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Welcome to /y/, newfapchan's Yaoi board. This is where you post sexy drawings of two or more men.
>No straight hentai. That goes in /h/.
>No shotacon. That goes in /sm/.
>No real pictures, just drawings.
>No CP.

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Slime Boy Thread

Anyone Interested?

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Final Fantasy is full of cute boys.

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July's Man

New one?? wow this one looks very hot do any1 got it? BUMP <3

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Well, I tried.

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Sensitive Pornograph

I was looking around for highly recommended Yaoi series when I found "Sensitive Pornograph" was recommended by a few people, and I can see why based on the art. Posting screenshots

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- core

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Pics with hot little stories

Kind of a different twist on some pics.

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Rise Of The Guardians

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your favorites

post your favorite /y/ pics!

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Team Fortress 2

I saw there wasn't a TF2 thread here. Let's change that, shall we?

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I want to share something.

Practically, I was dedicating some time for erotic art. Specially on my "ideal self". Damn, I even made an album cover for my music with this, because it's goddamn sexy IMHO.
So, tell me if you like it. You can also visit my tumblr for maybe more of this shit.

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How about some Guts/Griffith?

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Assassin's Creed THREAD

For all you Assassin's out there dying for some male/male action.

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Derp, Kirby porn. Because I can and it's there. SO HAVE SOME.

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Yuusha Thread

Let's build a haven for Yuusha yaoi lovers!

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Helping this board with teh buttsecks

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Hey /y/. I saw this post on Tumblr, and usually I can just laugh and stuff, but aside from the Michael Cera, I was really wondering the source. It just looks so yum. Agh. Kill me.
(Request ban.)

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Let's get a megaman thread going, can we?

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This is /y/

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So, I thought I'd do something I've never done on the old fapchan or any /y/ board I browse.

I'm going to be posting one of my favorite doujins, "Baby Bitch".

We'll start with chapter one; Oh My Bitch!

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Dump your best pics

In support of newfapchan, I propose a dump you best pics thread.


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Let us rebuild the empire

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/y/ not??