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ITT - Non-IRL Flash (Porn Only) giygasgirl 05/03/2011 (Tue) 19:24:00 No. 3
Nimin Fetish Fantasy - A little bit like a choose your own adventure, something everyone can enjoy. There are different races - Human, Feline, Equestrian, and Lupine
Open file (1014.03 KB 640x480 nicorobin_mini.swf)
Nico Robin (One Piece) Zone Flash
Open file (1.63 MB 550x400 Sakaki.swf)
Azumanga Daioh! Sakaki (Zone Flash)
Open file (1.53 MB 600x600 imoutoto_english.swf)
Imoutoto (English)
Open file (739.49 KB 1000x800 CoC_DevBuild_0_2b.swf)
since nimin is here, I thought I'd Drop off the latest build of Corruption of Champions
The latest version of SuperDeepThroat fresh off of swfchan.
Open file (747.66 KB 1000x800 CoC_DevBuild_0_2_1b.swf)
New CoC build. and stuff.
Are there any of those text adventure things anywhere that involve watersports and/or ageplay? The furthest I've seen any go is diapers, and even then the wetness is from cum...
Maybe one of these has some?

I can't find any =(
You could try Hellmoo.

Its a mud
ok, this is awsome, but the only town that works is feline... and as a male.. your kinda screwed... by NOT getting screwed... kinda lame...
Open file (757.56 KB 1000x800 CoC_DevBuild_0_2_2.swf)
Open file (764.84 KB 1000x800 CoC_DevBuild_0_2_3.swf)
yep, another update woooo
Open file (775.68 KB 1000x800 CoC_DevBuild_0_2_4b2.swf)
Open file (776.49 KB 1000x800 CoC_DevBuild_0_2_4b3.swf)
more new crap. Has anyone actually been playing this?
I play it from time to time, yes.
I tried it, fapped for like 3 hours straight then felt really bad afterwards about it. So good job.
Basically this. Spent like 5 hours trying to do every event before I finally came, then realized I'd just spent 5 hours fapping to bestiality rape and frowned.
Yep. It's well written though. And there's only as much beastiality as you let happen. For the most part. That bee rape thing is kind of thrust upon you. Thrust. Hehe.
Open file (781.68 KB 1000x800 CoC_DevBuild_0_2_4b4.swf)
Newer version of Super Deepthroat than the above.

This thing is ace stuff. It has some limitations but with some clever tweaking of the settings and loading in some of the custom downloadables (with maybe a bit of image editing) you can make a lot of girls in it.

I only wish that you didn't have to have the cock in her mouth to make at least some of the cum go in her mouth.
So, I've been playing this on this latest posted version, and I'm beginning to wonder if there's an ending or if it just keeps going? I've bought and tried everything the merchant has, found four places to explore (there doesn't seem to be any more?) and everything is seeming to be a repeat now. There's only one or two options I haven't tried (because I didn't particularly want to). On level 8 and day 69 (lol yes).
there are several "bad ends" actually, not much for good ends. They happen when one consumes too much of certain somethings or repeats a certain event too often.
Open file (797.50 KB 1000x800 CoC_DevBuild_0_2_5.swf)
more CoC
Open file (817.96 KB 1000x800 CoC_DevBuild_0_2_6b4.swf)
Oh, wait, no, it's mostly the same. With differences.

yo, doing mah part!
Open file (946.80 KB 1000x800 CoC_DevBuild.swf)
yeah, was too busy with Flexible Survival for a while to bother with CoC, but why not try it again.
hey are you the one that makes the COC game?
No. That's fenoxo. His blog url is fenoxo.blogspot.com.
Fenoxo's most updated "Nimin Fetish Fantasy" you have like a fucking 8 month old version.
It's now called Corruption of Champions. Enjoy
whoopsies didnt see the latest upload.

Googled this looking for more translations for Imoutoto:

The bars on the right are as such
Left bar: How much she likes you
Middle bar: orgasm (it's also pointless towards making anything other than orgasm happen)
Right bar: How turned on she is

Buttons top to bottom:
Pull up Shirt
Pull up Skirt
Take of Shirt
Take of Skirt
Take of Bra
Take of Panties

protip: each bar changes color after each 1/3 is increased, and you can talk to her each time the
right bar goes up a third, but look out, if you talk on 1/3, go straight to the 3rd 1/3 then you
will miss your chance at other endings in the 2/3...
Wait, how did fetish fantasy become corruption of champions? Not sure what builds I played, but NFF seemed to have a LOT more to it than CoC.
They are two separate games, CoC is by Fenoxo.
His blog here: http://fenoxo.com/
Open file (1.06 MB 1000x800 CoC_0_4_1.swf)
Latest Version of Super Deep Throat

repeat as necessary
that's fenoxo.blogspot.com yeesh.
Open file (1.18 MB 1000x800 CoC_0_4_8a.swf)
Open file (1.22 MB 1000x800 CoC_0_5a2.swf)
fucking kelt owned my ass twice and i loved it =O
i cant win this game, everytime i lose to kelt ;)
Open file (3.85 MB 800x600 St Patty's Day.swf)
Brace yourselves for a rage fap.


Did anyone else notice the music sounds like the music from Hyrule Town in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time????
Yep, its a remix of some sort.
I just came all over myself, and the wall behind me, after playing this for two hours. Awesome?

wow they REALLY updated the hell out of this since I last tried it, awesome
Corruption of Champions ins in continuous development. In the new builds, you have a chane to beat kelt, but there is a lot more going on.

Also, try Flexible Survival.

holy shit I played this for like 2 hours

it's amazing how far it's come since it first came out
Open file (1.42 MB 1000x800 CoC_0_5_10.swf)
Well, the under table BJ scene made me cum so hard it hurt. Wow... This game has come a lonnng way.
Open file (1.44 MB 1000x800 CoC_0_5_10e.swf)
the latest and greatest of CoC is up
Open file (1.46 MB 1000x761 CoC_Char_Viewer2_7c.swf)
also throwing up the character viewer for your pleasure
Open file (1.49 MB 1000x800 CoC_0_5_11d.swf)
latest CoC if anyone still cares
CoC is pretty cool! Nicely done! Keep 'em coming!

Konashion's(creator of SDT) blog is gone, WAT DO? D:
what did they change?
not sure really but as long as there are updates who cares ill put the latest one up when i get back from vacation
Open file (1.56 MB 1000x800 CoC_0_5_14b.swf)
here is the very latest CoC though the new one should be close to comming out soon
in the new one there should be a harpy to have some fun with dont forget to use the image viewer to see how your character has turned out
oh I forgot to say http://konashion.blogspot.com/ is back up, nothing to worry about! :D

also grabbed the newest CoC god DAMN this just gets better and better, I hope he decides to update the character viewer eventually though
yeah me too its a nice feature i want more of
Open file (1.61 MB 1000x800 CoC_0_5_16a.swf)
latest CoC for everyone :D
hey and here is SDP
Open file (1.63 MB 1000x800 CoC_0_5_16b.swf)
5.16a? thats so 5 minutes ago here is 5.16b
hey look what rose from the dead
for those who wanted more clothes it looks like your wish is getting granted more stuff is on its way
more CoC for those who care
also it has been announced that the CoC viewer will not be updated until one of two things happens
1)he can get in touch with the original artist
2)he can find an artist that can match some of the original work
soo calling all draw fags if you want to help with an amazing flash game here is your chance to get some practice in
Open file (1.66 MB 1000x800 CoC_0_5_17d.swf)
shit this didnt get added oops to my last post
Open file (286.19 KB 400x300 loli square undress.swf)
Prepare for another ragefap!
Now with Super Mario Bros sounds ;)

This Ucogi person knows hot to make good ragefaps.
arrrgh cant seem to get past the second from the last stage
Me neither. I even tried minimizing the window.
Open file (853.28 KB 750x550 MLP - tentacle.swf)
yeah tentacles for the win
This thread is hilarious but somewhat hot, and it's not terrible.
Worth sharing.
latest and greatest super D
Open file (2.57 MB 1000x800 CoC_0_6_9e.swf)
plus CoC 0.6
Open file (3.64 MB 1000x800 CoC_Char_Viewer4_12.swf)
and the best part new CoC character viewer
how does the character viewer work? I've got both open but its not showing anything
works fine for me
You need to open both the same way (via a file saved to your computer, or directly from the link) and save your game before booting the character viewer. And you have to reload it every time elements of your character change, otherwise the viewer won't reflect the modifications.
Open file (1.50 MB 700x600 SDT_1_20_1b.swf)
Newest SDT
Anyone still having trouble with this one? I made a autohotkey cheat script for those who have ahk installed. Use 'a' to add a waypoint, and then 'r' to enter run mode, you'll hear two beeps. In run mode, space advances the mouse to each point. The script will drop out of run mode after the last point, with another two beeps. It'll take time on each stage to map the points out, but maybe it'll help some of those tricky stages. Use 'c' to clear the points when you advance a stage or if you make a mistake.

Lets see how well this pastes into chan format.

;a is Add point, c is Clear all
;r is to enter Run mode, SPACE is to move to next point
;if any key is held down too long, the script will mistakinly count it twice

tempx = 0
tempy = 0
arraycount = 0

if (getkeystate("a")) {
arraycount += 1
MouseGetPos, tempx, tempy
arrayx%arraycount% := tempx
arrayy%arraycount% := tempy
sleep, 100
if (getkeystate("c")) {
arraycount = 0
soundbeep, 300, 500
if (getkeystate("r")) {
soundbeep, 700, 100
soundbeep, 700, 100
while (A_Index <= arraycount) {
KeyWait, Space, d
mousemove, arrayx%A_Index%, arrayy%A_Index%
sleep, 200
soundbeep, 700, 100
soundbeep, 700, 100
sleep, 200
Playing around with it, it works better if the second to last 'sleep 200' is changed to 'sleep 100'
Open file (1.50 MB 700x600 SDT_1_21b.swf)
Latest version of Super Deep Throat.
I absolutely fucking love this game, how often do they update it?
I don't know, I only catch the updates on swfchan. There's a lot of SDT mods there as well, but none sissy as of yet.
Anyone have the newest nimin? I cant find anything
Open file (1.50 MB 700x600 SDT_1_21_1b.swf)
Newest SDT


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