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A way to make money for NFC kingADVRC 10/07/2012 (Sun) 10:24:25 No. 5989
In order to help keep things moving here, we've decided to post a few money-making links to go towards funding NFC.

Jay Naylor bundle pack
Open file (443.92 KB 736x950 071202.jpg)
Club Stripes bundle pack

It's a little sad how my furry doujinshi/comics collection consists of mostly Jay Naylor and Cubstripes. It's also a real shame MU got shut down, as I'd have bundled that as well.
Posting some of the better stuff I have. I'll bundle up Pleasure Bon Bon as well if the thread ever gets caught up.
Open file (158.82 KB 1088x1520 page00.jpg)
Furry Bomb 1-5

A little warning about this one: it's untranslated, and there's quite a bit of gay furry in it.
Open file (1.66 MB 850x1200 hoofbeat000.png)
Hoof Beat: A Pony Fanbook!

I've been meaning to post this one for a while. Not a brony myself, but the art in this comic is exquisite. Warning: The last story in this one has a bit of futanari. Also, it's loaded with pony porn (just in case you're a moron pony hater that didn't read the title or look at the sample image).
Seems to be an empty file for me, took a while to get, but won't open, sadness.
The Hoof Beat file that is.
Just tested it. Worked fine for me. Try downloading it again.
clicked em, they never load past the linkbucks banner
Tested those links too. All three are good. Adblock and NoScript cause the redirector to be buggy. Close the tab and try again.
Everything worked well for me! Thanks bunches man!
No, thank YOU for helping fund NewFapchan.
Any chance of getting any more of these?
I don't have much left to share in the way of furry porn. I could upload everything posted thus far for Pleasure BonBon, seeing that the thread has stopped updating.
I am also keeping tabs on the Kung Fu Panda thread as well. I'll be sure to set something up once that thread finally finishes.
Open file (320.09 KB 617x876 000.jpg)
[Daigaijin] Better Late than Never

Apologies for taking so long to upload this. I wanted to make sure it was absolutely finished before uploading it.
Contains lesbianism, diseased rat cocks, and a whole lot of cockblocking. Nonetheless, the art style is quite impressive IMO.

Once again, thanks for helping us fund NFC by simply downloading this ^_^~
Open file (696.40 KB 617x875 000.jpg)
Had to make sure this was actually finished before re-uploading this.

[Daigaijin] Better Late than Never-COMPLETE (Kung Fu Panda)

Definitely a good read.


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