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Open file (2.03 MB 507x670 hizashi13.gif)
A way to make money for NFC kingADVRC 03/14/2015 (Sat) 12:26:30 No. 543
In order to help keep things moving here, we've decided to post a few money-making links to go towards funding NFC.
I have more to upload still, and if you have a request for one, I'll find and upload it.

Hizashi No Naka No Riaru [In the Afternoon Sunshine]

There's a girl sleeping at your house. Have a little fun, but be careful not to wake her...
Open file (654.25 KB 1281x960 sexkouza.jpg)
Sex Kouza

Give her a hands-on lesson in sex education.
Is this Hizashi No Naka No Riaru the same download from the other one, or is this the full uncensored version? I noticed in the other one that there are a few frames that are uncensored but that's about it.
It's the same one. I re-posted it in this thread in because I intend to remove the old thread at some point, as well as have a general thread for our fundraiser links.

I have a couple more atm that I need to upload, but they are 4 GB and 6 GB and need to uploaded in parts. Also my Internets have been sucking lately.
Open file (669.92 KB 1553x1080 shelly.jpg)
Succubus Shelly

A succubus sneaks into your home for a little snack. Take advantage of her inexperience.
This is some high quality shit here. Took me forever to upload it (roughly 22 hours) and even longer to download it (it was initially separated into like 20 200 MB pieces).
Sex Kouza was all right, but that little Succubus was great. Definitely want more, the more you upload, the more NFC will make from me I promise that.
Open file (640.08 KB 1600x900 roudou to taika.jpg)
Roudou to Taika

Three girls in tiny bikinis. Need I say more?
Beautifully animated.
what's the password?
Open file (268.42 KB 600x875 MousouSweeper.jpg)

Play Minesweeper, get noodz.

Nothing I upload is password protected.
That last one was really disappointing. More more more more. MOAR!
Lee Said in the Countryside

Meet girl, fuck girl. Cute and well made.

I found the last one interesting, hence why I shared it. I guess you can't please them all~
I really enjoyed this one, took many playthroughs to try to get all of the scenes and didn't mind doing it. Thanks! :)
I got all scenes but one, which I think is related to the scene where she undresses (not sure how to unlock it tbh). I'll upload another one soon.
After 3-4 playthroughs I gave up and decided to use the tab button (to highlight boxes that are clickable) and that's how I went through and got them all :) and cool looking forward to more!
Open file (245.93 KB 640x480 title.jpg)
(Even More) Perverted Girlfriend

You have work to do, but your horny girlfriend won't stop bothering you. Do you give her what she wants, or do you make her work for it?


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