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Hands Free O Tracks that Produced Real Ejaculation Anonymous 12/21/2015 (Mon) 07:53:48 No. 22640
This is targeted at dudes/bros/folks with penises (no offense girls).

Please only post tracks that have actually made you EJACULATE hands free. Not in your mind, for realsies.

I have never actually gotten there, but have been regularly listening to Jackpot 2 because it feels amazing even if I don't cum and has gotten me close to ejaculating many times.
Sounds like you are on the right track. First success was Jackpot 4, then they all got easier.

IV - Jackpot 4, Jackpot 1
Elena - Overflowing
Gone Wild Audio (various) - Black, White, and Red All Over; Come With Me; Hypnotic Erotic 2.0
Nikki Fatale - Orgasm Escalator
Goddess Deseree - Hypnotized Horny Orgasm Training
Mistress Carol - Seduced by Mistress
Mistress Carol - The Good Deed
Nikki Fatale - Satin Angels
Orgasmicgiggles - Hypnogasm
Orgasmicgiggles - The End of Your World
Isabella Valentine - Jackpot 1,2,3 and 4
Fiona Clearwater- Hands Free Orgasm

I have others that got me very close I'll post them later
I reliably come hands-free to Anonymistress's files. She never instructs you to stroke, it's just sort of implied. I take the opportunity to just not stroke at all, as I find that the last few minutes of her files can build me up to an orgasm without any touching.
I get a mind orgasm with almost every HFO file I've tried but

Mistress Playtoy - Mistress Carol and Sucking You Empty by Leigha has gotten me the closest to what felt like ejaculating hands free.

You should be aware that just because one file works for one person, it won't work for everyone and you have to be dedicated.
I am surprised no one mentioned:
Mistress Zaida - the Trigger (audio) and eventually video
Fiona's Slave Hypnosis
Goddess's Video
can you share video part please?
Madam Violet - The Art of the Hands Free Orgasm 2

Only one to work for me thus far. Haven't gone back to try any others since, granted this one does have a section with stroking but the orgasm itself was handsfree.
The Trigger has been my favorite hands-free file, especially since I prefer video to pure audio tbqh.
IV's Succubus is not specifically an HFO file, but it's the only one that makes me actually cum.
I've tried multiple HFO files and never got there - I can't seem to relax as I have a high expectation of what the file will do to me.
Where can i find this file?
Any chance you could share that?
Someone on Reddit's r/gonewildaudio recently released a very good HFO track. It's extremely vanilla as far as sexual content goes, but if you wouldn't mind a nice long relaxing session with a blowjob I'm sure you'll like it. Only downside is that it's pretty long - over 75 min.

Free here h++ps://soundgasm.net/u/justtolisten/F4M-HFO-Slippery-by-Lurkinfortrouble-HFOhypnobinauralLet-me-take-care-of-youlisten-to-me-stroke-you-sexy-with-my-
I think I'd recommend annabelfatale from annabelfatale.com. I watched a number of her hypnoses, favourites include
The Intoxication
Submission toolbox part 1 and 2
Slavetraining Sleep loop (though never looped it), and
Love thy Goddess 3 aka. "Love thy Goddess"

I had the first real ejaculation from The Intoxication above (don't remember though if it happened on the first listen), but the real reason I'm recommending annabelfatale and those clips is, that something has changed in me: I now get a hard on the second I get hypnotised, becoming more aroused the more hypnotised.

At first it was a little distracting, the erection kept waking me from hypnosis, but now it's GREAT. Any decent hypno video is now an HFO, it's AWESOME!!

I am not sure how or in which video she planted that trigger, but I had the first "any hypnosis is gives an HFO" after one time I finished a watching of the Submissions Toolbox and was so horny I was melting.
Usually hate shorter files but this is just a little too long. I start to get cramps on my arm or legs.
Pretty much the best amateur file I've heard though.
work for me as well, damn she is so hot
i must be using the wrong search queries, I can't find it anywhere.

where did you find it?
from giga mate
do you have a copy of the file "Madam Violet - The Art of the Hands Free Orgasm 2"?
thank you, didn't work for me though since there is very little detailed description and a lot of "you feel very aroused"
Its easy, just look for some premature ejaculation hypnosis or just clips those can make you come hf
Can I get the Intoxication from someone ? I want to try it as well.

As well as Hypnotized Horny Orgasm Training
If anyone is into foot-fetishism, I highly recommend this file. It worked for me almost every time. (The one time it didn't was because I got interrupted by a phone call)

Isabella Valentine's Jackpot series almost worked for me.


Amazing HFO last night; beautiful voice - 25 minutes long.
This one gave me hfo yesterday:


But that was after I got premature ejaculations from the trainers by premie2016 which you can find on 8chan.

However, guys trust me once you accomplished this fantasy stop the shenanigans with hypno and porn it's not who you want to be it's like an addiction. And it will hurt what you want to accomplish is real life e.g. it will lower the amount of real sexual partners.
Do You have those Premie files by chance i have the ones on that thread are no longer working thanks
What kind of clips?
Mindsuck – by Ember (just google it)

It's a free, 45 min file and I HIGHLY recommend it. She states in the beginning that touching is optional, but she won't mention it again until the session is over, so it's mainly an HFO file.
You'll get a hyptnotic, teasing blowjob. I've listened to quite a few BJ audios, but this might be the best script I've heard so far.

Probably works great for beginners, since it's such a hot story, more focused on sex than hypnosis (also no triggers), once she finished induction.

Gave me HFO with ejaculation right on time, though I have to mention that I've been edging that evening before listening.
cool links thanks
the link to download on her site is messed up

Does a hands-free orgasm require altered breathing (a little in through the nose, a lot out through the mouth,) lowering oxygen levels in the body?

e.g. do you always feel pins and needles/sponginess all over your body after the HFO, or do you wake up normally?
Works fine for me?
it works because i posted a correct link and not the messed up one on her site?
Hm, when I downloaded it from the site it worked, I didn't check the second time. Seems to work now from the site.

I know it's the proverbial snowball's chance in Hell but, does anyone happen to have this file/recording saved someplace? Obviously since it's been 2 years or so since it was originally hosted/posted.

Consider your hell frozen.

only came hands free once, to belle in the wood's choice to cum inside a succubus
wow that was one of the most intense I've heard in a long time!
we need more sensual asmr in sessions
I leaked pre and spasmed from my first listen to Jackpot, came eventually. Exploded to Hotshot and Slippery Redux by justtolisten, and several times to various files by ShibbySays, namely HFO Fractionation.

Wish I could find them with working links…


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