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Obligatory Rules Sticky

Welcome to /fn/ - Futanari

This board is for posting of Futanari, which is essentially chicks with dicks.
Furry futa belongs in /fur/.
Requests belong in /r/, but a request with content or within an existing thread is acceptable.

If you have any questions, catch us in IRC.

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Futa Links

Here is a link to help NFC. Just click and enjoy! there are also some on /girly/ and there will be more coming soon! Remember to turn adblock off.

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[BehindMoon (Q)] Phallic Girls 3

Time for some more Phallic Girls.
I have parts 1 and 2 posted in the fundraising thread at >>15638, and I will be uploading this one eventually as well.

Contains some very hot portal play. Enjoy~

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Doru Riheko | Otokomesu (Futaket)

This board needs moar girls

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Video hentai

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Tekuho No Habo

I could only find this one image but yeah its good btw He has a site called

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Shemale Behaviour

Anyone knows where I can find all the numbers of "Shemale Behaviour" from Amanoja 9? I find the 11, 12, 13 and 14. But looks like there's imposible to get the rest of it.

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Futas masturbating

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Nutless Futa

futa with balls are guys with fake tits

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Dickless futa

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[Behind Moon] Meijoushigatai Mono no Boutoku Tekina Kakudo Toka

Stumbled on this earlier and thought of /fn/.

Warning: contains futa on male, gender swapping, and some wincest.


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Dickgirls aren't usually my thing, but I've got to admit the thought of Genie messing around with his magic for sexual gratification makes me smile.

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The most blind-blownin orgasm a picture gave you

This is mine, absolutely great. What's yours?

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Seth and Repree

An older post requested the full version of Seth and Repree. I was drudging through old files and found it. Reposting it in a new thread to avoid duplicate pics cuz I'm too lazy to merge the right page numbers in. Hope you enjoy.

P.S. I thought I remembered seeing a continuation a long time ago but I could be wrong. Anyone know?

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Source Filmmaker.

Source Pornmaker.

Found some with futa? post it here. Make one with futa? post it here brah. Heres one(and only) i made.

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Any other good animated hentais? This is the only one I saw here.. I think I enjoy more when it's animated.. And please, just don't come up with "Bible Black" I want more and I saw every of them already.

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Uploading thread rips from Futanari Palace(.com)

In this thread I'm going to talk a bit about how I came about a lot of futanari content and hopefully share some of that back. I'd love any recommendations or suggestions for improvement or if there are some posts that have basically already outlined good ways to "use the internet" for similar purposes, I'd love to get a link to em.

Futanari Palace (requires registration) has a lot of picture threads with a lot of content.
However, each thread is composed of hundreds of posts where people usually upload maybe 0-3 per post. Some pages might not even have a single pic. So convenient, focused fapability is limited. What's the best (easiest/fastest/etc) way to rip all the pictures from the threads and make a decent folder from the content?

Some example stats:
The "2D Images" Sub Forum has ~54 threads with at least 300 replies (at 10 replies per page, that's over 30 pages of "content" to scroll through.)

"Futa and man" thread
-Replies: 4,524
-Views: 2,605,915
-Pages: 453
-# of Pics: A lot

My process for ripping all the pics:
1. Open many pages of a thread in a new window.
I wrote a program that I c&p the thread address into and
then enter in the start page and the end page and press
a button and all those pages will be opened in a new window.
I usually open about 10 pages at a time to avoid overloading my system.
2. Use "DownThemAll!" set to "All Tabs", select "Links" with filtering set to "attachmentid=" to download all the pics into a specified folder.
3. Use "VisiPics" to weed out any duplicates
4. If necessary, use "File Renamer Basic" to rename comics that might be thrown in to make for easier sorting - often when sorting the folder by name or date, comics will be jumbled up with other pics in between.
5. Upload the individual pics to a *chan via Xchan Directory Dumper.
6. Upload a folder via a filesharing site.
I could especially use some recommendations on good file sharing sites for my purposes.

What I'd consider "good" file sharing sites are ones that are convenient for both for the uploader and for the downloaders.

For the downloaders I'd like:
-No registration + Free
-Minimal waiting time before download
-No captchas or at least a decent amount of time before the captcha goes invalid (rapidgator only gives you a few minutes to enter the captcha before they'd make you wait 15 minutes to "try again" - inconvenient if you leave the page and forget to comeback right away)
-Allows multiple simultaneous downloads
-Permanence - links won't die too quickly

For the uploader I'd like:
-No registration + Free
-Decent speeds
-Decent capacity (min. 200 MB)
-Ease of use

I haven't used all of these as both uploader and downloader but the ones I'd probably use are:
1. ZippyShare
2. DepositFiles
3. HotFile
4. Mega
-I haven't used MediaFire to upload since they required registration but if someone can confirm that it's probably in my best interest to register and use it over these alternatives, I will.

Here are the programs:
1. DownThemAll!:
2. VisiPics:
3. File Renamer Basic:
4. Xchan Directory Dumper:
5. "URL page range opener" - I wrote this in visual basic back when I knew how to program (I've forgotten) and I don't know how to actually share it with anyone (i.e., what parts I'd need to put in a folder and if someone could actually install it).

After I get some feedback I'll think about going through and downloading some of the threads again. I'd probably upload them all in a single thread with only links to download the folders. I did a similar thing a while back (uploading individual pictures via XCDD) but it required a lot of sorting and deleting content that wasn't entirely appropriate for the thread but still very fappable or deleting content that might have been appropriate but was very low quality (example: a demented 3rd grader's stick figure drawings). kingADVRC was nice enough to reupload a few after a server wipe/raid.

Popular threads (some of which have already been uploaded):
Futa and man
Beyond Reason - The Big, Big Cock Thread
Futa on women
Futa girls with balls 2
Animal Girl Futas
Tentacle on Futanari
Futa on Futa
The Shemale style Futa Thread
Futanari Self Suck
furry futa
Angels & Demons
Multi-Cock Girls
Muscle Futa
HORSE + FUTA = LOVE (Horse cock)
Futanari Asses & Assholes
Huge Breasted Futa!!!
Shrinking/Giantess Futa
The Animated Futa GIfs Thread! (Second Edition)
Bulges- Cocks under dresses, skirts, and panties

I guess there are also the 3D threads I could consider...
And I wish I could go through and upload all the works by the better authors but soooo many of the download links for those have died. =/
And sometimes I feel like just shuffling porn from one place to another is a waste of time - it's not like I'm creating anything new...

Maybe having a thread where people just recommend good places to consistently find and download good futa content would be nice.

Anyway, that's enough for now.

May your faps be awesome.
~OP / Anonymous

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Futa pics with hot captions

Found these here:

The little stories under the pics get me hard.

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Dumping my futa porn collection!
First up Ayafuya Rocket by Seura Isago!

R: 292 / I: 276 / P: 2

Horse Cock Futa

C'mon guys! Lets get the good shit. Gunna dump my folder and then some

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Looking for the rest of Seth and Repree

I used to have a finished copy off of cheggit, but that resource is sadly gone, and empornium is lacking. It seems like legio comix scours the internet to remove their content. Here's the what I have, but its only the first few pages.

Who's got the rest?

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Men being dominated by Futanari

I'm back Mother Fuckers! And now my pound of Flesh;

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Ask Ray Futabu 6

Hey guys the new "already uploaded" part6 in exhentai=gehentai
(seriously why they expunged this or any other good draw art) im from germany if it because of my country(that i cant see certain stuff) i could understand why i cant see everything(ads/country) but i guess it not only me
(just trying bring up the truth no h8ing)
hope you like it :)

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Gura Nyuuto - Crowded Train

R: 486 / I: 485 / P: 3

Thick and Flaccid

Phase 2.

R: 245 / I: 225 / P: 3

Futa Gifs?

Post 'em >:0

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Huge futa!

Come on everybody

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Avatar Transformation

I need More of the Comic..(will upload pieces when i have time but need the rest..and updates on the status of future chapters)

R: 103 / I: 66 / P: 4

[Studio Linty] Nephilim Lamedh

I'm sure I speak for everyone I say THIS MUST BE POSTED HERE!!
Lets hope Linty works on it more sometime soon.