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Open file (89.58 KB 860x1290 nishimurarika292.jpg)
Only "clean" stuff, he heh! As in "clean-shaven", get 11/01/2011 (Tue) 17:22:06 No. 2272
I'm collecting photosets from rikitake.
My first big set collection:

Adachi Kurumi
Aizawa Yume
Ayabe Maki
Hadaka Yuria
Hanyuu Mei
Ito Kokomi
Kanazawa Miho
Kanno Misa
Nishimura Rika
"Ojousama" (set name, two girls actually, names unknown)
Sakurai Karin
Sanae Momoe
Sano Yuuko
Takami Sayo
Wakakusa Suzune
Yokoyama Natsuki
Yura Okasa

Image quality may vary (nothing really bad) between sets,
some of them are rather old.
Open file (133.36 KB 860x1290 hidakayuria039.jpg)
some samples are in order
Open file (55.99 KB 860x1290 hanyuumei115.jpg)
Open file (136.62 KB 860x1290 adatikurumi127.jpg)
Open file (86.72 KB 860x1290 wakakusasuzune003.jpg)
Open file (496.61 KB 860x1290 yokoyamanatsuki134.jpg)
Erm, there's also shots like these in the sets
Open file (86.65 KB 860x1290 ojousama121.jpg)
Open file (582.90 KB 860x1290 yokoyamanatsuki114.jpg)
Heh, you wouldn't recognise
in this shot!
Open file (69.33 KB 964x1290 aizawayume091.jpg)
Miss Aizawa here has a special place in my heart!
Open file (76.95 KB 969x1290 okadayura029.jpg)
Uh, it's OkaDA Yura actually, from the filenames, don't know why the set archive was misnamed.
Open file (158.85 KB 860x1290 mikoto1_3500_132.jpg)
And as a parting gift for today

Asano Haruka
Esumi Shoko
Kojima Saya
"Mikoto 1" (don't know what's up with that; renamed by original uploader?)
Minamoto Miina
"Misao 1"
Ooishi Mari

A smaller, but higher quality collection ('case it's newer).
Open file (222.24 KB 1000x1500 ruka2_1500_031.jpg)
Oh hey, found a HQ set (a couple, actually)!
Open file (926.88 KB 2333x3500 konoha1_3500_116.jpg)
Some bikinis are boooooring, give me one-piece any day!

3 HQ sets, 320 pics (including that strange "making of" set)
Open file (797.57 KB 2333x3500 namiko1_3500_136.jpg)

Sorry for the choice of the sample pic, it just looks... SO INVITING!
Open file (101.55 KB 1000x1500 saori2_1500_024.jpg)
>> 2289

Any chance of a re-up of this one? I've tried several times to d/l it only to have each stall at 75% or so.

Thanks in advance.
I just tried downloading it an it completed ok, but re-uploads are no problem:


http://depositfiles.com/files/e5refogcv (same file, re-upload)

I usually don't use filesonic -- it's very slow for me and most of copyrighted stuff gets deleted pretty quickly (tough a day or two should be ok).
Open file (533.45 KB 2333x3500 minami3_3500_072.jpg)
Might as well post something new while I'm here
>> 2310

Thank you very much for the other link and all of your uploads.
Open file (135.74 KB 1000x1500 cocoro2_1500_035.jpg)
You're welcome!

Here's a new one then:
Open file (593.82 KB 2333x3500 ikuyo1_3500_053.jpg)

Quite petite, this one, don't you think?
Open file (735.59 KB 3500x2333 reina1_3500_103.jpg)
Open file (801.36 KB 2333x3500 yukina1_3500_031.jpg)

Ah, what a lovely young lady! One of my favourite sets, definitely.
Open file (135.43 KB 1000x1500 yuuka3_1500_017.jpg)

You know that look on her face makes me wonder...

Though I'm not exactly sure about what exactly.
Open file (28.26 KB 461x346 Space_Ghost_Zorak.jpg)
I like this thread.
Open file (686.96 KB 2333x3500 yoshimi1_3500_008.jpg)
Dear Zorak: Perhaps you and I could take a romantic walk to a dark, scary place, discluded from all know beings. Dreaming of me and you on a fantastic voyage of love, I am, Yoshimi Kitashiro, Kyoto Japan
Open file (15.49 KB 315x239 Zorak9.jpg)
Open file (104.94 KB 1000x1500 hiyori2_1500_037.jpg)
Ahem, well let's give Zorak some alone time.

On to our next set!

Open file (28.47 KB 300x200 zorak up.gif)
Keep the good stuff coming.
Open file (114.17 KB 1000x1500 nodoka2_1500_026.jpg)
Uh... I'll try? I'll keep "something" coming at least.

Wait, that came out wrong...

Open file (879.99 KB 3500x2333 sarina1_3500_105.jpg)
Open file (420.50 KB 2333x3500 kyoka1_3500_102.jpg)
If Internet Censorship bill (americancensorship.org/) doesn't go down -- OUR FAPPING MATERIAL WILL!

P.S. And now, the link:
Holy god... how are birthrates declining in Asia?! Given half the chance I would impregnate all these girls even with condoms...
Open file (500.15 KB 2333x3500 yuuri1_3500_098.jpg)
I've been absent for a little while, so it's 2 for one today:

Open file (115.61 KB 1000x1500 mikoto2_1500_033.jpg)
What's this, a repeat? Nope. Though part of this 3-in-1 set is in >>2282 , that was only one third of this Mikoto Takigawa collection.


Also the repeat part of the set is more than twice the resolution of the original, so there ya go.
Open file (132.04 KB 860x1290 seikotanabe_066.jpg)
'Cause that would make me feel real bad...

So, if anyone's still interested, let's continue.

Open file (97.15 KB 1000x1500 china2_1500_042.jpg)

For the Prodigal Son's return we can't have just one set, now can we?
Open file (429.84 KB 1613x860 Akemi Oohara _ preview.jpg)

I have something special for you today -- a set with VIDEO!

Don't get too exited tough -- decent quality it may be, it's not HD and somewhat short (5min).
Still not to rain on my own paraid, it's a nice bonus, innit?

P.S. The pics aren't really that small (1290x860) this is just a 2-in-1 preview I cobbled up.
Open file (348.79 KB 1536x862 Akina Shioya _preview.jpg)
Your order of high quality pics and video is done, please enjoy.

Open file (332.04 KB 1536x862 Anzu Komiya _preview.jpg)

So, additional video clips:
III) meh, whatever
Open file (400.73 KB 1536x862 Ayae Teraoka _preview.jpg)
That's a unanimous "III)", I guess? Well I still have a few of these, so might as well post them.

Open file (574.28 KB 860x1290 ayumi_mashiko_080.jpg)

Since you guys don't seem to care much about the presence or absence of videos in these, I'll stop with the 2-in-1 previews (making them is a bit of a chore). I'll just mark the posts with video in the archive as "video included".
While I'm sure the several lurkers that frequent this board appreciate your posts, asking a Fapchan Anonymouse if they want more free porn is like asking a child if they want more free candy.

For the record, I like the videos.
Open file (382.89 KB 1536x862 Chris Ozawa _preview.jpg)
Thank for ye kind word, stranger! I'll continue with video previews then.
Newfap may not be the only place I've shared parts of my Rikitake stash, but here I've shared everything and the new stuff I get always find its way here before anywhere else.

Oh and the link, yes.
Open file (404.03 KB 1536x862 Emi Narusawa _preview.jpg)

And just like that, another video set!
The last two links are the same :(
Open file (382.50 KB 1536x862 Eri Omochika _preview.jpg)
They so are not, what you talking 'bout guvnor?
Ha... HA HA!
Haaaaah *sigh*

Open file (399.94 KB 1536x862 Erika Saeki _preview.jpg)
Thanks for fixing that :)

This train is running late, better charge it up! Sorry for the delay, dear passengers.

Gotta make up for the delay
Open file (348.44 KB 1536x862 Harumi Okano _preview.jpg)

And believe it or not, there will be one more today, a bit later.
Open file (378.63 KB 1536x862 Honami Asamiya _preview.jpg)
Open file (369.70 KB 1536x862 Megumi Iwamoto _preview.jpg)
Open file (380.35 KB 1536x862 Kiyo Fujisaki _preview.jpg)

We're on a roll here, folks!
Open file (380.90 KB 1536x862 Nanao Iraizumi _preview.jpg)

A damn good set, must have!
Open file (358.12 KB 1536x862 Sachi Kikuchi _preview.jpg)

Don't mind me, just uploading more stuff.
Open file (346.11 KB 1536x862 Sae Aihara _preview.jpg)
Open file (419.18 KB 1536x862 Wakana Mizuki _preview.jpg)

I've got good news and "oh well" news.
Open file (349.05 KB 1536x862 Sonoko Kawai _preview.jpg)

The good news is: DF has been unexpectedly generous with upload speeds lately and I've done some "homework" with the screenshots beforehand...
Open file (375.61 KB 1536x862 Tomomi Yasuda _preview.jpg)

...so today there 4 sets at once!
But, in other news...
Open file (340.83 KB 1536x862 Wakaba Mine _preview.jpg)

This is the last batch of video files and it is rather unlikely that I'll get my hands on more... Oh well, they where sort of a bonus rather than the main course.
Thank you for all your efforts bro.
Open file (718.29 KB 2333x3500 sana1_3500_015.jpg)
Hey, no prob! And we're still not done with good photosets:
Open file (750.20 KB 2333x3500 rie1_3500_130.jpg)

I probably won't post every day (annoying delays will occur sooner or later), but the practice of multiple posts per day will continue -- it should balance out in the end.
Open file (171.75 KB 1500x1000 nono2_1500_057.jpg)

Not much more to say, really.
Open file (766.44 KB 3500x2333 shuko1_3500_074.jpg)
Open file (1.10 MB 2333x3500 komako1_3500_040.jpg)

Now, while this girl is quite charming and her set is very nice, I do believe that Ms.Higuchi might want to see a doctor. Look deeper into the set and you'll see what I mean.
Open file (847.32 KB 1290x860 kagoyui180.jpg)

Heya! Gonna post a bit more stuff than usual today.
Open file (856.39 KB 860x1290 harusakitsugumi024.jpg)

Sadly, it's unlikely that we'll see many more ohmygodthehalfofitdoesn'tfitonthescreen-resolution, but I think you'll find that sets in 1290x860 with very low compression look mighty fine. Plus it seems that these (older?) sets generally have more images per archive.

If I get any of these in even higher resolution I'll be sure to post them here.

Now excuse me while I upload\post a couple more sets.
Open file (1.23 MB 860x1290 haradaryoko045.jpg)

Hah, haven't had one of these in a while, have we? And no, that's not an anatomic anomaly, the pussy is just making faces at you.
Open file (780.50 KB 1290x860 kamiyaharuka050.jpg)

"WHAT?! A preview image that doesn't show ANY nudity?! Preposterous!"
Open file (1.18 MB 860x1290 nodahisano006.jpg)

There's some nice pussy clos-ups in this set, but I won't show them to you.
I'll just be faping to this nice dress.
Open file (679.23 KB 860x1290 natukawamomo036.jpg)

You know, if this thread was to simply stop on this very post, I think we could all honestly say that was a good thread.

We're not stopping here of course, just saying that this is a rather nice thread we have here...
Open file (753.84 KB 860x1290 Risa Satou-satourisa100.jpg)

... It'd be a right shame if anything happened to it, a-hum.

Just so you know, if DF goes down, or just my account with all of those uploads, I'm going to kill myself).

So this is the twelfth one for today.
Hope that wasn't too much for you.

Hey, Kids! Do you know what time it is?!

It's time to stop downloading porn and get back to homework!

Shoo! Scram!

But for all you adults in the audience -- welcome to Happy Fap Hour!

Not that much to share today.

Well, not as much as last time at least.

Ho, forgot this one. Here you go, one more.

How ya doing?!

*audience squirms*
"Ugh, not him again."

Ouch, I'm hurt, I really am!

And just for that I'm only uploading four things today! That'll teach you!
Open file (1.05 MB 1000x1500 Mei Hiramatsu 022.jpg)

I return! But this time not with Rikitake, but with GirlsDelta. You'll find that there's not much difference in the end product.
Open file (819.26 KB 1000x1500 Rei Yamaki 093.jpg)

Most of GD stuff I'm posting is 1500x, with one notable exception. But all in due time.
Open file (1.00 MB 1000x1500 Ichiko Tominaga 012.jpg)

And four our final dish...

This final set is 3500x2333 all the way baby!
And it's damn great too.
Open file (525.38 KB 860x1290 aikawamariko126.jpg)

Yaaay, update time!
Open file (812.92 KB 1290x860 harashimamaiko103.jpg)

So yeah, sorry for the long pause, but don't say I didn't warn ya!
Open file (919.42 KB 860x1290 tomimako033.jpg)
Open file (1.03 MB 1290x956 okamotosayaka045.jpg)

May actually stretch this update into tomorrow
Open file (473.22 KB 860x1290 horieryo034.jpg)
Open file (1.23 MB 2333x3500 ERINA 007.jpg)
This set and the next one are of the rare 3500x2333 variety
Open file (1.37 MB 2333x3500 Chikage Nemoto 017.jpg)
Open file (630.06 KB 860x1290 minejimakyoko007.jpg)

And for desert -- one of the prettiest girls in the Rikitake collection.

End of update, see you next time.
Open file (695.86 KB 1290x860 kayamaako040.jpg)

With the long pause we had last time you can consider this an "early update"!
Open file (726.99 KB 860x1290 sakaidakumi090.jpg)

These multi-post updates can take it out of you, especially when DF uploader decides to start acting up.
Open file (416.47 KB 860x1290 teshimaikue122.jpg)

We've breached 100 posts some time ago, but we're still below 100 archive posts.
Let's try to do something about that, shall we?
Open file (790.41 KB 1000x1500 mutsumi_1500_120.jpg)
Open file (626.15 KB 860x1290 iizukafuyumi027.jpg)

O N E !
H U N D R E D !

(archives, not posts, just to remind you)

Open file (614.16 KB 860x1290 takeuchiyoriko116.jpg)

Ummmm, but I had two more to upload so...
Open file (649.86 KB 951x1290 makimuramegumi079.jpg)
So now it's:

O N E !
H U N D R E D ! ...And two.

yaaaay! Thanks a lot!
Open file (381.66 KB 860x1290 aki_tsuchiya_109.jpg)

And we're back!
Next couple updates will be a bit on the short side and will be stretched over a period of few days.
Open file (768.32 KB 860x1290 konnosakura097.jpg)

Sadly, though Rikitake has over 200 sets I'm not sure we can reach that number, for reasons of general scarcity. But if there's more GirlsDelta sets to find...
Open file (1.05 MB 860x1290 yagamieri067.jpg)

And here's a set with something we haven't seen in a looooong time -- video!

...Sorry I totally forgot to prepare video previews. See you tomorrow! (hopefully)
Open file (1.91 MB 1935x1290 sanoyuuko246.jpg)

Ah... Ah ha ha ha!
I failed
Open file (518.34 KB 860x1290 tsutsuihinako114.jpg)

Rikitake is mostly into slim girls, but he does cater to all tastes, you have to give him that.
Open file (685.41 KB 860x1290 tsukimurayumi030.jpg)
And this is not intentional, honest...


We're finishing on a video set, AGAIN.
Open file (656.74 KB 860x1290 shimizumiyu105.jpg)
Open file (794.52 KB 860x1290 kounomakoto067.jpg)

Today I'm posting the last of my current batch
Open file (597.02 KB 860x1290 hanaimika042.jpg)

Don't know when the next batch will be, may be pretty soon, maybe not.
Open file (495.03 KB 860x1290 satouena075.jpg)
Open file (835.52 KB 860x1290 sakashitasayuri075.jpg)

This one's wit video, but it's not the last set for today...
Open file (665.31 KB 1290x950 nanamiaiko019.jpg)

This one is! Cause I really liked it.
See you next time!
???????????? Paipan is hot Rikitake is Hot..This thread is FuLL of WIN...and shaved JP Beauty. .

SERIOUSLY...1,000,000 Internets for all your time, effort and sharing
Amazing post, 16+ gigabytes of shaved slits! What a generous and industrious poster. Many thank yous for this wonderful post
>This file does not exist, the access to the following file is limited or it has been removed due to infringement of copyright.

It was fun while it lasted.
Open file (32.20 KB 415x560 abraham simpson wink.gif)
It just so happens that I have downloaded and archived every one of these sets (the GirlsDelta ones too) and I'm willing to post them is anyone wants them. Just let me know which sets you want.
please repost this one
>>2293 please repost
Uploading Konoha Moriwaki Sets 1-3 right now in 2 parts. I'll post the link when they're finished.
Rikitake - Konoha Moriwaki

Set 1
Sets 2 and 3

Apologies for taking so long.
Manny Thanks!
please I'm searching for a long time Yoshimi Kitashiro and the woman of the photo (cant remember her name)>>2282
anyone can reup?
Here's Yoshimi:

I'll upload the other one when I locate it.
Found the other one. Her name is Mikoto Takigawa.

Let me know if there' anything else you want me to re-up.
Open file (102.28 KB 438x1821 Sin título.png)
Thanks bro!!!
Unfortunately Mikoto Takigawa link is dead... I forgot that I requested here. Now I'm searcing girls with delicious bobs >3<
In the pic you can see my actual collection. I enumerated with the girlsdelta catalog because don't know the old... and I must sort things that I downloaded from the pirate bay(pic galleries and video). From GirlsDelta I have few collection.
I can download finally. The real page is http://www.zff.co/PqFq
kingADVRC 3500px !!! I think that old rikitake collectoin only have 1290px
Open file (131.38 KB 283x424 enthusiasticthumbsup.jpg)
Apologies for mistyping the link. I'm glad you were able to figure out the proper link.
As for the res, I only re-upped what was posted originally.
If you have anything you wish to share, by all means do it, and if there's anything else you need re-upped let me know.
Open file (541.42 KB 860x1290 maru_yamamoto_018.jpg)
I don't know what can I share :/ I prefer upload by a request.
I can't find Maru Yamamoto catalog in rikitake or girlsdelta web :/ She have one gallery with 141 photos (69.9MB)and no more?
take advantage of following torrents:
GirlsDelta - HQ Image Sets (3500px)
[GirlsDelta.com] Shaved Japanese Pussies
[GirlsDelta.com] Shaved Japanese Pussies part 2

Anyway search in btdigg all search results.
Open file (4.24 MB 2333x3500 YUI_Kazugano_3500_002.jpg)
My recommendations:
Alicia Jeffrey <3 <3
Chie Fukuyama <3 <3 <3
Erina Yuki <3 <3 <3 *o*
Hidemi Yukimura <3 <3 <3
Sairi Michiyuki <3 <3 <3
Shiho Miyazaki <3 <3 <3 *o*
Yui Kasugano <3 <3 <3 *o*
Yuma Takayanagi <3 <3 <3
I don't know if they are all complete sets because I start recollect to other sites. Ask me anything
kingADVRC I found a blog with the complete collection of Rikitake... ~30GB. I'm downloading just I can't certify all. All links online (freakshare, oboom).
Open file (21.87 KB 640x480 1386808863840.jpg)
Ok, I finished...
1: some galleries have rar with some files corrupted (~14 galleries).
2: the folders name was lost, for example: þÖ¥þǼÒüòÒü¬Òüê
3: some repeated galleries and a big mess
4: take care, one file is a virus with the name "readme.exe" (is camouflaged)
5: Some sets have videos :)
...I'll need monts to sort all of this. A lot work no fap D:
Great find man. I don't use torrents, but I'll be sure to give jpnaked a look-see sometime.
=o why you don't? torrent is great but must download while peers exist.
I don't trust them. Simple as that.
Seems like all / most of the stuff has been taken down. Will it ever make a return? =[
Ask and I shall provide~
Open file (132.99 KB 667x1000 1.jpg)
Hey kingADVRC you have any of Yui Kasugano? for example are missing the set #3, #5 and #8 of GirlsDelta. The sets have photos and videos.
thanks :)
I only have archived what was posted here but I'll check to see if it was posted before.
Still have this one? She's perfect :3
Nothing of her was posted here so I don't have them.

Yukina Mori Sets 1-3

Thank you for supporting the site simply by downloading porn.
Open file (910.35 KB 1000x1500 Chie Fukuyama - 0001.jpg)
omg, no post in 10 months D: .still alive?
I was searching this set complete http://girlsdelta.com/model/220
have 180 pics (not 154 that we can find elsewhere)and dont know if is posible 3500px
Second. She's a cutie.


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