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I don't post enough.
Let's do something about that.

Hypnosis manga inbound!
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That was beautiful. Thank you so much, anon!


You're welcome.

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Since Hurp did more poking in my direction and there's quite a bit of demand, here's the non-hypnosis spin-off thread for the one I made on /hypno/.

In short, if it contains Japanese voice audio and no video, it goes here. Unless it's a hypnosis (催眠) recording, in which case it goes here: http://www.newfapchan.org/hypno/res/965.html

Here's some relevant information from the other thread:

I don't know Japanese. What now?
That will admittedly impair your enjoyment of these files a bit, but a bunch of people still enjoy listening without understanding much. Just give it a try. If you are learning, you can even use these files for practice! Some include written scripts too.

What are those RJ123456 numbers?
Those are DLsite IDs. You can quickly find the website describing the given file by adding it to the end of one of these addresses and putting ".html" after it. If you replace RJ with RE, you'll get the English version of the page. In the absence of an ID, googling for the file's name and circle name will usually turn up the source with a description.
http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/ ← Add ID.html here.


Some useful terms

同人音声 doujin recording (not all of these are hypnosis, but hypnosis is usually this)
催眠 hypnosis, this stuff goes in the thread on /hypno/
連続絶頂 multiple orgasms
女体化 female body transformation
触手 tentacles
安眠 sleep helper
調教 training/breaking in
オナニー masturbation
足コキ foot job
淫語 dirty talk
言葉責め verbal abuse
ダウンロード download
声優 voice actor/actress
女性声 female voice
男性声 male voice
男性向け/男性用 for men
女性向け/女性用 for women

Voice actresses

A short, completely incomprehensive list of prolific voice actresses. NamesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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is there dead?




does anyone have these? anything’s ok. thanks

Circle: 防鯖潤滑剤

Circle: 夢創 ~MUSOU~
This one is within a long series, currently there's 29. I’m asking for the entire series, but anything’s ok

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This thread is for all your finest elven maidens, hard or softcore. I'm guessing this is a tame enough fetish that it can go here rather than on Alternative, correct me if I'm wrong.

A Zelda is fine too, "they're not really elves" arguments notwithstanding.
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Video Game, Anime, etc.
Let the games begin.
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look what's on its way
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