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Open file (737.81 KB 1942x1562 1525837151075.jpg)
Hypnonymous 08/24/2018 (Fri) 06:26:33 No. 25584 [Reply]
Is there a hypno series/file/whatever that can make you gay or provoke gender dysphoria (give you thoughts about transitioning)? Overtime, it can re-wire your brain or mind break you? What are the strongest ones?
sounds like you're gay already.. just too chicken shit to admit it
I think most effective hypnos are basically "if you didn't want to transition you wouldn't be listening to this file which explicitly aims to make you a woman"

Most important thing is exploring it in a healthy, non-destructive way. By which I mean, cutting out bigots and toxic people out your life, learning about internalized transphobia, and gaining a network of supportive friends, especially other trans people.

You might not be binary either, there's a whole spectrum we're told we're not allowed to explore, which is why you're seeking a way to be forced to explore your gender.
this. cis guys don't want something that will make them want to look and be seen as a woman. also, OP, you don't want gender dysphoria unless depression and suicidality sounds like a party to you, trust me on that m80

Open file (120.66 KB 800x1200 h-4-2494009-1305306044.jpg)
trance.exe ohgodhowdidthis 02/19/2015 (Thu) 01:43:40 No. 18976 [Reply]
RIST / brainwashing / flashing images + text program I'm working on. Please try it, it's super intense

> latest version will always be here: h++ps://github.com/ohgodhowdidthis/trance/releases

there was a thread already; I made a new thread just so I can put a more useful link in the OP which I can update rather than one that's obsolete. Sorry about that, hope it's OK
FYI, the old thread is here

> updates since the last time I posted:
- animated gif support. Throw them in, and they'll be mixed in in various ways
- oculus rift support. Set your rift to extended desktop (no direct HMD until they support it under OpenGL, sorry) and just run the program as usual. (Holy shit this owns)
- tweaks to the various styles to make them a bit more relaxing and work nicely in rift

> planned updates:
- webm support. I know you guys want this, loading gifs is a good stepping stone (webm is a bit more complicated though)
- a nice GUI that lets you change settings more easily and set up "playlists". The idea is you'd be able to time it out to an audio file so that certain themes/sets of images/text accompany certain parts of the audio
- shout if you have any other feedback

> instructions:
- unzip into a folder (say X:\trance)
- in that directory put images, animations and text files containing messages each on their own line
- if you create subfolders under that folder, those images/text/animations will be shown together so you can create themes. For example, you could have:
if you use subdirectories, anything in the root directory (X:\trance in this example) can show up at any time
- run trance.exe, enjoy. It will procedurally switch between the various themes and do nice random patterns
- supported formats are: .txt (lines of text); .gif (animations); .png .bmp .jpg/.jpeg (still images)

> troubleshooting:
- !!! you need "Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013" h++p://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=40784 (for now x86 version even if you have a 64-bit system! 64-bit version coming soon)
- some settings in settings.cfg file (hand edit for now, will be a GUI later) especially to tweak RAM/VRAM usage
- otherwise, it should work on XP and newer, shout if you have trouble
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excited for standalone VR?
Open file (76.85 KB 720x537 tough place.jpg)
I would love to get rid of the DNP, or at least lessen it to an extent. Hopefully that can be done eventually.
"so for anyone who misses this here's a pastebin link to a bunch of files other people made"


Could somebody explain the format of these text files, ie the "set blink group delay", "set blink duration" etc. Following the instructions posted they end up in the text box and show up on screen, which can't be right.
Two questions:

How exactly do I get the playlist working? I tried a few things with it but I don't understand how it works.

What are variables and how do I use them?
[cries in dead project]

Open file (31.29 KB 600x338 Titfucking Mommy.jpg)
http://www.eroclips.org Hypnonymous 09/10/2018 (Mon) 08:37:31 No. 25591 [Reply]
tp://www.eroclips.org is porn tube website with big amount of Femdom POV videos (including hypnosis fetishism) and website is absolutely free to use.

Samantha Bandler Anonymous 05/14/2017 (Sun) 16:40:30 No. 25050 [Reply]
I know nothing about her except that some consider her to be really effective. Can any one with experience comment on her files?
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post saMANtha Bandlers real identity and info again
You all know "she" is a he right? It's the "Neospeech Julie" text-to-speech heavily edited...
Everyone's aware m8

I'm not fapping to the dude I'm fapping to the "character". Dudes write half the domme's scripts anyways, this isn't really any different to me.
Indeed. "Same" wording, "same" style ;)

Open file (32.43 KB 300x300 300x300.jpg)
Hypnotic Leigha Anonymous 08/18/2017 (Fri) 16:05:45 No. 25384 [Reply]
I've recently rediscovered some hypnosis files by Leigha of hypnoticdesires.com or hypnoticleigha.com (I believe).

A search yields pages that list a host of files

Sucking You Empty
Arousal and Control by Leigha
Hand Job
Basic Induction1
Black Heels
Writing Assignment
Basic Induction NF
Resisting Arousal

Wish List
Submit Deeply Forever
Absolute Obedience 01
Submit Deeply
Leigha's World
Deeper Slave
Order MY MP3s
Bring Me To Life
Complete Cock Control
Empty (Going Down)
Less of you
Day After Tomorrow
Queen Leigha >> Audio Files: Group 3 Love Potion
Queen Leigha >> Audio Files: Group 3 My Benefactor

The first set was at some point available in a torrent and are in my collection, the second part is what I'm missing. Anyone have the lying around
Open file (5.97 MB 6016x4000 _DSC0277.jpg)
you mind sharing your collection?
could anybody upload, she retired and made a deep cleaning? thank you so much
Leigha has taken down her website and I've searched the entire internet for her files. The torrent doesn't work anymore, is it possible for you to upload whatever files you have of hers?

german stuff theasd 08/22/2017 (Tue) 05:57:48 No. 25390 [Reply]
is there some new german stuff ?
Is there old german stuff???
There was once… Till DNP…
If there is any place for changing German stuff, please sent me a mail with infos to


thanks :)
..is there anybody who is willing to share some new files of L@dy T@ra, such as nylon obsession, ore any similar stuff?

Hypnonymous 08/09/2018 (Thu) 21:52:00 No. 25580 [Reply]
anyone have any mistress stella hypno files?

Strongest Sissy Videos/Files? Anonymous 10/10/2017 (Tue) 20:03:46 No. 25450 [Reply]
Wanting to get more in to sissy stuff. What are some of the strongest videos and files recommended? And would anyone be willing to share if they have anything?
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Didn't rate it but I think I found it:
Sorry, tried that one too, but it always plays a wrong video. like the preview is the right one and lenght too, but it always switches to another one
I think the strongest one is diagnosis sissy from MSJ and ms clarissa.
Really really stong file even more than cure or curse from the same MSJ.

Also, erotic memory from allison in love is very strgong.

But i dont really like loops and stuff like that, this 3 files i said have stories.
a lot of good vids in this playlist
Open file (4.31 MB 1280x720 Hypnocypher.webm)
He makes some quality videos

M15tr3$5 4m3th1$t Hypnonymous 08/03/2018 (Fri) 23:57:56 No. 25575 [Reply]
Does anybody have any of her files to share? No bimbo/sissy stuff, or the 3rup710n files, which can be found on 8ch?
Open file (14.37 KB 216x290 thumbsup man.jpg)
>looks at the DNP list

Nope, don't see this one here. You know the drill~

Sisterhood of Light Body Modification Meditation Aires Nyx 06/20/2018 (Wed) 06:38:00 No. 25549 [Reply]
Welcome People,

The Sisterhood of Light brings you a new Meditation in order to stabilize yourself and find peace within your light bodies. We want you to know that it is very possible to change the human body into any form that the soul wishes. Each one of you is a creative spirit. As you believe, so shall it be. Focus on positive thoughts during these important times of spiritual growth. Focus on feeling your connection with the highest intelligence and love in the universe as often as possible, to raise your own vibration into that of unconditional love!


The Body Modification Meditation focuses on bringing you a very Feminine Information Download into your field. You need not do much in order to set cellular transformation processes into motion. Daily Repetition is helpful, but not necessary.

Please remove all restrictive clothing and any metal jewelry from your auric field in order to maximize the energetic exchange rate.

We wish you all the very best in your personal processes. May peace and Love shine bright in your life, and may you all find your way of self-expression and living your highest dreams.

Love & Light forever.
Awww I'm sad that I couldn't download this file soon enough... didn't monitor this place often...
I loved the files and concepts of the sisterhood of light, and i'd even love it there was a tumblr or site or whatever to read more of your teachings :)
Great job!
would love to be part of a religion of feminization
Can anyone reupload the file?

Male feminization Anonymous 05/15/2017 (Mon) 05:13:29 No. 25059 [Reply]
I'm in a bit of an odd place right know. My girlfriend wants to feminize me.
I can honestly say I find it alluring, if it's all play with no lasting effects, but it may not be. Then of course i think that it doesn't really matter on way or another because if it's only play it's fun and if it's not and it truly changes me then I would be ok with it because I would want the changes and feel ok with them (Right?).
It would be great to learn form people with experience in this. I'm very interested in hearing from both sides, those who want to feminize others and those who want to be feminized.
Any discussion or opinion is welcomed and appreciated.
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I feel like the exceptions to "hypnosis can't make you do anything you don't want to do", fall under "it's entirely possible to be an abusive relationship with a manipulator/gaslighter".

Like, there's plenty of ways to manipulate you into doing stuff in an abusive relationship, and hypnosis is easily the most difficult method. I don't think hypnosis would even work remotely well if you didn't at least 95% trust the person doing the hypnosis and/or your ability to reject bad suggestions.

An abusive person has much better ways of manipulation than hypnosis, which mostly just yourself doing thing to your brain willingly. You can do a lot of stuff with hypnosis, like setting up your own traps and surprises for times when you've forgotten something, or are in a different state of mind, but it's still you doing it at the end of the day.

So yeah, unless your girlfriend is Putin and she has you in a cage a mile below sea level, you're probably going to be fine. Communication is the key.

That said, hypnosis is super intimate, you're both exploring your brain together. As with any relationship, hypnosis or not, you'll both share a lot of experiences and come to see things from each others points of view. This might be a problem if the love is one sided?

It's entirely possible for someone to convince you of something you wouldn't have believed before, just like it's possible for you to see the other person's point in a debate.

I'm sure the submissive element probably comes into play too, but it's hard to tell how much each element effects what. There's not really that much scientific research on hypnosis, let alone erotic hypnosis, let alone niche bdsm hypnosis.

No one here really knows anything for certain, so keep us posted and don't be afraid to share theories and opinions. It could be that I'm completely wrong, but this is all my best guess based off being in erotic hypnosis communities since I was like 12 and reading experiences and articles and shit.

I mean, yeah, I doubt his GF is going to take advantage of it; like you said, there are easier ways.

But don't think it can't change your way of thinking over time, and it can be led.
Sure, but that's also called being in any healthy relationship. It's sorta the whole point of how people interact and share ideas.
I started out with some emperor hypnosis vids shared on this site, but what really got me into it were the dsp hypnos. I'd recommend browsing and watching videos that interest you. Watching/listening to hypno is a huge sensory immersion that is incredibly powerful and stimulating. h++ps://wwwpornhubcom/playlist/63643482
I know your post is over a year old, but still:

I'm so jealous. I'd love for my girlfriend to help feminize me, and even help me transition. But I don't think she'd support me. I guess it'd be better to tell her and risk losing her instead of having to hide part of my sexuality/identity. Anyway, for you, just go ahead and experiment, you already know that your amazing gf is supportive and will accept you. If you do discover something new about yourself, that's great.

Open file (127.98 KB 325x323 ay.png)
Hypnonymous 07/07/2018 (Sat) 22:23:07 No. 25558 [Reply]
Is there any gay hypnosis files out there with a female voice that are actually good? Like I'm not into the sissy shit about being a girl and talking about my pussy but I want to be a submissive slut all the same.

I can't seem to find any
Why would you want a female-voice for gay slut hypno? Serious question. You identify as a guy and are having sex with guys, and you don't want to be an actual girl nor even sissified; so femininity has nothing to do with what you want.

Open file (1.51 MB 356x400 see.gif)
Anonymous 10/26/2016 (Wed) 15:32:28 No. 24237 [Reply]
How does this make you feel?
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can you share the other gifs aswell?
makes me want to smile
Care to share the other gifs?
Yeah I would really like to see what this is about.
Open file (1.46 MB 1780x2800 ezgif-1-9ee5c142e2[1].png)
Here's the framesheet. Doesn't really help solve the mystery. Any thoughts?

Open file (444.66 KB 400x400 bigboobgif01.gif)
TF Games.... Hypnonymous 07/12/2018 (Thu) 11:34:55 No. 25561 [Reply]
This one is a work in progress, but a must play for the hypno crowd


Open file (5.37 KB 300x168 images.jpg)
Hypnonymous 07/08/2018 (Sun) 00:42:06 No. 25559 [Reply]
femdomcult now open for registrations
im very interested in joining a cult actually and would happily join a femdom one.

Amnesia files Hypnonymous 06/08/2018 (Fri) 00:52:20 No. 25548 [Reply]
Can anyone suggest some files that focus on amnesia? I have tried esuccubuses brain drain (works morderatly well) and the mind mistress CD for amnesia (less so unfortunately). What other hypnotists are out there that have files related to forgetting?

21 Day Challenge Hypnonymous 05/27/2018 (Sun) 22:39:14 No. 25542 [Reply]
An experiment in interactive self-hypnosis, hope you like it:

The link doesn't show any entry for me. Tried it with Firefox and Vivaldi.
Open file (30.70 KB 499x333 computer is missing.jpg)
We used to filter http into h++p on /hypno/ to limit the amount of sites that referenced what was once newfapchan to cut down on DMCA notices.

After following the proper link I also found nothing there, which is odd for a post a week old. This must be a copypaste of an old link.

Magnet Link:

As a little backstory: this was removed from tfgamessite due to its size (and because it's not really a game).

Hands Free O Tracks that Produced Real Ejaculation Anonymous 12/21/2015 (Mon) 07:53:48 No. 22640 [Reply]
This is targeted at dudes/bros/folks with penises (no offense girls).

Please only post tracks that have actually made you EJACULATE hands free. Not in your mind, for realsies.

I have never actually gotten there, but have been regularly listening to Jackpot 2 because it feels amazing even if I don't cum and has gotten me close to ejaculating many times.
38 posts omitted.
Consider your hell frozen.

only came hands free once, to belle in the wood's choice to cum inside a succubus
wow that was one of the most intense I've heard in a long time!
we need more sensual asmr in sessions
I leaked pre and spasmed from my first listen to Jackpot, came eventually. Exploded to Hotshot and Slippery Redux by justtolisten, and several times to various files by ShibbySays, namely HFO Fractionation.

Wish I could find them with working links…

These are pretty good, but I was wondering if you had anymore?
we need more of this kind of stuff around
waaaay too much sissy shit flooding this place
Open file (1.12 MB 450x630 gifbook2.gif)
Open file (2.30 MB 600x800 DomHypno@.gif)
Open file (3.74 MB 800x534 DominantHypno1.gif)
100% verfied :)

Open file (43.94 KB 900x900 1417478204884[1].jpg)
mrdaniels? Anonymous 12/02/2014 (Tue) 00:18:26 No. 17579 [Reply]

Anyone know if there's any more of him floating around?
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thank you so much for keeping this thread alive.. this gurl just loves mr daniel and likes to study... hard xoxo Jessica
list of all the files and videos please including the flash files
can someone plz upload the mega file again. i was seeding the torrent forever... but it doesn't have all the great ones that were in the mega ... thanks kisses
yeah i have the torrent but it has many broken files. if some kind of script savvy anon would update s/he would be a legend tbqh
Open file (1.87 MB 414x553 maseh-3hy5q-d2b808.gif)
is there any chance the wonderful mega file is still around… it was around 2 gigs … can't find them anywhere and this gurl luvs mr daniels… xoxo


no cookies?