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Open file (147.87 KB 236x354 cg2.png)
"Possession": learning to stop hurting and accept your repressed Anonymous 01/18/2017 (Wed) 15:44:46 No. 24630
This is a continuation of the thread at >>16682 , which has reached the bump limit. The previous thread talked about Catgirl, MsJ, and Kei's files, with later posts focusing on Kei's demon girl and spirit girl files. Feel free to repost links here so they don't drop off the board.
I'm going to repost my comments from the previous thread about Leeiah's work.


I absolutely love them.

Shame about the clipping at the end, and a couple of mispronunciations.

The line "you will struggle with your identity" stood out to me.

I wonder if you would be interested in a file which, without using the word "transgender", massively increases dysphoria and makes it emotionally painful to resist your fembot and try and act masculine or think about your identity, life goals, and future plans in a masculine way?

It's a pretty evil idea. But I want resistance to your long term training to be emotionally traumatic, to really drive home stuff like "this file will be a part of you for life".

Maybe stuff about deliberately exposing yourself and sabotaging any attempts to pretend like everything is the same to the other people in your life?

I think this thread has stopped bumping though, we'll see. Might have to move to a different thread soon.


Basically, I want attempts to mentally actualise any sort of masculine identity to trigger depressive and anxiety triggering thoughts, and to make it so the sorts of thoughts that can counteract those feelings (look into CBT for the sorts of thinking I mean) act as triggers to seriously view yourself with a feminine self identity.

I want resisting self-feminisation to be honest-to-god upsetting, to the point where it's more emotionally sustainable just to give up masculinity.


Maybe channel some of those destructive emotions into stuff like your fembot destroying masculine clothes to punish you if you get too belligerent and resistive, and other sorts of masculinity self-sabotage.


And obviously, make sure that it's easy to avoid triggering depressive and anxiety inducing thoughts in the common case, and that there are strong emotional positives to a feminine long term plan and identity to counterbalance and more than compensate for any stress that might leak over in hypnosis from the context of "think this if you're trying to be masculine, your masculine identity is forever associated with this style of thought" into just "think this", as ideas are sometimes prone to do in hypnosis. We wouldn't want loyal sissies to get emotionally hurt often. Masochism might sound kinky, but it makes a file and it's associated ideology unsustainable for repeat listening over an extended period.

To be clear, I'm not talking about a mind-mistress style "think about a specific nauseous memory and now associate it with this bad thing I don't want you to do", more like the styles of reasoning that CBT therapists spend time trying to get you to unlearn.

An example might be "when stuff goes wrong, think about it a lot" vs "when stuff goes wrong, accept it as the result of circumstances and not yourself and move on". Probably not a great example, but basically, take everything CBT guides have you do and associate it with femininity, and then invert the style of thought for masculinity. It might be better if it wasn't even overt that masculinity was being presented negatively -- so the above example might be presented as "when I spend time presenting in a masculine way and think about my future as if I were a man, I am inclined to better myself by going over mistakes made in the past and thinking about what went wrong so I can learn from them."

Slyly enough done, it'll still have the same effect, but it'll be a subtle enough effect to not jar the listener on first listen, so that the logic has time to take root.
One thing I want to caution is against pushing for too much binary opposition. I know that's sort of part of the whole idea of a possession style file, but one of the things I dislike about some of your files is the insistence on coming up with a feminine name. To me, this boxes everything that comes afterwards as happening to a seperate person that isn't me, and even when that person is supposed to "take over", as I find myself thinking about the file later on it's pretty easy to resist because there's a very clear line of "this is the file, not you".

So when I say "Maybe channel some of those destructive emotions into stuff like your fembot destroying masculine clothes to punish you if you get too belligerent and resistive, and other sorts of masculinity self-sabotage.", I don't really mean set up a binary opposition about being puppetted into harming your stuff. It makes it seem like that stuff is my real identity, and I'm in a masochistic frame of reference. That's hot for a bit, but after we've finished I've essentially reinforced my false masculine identity.

Instead, perhaps try something like "When things around you stack up and prevent you from feeling happy about yourself and who you are, it can be really painful. If it gets bad, one thing that can be calming is taking actions to change your surroundings, and to remove the things that are hurting you. Seek out some things that symbolise what you don't like about yourself, and confront them. Make a ritual out of it, if you feel it will emotionally centre you.

*give some examples here, maybe about joyfully, slowly, deliberately scissor cutting all the way through boxers or other types of masculine clothing (I'd like to see some files that push things further and attack hoodies, making you replace them with cardigans, shirts with blouses, trousers with skirts, etc), maybe a bottle of aftershave ritually poured down the sink, but don't be too prescriptive, otherwise you risk not connecting with listeners for whom those examples don't work well*

And then focus the point that as a conclusion of the ritual you remember and make a note to pick up a better replacement next time you're out at the store, one that doesn't make you feel so dysphoric (I don't want to use the word transgender because it causes listeners to put up barriers, but I'm not sure how I feel about "dysphoric"), one that makes you feel so comfortable and how great it is that you're improving everything around you so you don't feel so stressed.

But don't make a big deal about the above ritual stuff, it shouldn't be the point of a file. That kind of thing is a fetishy one-off crime of passion that doesn't always leave lasting changes. Emphasise that this is an intervention, a tool that you're giving the listener, to help them out when they get confused and upset and start to try really hard to hold on to their misconception-identity. There's nothing wrong with the average man thinking about their future in a masculine way; there's nothing wrong with masculinity. It's just that it's not /true/ here, and it's a weird, false belief that's actively hurting you. It's sad to see you harm yourself.

Above all, make the file sustainable to listen to repeatedly. If the listener is going to take the words to heart and treasure them deeply and for a long period as they grow into themselves into the future, the words can't be spikey. They can't wound. They can't be humiliating. And they can't really be too violating in that erotic way that's half the reason we love possession files, because that makes them easy to reject.

And you shouldn't be able to reject a curse.
A curse is real, and it makes real, actualised changes manifest, for the betterment of everyone involved.
Possession by an anthropomorphised agent is cool, but possession by an idea or well-rounded concept is stickier and more memorable.

You're not tweaking my fembot to act against me. You're giving me (not even necessarily me as in the fembot, or me as in not-the fembot, but rather me, the singular whole person who integrates all of your words into my life) tools to stop the dysphoria and suffering I'm inflicting on myself with my negative, slightly deluded way of thinking. And since my fembot looks out for me, and keeps me from going astray, I'm sure those tool will be accessible to her implicitly as she guides me in the right direction.

Not that there's a choice. Curses are real medical instruments, and you'll say as much.
Archive of previous thread here: h++p://archive.is/9DDBS
Thanks for the feedback I surely appreciate it^_<
I wonder, is anyone here a fan of the Sissy A La Carte doujin series (one issue readable here, the whole set is on Sad Panda h++ps://hitomi.la/reader/944325.html#1-)

That sort of atmosphere of long term prompted self-deepened degeneracy is what I look for in hypnosis >:D
I thought this youtube account mostly seemed to focus on hormone encouragement, but this recording is a lot more along possession and curse lines h++ps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdncAeiJcmo
I feel like the bacjground humm/tone is too intrusive and loud

>accept your repressed identity
ughghghghghghghg I thought it was just a sexy game
Yeah its prolly more for full fledged trannies than fetishists.

However i did find it way too direct and repetitive. I doubt hearing "you are a woman" 2000 times does shit. It has 0 persuasive power.
But you are a woman.
Leeiah's files usually have some good idea and I like them to some degree.. But the script and the way she does them is pretty shit. No offence. As for the repressed identity. It's just a fetish for me.
If anyone still has those Kei files


Please do not do this. Giga kills the sharing scene. I really hate it when people past giga links.

Thankfully I am not going to punish you it this time. But please register a Mega.co.nz account and mirror hypnosis you like. Copyright strikes against shared folders only delete that version of the link without deleting shared files, so it's extremely efficient to generate a new link.

Here's a folder I'm uploading to right now. If it all goes right, this should have some nice files in. I'm not sure if it includes everything from the previous thread, but it should be a start.

And... It's gone
thanks dude, finally someone standing up to giga :( but the link no work
Looking for Kei files, very interested in Dark Forest, any of the Demon Girl files and Sissy Dreams: Pussy Training.

No giga please
Can someone Re-up the massive Kei zip file?

We need IPFS in this scene.

I think Mega have upped their copyright stuff, the email I got this time was a lot stricter than last time, and I've seen user accounts terminated based on copyright claims in the meantime.

To my knowledge (which consists of 5min googling) IPFS has the same problem as torrents, your IP is widely exposed unless you use other anonymization software. I'm desperate for a better solution, but I want built in, easy anonymity.
Anyone have those demon girl files and/or anything else by Kei?
2 days? damn, if I knew it was posted, I'd come back here every day
This is, in my opinion, Kei's best file. I've bought others whose description made me think the vibe would be more like this, and been disappointed.

Also included is a hentai file because it's on my harddrive right now, but that doesn't match my personal interests at all.

(Which are mostly about gender identity and behaviour modification, preferring little mention of physical body parts, sometimes with an extreme or permanent tinge.)
I'd love another Project Sky file explicitly about associating resistance with punishing self-sabotage of masculinity, until you become feminine through learned helplessness.
Any chance of a reup? Or anyone willing to upload to empornium or something?
It would be greatly appreciated if someone could spare a few Kei files.

I know you guys said you dislike Giga (I'm not too fond of it either),but its all I've got at
the moment.

Anyone have a reup of Kei's demon girl files?
I have them on giga if you really want them
I'm not exactly sure how giga works, I sent an invite.
Looks like the kei files got taken down. That sucks. </3
They're still there the whole point of giga is so it doesnt get taken down
All the demon girl ones, except for mind control day 1 - 3, say, "This file is no longer available due to a copyright claim." When I hit download, it says, "This file is forbidden."
Does anyone have and/or tried Demon Girl Magic Cockgrowth? How is it compared to pure sissification ones?
Could you reup the hentai file?
Any chance of a reup on any of the catgirl files?
Seconding this! I wasn't around here when that first went up, but the description sounds like something I'd -really- like to try!
google hypno fetish catgirl
Cool on the catgirl files, thanks! But, does anyone have/know where to find Kei's Hentaigirl file?
Does anyone have this file?
Or something similar to it to help me. I listened to Pussy Drip 5 and the dripping effect hasn't gone away for four days now. Haven't listened to it since, and I want the effect to go away for my sanity.
I can upload Drip 5 in return.
Wow, I checked my Kei collection and see I am somewhat behind in my collection. Excellent up, many thanks.
Adding a few missing files to this room.
since i cannot purchase these files from my location, perhaps someone is kind enough to post a non expired link for 'Hentai Girl Transformation: Monster Impregnation'

this is really the only file that interests me.

maybe i have something i can share in return?
will be up there soon

>maybe i have something i can share in return?

yeah well idk what you have, just put something up
I have reupped my collection to this link
So question for all of you who listen to kei's files. Have you noticed any changes in your life? I come back to these files from time to time for the erotic thrill of it. But lately when I think about listening I get a bad feeling in my gut. I can't tell if it's me feeling bad for having these desires or if there's something in the files my mind really doesn't like.

Either way I find myself getting frustrated I have these desires. It feels like a bad addiction I have to kick. I don't know whether or not I should let go and give in or to stop reinforcing it.
What file or files have you been listening to ? Over at warpmymind I've being reviewing some of her series I'm currently doing pussy drip
There are a couple new free videos on her website's blog h++ps://keismindwarp.com/blogs/blog

Trust your gut, if it's only an erotic thrill it's best to not let t develop more than that if you don't want it to. Control your fetishes, don't let them control you
I've been listening to the demon girl files. In the heat of the moment I'm open to the suggestions but after I'm done in trance the effects tend to linger and I feel this anxious/nauseous state like my mind is rejecting what I put into my head.

I honestly don't believe it could develop beyond that. But that's part of the fetish for me, is complete loss of control. It's like playing with fire at times. Being pushed over the edge and being humiliated by engaging in things I really didn't want to do.
Aw I missed it
I can completely relate. I have the same problem with the gut thing too. Using a chastity device helped a bit but I can get out of it too easily.

Little bit worried about the fact that Kei and others are moving to SBS VR content because from my experience it works better than Audio. At the same time I'm also a little excited as well.

I feel like my brain doesn't know what the fuck to do. Part of me hates this, another part wants to go crazy with it.
I can understand the loss of control I mean demon girl horny mind was going to end up like that I think just didn't stay with it long enough. I spoke to Kei and she said she had been listening to this for a whole year so I think a lot of her stuff is like a slow burn all good for a while then smack next thing you know you've lost that control and now you've been completely feminized. I've never had that gut feeling after any trance but my subconscious has pulled me out of files before like this shit is not for me kind of thing as much as people say they can get brainwashed your mind must have some kind of safe guard. So I'm assuming your mins doesn't like what is suggested in the file and the gut feeling is a side effect of this or a way to communicate with your conscious mind to say I'm not sure I want this. I could be miles of the mark though. If you didn't read my log the scary thing I noticed about the horny mind was somewhere in the second week I was sitting at my desk and caught myself playing with one of my nipples and I know I didn't consciously think to do this and when I caught myself I stopped because my thought was like what the hell not at work.
Here are a few files that should be good for a month: including a few Kei files and gogo bubble. I'm also looking for pussy drip 4 if anyone has it.

I might also upload the monster impregnation file if I remember to later.

>Brainwash demon girl horny mind

>Demon girl fuck toy

>Demon girl mind control

>Pussy drip 1-3,5

>Gogo bubble

Forgot to include the monster impregnation one

This file is honestly scary how real it feels. Especially the inflation part at the end. THe induction is also top-tier.

Also I realized I still need the cock growth file, so if anyone has that, it would be appreciated.
I read a bit of your journal on WMM. What you wrote about the white light, weird convulsions, and feeling a presence in the room. I experienced the same exact thing, it was a bit unsettling. But that's part of what draws me to these files.
Off topic sorry
One of the best experiences I've had for presence was with vives succubus file I had finished the file in it, it says you'll have a vist after the file. Anyway didn't think much of it as I'm falling asleep i felt someone in the room sit down on the side of my bed actually felt the bed kind of push down as if someone was there then a feeling of this person kind of float over my body and then lay down beside me and wrap me up like a hug and then started to kiss my neck. My heart was racing like crazy i swear it felt so real it was actually physical feelings in the morning i looked in the mirror at my neck because i really felt like there should have been marks on my neck from where she bit my neck.
Alright so I just wanted to write about this as a potential warning for others who might be screwing around with Kei's files and don't really want the changes. I looped brainwash demon girl horny mind and by the time I was done it felt like someone had kicked me in the nuts. My only guess is there's suggestions in there for shrinkage or hormone changes or something. This is a reminder that once you open the doors to your subconscious mind it takes it all, you can't selectively filter it out so be careful what you put in. I'm pretty much done with Kei's files which is a shame because they work really well. But I can't risk the hormonal disruption that might come with the files.
I enjoy fantasy hyperbole as much as the next guy, but hypnosis does not lead to hormonal changes. Although I think Ally had some research papers a while ago on this subject. Honestly, this is one of the biggest turnoffs for me. A lot of WMM files are structured like this, like "You're going to start producing less testosterone, your mind will inhibit it." No it won't. That's not how it works.

Now, hypnotising you into taking PM on the other hand...

Pussy Drip 4 and others uploading here
Also, for those of you who have not checked out Leah's files before, they're fun.

Could you please reupload? The files are expiring faster than I can download
Can someone re-up/re-share Cock Growth and Spirit Girlfriend - Dreams please?
I just found out about this video. Themes include homosexuality, demon possession, and Satanism, literally.
Hypnosis can affect hormones. There is a thing called aromatase that converts testosterone into estrogen. You can easily get gynecomastia from hypnosis.
Aromatase is an enzyme, which is a protein whose shape catalyses (increases the rate of) certain chemical reactions.

What are you implying that have to do with higher level complex thoughts?

Do you have any links to research papers to back up your claims?
Have you ever met someone who has had physical effects from hypnosis in real life? The lack of research papers mean nothing in a branch of science that is nearly untouched. What is causing the gynecomastia if not some kind of hormone imbalance. If you don't think gynecomastia is possible through hypnosis, then do you think everyone who has had that experience is lying to you?

Chris chan was able to grow a pussy due to nothing but listening to hypnosis off Youtube.
I did a quick google search on that looks like it was a hoax h++ps://sonichu.com/cwcki/Un-clit_2.0 correct me if I'm wrong ?

No. He got a piercing on his taint and it got infected.
the youtube channel he visited was just subliminal tones. No instructions, no induction ect.
You cannot be effected by these alone.

Also please for the love of god don't post the pictures.

I know. I was just joking.
That impregnation file is really awesome. I never experienced such feelings during a session. Did you ever try the permanent fuck puppet or the control collar?
I did the puppet one that's some epic file but I cant remember it must be a forget thing in there. The tentacle one is awesome feels crazy when your belly is expanding. Anyone had any success with her other stuff ?
By puppet, are you talking about the latest demon girl file? If so, can you share it?
Would you mind uploading that epicness?
hentai impregnation is an easy top 3 of all time for me, master class stuff
>then do you think everyone who has had that experience is lying to you?
They're either lying or misinformed. I mean, this fetish does kind of lend itself to role-playing.

Just because there hasn't been much research done doesn't mean the claims made are true. Lots of people claim lots of things are true without evidence, especially anonymously over the internet; what makes you believe this in particular? How can you know without proof?

Along the lines of what >>24921 said, the outlandish claims to produce altering of hormones or real physical changes (not just hallucinations of it) aren't appealing to me at all, though I can see why people looking for more of a fantasy facilitated by the hypnosis rather than a fantasy specifically about being hypnotised into something would like it. Though at that point why say it's because of hypnosis at all and not magic or something? It's way hotter (and more believable) to be hypnotised into feminising yourself in real life (especially if you're already doing that anyway and you can pretend the hypnosis is making you do/want it).
All valid discussion. The only real results I have seen in photos that do not look altered mind you is over at hypno fetish for the file curse of the teeny weenie that file will physically shrink your penis. Other than this there is soo much hype without real world results and it is really hard to take everything people say as serious, also it could be other things that we assume is the hypnosis but could possibly be medical ie breast growth.
The comments for that file are also filled with people stating that they had a 9 inch dick and after listening to the file it was less than one inch, so I wouldn't really believe them. And as for the picture (which is behind a forced login), I highly doubt that it was the audio file that caused it. Like I mentioned earlier in the thread, Chris-chan said that he grew a vagina by listening to audio files and had pictures to prove it, when in fact all he did was stab himself in the taint to release his inner vagina.

For anyone wonder how to actually decrease the size of their dick: change your diet to one heavy on soy products, take estrogen, or give yourself hard flaccid.
Open file (1.06 MB 1366x768 Screenshot (20).png)
Do I believe Hypnosis leads to pronounced physical changes? No.But is there any scope for argument...off course.

I have been listening to hypnosis for last 6 years.I generally avoid hypnosis which promises to grow boobs in six months.I intermittently listened to hypnos which may or may not lead to changes in hormonal balance.I never EVER thought there is any scope for change using hypnosis.I still don't.


what I have noticed over a long period of time my body changed in a certain way.First i noticed less bodily hair.The hair after shaving,was coming back thinner and sparser.Although i never noticed any change in facial hair.The thing is...and it is completely my subjective experience.....there may be a hormonal imbalance in my body....whether as a direct result of hypnosis I don't know.
I did take PM for few weeks.But pueraria mirifica effected my so quickly that I had to stop quickly.PM, most people will tell u completely hoax...yet I have doctors prescription to prove that I did grew breast bud.My suspicion is that hypnosis to a great extent enhanced PM.I may be wrong.Heck,even I think I am wrong but I can't explain how quickly PM effected me.And I was not hallucinating since I have third party verification.

Last month as I was deleting files from my computer I came across old photos of me dressed up.Now please look at the jaw line and facial structure.I can't explain the change since there is no change in my body weight.My face changed quiet a lot.I have not taken medical estrogen....ever.PM for few weeks in a low dose and one week 2000 mg /day.Nothing to result this sort of change.So what did this?? I didn;t do FFS,never did hormone but my face changed.I don't drink beer.I do not eat soy products.

I may be wrong but my hunch is that hypnosis did bring down testosterone which coupled with other external factors changed few things in my body.

In 2013-2014 my ejaculate what thick white.Now a days its mostly watery with very small amount of semen.So Ia m guessing my testosterone level went really low.... Is it result of hypnosis ...highly debatable but made me think.
From the experiences I have had, I think our minds interpret stuff completely different between each person and then manifest this in different ways ie your jaw line. From reading reviews and experiences there are similarities to each case but there is always something different reported between each user so no 2 users would experience the same results whether that's under trance or out of trance it seems to be completely up to your subconscious mind to decide what to do. I could be wrong but this is just my opinion.

I don't buy the more ridiculous claims about hypnosis either, though I think some breast growth might be possible using it. Changes to hormone levels over time might also be possible, as are side-effects from hypnotically enforced chastity.

Anyway - there is a forum about hypnosis and breast growth at h++p://breastnexus.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=21 if anyone is interested.
Breast Nexus is a great forum but even there there's a lot of misinformation. I think there's a guy called Lotus there who really knows his stuff and debunks a lot of it. The endocrine system has a lot of hidden state and different regulatory subprocesses, so increasing intake of a hormone can end up decreasing the amount in your blood in some circumstances. That's why you have to take blood tests on HRT so that they can adjust your dosage as they see how you body reacts.

I remember reading an empirical study on chastity and hormones, and contrary to goddess gracie's and dreamlover lab's rhetoric, not ejaculating for an extended period increased testosterone.
Open file (128.81 KB 960x1057 GdB6Hpd.jpg)
Let me guess it was a randomized controlled trial? So one group gets into the cage and being buttfucked by bulls while the control group goes on and live their normal lives of fapping and hetero sex.

Are you sure that wasn't some kind of mind control fiction you have red?
By chastity, I think he's referring to /nofap/. You can find the study on the nofap board on 8ch.
i have heard being a father reduces T, so does losing fights or any competitive activity.

if a guy is made to believe he's a sissy and is repeated this over and over again i can see that having an effect on T levels for sure
I remember the study actually, the T levels peak at 7 days and drop after that.

It was not chastity, just no ejaculation
Does anyone have Kei's "Feminizing Anal Orgasm Trainer 2" ? Could someone please post it?
Open file (601.32 KB 1920x1080 DannyCD.png)
Thank you guys so much for this thread! I thought the MsJ files were good but Kei is some next level shit!

On monday I took some shrooms, listened to Kei's Anal Orgasm Trainer and Spirit Girl files and fucked my ass with my favourite dildo for most of the day. I went pretty deep and had full-body anal orgasms for maybe the first time in my life. I don't even really know how to put this into words. I have never felt so girly and submissive before. It was the best sexual experience of my whole life.

Now I cannot even think of myself as a man anymore. I have accepted that I am a total and complete sissy faggot and I am so happy and at peace with it! Something I would have never thought would happen to me. Seeing sexy girls in the street just makes my ass horny again and my clit drool with precum in my panties. But there is absolutely no desire to get intimate with them anymore. Instead I find myself constantly fantasising about guys around me sliding their cocks in and out of my holes.

This is so exiting! I don't know where this will take me but I really don't want to go back!
so shrooms work i've tried acid I get a little to focused on my body and lose focus.
It's too hard to focus if you're on acid. Shrooms work like fucking magic baby!

ugh I want to try shrooms so bad
rip Leeiah
Currently listening to: the Bambi series, as described in h++p://www.newfapchan.org/hypno/res/24982.html#i24982

10/10. This shit is excellent.

Sorry to be a bother but I just found this thread and was wondering if you'd mind reuploading those files. Following the thread has made me realise how much I need to listen to all of them and start remaking who I am.
You are an amazing person! Thank you so much! I shall download them in the morning after work
Open file (109.57 KB 415x462 1483224469593.jpg)
Same, thanks to /r9k/- fuck thats the second time I discover a new powerful feminization hypno on there, last time was Demon Girl.

Anyways it is powerful, the induction takes you deep and when listening to the bubble acceptance file though when it got to the part where you put all your memories into the bubbles and she pops them I had to stop several times there because my heart was racing, like what the fuck lol, I know its not actually going to happen but the fear of it or the excitement of it is so strong that my heart races and I'm not relaxed or calm and I can't fall deeper into trance, but I have managed to re-listen again a few times and get less of a fear reaction lol

And so far only listened up to the third file but that one really worked on me too, at least I got into a deeper trance than with the 2nd because there was less anxiety but still some lol.

So I'm currently just trying to listen to those 3 before moving forward with the conditioning files because there are a lot and I want to be better at falling into trance and having the inductions work on me before I go deeper into the files. Its really quality stuff though, the TTS is very good, pleasing to listen to, the files work on me more stronger than many I've listened to before even, I'm so glad they're free too!

Kinda nervous, kinda excited to listen to the rest of them, I just wish I was better at keeping calm when listening, because once my heart goes doki-doki I can't calm down really unless I stop the file for a bit and that loses its effectiveness...
Please re-up Good girl breasts and butt growth. Didn't download right now it's gone.:(
Thank you so much:) You make my pussy wet!!!
I really wish Kei's files were more like the exposure part of Spirit Girl Voice: Obedience. With stuff like that, which I think should be a core part of a file, it gets mentioned once, maybe twice, before we get the same old garbled background "subliminals" with exactly the same themes as every other Kei file. I get that some of the files build thematically on each other with the bubbles, 7 stars, circle/collar and bright light motifs, but I wish the files were more distinguished generally. I bought Mental Block: Permanent Girl but I ended up annoyed at the relative lack of time spent on permanence and real-life exposure suggestions. I really don't get all this pussy stuff. I do not have a vagina. I don't want to think about vaginas. Disgust of vaginas is a pretty consistent theme in other sissy files, and I need the stuff I listen to to at least form /some/ sort of semi-coherant ideology.

It's annoying because I like some parts of what Kei's done a lot. I half-suspect they're the one behind the bambi files. But there's stuff that doesn't jive with me in a lot of the files.
I really like kei's files, I feel like I'm changing. My nipples are wicked sensitive and I'm starting to feel a pussy between my legs. Please upload more!
Anyone have any of these files?
Sissy slave girl past life memories
Demon girl pink bubble
Memory implant boyfriend
Hidden feminizing files
Horns girl trance orgasm
Study male memory wipe 2
Thank you
Any tips on how to fall deeper into trance and how to even reach trance anyways?
Currently listening to the original Goddess Gracie Bimbo Blessing. I dislike a lot of her later stuff (mostly because of tacky BBC themes) but holy shit that hit the spot and and it's spoopy how much of the suggestions have already come true since I last listened however long ago. I believe GG is on the Do Not Post list unfortunately, but you can find torrents elsewhere.
In this case the file is old enough to be freely available (with an account) on WMM here h++ps://www.warpmymind.com/index.php?gadget=HFiles&action=GetFile&file_id=5368
I remember now, it's not just the BBC stuff I dislike. It's the internal language about clitties and diddles and sissygasms which just gets taken to ridiculous levels where I can't take the authority of the files seriously anymore. If you're going to reprogram me, I need to believe that your worldview is more switched on than mine, which is hard when every word ends in -ie.
Any more of kei's files I can't get enough. ..I appreciate anything not already posted.
Thank you
Reposting this link, which is catgirl's description page. You need to stick this in the wayback machine.
msj files, including four of the new ones (Cock destroyer, a sissy's greatest sacrifice, LMS goes shopping, and diagnosis sissy)
Thank you! A few are also new for me
For those of you who don't want to download a 1GB zip, they are available currently on 8ch's hypno share h++ps://volafile.org/r/c46778gr
Desperately looking for kei's files. Especially the demon ones, pussy drip and feminized anal orgasm. Would be highly appreciated!
Are they not on the 8ch general share still?
anybody got the pup files from kei?
Can anyone reupload Kei's demon and spirit girl files? Thanks a ton in advance.
could you please upload the separate files again ? i don't want to download the whole 1 giga file.
Kei has a few dull demongirl style files for free on the kei light YouTube channel. I liked the moon one a lot, although I think the puppet strings one is an expanded version of it. Less focus on pussy stuff and mixed use of dick/clit. I wonder if Kei reads these posts. I didn't like how the pink one went lesbian without warning, because it makes it inconcistent with some other files I listen to, so I feel that should have been mentioned in the description.

I really like how kei's built up this weird religious symbolism over multiple files. It's really hot and adds to the feeling of pyschological rape. I'd love an aggressive demon/spirit girl file about not breaking down your resistance but ignoring it, extreme compulsion despite your terrified other self. Lots of 7 stars, moon, cultist imagery.
Not dull!
A few GOOD files was what I was trying to say.

Fucking swipe keyboard.

I like kei's later stuff but I fear authoring the bambi files (my own conspiracy theory) is taking all their time.
Holy fuck.

Has anyone listened to the Deep Mind Bubble Female Transformation Hypnosis h++ps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dWPa2SZi_1c

It's basically the file I longed for above.
Unfortunately I found the induction a bit long, ended up coming from the sexual intensity, I found it hard to stop grinding on my duve, and I woke up in a summer sweat.

But holy fucking shit.
Listen to this file. It's fantastic. I went so deep in the middle of the file.
can someone reupload Hentai Girl Transformation: Monster Impregnation?
yeah i noticed a lot of similar language between the two
you requested the best; i could not refuse
Open file (110.69 KB 600x600 0vfq8y-l.jpg)
can i
can someone please upload the devil girl series files? i really love those files
i have the Hentai Girl Transformation: Monster Impregnation will trade for the devil girl file?
Open file (16.41 KB 500x491 Tick.png)
do you have all the Jessica files?
Can anyone reupload Sissy Dreams: Pussy Training by Kei?

Much appreciated.
Can someone Re-up the massive Kei zip file please

Thank you very much!
Can someone please reupload the Hentai Girl Transformation: Monster Impregnation and
Can someone please reupload the Hentai Girl Transformation: Monster Impregnation and the Demon Girl: Magic Cock Growth
Thank you so much for the file!!!👍
Glad i could i help
Kei has recently posted a fair number of older files on the kei light youtube channel, which I do not have. However, the descriptions are fairly light, and I can't seem to get them off the google cache. Does anyone have them?

I'm talking about h++ps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7OxU-bnq_1utCpj_75Cf9w/videos
Can someone please reupload Milky Sensitive Nipple Slut Breast Growth
I've uploaded all my kei files here
Can you please reupload it on mega or some other host? I don't have a premium account.
I have put them in the 8ch share. They'll last 2 days from now, so be fast.
Holy shit this is the motherload. Thank you dude for the upload. This is either all of her files or damn close. gj.
All kei files I have are up

If possible, can you reupload? Thank you.
I second this, please reupload! I cant believe I missed it.
I've been looking everywhere, is there someone out there with the demon girl cock growth spell by Kei?
Can someone please reupload Demon Girl: Magic Cock Growth?
Damn, missed last upload of Kei's Demon cock growth, could someone please reupload, many thanks!


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