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Open file (242.44 KB 899x1600 FOC1.jpg)
Fallout stuff Lundgren 12/09/2014 (Tue) 02:25:49 No. 4017 [Reply]
Fallout Christmas drawing. Just started working on erotic art, and just started some Fallout universe ideas. I guess now I just need an audience.
Open file (236.16 KB 1163x1600 Fallout Sketch.jpg)
Open file (121.17 KB 1358x1600 Fallout LinesRD.jpg)
Good start. But I'm thinking your form needs some work. A deep understanding of anatomy does wonders for the quality of your work.
when you're right, you're right :P

Open file (111.77 KB 1050x1493 puntb00.jpg)
Anonymous 09/10/2014 (Wed) 20:43:13 No. 3772 [Reply]
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Open file (198.75 KB 1050x1395 putlc57.jpg)
Open file (228.18 KB 1050x1395 putlc58.jpg)
Open file (188.25 KB 1050x1402 putlc59.jpg)
Open file (208.25 KB 1050x1402 putlc60.jpg)
Open file (242.58 KB 1050x1418 putlc61.jpg)

01 American Dreams 11/08/2013 (Fri) 13:43:32 No. 3085 [Reply]
The Last of Us.

Let's check it out.
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If there's any interest I will post #2.
Color me interested ^__^
Thanks for posting this, OP.

Definitely interested in seeing more
where is the part where they fuck?

I just wasted time out of my fapping time reading this :(
>This board is for comics, both regular and pornographic.

Of course, this was posted before I merged /do/ into this board, but a no sex disclaimer would have been nice.

Open file (245.42 KB 836x1171 duke_by_dukehca.jpg)
Mrs Keagan - The Proposition DVTS 11/04/2013 (Mon) 18:29:53 No. 3083 [Reply]
From the duke's hardcore honeys site. There were 8 issues in vol 1, and those plus the first issue of vol 2 are included in the siterip that floats around. There've been like 4 or 5 issues since and they're nowhere online. Anybody have any leads?

Open file (117.65 KB 661x799 air_recruit.jpg)
Anonymous 08/01/2013 (Thu) 20:49:45 No. 2908 [Reply]
cheo art

Open file (50.46 KB 614x800 Reb1.jpg)
Comics by Rebecca Anonymous 03/13/2013 (Wed) 09:12:40 No. 2864 [Reply]
Open file (62.93 KB 800x1008 r1.jpg)
Open file (54.33 KB 604x800 Reb2.jpg)
Holy Shit, score!
OH. MY. God. Thank you!

GB2K kingADVRC 12/30/2012 (Sun) 09:17:34 No. 2262 [Reply]
Found these in my unsorted downloads today.
Most of these are comic book characters, so I think this board would appreciate these the most.
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So to the person that sent these pictures can you send a zip file of all of them so people can get them in one step? Please send them using Mega. Go here:


Thank you.

Open file (215.57 KB 1065x726 BOOTY_HUNTER.jpg)
Anonymous 10/31/2012 (Wed) 15:18:05 No. 2225 [Reply]
[Shabby Blue] Star Wars Erotica

518 HOT pics!

Post some pics !!
Can you upload this somewhere else? The file is too big to download completely for free.
I agree with you on this. I use a File Sharing site called Mega. The remake from the original Megaupload. You can go here:


I think you can send large files at once.

Open file (169.03 KB 850x1100 t.png)
Anonymous 08/31/2012 (Fri) 20:41:50 No. 2231 [Reply]
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This looks like a work by Radio.
Google agrees.
you rock
Awesome, but who's that?
I had a year long subscription to Slipshine. Radio was a highlight.

Open file (23.93 KB 80x112 gloryhole.png)
What is this comic? Anonymous 06/01/2012 (Fri) 20:49:37 No. 1841 [Reply]
This is a comic about a school girl who finds a note and ends up in a public toilet gloryhole. after that she get blackmailed into doing more and more. Does anyyone know where i can find it?
Pretty sure that's a Van Gotha.
Sophie's Curious Perversion


no cookies?