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Anonymous 04/28/2011 (Thu) 17:55:14 No. 11
Vacbeds, bagging and other general tight encasement bondage
Open file (82.93 KB 800x544 1302435195997.jpg)
Open file (373.46 KB 800x600 1270122441671.jpg)
Open file (329.85 KB 800x600 1270122528481.jpg)
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Open file (80.78 KB 630x909 1149492516182.jpg)
Open file (33.70 KB 606x403 JPG.jpg)
If anyone else remembers, it was on G4 way back.
Open file (58.45 KB 560x420 lkx9MwPGyGfV.jpg)
Open file (76.03 KB 473x800 standpewter005.jpg)
Open file (31.67 KB 719x480 thumb10.jpg)
Open file (419.09 KB 512x768 free pic 14 large.jpg)
Open file (723.32 KB 1936x1296 1318916730072.jpg)
Open file (181.94 KB 854x1280 1318997464653.jpg)
Found some more, chaps.
Open file (119.03 KB 865x1300 1319073878709.jpg)
Open file (315.55 KB 800x600 1319175297894.jpg)
I'll keep looking for more....
My dick tells me i like this a lot.
Any vids of this?
Open file (837.71 KB 700x1491 vacbed?.jpg)
how's this? always thought frozen alive was kinda awesome
I lol'd
is it wrong that I'm a guy who is insanely jealous these beautiful women getting sealed in like this?
Open file (4.98 MB 1535x2126 142628494851.jpg)
Open file (140.97 KB 591x394 Picture 12.jpg)
I like it
Open file (219.97 KB 614x460 135438054481.jpg)


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