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Sisterhood of Light Body Modification Meditation Aires Nyx 06/20/2018 (Wed) 06:38:00 No. 25549
Welcome People,

The Sisterhood of Light brings you a new Meditation in order to stabilize yourself and find peace within your light bodies. We want you to know that it is very possible to change the human body into any form that the soul wishes. Each one of you is a creative spirit. As you believe, so shall it be. Focus on positive thoughts during these important times of spiritual growth. Focus on feeling your connection with the highest intelligence and love in the universe as often as possible, to raise your own vibration into that of unconditional love!


The Body Modification Meditation focuses on bringing you a very Feminine Information Download into your field. You need not do much in order to set cellular transformation processes into motion. Daily Repetition is helpful, but not necessary.

Please remove all restrictive clothing and any metal jewelry from your auric field in order to maximize the energetic exchange rate.

We wish you all the very best in your personal processes. May peace and Love shine bright in your life, and may you all find your way of self-expression and living your highest dreams.

Love & Light forever.
Awww I'm sad that I couldn't download this file soon enough... didn't monitor this place often...
I loved the files and concepts of the sisterhood of light, and i'd even love it there was a tumblr or site or whatever to read more of your teachings :)
Great job!
would love to be part of a religion of feminization
Can anyone reupload the file?


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