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Anonymous 10/16/2017 (Mon) 20:24:18 No. 25459 [Reply]
can we have a serious discussion about why this place is so dead?

did the mods kill it with the DNP? 8chan? some discord server i don't know about?
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As to contributing, I have noticed that both /girly/ and /hypno/ became more active lately, however reaching new users can be hard. To be honest I don't even remember how I found this place in the first place.
moving to new hosting would be a good event to springboard this place back to activity

i browse here (obviously) but i check it less and less as there's not much activity

i proposed remerging /girly/ and here to boost the level of activity in both

i think most people who ended up here came from the old hypnochan and ODP (ahh memories...)

i also don't see why rholling threads are so bad - they keep people coming back - maybe with the new forum software you could keep it stickied or easily hideable or something
Open file (127.76 KB 636x849 135491674623.jpg)

I have a robust collection of equipment at home and originally planned to host NFC here, I have more Xeons than I know what to do with.

I will admit I am not up to speed on what hosts allow what but I am open to new options. I aim to preserve everything I can here at NFC.

Suggestions or questions can always be brought to discord too - I invite community discussion.

NFC now has discord @


new software's looking good!

Shelle River Anonymous 10/22/2017 (Sun) 06:35:08 No. 25471 [Reply]
I found that there was no page about her.(it used to)
Her new sessions on her website look very attractive.


Does anyone have her latest sessions ?Please be kind to share it, Or talk about the feelings after listening to it.
Shelle Rivers is on the DNP List. Discussion is fine but take the sharing elsewhere.

On that note we are looking int alternatives for hosting so hopefully that list will disappear soon...

Open file (560.99 KB 667x1000 Rdomme.jpg)
Russian Hypnodomme Russian Hypno 10/19/2017 (Thu) 00:48:40 No. 25465 [Reply]
Open file (79.78 KB 600x505 scot knux.jpg)
Oh my. this is really powerful. help

Open file (415.31 KB 1024x579 12.png)
Celebrity Hypnosis HypSlave 09/08/2017 (Fri) 06:18:16 No. 25411 [Reply]
i found a new channel for hypnosis, it has many videos, related to many fetishes, i though it would a shit like others, but turned out to be affecting me in a way or another, specially the trigger when you see a woman breast in public,
you can check it and tell your experience


specially those videos
if felt really obedient

for a reason i loved to be humiliated

and this one

Open file (32.43 KB 300x300 300x300.jpg)
Hypnotic Leigha Anonymous 08/18/2017 (Fri) 16:05:45 No. 25384 [Reply]
I've recently rediscovered some hypnosis files by Leigha of hypnoticdesires.com or hypnoticleigha.com (I believe).

A search yields pages that list a host of files

Sucking You Empty
Arousal and Control by Leigha
Hand Job
Basic Induction1
Black Heels
Writing Assignment
Basic Induction NF
Resisting Arousal

Wish List
Submit Deeply Forever
Absolute Obedience 01
Submit Deeply
Leigha's World
Deeper Slave
Order MY MP3s
Bring Me To Life
Complete Cock Control
Empty (Going Down)
Less of you
Day After Tomorrow
Queen Leigha >> Audio Files: Group 3 Love Potion
Queen Leigha >> Audio Files: Group 3 My Benefactor

The first set was at some point available in a torrent and are in my collection, the second part is what I'm missing. Anyone have the lying around
Open file (5.97 MB 6016x4000 _DSC0277.jpg)
you mind sharing your collection?

Getting started without getting lost Anonymous 08/13/2017 (Sun) 20:12:41 No. 25375 [Reply]
So after years of being aware this fetish existed and shooting ungodly ammounts of load over roleplay videos, I figured I'd give the real deal a go. However, having read quite a bit over the years, I'm all too aware of the dangers incorporated, so a couple lines of advice would be very very VERY welcome.

1. Since a ton of the stuff that's online contains mean stuff such as permanent changes, triggers, money slavery, impotence, sissyfication and whatnot (no judgement if that's what you're into, but it'd be most unwelcome for me), and some files even seem to be edited to strip out the "release" of the trance... is there ANY way to be sure you're not ruining your (sex) life by listening to any of that stuff? Which stuff can be trusted; and (how) can I check the files beforehand for mean stuff? I've read about stuff being spliced across the audio channels and being super subliminal, so... paranoia levels are kinda high here.

2. Do files such as universal trigger removal / clean hypnosis files really suffice in case you catch something nasty? If so, are there any that you can recommend to clean up the mess in case stuff goes wrong?

3. Just a practical question... I figured I'd have somebody else nearby when first trying this (it's a person I have had sex with and they'd be in the know, so it's not like they'd be weirded out by my moaning or whatever) in case anything goes haywire, so that they could get me out of trouble... just, how so? Would just removing headphones and getting me to listen to a clean hypnosis be the best way, or would disturbing the trance actually cause more damage? (Sorry if this is poorly worded, I'm not really an expert on the technical terms here)

Look into the file producer before you pick up the files. It wouldn't help you that much if you like a tist, but it turned out most of their stuff was financial domination. There are a few that tend to have some free works up first that'll let you get a good taste of a person's work first.

In the works of the stuff I've looked into they usually tag what is in a file or tell you in the description. Tends to help people get their bearings and decide if they like a tist when they're getting into the person's work, so it wouldn't do for a file that says it's a relaxation file to surprise a person because it's also supposed to you convince you to turn over your paycheck. So normally they're pretty good about labeling things, so they don't get problems or complaints from a file containing significantly more extreme stuff than advertised.

I've seen files that are supposed to do that around, but I won't speak to their quality as I generally avoid stuff that would require them. Though it should take you more than one listen of a file to get you from say not wanting to be being into sissyfication to full on sissy slut or whatever. Most of the time just don't deal with the file or a trigger for a while and that normally helps get some of the stuff out of your system if you found something starting to get a bit detrimental.

There isn't really a problem with disturbing a trance early. Really I'd suggest starting with something basic and lightly sexual before going into stuff you're concerned about. Never really considered using a spotter when trying to trance before, so don't know on the necessity there. Plus not really seeing it as practical.
pernament changes doesnt really work, it's all about hypno during audio file, chill
More realistic ones def work
you've got to ask yourself how strong is your will. if I where to play a random hypno recording, chances are I might run into an idea I wouldn't agree with. funny thing is that can kind of work as a reverse trigger and remove you further from the trance because it caused you to lose trust with the hypnotist. unless you can trust your hypnotist and syncronize your wills together the hypnotism won't work.

Cheating Roleplay Hypnosis Anonymous 08/06/2017 (Sun) 19:34:59 No. 25362 [Reply]
I am fan of netorare. Is there a hypnosis where I can get to roleplay as a girlfriend and the hypnotist is trying to make me unfaithful and cheat on my boyfriend?

Picture Related.
Another Example

Goddess Athalia files aweffewa 07/31/2017 (Mon) 21:04:44 No. 25354 [Reply]
Anyone got anything of Goddess Athalia?

Looking for "Triggered without Mercy" in particular.

Thanks in advance.
2nd this request

Open file (26.86 KB 320x240 5_3636714.jpg)
white cis male microagressive scum Anonymous 07/27/2017 (Thu) 15:23:44 No. 25330 [Reply]
What are the best "pro men" hypnosis sessions? Cock growth, arousal increase, erection enhancement, etc.
check out Jack Drogo's files on warpmymind
i'd prefer a female voice :3
Nikki Fatale made several files dedicated to erection control and confident seduction.
Yea, these are great, thanks. Anyone other than Nikki?

First time again? Anonymous 07/26/2017 (Wed) 21:22:36 No. 25329 [Reply]
If you could go back and experience any one hypnodom for the first time all over again, who would you pick?
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hypnocondria from vola Hypno room is that you?
i am hypnocondria ... some one was pretending to be me !!!
i have to admit
it would be Mistress Mona
she's so hot
Alexandra Snow btw

Zenova request Anonymous 07/15/2017 (Sat) 18:39:28 No. 25307 [Reply]
I've been trying to find more zenova clips. giga hasn't been working out all that much. anyone willing to share?

Gooninator Show Exchange Aires 07/11/2017 (Tue) 00:03:33 No. 25295 [Reply]
Hey People,

It's fun to exchange Gooninator Shows!

Post your creations here.

get on at gooninator2.neocities.org/

find your favourite sexy tumblrs and make some energy stirring captions at hastebin.com

To start off, here is a quite vanilla and positive one that is helping to ignite this thread with loving vibrations!


Cheers, happy creating
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Whenever I try to put in Tumblrs that aren't in there by default (ideas tab) I just get stuck at the loading bar.
just put the name of the tumblr, not the whole url.

i.e. if the url is h++ps://superfinepussy.tumblr.com just put superfinepussy inside the url space
Dude, this one is fucking GOLD.
the hastebin seems to have died? the 'hastebin ideas' don't work for me either. any way to get them back?
x2 text is broken. pls fix

Open file (1.39 MB 1275x1650 sm.png)
Incontinence hypnosis nekoshi 07/09/2017 (Sun) 02:20:45 No. 25289 [Reply]
What would be your most highly recommended hypnosis files for incontinence? I feel like playing with my brain in a way that will take me to experience some tangible repercussions.
stj has one called baby play time i have it if cant find it .. other then that the only thing thst has worked for me was mind mistress spy baby series back in the day .. those files had me buying diapers and peeing in them 24/7 for like 3 months .. would live to find them again
Who's the artist that made that image? I remember know at one time....
The name was next to her head in the image.
kek, I was looking at her head ;)

go to /abdl/ on 8ch
they have a complete thread on hypno with tons of stuff

Open file (188.00 KB 1504x1128 3 (1).jpg)
looking for mistress stella content Anonymous 06/29/2017 (Thu) 20:28:36 No. 25271 [Reply]
hi everyone! i was wondering if anyone had any of the patreon-files from mistress stella (mistress stella's bedroom series,) and also her newest hypno loop #10 (sissy cuckold)
So am I
Same, its not on DNP so its fair game

Open file (16.25 KB 504x360 Holy-Anvil.jpg)
HypnoCraig 06/23/2017 (Fri) 01:15:05 No. 25247 [Reply]
Anyone got anything from Goddess Athalia?
never heard of her

Open file (10.04 KB 236x177 spassti.jpg)
Emma Evans / Trance Emma Evans / Trance 06/18/2017 (Sun) 14:03:47 No. 25236 [Reply]
Hello am looking for files of Emma Evans / Trance
Especially this tow fiels


Sassy's Hypnobabble Anonymous 06/10/2017 (Sat) 09:07:01 No. 25210 [Reply]
Heya. Awhile back, there was a zip file of some short hypno loops made by someone named sassy, in collaboration with her master I think. It had files such as 'mindmelter', 'stroking for sassy', 'yay i'm a slut' etc. I was wondering if anyone had this small collection anymore? I've looked all around but couldn't find it. If anyone shares it'd be awesome. Thanks!
Not what I was looking for, altho it is good stuff. Thanks anyway. :)
Exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much!!!!!!!
h++ps://volafile.org/r/c9tufby8 Don't share link don't bump thread don't post anything outside thread regarding files just download what you want. Enjoy!

Open file (61.06 KB 800x800 IMG-20170525-WA0016.jpg)
ANY SERIES WORSHIP poet 06/07/2017 (Wed) 09:17:55 No. 25200 [Reply]
Like alex snow's 5 trance videos (impending trigger,....)

Or madam violet's 10 stations of servitude, becum series, 5 days of cock worship..

So, I require, any goddess's, series of worship files..

Can anyone share here?

And, apart from that, why are these forums so silent these days?? Where can i get an active area to talk about these fetishes?
There single files as well as series but the best files depend on the creator h++ps://volafile.org/r/cerchzw0
looking for more stuff like this
thats blocked now, give me the link to the new one asap

Open file (5.91 KB 300x168 descarga.jpg)
Looking for a 'pee like a dog' kind of file Darma 06/06/2017 (Tue) 13:20:44 No. 25197 [Reply]
I'm looking for the pee like a dog curse of Loka, but I would like to know if there's something similar to that by other dommes. Any upload (on this topic) is welcomed!!
Any other pee curse file is ok too, but I'm mostly looking towards that one ;)
Someone plz upload. It seems to be deleted from wmm

Who's the most effective in bending your will? December 05/21/2017 (Sun) 11:01:36 No. 25124 [Reply]

Alexendra snow, nikki fatale, madam violet, Penelope silke.

Will be starting this fetish they provide.
I am willing to buy all the clips of that domme, who ever is the best to seduce and break me.
Nikki is very good. I would also recommend Charlotte Gray - very skilled, high production value, and most of her stuff is free.
I've been working with Penelope Silke. I HIGHLY recommend Her if you're serious about a long-term Goddess. Check out Her page to make sure that Her interests align with yours.
Nikki is a fantastic hypnotist. If you want to feel like you've lost control though, I personally recommend Samantha Sez/Samantha Bandler. Just be warned that she's not forthcoming about what's in all her files, and her stuff is pretty expensive.


no cookies?