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Open file (483.25 KB 432x346 117649_notonicaljomby.swf)
I Herd You Liek Foamy Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 23:03:15 No. 519 [Reply]

Open file (1.75 MB 720x480 mk8.swf)
Anonymous 07/18/2014 (Fri) 17:11:11 No. 514 [Reply]
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Open file (1.01 MB 1000x600 mk8d.swf)
Found this the other day. Related to OP.
This one made me lawl.
Does anyone have the original?
It took me a while, but here you go.
Open file (1.34 MB 720x480 Noko PP34 ShyGal.swf)

Open file (677.43 KB 635x472 hypnotized by desu.swf)
kingADVRC 01/22/2014 (Wed) 10:09:43 No. 496 [Reply]
Just testing something.
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Nothing that I have come across on swfchan, but I'll post what I find.
So... nothin'?
Shame =(
I guess this board is dead, eh?
Shame, I liked it
I check swfchan very often actually so I have no shortage of flash porn.
Just nothing really interesting to post tbh.

Open file (6.19 MB 480x360 KissxSis Review.swf)
kingADVRC 11/23/2013 (Sat) 07:33:02 No. 485 [Reply]
At first I fapped over the voice.
Then I lol'd 'cause of the content.

I give this flash a PISS out of 10! Piss+!
Open file (559.62 KB 320x240 stapler-san.swf)
More funny cute voice~
Open file (2.78 MB 320x214 Amy_and_Basketball.swf)
Still fappable
Open file (1.32 MB 600x400 the_sandy_report.swf)

Open file (4.65 MB 320x240 predot_all_H1.swf)
kingADVRC 08/22/2013 (Thu) 11:44:11 No. 461 [Reply]
I found more of this set recently and simply had to share it with you guys. Really hwat!
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Open file (8.90 MB 320x240 predot_all_H5.swf)
Open file (8.31 MB 320x240 predot_all_H6.swf)
Open file (9.75 MB 320x240 predot_all_H7.swf)
What is this collaboration called?
It's [Bingo Tart] Pretty Pridot (according to dlsite.com)
Part1 Pretty Pridot: Introduction Edition
Part2 Pretty Pridot: Main Edition Part 1
Part3 Pretty Pridot: Main Edition Part 2

These are flash conversions of videos of a better quality. There is a thread on /r/ currently about it with a link to a torrent for the 3rd part, but I will post a fileshare when I find all three parts.

You an also buy it at http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE085194.html if you're impatient.

Open file (7.87 MB 600x800 Ore no Natsu 2012.swf)
Flipbook of Ore ** Natsu 2012 Anonymous 06/24/2013 (Mon) 19:04:28 No. 456 [Reply]

Open file (53.87 KB 560x420 1352304864652.jpg)
[Flash] An Average Playtime in the Sauna Anonymous 11/25/2012 (Sun) 23:22:59 No. 421 [Reply]
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The game manages to launch and I see the menu; but when I click an option, the program stops working. Anybody know what's going on for me?
That's somebody with the same problem; not a solution. I'd prefer to have the animation honestly. I think there's no options that don't crash it for me; but I'll check again.
It crashes for me too. Only the gallery works for me, which is just the animations.
Ah; I see what you mean, sorry.

How does the gallery actually work? I'm noticing some are pics; some have movie borders and loop; but I don't get what the green numbers on some of them are.

Also; how do you go from one animation to the next? When I've clicked them, there's only the options to fullscreen and exit, so how can I switch between them?

Open file (1.86 MB 550x400 Dad's Home.swf)
Father's Day! kingADVRC 06/17/2012 (Sun) 10:27:23 No. 410 [Reply]
Not a fan of Fathers, but here's something to say thanks for skeeting inside my mom.
5 Stars for that Flash!
Quite enjoyable. Hmm yes.

That's a fine piece of work. JMAA 01/06/2012 (Fri) 14:53:55 No. 357 [Reply]
I was working on this. Pretty neat IMO.
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It's just Yaoi of the sorts.
I'd facepalm if this board allowed it.
I agree, but post something better or STFU.
you mistake my meaning, I am not complaining over the quality of the flash, just the total miss of my ironic comment
I'll never catch at first those ones. :(


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