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Open file (1.82 MB 3762x2116 sexysaturdays_3_final.jpg)
I want to share something. JMAA 11/30/2011 (Wed) 19:45:50 No. 743
Practically, I was dedicating some time for erotic art. Specially on my "ideal self". Damn, I even made an album cover for my music with this, because it's goddamn sexy IMHO.
So, tell me if you like it. You can also visit my tumblr for maybe more of this shit.
Open file (2.56 MB 5531x3111 sexysaturdays_2_final.jpg)
One more to go.
Open file (2.96 MB 4352x3144 sexysaturdays_final.jpg)
Sequence complete.
Open file (1.03 MB 1902x1902 sexysaturdays_thumb.jpg)
There's moar!
Open file (1.32 MB 2843x1599 sexysaturdays_4.jpg)
Sorry, I've mistaken the file on that one. Here's the real one.
Open file (717.46 KB 1436x2076 sexy_saturdays_5 copia.jpg)
New one!
I notice /y/ is pretty empty. :(
It is a bit desolate, isn't it? I personally think its pretty decent, but the character anatomy gets a bit odd in some pics.
(>>744,>>752) That said. I'd think you'd be better off making a webcomic of some sort. Don't get me wrong, the art decent enough to tell a story, I just don't think its professional enough to wank too. Do you do any writing on your free time?
Actually, I'm on the making of a yaoi graphic novel called Taboo Love which's more of a /fur/ kind of thing. Because it's about an homo couple of anthro guys.
But I mainly draw on my free time if possible and I don't get much to write anything.
Open file (1.55 MB 2496x5184 coming color.jpg)
Another one is good
Open file (47.09 KB 655x560 Idunnocarl.jpg)
The TF2 Heavy reference maybe?
Not bad, but you really need to wark on it. I would like to see some of your furry art!


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