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Obligatory Rules Sticky

Welcome to /fur/ - Furfags

This board is for posting of furry porn (drawn anthropomorphic animals), both heterosexual and homosexual.
Content and discussion featuring My Little Pony should be directed to /Clop/.
Bestiality is not allowed.
Cub porn (lolicon/shotacon type furry) is not allowed.
Furry futanari (anthropomorphic animals with tits and dicks) is very welcome.
Requests belong in /r/, but a request with content or within an existing thread is acceptable.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email or catch us in IRC.

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A way to make money for NFC

In order to help keep things moving here, we've decided to post a few money-making links to go towards funding NFC.

Jay Naylor bundle pack

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Jay Naylor

What happened to the Jay Taylor thread?

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put your (anthro/or not) here!

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Casual Nudity

For some reason, this is my fetish now. Guys just... hanging. In the nip. So let's do it.

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The view

Figure this thread gets too little attention so I'd throw more images up.

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lost images

Sometimes good images just get lost over the here's one I found, figured I'd put it here.

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Anyone have Night Realms Mora?
Artist related

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This page has been too idle, here's some smut for you.

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Elton Portilho thread

I haven't dumped anything for a while.
Have some furry porn.

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freya crescent

freya crescent of the final fantasy 9!

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Canned Furry 1.5

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Male on herm

We don't see nearly enough of this. Most of the time, the herm/futa is dominant to males and females alike, but I would, personally, like seeing some images of a male dominated m/h pairing.

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Furry Gifs

not just gifs, if you run out though

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The Neon Children

One of my fav. characters


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Jolly Jack anyone?

I started up a thread on the old Fapchan but alas... it died TT__TT so I guess I'll start it back up!

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joe camel yaoi!

joe camel having a gay 3way with himself

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Kung Fu Panda

Saw this on the fourth channel late last night, poster said it updates once a week but never did say where. 1-17 at this time

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Pleasure Bon Bon

It turns out I have the first 8 chapters, so I'll dump what I have in hopes someone else completes it.

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Boy's Night

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Gay Fur RP Hookup Thread

The Furrys got one so I thought the gays need one too!

Fill this out:

Character Name:

Partner Preferences

Your Contact Info:

Your Top 5 Kinks:

Random Info you wanna put out there:

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[T.C.] AmyUNTOLD - Finally

This is part 1 of AmyUNTOLD that what was originally posted in oldFapchan. Posting in hopes that someone will post more.

R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 2's launch date set!

The site goes online Monday!
Ef yeah! :D

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Sexyfur Thread GO!

Dumping some of my stuff from

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Furry futa thread.

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Sex On The Beach


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New Hookup Thread

Hi new gfur :3 New thread for New Fapchan :D

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 6'00'
Weight: 220
Ethnicity: Russian, Dutch, nicaraguan and american all 25% (born and raised in america lol)
Hair: just above shoulders (definantly cutting it soon)
Facial Features: Beard :3
Sign: Cancer
Location: Oldham County, Kentucky (20 mins from louisville)
Sexual Orientation: Bi (Male Pref big time)
Closetry: Ive told everyone except for my dad(fucker)
How Furry: Love everything about the fandom, no fursuit (yet), i gots a fursona and havent made it to a con yet :(
Occupation: Wants to go to school for creature and or level design
Other: i love to make music in my spare time :3

Now you! :D

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Little Buddy

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We need some Dr. comet in the house.

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Big cocks, lots o' cum.

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RP Hookup Thread

Name/Handle: What you want perspective partners to refer to you as. Optional.
Gender and species: The gender and species you prefer to play as, not necessarily the one you are.
Orientation: Hetero/Homo/Bi, please
Partner Pref: Genders and orientations and species you prefer to be contacted by.
Contact Info: How we can expect to get in touch with you.
Sample Prose: A short paragraph or two of your writing style. Optional.