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(12.17 KB 373x314 elmo blows.jpg)
Anonymous 12/25/2018 (Tue) 16:13:07 No. 7857
fuck datacenter power outages
A lot of data was lost - this is an old backup that I restored. My most sincere apologies.
(145.49 KB 1023x594 christmas.jpg)
At least we didn't lose everything, though.
(276.05 KB 2320x1052 minus8shygals.jpg)
There's a lot of work to be done backstage but I will make sure it is done as quickly as I can.
If you find anything that I missed or have any suggestions post them in this thread.
(1.09 MB 640x480 shit.webm)
maybe you should stop being cheap and get E-Insurance for your datacenters
(804.57 KB 1360x935 fapchan.png)
hey king,
added you to my directory. /b/ specifically.
>i like what i see here. too bad i didnt know about this place sooner
<stay comfy fren
if you have another idea for an icon button drop it
(17.81 KB 300x150 erection-banner.gif)
The one you chose is sufficient I suppose. When we re-acquired the domain I made a bunch of new banners all of which could be found at >>>/dev/2198 My personal fav is this one.
using it :^)


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