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Open file (978.69 KB 500x500 sm-kissg-500x500.png)
Mistress Marisa Wicked Stepmom Anonymous 05/24/2016 (Tue) 17:07:28 No. 23696 [Reply]
Hey guys,

I see a lot of Wicked Stepmom on Giga, but none of the good stuff, like kiss goodnight. Was wondering if anyone has the whole collection of them?
Hi Ive got a few of stepmom files
what are you looking for ?
upload whatever you have please
I just read about the Wicked Stepmom files but am too late to find them anywhere. Is somebody willing to share ? Thanks !
Secret Lover
Kiss Goodnight

Mz Dominica Girls who never wear socks with sho 05/15/2016 (Sun) 22:11:03 No. 23642 [Reply]
First of all...this is NOT a thread asking for her files, as I have pretty much everything 'in the wild'.

I'm asking mainly what happened to her. About a year ago she took down her page but left a place holder saying she was going on sabbatical but will be back this year. Now, the page is gone completely. Anybody have any ideas? I mean, if anybody SHOULD disappear, it should be that arrogant trans-phobic Isabella Whalentine.
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>>25215 >>25208

Thanks Hypnofriends!

It seems she did some CEI content in her group but one on one. Only recorded file i found with anything CEI turned out to be "sissy spiral milking". Which is a bit outside of my interests.
Anyone have her full collection to share? I can't seem to find one anymore. Used to listen a lot back in the day.
Does anyone happen to have one of her files called "Woof" I think that was the name. It was quite a long time ago.
i´m still missing some of MzD´s files.
Would be happy if some one could make an upload.

A CUMSLAVE 5 Quickie
Blue Rose Love SPELL
Captured 3 (length 23+min, not 19:44)
Chat Play
Cigarette Smoking Cafe
Dance in a PINK Corset 3-Pack
Dancing in My PINK CORSET
Dominica vs Daizy
Feet Tease Video
Fem Command VID
Foot Worship 101
Hypnotic Blackmail
Hypnotic Homeschool
Knife-Point Trust & Obey
Leather Dress Diaries 1 - Feet Obsession VIDEO
Leather Dress Diaries 2 - Leg Obsession VIDEO
Leather Dress Diaries 3 - Cream Obsession VIDEO
Lesbian Hooker 4 - Girl Gang
Liquid Hypnosis VIDEO
Pain Relief 1
Pain Relief 2
Pain Relief 3
Pantie Boy Blackmail Contract & MP3
Putting on My BOOTS 3-Pack Pictures
Putting on My Shiny BOOTS Pictures
Realm Pt 9 - The Garden
Red Light, Green Light - Tease and Denial
Relaxation 1
RELEASE from MzDominica
Satin Glove Video 1
Satin Glove Video 2
Simulation Slave 1
Sissy Blackmail Contract & MP3
Smokin' Hot Dance in My RED CORSET
Smokin' Hot Dance RED Corset 3-Pack
Straight Guy Blackmail Contract & MP3
Subliminal Fixation Picture 4
Subliminal Fixation Picture 5
Subliminal Picture FLASH for WINDOWS
Sugar & Spice
Surrender to My Legs WIN
Sweet Feet VIDEO
Tax Time Animation WMV
The Cell 6
The Cell 9
Ultimate XTC4 Flash

Open file (25.32 KB 400x400 FRE006_400w.jpg)
Dark Freya Anonymous 03/26/2016 (Sat) 13:47:21 No. 23244 [Reply]
Anyone got some experiences with her trances? Can you recommend her?

I'm tempted to buy the maid file h++ps://hypno-erotic.com/slutty-maid/ but don't know if she's good.

P.S. If someone could upload something from her, i wouldn't complain either! And yes, i know it's not the request board.
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Can anybody share The Hunger if you have it?
Open file (36.83 KB 339x351 1404562530240.jpg)
bump - please upload if you have anything of hers, she's fucking great!
What do you like about her?
Is there Feminine Mind anywhere? Looks like her best stufd

Open file (342.84 KB 720x900 1405744784694.jpg)
hypno to stop erections Anonymous 08/25/2015 (Tue) 17:22:48 No. 21498 [Reply]
do you guys know of any hypno that could prevent me from getting an erection?

That effect would sort of be the ultimate in sissification, only being able to get pleasure from cock, that'd be really interesting.

Picture more or less unrelated
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that would be a perfect file
Isn't that the description of every Miss Julie and Goddess Gracie file?
Never heard of Miss Julie before
Any links? Please.
Miss Julie = MsJ

Open file (253.20 KB 600x600 resistanceicon.jpg)
Kasha Shakti 2 Anonymous 01/28/2015 (Wed) 02:11:14 No. 18659 [Reply]
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Any chance of a reup?
Is there a reliable torrent for kasha anymore?
does anyboy have L0ve Subl1min4l?
Can anyone share adv4nc3d 5urr3nd3r?
I want to download that "minipack" of 5.5GB which contains pretty much what has not available anymore, all the spoils, all the double versions and different endings.

I will reupload it somewhere safe if I manage to put my hands on it, but my hopes aren't high.


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