it and see where they want it to go. If they cross lines you don't want crossed in future, you can say so at that time. You tell them, "i am ok with this, but not so much with that. Can we do more of this and not that?"
Whatever "this" or "that" may be for you.
OP here, i wasn't planning on doing it, taking one from her is kinda weird and intrussive, and it's not at all what i did engoy about these encouters,i have no desire to actually act or dress like a girl. the part that made me let them do everything up till now is that they want me to do it don't ask for consent.

i don't agree with some of the "daddy" posters comment, but he does describe it pretty accurately when he said

"You're not meant to be enjoying what they're making you do, you're meant to be enjoying that they're making you do it."

sucking dick etc or being a girl never appealed to me, so what made it exciting is that they made me do it anyway. so in that sense getting panties etc on my own would kinda remove the part that i enjoyed most so far.

not sure if that makes sense, especially since i was never FORCED to do it, but the fact that they seemed to act like i didn't have a choice regardless was enough.

i felt this especially the second time, i wasn't planning on letting him fuck me again, and really not suck his dick. i went in because of her. but once the tables turned again i got turned on because they acted like it was something i HAD to do
that being said, i don't know if it's worth ruining the friendship but most people think that's already too late.
>>sucking dick etc or being a girl never appealed to me, so what made it exciting is that they made me do it anyway. so in that sense getting panties etc on my own would kinda remove the part that i enjoyed most so far.

Nothing wrong with that. If that's how you feel, then by all means just keep doing what you are doing. Go visit your friends and hang out often. Sounds as though you are getting exactly what you like and a lot of people don't get that. So enjoy!
So has he fucked your sissy ass again yet, bitch?
>OP here, something happened again this saturday.


-arrive, get greeted by her at the door
-is happy to see me, but acts fairly normal
-before we go to the living room asks i i can help her cary something downstairs
-"sure, no problem"
-get upstairs and go into room, it's dark.
-she stays outside and locks door behind me
-"the fuck ?"
-" turn on the light anon"
-click on light and see a top and skirt
-"the door isn't opening untill you put on your new clothes, oh and leave the boxers"
-speechless, this went fucking fast.
-"i... i dunno, i'd feel really uncomfortable..."
-"up to you anon, i've got time."
-don't do anything for 10 minutes, reluctantly decite to put on the top and skirt
-knock on the door "do i really have to leave my boxers ?"
-"you probably won't be wearing mens clothes here anymore, didn't get you panties yet, so it's nothing for now"
-feel nervous, not really the good kind.
-"fine... i'm ready"
-she opens the door with a big smile
-"now thaaat's better"
-awkwardly keep hand near my sides to keep the skirt down
-"don't be like that FEManon"
-she actually used female version of my name, feels shitty
-we walk downstairs and get into living room
-he's already sitting in the couch dick in hand "wow, didn't believe you when you said you could get her to do it"
-too embarrassed to look at his face, i walk to the couch and sit a faw places away, still keeping skirt down"
- she sits next next to him "i guess she's feeling selfconcious, lets take her mind off it"
-she puts her hand on his dick and strokes it for him. "i want some too anyway"
-starts sucking his dick for a bit then drops her pants and straddles him
-looks over her shoulder at me as she moves her panties away and lets him slide inside her pussy
-he feels great doesn't he ?"
-they start getting into it, probably fuck for 5 or 6 minutes
-can't keep my eyes off of them, get hard after a while
-start stroking myself a bit under the skirt, try not to let it show
-she notices "no no no, you won't do that here, if you want a dick, just tell me.
-get startled and let go of my dick immediately. "get over here femanon, now"
-as i hesitantly get up to walk towards them, she unstradles him and guides me on my knees infront of him"
- "see ? he's ready for you, you know what to do"
-slowly open my mouth and give it a lick. it tastes like her.
-"don't be shy" she stands behind me and moves my head down on him
-lets go of me and lets me suck it on my own.
-move up and down on shaft , try and use tounge on head when it's not too deep"
-do that for a few minutes, jaw starts to hurt like a bitch again.
-aperantly it's noticable "don't worry, always uncomfortable at first when you suck a real dick"
-after a bit she kneels next to me and pulls my head off "don't forget the balls" pushes my mouth towards his balls, his dick
resting on my face
-i pause for a little "don't give me that, go on" i open wide and try to suck his balls into my mouth.
-she jerks him off really fast as i have his balls in my mouth. she winks "he really loves that, won't be long"
-a bit later he starts to groan and tremble a bit.
-she suddenly pulls me off of his balls and makes me get my mouth around the head all the while she's still stroking fast
-he starts to cum inside my mouth, feel 3-4 big loads blast again the back of my mouth.
-some gets into my throat and i gag a bit "no, keep sucking, don't spill a drop"
-keep my mouth on it for a while after he stopped cumming.
-"that's it" she gently moves my head off of it. "now don't waste a drop. swallow it all"
-i hesitate, doesn't exactly taste great, but in the end i swallow everything.
-"that's my good girl"
-he lightly slaps my cheek with his dick "you're getting better at this, enjoyed it ? "
-"i don't know.. and the taste...
-she wipes some of the saliva from my chin "don't worry about it, you'll get used to it"

after that we kinda hung out like usual for a few hours but with the exception that they called me femanon and gave some remarks about the skirt sometimes. it was still awkward for me, but at that point the skirt didn't feel as weird as what just happened.
So are you enjoying it yet?
very hot! definitely drooled this time.
Sounds HOT anon, i'd love to be in your position!

Understandable though it's weird - if it's getting too much for you you know what to do.
She is really making you her bitch. First you sucked cock, then cock and balls - I bet next time she will have you licking his asshole.
yeah true

and goddamn, it is a fantasy for me but i wish it could come true... especially the way it happened with this anon, omg
anon's story so hot I barely believe its true.
keep with the updates either way.
OP not all of it yet. i disliked the clothes and sucking dick isn't that great, atleast if i get fucked i get something out of it. but i do like that they get me to do thing that i don't like. if that makes sense. most of the appeal comes from that.
still feels weird being called that, but at this point, i might be. still i do hope the asshole licking isn't on her mind yet. not his atleast
>but at this point, i might be.

Honey, at this point you are totally her bitch. Count yourself lucky, there are a million sissies who would love to be in your place right now. Too late at this point to do anything else but let it happen.
Anything planned for this saturday?
So any updates yet, bitch? :P
OP we're waiting for an update.
sorry it took a while. we didn't meet for a weekend and i've been busy this week so i wasn't able to post anything immediately.

-get greeted at the door by her
-while smiling pushes the clothes into my hands, "you know the drill"
-she leaves for the living room, i change into the clothes, panties aswell this time, little small but they fit
-join them, still awkward as fuck wearing the clothes
-they call me femanon again, but hanging out's pretty normal
-little while later they call me to sit next to them. him in the middle
-she "babe, wanna get spoiled by 2 girls?"
-she already starts unzipping his pants before he answers
-flops out his dick, already semi-hard
-she slowly strokes it, holding it up right
-"go on, you still need the practice"
-i hesitantly bend over it and take it into my mouth
-i feel it growing bigger in my mouth as she keeps stroking
-suck it for a while then move my head off of it and go along the shaft to let my mouth rest.
-as i go down the shaft she starts sucking on the head
-move head up and down the shaft
-feel her grip my hair and lead me towards his balls again
-don't open up immediately but end up sucking on his sack after a few seconds.
-we alternate a few times going all over his cock
-think he's about to come so i go down to his balls again so i don't have to swallow
-she wraps her lips around his cock and lets him cum inside her mouth.
-slowly let his balls out of my mouth and look at her
-she motions me towards her with a slight movement of her head.
-not sure what she wants, i get next to her.
-she moves her hand along the back of my neck and pulls me in.
-locks lips with me and dips my head back, but she isn't kissing me
-feel his cum slide into my mouth
-reluctantly swallow
-she smirks "goooood girl, you're getting the hang of it"

about an hour passes, maybe an hour and a half.

-they get pretty friendly with eachother
-ear him ask her about fucking but it's kinda quiet
-er face lights up "femanon, why don't you present yourself"
-i'm clueless "present ?"
-offer yourself, here on the coffee table... now"
-offer myself... ?" she interrupts "yes, now."
-i walk up to the coffee table and bend myself over it. my ass facing them.
-"come on, you can do better"
-i feel incredibly awkward, but i lay my head down on the table, open my legs more and pull the panties down enough to ensure access and a view.
-hear them get up and unzip, he gets behind me she hands him some lube and stands infront of me
- lube drips on my asshole
-her "i don't know why you're still so hesitant, you take it up the ass like a real slut."
- pressure on my ass, the head is pushing in
-grab the end on the coffee table and grunt softly "no i.. i don't"
- "don't lie.. you love it." i don't respond and relax my ass to take him all in
-isn't too long before he's going full pace
-keeps it up untill she notices i look like i'm about to cum
-she puts her hand agiinst his chest to slow him down and leans down next to my ear
-whisper "you wan't to cum right ? go on, ask him to fuck you hard"
-i got so close to cumming i don't really care/know what i'm saying
"f..fuck me.. fuck me hard"
- she is incredibly amused "see, ? you're my good little slut now"
-he starts hammering into me. it starts to hurt, but he's getting me so close so fast.
-few minutes later i'm cumming harder than ever before, extremely hard to even keep my body kinda still
-"haha, you're still the only girl i know that loves it up the ass this much"
-he doesn't let up, keeps pounding my brains out long after i've cum.
-probably another 5 minutes later he cums ramming me into the coffee table.
-she walks next to him and kisses him as he pulls out
-"oh wow... that's why i don't let him do my ass"
-i move my hand down to my ass and feel that i'm stretched wide open
-freaked out a bit at first but realize it'll probably go back to normal soon.
-feel embarrassed and pull my panties back up to hide it.
-he slaps my ass and gets up to go to the bathroom
- her "you took it like a whore though, he looooved it"
- more teasing and some "namecalling" after that but didn't have too much time left for awkwardeness
- go change into normal clothes before leaving and hope i don't walk weird after all that.
hot. i'm jealous. drooled again.
...Okay yeah that was totally worth the wait.

Really loving how much you seem to be enjoying all this!
OP living the dream we all wanted
I can't tell you how interested I am in finding out what the feminine name they call you is.
I'd love to see the outfit she makes you wear.
I need some advice...
I'M NOT OP (But I'm actually the one who referred OP here)

I answered a MW4M ad on Craigslist and they both want to dominate me. The Woman is 23 and kind of attractive. He doms her. She is his submissive and I would be her submissive. The 52 year old guy is kind of ugly and fat. He says that I will mostly be around the woman but I have to be open to having sex with both of them. And there will be strapon sex, dressing me up, and maybe chastity with a little CBT and a little pain.

What should I do /girly/?

I would suggest that if you do go into this encounter you set a safeword and establish some boundaries before you start. The choice of doing it or not is up to you, just remember that if they start doing something you're not comfortable with you have the choice to back out.
the woman is kind of attractive. she is also submissive. the dude turns you off completely. pass on this one. keep looking for better situations. never settle.
She is submissive but also has a Dominant side she wants to fulfill which is why the guy allowed her to look for a sub.

They said "9/10" times I would only be in contact with the woman (Mistress to me, sub to him) but I also had to be open with having sex with him too.

I'm scheduled to meet her tomorrow at a walmart parking lot...
I'll just talk to her and see what happens.
We might not even click
But she did also plan on giving me some lingerie and a pair of crotchless panties...

I feel like I'm not going to get much of a better situation. Plus I can always just say "Hey I've had enough of this guys. This just isn't my thing" or something and leave them, right?

We already have a safe word established and someone on 2+2 chan told me not to allow them to put me in bondage on the 1st visit.
very hot OP!

"I feel like I'm not going to get much of a better situation."

i understand that feeling. it is the exact reason that anyone settles for anything. but since none of the conditions are favorable, i would still advise passing. but you do take a chance on not finding something else as good. good luck. i hope you find what you are looking for.
I'm back
This is me

So I went ahead and met up with the woman at walmart today. She brought her 2 babies about a few months old and 1 year old. She was pretty cool and just was grocery shopping. I was really nervous. We just talked and chatted and got to know each other a little better.
She also gave me an assignment due Sunday night. I have to write an essay about what BDSM is and send it to both of them.

Some of the conditions are favorable I'd say. 9/10 times with a fairly attractive girl and 1/10 times with both of them is ok I guess.

Considering I also met them on CL and don't know of any other places of meeting someone else that is into it (fetlife isn't good), I figure I'll try some stuff with them and see if I like it.

I'm not locked in if I accept, am I?
Why the hell would you be "locked in?"

Last I checked (involuntary) slavery hasn't been legal for a while now
Well I know but are they expecting me to commit to them?
They are into BDSM stuff so I don't know if that is a thing in the community or something

a reasonable fear going in i suppose. but there actually IS a community precisely because that type of stuff is not a thing.
Involuntary slavery has always been legal in the US. Stop listening to your public school teachers and apply some basic critical thinking skills while reading the 13th amendment:
>Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
>except as punishment for a crime
If there are exceptions, it isnt really banned is it? The 13 amendment legalized, regulated, expanded and enshrouded the institution of slavery with constitutional protections. Many states and the federal law require prisoners to work.

>inb4 only the government can own slaves
See private prisons.
Take your political shit back to 4chan
Well /girly/... My experience was weird

So I met the guy and girl a little away from my house and they asked me to follow them. Well, we drove for an hour and a half...They said they didn't live that far away.

We get to their trailer and her brother (16 or 17) and her mom are in the living room taking care of the baby and infant.

They took an hour and a half trying to put the kids to bed.

We get to their master bedroom and she tells me to undress, fold my clothes nicely put them on the nightstand and get on my knees and wait for her to get out of the shower.

She gets out and puts on cuffs and a collar on me. Then makes me suck the guys dick after she sucks it for a little while. They say I'm in trouble for not emailing her and I had to get spanked. She, although being my Mistress as they said, had some emotional problems with hitting and so he had to spank me. He gave me 6 slaps. Not very hard though. Then he put nipple clamps on me and they were a little too tight. Then he got a flogger out and hit me lightly on my butt and balls.
He takes the clamps off and grabs my nipples way too hard. Then Mistress sits on the bed and tells me to kneel in front of her and jack off.

This is where it got very weird for me.

They here their baby getting fussy and decide to bring in the baby.

I still had to jack off for her and ask for permission to cum. I didn't even want to cum. I debated using the safe word but I didnt think it was a good enough reason. The guy was doing baby talk and trying to get the baby to go to sleep less than 3 feet away from me.
So I gut it out I guess, after 10 minutes of jacking off I cum (after getting her permission). I didn't even feel anything. It felt like a ruined orgasm.

After that they say play is over and we can all go to bed and that I can speak freely. I just sort of want to go to bed so I lay down next to them but the guy forces my head down to his cock. I'm confused because I thought we were done you know? I just say fuck it I'll suck him off. This old asshole has ED or something because it took him 30 minutes to cum. The first 10 minutes of my sucking was pretty good but after that my jaw got really tired. Then he came in my mouth without warning and held my head down.

I get an email the next day from Mistress saying "What did you like and not like about last night. Don't leave out anything and speak freely" I told her about the baby, worrying about STD's and cum, and a little too much pain to my nipples and that I was expecting more prostate/strap on stuff.
I then said I understand that they can't help if they have a fussy baby, and I didn't mean to insult her or make her mad, but that it was weird for me.

I haven't gotten a response. Usually she emails fast.
And these are the people who told me that open communication was a must...

SO...I think I'm done with them. Not a very good experience.

Also, they were STRAIGHT UP Trailer Trash. A 50 shades of Grey book was just on the living room table for her brother and mom to see. (Normal families don't leave sex stuff out for other family members to see right?)

It wasn't all bad though. They were considerate enough to hand me 7 dollars for gas money since they lived that far out.

a shame.

make sure not to settle again. young girls who are inherently submissive have a hard time making dominance feel believable. even if they like to explore that side and say and do the right things. it still usually takes a while before they are fully congruent with it. but make sure you are attracted to the next girl, or guy, or both.. not just 'kind of'.

I swear to god if you hijacked this thread and op doesn't tell us more I'm gonna be pissed
OP if this is real, expect to get put in chastity soon

Seems like this was planned from the beginning, they probably wanted to do this even when you were just friends.

That is if it actually is real
OP will be back
He posted on Jan. 2nd then again on Jan. 19
We're close to another update hopefully.

I was the person who referred him to the /girly/ board for this exact reason. So he could have a place to post over a very long arc instead of having to make a thread on 4 jackie CHAN every time he wanted to update people.

OP will come back to us one day. Maybe when he's fully feminized.
First off, super hot.

Second, ignore most of these people here. The next time you see them, slip her a note that says:

I'm not really into guys or feminization, but I love you two dominating and "forcing" me to participate in those things. I also don't want to lose my two good friends. I don't want to spoil the mood by talking about these things, but I think we should set a safe word or a "tap out" so everyone is okay.

Dull, yes, but it will save you all a lot of tears.
OP please come back soon with an update
nothing makes me sadder than OP not giving us an update to this yet. :(
(85.37 KB 500x345 wants.jpg)
>>inb4 they told about it / someone found out and op became an hero

That said, this shit is hot (and somewhat disturbing) as fuck. I wish op did not do that and will be back.
You jumped the A2M phase which I assume already took place.
OP come back :(
It's been more than 48 hours we should send out a search party for OP.
Every time someone bumps this, I think OP is back, then I am let down, come back OP.
bump (because of the spam)


Bump once again
He will return one day. It has been for told in the prophecy of clittys
op plz?
Real or not this makes my clit hard just thinking about it. In fact, any time in need a quick release this story does the job. Pls OP come back. I will do anything for you
can someone at least finish the story? horrible cliff hanger
op plis
...Fuck, OP. Reading your encounters left me at a loss for words. If they're legit I hope you return...


for the love of all thats holy, we need an update!
just bumping so others get the chance to read
OP can still come back, yall

this is pretty obviously fake/made up and since op is probably not coming back , could someone else finish it?
I saw the guy post on another chan before around the same time, so I think it might be true.

OP is probably just locked up in their basement, or maybe they just got bored because its slow here.

>i was totally hanging out at my 10/10 friend's house
>with her totally cool stud bf
>we was all talking about how they never do anal and stuff
>then i was all hey this until now totally straight guy could fuck my man ass out of the blue
>and he was totally like yeah man ass is probably something i could go for right now
>and she was totally like yeah just fuck my friend's man ass with no prep
> then he was all dominating me
>spit for lube
>huge dick (naturally)
>came all over the place from like five minutes of spit lubed, huge cock anal
>made me suck his dick
>he came because why wouldnt he come from first time oral from a dude
>fucked my ass several times
>came each time
>she got me woman's clothes
>totally fit
>now im in a "reluctant" forced bi relationship with a girl i totally wanted to bone but ended up getting boned instead
>oh btw here is "totally not OP" here with his story about finding a forced bi couple on craigslist
>goes horribly
>real life force bi couples are generally shit old creeps
>story and thread abandoned

yeah totally 100% real my dude, doesnt read like every erotic "my first time getting reamed by a formerly straight alpha hung stud against my will at first because i wanted to fuck his gf" story ever
In our darkest hour, he will return and finish his tale.
In our darkest hour, he will return and finish his tale.
That's it girls. Life is too short. I am contacting people on CL right now and asking them to help me re-enact this fantasy word for word. Does anyone know how to link this specific thread?
You could just right click and save the whole webpage and show them I guess
Someone should save OP's story for future anon enjoyment


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