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Anonymous 11/07/2013 (Thu) 02:39:01 No. 813
What was the game that started your love for the vidya /vg/?

>pic related
First game I ever played.
Christmas gift when I was 5.
Long live NES!
This is a tough one to answer, since I have memories of gaming from as far back as I can remember. The first one I remember playing was something on the Atari that resembled Adventure, but I don't think it *was* Adventure unless my memory of it is pretty distorted, as I remember being a white knight fighting black knights rather than a square fighting dragons.

The next thing I remember was my bro and his friend playing Wizards & Warriors on the NES, and being stuck on the big bat boss. They decided to put me on the game as kind of a joke, and despite not having a clue what I was doing, I beat the big bat pretty effortlessly, much to their surprise. "Keep playing!" they insisted, but after that I kept falling in lava and couldn't get out.

Once I started to really understand how to play games, I played a lot of Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros 2, but I think the first series I would say I really became a "fan" of was Mega Man. We used to rent those a lot, parts 2 through 6... never did experience the first one until the emulation age. Not sure if I beat any of them back then either, I know I did get to the final boss gauntlet in one of them once and then my thumb gave out and I had to stop.
Oh man, don't get me started on Megaman. I played the first 7 and Megaman X a lot, as well as Rockman and Forte (jp version) but anything else just didn't feel the same. I downloaded Megaman 9 on my Wii but never got around to playing it. I wonder if's even worth playing...
Me. Exactly. This.
Open file (142.63 KB 550x280 comix-zone[1].jpg)
The obvious answer would sanic and mario, but comix zone really got me looking at video games seriously. I would break games often by accident and learn how to replicate it on my own.

Then I skated by until SSX and Tekken Tag where I learned to really stop button mashing

then I picked up Godhand and DMC3, then rediscovered Treasure who I love dearly.

but Comix zone started it all for me. It's a fantastic game and in that era beat-em-ups do not get as detailed as that and the entire comic motif was extremely well done. You could tell Sketch fit within the 90's era of comics
Some of the earliest shit I played was Sonic the Hedgehog, but what really hooked me in was Heretic. I would play it for hours with one of my friends, and occassionally we'd take turns controlling either walking or shooting.
Heretic rules. Either it or Catacomb Abyss was the first FPS I played (I forget which, I think I downloaded shareware versions of both around the same time.) Not the first games I played by a long shot though.
SMB 3, same game that got a lot of kids my age into gaming, and let it be known that Nintendo was Serious Shit. I started with the first mario game and played the shit out of it (along with occasional Duck Hunt and World Class Track Meet), but didn't really get into it until a cousin introduced me to Mario 3. (Also Ninja Gaiden 2 and Final Fantasy, which were some other formative experiences...)

These days I don't play vidya as much, and what I play tends to be PC games... but mostly Civilization games, until I realized CivV is irredeemable and Firaxis has lost any sense of what makes a game good. The first Civilization game was my introduction to PC gaming for reals.


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