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Open file (22.87 KB 320x240 Snapshot_20120328_5.jpg)
Anonymous 04/13/2012 (Fri) 19:27:16 No. 2170 [Reply]
I have missed you fapchan. should I take off the shorts?
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Open file (17.14 KB 320x240 Snapshot_20120328_8.jpg)
Nice...keep going ;)
Open file (16.95 KB 320x240 Snapshot_20120328_7.jpg)
quality man meat.
Open file (9.83 KB 320x240 Snapshot_20120521.jpg)
More for you guys ;)

Open file (3.98 MB 448x252 morningwood_1.gif)
Anonymous 02/09/2012 (Thu) 01:26:48 No. 1888 [Reply]
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Open file (243.80 KB 1200x1600 Picture 303ss.jpg)
Open file (3.97 MB 640x480 coffeecreamer1.gif)
Open file (1.98 MB 320x240 ballsout2.gif)
Set your balls free!
Open file (396.49 KB 1600x1200 Picture 55s.jpg)
Open file (353.84 KB 1600x1600 Picture 291ss.jpg)

Open file (38.07 KB 640x480 Snapshot_20111223.jpg)
Anonymous 02/04/2012 (Sat) 02:56:41 No. 2131 [Reply]
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Open file (57.49 KB 640x480 Snapshot_20111128_6.jpg)
i enjoy your pictures.
i enjoy your ass u got any sexy underwear showing off the goods?
Open file (62.70 KB 480x640 Snapshot_20111225_3.jpg)
sexy buldge is sexy *lick*

i'm hot, amiright whorific 01/15/2012 (Sun) 03:10:45 No. 2221 [Reply]
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Open file (1.65 MB 1944x2592 IMG_20140207_231451.jpg)
more me
Psh, I ain't hating but where's your versatility? You're sexy hon, but try some different angles.
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrradddddishhhhhhhhh you're so rad.
Alright, I'll try somethin' new.

Foreskinz Anonymous 01/11/2012 (Wed) 14:15:01 No. 1559 [Reply]
Looking for foreskin retraction videos, foreskin pics would be nice too, upload what ya got here!
I have absolutely nothing unfortunately.
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my foreskinz
Open file (100.93 KB 800x600 134213630132.jpg)
yummy foreskin
Open file (381.31 KB 2592x1944 132677736256.jpg)
Damn that's a really nice cock. I'd love to suck it for hours!

Open file (98.42 KB 1280x720 Image16.jpg)
Anonymous 12/16/2011 (Fri) 07:51:27 No. 2424 [Reply]
what do you think?
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I think you need to try your weapon out on me! Hopefully my booty can take such a massive cock like that! Kinda scared but I WANNA TRY!! Hehe you must get a lot of guys with that don't you babe?
what do i think? Beautiful!
I dig the veins, personally.
hope your bottom was my first thought lol. big veiny cock & nice body!

Open file (145.23 KB 1536x1152 IMG_0935_1536x1152.jpg)
Anonymous 12/04/2011 (Sun) 18:00:16 No. 1898 [Reply]
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Open file (132.35 KB 1536x1152 IMG_0866_1536x1152.jpg)
Open file (193.22 KB 1536x1152 IMG_0905_1536x1152.jpg)
Open file (132.84 KB 1536x1152 IMG_0876_1536x1152.jpg)
Open file (135.59 KB 1536x1152 IMG_0892_1536x1152.jpg)
Lemme lick that ass while I play with your feet, please?

Open file (72.93 KB 900x800 12hr_bp_1.jpg)
Removing buttplug after 12 hours Anonymous 11/30/2011 (Wed) 15:47:34 No. 2117 [Reply]
I was wearing a 7 x 3.5 cm buttplug for over 12 hours through my day at the office. This is the moment I finally removed it. I am thinking of trying a 12 x 6 cm plug next time. This will be a real pain in the ass :)

What was your longest time being constantly plugged?
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did your hole feel sexy after you took it out
Is that healthy? I'd think keeping it in that long too often might loosen you up more than you'd want.
If you look closely you'll see he's wearing hose and garters.
Thanks for the update 2 years later.

Anonymous 11/24/2011 (Thu) 00:46:38 No. 1257 [Reply]
Guys with class. Starting off with the one, the only, Marlon Brando.
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Open file (88.24 KB 453x423 tttumblr_lmi9hmXE.jpg)
Open file (398.80 KB 766x956 1937_1194925_large.jpg)
Open file (173.28 KB 961x1124 e700_o_123113625_large.jpg)
Open file (20.65 KB 460x276 Wink460.jpg)
You can bet I'd shag him for a dollar, buster!
Open file (17.00 KB 506x316 Omar Little.jpg)
Sure, hes not real, but hes a class motherfucker...

Open file (69.69 KB 640x480 LOOK AT MEEE.jpg)
whaddup fapchan Anonymous 11/23/2011 (Wed) 01:38:17 No. 2143 [Reply]
You guys provided me with a lot of hot pics, so I thought I'd share some of my own. Returning the favour, y'know? 'tis the season for gratitude after all.

unless you don't like what you see.

also how do I upload multiple pics easily?
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Open file (105.38 KB 640x480 LOOK AT MEEE_15.jpg)
yes. yes it will.
Open file (103.32 KB 640x480 LOOK AT MEEE_16.jpg)
that's all for now.
tell me what you want to see me do
xChan Directory Dumper.
There's a link in the FAQ tab on the Home Page
got any moar?
oh, i'm looking at you all right.

Open file (984.47 KB 2048x1536 12032011456.jpg)
Anonymous 11/11/2011 (Fri) 21:28:45 No. 2252 [Reply]
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Open file (1.09 MB 2048x1536 27032011552.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 2048x1536 27032011553.jpg)
Open file (1.11 MB 2048x1536 27032011554.jpg)
Open file (1004.92 KB 2048x1536 27032011555.jpg)
nice ass and cock...

Open file (543.08 KB 792x626 CIMG0735_2.png)
1ksuns 09/30/2011 (Fri) 09:50:50 No. 2538 [Reply]
I want honest opinions.
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Yeah, you're gorgeous. and this >>1854
Moar face.
Or at least more delicious lips and jaw-line.
THIS, please show your face!
sorry dudes, I don't show my face on the internet.
Your face and hair are fucking hot.

Open file (30.94 KB 350x533 McFly04.jpg)
just naked guys Tay 09/21/2011 (Wed) 02:20:55 No. 996 [Reply]
because fuck all this sorting.
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Open file (31.63 KB 480x720 image09.jpg)
Open file (106.51 KB 600x900 LeviHamil11.jpg)
Open file (92.62 KB 600x900 LeviHamil14.jpg)
Open file (342.48 KB 711x669 I31bad.jpg)
Open file (175.04 KB 640x480 Snapshot_20160618_2.jpg)

Anonymous 09/11/2011 (Sun) 12:12:38 No. 2441 [Reply]
This is me...Cute? yes??
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Its been awhile, but I'm all grown up and I have one to many tattoos.. ;-)
Too many clothes, please remove ;)
Open file (2.17 MB 4128x2322 2014-09-25 22_20_46.jpg)
Is this better?! ;-)
mmh sexyboi! love your arty pics & new look with tattoos! beautiful body & cock & love the fact that you show pubes! YEAH! hope you post more! xxx
Open file (172.83 KB 640x480 Snapshot_20160618_1.jpg)

Open file (414.41 KB 630x630 630-630.jpg)
the Andrej Pejic appreciation thread Tay 08/29/2011 (Mon) 02:50:57 No. 530 [Reply]
the prettiest boy ever? possibly. even when dressed as a boy, he looks like a girl. which is possibly why he's a model.

the fashion world loves to dress him like a girl, there's a thread for that in /cd/. here i tried to keep it male and/or shirtless.
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Every time I see Andrej I become momentarily stunned.

I'm just blown away that such a beautiful person exists :') This is a great thread, thanks!
He kinda reminds me of that chick from house who was 14, but also was genetically a boy and didn't find out till the end of the episode (spoilers) Just his teste's never came out and he looked kinda girly anyways?
Pretty sure the actress was picked and made up to resemble Andrej.

This is one of the best Andrej collections I've seen on the net. Thank you.

Open file (16.59 KB 300x400 1596.jpg)
mostly asians Anonymous 08/25/2011 (Thu) 22:20:37 No. 500 [Reply]
Dumping for the glory of fapchan!
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Open file (19.19 KB 400x533 650-To1095571694.jpg)
Open file (82.65 KB 450x600 pic-jongrakdec2.jpg)
Open file (22.21 KB 480x640 1370.jpg)
Open file (137.40 KB 1022x743 052.jpg)
Open file (33.61 KB 359x480 n_aCAWSTJP8.jpg)

Open file (466.83 KB 646x753 1307797848626.jpg)
Anonymous 08/22/2011 (Mon) 01:07:32 No. 497 [Reply]
Tribal, Native, and Third World nudes...

This thread existed on the old fapchan so I'm just reviving it.
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i cannot un-see the cow about to shit. i will now gouge my eyes out. with a fork.
Open file (154.73 KB 730x730 142323995.jpg)
There was this REALLY hot video of (what was made to look like or WAS) a black tribesman sucking off a white tourist or something..... the black guy was ripped and hot.

Open file (49.42 KB 896x592 131283873193.jpg)
Aninymous 08/09/2011 (Tue) 00:28:23 No. 2162 [Reply]
Don't want to be mean n all, but is it always that size? Can you show it in all its glory?
like the way your sack hangs down
Open file (41.99 KB 896x592 131316827825.jpg)
Open file (22.28 KB 480x519 131913502397.jpg)
Open file (29.44 KB 469x473 133600421041.jpg)

Open file (29.81 KB 182x324 1311887133624.jpg)
hellooo! B 07/29/2011 (Fri) 22:33:05 No. 1909 [Reply]
Fairly new to this, really bored, young =D, and horny.
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Open file (2.04 MB 2048x3072 IMG_3856.jpg)
Open file (2.16 MB 2048x3072 IMG_3851.jpg)
yes, i approve of these pants.
Are you ever going to post again? :D Do you have skype or an email? :P
I agree! You need to come back and post more of that bubble butt!

Tony Ward Tay 07/25/2011 (Mon) 03:15:13 No. 347 [Reply]
a dump of epic sexiness.

also, i am Tay and i'm respinsable for most of the posts here in /men/. because i like men.
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Open file (67.30 KB 500x750 x18.jpg)


no cookies?