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Welcome to /r/ - Request

This is the board to post your contentless requests (by which I mean a request with less than 2 images).

Child Porn and nude or clothed children have no place on NewFapChan - DO NOT EVEN REPLY TO SUCH REQUESTS OR RISK A PERMABAN!
Don't request anything illegal.
Spam will not be tolerated!
Trolling, derailing, abusive or argumentative behavior, and incessant griping about requests have no place on this board.
Also, if your request isn't answered right away, overbumping it will cause it to be removed.

The more information about your request you give, the more likely it will get answered.

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Anybody know this slut's real or stage name?

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noctura hentai

requesting hentai of noctura from lego elves. but drawn in anime style with normal hands rather than those c-clip things the minidolls have.

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More of her please

Anyone got anymore pics/sets of her or females of this type?

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Ass Curse


Let me guess … You used to cum in GOBS when you thought about a Woman’s Amazing Ass. Nowadays, you can’t wait to stroke … but you never cum anymore. And instead of an ass fetish, you have an ASS CURSE!!! And the thing is — you can NEVER stop thinking about it! You fall into this trap. I’ve done this to you, so buy this Mp3 & see why.

Anyone got this?

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Love to know who these babes are

First I did use Google Reverse Image Search, SauceNAO, and TinEye with no luck. Here is the women I need help to ID with. I appreciate the help and thanks

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requsting some sauce anyone any source for this or full scene? pic unrelated

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F@g H@g

Anyone have any of these by F@g H@G?
(Have also seen her called D@nielle, C@itlyn and Miss K@t.
Phallic Obsession
Faggot Brainwashing Techniques
10 first steps to coming out of the closet

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Siren’s Lactation Experiment

Does anyone have Siren’s Lactation Experiment?
Filename wil probably be Lactation.mp3/flac or Lactation V2.mp3/flac It's female voiced and by Siren, who was on however is no longer there at all. Thanks.

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Bebop Edward breast Expansion

I saw a picture of Edward from Cowboy Bebop with huge breasts and I can't seem to find it again. She was lounging with Ein and her breasts covered most of her torso. Her areola could be seen through the shirt. I think it was on Deviantart with the title Ed and Ein but I can't find it.

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Friend's Wife

so I have a friends wife who says she was so broke last year she was was in a porno for a site. I have no idea which one ot if its true but givin how this chan has a /fat/ board I was hoping maybe one of you may have seen it. I dont want it for black mail or any thing I just wanna her huge tracks of land in full unclothed glory.

pic related its her

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Please !!!

can someone share this file "Diagnosis Sissy starring Mistress Clarissa" or "Edge For Real Men with Mistress Clarissa "

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Dope box.links

I'm looking for black amateur girls. Naked fucking sucking what ever links pestered. I will start

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penelope silke

there was a thread with a bunch of her stuff a few weeks ago but i can't seem to find it again. anybody have some of her files to share? especially the video?

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I am searching desperately this video. Does anyone knows where to find it? There are a couple of megapacks of Tara's files but it isn't there.

taratainton dot com/this-time-youre-not-coming-before-the-end-of-my-video

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Please help

Hey Perverted Brothers.
For the first time in my life i use /r/, please be mercy.
many decades ago i saw a pron scene abt a trap gir, who was cruising down the streets for a young lad to fuck.
No names, no studios and no any web adress.
and today i saw her again in a simular setting but with another young fucker.
Please, for the fuck sake, tell me her name

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Looking for this milf

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Can anyone photoshop the top off? Please and thanks

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Mind mistress

Anyone have Mind Mistress's Sub-Conscious, or any other of her files? Thanks in advance.

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girl to fall in love with

please source, or name, or something

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Looking for nudes

Looking for nudes of her. Her name is Kayla it would be great if yall have it thanks

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A specific sissy caption

I am looking for a sissy caption, it had an image of one anime boy in lingerie putting some lipstick on another boy in lingerie. The caption text was next to the image. It was something about one guy inviting another guy to his house for a sleepover, and feminizing him, and then they both played with the sister of the first dude. I think one of them was named Phoebe. If someone has this cap somewhere, please post it here, I lost it some time ago and I can't find it.

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I'm looking for a long video (50+ min) of a woman instructing you to focus only on a woman's eyes. You would stare at a single picture for minutes at a time(but never to long) and the women progressively lost their clothes. The challenge of not losing focus on her eyes was amazing. I had this video but lost it and have been looking for months.

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no more bush

girls getting their pubes pulled out, cut, shaved or burnt off

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Meana wolf?

been looking for meana wolf clips, specially lost boy, but any of them would be great, pls, help

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Lip and Mouth videos?

Hi, does anyone know where I can find videos of women sexily licking their lips? Not close-ups of only the mouth, but hopefully pulled back a little. I've seen a few on Emp but surely there are more of these.


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does anyone happen to have a copy of "Hyper Sissy Mind Massager"? it was taken off of xvideos and i can't find it anywhere!

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who is this brit milf?

been searching hard for the name to this pornstar but can't find it. she has a video at:


thats all the info I have besides the website in the corner of the video which I also checked and found no leads.

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Source plz...

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Strong Feminzation/Cam Whore Hypno?

Hello /request/ board~

I'm looking for a certain type of hypno file and Im hoping I can get some recommendations.

I want to be very strongly hypnotized into doing things feminization things like enjoying shaving my whole body, being feminine in general, thinking like a girl, dressing up all cute, buying girly clothes, and taking pictures of myself. Not necessarily hardcore slut stuff. Are there any files like this?

I know its a longshot but I guess my ultimate hypno fetish is to be a cute camwhore. If there are any files anyone knows like that it would be amazing!!

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prostate milking erotic hypnosis

does anyone have mistress samba alex's prostate milking trigger

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I Know That Girl

Does anyone know who the babe is on the right side of the picture? The one with the tattoo and reverse cowgirl the guy. Thanks.

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Picture Swap

Lets have a PicSwap thread:
>Upload random pic to and post here what you get

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Does ANYBODY have any nudes or sexy pix of this girl? Her name is Emelie Andersson.

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Any More

Is there any more of this amateur out there

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Do you know her?

Do you know the name of the girl in this picture?

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who made this?

who made this?
Is Troma really the author?

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Steeljaw & Thunderhoof

I'm looking for porn of Steeljaw and Thunderhoof from The Transformers. Nearly impossible to find but I thought I'd leave it up to you guys to see what you've got or can find.

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Chastity Request (EmlaLock)

Hi, big guys.
So, I've recently been put into chastity by a guy, (long story), and he set up a profile for me over at EmlaLock. I need at least 50 required links answered to get free.
By adding, you add a lot of time to the counter, by subbing, you take off just a little. So please be nice to me...

Here is the link:

Thank you in advance!

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is there a second part to this?
SMM-Sauna02 ?

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Websites / videos similar to milonova?

Looking for videos, image galleries and/or flash games that tell you what to do and/or guide you through a story.

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Identification please?

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Hypn0Qu33n Sessions

Anyone got any of Hypn0Qu33n's sessions? I'm looking for Br41n Dr41n, G3n1e & M1ndl355 5l4v3

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Old hypno file I heard

Some years back, I heard a file which involves you going down a staircase. Each step down you become more feminine. It was a female hypnotist and I can't for the life of me remember the name of the file or hypnotist. Any help would be great.

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 3

"artsy" porn like IFM but more explicit and full frontal

Looking for a porn-series, but can't remember the name.
Was a littlebit like "I feel myslfe" but more full frontal nudity and close-ups and more lesbian stuff.

Anything related is apprechiated, too!
Most of it was massage-stuff and girls orgasming at the massage-parlor, while a clothed women rubbed them.

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/hypno/ - pocket pussy addiction

After normal jerking off for the longest time, I got a pocket pussy the other day, and the urge to fuck nothing else is pretty strong. Anyone know of any files that it impossible to have sexual/romantic thoughts about anything that isn't a pocket pussy?

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Lady Lana

Looking for her feminization files. I've seen a few on Giga but looking for more.

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anyone can have a video of shadowkinz?

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Goddess Zenova

Does anyone have a link to get her videos for free?

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Bad Parenting

Looking for the set where the mom has only pantyhose on and glasses,shes brunette and possibly European if that helps.

Pic some what related.

R: 2 / I: 2 / P: 3

Hi there. Does anyone has thore pics in uncensored version?

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do you know her?

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Am looking for the full version of this video of her. I can only find a 45 second version out there. Does anyone have it?

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Italian female hypnotist Venusiana

Hi, someone has any video of some Italian hypnotist?
I found a new one on youtube in these month, Miss Venusiana, I'm wondering if someone already has some of here videos and he is willing to share.
Thank you

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Looking for Saras "Becum a Fagbot" file, if anyone's got it.

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 3

X-ray to nudes

Sup guys anyone who can x-ray these pictures would be amazing and much appreciated. If you can go of her curves that would be fantastic

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Can someone add foreskin to this dick?

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looking for this amazing hypnotist's collection
replace 3s with Es

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Cum production hypno

I'm looking for Mistress Samba Constant Cum Production or Samantha Sez's Bless Constant cum production or any others with the same goal. I want to be able to do something like this

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4

If this site isn't dead can we see everything collated here please by emma evans aka Trance?

She is not on the DNP and I'd really like to get my hands on "driven"

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 4

X-ray / Photoshop

Hey can some with decent skills photoshop this picture with out any underwear on,

Thanks in advance

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sissy warping?

One of my biggest fantasies is to simultaneously become more of a sissy, without knowing what the hypno sessions are doing to me... kind of like those amnesia files, but with the added effect of losing the memory of what the next file's description even stated. Barring a 'retroactive amnesia' file, that wipes info about the next file that you'd remembered previously, I'd like to try something:

Would someone be willing to post, as one file and without a descriptive filename, a combination of a strong amnesia file followed by a mild sissification file? Perhaps one with a focus on shaving and underclothes, or maybe mental/sexuality reinforcement?

So it can be vetted, or checked after a few weeks to sate curiosity, perhaps include the timestamp of where the join happens... I'd be really interested in what this experiment could result in.

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hidden fetishes, sources

Fetishes you wouldn't tell your best friends or your partner.

Your sources for fetish-fap-material?

New stuff that doesn't show up at the common tubes?
Amateur grannys? Diapers?

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Anyone recognize her?

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Das Eksperiment

There's this file out there called Das Eksperiment that is supposed to be absolutely brutal and I wanted to check it out. I guess the hypnotist's name is Lady Lana. I don't see her on the DNP, anybody able to help me out? Pic semi-related

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N!kk! - Pussy Slave

Anyone got this one? Haven't seen it around since I got a new computer, but I remember this one being too hot.

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I need to find her

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4

Odd request, but can anyone point me to where I can find music that's like the background music to a *modern* porno? Not the 70s waka-waka-chika-chika shit that always comes up when you search for "porn music". Stuff like you might hear in stuff from Private, or Legal Skin, or Pickup Lines.

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R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 4

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 4

Any clue who she is?

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NF - Read and Fall

I've been accumulating a bunch of Nikki Fatale's work for a while now, but this one audio file seems to escape me. Might anyone have Read and Fall by her?

The file's page: hxxp://

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Advanced Cum Eating Academy Larkin Love

Hi, anyone got working links to Advanced Cum Eating Academy with Larkin Love? found only 4 and 9 part on torrents ;<

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 4

Moar of this chick!

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 4

I just found out about this site on /x/ and not sure if this belongs in the right place
I'm requesting any information on this image

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 4

Journey into submission video

R: 4 / I: 3 / P: 4

lesbian granny and cum of clothes fetish

I confess: Iam addicted to porn.
Mostly amateur-stuff and mostly "weird" material like

- grannies
- cumming on latex or girdles
- milf amateurs / lesbians

someone knows good sites for video downloads?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 4

Looking for FINAL EXAM by Wyrdey anyone have an upload?

R: 23 / I: 0 / P: 4


I know it was posted here ages ago, but does anyone have more Lady Lita that what is available on torrent?

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A Little Ass Play - Dr. Annabelle Katz

Hey everybody. I came across a 6 minute video of this file on Youtube and it seemed really intense. The content is right up my alley.

I checked the sticky to make sure we are allowed to request files from her and it seems as if we are. I was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction of the full audio file? Would be very much in debt to anybody who could provide a link! Thanks. :)

Oh. And here is the Youtube video I watched that got me hooked. Maybe some of you can understand why I want this file so bad after listening to the 6 minutes that were made available? :)

R: 28 / I: 17 / P: 5

Blonde Hottie

Hi all,I'm searching all her nude pics and 8 hardcore vids.
The content is old but very hot and interesting.