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Anonymous 10/16/2017 (Mon) 20:24:18 No. 25459
can we have a serious discussion about why this place is so dead?

did the mods kill it with the DNP? 8chan? some discord server i don't know about?
>can we have a serious discussion about why this place is so dead?
I don't see why not. BTW: That image you posted isn't allowed, so I removed it.

>Did the mods kill it with the DNP?
One of the other mods expressed that they didn't like the DNP and would like to move to hosting where it could be removed. I too would like to move to a place where more content can be posted. As for 8chan, they can link to some of the stuff on the DNP, so it could be that people are posting there instead of here, which is unfortunate. (But the links on 8chan still get taken down; volafile is DMCA-compliant, and so is 8chan.)

>Some discord server I don't know about?
Eh, I figure there is a discord server dedicated to hypno. The one called "Bambi Cult" comes to mind.

I think the best way to get more people to come to NFC is to let more people know that NFC is around. And we can also work to make NFC better by posting more content, having more conversations, etc. The more content NFC has the more appealing it will be to the new users.

Another thing that is planned is an upgrade to a new imageboard software. Warpath can probably tell you more about that.
I'm uncertain if this thread should be moved to >>>/dev/ or not, I'll let kingADVRC decide that.
Open file (32.20 KB 415x560 abraham simpson wink.gif)
I don't think /dev/ gets any visits anymore so I'll leave it here for the moment.

With the site not in danger of going away anymore we can focus our attention back on site upkeep and bringing in new users. Deysu is correct in that a site that doesn't look dead is more appealing to new users, so I urge you and any other lurkers to contribute.

Word of mouth is the best form of promotion for the site too so tell your friends about us as well as people in your fetish circle that are fed up with their current imageboards crap.

As to contributing, I have noticed that both /girly/ and /hypno/ became more active lately, however reaching new users can be hard. To be honest I don't even remember how I found this place in the first place.
moving to new hosting would be a good event to springboard this place back to activity

i browse here (obviously) but i check it less and less as there's not much activity

i proposed remerging /girly/ and here to boost the level of activity in both

i think most people who ended up here came from the old hypnochan and ODP (ahh memories...)

i also don't see why rholling threads are so bad - they keep people coming back - maybe with the new forum software you could keep it stickied or easily hideable or something
Open file (127.76 KB 636x849 135491674623.jpg)

I have a robust collection of equipment at home and originally planned to host NFC here, I have more Xeons than I know what to do with.

I will admit I am not up to speed on what hosts allow what but I am open to new options. I aim to preserve everything I can here at NFC.

Suggestions or questions can always be brought to discord too - I invite community discussion.

NFC now has discord @


new software's looking good!


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