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Open file (128.40 KB 1280x852 1053238157.jpg)
Sories Anonymous 04/02/2012 (Mon) 18:42:58 No. 2259

Good idea. I will read your recommendations and report back. In the mean time here's one I found.

Brad's Bitch
Brad is a loud and brash lady's man in college just to party whereas our protagonist is a quiet, introspective and serious student. Brad gets dumped by his girlfriend and decides to take out his sexual frustration on him with a drunken rape. Our protagonist is forced into cross-dressing and total submission.

It's long but so good. I fantasize being Chris/Candy.
I enjoyed that, thank you. In return, try http://www.nifty.org/nifty/transgender/young-friends/jennifers-love-story - it's not as good, but worth reading.
These stories are amazing, anyone who has sever want to become a feminized black cock slut should read them.
Another great written story:


I think it's only a bit unrealistic in terms of the huge amount of unprotected anal sex that woul infect the protagnoist with aids quickly.
Open file (103.90 KB 900x600 1331406596509.jpg)
anyone knows the fictionmania-story categories?

When everyone posts his favorite categories people could recommend stories.

So here are mine:

- Chemical or drug induced change
- Hormones
- (chemical) castration
- shrinking cock/testicles
- emasculation
- feminization of the body and mind
- shemales (but not in the active role)
- slow transformation
- transitioning
- Breast enlargement (natrual through hormones)
- Lactation


- age progression and regression
- diapers
- prom girly or fancy dance
- body suits
- mind altered, hypnosis brainwashed (mild form is ok but I loose interest when they become basically another person)
- The Operation

categories that I didn't mention are ok when they are combined with my favorite categories.
> no-go's:
> - prom girly or fancy dance

Nooooo, what's wrong with you? ;)

One of my fantasies is to wear a ball gown and look good in it, and to dance with a guy; to be held and pushed and pulled as he wills while I swing my ass and my skirts, hoping above all to catch a glimpse of lust in his eyes.

When I think about it I probably are ok with it but the stories who have this tag seem all to be stereotypical and always the same.

I'm from europe and this obsession with romantic prom-dance shit is a bit annoying but generally it would be ok if the story around it is good and doesn't just focus on the prom dance.
Here's a bunch of forced feminization stories:
One of my absolute favorites:


Has made me cum hard so many times. You'd think it'd get old after having read it about 20 times, but the last time I opened it up on the tail end of an epic 4 hour fap session and only made it halfway through before I exploded every where.

The premise of the story is a guy gets called out by his platonic female friend and her female friends for being a crotch watcher and wanna be cock sucker. He denies it vehemently , but his close platonic girl friend starts to break him down by talking about sucking cock and showing him pictures of big fat hard dripping cocks. Step by step she leads him closer to sucking down cock after cock after cock... It's marvelous!!!
Date Coach involves a male to female change. Great mental and physical changes.


some of the stories on WMM are really good... some are also not just stories. and they involve hypnosis, usually. the user journal section is harder to navigate but there's some good stuff in there too.
I had an idea for a story and was wondering if anyone has read anything like it or would like to write or suggest a place were I could request someone write it.

If you have seen Memento its about a guy who has no short term memory. He cannot remember the last 5 years of his life at all and he jut becomes aware of things happening around him. So he will just wakeup to the fact he is running away from someone with a gun and not know why.

My idea is the same thing in that a family man wakes up to being fucked by strange men over and over. You can write anything in because nothing need to be built up. It feels normal to him but he investigates how he came to be this way. Between being fucked and other perversions he pieces together what happened.

Turn out he got in deep with the mob and he could not pay them back. He finds a note which he wrote to explain that he sold himself as a slave in order to keep his family safe. To help him deal with his new life as a sissy fuck toy he has been feeding himself drugs that wipe his memory allowing him to be an ever ready slut.
cool story bro

This is a pretty good memory loss story, this is the first in the series.
I remember reading a story about a McDonald's worker who was forced to be a chola slut. Riding with Mexican thugs at a low rider competition. Can anyone find it for me? Thanks papis

>no more similar stories by author

I've emailed him several times praising his work. I basically told him that he wrote the masterpiece in the theme of forced-bi/forced cocksucing/coerced cocksucking stories and that all stories in said genre will forever be measured on a scale based on how it compares to Cocksucker by David73 on literotica.

Then after lapping his balls, I beg and plead for him to write another one. No such luck yet. No amount of dick sucking moves him to write another in the forced-bi/forced cocksucking genre. Maybe if instead of sucking his cock with praise and flattery, if I actually, literally, physically sucked all the cum out of his balls, maybe, just maybe then he'd write another one.

And for that last statement, to show you how good the story is, I probably would've never considered doing such a thing before reading that story. But now, after having read it and blasted of mega cum loads to it many times, I'd probably literally suck the fuck out of his dick as a deal that he'd write more stories. Hell, if it's big, and, fat, and juicy enough, I'd probably suck the hell out of it even if he said there's no way he's gonna write any more no matter how hard I suck him off.

Basically, what I'm saying is, that's a fucking awesome story and I crave another one from David73. You hear that Dave!? Write some more cocksucking stories or else we'll hunt you down, hold you down, and suck you off until your about to cum then stop, wait a while, and repeat until you've been edged, teased, and denied to the point that you promise to write a boat load of cocksucker stories. Seriously, you run the risk of being sucked off any minute now, better get to writing ASAP OR ELSE!

agree with both your sentiments

I've been going through his (David73) favorite authors though and this series is one of my favorites so far:
Thanks for that. I'll check it out shortly.
Again, David73, write some more cocksucking stories for a free bj, you fucker.
Thanks for that. I'll check it out shortly.
Again, David73, write some more cocksucking stories for a free bj, you fucker.
Wandrer writes about forced extreme change. Normally magical, but always very explicitly described. One of my favorite stories is here: http://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/wandrer/TheCall.txt
not sure if this qualifies but it's pretty hot
Anyone got interactive fiction? I love cyoa stories. And don't link me to the locked in lace one.
I'd love something like this too. LiL one really isn't that good, sadly.
He had some ideas for other stories it seems: http://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/david73/Read%20Me.txt

But he hasn't been active since 2007. He might have even died ;_;

It's a cruel world
Oh god, this was so damn good.
>But above all, he asked himself: Why do I feel so excited?
>This ends the first batch of St Odette???s stories. The series will resume next term ... after a break.

>Submitted by Mandi on Sun, 07/03/2011 - 23:42

When will the break end?!
Very good. Thanks.
Anyone got a good story about like a prom or dance (someplace where very girly clothes are the norm), where the sissy gets convinced to go as a girl, and winds up sucking/fucking a bunch of guys?
Thank you!
This be having might be more suited to the ageplay board, but i think it could also be posted here.

personally i tried to read it slowly, this is so damn hot all the way through.

This is going to be a little different, and long, but it's such a captivating story that i had to share

this is one long kinky story involving fucking and cock sucking. The only thing I don't like about it is the unrealistic touch it gets considering the protagonist sleeps with hundreds of men without protection and doesn't mind. Irl she would have aleready died of aids.

"This is going to be a little different, and long, but it's such a captivating story that i had to share


Heh, I'm actually the author. Just started browsing this site randomly a week ago when I googled on to the hypnosis thread. Thanks for the compliment, I have another story up here:


if anyone is interested.
This is being updated again. Awesome.
Before I found out about sissy hypnosis, I did find this story and I don't know how many times I came to it, but it's really my favorite story.


It's not super realistic or anything, just an enjoyable story. It's about a kid and his mother and a malicious doctor who diagnoses the kid with gender dysphoria, and tricks this boy's mother into going along with it, believing the kid doesn't understand and has to be 'helped' and also there are some sci-fi elements that never get explored.

It was probably going to turn into one of those multi-part sagas that got more and more terrible as it went along. As it stands though, there is only one part and it ends well before it gets ridiculous. It's a shame that at least a 2nd part didnt get written.
Did littleone ever continue Pretty Humiliating?
Open file (181.24 KB 900x1189 prettyhumiliating.jpg)
littleone has not continued past part 5. I used to email with him a bit but he has dropped off the face of the earth it seems. Really is a shame.
Some excellent Stories here, I especially like the 1st story, Danny Hates Shaving 8) So much I went back and read all 6 parts, So realistic! I wish I was Danielle.
Thank You So much for posting all these stories
Open file (194.71 KB 668x1024 7.jpg)

yeah I really like that one too. Sad that the other stories from the author are a bit weird.

Especially the focus on the changes of the body and the humoristic approach without being unrealistcly over-the top appeal to me.
Last Night I was listening to the "The White Squaw" and "My Sister" and almost fisted myself silly with 4 fingers ;) Felt Incredible.
I wanted to touch myself but I had on a Pink Silicone Chastity on purpose :) All covered in pink pyjama bottom.
I've been wearing my Tantus Ace Large buttplug for almost over a week and I'm not as tight as I used to be 8) I love it!.

>Last Night I was listening

did you put them in a text-to-speech-program?

These two are also really good. Somehow I'm too lazy for dressing up or using chastity devices and stuff. It's all in my head. But I would love to get on hormones.
Yes Textaloud with Acapella Heather's voice with -1 Speed is just right.
I'm gona listen to The Kitten Club part 2 tonight, Oh boy it's gud ;)
Is there a convenient way to acquire said voices? Torrents are coming up dry.
the whole blog is amazing. But this is my favorit story ever.
they are on warez-bb.org search for voices, I'd recommend downloading the ivona or textaloud programs or else the voices will not do anything for you.

This author is pretty amazing; it's hypnosis/mind control, what have you, but its still great, specifically 'Date Coach' and 'Role Modeling' (that's the crhonological order of those two stories). And they 'finish' too!

He has a series of stories on fictionmania.tv too.
I'm a hpeless sissy please send me anything sissyish.
I like this author. His stories are on the most extreme end of sadism torture and humiliation. The feminization fetish is a major element of most of them.


This is my favorite one. A boy gets tortured and turned into a sissy whore by his beautiful sadistic twin sisters, his wealthy aunt and her boyfriend.

Yeah, I've fapped to Vickie Tern's stuff many times. Bored of the stuff now though, each story is essentially the same thing.

It's always some sort of mid-life crisis with a nympho-libertine wife and a pliant docile husband. There's not enough fight in it.

yeah that puts me off too. Danny hates shaving is almost perfect for me but the other stories of the author are not that good sadly.
There's a story I've been looking for..I'm sure it's on Literotica, Fictionmania, or Nifty (yeah, that narrows it down). I can only remember the early parts...2 teenish aged guys, one thnking he may be bi, the other gay..they have sex while doing a youth group thing, with the bi one becoming subservient...has a part where their hanging out with other friends, a girl dresses the bi (now femme) guy in some red lingerie, and their just lounging and the gay guy orders the (now femme)guy to pull out his cock and suck it, to the disgust and thrill of their friends....

(and this description attempt is why I make captions and videos)

So... possible keywords...

reluctance, public, humiliation, red lingerie, feminization, cross dressing

Do you have anything that could possibly narrow it down?

you can also search on fictionmania for main character names, full text search in the description
Open file (5.12 KB 246x192 images.jpg)
Sadly no...If I could remember more details, I'd have found it already. I know it takes a turn for the more "authortarian" with the guy taking to caling the "girl" either just Girl or Slut (not using name) with some abuse..I generally stop around then as it gets into stuff that's not my bag.

sounds a lot like a story I read part of on nifty a while back, but it was in the college section... the gay guy bumps into the bi dude a few times, keeps pestering him to come to one of the meetings and finally convinces him to come... sound about right? At least this might help your search a bit.
There's a story I'm looking for where the main character is a guy working in a lingerie/sex store with a girl he has a crush on, and he steals panties from the store when he's alone there. When the owner catches him, she makes him into a sissy baby girl in diapers. When the owner catches the sissy masturbating she locks him in chastity.

I can't find the story and I can't remember the names in it. Anyone know what one I'm looking for? Thanks!
I was wondering if any of these stories involved characters that develop genuine feelings for each other? Anything else is fine but I'm a sucker for happy endings :)

That sounds like a story that was on Sissykiss but was removed. The author has plenty of other stories you would probably like though.

Anyone remember the author, I want to say it was PinkBra, who did great stories with images on Fictionmania? The best stuff. Stopped mid story though and all of the work was taking down. I'd love to get a copy of that stuff again.

The main story I remember was a young man who got a job at a dress shop and is slowly transformed by the increasingly feminine uniform requirements.

thank you! Always wondered were they'd go
Open file (362.92 KB 1280x1067 gay10.jpg)
Old retelling from 7chong
>> 8501

You are my hero

In recent time I feel more and more unable to read this kind of stories. Every time the feminization part begins, all I can think of is "why can't this happen to me?".

this story is amazing, definitely the best i've ever read.
I gave up when I got to the "Ramon Abrofo Booker, the brawny Haitian-Nigerian pirate captain looked down upon his newest prisoner."

No thank you Ramon. Keep your Haitian-Nigerian inheritance scams to yourself.
Any luck with this story? I'm dying to read it again!
Still looking for it!
That story was by Baby Bobby and was posted on Sissy Kiss. It was deleted for violating the site guidelines. The author has a ton of similar stories.


If you register and toss Bobby a private message he will likely be willing to send you a copy of the deleted story.

That is the scariest thing I have ever read. I came so hard too. Which is also scary. I didn't finish all of it, but holyfuckchrist.

Same here. I don't even know what to do anymore. I feel like I might go to a gloryhole soon and have my first black cock. I don't want to do this of course because of diseases and stuff.

But I probably am going to have my first black cock soon. I'll bring condoms to the gloryhole, I guess.

FUCK. I seriously would not recommend reading it. I want to do it unprotected.

I really liked Life With Brian and Danny Hates Shaving. I really only care for these when the changes are subtle and slow and the MC doesn't seem to be fully aware of what is happening or even somewhat willing. I also love it when they are given hormones/medication but aren't aware at first of what it does. I've checked out most of the stuff in this thread already but haven't found much else with plots along these lines.

Anyone have specific suggestions for my very specific taste?
interested in this too!

I think that's 'Secondary Education' by Tyla Flowers. Chapter 1 is here:

Open file (105.27 KB 478x637 image.jpg)
I Love my Life as a Sissy Baby Transvestite What's really important to me more than anything is that everyone knows I'm a Sissy Transvestite and I want to live full time as a Little Sissy Girl, my real name is Reed Barrow but I prefer to be called Sissy and I live in Everett, WA. If you already know me please don''t feel uncomfortable to ask me anything you like, I want my friends to know the real me and I want to keep you as my friend so please understand that I just want to be honest with everyone and myself. I guess a lot of people will think the worst but they will also never understand that people have there own lives and in general everyone wants to be different I think ? I've been a Sissy Transvestite since I was born and why would I want to change who I really am. I can’t imagine being born without this wonderful gift, I cherish my life in lace and frills and I adore wearing Real Baby Diaper's like Pampers. Huggies and Luv''s and Nursery Print Plastic Diaper Pants. Even though I’m a Sissy Baby Transvestite I can still think for myself and lead my everyday life, I don’t need a Supreme Being to give my life meaning nor do I need to follow most of the public in worship ( unless is to a Dominate Supreme Female ). I really think it’s such a travesty that most people are raised with hatred and bigotry of people and races of which they are not involved or associated with. We as Sissies are the kindest and sweetest people anyone could ever meet. Even so I will always live my life as a Sissy Baby Transvestite and take solace in knowing that I truly am a wonderful and special person. If you know a Sissy or ever meet a Sissy try and bring yourself to experiencing all life’s wonders and you may find that new and very special close personal friend in life. It takes more Courage to be a Sissy than to be a Macho Dork. I hope you''ll want to know more about me so I''ve listed a number of websites with many more photo''s and much more information about me and my life as a Sissy Baby Transvestite. I''m hoping to one day very soon throw all my icky male clothing away and wear Baby Diaper''s and my very pretty Sissy Dresses only for the rest of my life. And finally be the little Sissy Girl Transvestite I was meant to be forever.
Open file (72.70 KB 512x512 image.jpg)
I'll do it me me me please , I'm trying as hard as I can to out myself so strongly and wide spread that I'll be recognized no matter how far or where I go.
Open file (34.13 KB 514x352 1372830651119.jpg)
I read a story exactly like this, it's short but it's one of my favorites!

can anyone help provide links where the guy believes he is straight, and through subtle mind control/cuckoldry/manipulation he is changed over time?

In return, my personal favorite series of all time. "The Party"

sissy boy

I thought these were really good. Sounds like the sort of thing you're looking for.

Thanks :)
Are there any good sites for sissy stories which are interactive? Like a choose your own adventure sissy story?
i am a good domestic

Great story up until the ending
The Feminization Station lists some nice stories here, and check out the other page that has extra episodes of Girl-A-Matic: http://feminizationstation.blogspot.co.uk/p/my-favorite-feminization-fiction.html
Likes: Slow Changes, Teenage Protagonists, Crossdressing, Passable Protagonists, "Realism", Becomes Exclusively Androphilic, Becomes Disinterested in Females/Gynephobic.

Dislikes: Age Progression/Regression, Body Swap, Instant or Magical Change, SRS, Sissies, Mind Control/Hypnosis, Excessive Violent/Verbal Harassment, Baby Protagonists, Adult (college+) or Physically Masculine Protagonists, Protagonist Aroused By Feminization, Emphasis on Underwear.

This first one is absolutely the hottest one I ever read

"The Photographer's Assistant" by Teresa Ann Wood

Followed by another from the same author

"Prince Of The Realm" by Teresa Ann Wood

"G11 Mistaken Identity" by Sarah Bayen

"No Half Measures" by Jenny Walker

"Epiphany" by Sarah Bayen

"New Job" by Teresa Ann Wood

"The Golden Palace" by Joe Six-Pack

"The Contestant" by Teresa Ann Wood

"Lipstick Discipline" by Amber P. and Daphne

"The Best Night of My Life" by BigSarah

"Gaby" by Maddy Bell

"The Saddle Bride" by Teresa Ann Wood

"Better Off" by Pink Bra

"Not One of the Girls" by Sarah Bayen

"Pirates and Maidens" by Pamela

"Camp Shoni" by Pamela

"Shisutaabooi" by Joe Six-Pack

"Just Girl-Friends, Best Girl-Friends" by Pink Bra

"The Magic Sisters" by Pink Bra

"Sex Changes Clinic" by Pink Bra
anybody interested in buying and sharing some of this stuff?

have tg comics "roadtrip" comic:

I'm currently working my way through these, the Teresa Ann Wood ones are fantastic, I love the how the protagonists are surprised/embarrassed to find themselves enjoying being on their knees ;)

also I especially love how once the protagonists find themselves enjoying it, they get to be humiliated for being such a thirsty sluts like in >>11952 "The Party"

I'm just getting into stories so I don't have much to share, but I can recommend some Milovanas:

anything by pigjoy: http://www.milovana.com/webteases/#author=12040



Open file (29.13 KB 395x594 1 (598).jpg)
hmm, more like this I think

another in my top 5
Open file (92.66 KB 1200x900 1323840335297.jpg)
Anyone has some stories where a guy is completely straight, but his mind is changed against his will and he becomes attracted to guys? Even better when he's aware of the changes and hates it.

Of course it should be feminization/TG themed.


although I had better ones in mind but I can't remember how to find it

u got more? SUPERHOT!
Is anyone else the same, whereby a protagonist who is a working, fully grown adult, with a wife, is instantly a non-starter? In other words, conditions which you can not take the feminization seriously?
Thank you, I actually read it already some months ago but I read it again after you replied to my post.


While I think the story was hot and let you forget about theat fact I think there are too many sotrywriters out there who are stuck with their fetish for decaeds in their marriage.

It gets even more ridiculous when they have captions like showing a twen/teen-girl and the caption is like: "today my wife caught me in her lingerie". Why not make them a young couple, stundents etc.

I also just can't believe this shit when on fm the character is 30+ and passes flawlessly after they get him a wig and a makeover.
I don't understand how it is that this fetish is so huge, but we still don't have a centralized source which indexes fiction, compiles and recommends by niche and popularity. Visiting FM is 90% of the time wandering through utter shit before giving up.
Well done well done!
This femdom/forced-bi one kind of touches on that: http://www.literotica.com/s/the-gaymaker
I have posted some of my favorites on this page, and I am now asking for some help. I have been reading a story on FM, where a man and women change bodies. The girl likes being the man and the man is slowly losing himself in the girly/slutty/dumb female. It is ongoing. I read it this year, but now cannot find it. Want to know if the author has continued/finished it. Thanks for any help.
>>Baby Protagonist

Wait, what. WHAT. That just...NO!
You know what is meant, those who like this


I don't know what is worse, baby or fully grown adult/husband feminization. Exclusively teen feminization FTW!
there was a story I read that was about a college student whos girlfriend of many years goes missing, and he finds out she had been kidnapped and working as a whore in a brothel. The owner giver the boy a chance to save her, by having him live at the brothel under her conditions. Can't remember if i read it here or not.

This sounds amazing. Would also like to know what this is.

fuck that was really good
That does sound good, can you remember anything else about it?
He eventually get turned into a school girl type fantasy, the brothel makes him drink a formula to slowly change him, and the woman promises him he can have his gf back and see her once a month, if he convinces her to leave.
Hot plot/idea, pathetically lazy writing though. Damn thing reads like a wikipedia article summary.
Any more stories? I'd hate to see this thread die
Yeah more is needed!

Though perhaps as this is a place of more explicit or visual sissy fetishism, that there are less here who enjoy the subtleties of fiction. Though the erotic build up in good fiction has produced some of my most powerful orgasms. In my opinion, no one can judge fiction until they have read Theresa Ann Wood's "The Photographer's Assistant" on fictionmania!
Does anyone know the name of the story where a teen is feminized by an older woman as a replacement wife for her husband and mother of her child?
Sadly that is not what I am looking for, there was a phrase I remember " Are you feeling trapped yet?" this was in regards to being a mother to the child. The answer was always no.
Tryng to locate a story from several yrs ago about young guy that was sent to prison feminized . Started by peeping in on a couple guys in trailer that fucked him silly. Was graphic written by ex-con that offered a prison role play in Florida I think. Anyone else see this? Thank you
Does anyone have one where a guy gets turned into a full blown girl by magic and that any cum inside him will keep him that way forever?
Came here to find something like this. Especially where the transformed guy knows that if they get cummed in it's a permanent transformation
What's the one where the guy gets cursed by a witch so that whenever a guy saw his butt they'd turn gay? I'm pretty sure it was posted in this thread but I can't find it
it's in /gay/ by some guy pretending to be straight.
Can you link it? I seem to be overlooking it.
Oh my GOD
Hopefully you guys can help me. I'm looking for a story that I read a while back, but can't find it again. I thought it was called Stepmother knows best. It's about a stepson whose father is away on travel and he keeps on being punished by his stepmother by making him increasingly feminine. It starts out by making him wear panties, then bra, then padded bras.. and then as the story progresses, he gets sent to school to learn how to make dresses. Along the way he runs into an old female friend/gf and tries to hide his feminization from her, ultimately only ending up marrying her. Of course, he's the one wearing the white dress..
Stepmother knows best is on fictionmania. The author is Aaron Zwidling (?) and it's one of the best stories on the site. Bit difficult for me to link to it from my phone right now, but if you find it - post it here.

Highly recommended. Old school forced feminization, takes it slowly and every step of the way just adds to the weight of inevitability.
Thanks so much! Here's the link to Stepmother knows best:

i want to chat with mistress to train me as sissy
Open file (109.02 KB 458x990 1278711553.jpg)
i love to be kept in diaper and uniform and bondage all the time
Anyone have any stories that are in first person point of view, of someone being hypnotised into being a sissy?
Me too, bro, me too.
Thanks, really enjoyed The Setup.
I LOVE stories about guys getting forced into being a sissy slut. The less willing they are, the better.

My favorite of all time:

Drinking games/Video games

Brian is tricked into wearing his halloween costume (french maid) during a game of truth or dare. It turns out it's a setup to trap him into a life of sexual service at the hands of 3 very dominating men.


"Mom's Unique Punishment"

Danny is caught shoplifting and as punishment is forced to live as a girl. Partway through his cousin takes advantage of the situation to get himself a "girlfriend"


"High School Sweetheart"

Kevin shaves his legs for swim team. The guys find this opportunity worth seizing and Kitty is born.


Anyone have some others like this? Straight guy turned into sissy slut against his will
Sure we often use the word "sissy" to describe this fetish, but generally it seems that our fiction can be divided into two categories. On one side there are well thought out, subtle and effective situations of antagonizing emasculation. On the other side there are exercises of trying to fit a narrative around as many of the crudest buzzwords/phrases in the fetish.
I agree with you. Would you say the stories there are the latter?
By the way some of the are described.

On the first page of the first link I tried, the word "sissy" was used three times and another three times in the phrase "sissy faggot".
What's all this, now?
I hate the word sissy now. I love hard M stuff, but not when it feels creepy to read or like the author just phoned it in like you describe. That's why my favorite to read is usually anime doujins where the MC escalates his crossdressing fetish over the course of 100 pages.

Ohh. I'd love to read this kind of stories, too. Do you have any references, please ?
I think that with captions and "hypno" video clips etc, the fetishism of this generation is generally dumbed down to the level of cheap verbal harassment. It is like growing up on Justin Bieber and then discovering music with quality, which in this context would be discovering some genuine classics of tv fiction. Nothing is more powerful in this fetish than being fully engrossed in the tension of an intelligent author's carefully crafter build up, to then be struck by a devastating punchline.
Open file (708.46 KB 800x800 1401186230205.png)
>carefully crafter stories
lol Descartes sucks

I suck, therefore I am?

Maybe "Drauci ergo sum"?

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latin_profanity

Damn, who said there was no kulchur hereabouts:)
Anyone have stories of a group of sissies submitting together? something like:


and http://www.literotica.com/s/bobby-in-the-bar

And here's a couple of hot stories that I don't think have been posted:
This one is really long but very good and will give you tons of chances to cum:

I know this is probably asking WAY too much, but has anyone ever come across professional level stuff? As in, you could see this published?
The works of Teresa Ann Wood, Sarah Bayen and Jenny Walker (>>13046)
I wrote this story last summer when i was stuck for something to do. Only just got round to proofreading it and uploading it. This is just the first part of it, there should be two more on the way.


It's in more of a forced-fem vein. Your classic, revenge on an asshole boyfriend story. Just though I'd post it here to see what you guys think.
Does anybody know of more stories like the following to. (*not* forced, with wife and friends participating)

Key West Fantasy Fest (by Michelle bitv)

Gay for a Day (by By Jena Corso)
plz dont let this die T_T
These ones are okay. Some of the first stories I ever read. The author deleted them though and it took me forever to find them. I figure I should share my efforts.


That feel when my favorite author ever removed all of his stories on every online site a while ago and I didn't save them.

Vickie Tern is like sooo fabulous!!!
So annoyed most her stories are about married sissies, otherwise I luv these two:

I just want a story where a mother decides her adolescent son will never be a real man and decides to feminize her.

but there's no sadism, just lots of control, domination, and 'teaching', and the sissy enjoys themselves despite their confusion. A lot of these sissy stories have this element of some cackling witch-like creature or like some guilt-complex driving it. I just want a sissy domination story that's more Brave New World than Nineteen Eighty-Four.
Here's something different:
Forced Lives: Married Life by SpellCheck

It's about a young guy magically swapping bodies with a married 50yo housewife.
One of my favorites.
The Training Room

"Rating: XXX
A boy looses his parents and is transformed by a secretive organization who actions him off to the highest bidder. [Warning: Contains rape and many degrading scenes.]"

IMO it starts getting really hot after training and transformation are complete, when he's finally sold to his new owner. And I love how (s)he's conditioned to get hard on command while hating every second of his life as a slave throughout the whole story.
I read it so many times already (even though it contains a few scene that I don't like and have to skip).

The author has ("Little Tom") has pretty good stories, altough they're rather extreme. I like his "Hostage to Change" too, especially the ending.
I know that post is older than 2 years, but wow, "The Kitten Club" was one of the best feminization stories I've ever read.
10/10 would read again
Anyone knows stories in which a couple (guy+girl) transforms another guy?

It could be for example the transformed guy's sister and his bf, the transformed guy's gf (maybe ex) and her new lover, or just a couple that is friends with the transformed guy.
The victim should be unwilling, but it can be magical or realistic.
Is that normal that those two have broken my heart ? Am I too sensitive ?
Thanks for posting so many hot stories. Not a forced fem story but so well written just wanted to share.

Open file (39.38 KB 432x604 itsatrap.jpg)
On Fictionmania, there was an author called "Filthy Mind".

His stories were some of my favorites, unfortunately he removed all of them from Fictionmania and everywhere else on the internet because he became a semi-professional writer. I especially liked "Full of Grace", "Part of her" and "Sugarplum", but I never saved them :<

Does anyone have them and could maybe send them to my email address?
Me too! I read "Perfect", and it was so well written, but the conclusion was heart breaking. It's a much happier ending than a lot of the darker stories around here, but the story was written so well that I was really rooting for the main character!
Ughh come here to jack and end up staying up for hours following this drama. Didnt even end up masturbating.
Anyone have any recommendations for some real vulgar, rapey, stuff?

The previously mentioned http://humiliationstories.wordpress.com/ should be right up your alley - a lot of non-consensual stuff that gets pretty vulgar.
This is a fun story. It is about an automated feminization facility. It is semi voluntary.


Thanks - best story I have read in a while.
I really love this story - it build up beautifully and is all sweet and sentimental - as well as being well written.
Anyone know of any others similar?
This one is very good, its long but its sexy from the begining. And if you like BBC ts a must see.
wow that was amazing thank you!
Bumping to know the source of this interesting story!
Does anyone knows about stories where the main character is feminized in a series of "accidents" (planned all along by others, preferably females), where he is not aware of what's going on but enjoying where he realize he can't go back ?
Thank you.
I have vague memories about reading a story where a man wakes up to find he is now the maid / sexual servant / punching bag at a battered women's shelter? There may have been a car crash or something, but I feel his wife was in on it. Does anyone remember that one?
this is the best story in the thread. more like this please.
I read this one story some time ago and I was hoping someone could help me find it. Essentially it was a boy who is forced to dress up for his neighbor's father in his garage or something like that, and he eventually starts liking it.
Anyone remember one where a guy gets kidnapped after winning the lottery or something, told he's going be turned into a girl, and is dosed with a drug that causes blinding pain unless tablet is given every 24 hours? Instead of hypno, this is how the captors coerce him into being more girly/accepting what is happening.

It was quite in-depth when it came to describing the mental shift etc.
I think I might be remembering the story you're remembering. Not enough to find it easily, though. I saw it on ASSTR years ago if it was the same one.
I'm looking for a story too, maybe someone can help.
It was a magical transformation story. Plot as far as I remember:

The guy fell in love with a girl (on a bus I think) but the girl doesn't even know him.
He finds a gypsy witch's shop and she promises to make her fall in love with him. They make a deal that the guy will give her the money on the next day, after the spell is completed.
But the guy forgets about it and the witch transforms him into a girl.

That's only the beginning of the story, I think the guy was turned into his best friend's ideal girlfriend but I couldn't read the whole story yet so I don't know :<
I think it was on nifty.org
Yeah, I can't even remember where I read it sadly. And that is not a small database to be running through.
Hey guys I'm looking for a really long story that I read a while ago. It takes place on a interstellar space ship looking for a new planet to colonize. The main character is a boy that is slowly turned into a girl by the ship against his will. There are no parents on the spaceship I feel like all of the characters are in their teens. Eventually the land on a foreign planet and start to colonize it. The main character eventually becomes a fully functional female. I just remember the beginning being really hot. Any ideas?
Spellbound. I always think of it as the first story I ever read. : )

Wow, thanks a lot! :3
Hi, i already read the Sixpacksite stories listed here and i was wondering if anyone had new ones. thank you!
Anyone knows where to download ebooks?
More and more authors that previously posted their stories online are putting new ones on Amazon...
Yeah, that really sucks...
You girls might enjoy my story. It's about a guy forcibly feminized by his contI AM A STUPID FUCKWIT AND I DESERVE TO DIE!ing roommate. Leave me some comments or email your feedback if you like it :)




this is an old site (20 years) i ive known about since high school.

this is just the section labeled the other sex it has gender bending, magic, forced fem.

included there is the guinea pig which i can remember almost completely even twelve years after i first read it. it has abduction forced subliminal and surgery that actually reads as realistic so it sticks with you and is more believable.

theres been no updates since 03 though and it still has links on the bottom to a transformation webring
Very very nice!! Please keep updating! <3
This is some stories i love it consists of mostly forced feminization and are X rated:

1 older man helps a boy out of closet

2 Guy blackmails other guy to become his gf

3 A cross dressing renter gets discovered by his landlord

4 Bossed into panties great femdom and ff series and author too !

5 propably best interactive ff story out there

6. cought and hypnotized https://www.literotica.com/s/caught-and-hypnotized

7. blackmail ;)

8. another blackmail teens


Got loads more of this kind of stories maybe someone can suggest some more in simmilar fashion ? icluding ff, mm sex, blackmail but not magic ?
Does anyone know of a story where the master/ mistress can read the protagonists thoughts? I read a story once where the one being feminized couldn't even think bad things about her master, and that level of submission was really hot

I would love to see more of this type.



Here are two that I don't think have been put up in here. Both are blackmail, ff, no magic, X rated. Dessed as a girl starts off great but quickly deteriorates in my opinion. Only worth reading the first few in the series.
This sounds so hot !! :)
When you find the story please give us a link :P
Open file (177.91 KB 1000x900 1327902508570.jpg)
I'm in need of stories in which a straight male becomes a straight female (attracted to guys/dicks) against his will/forcibly (and hates it).
Whether it's magic, realistic change, hypnosis or sci-fi doesn't matter...

Please post your recommendations if you have any.
I really like gender role reversal stories or instances where an unwilling man gets caught in a spiral of increasingly girlhood.

I'm loving this new story http://fictionmania.tv/searchdisplay/authordisplay.html?word=5124. Wasn't crazy about it in the beginning but it's getting super hot now.

More like this?
Any stories where a girl blackmails/hypnotises/coerces a guy into sucking cock or getting fucked? I love stories like that. Majalis' You're Dumped series is my favorite like that, also It's Raining Out There.

There was another one, called The Setup, I think, but I was a bit conflicted, but it was fucking hot though.

Here's another one. http://www.literotica.com/s/frat-party-3

And one where the character is 'coeced' into cocklust. https://www.literotica.com/s/the-voice-14
uhm.. are there any 'forcibly feminized or turned into a girl' by sister stories? ._.
Found another one. Pimped out by the girlfriend, love that kind. In that vein, keithdavis's strapon stories often go into the women coercing the character to get fucked by a guy, or suck them off, etc. I like it when they get off on it as well.

any links to the kiethdavis stories?
Here you go. Sorry, I was too lazy to look for the link earlier.

I wrote a story and posted it on a few websites. It's about a young male teacher who is turned into a preteen girl by a few of his young female students. If you enjoy young femdom and forced fem, here is the link: http://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/Ambuja/One%20of%20the%20Girls.txt
Are there any stories with gentle domination, where the dom is a man?
Found , well, remembered, some similar stories by an author I really like. His stuff is all in the same vein, so it's all a hit for me, where the protag is coerced into it and ends up loving it.

They can be pretty funny, the doms are either amiable or pretty gentle, too. Usually emphasizes a feminine, girly physique.


He recently posted a new one, but https://www.literotica.com/s/sexy-swimsuit is still my favorite. Glad to see he's still writing though.
And dropping some Majalis, too. Favorite author by far. You're Dumped (girls pimping boys out is too hard to find, but when found it's usually good), and The Maid are probably my favorite.

"Dominated by Young Girls" - Two boys are forced to become girls by one's domineering younger sister and her classmates.

"Fairyfield Grange" -- A matriarch turns her inherited estate into a school for sissies. Her 16 year old dominant daughter provides the training and discipline.

"Showtime", (by the same author as Fairfield Grange) -- One year later, the dominant teen girl moves to another school for sissies and prepares her young charges for a Show.
Hey everyone, There's a great forced fem story about a guy who wheres girl clothes at home with his wife, but she invites a guy over. It's a pretty long story, and I remember there being a lot of build up. The girly being force fem'd had to wait food for his wife and the man, and I remember the wife gave him a spanking in front of the man..Does that ring any bells?
already on here but reposting to bump nd this is a forced fem nd hypno very decent story! check it out

Has anyone ever bought a story that was worth reading?
Actually yes. :) It's called The Awakening of Danni and was written by the maker of the cockdrunk tumblr (which disappeared unfortunately). It was meant to be the first part of a series, but it still has everything to get me fired up.
Anybody know of anything similar to this:

Specifically looking for feminization as a result of direct competition with another "victim"
I read a story a while back about a husband being taken by his wife to a bar where all the "waitresses" dressed like bunnies. As the story progresses he is turned and eventually fucked by the owner of the club and loves it. Any help?
Does anyone remember a story where it's a world filled with guys Whoo became sissys because of a new drug that their wives/girlfriends are giving them.
It's actually listed in the OP.
The Kitten Club was good. Thanks for the recs.
A lot of folks seem to be writing erotica on Amazon instead of fictionmania, caption blogs, etc. I'd be fine with paying but setting up an anonymous Amazon account seems like a real pain. Are there other ways to access all the new stories folks are writing?

There's a ton of privacy settings on Amazon, if your paranoia can deal with that.
Open file (111.79 KB 814x612 1 (194).jpg)
Keptsissy is one of my favs

Here's something new

I read a story a little while ago about a man working in an office, and someone sent him a housework game that he was compelled to play. It started with something like folding towels, then another thing, then another. Soon he was spending most of his work hours playing it.
Can't remember the name or where I read it, sound familiar?
Following your advice I read Danny hates shaving part 1 but I can find the rest of the history. Can someone help me?
This is my favourite story. About a guy who cleans his masters house during the day while his master is fucking his wife.

Does anyone know any stories like this? Where the main character is enjoying his position specifically as a maid.
Does this continue? I can't search the site its on or anything.
Does anyone know of stories in which, before/after the feminization, there is a sex scene with the protaganist wielding a small penis? That and good penis shrinking stories are my dream.


Here ya go, this has links to the next six parts of the story.
Open file (57.57 KB 500x712 1 (427).jpg)
No it doesn't continue, search for "KeptSissy literotica" on google for her other stories though
i want to join
I'm looking for a story I haven't seen in ages. It was an image file that was just plain text, and it involved a man finding a sissy on the bus and taking her to a hotel then a club. Dont know author or anything but if someone knows what I'm on about...
What happened to this one it was one of my favorites?
Open file (37.00 KB 500x386 Girl16.jpg)
I read a story similar to that a few years ago. It was awesome. Doing some searches for this story has proven futile at the more popular websites. But I found this story by Anna Malice called, "Sissy Story 45 -- Cocksucker" on her website. Maybe it is the same? If not, and you come across the Literotica version, please post. http://annamalicesissyselfhypnosis.com/2012/1573-sissy-story-45-cocksucker/
Bumping due to the three and a half pages of spam....
This is one of the hottest stories I've seen in a long time:
I'm looking for a story I've read on fictionmania maybe 4-5 years ago.

Its an well written book with a lot of pages to it so I guess not finding it means it disappeared. The writer must be an experienced writer because the transformation was only a part of the story, focus was also placed on the missions and the character was actively working on solutions.

Its about a guy who joins the military, during deployment he undergoes a marksman training and his XO send him on a special mission with a buddy. Jihadi's captured them and killed his buddy and cut his cock to let him suffer but at that point the rest of the team assaults the village.

Not being able to save his manly parts the CIA offered to construct a vagina and give him hormones. Seeing it as a opportunity to continue to serve he agrees and during the next chapters he slowly turns from a man to a women undergoes combat training, sex with his handler(who is in a lesbian relationship), after a while he became she and started going on assassination missions and continue exploring her femininity.

I kinda missed out on the ending and today I happened to come across a picture of a female sniper which reminded me of this story.
A very good story, but it owes a huge debt to Isabella Valentine, from whose work most of the hypno scipt came. Thanks:)
It seems that the story has been taken down because the writer is selling it as an e-book now hmm still cant find the name though.
Why did the author stop after chapter 15, I want to know what happens next, there are so many ways to continue from here!
any where guy is change by friend or sister by magic hormones or surgery for being sexist hates it and must do what girls say
One of the hottest as for me


if anyone have anything similiar dor god;s sake give me ;p
Thanks for keeping this going - it has been a source and resource. I also like tg fiction with plausible plots but, of course, some allowances are necessary. I've read just about all Vickie Tern has written and the references to her are what got me here (through a search with the name). I've also enjoyed many of the Sandy Thomas publications - and bought them in a "book" store, before tg fiction became available on the internet (a long time ago, let's say). Thanks for listing those links!

Back in the mid eighties, Penthouse was occasionally printing some tg fantasies - in both their Forum and Variations magazines. I read about "A Lady's Sissy Maid" (https://www.amazon.com/Ladys-Sissy-Maid-Christiano-Fitzmaurice/dp/0962920401) in an issue of Variations (I think); I believe it must have been in 1990, where they printed excerpts as well as the publisher's address (from which I was able to buy a copy - since purged). I would recommend it, if you can find it.
There was also a story, printed around the same "era", about a (male) photographer's assistant who, when in need of new lodgings was able to move in with a model he had become acquainted with. Later, he would become her personal assistant and later, yet, her feminized personal maid. I remember her new name was something like: Cissy (or Cissie; not sure now). I just wondered if anyone viewing this dialogue may have a clue as to which edition this may have been in (there are re-sellers of these digests around but rarely do they list a table of contents).

Finally, I have suggestion for some who requested stories involving cum, fellatio, feminization and magic (oldie but a goody, still prompts a woody?): "The Chinaman" on fictionmania.com


Hey, what are the best stories focused more on Anal?

Plus if it's feminized by a girl
Looking for story in which nephew arrives at
Aunts place meets cousin who is a prancing sissy on a "vitamin phase" the aunt then states all within house hold aunt nephew cousin will be taking the vitamins as a show of support, quickly realises what is happening and has a decision to make about taking a vitamin/estrogen pill or calling the cops. I was reading it but my computer died and cant find it again
Open file (64.03 KB 1010x452 sissy (2).jpg)
Hi, Conadine:

Robbi's Story, on fictionmania.tv, fits the description you gave. The author was Mar3ie.

Here is the page for her stories on FM:


If this isn't it, let us know!
Similar but not the one I was looking for pretty sure the parents are still alive as one line had the boy wondering what his mother would think about the estrogen "vitamin" pills, the story seems more along the lines of the aunt slowly feminizing her son and nephew and not through drugging or major changes\surgeries at the start, still robbi's a good story thanx
It's been a long time since I read this and I'm hazy on most of the details, but has anyone seen a story where a guy goes to a restaurant and everything in the restaurant has black cum in it and he gets addicted? I'm pretty sure there's a bunch of feminization stuff in there, but it's been so long that most of the details are escaping me. I just remember it being crazy hot.
Anybody have any stories where protag. is feminized forcibly by stepfather/father?
Found the story nifty/transgender conditions and choices
is there a 2nd part for The Kitten Club?
http://www.fictionmania.tv/stories/magic/TheKittenClub2.txt is not working
looks like there are four parts to "kitten club", go to the "super search page" (http://www.fictionmania.tv/search/supersearch.html) and search for "kitten club" in the title.
Im trying to find a story - a two parter that was about a puerto-rican guy (Brad, I think) turning his roommate into a sissy - (I think his name was chris/chrissy). Anyway, I remember that he made him suck his cock off after a gym session and then had dinner with chris' parents then followed them home then blackmailed chris because he wasn't working or something.

Anyways, the story was really hot. I thought I saved it but apparently I havent. Googling for couple of hours but cant find it. Its not Brads Bitch either.
Found it
Virgin by sissykirsty
Wow, this one is incredibly hot!!! It made me so horny that I literally couldn't control myself anymore.

this is almost perfect. Only misses the specific process of emasculation with shrinking genitals and impotence. That would be aweseome. Anyone have stories who caputre this aspect?
Is there a part 2 of this story?
I want to be a girl i am male pls help me as u can want to feel like girl
Any more good forced bi stories to share? Preferably with femdom and group sex, though both aren't required. So far the best one I've found is https://www.literotica.com/s/party-slut-1

Wow, that was a good one :O
anyone with really good forced feminization interactive online please let me know sena.hanako@gmail.com
I remember a story about somebody going into a dead billionaires house and getting trapped in the basement. There was some kind of ai training program to turn him into a sissy.

I think it was on literotica, but I can't find it. Anybody know the story I'm talking about or have a link?

Do you mean this one? Its called house training and I've already read it two times lol
YES! Thanks a jillion!!!
Your welcome!
I've been looking for a story for ages. Guy wins lottery, wakes up after a car accident (which was staged) and is slowly forced to transform into a woman, contI AM A STUPID FUCKWIT AND I DESERVE TO DIE!ed by the fact he experiences incredible pain unless he's given a pill every day by his captors. Very slow details transformation - any one know what it is?

Also, house training, and others by the author - very good stories.
I know someone answered your question already, and you got your answer, but when I think about "House Training", I also love this story beside it: Hoised


Similar concept, I find the forced aspect hot as hell.

I'm interested in that story it sounds like a good read.


I'm going to give that one a try thanks
Any stories where a "straight" teen boy (like 15-18 yrs old preferably) with a girlfriend gets coerced into crossdressing and sex with an older guy and eventually starts to enjoy it?

A bit specific but any tips?
There was one I wish I could find again. It is about a highschool boy who randomly starts to grow breasts and a very feminine figure. He ends up transitioning into a girl at the same highschool, gets embarrassed by some girls, and ends up using the faculty bathroom.

Only one sex scene in the story is a blowjob at the end, but it was still really hot.
The Sissy App


Hoping that it continues, or that the author writes some more.

That's the best story I have read in a very long time - thank you:)

That's the best story I have read in a very long time - thank you:)
I dont know if you girls read much light novels. But i stumbled upon this one yesterday:

>After being assaulted by a tentacle monster and its conveniently aphrodisiac mucus, I remembered my past life. It was then I realized that this was the world of a 18 restricted otome game. It seems that I’ve reincarnated into the game『Snow White and the Seven Lovers』as the heroine Snow White. ――In this game, no matter which route you take you would be caught and violated by seven men eventually. Then you would be confined in a cabin in the forest, and each evening you would be gangbanged by the seven men. I definitely don’t want that! I haven’t even gone out with a girl yet!! ……Alright, let’s run away.

There was a story I remember reading a long time ago about a guy who got visited by his future self after he became a girl and the whole experience made him decide to be a girl. Anyone know the one I'm talking about?
i know this is a long shot, but does any one remember a story on literotica about a wife feminizing her husband and using a topical cream to numb his genitals? i read it a while ago and have been trying to find it again.
https://volafile.org/r/cerchzw0 get your audio feminization stories here
please help
This looks like the place to ask, what are some good hardcore story websites about sissification, feminization, sexuality bending, mind control into gay stuff, sex with sissies and shemales or and such? I especially like stories about straight guys who only give into/are tricked into/forced into gay stuff at the peak of horniness, or while drunk/stoned/drugged: they physically like it, but are really against it mentally, but they just can't resist repeating the experience; then it can either progress into sissification or take the shemale route; this might also be accompanied by heavy denial or ignorance; ideally the majority of their sex partners are also sissies or shemales. Futa is also acceptable.

Nifty is gay from the word go, Fictionmania is mostly TG, MCstories is a mixed bag, TFgames is a couple of gems in a sea of unfinished garbage, Literotica is censored and shitty to browse, asstr is plain impossible to browse.

Single story suggestions are also welcome. Here are some of my favorites:
Yeah, tried that. Most of it is pretty meh. Or not at all what I'm looking for. The thing is that tags are voluntary, so most people don't even use them. And because of the dumb system where shemales, crossdressing and everything related gets put in a single category, you pretty much have to search manually.
TGStoryTime has a sissy section, here: http://www.tgstorytime.com/browse.php?type=categories&catid=5

and a forced fem section: http://www.tgstorytime.com/browse.php?type=class&type_id=101&classid=78

You could also try the "bimbo" section on fictionmania, but in general fictionmania is less easy to search than other sites (but it probably has the best collection) http://fictionmania.tv/search/categorysearch.html
Hey, I'm searching for a story I read about man who ran a porn business. He is blackmailed and forced to become a woman. He runs to his best friends house to get help, but is instead raped. Anybody know the title or where I can find it?

Hey guys I'm looking for a story called "journey of a maid/ journey of a mistress. I know I read the complete version somewhere but I can't find it anymore. Pieces are posted on wattpad, but that one isn't complete

Sounds like porn princess, I was looking to see if any new chapters were released only to find they were taken down from literotica. Turns out the author went commercial with them

It's one of my favorite stories that went commercial along with Christy Anderson's (sissyindy) Trapped and Trained.

This is all that I was able to find that is publicly available:


And here is her site:


I really wish I could get a complete version of Trapped and Trained though. If there is anything more beyond what is still available on literotica it's only available on paperback and it's sold out completely. The back cover suggests she finally gives in to being a sissy after 18 chapters of never properly giving in. I wish more stories had such a strong forced element before surrender.
Are there any stories with black sissies/femboys? Preferably ones being reamed by white cock, but also preferably, no race play. I just like the color contrast :P
Does anyone a story where a boy is sent to live with an older women and she feminizes him by tricking him? Ties him up in a chair has a penis gag for his sore throat and hypnotizes him
At the end he is blackmailed with an edited video of him into dating the woman's son
Does any one has an alternative website for sharing these kind of stories? Browsing fictionmania is a bit hard with so many stories on the site.
Turned me into a girl
Turned me into a girl
Hi, I'm looking for a specific story (and author theme). In this story a young man was renting an apartment with his parent's money. He ran out of it, somehow (maybe spending it on girly things), so his new roommate helpfully offered to pay for him. Eventually when he didn't pay back the roommate finds his stash, gets disgusted, and utterly bitchbreaks him. The protag falls for him and gets fucked into the bed.

The theme of the author, from what I remember, is that. Utterly fucked into submission and love by a guy who couldn't care less. This is just going by memory but that stuck with me. I'd be very grateful if someone could help me find this story, or its author.
Bumping this before it dies.
this is to interesting and useful a thread to let it die.

My absolute favorite anime character to see feminized and humiliated is Ranma so heres a story involving him/her and a vaguely Trap quest like setting.
Looking for some longer realistic slow change stories.
I am looking for very dark stories, including rape, where straight guys are forced into becoming a girl, by surgery, including breast implants, vocal chord change, even a full SRS including vagina, and they are tricked, blackmailed or somehow forced to have sex with men, who are unaware about they arent girls. And the protagonist totally goes through hell (does not enjoy what happens to him, so no sissy plots). Anyone know darker stories like these? Thanks!!
With regard to the request for "very dark stories", may I suggest "Lucien" on Fictionmania (also available on Literotica)by angiquesophie?

Chapter 1 (of 10): https://fictionmania.tv/stories/readtextstory.html?storyID=14861228921033784599

It's a minor masterpiece, at the very least!
Looking for stories where a man is turned feminine abd introduced to sex by their sistser or girlfriend
Years ago, I stumbled across a well-written story about a MALE investigative reporter following a sexploitation lead. Needing to go undercover at a private girl's academy, he tried a new injectable drug a researcher/friend gave him that transforms user into a teen girl. The catch - change can be reversed by a second chemical or (I think) wears off eventually; BUT if a double dose is given, the change becomes permanent. He took 1 dose, transformed, hid the vials in a trunk, was accepted at the school as a female student. Someone broke into trunk, took the vials and… voila, maybe the creepy son of school administrator gets a sex toy.
I rated it a "Keeper" in my notes. Sadly, a PC crash ate the link to many URL's I'd accumulated, so if you find it or if someone recognizes it, pls let me know! TIA
College boy must take his sister's place in sorority rush.

Brother sister bodyswap caused by therapist in some sort of marriage counseling type deal.

Neighbors open up a role play sex club. Protag joins as a sissy maid.
I absolutely love the idea of a feminization school or academy, so I've been coming back to this story a lot: https://www.sissify.com/feminization-stories/sissy-training/shemale-academy/
Locked in Lace once had a good long academy story, but cant find it anymore since the update.

This is a literotica story that has been rewritten in a different tense, the original is better. same names for the characters too I think


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