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Welcome to /fe/ the most fetishy place on newfapchan.

1) Global rules apply.
2) no flaming
3) no trolling
4) keep the cp and bestiality to yourself, don't post it on here
5) keep the drawn stuff on the drawing board
6) make sure we can see the pictures
7) requests go in /r/. same with gif and rapidshares. link threads not websites.
8) keep it a fetish board. this is the place where everything else goes. if there is a board for it use that board!

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random dump

dump whatever spins your wheels

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Hot wife tied and exposed

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-= Hairy pussy 3 =-

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Cum tribute my wife and/or tell us what you'd do to her and/or her chastity cuck husband.

I'm in chastity and my Daddy (wifey) says I have to be humiliated. please cum to my wife and post pictures. please tell Daddy what you would do to her in front of me or to both of us while she reades it out loud and masturbates inches from my face.

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white women breeding black babies

Hi. Any of you preggolovers is fascinated by a white woman carrying and giving birth to a black man's baby? I love that, and this topic is for videos, pics and everything related to white women breeding black babies

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Quest for lost story about a naive cucked husband

Apologies if this is not the correct newfapchan category. Best I recall, main characters were: husband Larry, wife Judy, bull named Charles. Stupid hubby wants to see wife fuck another man, finds well-hung bull at gym who doesn't tell him what game HE enjoys. The initially shy/reluctant wife goes batshit crazy with Charles the bull, even lets him impregnate her while satisfying hubby's fetish to be zip-tied to chair and sucked off. Humiliated hubby has to accept he's not going to be fathering her kid(s). This story was, I think, to be continued with future cucking humiliation. I love hoodwinking naive husbands and scoring with their lovely wives.
A PC crash ate links to my "keepers" (URL's) list. Hope someone recognizes this because multiple searches for erotica using above char names proved fruitless. TIA

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Pregnant & Lactation

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Pumping breasts

My large breasts are full of milk and need to be pumped! This video starts with me taking off my shirt to reveal a nursing bra with milk stains on it. I rub and squeeze my engorged boobs and a little milk seeps through the bra. I then remove the bra and attach a pump to each breast. I continue to pump milk from each boob at the same time until I fill up the two bottles. Than I drink my sweet warm creamy milk

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Being Conquered fetish

Pics like these, kinda political, about dominance and submission in an ideological way I guess.

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Gooner/pornosexual captions

Is it popular with anybody here? There are more captions on reddit:

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strapon 3some

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Cuckoldress Girlfriend Captions

Captions about your and my (ex) GF.

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-= Hairy pussy 2 =-

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Lesbian nuns
amateur stuff...

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Nerdy teens

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Women get shaved fetish

Hey, i realy like women get shaved.

would be nice to see some more pics.

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cream pie

Does anything taste better than a fresh cream pie?

The answer is no

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Extreme Granny dump.

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Striped legwear

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Insertion Part 2

Part 1 >>8

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Urethral Insertion

Anyone into this?
Anyone has some pics to post?
Or maybe ideas or tips for this?
I'll post some of mine because I can't find any
and I don't think posting this in /mcam/ or /r/ would be a good idea.
If you give me some ideas, maybe I'll post more.

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Big Pussy Lips Part 2

>>14 Part 1

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-=Hairy woman=-

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Complete lack of labia minora

My fetish consists of women who are basically devoid of labia minora. Google it if youre confused.
Basically, the girl has nice full pussy lips without the weird bacon-looking shit in between em.
Perfect examples are Amber Peach, Vida Sadora, and to some extent Carmella Diamond and Desani Lezian.
Please for fucks sake post other actresses you have found that suffer from lack of labia minora.
Pic related, its Vida Sadora with NO BACON hanging out from between her lips..

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Hairy Thread Part 3

>>477 Hairy Thread Part 1
>>2313 Hairy Thread Part 2

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MILFs and daughters

Begin folder dump

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Female Bodybuilder

Private Practice - Female Bodybuilder Yvette Has Interracial Fun

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Woman In Boots Gets Fisted By A Girl In A Fishnet Body Suit Then Takes A Piss