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Traffic/overall activity? Anonymous 11/03/2016 (Thu) 00:42:29 No. 2155
To the devs,
How much traffic have you seen across all the site over the past year or so? Which boards are most active/dead?

I feel like this website has been pretty dead for a while now which is sad because I used to be able to find a lot of content here.
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It appears mostly dead now ever since the shitspam we got a while back that forced us to activate captcha for a while. It forced a lot of good content into oblivion on boards that used to be very populated and discouraged users to post because everyone hates captcha.

The only user-active boards left appear to be /babby/, /girly/, /h/, and /hypno/, but /gp/ and /s/ still see the common fapfile spam that keeps itself neatly contained in their respective stickies. The thought of repopulating these boards with what I have personally saved has crossed y mind. I suppose time restraints and laziness are to blame for it not already being done.

The current state of the boards saddens me as well. Perhaps this thread will invigorate some activity, or it will fall on dead eyes.

image not realated but funny as tits.
To revive this old thread I'd like to say that things are much the same. By far the most active board seems to be /girly/ nowadays, not sure about the other boards.

I'm glad in a way that the filesharing stickies are still active and populated. I don't think that person is a bot either, because he still posts even after we switched software twice.

I have hopes to revive the site by doing the following:

1) Make mobileposting a priority
I've already figured out a way to get Dashchan working with the site. Though the setup process can be a lot easier, and that's something I'll look into.

2) Posting content regularly and contributing more to the website
There is a lot of content that I can contribute. Currently fapchan has 33 boards, and maybe we can consolidate a few of them. Up to kingADVRC if he wants to do that. We have stable thread moving now, though.

3) Looking into potential partnerships with other imageboards, advertising, and making the site look appealing.
As the site grows we can potentially establish partnerships with existing imageboards and help each others boards grow with advertising. I already looked into a partnership with an imageboard viewing application, but sadly that partnership was turned down due to Fapchan's content. If you have a website and you want to partner up, contact me at deysu [at] mewch [d0t] ru and lets chat. Or just post in this thread.


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