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Exploring D/s Anonymous 07/08/2015 (Wed) 00:57:32 No. 2839
I'm not entirely sure if this is the RIGHT placd to discusss this, but it's by far the BEST place of the sites I frequent to talk about this.

So. Where to be begin? 19 yr old dudebro here, in average shape, a virgin until recently. As a kid, and now that I can put things in context a bit, my sexual fantasies always really involved the woman "on top." Of course, innocent young me never really thought about it. Actually, I was kind of against the whole BDSM scene, I just didnt really understand it, although elements of it seeped in to the porn I watched and the fetishes I developed. Finally, about a year ago, I got into erotic hypnosis, and quite frankly, it turns me the fuck on, and now when I think about actually being controlled by a dominant woman... Wow. Y'know, I never really knew what lusting was until I understood my needs in this way. I had never gotten excited about fucking women like friends did, and at first I thought I might have been gay, but I found really quick that I wasnt, now I realize I want the women to fuck ME. Control me. Oh god, i'm horny just from writing this.

Now, pursuing my passion, i'm on a study abroad in Prague and decided, fuck it, I wanna lose my virginity. Went to a brothel, sucked some titties, lost the v-card. All the usual stuff about losing your virginity, but I also realized normal sex just doesn't turn me on. Almost at all.

So now i'm realizing this is all lining up with my personality, and just how i've lived my life thus far, and a lightbulb has gone off. So my question to the good people of Newfapchan is, wherr do I go from here? Where do I find someone to dominate me? Etc etc.

Im also concerned about how this will affect my life. Ive spent years working myself out of my shell and becoming more confident and more aggressive towards my dreams and, y'know, what if I enter a relationship where that just can't happen? That probably sounds crazy, but from a young somebody like me, it's scary!!! Especially with some of the stuff you see online. I don't wanna be someones human table y'know? (Well maybe I do... Just not full time!!!)

Anyways thanks for reading, you magnificent bastards! Hope you can shine some light on my next moves.

Tl;dr, young, potential malesub seeks life advice. Thanks!
OP here:

I should also make clear that i'm not in to anything too crazy like torture or chastity... Yet. But hopefully, you can see how some of these things might seem akin to horror-story-esque through my eyes. I mean who knows how i'll develop, but like i said, its kinda worrying!
I"m not a huge expert but if your Dom cares about you you can have a fulfilling career and life outside the bedroom and home even if you feel her control 24/7 you just need to let her know that this is important to you plus imagine how hot it would be working 8 hours a day knowing your Mistress is in control of the money you earn ( i do not recommend total financial control until you are married).


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