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Hypnonymous 08/24/2018 (Fri) 06:26:33 No. 25584
Is there a hypno series/file/whatever that can make you gay or provoke gender dysphoria (give you thoughts about transitioning)? Overtime, it can re-wire your brain or mind break you? What are the strongest ones?
sounds like you're gay already.. just too chicken shit to admit it
I think most effective hypnos are basically "if you didn't want to transition you wouldn't be listening to this file which explicitly aims to make you a woman"

Most important thing is exploring it in a healthy, non-destructive way. By which I mean, cutting out bigots and toxic people out your life, learning about internalized transphobia, and gaining a network of supportive friends, especially other trans people.

You might not be binary either, there's a whole spectrum we're told we're not allowed to explore, which is why you're seeking a way to be forced to explore your gender.
this. cis guys don't want something that will make them want to look and be seen as a woman. also, OP, you don't want gender dysphoria unless depression and suicidality sounds like a party to you, trust me on that m80


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