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(305.23 KB 300x100 fapchan ichan.gif)
(19.18 KB 300x100 no fapchan.gif)
Banner thread kingADVRC 11/10/2017 (Fri) 11:14:56 No. 2198
Since we've successfully regained the old domain back I dug these old banners out of my archives.

Also, new banner thread.
(25.94 KB 300x100 fap sam banner.jpg)
(24.75 KB 300x100 fry fap banner.jpg)
(25.45 KB 300x100 teamfap banner.jpg)
I made these unused banners once upon a time.
(25.39 KB 538x418 118991987614.jpg)
My God fund it
(45.71 KB 300x125 fap asi banner.jpg)
(28.72 KB 300x100 fap ass banner.jpg)
(21.71 KB 300x100 fap soda.jpg)
Made these three tonight.
Going to try to make one for each board and a few miscellaneous ones as well.
(21.69 KB 251x231 1510327554457.jpg)
I still need to figure out how to get that darn banner script to work. It's a real pain in the ass ;_;
(1.62 MB 300x168 1507623263723.gif)
Finally figured it out. Turns out EasyList (the blocklist used by most adblocks) automatically blocks requests to anything called banner.php, for some reason

By renaming it, it now works magically. Wew.
(18.55 KB 300x100 fap lawnmower.jpeg)
Found and uploaded another classic banner.
(37.56 KB 300x100 b banner.jpg)
(51.54 KB 300x150 babby banner.jpg)
(17.81 KB 300x150 erection-banner.gif)
Just finished 3 more.
Still taking suggestions.
Nice banners!
/r/something for /girly/
(24.37 KB 300x100 comic banner.jpg)
(41.54 KB 300x125 girly banner.jpg)
(39.66 KB 360x150 pony ass banner.jpg)
You ask and I deliver.
I even made one for /Clop/ and /cm/.
(47.65 KB 360x150 bimboani banner.jpg)
(71.13 KB 360x150 fap ass2 banner.jpg)
(37.09 KB 300x100 slime banner.jpg)
Made a few more today.
(61.33 KB 300x125 double-hypno-banner.gif)
(44.50 KB 300x150 fur ass banner.jpg)
(50.88 KB 300x125 futa banner.jpg)
Here's a few more for you~


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