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Goddess Heidi files Anonymous 03/08/2014 (Sat) 17:16:12 No. 15724
Requesting Evil Shine from Goddess Heidi, or any file that anyone might have from her.
Anybody have White Devil by Goddess H3idi?
Also requesting Bl1nd3d by the SH1Ne!
Hey, looks like anonfiles isn't really working right now. Is it just me?
yes. anonfiles seems offline.
regarding the long offtime, could you please reup those files via depositfiles.com?
depositfiles is shit just use mega or mediafire
At least you can download with Depositfiles.
Bumping for Evil Shine upload
Bump for all the vids on D-Files!!! Pretty please...
"Bump for all the vids on D-Files!!! Pretty please..." I second this motion.
Anonfiles is up download download download!
Any chance for Blinded by the SHiNe?
Stroke it is the best
Ev!l Sh!ne appears to be about 10 MB short of what it should be and stops playing about a minute short. Anyone else getting this? Thanks for the uploads btw!

yes, file ends at ~7:15 instead of 7:39
Is anyone else having issues with these files? These are the last things I downloaded and my computer is acting very strangely.
I've downloaded and watched them all (repeatedly!). Except for the video mentioned they are fine. And that one's not so bad it's just a little cut off at the end.

Thanks you guys. I now have a findom fetish! I hope she keeps producing.
need more falling in love with her
anonfiles not working...
And can someone re-up the deposit files on a different site? deposit files fucking sucks
say, did she ever do one where she shows you her tits, or are all her videos just some sort of tease.
Don't get excited because it's still a major tease but in Guilty Con-science you get some partial nip shots throughout the video. Nothing major. Most of it is behind see-through bra material, but sometimes it's a bare view of about 70% of one nipple.

I think that's all you're gonna find.

Can you share Guilty Con-science, pls?
Guys, does anyone have Stroke It ?
bump. anonfiles is down. Can someone reupload these?
bumppppppppppp for Brst Pozess'd

I do
does anyone have boob zombie?
big ups for spektrofileac
Thank you!
Either I've done something horribly wrong or that boob trance video was filmed from a phone vertically
Is Goddess Heidi still active?
It's been about 2 years since a new video, unfortunately. Her twitter claimed to be working on a new video, but that was 7 months ago.
Damn. I just found her. She is very pretty and seductive. I would love to chat with her.
bump - ev!l sh!ne re-link, if there's anyone so kind?
please, if anyone has any of the broken links
or any more of her stuff please <3
bump for new links
bump for new links. come on I know you guys got some to share
bump please reup
bump for boob zombie
reup for the anonfiles plz????
reup for the anonfiles plz????
bump, any of her stuff please
Bump... Anyone?

here's a lot of her stuff. not all that's been requested, but enough to whet your appetite
Thanks for putting this out there, but how do I access it?
Anyone got any more vids?
Invite sent
Would anyone be willing to put the videos up on some sharing site other than giga now that it's not free anymore?

That'd be hugely appreciated!
At femdom cult you can find a lot of files from her!
Went here and can't find a place to register - says registration is disabled? What do?
please needs more heidi
anyone got more
Hey. Anyone can post evil shine, deepest breast and whichever other of her?!


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