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Open file (14.45 KB 225x225 hypnocircle.jpg)
Effective hands-free orgasm ? Anonymous 09/15/2013 (Sun) 15:19:32 No. 3060
I've been listening to hypnosis recordings for a couple months now and have experienced deep trance on more than one occasion. But I can't seem to reach a full hands-free orgasm. If anyone recommend an effective hands free video/recording that you've actually had success with, it'd be greatly appreciated.
>inb4 Isabella Valentine
If any one could recommend*
If you're okay with male-voiced hypnosis, UltraHypnosis on Youtube has some really well-done stuff. On Youtube also is a female hypnotist named Jaqueline Powers who I think has some hands-free pleasure stuff as well. Her inductions/methods are really similar to UltraHypnosis but she doesn't have as many actual erotic sessions.
you recommend 4 and 8 but not 2?
to kinda hijack this thread, any more suggestions?

i much prefer the hands free stuff because as soon as i start moving around and jerking off whatever '""'trance'""' i was in gets immediately broken

so any file links or just recommendations for anything supposedly hands free would be awesome thanks
mistress zaida: the trigger
I guarantee you it works, every time, and I have the longest most intense orgasms of my life from it. you listen to an audio (at least 10 times) which implants and enforces a trigger, then you watch a video where she puts it into effect, she builds you up with it and then uses it to make you cum, its actually a little frightening... but its a fairly novel way of emptying your balls if your fed up of touching yourself :D
Maybe it should be mentioned that LR Female Orgasm isn't for females, but for males who want to experience a female orgasm.

A million thanks for LR female orgasm, just tried it and it worked wonders, had me moaning and squirming easily, when I woke up I was all sticky with precum... I can't wait to fully come to this file..

On a side-note I would add Jackpot 5 to that list, it's the one that makes me come harder.
Has anyone tried edging before doing a HF file?

Does it make it easier?
I've tried it, it's not very helpful, because you're so amped up to cum you don't really enter into a very good trance. At least in my experience, I'm sure others will differ.

Alternately, abstinence works better in my experience, going a week without masturbation then a week of hands free orgasm worked. Marijuana also helped, alcohol did not.
anyone got more?
possible orgasm (oddly enough after a few listens seems to feel like best orgasm ever... but without producing ejaculation... i know, odd, but that's the best i can give you besides the obvious choices). feels great. http://yourlisten.com/Dennis_Drum_Love/hypnotic-orgasm
who is that? it was fantastic
Victoria Wizell
sounds good can i download it somehow?
Oh my god.

It felt like... I can't describe it. Like heat was pulled out of me. Not like a conventional orgasm at all, but... I'm listening to this again, definitely.

Anything similar? :D
Open file (33.59 KB 480x360 05157990.jpg)
>I.C.U. by Trance
After almost a year of trying to achieve hands free orgasm i finally experienced it with this file. This is crazy! Thank you so much anon!
Still no HFO, nothing seems to work for me.
This is the one that pushed me over the edge.

Website says it is 60mins long. If anyone sources this, plz share.

Thx for the link above. Will check it out.
The link above is to a different file that has since been removed from their website it is only 30 minutes long that is the whole thing.
A few tips that work for me:

Be completely naked if it fits the session. Don't keep your socks on because it's nice and warm, it'll screw with you going under. Instead, make sure the room you're using is warm enough.

When doing HFO trances, don't react when your meatstick starts coming alive. Don't twitch it when it's completely erect, and don't squeeze your PC muscle unless instructed to. Completely relax and don't pay too much attention to if you're erect or not, that'll screw with your experience a lot.

Make sure you're comfortable and remove any outside stimuli. Turning off the light, has worked well for me and make sure all doors are locked. You don't want to have a lingering "what if" thought while trying to HFO.

Use a headset and turn up the volume. Don't go overboard, but it has to be relatively loud, so you focus entirely on the trance and small squeeky sounds of your house or apartment.

Hope this helps you.
This is good advice. I can relate to most of this.
i believe this one is also "hand free" from clues she putted...
can someone source it?
anything more from this guy Talmadge Harper? Really good stuff but impossible to find.
Charlotte Gray: great script with a sexy English accent. http://m.youtube.com/results?q=charlotte%20gray%20hands%20free&sm=3
I have this weird reaction to these files in which i produce a lot of pre-cum....and I mean a lot .....like WOW

I find myself have to stop before the climax of the Audio and jerk myself off because I'm so soaked it's brought me out.
does anyone know of good cock sucking, ass fucking or shemale related HFO files?

the closest i've got is with IV's shemale therapist (which i know isn't strictly HFO)
I'm hijacking this thread.

Does anyone remember a sound file that had to do with going in for a doctor's/nurse's examination, and the doctor/nurse ends up sucking cock? I think it was hosted on yourlisten.com, and the name alice-x springs to mind, but Google gives me nothing. It wasn't *precisesly* speaking hypno, but it did give me a HFO, and I want to listen to it again.
I've listened to this two nights ago and I loved it. I usually don't cum the first time at these sessions, but this one worked perfectly. This session is great for those who find moaning and dirty talk helpful, there's a lot of it towards the end. I only got a full erection right at the edge, but I really tried not to focus on it this time, this was good advice of someone here.
If I had to make one complaint, it would be that there COULD have been a little bit more teasing, but I'm actually glad this is only 30 minutes long, just perfect even if you have to get up early in the morning.

Fuck, this was so much better than anything Isabella Valentine has done since Jackpot 4.
Still looking forward to Jackpot 10, though.
I personally find hfo to be easily achieved but i have never actually ejaculated, only a puddle of pre and i was wondering if anyone had any tips to achieve ejaculation?
It helps if you stay abstinent for a few days before the session. Even just one day works for me, but of course, the hornier you get, the higher the chances of cumming hard. But since this is hypnosis, I'm not sure if this works for everyone, but I think it should help a lot.
You can also try edging before you start the session, you know, jerking your cock without ejaculating.
I meant more as in, does it just happen when you're fully relaxed or do you need to kind of like "push"?
I still can't seem to get a HFO. Not even after 2 weeks of refraining from ejaculation lol.
I find with all hypnosis in general the more i believe a file is taking effect or the more trust i have in a file/hypnotist the more effective it becomes...
I got my first hfo with I.C.U.
http://soundgasm.net/u/sexuallyspecific/F4M-Black-White-and-Red-All-Over-Hands-Free-Hypnosis may be of interest to the discerning gentlemen of this fine establishment.
Going to listen to this later tonight or tomorrow and will post results xD
Although keep in mind that although i have had plenty of "hypnogasms", never have i ejaculated which i find increasingly frustrating due to the pent upness that remains no matter how strong my orgasm...
I.C.U was the closest i've ever cam to hands free ejaculation but it never happened.

Of all of the recordings like this that I've tried, that was one of the more intense. Who is the 'fist? Sounds like Ellechemy...

http://reddit.com/u/sexuallyspecific from reddit's gonewildaudio.

Another user also recorded the same script: http://soundgasm.net/u/Trinity_X/Come-With-Me
I struggle with hfo(only if it includes ejac) because i find it confusing all the time when some hypnotists will tell you to do something like for example gyrating your hips but while some hip otists mean you need to literally gyrate and others its just a part of the fantasy they are describing 3
>>8769 this one was strange to say the least i think i may have weak pc muscles cause i couldn't hold the tension while breathing in
Just for clarification is your pc muscles the ones in your perinium between your anus and testicles or are they at the base of the penis?
Oh and >>8817 i've downloaded this a while ago it was one of the most intense experiences i've ever had
Okay i'm getting confused
When people say hfo does it inculde ejaculation or is it just an orgasm without ejaculation
Some people use hfo to say a full orgasm with ejaculation, and some use it to say a mind orgasm without ejaculation.

There should be two words for this.
Okay... so that explains alot.
Guess there's no point in asking everyone to be more specific in the future is there?
HFO = Hands Free Orgasm.
MO = Mind Orgasm.

--- There is two abbreviations. Many people use HFO incorrectly, or as a roster of boasting. A MO is not a HFO, although it can be just as pleasant if not more as it can last longer... much longer.

you dont need hands, to have a Mind Orgasm, only your mind. In fact, hands would counteract it, causing a ejaculation in the first place...

HFO implies a Ejaculatory Orgasm OR a Female having a Orgasm in the Same Method, without the use of Hands.
Anyone enjoy this one? I wrote the script. While I have some of my own ideas for improving the next one I write, I'd love to hear what others thought as well.
Here's another by the same woman


I wrote the script for this one, so a bit of self-promotion I suppose

I found it difficult to keep track of which woman was which. Without significant speaking roles for the other two it was tough to keep all of them straight. Which made it tough for me to focus.
Trinity has a really sex voice. Great script as well. Thanks for the file.
can you download those soundgasm files? my computer is no where near my bed...
Yes. Right click anywhere on the page and select View page source. Then press ctrl+f and search for sounds/ to find the URL for the m4a file.
The URL is
I still can find no way to download the file. The file is great!!!!!
She is unbelievably sexy. Need to download badly.

In firefox go to the menu and "Save Page As..."
OK. Figured this out. Use Firefox as advised and paste URL. Go to tools and use Flashgot (may need to download it.) Click on Flashgot Media. Downloaded immediately. Thank you.
You don't need Flashgot, trust me.
Seriously? Just click the fucking link RIGHT THERE and press "Save".
right click, even

Sorry, I realize I should've specified since clearly none of you can into computers.

HFO & ejaculation. Good stuff! Bravo
Ok so that gives me a Quicktime, but on 'save' it insists on QT7 Pro - which I dont have. Dont have a MAC either. Help from here much appreciated!
All good now; I used the 'flashgot' tool as suggested above; perhaps this is necessary for PC's rather than for MAC's. Thanks to all for your help
Still no success, just more frustration.One day.
I know it sounds ridiculous, but ignore ejaculating and just focus on the pleasurable feeling. Like, tell yourself that the goal is not to ejaculate, but just to feel good and enjoy the session. One day it will just happen, and then every time after that it will be easier and easier.
I have never had any success either, but my nerves down there are not sensitive, and the only experience I have is my own manual stimulation. Maybe the best solution is to lay off for a few days and practice a more sensitive touch.

I should also add; Elena released an explicit hands-free recording that I listened to last night, though to analyze the contents. I think it would be worth a listen to those who worry about timing and cumming at the right time... your mileage may vary of course...
By "no success" I mean no orgasm and ejaculation, obviously. I have gotten turned on listening to such recordings, and sporadically I can get hard while listening, but the body does not always cooperate. Bad heart doesn't help, either.

I would suggest caution if frustration leads to impotence...
Anyone have the download link to I.C.U. by Trance? Thanks in advance.
Seconding this. Any download links to I.C.U would be very appreciated.
Thank you very much kind sir. If anyone else has any effective HFO files, that would be great.
I.C.U by Trance is totally amazing. No HFO yet but I've come so close.

Can someone please post more by Trance?
Rosella the hypnotist:

Not the original upload, but its been made available by others
Trance (Emma Evans) - Mind Melt
Trance (Emma Evans) - Hypnoir
Trance (Emma Evans) - The Lesson
jdownloader2 or flashgot(firefox plugin)
Would anyone mind reupping
Mistress Lycia
-Deeply Devoted

the provided link no longer works.
Are any of these HFO or lead to an orgasm? That's what I'm after
I have been very close with IV Jackpot 1; and now following Nikki's program by going through a rather lengthy process of Because Series, followed by Control and then In Raptured.

I did have a minor HFO with Mitress Zadia's Audio/Video program
how do you guys keep from you know... making a mess...?
are you 12
could be female, young or concerned with living situation.

but really, dont worry about stuff like that. cleanup is afterwards.
At another thread i told about a custom HFO file

Just wanted to share it here also. I am curious to here about your experienc3es with it.

Mod intense Orgasm Fantasy
That's a clever combination. Thanks.
If you're a man, wear a condom I suppose if you don't want to have to clean up much.
you cant with most of them, Condoms restrict blood flow. they can also make it more difficult to get into a trance. - this is why they tell you to prepare. lay a towel down beneath you, and keep things near-by for post-trance cleanup... you dont take a shower without a towel... you prepare!
It's a guaranteed hard-on killer - that's why they call it safe sex, coz you can't get it up.
Anyone able to share

Trance - Abduction
Trance - Bad Medicine
Trance - Up and Down
Trance - Sedation Therapy

Anyone have the video yet. Been listening to the audio for a while with nothing to prove from it without the video.
The trigger video was floating around somewhere a while ago. Can't remember which thread, it might have been bumped off by now.
I didn't snag it, but someone else might have
Can anyone recommend some HFO files where the mistress tells you to gyrate your hips? I really love that. I already have jackpot 4 by IV

I can't think of any specifically, but I often do this on my own when listening to HFO files since I find it helpful. Maybe that means I'm not deep enough in trance or something, but it works for me!
Does it help you achieve HFO easier?
I only have 2 of the 4. h++ps://anonfiles.com/file/295d620d70e5a562984d223135bb7cfa

>tfw you will never have a sexy doctor/nurse/dentist completely take advantage of you while you're under.
when listening to mistress zaida's the trigger, am i supposed to listen 10 times in a row or like once per day 10 times??
IV's jackpot poison ivy does have you clench your PC muscles and thrust up and hold your hips. It's fucking hot - well worth the bucks.
Trying achieve hfo(wet) I combined "Moments"/"Experience Now" with Klixen videos, that was very powerful(dry).

Has anyone else tried this?

Moments(free): h++p://esuccubus.com/content/moments
Experience Now: h++p://hypnofantasydownloads.com/index.php?main_page=product_music_info&cPath=27_4&products_id=41
Does anyone have any other custom made files saved?

Would love it if someone combined them all into a torrent or something.
Normal stuff does nothing for me, but I can get off to feminisation and it's quite intense with shaking and sensations all over my body and so much endorphins that I feel dizzy and euphoric afterwards, dont ejaculate but leak lots of precum. Mistress Joanne is my fave.
Any idea why feminisation would do that to you? Or even be erotic at all? I really cant imagine it myself
Guys. If u take a puff and listen itll enhance ur experience.trust me
I orgasmed by listninv to nikki fatale bliss.

And can anyone pkease share a link of Icu -trance want to check it out since a lot of u guys reconended.
Only if you can trance easily, induction in this one is like hmm... almost as if it was not there.

Here you go h++ps://anonfiles.com/file/bfea5acab2aa191ef0e316c2c729afc9
File is coming up as corrupted. Do you have a password on it?
Like for all files here, pass is newfapchan.
link is not workin bro.
appreciate if u can sen me again.pm me if not possible thx bro.
and seriously it does work if u are high.....
Replace the ++ with tt in h++ps
Already did bro.
Still not workin says file not found.
Damn cant find it nywere in the net
Just passing thru
Working fine, can't up to other hosting now.
Maybe you are IP blocked by ISP or smth?
No friend.Once i click the download button it shows 404 not found.
Ny thanx hyononomous for the upload....
Can someone please share

Trance - Hero

So I know Isabella Valentine has fallen out of grace some time ago. Still, I'm very curious about the latest jackpot. Has anyone heard (or seen) Jackpot X? How is it?
Jackpot "X", do you mean "5" or literally "X".

Jackpot's 5-9 suck terribly. there dependant on sucess from Jackpot 1. Technically there not even hypnosis(as they lack a proper induction, deepener or awakener)... more like fetish recording with triggers thrown about...


as far as a literall "Jackpot X", i havent seen anything about it. its not on any of IV's sites that i can see, and not on inraptured. so unless its unreleased content or a misunderstanding. im at a loss.

--- On a side note ---

Jackpot: Cocksucker - is not part of the jackpot series. its a 11 minute "cocksucking cuckhold training video", with the jackpot and tingle triggers added. - Another words, junk video file with some talking in the background. like all of her new crap...

Its no wonder her husband left her...
Don't know a thing about it since her stuff hasn't been of interest to me for a long time, but X is Roman numerals for 10, not 5, so if there's already 9 out like it looks like you're saying he's probably talking about number 10.
Thanks, i realised that after i submitted... lack of sleep and all... - still there is no 10 on her site yet.
>Its no wonder her husband left her...
Tell us more
He didn't leave her...she's pretty much full-on lesbian now.

Yeah, my bad! I meant the new 'Jackpot Cocksucker', which for some reason in my head was called Jackpot X (with the X indeed meaning the tenth one).

I have no idea how that title got in my head. Maybe I should get more sleep too!
anyone heard any of the new 3?
ok some one please upload ICU by trance cant find it nywhere and all the links are DEAD.
Sir thanks for the upload.
Really appreciate your efforts for a stranger 😄
no problem :)
Let me now if there's any others (not DNP, obviously), I've saved quite a bit
Holy shit, it just happened to me. This one did it: h++p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJx3sx5h9NI

Admittedly, I edged for a good 30 minutes leading up to it, but I didn't touch myself once I started the video. Crazy insane sensation.
Oh damn that one's good, I've got a thing for finger snaps. That Youtube channel has a lot of nice stuff.
Did you guys watch or just listen or both? I have trouble imagining its possible to trance with your eyes open. And did anyone listen to the induction first?
Without induction its very intense session anyway.
Just grab m4a from yt and copy to audio_player/ipod/whatever, convert to other format if needed.

In most if not all sessions, you are told to close eyes.
I listened to the induction first just to sort of acclimate to her voice and relax. I mean, it's nothing special (not bad or anything), just a standard relaxation induction then "here's a sleep trigger, every time it's used the depth of trance doubles" followed by waking up/using it/waking up a couple times.
The actual HFO file has an induction that doesn't use the trigger from that video, but even so it's just the basic sleep+snap so I'm sure your subconscious will be able to figure it out.

>trancing with your eyes open

Ever been reading a book and get so focused and absorbed on it that you don't notice someone calling your name until they practically have to punch you in the arm to get your attention? Ever watched a TV show or movie and had the same reaction? Maybe so focused you don't notice a phone ringing beside you, or something similar?

Congrats, those are instances of trance with eyes wide open so yes, it's entirely possible. If you daydream even for a few seconds at a time staring out a window or looking at something with your physical eyes while you're "seeing" something inside your imagination at the same moment, again, that's an example of a trance.

People have been text-trancing one another for decades online and that - because of no voice or camera aspects many years past - was purely eyes open trancing experience.

It works just the same in any other manners - as long as the subject is willing, and the hypnotist is skilled enough to get them there using just text (or any other method, actually) then trance can and will happen eyes wide open, it's fairly easy to do.

Believe can happen and it will.
Yeah, the ones from Mistress Fiona are the two audios that gave me the strongest sensations ever, the only ones I can definitely call an orgasm even though i didn't ejaculate.
I'd love to, but I don't even know if it's possible :D
anyone willing to share a download link for I.C.U by Trance
what does ICU means?
intensive care unit.

the piece is a sedation then milking session by some nurse who has to deal with an erection youve had for a couple hours.

i liked it the first time. each subsequent time made it take longer and longer. maybe i couldnt relax or soemthing but each time after the first it hasnt been as good

i woudl recommend it tho
Can you reupoad it please? the mega link is dead...
dont ask me to ipload it you groveling mess of swamp scum amd semen. i would never delve so low

find it yourself, its one of the easier ones to find
Open file (28.58 KB 300x300 Vamp-Icon-300x300.jpg)
Thirst from Ember is pretty damn good.
TIL Thirst is a HFO file.

It's notable, and embarrassing, that I only learned this today because it's my own damn file.

Upon seeing this post (and, admittedly, pffffft'ing for a while because I didn't consider Thirst a HFO file), I went back and re-read my script. And realized it can totally go either way. I wrote it with intentional ambiguity in the vampire blood-sucking part so that those who prefer their trances to be contact sports could indulge, and those who feel touching ruins trance could just enjoy the mental hotness... And that ambiguity lends itself nicely to HFO since there are no direct instructions to touch.

I can't believe I didn't realize that earlier. You might even say I... suck.

(I'll see myself out.)
I have to admit, i lol'ed. - But i also have to say, keep up the good work ember.

Its quality content that keeps up paying and returning. - And your site model, is amazing.

As far as HFO from that session... - in my own experience i could see it, but, its obscure. - it would be highly dependent on the person.

This depends on the person, but that was my fantasy and you fulfilled it on finest level possible.

(spoilers) base64: d2VhdGhlcihyYWluLCBjb2xkKSwgc2hvcnRjdXQsIGZlZWxpbmcgdGhhdCBzb21ldGhpbmcgYmFkIGNhbiBoYXBwZW4sIHRoZSBzcGVlZCBvZiB0aGF0IGNyZWF0dXJlIChtb3ZpbmcgY2xvc2VyIH

And your sweet(not over-sweet like Charlotte) calming voice with constant loudness, that keep me deep in trance for the whole session. Perfect.
>I wrote the script for this one

And I am forever grateful. This is one of my absolute favorites of all time, and it's the one that introduced me to hypno-sound-porn. I love you. No homo. Or homo, IDGAF.
I don´t understand...after some practising, I managed to fall in trance. Got massively turned on, heart beating etc. But in trance, my cock is paralyzed...completely.
Haha wow I just checked this board again for the first time in months and saw this post. Thanks for the kind words. Cheers.
one of the best binaural i recommend: h++p://youtu.be/7CNhlUEndkc

This one was awesome, I quit enjoyed it and almost came before the count down.

Do all stay completely still during the hypo, or do you move and do what audio tells you?

For instance, If the person instructs me to grind my hips, or thrust.. I do, and it seems to help.

I tried laying still once.. and that didn't really work all that well. I find being a little more interactive helps.
Anyone have Bad Medicine, Lab Rat, Sedation Therapy and Hero by Trance? Really need them!


I have these, but if you want me to upload them you'll have to wait until I get back to university next week.
Excellent, thanks! I will wait til then

These are the ones I like! Focusing on getting you under a small trance and then basically playing out a scenario in which you have sex, or get off. (Handjob, Blowjob, etc)

The thing I liked about those tracks, Well, A few of the ones posted was the feedback from the person. The way she would describe things in detail, and moan and make noises made it so much better.

Who else enjoys sessions like that? Or do you prefer the stuff that is nothing but pure mental control? (Like ICU Trance)
Any chance you could upload these yet?

WHOOPS. So sorry, I kind off got obsessed with a hypnodom and then didn't bother coming back here because I didn't feel the need to find anything new.

ANYWAY, as promised:
Great, thank you! I look forward to these A LOT!

I still can't find anything that tops ICU or Abduction so hopefully one of these comes close...
Hey, I am having trouble downloading from MEGA, it says, failed no file, is that happening for anybody else?

(I was the one who posted the files)

Opened up a tab in incognito and I was still able to download the files. Try clearing your browser data and see if you can download it then
Does anyone also have Sleeping Beauty by Trance?

Does anyone have doctor says you're fucked by Hypnotic Haylee?

Yeah, just uploaded it for you:

Remember to buy the file if you enjoy it!
Brilliant, thanks! I always try to support the lady if I like their stuff so will do.

Do you have anything else of hers?
Anyone have number 3 of this?
Once more pretty please?
Anybody got Hands Free from Mistress Zaida?
when she effectively wants to be banned so simply ignore her on this board
Here is a new set I haven't seen anywhere on /hypno/


Or search youtube for 'dreamgasm'

Not technically Hypnosis, it's Binaural Beats and ASMR... but I came closer to HFO than with any of the files posted in this thread.
Could someone who has had a wet hfo describe the proccess to me? Like what happend between the legs?
I always end up pushing/squeezing all the muscles but have yet to ejaculate from it. It feels damn good but maybe i'm not supposed to do that.
Looking for some femdom related hfo, all this stuff is really vanilla
I loved invoke isabella, I felt very hot and excited. Not is that happened to me with this file that I lost it. Does someone invoke isabella isabella valentine?
can you upload it to mega?
or is it dnp?
You can found them here in streaming :
Anyone have Sleeping Beauty by Trance?
I recently started listening to these, and I'm curious about something. Am I supposed to be clothed or naked? Does it matter which? I find my dick straining against my pants affects my focus.
Why? I am but a poor boy.
I am equipped with rags.
My food makes me ill
I'm hugely underweight.
My mom pays my phone bill because she wants to keep in touch and i might need it for emergencies hence i have the internet via my phone.
Besides i don't condone capitalistic society in general or even the concept of money whatsoever.
Why should i be denied of anything anyone else gets? Am i less of a person because i cannot afford to buy stuff? Do i deserve any less than another? Would you have me do nothing, eat nothing, wear nothing and be denied any alternative situation save by unlawful activity?
Nay i say.
I will follow the example of those who are idolized by the capitalized society and take whatsoever i want and give nothing back.
Thieves and beggars, ne'er shall we die!
How convenient for you to have a life philosophy that requires absolutely no effort to exercise any ethics or morality over your behavior in regards to others.

Lucky for you that your Mom is willing to deprive herself of something in order to provide for you.
Were it that i could judge others so harshly perhaps my opinion would not go unheeded.
My mother would not have it any other way. Indeed she has done her best to prevent me ever leaving her care despite mine own efforts.
I would not gain anything by going to work (assuming there were actually jobs) because i would have to pay rent etc which would take up all my money till i am left with less than i have now. Hence the lack of incentive to actually try get work besides my philosophical viewpoint.
I would go out and protest against everything but i have no hope that anything can be changed.
So i'll just have a bed in.
Whether you agree with it or not, Capitolism exists. The uploader of the file was encouraging others to support the creator of the content if they enjoyed it because doing so encourages the creator to make more content to enjoy.

Calling me underage when you can't even spell capitalism?
But i can see why you'd think that, the viewpoint that everyone can be happy and that this current model of society is a failure is often deemed immature by those who adopt the ideology and have contributed towards it.
Also i see why donations and the like would encourage more files being made but if you look at the scene on a whole, it's the ones who enjoy making the files (whether they charge or not) that make the best files.
I'll admit that there was no need to even post any reply and i apologize for even doing it. I guess my arrogance and personal philosophies got the better of me, though that is no excuse.
Will try middle one.
awesome stuff!
I tried the N version of the middle one and was shivering with pleasure.
haven't felt like this since eSuccubus' Overflowing.
will try the Y version next ;-)
awesome stuff!
I tried the N version of the middle one and was shivering with pleasure.
haven't felt like this since eSuccubus' Overflowing.
will try the Y version next ;-)

Mmmm! I loved the first one. It worked on me... I almost came before the countdown, but held it right when she said it. I blew a fairly large load!

Will try the others some other time.

I just had that same very good experience the other day after listening to T&D files for a few days. I blew an epic load too!
Want to try the middle one cause i like snaps but apparently one is denial and one isn't. The spoiler link on reddit leads to page not found?
One is called Y, the other is called N. Seems like any spoiler was superfluous...

Now my job is to randomize them somehow.... anyone have suggestions on how to do so? Say for example that I make five copies of the no file and one copy of the yes file (a la Liv Wild's tease pack), how could I randomize the file names while remaining blind to the process?
Anyone got a link for ICU again? All dead.
I got it man, can I mail it to you? Dunno how to upload
I keep hearing about this ICU file, is it really that good?
The icu file is okay in my view. However I can see how someone would be able to achieve hfo with the file. I still would think it's not possible to achieve at a beginner level.

If anyone who's achieved hfo on multiple occasions does edging yourself prior to the session help or even during that day?
Does anyone have the ultimate male 5 min orgasm rock your world 4.0?

Thanks. I just send you an invite. I have alot of hypno files so if there is anything in particular that you are seeking, I will be happy to check and share it. :)
This request was also made a year agon by someone so I will try again. I have the audio The Trigger but not the video. Is there anyone who has the video file on giga? :)
The bluesnowflake file seems to be incomplete, it ends abrubtly around the 22 minute mark. File size I have is same as on giga, did giga mess up your upload?
There's a few people with the trigger video on giga
Here's one:
ohh my bad, it was the files I uploaded that had issues.
I'll get them re-upped in the next few hours for you all.
in which folder is it?
also, some HypnoVids folders (hy.p.n0,succubus) seem empty..?
HypnoAudio -> UltMaleOrgasm

It's reuploading now on shitty Aussie internet (~70kb/s) so the fixed ones should show up eventually.

I forgot about the vids, I'll get those uploading too - my comp crashed when uploading and I'd just dragged all the folders in.
I tried to send you a message (about the corrupted files) throu gigga but its not really "working" but im glad that you are aware of the problem :) So thanks googlymoogly for reuploading:)
Pro tip: dont close the tab when you are uploading, and stay on that page too. ( for this instance in the HypnoAudio > UltMaleOrgasm )
Not a problem, thank you very much for sharing and the quick fix, just picked up the replacement.
Yeah I'm aware. You can continue to navigate Giga whilst uploading, unless you get the pop-up warning about uploads - and the cloud symbol in top right shows you status of uploads.

I just had a bluescreen whilst uploading stuff and it killed the video uploads.
The 5minOrgasm stuff was from a bad download on my end.
I'm chasing a HFO for more than a year now. I've tried them all- Nikki, Isabella, Carol, Kidnapping, ICU, Liv Wilde, Come With Me, Red, White and Red, gosh so many of them...

And I'm trying it almost every day. Number one advice I would give(beside ones mentioned countless times) is to start training physically. Tired muscles and happy mind are half of the job.

Also, I find it good to find a model that you will imagine in all sessions- either a porn star, cam model, hot friend or girl you would like to have etc. Using the same model every time gives you cleaner and more realistic fantasy.

A bunch of precum is now standard for me, but I'm still chasing the full ejaculation.

I've found 90% of files here, so I guess it's time to give something back. Found this accidentally on another chan, and it is my absolute favorite number one. Once, my pelvic area was so burning with desire, and my cock squirted like hell, and I was almost certain I had an ejaculation- but it was precum :( Still, it felt 10x better than my regular orgasms.

This one mixes all things that I consider as required for successful HFO file- more than one hour long, strong graphical content, increasing the induction 100% of the time(through breathing pattern), sweet voice :) Here you go, enjoy:


The lxlwrnc user have few more recordings, but they are a bit short for my taste, so never tried them(except "Your Beautiful Cock", which is hot, but not good enough for me).

My favorites:

Nikki Fatale - Because Series and Rapture Series
Mistress Carol - Daydream Delusions
Mistress Carol - Seduced by Mistress
Hypnogasm of course
Come With Me
Overflowing by eSucubuss

probably forgot a few :)

I've not had much luck either. The first time I acheived HFO was with Black, White and Red all over... Then Come with me, Jackpot pt2 (Not the Isabella one, some home-made one) and then ones recently posted in this thread "Let me jerk you off with the sound of my voice"

Longer is better, and it does help...

Anyone know of any that's just a handjob? I've tried ICU and didn't get much.. and Let me jerk you off with the sound of my voice was epic.. but I'm looking for more!
I get this message Hypnymous does not share anything with you.
A man of taste right there.

Somebody else have it? I dont know how to use giga
uploading now to mega
Lurker / first time poster here. Always keeping
an eye on this thread so I figured I had to
share this with you guys


Every HFO file she's done so far has been better
than the last. The scripts she selects have
some great techniques. This latest one makes
you aware of your chakras & then she has you
banging this chick while she sucks your cock
and her pussy while another chick sucks your
balls. Some next level shit IMO but the
whole chakra thing could've just worked
really well on me because I've been trying
hard to figure out how to manipulate
my organs in trance to induce orgasm
by focusing energy in different ways.

W3nd1 Fr13s3n

This is just amazing :) Except this one, and the one called "Such a slut (hypno HFO)", are there any other HFO files by her?

Just finished the meditation one, and I was really really close to orgasm :D

Can't wait to hear "Such a slut (hypno HFO)" which is 77 minutes long, vau!
HypnoticN-HypnoticY are sibling HFO sessions
I thought this was asked before. But what were again the best files using finger snaps? Preferebly hfo files. Thanks
Fiona Clearwater's Hands-free hypnosis (on youtube)
ClairesNSWF - HypnoticN/HypnoticY
Does anyone know of any good HFO files that focus on mainly Handjobs / blowjobs? I've found two, One of them was ICU trance... Didn't like it that much. and the other was recently posted "Let me jerk you off with the sound of my voice" and it was pretty good.

just looking for more if anyone knows of any.
How do I access the videos/audio files people are talking about
all the links that start with "h++p" are (obviously) bogus. Replace the "+" with "t" to make it a valid link. If it's a valid link that just happens to be down, you could search r/gonewildaudio or try googling the filenames. Otherwise, just wait for someone to reupload.

check out the "hypnogasm" link provided by >>20679
it's like an hour long, and though I didn't HFO, I got the closest I've been since I first started getting interested in erotic hypno after nearly cumming to IV's Jackpot 4.
Does Any have mistress zaida: the trigger!!
icu and mistress zaida the trigger are 2 files i keep hearing about and cant find anywhere. All the links here either lead to expired files or gigga which i just dont know how to use lol someone plz help with these 2
I had my first HFO with ejaculation with the HypnoGasm file last night. First time I had ever listened to it. Only other times I have come close was with Nikki's Final Rapture.

Thanks for sharing DonJohn!
Check her new file :D
title? link maybe?
Any hands free orgasm files that focus on Prostate orgasm or Anal orgasm or orgasm from being penetrated?

I don't really like my cock being touched and most HFO files are just "Oh yeah...Your cock...in my pussy...oh yeah..."
are there any erotic hypnosis audio with female hypnotists that are actually masturbating while their trying to hypnotize you?
or audio with sound effects for the wet sounds and such

I think he talks about:



I'm just going to try it.
^The file from above, pfff...

Still can't get ejaculation, but sensations and the amount of precum, and everything... just wow. Not to mention it's almost 100 minutes long :D
This one had potential out the ass with the sex part, shame it got pretty anticlimactic, also that screaming was fucking loud
did not get close to HFO, but there's tons of potential here!
high quality with great cinematic sound effects..
great job Giggles!
Getting closer :D

If you guys read some of my previous comments, you know that I'm trying to achieve HFO for ~1.5 years now.

I took it as a challenge, and I don't plan on giving up soon.

Recently I started working seriously on my life, fixed some problems that were bugging me for years, achieved some success, and that kind of reflected on my HFO chase as well(my balls got a bit bigger).

Losing control was scary, at least for me, usually reflecting in unpleasant feelings in the moments when I should completely let go.

Realization that I can hardly die if I turn off my conscious mind completely(sounds funny I know) and forcing Nikki Fatale files to get used to her voice and methods have helped me a great deal.

What I had no idea about until a week ago or so, is that Nikki have another HFO file called Strawberry Jam. I should mention that I listened here files 100s of times till this day, and I took here "Because" series pretty seriously.

Two files that I also discovered very recently and helped me achieve a greater trance are Submission to Hypnosis 1 and 2.

Results from the last week:

Strawberry Jam:

#1 listen - I was very tired, so I felt asleep but I woke up at some point, and my cock was so hard it hurt. It felt like an orgasm, but no ejaculation.

#2 listen - I lost myself completely, and I was sure that my cum is all over me, but that turned out false when I woke up :D

#3 & #4 listen - I got so deep, and so aroused by being so deep, that some weird contraction happened somewhere between my cock and balls. Felt like an ejaculation, although it was precum. This happened in the middle of the session, so it kind of ruined my trance.

Last night, I've listened to her file called "Mistress Unveiled", I've lost control and track completely, I don't remember anything and I think I woke up like 15 minutes after the session end. Still no ejaculation, but fuuuuuck- when I woke up, I was so lost, and my whole body hurting in pleasure, I felt like I was glued to bed, and getting back in reality was a crazy mix of slight pain and extreme pleasure.

If anyone have some good HFO file not mentioned in this thread, please share :D
Anybody know if Orgasmic Giggles takes requests here, or visits these forums? I love her stuff but theres not a ton...
I ejaculated handsfree with cum2soon last night, the tough guy one. Shit was intense. Not the strongest one but definitely the most enjoyed one. I went so deep.
Can anyone help me out with this one? I purchased this from her website recently. The audio works fine but the video file is corrupt...sucks. So disappointing! Could anyone help me out with the video file?
And I know it's against the rules to request her stuff, but I feel like this is different..I can forward the email showing purchase confirmation to show that I did buy it
Why on earth would you ask us rather than emailing her? Just forward the order confirmation email to her and explain that the file is corrupt. I'm 100% certain she'd want to fix it, if that were the case.
Like the anon above me pointed out, you should just email her directly. Doesn't she use NF tho? If so, you could just go there and reuse the dl-link. If not, I'm sure she'd be more than happy to help you out.

If you've already used her link multiple times, with no results, then maybe you could look into if you've got the right codecs.
Can you share the file or at least provide a bit more details(full name etc) so I can find it?
Why do you assume that I didn't email her directly? I did...multiple times, with no responses. It's shitty.
Just wondered if there were any good Hyposis HFO recordings with SPH elements in? Would love to have one like that.
I was looking for a file I listened to few months ago, where you meet a girl and then takes you to her house backyard and takes you to sleep then she strokes you and plugs a milking tool to your anus until you cum
If you find it please post it! sounds hot

Bro, just wanted to say, that as someone who is both a thief and a beggar, and has been for sometime, shut the fuck up. Actual beggars only beg because they need to get their next meal, or maybe a drink to get thru some dark winternights, ninetynine times out of a hundred. the other one time out of a hundred is because they're lazy or dishonest, but it's rare and far between.

and with thieves, most thieves i've ever met fall into two categories: storethieves and peoplethieves. storethieves steal from stores, almost always large, rich, corporate stores, but would never steal from another person ever. peoplethieves steal whatever from whoever. so again, distinction needs to be made, because among certain thieves there is honor.

inb4 offtopic, even tho thread is about HFO hypno, this particular post is relevant due to being response to someone else.

and if you want a HFO, just exercize the fuck outta your kegel muscles and you'll squirt handsfree in notime. it's that easy. learn to masturbate using kegel squeezes while your hands play with other erogenous zones on your body. =3
Well first post by me. I some how got into this after watching a video called hypnogirl. Watching it created curiosity on if it was possible for a male to reach orgasm through hypnosis. I stumbled across jackpot. Never had success but I ventured deeper I tried bound to me on you tube this was intense. I was hooked I moved onto 2 free files one was sylvias 30 minute session. I got amazing feelings and shortly after found nikki omg! That was it I found orgasm escalator this blew me away. Still no hfo but getting amazing feelings. It was this file that was only file to give me multiple orgasms which I still use v often. I never achieved it for 12 months as I wasn't aware of the intro file which I then discovered and after a month more everything happened. I got really into nikki. I did because 1+2. 3 scared me as talk of slowing my heart in session freaked me out. Did satin angels. Roller coaster. Inhabitant release. Bliss.adaptive concious. Had amazing feelings with contest and 20 questions. Then rapture sessions they really helped.nice n naughty were nice I only did nice usually. Ultimate orgasm was nice there were numerous files I then tried red black and white all over a free bob file this file was lovely along side orgasmic escalator. Every time I listen to escalate its different I usually cum 2/5 times I always cum in 2 times every times at same points. I know the triggers that get me. First is slide the other is combo of orgasm and you are a perfect hypnotic subject and the biggie total recall. In summery this file needs listening regularly with other nikkis files. Sometimes the new files put you a step back when listening to New material but repatition will lead to success. Use Ur kegals push and pull in. Good luck :)
Open file (374.24 KB 838x521 1440179895048.png)
have you since found any more?
Damn it, too late. Anyone willing to reupload?
Anyone able to re-up the 4 files from Trance?

Trance - Abduction
Trance - Bad Medicine
Trance - Up and Down
Trance - Sedation Therapy

The previous links are dead. Thanks
bump again
Fiona Clearwater has the best triggers for me to go deeper and feel sensations, but I found Orgasmic Giggles to be much more erotic. Also there is very little "slave" talk. Does anyone know where I can find a file that has erotic descriptions, verbal or snapping triggers, and not heavy on the submissive? (I know this is asking a lot!)
I'm happy to see all these wonderful suggestions. I too have problems ejaculating, but dang ... with Mistress Fiona I swear it's close. There have been a bunch of times when I have to just rub it out, but there's always pre-cum.

Her slave induction is really interesting because she doesn't talk about anything sexual per se like stroking, or sucking. It's all hypnotic and on command. There's this one part in there where I swear I fall completely asleep and can't remember, but the thing is when I first started listening to her I remember it being the section where she told us to refer to her as Mistress Fiona and forget because it's too hard to remember.

Are you supposed to move or twitch your kegel, or move your hips? I've watched a bunch of stage hypnotists and wonder if all those people are shills.

I've achieved hands-free orgasms from Fiona's files. They're some of the most effective HFO files I've tried, so you're probably looking in the right place. Personally, I move my hips toward the end of those files, but remember this is purely recreational. You should do what feels best.

One of the biggest obstacles to achieving HFO is focusing on the instructions instead of whether they're working. The goal is to be so intently focused on her voice and following instructions that it pushes you over the edge. Some files never even mention hands-free orgasm and can still cause them. This happened most recently for me while listening to Ciara's "Magic Word" followed immediately by "Satisfaction." I had absolutely no expectations, which made it even better.
ok, now you have to put those two in a zip and upload to mega conz ;)
Ciara's Magic Word and Satisfaction I mean
Isabella Valentine Jackpot 1 is pretty good, but beyond that she goes wack-a-doodle. Pisses me off she starts bragging about me selling my soul for orgasms. Fuck that shit.
Does anyone have goddess Lycia The sperm Collector mp3, Can't Find it anywhere
She's on the "do not post" list, but there are GiGabytes of files if you know where to look online.
Haven't posted anything new in a while :)

Almost got an HFO from her:


and a bunch more to go through:

(Select "must have" next to hypnosis and then hit the search button)
Did anyone make a backup of her audios? She recently deleted her accounts and they are all gone. She honestly made some of my favorite files.
I have the two hypno files from her

hypnogasm - h++ps://mega.nz/#!MoBFXbYA!TZVhwYx4UuwnLrNx8s9VDrRrJoKOqVDUe6yILcd801U
end of your world - h++ps://mega.nz/#!k0ZVFY7K!1xk-wrDeMur8z0qQnxzucZjPnxgxJhsbmFl4Q75_hYI

second one was originally a 900MB aif file but converted to mp3 with audacity and I cant really tell the difference. if you really want the original let me know
holy fuck that one was the best hands free i've had in forever. this one takes you deep and the hits you suddenly with the ramp to to cumming. haven't been surprise by cumming from a hands free file in forever like this one
I think it depends on how you look her files. Jackpot 2 is great if it's exactly that would be up your alley. It's perfect for me because I love tittyfucks and pretty much everything about the file.

Jackpot 4 is generally regarded as really good by pretty much everyone. I think most people will tell you to disregard everything else except maybe Jackpot 9.
Hey, so there was a file on soundcloud called "Hypnogasm", which so far is one of the only things that's been able to give me an HFO. Sadly, it looks like the user's account got deleted. Does anyone by chance happen to have it backed up anywhere?
I got my first dry *confirmed HFO after a year of failed attempts! There may be some handicaps I have created though.
I think what helped was:
>getting completely naked (usually if I ever try this I have a blanket over me because I feel too cold but I decided to suck it up this time), supine and spread out
>my aneros, which I use almost every session for whatever reason
>kegel exercises before hand (first time doing this)
>didn't even use headphones at all for this session (first time doing this)
>broccoli elastic band used as a cock and ball 'ring' (partially because I fapped two days ago so getting hard would be a bit more difficult)
>sleep mask
I used Overwhelming by Elena. I've grown to really fucking love her work. She's so real and so trustworthy. Amateurs and professionals seem to go for the pornstar approach (not bad, it has its place) and have never done anything like what she does. It's a bummer in some ways but that makes her even more special. I've listened to every single HFO file known for some perspective.
I felt something happening but I didn't cum at the end of it. Then I listened to Straight from Elena and felt that body flush feeling (thanks to vibrator sessions I've been made aware that this is the true orgasm before ejaculation) before the end of her final countdown. This was about 90 minutes in total.
I wish I could've had more but I decided to fap. I'm so excited though! I've finally started making those 'imagine I'm touching you' suggestions to actually be felt which I believe is one of the most important parts.
*I think may have had a dry HFO on weed in the summer now that I have this experience to compare. Everything feels good on weed so it was hard to tell.
Now to turn these dry HFOs to wet HFOs.
It was just linked a few posts above yours
just tried her Hypnotic HFO file and blew mt load again. Hands free for me would be once in a blue moon thing but I seem to be gauranteed one with her files and I'm not sure why.
Can anyone recommend forced orgasm HFO files around the theme of a milking machine?

I already Abduction by Trance and Mind Milk by HypnoQueen. Love them, especially Abduction.


I don't see Trance on the DNP list, could you maybe share Abduction please? Thanks!
In case you haven't found it yet


Now, does anyone have Ellechemy's files? She removed them from soundcloud a few days ago.
Does anyone have any Mistress Candice I discovered her last night and she's the first Dom in a long time that's gotten me extremely horny.
It's on DNP list
Where can you find MindMilk by HypnoQueen and Abduction by Trance?
Does anybody here happen to have the donkey transformation hfo by esuccubus? I cant seem to find it anywhere.
Are there any sissy-themed HFO files?
Anybody have any files related to cock/ball growth? The only ones I know of are esuccubus stud series but it's hard to find anything related :(
Im looking to get a hold of Meana Wolf - Go Deeper and Meana Wolf - Erotic Bliss. She seems hot and dirty and I have a feeling she might be quite good.

Bratty Bunny is supposed to be good too if anyone has any of the above I'd be most grateful.

I've been looking for more video HFOs after cumming to one by Goddess Jessica, wish she would do more.
I find that when I'm deep in the zone staying with a mistress's words, when they start talking about me having a big dick or thick dick it brings me straight out of my trance since I have a small dick(I'd much rather be having orgasms inside hot women and probably would be if I had one of those lol).

Any HFOs with small cock worship or small penis humiliation... or just small cock friendly ones, please share them if you find any.
Holy shit, stumbled on this board a couple days back knowing of hypo and having tried it a few times before, never having a HFO but feeling like I've come close a couple times and always leaking loads of precum.

Actually gave me my first HFO, felt absolutely amazing for so many reasons.
Just had my first HFO. It has been 5 long years of practising and finding the right file, and there all of a sudden I found it. It has even been a couple of months since I actively listened to erotic hypnosis.
To all people who rae new to hypnosis and HFO, I have one tip that just coincidentally worked for me.
Clenching. Just tightening your PC muscles as thing get more intense. You don't even have to move the rest of your body, just clench.

The file seemed like a failure like so many others at the start, but nearing the end I just felt it coming out of nowhere. Amazing.

Here it is, for anyone interested:

She also has a few more files here:
Still trying to find a link for I.C.U by Trance the ones in the thread have long been dead.

Anyway here's the one that has gotten me closer than any other one. Not sure why exactly. Still haven't gone over the edge but i've gotten so damn close. h++p://eraudica.com/e/eve/2016/Hypnotic-Erotic-Unlocked-A-Multiple-HFO-Experience
anybody have I.C.U. to share?
I would like a free way to get Mistress Zaida's The Trigger. Has anyone already got the audio and video uploaded to google drive or something like that?

It's the one where with an audio listened to at least 10 times which implants and enforces a trigger, followed by a video where she puts it into effect, to cause orgasm.

Also, I would like to get LR Female Orgasm, and/or the same title by Studio Jezebel.

Many thanks!
Thank you for adding me on Giga! I made a mistake and failed to copy the files I had been listening to. . .rookie mistake, as I am not used to how giga works. Would you be so kind as to add me there again? I'll gladly grab the files in question right away!
I have just a few files up and shared now, but I plan to upload a number of others. Go ahead and add me if you like. Also: first hands free orgasm yesterday!
with which file?

Also, I've been reading good things about MsAlder but haven't tried her yet.
Any opinions?
reup please
Sydney Chalmers, What the Fok? It really surprised me!

I should add, that's the first hands free ejaculation I've had so far. I have had quite a few hands free orgasms. . .this doubtless has much to do with my long history of tantric practice.
Also, I am asking for more help, by way of advice from the more experienced. I'd like to have more and more intense hands free orgasms and hands free ejaculations. The one I had with Sydney's file did happen, but it was not very enjoyable really. . .but nice to have it happen.

Some of the most powerful hands free orgasms I have had yet (but without ejaculation) was with Elena's (eSuccubus) file Overflowing.

I listened to The Trigger and watched the video all as per instructions. Nothing. Happened. At. All.

I liked Mistress Marisa's Wicked Stepmom quite a bit, until I listened to a file that involved some very strange feminization commands-including to release female hormones-which has pretty much entirely put me off of Mistress Marisa. When something really doesn't agree with me on a deep level, it tends to pull me right out of trance. . .and I love that about my unconscious mind. (Thank you unconscious mind.)

But that did seem to kill even my enjoyment of Marisa's files which used to give me great pleasure.

I am reaching out for help here, because I don't know where to look for the best trances=> hands free orgasms and hands free ejaculation. I do, however, now have massive amounts of material, thanks to the generosity of many of you!

A tangent: I don't masturbate. I haven't for a very long time, and my life is better that way. So, a hypnotist who encourages masturbation is not really aligned with me. I am looking for someone (or for a set of files) that exclusively deals with hands free orgasms. I like the power of sensual types of files too, even if they are not meant to lead to ejaculations.

I don't have much use, I have discovered, for the domination-type orientation of so much of the erotic hypnosis out there. It just doesn't turn me on. If it did, that would be okay, but wow, it so doesn't. I think it's that anything I would consider abuse in the slightest simply is not acceptable to me. . .not at all. But, I have no problem going into trance, and I very much enjoy obeying hypnotic commands, provided that the hypnotist feels "safe" to me, and aligned with what it is that I'd like to achieve and feel.

Last side note: I am pretty much having the time of my life. . .this is an amazing journey.

What suggestions might you have going forward?

Thank you all so much!
Where'd you find the file?
Hello! Haven't visited in a while:


I don't think I ever experienced anything as strong and overwhelming as this file.

It's an absolute masterpiece, and I can't believe I didn't get an HFO.

Familiarity with her previous HFO files is definitely a plus, although not required.
If you like, join me on Giga and you'll be able to listen to it too. h++ps://giga.gg/users/profile/1776783

I have been able to find this file, but only a version that is cut about four minutes short, right in the middle of the all-important post-hypnotic suggestions. Does anyone have the full file? I have lots of stuff on my giga to share. h++ps://giga.gg/users/profile/1776783
Is someone willing to share som files with me?
I don´t have any to share myself for the time being, but will of course share all I get my hands on. h++ps://giga.gg/users/profile/1782417
Still hoping for my first HFO!
I would like an advice. Are you supposed to be totally relaxed all the time? When the hypnotis say for example that you should now grind your hips, should you start working muscles or stay relaxed? Same with thrusting commands. Can't seem to know when it is just part of a play or real instruction.

I've wondered the same thing, Have tried laying still I didn't get as good as results as I wanted.

When I followed the instructions and moved, It certainly helped and even was able to achieve HFO on a file that I didn't before.
like which file?
I realized only after a few years with nothing that almost all HFO files are with subliminal ways of making you contract your PC muscles. It all boils down to that. Just contract and release as you are told, no matter how tired you get, and the orgasm will eventually happen. Might take several tries though, PC muscle contractions is hard and rewuires practice.
I have always had problems with seeing and feeling whatever the hypnotist describes. Does anyone know of any files that train or helps with this? I can have HFO's, but I think this would make hypnosis much more enjoyable. I still try to avoid files that involve touch, since I always get turned off when nothing happens.
That's not a matter of the files per se, it's a matter of the depth of trance you're going into, as well as a problem of repetition. To really experience the images and feelings described by ANY hypnosis file, you need two things:
First, you have to be able to reach the deep 'somnambulism' state. Basically, it's the depth where you're somewhere between awake and asleep. It turns the hypnosis into a sort of lucid dream. Achieving this state is just a matter of practice, every day, using many deepeners, until you start having 'blackouts' or amnesia (don't remember the hypnosis, but wake up around the awakener). If you can go that deep, you can go deep enough.
The second thing is repetition. Most of the time just listening to a file once won't be nearly as effective: assuming you can go to that super-deep state (like above), then it's a matter of listening to the same file, over and over, until you train your subconcious/brain to 'pay attention' to the file descriptions. Not sure how else to explain it, but with repetition (assuming you're going deep enough), eventually those sort of 'lucid dream' type experiences will be shaped by the words of the file. Hope that helps :)
That makes sense, I rememeber a few time where I doze off, and my thoughts turn incredibly vivid even though I still control them. That actually helps a lot, now I know what kind of state of mind I'm aiming for, and what mood I should be in.

What do you do to reach this state of mind? I know how to relax, and I do as told, but should I keep my mind completely blank? I've listenedto some recordings that are suposed to put you to actual sleep and let you have lucid dreams, but whenever I'm reaching that "twilight" state, my thoughts usually just wonder off.

When I think of it, this actually happened when I listened to Blue Lotus, but I just assumed I fell asleep, but it wasn't really the same.

But I find it interesting, where is the fun in erotic hypnosis if you forget the experience? I imagine it is fun to suddenly wake up covered in your own mess and with an amazing afterglow, but i really like to remember everything. There must be something else that sticks through the awakener?

Repeated listening was not that much of a surprise, but some of these comments descirbe how blown away they were by listening to I.C.U, so I kind of assumed that they were during the first listen. I really like the first time I listen to files though, not knowing what to expect, which is why I listen to them only once in a while, but if you forget the experience I guess it wtill works.

Sorry for the long post, but I've been into this (on and off at time) for years, but things are starting to make sense in a different way now.
Surely for this to be the case, the actual hypnosis has to be good, and its fairly well known that most 'tists these days aren't exactly pro's.... can you recommend some of the better ones who are really skilled enough to take you under?
What do I do personally? Haha well, funny you should ask. Like >>24284 said, the actual hypnosis has to be pretty good. I trained myself to be ABLE to go to that deep state by listening to a file called the 'Ultra Depth Relaxation' from Talmadge Harper (got off a forum buddy, somebody on Gigga should have it...I dont use Gigga anymore tho myself). So, I listened to that mp3 every day, once a day, for about 2 weeks. I'd say by the 3rd or 4th day I was going deep enough, but I kept it up just to make sure I could be consistent.

Don't apologize! All good questions. And I've been trying to figure this stuff out on my own too (because clear info is impossible to find and most hypno forums seem to be abandoned >.<)

So, when I listen to that file (or any file, nowadays), I know the feeling of being detached from my body, feeling floaty and weightless (like my body isn't there), and having my attention turned totally inward. Not sure how else to describe it. Like my whole thought and awareness is just inside my head, in my own little dark space behind my eyelids (like if you stare into space, unfocused, except obviously my eyes are closed). Hope that helps. I have heard that there are other phenomenon that can go along with it for other people so, ymmv.

I actually just got back from vacation and have been trying to decide how best to go about this myself. Because you're right: I have yet to listen to a single erotic hypnosis file that takes me as deep as well as the Ultra Depth file. But I personally think that is due to the repitition and training my brain to kinda accept it. So, I think I am going to try to do the same once-a-day for two weeks thing with a couple files (I'll do 2-3 HFO sessions a day). See how that works. I suspect I will see a big improvement. But yeah, I'm like you: I prefer listening to the file the 'first time' (mm, yummy virgin files lol), or after 'forgetting' it a bit...but we shall see. I'll keep you posted :)

OH! Another important thing: in the readme file for the Ultra Depth mp3, it mentions that writing a journal is really important. So I did do that also. Basically, the key things are A: it has to be HAND written. Typed wont work. B: Write it down immediately after the session. C: Just write down what sensations you felt. Doesn't have to be longer than a few sentences. So, for me, I was writing it while trying to achieve that deep deep state. And I'd been told one way to know you've gotten to it was the amnesia/blanking-out. So I knew sorta what to look for. So i'd write something like "induction felt really relaxing and almost automatic. Felt totally detached from my body by the first deepener. I don't remember anything from that until the end (blackout?)". Something like that. The idea is that the journal makes it important to your subconcious. Likewise, it allows you to go back and re-read your progress. I also used it to note down the time, so I could figure out which time of day is best for me personally. So, it's pretty handy, even if there's nothing 'special' about it.


Well...we're gonna find out together lol. Like I said, I'm going to start 'training' with 3 files for two weeks. We'll see how those go. I'm going to go with one by KinkyShibby, one by Mistress C@rol, and one by someone on GWA (I can find the name if I search but it's not in the file name).
Although I said my experience has generally been that erotic hypno files do not contain a good enough induction to really get me deep enough...I also haven't tried any of them consistently. So this will be a good experiment, and I'll let you know what happens. I suspect that all THREE files will work 100x better by the end of 2 weeks...I'm mostly interested to see if one works a LOT better than the others, or more quickly.

NOW: that said... I'm mainly just talking about depth of trance.
I have personally not yet experienced a tru HFO. So, I'll be working on that too. I've heard that PC muscle clenches at the 'appropriate' times helps...I'll try that for two of the files and see what happens. ALSO, just to really ensure some sort of success, I'm gonna be drinking 5 shots of vodka before one of the sessions (to increase hypnotic suggestibility). If it helps a lot, I'll try without. If it doesn't do anything, oh well.
Is there any torrent for the chargeable Fiona clearwater files?
Then I look forward to hearing about your progress! Would really like to know who makes the best mixture of files that take you really deep AND have great erotic content.

Well, 4 days in and I decided to forego alcohol and see how it goes. I also realized I dont have time in the day to do 2 in a single day lol. Much as that would be nice, if these first 4 days have been any indication, I don't have the self control to keep from touching myself afterward lol. Which is the quick way of saying 'no tru HFO yet'. But, I have noticed a definite and quite impressive improvement over these 4 days. Been listening to KinkyShibby's spank file. First off, she has an amazing voice. Second off, she understands hypnotic induction. I'll say that. Obviously whether or not you like the actual erotic content will vary from person to person. But today I came the closest to a true ejaculatory HFO that I've ever been. Felt an orgasm coming on (haha), but the feeling faded after a second and I was too disappointed that the rest of the file didn't really do it for me. But I was happy with the progress and look forward to continuing. So, I will keep you all updated.
So, after searching the usual places:
is it just me, or has there not really been any new HFO files this year? Either for pay or for free? The last one on GWA is 7 months old, and before that over a year old. And that site is usually pretty prolific. News?
Several from Shibby, a couple from J@d3 P@r15.
One very good file I haven't seen discussed - Lights Out Hypnosis by Jacqueline Powers on Youtube.
from JP? which ones?
The one with HF in the title, and 5p311b0und. 5h3113 R1v3r5 also did an HF training series this year.
any effective hfo?
After almost a year of experimenting(even acid and weed) i had my first HFO, i managed to geti with jackpot 1, but the things is I hadnt cum in a whole week, and the the day i had it a kept edging for like 5 hours(not continuosly) till the point my ball started to ache alot then to relax and without a lot of hope i listened to jackpot and boom i blew my load all over me( just to clear out ive clean from any substance for weeks)
I've listened to my fair share of audio over a few years.
This audio i tried is probably the strongest hypnosis i've experienced yet without having to really try to get in the zone where i can feel myself going really deep into hypno within minutes of it starting and losing 'control'
Its called: Lyc1a - The 5p3rm C0113ct0r seems quite hard to find but if you know where to look it shouldn't be a problem just look for some giga.bytes n it'll pop up. it's actually JOI file not HFO but so so intense.

If anyone else has experienced that on a hfo file share the goods

cool, can you upload to mega or i mean literally whats the point of this forum.
This should be the one previous poster described (collector JOI file):

eh i mean thanks for the effort but I'm not giving a website my creditcard and email so I can download some aural porn.

nevermind, after clicking through all the ads/redirects a couple times it actually does lead to a free download.

I finally achived hfo easily by listening to premature ejaculation files and clips
can you specify which file?
While I know this is an old thread that still has activity from time to time (like in the past few days, actually) I'm really hoping someone might be able to help: been looking for files from Emma Evans aka Trance for some time now, all I've been able to track down are sample files from her page at NightFlirt which just enthuses me to look for more but they do seem to be fairly rare since I can't find any.

There are 3 files posted in this thread but the links don't ever seem to download the file, might be because the file hosting service is borked or whatever, I don't know for sure.

Anyway, if anyone has anything they can share with working links/locations I'd be eternally grateful.

Happy New Year, folks.

Wondering the same. Can you point out what files?

Well first this:
h++p:// straw-berry.net/hypno/res/16955.html

Then just look at any vid you think is hot and think about the stuff from the link. Not even required to by hypotized, but you will when you focus on the thoughts from the clips in the link

Thanks, But for some reason the link isn't loading. (Yes I know to add the T's and delete the space)
If anyone is into foot-fetishism, I highly recommend this file. It worked for me almost every time. (The one time it didn't was because I got interrupted by a phone call)

do mind uploading it here or giving a link.

thank you for the tip btw
I got these if you are interested
I got one would deeply appreciate it
I got one would deeply appreciate it

Would you mind reuploading those files please? I'd absolutely love to have them and i seem to have missed the download window :<
Good thread
(Double but it's important)
This one gave me hfo yesterday:


But that was after I got premature ejaculations from the trainers by premie2016 which you can find on 8chan.

However, guys trust me once you accomplished this fantasy stop the shenanigans with hypno and porn it's not who you want to be it's like an addiction. And it will hurt what you want to accomplish is real life e.g. it will lower the amount of real sexual partners.
Agreed! I will stop the shenanigans immediately as soon as you share those files from premie2016 (8ch is down).

Promise yourself to stop though, check ybop. Its addicting, Cus everything is new and shocking.
Here's a list of every file I've been able to hfo to:

elena - overflowing (this was the first file I was able to hfo to; took 3 listens)
nikki fatale - orgasmic escalator, because 4
- come with me

elena - cock conversion 2
msj - sissy diagnosis
mistress amethyst - slip into porn slut pov
mira stern - fraternite - red
kei - pussy drip 3, demon girl mind control 1, hentai girl monster impregnation
isabella valentine - cock worship, sissy shower

There's probably a few I'm forgetting, but I deleted all my hypnos when I deleted my porn.
Also here's i.c.u.

Hello if someone has the hypnotic of Emma Evans/Trance can you share it please

Emma Evans/Trance - Abduction
Emma Evans/Trance - Bad Medicine
Emma Evans/Trance - Up and Down
Emma Evans/Trance - Sedation Therapy

Hello if someone has the hypnotic of Emma Evans/Trance can you share it please

Emma Evans/Trance - Abduction
Emma Evans/Trance - Bad Medicine
Emma Evans/Trance - Up and Down
Emma Evans/Trance - Sedation Therapy


can someone please reupload this?

One of the links still works.


This link is no longer valid, if anyone still has that file or anything from Emma aka Trance and is willing to share that would be crazy awesome, thanks.

- sent from my hospital bed, no joke 😁
h++ps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0C1liEFCZm4 instead of wanking keep doing this and you will recover regardless of why you are there it will cure you from anything. Just keep doing this everyday many times as you can your life will improve in every area, Paul Mckenna is the world's most famous hypnotherapist in the world, don't try it ..just do it daily! Wish you all the best and a speedy recovery and a new wonderful life


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