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Open file (43.94 KB 900x900 1417478204884[1].jpg)
mrdaniels? Anonymous 12/02/2014 (Tue) 00:18:26 No. 17579

Anyone know if there's any more of him floating around?
He'll be back with a full website. He just scaled back for a bit, but he still posts one hypnosis study at a time.
there used to be a link to download a collection of the old flash files... if anyone knows of it that would make a gurl verrry happy
I have a few of the old files for you, if anyone has any more please do share.

Pass: newfapchan

thanks for posting this and other updates!
Since it's almost Christmas...

If anyone's looking for something specific just let me know

You don't get a warning message saying the study is no longer functional?
I also get the warning message and cannot view the study.
Is there perhaps a special method for opening the files or do they all have to be accessed from their original directory on his website unless cracked?
I could open some of his old "studies" offline by opening the swf-file with "mpc hc",
>>180336 >>18041
Using SWF&FLV player from eltima.com you start the file and when it say it's overdue right click and select "go to frame".Enter the actual frame number adding 2, if the frame is the 7 then enter 9
You can use any program that can go to a specific frame
Open file (30.82 KB 487x555 studies24-12-14.png)
oh my gosh! thank you soooo much!!!!
this changes everything!
I saved a couple of free studies before the site was scaled down... If you want any of these tell me. (pic related)
Blurred 2 free,m_thirst3, pink2 and spiral20 are missing here but other may like some more
I just uploaded all files i have. Sorry about the redundancy.
I hope he doesnt get angry... but again it is for his best, people have to study.
Thanks a lot!
Do any of his studies have an end? I have watched a lot of them a lot, they just kept going.
Most just seem to loop, but I have noticed that with the esp one the flashy brainwashy sections get longer as you keep going, which I love. I don't care for his voice but he has a way with some serious mind fucking via flash video.
Actually most seem to add things as they keep going. That's really the interesting part. I just watched almost two hours of red_owl_project2.swf and it still had a few new things.

I was just wondering if there's a natural end to them, since he keeps going "you can't leave"...
I couldn't take 'em. It seemed like every time a "study" would start to get interesting, it would go back to yet another countdown, making me actively hostile to the process (which is obviously not good for going under!). Also, you have no idea how much time to budget since there doesn't seem to be a clear end.
I found the MP3s he did were actually not to bad, they started to go downhill though once he got to the meat, then it all just became robo-bimbo rubbish.

Bunny Study 1 is probably his best work, and I've timed it at about 6 hours if you watch all the youtube links which sadly don't work in the flash anymore, you have to find them by decomplining the swfs.
Wow! How can anyone actually stay hypno-friendly for 1/4 of a day..

Without being catheterized, at least :-)
I've only been able to do the full 6 hours once, every other time I've skipped the youtube vids, brings it down to a more modest 4 hours when you don't watch those.

Bunny Study 2 and Bliss were only like 3 hour long files. Shame too because there's a lot of meat in there. Would love to see if he's got a file longer than BunnyStudy1.
thank you so very much
can you link the youtube videos if there are any functioning?
Would you mind uploading bunny study 2?
does anyone have the larger collection of audio files? and swfs...? it was posted here one time a while ago... just love all of his stuff. Thank you so much xo
giga link doesn't seem to work, just redirects to the giga main page.
Mega would be nice if anybody can reup there.
Just add Freya she's got it. I'd add it to Mega but its not working for me, keeps getting stuck at 70% when I upload.
Bunny 2
MDTG 1-11

If anyone has #12 or either vignette please post them. I'm also looking for -audio- files from his 2009/2010 site, maybe even from his yahoo blog.
in case anyone cares, i decompiled some of these ages ago and clip isn't expired, it simply checks for his domain name and if if doesn't match you get that message.
Maybe it's like that for older files, but in newer ones he's definitely calling stuff like getFullYear in the frame that does the check.

On that note, swfmill is pretty cool. Unless there are overly long MP3s in the file and it fails to rebuild it properly.
Sounds like you could maybe reset your system date to get around that. I remember I set up a little web server that thought it was his to play the ones that checked the serving host..
he's not that good. Just hit back twice and the video should play like normal.
if anyone could explain to me how to get the pink file to work? It hangs at 8 frames with a max of 9 so skipping frames doesn't work
Thank you all so very very much... xo
Learned adobe and edited 2 of his studys. Updating pictures and video more to my taste. Accidently formatted the harddrive and was unable to recover any of it. Thanks for the files ill try again.
his site is back up at h++p://www.mrdanielshypnosis.com/
can anyone confirm access to new material?
I watched one of these for two hours instead of sleeping like I should've been last night. Oops.
It appears to be down again. Not even a placeholder animation like before.
If you've got any of those edited files back, I'm sure we'd love to have them!
anyone know where mr Daniels is these days? his last study was about the construction of a new website. but he mentioned a release date of February 1st and the study went on for almost a month after that. now his website is brining up a host gator suspended page notice.

i am not sure if he moved his site to a new secret location, gave up on making files, or if the new website was just a new metaphor for a new mental partition.

i would not blame him if he shut his site down, he could probably save a ton of money on hosting by just throwing up his work on a torrent. after all, for all we know he might have started this thread himself just to watch who responds and visits.
mr. daneils hypnosis is still down, but it looks like he is still active. this has his hallmarks all over it, the styling is right, but it does not use his name anywhere.. perhaps dan is now dana?
No. That's a video someone made from decompiling the original .swf files and making new content out of them.
No other files available for this then? His site seems to have gone the way of the dodo
was good while it lasted I suppose.
there was so much very intense material on his website... it seems like such a waste if he just gave it all up. i am so thankful that some of you were able to post some of it.. thanks again
Hey all :), I was a huge fan of Mr. Daniel until his website went offline earlier this year. I just came across this thread but I'm a bit of a noob with computers and I don't know how to access any of the files you held onto if they're still up.

Can I access his old files via the links on this thread and if so how so?
not sure if true but some people is saying that he died.... I am iffy on that notion personally but anything is possible.
The mega DL links are down. Can anyone repost them?
Has anybody got the files jerseylicious and cheerleader I used to love watching them
I was wondering if anyone knows of a female hypnotist who uses the same sort of hypnosis as Mr Daniels does but aimed at men?
I was amazed by Mr Daniel's website: tried his quiax a few times where you had to choose what came next out of 4 things (can't remember now it has been a couple of years after all). I see Master Everything also has a brainwashing chair and even knew a gardening lady and plants seeds in your mind..

I can't get Mega to complete the download. It gets to2.32 gb and says "oops! Can't save file". Can someone break it into smaller chunks?
Nobody able to successfully download the 2+gb archive? Pooh. Well, here's this I found. h++p://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph572d1dfcc0c21
Can anyone download or extract the assests from h++p://hypnoslaves.ratedxhost.com/training.htm ? It looks golden
Here is the magnet link for a torrent of Mr. Daniel's "studies" and mp3s, including "castle" files:

Somebody, give a speed

keeps stalling for me

I neeeeeed this, i miss Mr Daniel so bad
Well, I've uploaded 300% -- that should be plenty for others to take over seeding, but I will turn my seeding back on..

Downloading now for one reason or another, thanks a ton!
any chance someone could seed the torrent... thanks giggles))))
OK seeding again..
h++p://www.pornhub.com/users/mrdanielshypnosis/videos access to 5 videos if your friendship request is accepted
after downloading the torrent mr daniels stuff reminds me if the most powerful thing out there was immersed in his files for 2 hrs going on 3, i think im going to study his files every day his trances are so powerful
this is the strongest hypno i have ever tried and i have been a sissy for like 8 years
Thanks all for posting this stuff! I was on a lot of these and most on Jerseylicious and I don't have any so kinda wild to hear these again!!
thank you so much for keeping this thread alive.. this gurl just loves mr daniel and likes to study... hard xoxo Jessica
thank you so much for keeping this thread alive.. this gurl just loves mr daniel and likes to study... hard xoxo Jessica
list of all the files and videos please including the flash files
can someone plz upload the mega file again. i was seeding the torrent forever... but it doesn't have all the great ones that were in the mega ... thanks kisses
yeah i have the torrent but it has many broken files. if some kind of script savvy anon would update s/he would be a legend tbqh
Open file (1.87 MB 414x553 maseh-3hy5q-d2b808.gif)
is there any chance the wonderful mega file is still around… it was around 2 gigs … can't find them anywhere and this gurl luvs mr daniels… xoxo
Open file (1.17 MB 600x450 aback1alt.gif)
Open file (718.90 KB 467x411 aback2alt.gif)
Does anyone know if these gifs are still available anywhere?


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