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mericson 07/07/2012 (Sat) 23:47:05 No. 2618
what would you do with my cock?
Cock, yes.
Lips, no.
DSL - Dick Sucking Lips.
i'll take that as a compliment ;)
That is how it was intended.
i may upload one more soon
I just came. Alot.
glad to hear lol
Open file (65.96 KB 240x320 1.jpg)
Damn...keep postin!
anything you want?
Butt/hole, cum, more cute pics of u lookin naughtily at the camera with your sexy cock out.
Open file (61.90 KB 300x226 b.jpg)
Open file (59.31 KB 160x269 8.jpg)
You have sexy feet and a hot cock!
very sexy cock,
i'd shove it in my mouth and never take it out :)
pic of it facing the camera?
Open file (993.70 KB 320x240 dJDOOoI.gif)
I'll try to get one by tonight, this is the closest I have right now :P
Open file (6.82 MB 2432x3648 Waldeslu.jpg)
Open file (1.46 MB 2048x1536 P1020432.jpg)
Open file (377.57 KB 1024x768 06030007.jpg)
Open file (679.57 KB 1276x850 Blickpoint.jpg)
Open file (1.15 MB 1772x1181 DSC02273z.jpg)
Open file (666.57 KB 1181x1772 IMAG0580,10,15.jpg)
Reflection I
Open file (901.24 KB 1181x1772 IMAG0582,10,15.jpg)
Reflection II
Open file (138.18 KB 568x479 Picture 18ZPP.jpg)
Old men age 82!


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