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Open file (19.86 KB 800x600 queen_hunt.swf)
Futanari Flashes Anonymous 05/29/2011 (Sun) 09:10:41 No. 38
I dumped a few .gifs in /fn/'s Futa Gifs and mentioned that there were some .swfs in the folder and was asked to post em here. I did a bit of searching and added a few more files to the folder.

I have not viewed them all in their entirety and they range greatly in quality and length but most of them appeared to contain at least a little futa content. Plenty of old material that's been around since before the internet but there were I few that were new to me.

Gonna see if the XChanDD works on .swfs. If not it may take me a while to up em all. Enjoy.

I <3 u fapchan!
Open file (9.67 MB 640x480 carapurgy-2.swf)
Er... I was really hoping the XCDD would work on flashes but it didn't in my first try...

I'm pretty new to using the program so if anyone could tell me for sure if it can be used on flash files or not I'd appreciate it. I'll upload a few manually before I log off for the night though.
Open file (415.71 KB 740x480 coco-and-amid-anal.swf)
Big breasted mother fucked by her "daughter".
Open file (4.14 MB 860x558 diva-mizuki-2.swf)
Diva Mizuki flash with a small futa scene near the end.
Demon Royal's ("Thick N Busty Women") Purgy, Kei and Shania threesome. 1 furry futa, 1 futa devil and one black chick.
Open file (1.07 MB 550x400 lumandran.swf)
Lum and Ran - more lulzy than fap worthy. Contains hyper, tentacles and some ejaculate.
Reddy Heart's Ghost Story game. Much more of a "Game" than most erotic flashes but contains plenty of futa action.

Last upload for tonight, I'll check back tomorrow to see if there's any comment about the XCDD.
Open file (1.83 MB 400x550 dulce 31023102.swf)
I just tried doing a test dump using xChan and apparently it doesn't recognize swf files.

The next 3 I'm posting are from Dulce Report.
Password is 31023102
Open file (482.02 KB 480x480 dulce 41734173.swf)
Password is 41734173
Open file (512.43 KB 275x275 dulce 98100189.swf)
Password is 98100189
The file in the OP doesn't appear to work, just shows some japanese text then goes to a black screen

the rest of these are A+++
Rank C. I freed all but one, and am now a single sex slave for the blue haired one, for the rest of time.

Im heppy with dat!
>>48 "The file in the OP doesn't appear to work"
Haha, oops. Figures it would be the first post I screw up. The .swf was in a larger folder with some game files and I mistakenly thought it might be a stand-alone version but it probably needs those files to function. The entire game can be downloaded here:


There are a few more of Pubis' games if you click "Browse tehpwnzor's Shared Files" up and to the left of the download link.

If you've never seen it before it's definitely worth playing (IMO). Here's a preview pic, at a stage before the futa. The game's in Moonspeak but easy enough to figure out.

Open file (1.06 MB 640x480 [HENTAI] shemale.swf)
>>45 "I just tried doing a test dump using xChan and apparently it doesn't recognize swf files."
Thanks kingADVRC for the comment and uploading those games with the passwords. I had two of em in my folder but had long ago misplaced the passwords and was not looking forward to having to find em again. :p

Attached is just a short well drawn although slightly censored futa loop.
Reddy Heart - Date Simulator
Muscle girl game - choose the girl's body type and personality, answer some questions and have some sex.
Reddy Heart - Gym Story
An animated video of two buff muscle girls pounding a guy at the gym.
Reddy Heart - Question Game
Another muscle girl game - choose the right questions/comments to make it through.
A short Legend of Krystal scene.
A futanari lizard woman bends Midna(?) over a table and has her way with her.
A Legend of Krystal version where the male lizards have been replaced by futanari.
Open file (612.06 KB 700x500 foot futa.swf)
Foot fetish and assisted self suck
Futanari dress up game
Open file (453.19 KB 800x600 Van-Final.swf)
Big breasted black girl douses her leather cock holder in precum before loosening the beast and stroking it off.
Open file (738.93 KB 1000x700 ivory_growth.swf)
A pink bunny/fox furry thing hyper growth
A dragon furry hyper growth
It says pt1 but I'm not sure if there's a part 2.
A furry-ish fox fingers her ass till she comes.
Open file (9.60 MB 640x476 mistic-fox.swf)
3D furry futa(s) engaging in various actions.
Short furry solo
Another short furry solo
A short furry grow your own herm card guessing game.

-Last upload for a little while. Still have more to come. ;)
I love you for posting these. For realsies.
anything new would be super duper

meanwhile here's this as I posted in /fn/

and a different one
Open file (1.29 MB 720x480 FutaLeela.swf)
oh just found this, unrelated to the previous two but still good
Open file (123.19 KB 550x400 Tyree1.swf)
Next few are by Tyree
Ginny magics herself a cock and strokes it off.
Two futas fuck doggie style till orgasm.
Open file (50.21 KB 550x700 Tyree3.swf)
A futa fucks herself with a double ended dildo then jizzes all over her wanking material.
Open file (96.85 KB 550x400 Tyree4.swf)
Similar to Tyree1.swf, Hermione Granger magics herself a cock and strokes it to climax.
Open file (1.65 MB 550x400 Tyree5.swf)
A futanari with a nice fat cock jacks off to some Angel Blade in the background then blows her load all over her face.
Open file (101.04 KB 395x500 Tyree6.swf)
Lounging on the couch, Kami jerks off in this solo.
Open file (34.78 KB 475x680 Tyree7.swf)
A futanari gets a nice dick sucking from a large breasted girl.
Open file (148.81 KB 400x500 Tyree8.swf)
A brown haired futanari gets sucked off by a blonde futa while the blonde strokes her own growing cock and then fists her partner till they both erupt.
Open file (39.72 KB 500x550 Tyree9.swf)
And the last of the Tyree's I have, a futanari (loli?) jacks herself off.
Open file (244.89 KB 550x400 [HENTAI] shotcum.swf)
Short flash featuring the hentai key girl as a futanari. Just click her cock to watch her come.
Play around with futanari Chun Li

the music in this one is fucking CATCHY

do they source their music or is it all made specifically for each flash?

also thanks for the content
Is there moar?
Fuck! I thought this was about cersei lannister!
Personal favorite


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