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Guro Fic Anonymous 10/03/2014 (Fri) 10:13:24 No. 3146
Hey, all. I didn't see a LIT or ELIT board on this site, but I thought I might post some of my guro work and edits. If this is the wrong place to be post, please don't hesitate to let me know.
edit from a rare, recently-uncovered sequel to this:

Susan had many regrets, especially after the harrowing bike-ride through town ... being followed by horny dogs every bit of the way. The sexy, curvy 24-year-old mommy was leg-humped at stop-signs and stoplights, then finally pushed off her bike at Grand and Essex where she was mounted, head and tail, before a huge crowd very near her church. All of the people in her life admired her as she took a raping; she had the smooth, ample curves of Kaley Cuoco or Amanda Seyfried.

She served a pack of panting dogs in a sea of familiar people; undoing what had been done was not an option. Too many of her church people saw how she got when a dog gained entry. They watched her gang-rape slowly transform into an eager party-girl mutt-slut serving all customers with a smile on her face. After seeing her in action, most believed she wrote the sign on her own back, and did so because she thought dogs could read.

Coming home was tough; unbearably tough. The pretty mommy was nude on a bicycle, covered in filth and wearing a vulgar sign: "I FUCK DOGS"; the last thing she wanted was to be met outside by her husband and two sons.

Tough. They were washing the car when she and her entourage of dogs and mobile lookie-loos arrived. Bill, her husband, dropped the hose. Her stepson John, seventeen, nearly shit. Benny, her eldest at 10, cackled with glee.

Lovely, elegant Susan coasted past as though they weren't there; she left the bike while it was still in motion, and ran to the front door with her video tape clutched to hide her heaving bare bosoms. Her guys read her sign. With all the fuck oozing from her lower openings, and with the hounds on her heels, a sign wasn't necessary. Bill picked up the hose and ran the dogs off; then made the honking, laughing, jeering motorcade move along or get wet.

John and Benny followed their nude mommy into the house and found her curled in a fetal tuck, sitting on a dining room chair with the sisters all around her looking like they'd seen the ghost of a slut. The girls tried to soothe their sobbing, remorseful mommy with rubbing pats on the back, but Susan seemed inconsolable.

Judy, the oldest girl at eight (almost nine), knelt and placed a reassuring, comforting hand on her mother's thigh and got her fingers wet with mutt-fuck. She made a yuck face and wiped the crap on her jeans. Five-year-old Jennifer got mutt-fuck on her hand when she stroked her mom's hair. She looked it over, took a sniff, then wiped it back in her mother's hair.

Lovely little seven-year-old Adrian was too shocked to do anything but stare. The boys were trying to see their mother's tits and pussy, but Susan's fetal huddle made that difficult. They settled for gawking at all the rare snow-white flesh they'd never seen before.

Bill entered and marched right over. On seeing how distraught his wife was, he calmed himself and said, "Susan, dear, what is this all about?"

Susan, without looking up, handed him the tape, saying, "I'm being blackmailed by that damn Darlene. My evil sister tricked me into posing for some awful photos, then used those to force me to make this video."

Nodding wordlessly, her handsome husband took the tape. "Hmm."

"Believe me, it is the most disgusting filth you ever saw and it's in color with sound. Now, she is using the video -- by the way, that's only a copy -- to make me do something horrid. Something insane, beastly ... abominable."

"We saw."

"Not the bike thing, Bill. Worse."

"Worse. Hmm," he said with a slight smile. "What could be worse? No seat and no pedals?"

"This isn't one bit funny, Bill. She says I have to take a canine lover, be faithful to him, and allow you to have sex with the girls. Our girls."

The air got sucked from the room. Bill perked up. Judy, Adrian, and Jennifer looked from each other to their daddy, to their mother, then back to their daddy, and then to his crotch. Grins appeared on the boys as Bill cleared his throat and said, "Come again?"

"You heard me, Bill. This is serious. Watch the tape. If she distributes that tape, I'm ruined. I will go along with her sinister demands if you don't stop me from doing so. I think, after you see what's on that tape, you won't want to stop me. You might divorce me, but I had to do it, Bill. Please believe me. I had no choice."

"So, you're saying that you and I can't ... we won't. Hmm. That we ..."

"Say it, Bill. We can't fuck -- not each other, we can't."

"Susan, the children."

"Fuck the children! Fuck the goddamn church. Fuck people who don't cuss. Goddamnit, Bill, Darlene wants my sex partner to be a dog, and not behind closed doors. Not ever. When I want sex, I have to get the dog. If there is no one at home to bear witness, I must take the dog outside and wait for a witness ... FIND a witness. If that doesn't give me a license to cuss, nothing does."
"Alright, you have your license."

"So do you, and so do the kids. She also wants you getting sex from our daughters under the same conditions. You'll have no other outlet. It would be them or nothing, and you can't go without sex any more than I can. Assuming we agree to go along with her demands, I would certainly be in no position to object. Nor would the girls."

The grins on the boys grew as a gleam came to Bill's eyes along with a noticeable rise in three pairs of wet shorts. Pretty mommy Susan cast her eyes on Bill's obvious boner, drawing attention to it. Little baby Jennifer took the news rather well, and liked what she saw in her Daddy's shorts. She liked what she saw in all shorts, even Adrian's ... well, especially Adrian's.

Adrian looked away, mortified.

Judy, the eldest girl and closest to puberty, wanted to know why they couldn't object, but she didn't voice her concern. Her concern was in her face as she stared at her father's growing erection that he did nothing to hide. His pride in his thick manhood was nothing new; but this time, he seemed proud and boastful, very near showing off to its victims.

Susan noted everyone's reaction to the news. She relaxed her huddle, allowing both nipples to peek out, captivating every eye, even Bill's. She ignored their stares, relaxed even more, and showed matted pussy hairs, saying, "This is all my fault, Bill. I bear full responsibility, regardless of the outcome."

Noting the attention her crotch was getting, curvaceous mid-20s Susan relaxed her thighs to allow air to waft over sopping-wet cunt lips. Eyes wafted, too, sending a perverse thrill coursing through her body as she sat up and sat straight, thrusting out her proud beauties with the long, erect nipples, saying, "I was such a fool to trust her. I was so vain, so stupid for thinking she wanted to photograph my nude body because of its artistic qualities. I should have known from the poses she had me assume that these were nothing more than porn shots: raw, raunchy porn, blackmailing material."

Bill said, "What, uh, ... what were the poses, Susan?"

Letting the legs drift to expose everything between, Susan said, "I believe they call them beaver poses."

Those on each side eased more toward the front to check out the beaver she had going. With all eyes between her legs, Susan felt compelled to say something. While making the beaver into an obscene spread, "Go ahead and stare. I have lost the right to any claim on modesty."

John grinned, staring at her now gaping cunt belching fresh fuck onto the seat, adding to the growing puddle, "Mom, if you rode that bike all the way from Aunt Darlene's, it seems to me that you're ruined already. Why not tell her to go to "H" "E" double hockey sticks?"

"John, when I said 'fuck everyone who doesn't cuss,' it was just an expression. And unless your Aunt Darlene changes her mind, you'll never be a mother-fucker unless you grow a tail. And for your information, I am NOT ruined in everyone's eyes. I kept my head down most of the way. I am ruined only in those eyes that actually saw me get dumped off my bike and gang raped in the street. Others will only be dealing in hearsay. I can live with that, or try to."

Cute preteen Judy exclaimed, "You were raped in the street?"

"Not by men, Judy, by the dogs that were chasing after me. That is what all this mess is: dog semen."

Jennifer said, "How did you get dog cum in your hair?"

"I don't know, darling. They were all over me: humping, rubbing, pushing, shoving. Some even ejaculated in my mouth. I need to gargle and take a long, hot shower, so if you will excuse me..."

Pretty, curvaceous Susan stood and showed her ass when she turned. She stopped at the entry to the hallway to present her full-frontal nudity as though fully dressed, saying, "While I shower and get changed, watch the video. When I come out, tell me you're divorcing me ot tell me to go to the pound to select a mate or go to bed to begin my life of absolute ruination. I will abide by your decision, Bill. By the way, I am to bring him back here and mate with him in front of all of you."

Jennifer piped up, "Can we go with you to help pick out the dog?"

"If it comes to that, I don't see why not. If we go that route, I'll take only you girls; I'll need to have a talk with you girls about your role in this matter. I'll need to go over your duties and responsibilities. I'll have to explain how you must sexually serve your father according to Darlene's instructions."

Adrian started to walk off, but Susan stopped her from passing and sent her back to the group, saying, "You are not walking away from this, young lady. You are seven years old, old enough to understand what's happening; you're a part of this family, and you will endure what we all endure."

Adrian returned to the group and stood with her head hung as her mother said, "If we do this, we do this by the book that your Aunt Darlene and her awful husband Arnold write. I will not give her cause to renege on the agreement, nor will I allow any of you to give cause. We will all have to toe her line and let her call the shots. No doubt, we will get drawn into that sexual sideshow she calls 'the good life.' We can fight her, but we will pay dearly. I will suffer ruination, but you will all suffer the shame when copies of that tape get out and in wide circulation. Either way, our lives are forever changed by this. Perhaps this is all part of God's plan: he has a greater purpose, and that good will come of this. Watch the tape, then discuss this among yourselves, then let me know what your decision is."

Bill said, "Are you saying you want me to watch this with the kids?"

"Bill, there is nothing on that tape that they won't be seeing in person from now on, and if we tell Darlene to go to "H" "E" double hockey sticks, their friends will have a copy to show them. Watch the tape, all of you, then come to a family decision. Bill, what you want carries the greatest weight, but allow the children their input. Whatever you decide, I will learn to live with. If it's a divorce you want, I won't fight you or ask for a thing. I'll go quietly ... in shame."

With that bit of drama, she showed her gaping ass, her smooth legs slick with runny cum and her smudged I-FUCK-DOGS sign as she turned and moved down the hallway.

Bill looked at the tape, looked from kid to kid, then said, "I guess we'll watch a movie."

The kids followed him into the living room and took seats on the sofa as Bill set the tape in the VCR; Judy decided to grab a chair from the dining room so she could sit closer to the screen because her vision wasn't all that great. He hit the play button, then squeezed in between Adrian and Jennifer. The order was Jennifer, Bill, Adrian, John and then little Benny from left to right. The sofa was centered on the TV not ten feet away.

Adrian wanted another seat, but she was wedged in between John and her Daddy, so she stayed put. Jennifer, sitting on Bill's right, snuggled up and laid her hand high on his thigh, one inch from the tip of his sagging boner. When his trouser snake got big again, the head would be in her palm. Her slyness fooled everyone except Adrian.

Since they shared a bed, Adrian knew what a nasty little bitch her kid sister was, and knew how sly she could be in getting what she was after.

Adrian no longer fought against Jennifer's nasty sleep habits. Doing so was fruitless, as Jennifer always claimed to be doing whatever she was doing in her sleep. Adrian wasn't about to tell anyone, so after years of being sleep-molested by a junior pervert, going to bed with Jennifer was as good as climbing into bed with a horny little lesbian who liked to pretend she had a cock between her legs. Anything phallic would serve the purpose. Adrian lost her virginity to a headless, armless Barbie and had her first vaginal orgasm thrust upon her by a cucumber while clothespins bit her nipples, clit and tongue.
Jennifer no longer had to pretend to be asleep. It wasn't all bad, but it was all disturbing of a restful night's sleep. Jennifer loved to eat pussy, but she also loved rubbing her own on Adrian's body, especially on her face. Adrian didn't care all that much for pussy being smeared all over her face, neck, and tits, but the only way to stop Jennifer was to get her off. Pushing her off did no good. She'd come right back.

Biting, pinching, hurting in general only excited her, and she gave as good as she got. The only way to stop Jennifer was to get her off, and the way to do that was with a vigorously sucking mouth on the genitals, though to suck on Jennifer's wee wee was to invite her to go wee wee.

One adjusts to anything over time.

Adrian was, by the time of the doggie incident, Jennifer's potty for number one and number two when they were in the bedroom together. It was eat shit or sleep in it with cunt lips super-glued together with a fistful of creepy-crawler bugs or worms inside. Saying no to Jennifer and then falling off to sleep had terrible consequences, so Adrian adjusted to drinking her sister's piss and eating her shit. When she didn't die or become violently ill from the practice, Adrian learned to derive a perverse thrill from serving in that capacity, always careful not to let Jennifer know -- as that would spoil things for the brat and she'd think of something even worse.

While the tape rolled on through old footage of a backyard pool-party skinny-dip, Adrian eyed her father's bulge and knew she'd have no
trouble handling him or serving his sexual needs, but she didn't like the idea of serving him anymore than she liked serving Jennifer. She didn't want to serve anyone, she just wanted a good night's sleep in a bed all to herself. Was that asking too much?

Yes. Yes, with her drop-dead-gorgeous good looks in her sexually repressed home ... it was.

The first scene of new footage opened on the lawn with their naked mother surrounded by a hoard of people as she tried in vain to avoid a determined dog's erect penis seeking out one of her between-the-legs holes. He scored a direct hit on pussy with Susan on her back. The family stared with open mouths at the closeup of the dog's bright red cock moving in and out of their mother's pastel-pink pussy lips. After the dog's cock knot entered, her hole appeared to be sucking on the pistoning slab of dog dick. Judy sat forward in the dining chair she had dragged over to be close to the TV. Both boys held their crotches, bug-eyed and speechless. Even Adrian sat up and took interest.

Jennifer felt her Daddy's cock throb under her hand, and that was her cue to give a squeeze. Bill looked to his precocious, titless five-year-old wonder, smiled, then looked back to the screen after giving his silent okay. That was all Jennifer needed to begin giving him a thorough cock massage.

On screen, the pussy they were seeing up-close and personal began moving to the rhythm of the fuck. The shot zoomed out to take in all of Susan and the bloodhound, showing the passion now in her face and in her reactions. Clearly, she was fucking back and enjoying herself. Jennifer said, "Daddy, are you going to divorce Mommy?"

"No, sweetheart. I'd never divorce your mother or do anything to hurt her. We will do whatever we have to do to keep this tape under wraps. Just watch the tape."

This part had cute big-sis Judy noticeably squirming her cunt against the wood of the seat, which made Benny say, "Gettin' horny, Judy? Do you wish that was you?"

"Shut up, you brat!" She fired back, now embarrassed, red, and forced to sit motionless on a steamy twat.

Bill halted what would be a stupid and childish back and forth exchange of words, saying, "You kids shut up and watch the tape."

Everything went along fine and all were absorbed in watching the bestial screwing of wife and mother in silence until a poodle came up and began humping Susan's head, trying to find her mouth. That alone was shocking, but when they saw her seek out his red noodle with her lips and then on capture, sucking, turning her mouth into a bitch pussy for the cute little guy, Jennifer came flying out of her seat, shouting, "Did you see what she did!? She sucked it in, Daddy! Mom sucked a dog's boner. Look, she still is. Daddy, that poodle is fucking Mommy in the mouth, and she's letting him!"

Bill dragged his little baby dick-massager back to the sofa said, "We can all see that, Jennifer, now shut up and watch."

This time, Jennifer wanted to feel skin, so her hand went up the leg opening ... and there it was, Daddy dick, all of it from weeping crown to hairy balls. Her little hand explored every bit of it, exposing three inches in doing so. Adrian had to look. After seeing Adrian take an interest in his dick, Bill laid his hand on her bare thigh, high up on inappropriate flesh.

Everyone knew Adrian was his object-de-lust, the one he would use most often ... if not exclusively. He had a difficult time concealing his lust when near her, and was always doing his best to be near her.

All of his daughters were beautiful, but nearly-nine-year-old Judy was too skinny and had too many freckles; she had nice breast-buds already -- gifts from an early, very kind puberty, and could almost pass for 13 from just her chest -- but she would need to get those big tits like her mother before she was a true knockout. Five-year-old Baby Jennifer, meanwhile, was too little, too assless, and too hyper. Adrian was just right and had everything a man needs in perfect proportions: a classic child's beauty, flawless bronze skin, and a smooth body soft as goose-down all over. Her big eyes and pert little bow of a mouth were perfection to drool over; she had already begun to show the first signs that she would have the best of her mother's exquisite physique, with firm little A-cups showing that means she would be ready to breed in well less than a half-decade.

Unlike his darling Jennifer and Judy, middle-daughter Adrian didn't like being touched, hugged, kissed, or crowded. She had nothing against her father. He was a great guy and quite good looking, but she had her fill of unwanted affection from Jennifer, and -- thanks to her endless sexual assaults that usually led to clitoral or vaginal orgasms -- Adrian rarely felt any sexual desire outside the bedroom. Add to that the many adults who were sexually molesting her, and getting more of the same at home held little appeal.

This time, she didn't stiffen and shrink back from his touch, so he began softly rubbing her legs, feeling her bare legs from knees to the edge of her shorts, gradually focusing most of his rubbing higher and higher until his exploring hand remained at the boundary of cloth and skin. Baby Jennifer saw that he was foiled by the tight fit of Adrian's shorts and couldn't get his fingers inside the leg opening. He couldn't get any closer to her pussy than two inches. She said, "Daddy, why don't you make her take them off?"
Open file (579.23 KB 600x800 14515231.jpg)
Everyone had been eying their father's hand while trying to stay focused on the TV action; all were fascinated by the lust exhibited by their mother while undergoing a double penetration, but equally fascinated by Adrian's passive acceptance of a bare leg rubbing that was way too high and concentrated on inner thigh flesh, closing in on pussy. Jennifer voiced what others were thinking.

Normally, little Jennifer's comment would have made Adrian get up and leave the room or challenge his right to even ask, much less make her remove her shorts. No one except Jennifer ever saw anything intimate of Adrian's: not panties and certainly no indelicate skin. Even her swim suit was a one-piece with a fringe skirt. Her silence and passive acceptance of the overtly-sexual fondling seemed to suggest she might comply.

Everyone wondered.

On screen, Susan was humping her loins against the dog's thrusts and was receiving the cum shot. No one was aware until the dog pulled out and the camera zoomed in on the wide beaver belching fuck. Susan didn't climax with the dog, so she began masturbating in the mess, presenting the widest beaver possible, using both hands while still letting the poodle fuck her face.

Watching her reach a self-induced climax turned up the heat another notch.

Benny had one hand in his shorts. John unbuttoned and unzipped his Levi cutoffs to relieve the pressure. Judy removed her jeans and was back to squirming her now panty-clad cunt on wood with clenched thighs on a hand. Jennifer had extracted her father's entire cock and was playing in the precum while jacking him off. Adrian anticipated the order that was sure to come as her father made a few passes over her pussy to test the waters, to see if she'd remain passive.

After Adrian passed that test, Bill rested his hand directly over Adrian's crotch and eased his fuck finger down the center-seam to a point over her hole before pressing in firmly. Adrian bit her lower lip while trying not to react to this new challenge. She tried harder when that same finger slid up the groove and tried to feel for the impression of the clit. Jennifer could see what he was trying to do and told him the clit was higher up in the slit. With her tip, he found it and the look on Adrian's face told everyone that he found it -- that her daddy was rubbing her happy button, making her want to part her legs.

Thankfully, with her being squeezed in, that wasn't possible ... but then her big step-brother John got up and brought over a dining room chair to sit in, taking up a place at the end of the sofa with a good view of both the sofa action and the screen action, equally torn between the two. The prospect of seeing Adrian's pussy seemed very real when her legs relaxed and she gave a clear a sign of submission with a sensual moan while rubbing her clit against her father's pressing fingers.

Bill softly said with a breaking, nervous voice, "Take them off, Adrian."

Adrian sat motionless for several tense seconds, then got up from the sofa as though to go storming off ... but she didn't storm. She unsnapped and unzipped her shorts, then pushed them down her legs. They fell from the knees down and she stepped free, revealing baby blue panties that were wedged in her crack, front and back. All eyes were on her panties as she turned to face her father. His were on her panty crotch, noting the dark wet crease he had caused by pressing her happy button to excess. She stood stock still like a slave awaiting her master's orders.

Bill reached out and felt the wetness, forcing more material into the slit, giving her happy button plenty of attention so she'd tolerate his lewd actions.

Again, Adrian began pressing back. Jennifer said, "Daddy, make her take her panties off, too. You wanna see her pussy, don't you Daddy?"

Bill didn't think long. He gave the happy button a thorough working over. When he had Adrian pushing back as hard as he pushed in, he drew his hand back and said, "Take them off, Adrian."

Adrian took a deep breath, then hooked both thumbs in the waist band and shucked. When she freed the rolled panties from her feet, she stood erect, shoulders back, and showed pussy. The puffy labia suggested a full and well-defined vagina of exceptional quality, making Bill gulp and swallow hard.

All anyone could see of that magnificent pussy was the top portion, so Bill reached forward and tapped out on the inside of her knees. In response, Adrian stepped out, then stepped out again when ten inches wasn't enough. Eighteen was plenty. Now, they could see all of the juicy clam tucked neatly between her sexy legs, and Bill explored every micron with his fingers. Adrian bowed her knees out to make his explorations easier. She jutted out her loins so that he could better see what he was feeling. When he sent his fuck finger deep in search of her cherry and found none, Jennifer explained how Barbie took it.

For reasons Adrian couldn't explain, hearing her sister freely admit that she was wide awake, that it was a premeditated act, planned and carried out with the sole purpose of denying Adrian's husband the right to pop a cherry on their honeymoon, mean to the extreme, made Adrian clench her jaws and grit her teeth.

It also made her pussy INCREDIBLY wet.
Open file (486.10 KB 1380x1600 135689035453.jpg)
She stared daggers at her kid sister, who only grinned back and said, "Daddy, make her take off her blouse, too. Make her show you her titties. Make her show us how hard her nipples are so we can see how horny she is. She has long nipples just like Mom, and they get hard the way Mom's do. I can tell they're super hard right now."

Adrian wanted to kick Jennifer, and Bill could see that her taunts were only getting Adrian hotter. He said to Jennifer, "I want you to keep your mouth shut for the rest of this tape. You sit and watch. One peep out of you, and you'll sit in your room."

This unexpected attack on the girl with his dick in her pumping hand stunned Jennifer and pleased Adrian. All the anger signs and tension drained away. Bill took a chance and said, "Take them off, Adrian. I want to see you naked."

There was a 'please' in his tone, almost a beg, so Adrian began undoing buttons. She peeled back the flaps like a stripper might, then let the blouse fall off her shoulders to the floor. Wearing only a shoes and socks, she stood for a moment with her hands over her little tits, not wanting to show hard nipples, willing them to come down, relax, soften, flatten, but they weren't about to lose any pressure. They throbbed. To stall for time, she removed the shoes and socks. Now, in only a bra, she stood straight and knew that stalling didn't help matters any.

With more pleading seen in her father's eyes, she exposed her horny titties, taking solace from the awe in his expression on seeing them bare for the first time. She stood tall with shoulders back, thrusting out her small but firm mounds capped with the level-of-arousal nipple indicators that were reading far into the red zone. Though her nipples told everyone how horny and turned on she was, she didn't care. They were all horny, all turned on. She stared openly at his hard cock ... and, by doing so, told him that if the next order was hop on pop, she was ready to hop.

Bill read her willingness and was pleased, but he was not ready to fuck any daughter just yet. He patted her place beside him. She sat -- and this time, she snuggled. He draped an arm over her shoulder with the hand hanging over her chest. He toyed with tit and rolled her nipples while they watched the flick. Jennifer got him to lift up so she could remove his shorts ... which left him naked in flip flops. After a few minutes of expert tit play, Adrian reached over and cupped his balls. She massaged them gently, conveying desire and a reverence for his manhood: in effect, giving him a rain-check for a fuck regardless of his decision.

In a rare showing of understanding sympathy, Jennifer let go of the dick so that Adrian could better show her desire and willingness to engage in incest. Adrian felt as though Jennifer had once again read her mind. The mind-reading was no surprise, since her little sister always seemed to know what Adrian wanted ... but the response was. Adrian expected Jennifer to cling possessively to the prize: to hog the rod.

Adrian took hold of his rod and gave him a few good pumps before reverently exploring every ridge and valley with her head resting against his chest. Using both hands, she conveyed her fascination and awe with every touch, then shocked everyone by leaning in and bringing the head to her lips to deliver a dick kiss which ended in a light swath of tongue to gather precum which she drew into her mouth. She savored what she drew in, then delivered another longer kiss with lips flowing over the crown to the flaring shaft. She licked all the precum from his shaft, then she pumped his cock while giving him hard sucks with a pumping mouth, like a girl who had sucked adult cocks before. She then gave a nice parting suck/kiss to show him that she liked his taste and had nothing against father-sucking.

Gorgeous 7-yearold Adrian settled back and looked to him with a sultry smile, still holding and stroking his cock for him. Jennifer now settled for balls. He finally had his daddy's girl in his arms, and she felt comfortable being there in the nude. Their eyes locked for a moment, but then she saw him look past toward her crotch. She looked down, but saw nothing special: just the mound and hint of a crack. She could certainly make it better.

She laid her right leg over her father's left, then drew her left leg up and laid the knee flat to the sofa cushion once occupied by John's butt, opening fully the plane of her sex, giving John and Benny a head-on preteen beaver of biblical proportions ... and giving her father a much better view than they had.

She ignored the gawking brothers and played to an audience of one mesmerized pop who looked down on the vaginal terrain his sons looked directly into. With her free hand, Adrian lazily toyed with her pussy, displaying even more of her intimate anatomy by pulling out on the puffy labia lips, toying with the rubbery clit, tugging at the thin inner lips, and rimming the glistening hole with a painted fingernail. She displayed the various features of her most intimate anatomy like a game show hostess showing the features of a dish washer, or a girl who knew what men liked about a young girl's pussy.

Her talented and casual display stole the spotlight away from her mother for all except Jennifer and Judy. Judy was unaware of what was going on behind her and Jennifer had seen Adrian's cunt a thousand times. She knew the terrain better than Adrian did. She should be giving the guided tour, but this was now Adrian's show, her seduction. Besides, the movie was better.

After a lengthy tour, Adrian sent two fingers in deep, then withdrew them and smeared her slimy wetness over coral pink tissue as though trying to make herself even more desirable to a man who had spent years yearning for her. She kept selling her pussy to a man who was sold, offering her cunt to a man who had the right to take it. As if that weren't enough to kill a man, she began finger fucking herself while slowly jacking his cock.

On screen, Susan had another mount, this time up her ass while she was on all fours, allowing her to finger-fuck herself while getting mutt-fucked. It was Susan's finger fuck that inspired Adrian's. The boys were more interested in the live action, but Judy and Jennifer were more interested in the action on screen. Both were masturbating, though not as openly as Adrian. Judy had her hand in her panties, and Baby Jennifer rubbed her clit over panties. John and Benny both had their dicks in hand. Benny had already gotten off though he wasn't yet a cum-squirter. John, on the other hand, was about to pop his cork and looked like he might pepper the ceiling.

He probably could have re-plastered the ceiling had his cock not been angled down toward the beaver he was watching. Since the head of his eight-inch dick wasn't three feet away, she was sure to get his sperm in or near the hole. She hoped her father would say something, but he remained silent, watching, possibly hoping for a direct hit judging by the rigidity of his dick.

In a tough decision, Adrian decided not to spoil their fun by saying anything, and she decided to let the sperms fall where they may. She stopped plugging the hole with her fingering and focused more on keeping the lips open, making him a pink oval target, leaving the hole vulnerable. Any that landed on pink would slither down to her hole -- and in, if her hole were not closed by natural elasticity.
Open file (113.57 KB 710x1027 1109085002572.jpg)
From having Jennifer's hand shoved up her snatch, Adrian knew her hole would remain open for hours, that she could actually suck air into her cunt following a sibling fist-fuck. On impulse, Adrian sent four fingers in as far as she could, worked them around to stretch the elastic vaginal sphincter muscle, did a few plunging fucks with four fingers, then drew out. Now, John had a yawning deep hole to try to hit, one that if he hit dead center would land sperm globs on the mouth of the cervix.

Adrian sensed that her father loved what they were doing because his cock throbbed harder in her fist. She couldn't make eye contact without turning around, but his intense nipple play told her he liked the fact that she offered her brother the womb as a target. John was thrilled, about to pop. Adrian slid lower to make a better beaver, then brought both hands into play to make a better oval. Her father moaned and took over the jacking. John edged free of the seat and knelt on the floor between her legs, bringing his cock to within inches of the hole.

Now, there was no way he could miss ... but another moan from her father made her hold the pose even as John tried lessening the odds even more, getting closer, and closer, until the dick touched her pink flesh and he went off. He sent a long blast deep, but then he grabbed her by the hips and sent his cock deep, knocking the breath out of her with the force of entry and the mad fury of his assault as he pumped wad after wad of potent sperm directly into her womb.

The damage was done, so Adrian offered no resistance. All she offered him was a wide pussy to fuck while her father's load peppered the side of her face and neck, adding insult to injury. Adrian tried not to act insulted and prayed there was no injury. She laid there, letting John take all the time he wanted, then let her head drift to her father's lap where she took his cock in her mouth and nursed out the remnants of his discharge.

Bill languished under the nursing suck while John soaked his spent dick in great preteen pussy. Bill lightly brushed hair out of Adrian's face and sweetly said, "You wanna be your daddy's little whore, don't you sweetheart?"

The awful words cut through the sexual high and assaulted Adrian's sensibilities like a cold wet fuck rag in the face. She didn't want to be anybody's whore. Stand-in lover or surrogate sex partner she could deal with, but whore implied ownership, slave-status, property and all the rights of property ownership: lending, selling, trading, giving away. That shit sucked. She didn't know how to respond to that statement, but with her mouth full of spongy cock, response wasn't expected. He was just thinking out loud, but needed to keep quiet and think to himself. One more crack like that and he'd get his dick bit.

And god, it turned her on.

Adrian thought more about the outrageous statement, then let the dick fall from her mouth. She struggled up to signal John that it was time to stop: party's over, time to pull out, bar's closing, everyone out of the pool, but John couldn't take a hint. He liked being ball's deep in pussy, Adrian's especially, and his dick never got soft, just spongy-hard and getting harder, now hard enough to do long strokes with, and those damn long strokes of his were making her nipples rock hard again.

Adrian soon got hot under the rape and settled in for another fucking. Benny got up to make room for the fuckers. She moved to a reclining position with her back on her father's thigh, his cock alongside her head. She drew both feet in and laid both knees flat to offer John a welcoming spread that said without words, "Oh yes, please fuck me again, and please pump more sperm into my womb. Can you knock up a seven-year-old? Please try. I promise, I'll leave it in."

She looked up to her father's smiling face with dreamy eyes. She turned her head to the left and licked his cock. She licked at the wet slit then gave her impish smile, before closing that smile over the head of his dick. He brushed her hair lovingly and said, "You're going to be a good little whore for us, aren't you, Adrian?"

This time the words excited her clit like a lightning bolt; she impishly bit her lower lip and smiled. Since Benny had knelt at her side and was playing with and sucking on her nipples, he was assumed to be one of the 'us.' The affirmative smile wasn't enough. He asked the same question again just as John stepped up to a deeper, harder stroke -- perfect. She took his cock out of her mouth and said, "YES!"

John's fucking went great with Benny's nipple work, so when her father said, "How good a whore will you be for me and your brothers, Adrian?"

The happy cocksucker said, "Very good."

"How good?"

Alarm bells went off all over inside Adrian's head, but she was too far gone to give a rat's ass. A line of questioning that would have outraged her ten minutes earlier now fed her passions. She tried to think how good but could only come up with, "I'll do anything."


"Yes, anything."

"Would you be willing to swear an oath to God, an oath that you will do anything we want you to do from now on."

Adrian now clearly saw the trap, for an oath sworn to God would be ironclad, as good as steel shackles, and he knew that. Though she wanted nothing more than to be a do-anything whore for them, at least at that moment, Adrian had sense enough to see that no time limit had been specified. She pondered the implications, then said, "I'll swear the oath. But I want to set age eighteen as the term."

"Let's hear you swear it."

"I swear to God that I will serve you, John, and Benny as a whore who will do anything you ask of me until my eighteenth birthday."

"Excellent. I see you have nothing crossed, certainly not your legs."

Adrian reached down with both hands and gripped her inner thighs. Pulling her legs back to the extreme, she said, "A good whore doesn't cross her legs, Daddy."

"No. No, she doesn't. She keeps her whore pussy neat, shaved clean, and out where everyone can see it, feel it, finger it, and fuck it, doesn't she?"

Adrian had to mull this over, then said, "If that's what you want."

"That's what we want."

After more mulling, she said, "Uh, by everyone, do you mean you, John, and Benny, or everyone in the family, or do you mean everyone as in everyone?"

"I mean everyone, everywhere, always."

"Oh, so when you say whore, you mean WHORE, as in community whore."

"Exactly. The word should be tattooed above your whore cunt in bold block letters."

"Oh ... is ah... Is that what you want to do? Tattoo my pussy?"

"Exactly. Any problem?"

"Not if it goes away when I turn eighteen, no."

"A good whore wouldn't nitpick, Adrian."

"A good father," she said, feeling her brother's cock pushing her closer to orgasm, "wouldn't make her."

"A good girl wouldn't be in your position, humping her little cunt on her brother's cock, would she?"
Open file (120.26 KB 535x764 1109635131907.jpg)
"You got me there, but one day John will pull his dick out and I'm not going to be happy about you taking advantage of me like this. Right now, I don't mind so much, and even the tattoo turns me on. You know how females are -- just look at Mom. Remember, she did a 180 after that was over."

"Yes, and she'll do another 180 after she gets her new four-legged lover. The difference is, you took a sacred oath to God, she didn't. If you do any 180s, I don't want to hear about it until you turn eighteen. Until then, you remain a happy whore or you keep your mouth shut. If you don't like being tattooed, grin and bear it. If you don't like showing your pussy all over town, pretend it's hidden. If you don't want strange men to feel it and fuck it, pretend that you know them. If you don't want to be pregnant in about three years, pretend you're not."

With that, John slammed another load home -- and this time, he triggered Adrian's orgasm. She met every slamming thrust and squirmed on
his spewing rod. She milked his spend with her pussy, then used her hand to milk the last drops out of his deflating boner as a sign that she got her father's message loud and clear and would not give them any trouble in the future.

Adrian watched the last fifteen minutes of the video lying on her side with her legs clamped together, her father's finger up her ass, and his dick in her mouth. Still, it was a good movie, a five star mutt-fuck flick, the best anyone ever saw. The last fifteen minutes was the Great Dane fuck, the most visual and incriminating by far. Bill came in her mouth twice, adding more to her face for good measure, and John got in one more fuck while she lay face-down over her father's lap with her head resting on Jennifer's lap, watching the little girl fuck herself with a carrot.

After John shot his wad, Adrian rolled to her back and again went through the milking procedure because they loved seeing her do it the first time. The second time was even better because she talked about the baby she hoped they were making, how she'd look when she was nine months pregnant, wondering how big her tits would get, and the look on the doctor's face when he saw her shaved pussy and whore tattoo.

During the Great Dane fuck, Judy came so hard that she fell from her chair then pissed herself. Jennifer got naked shortly after Adrian did and she came six times while fucking herself with a carrot. Bill climaxed three times, John three times, and Benny five times. By the time the tape ran out, no one had intimate secrets to hide or any inhibitions, or doubted that the woman in the bathroom or bedroom prayed for Bill to send her to the pound and that there be a great big male Great Dane there.

Their mother was a bitch through and through, hooked solid, and absolutely shameless. The transformation was as hard to believe as it was thrilling to watch. Her video opened the sexual floodgates in a home that was sexually repressed and filled with Christian bullshit. The sexual tension was near the breaking point owing mostly to one VERY sexy young girl, three very horny males, a precocious and nasty baby sister, and a cute big sister who liked getting caught masturbating and enjoyed the humiliating punishment of having to wear boxing gloves and a girdle worn over jeans.

All that sexual tension burst over young Adrian, and she was overwhelmed by it. She only had a taste of the full scope of the passion she inspired in others, but she was smart enough to know that much more was on the horizon. She knew there was no going back, that for better or worse, she'd live the life of a whore, a good whore, a do-anything whore, and whining about it or complaining would only make matters worse. When she turned eighteen, she'd fly far away and start a new life ... but for the next eleven years, she was the whore. At least, she wasn't a bitch, but then she hadn't had that talk with her mother.

* * *

Susan had been eavesdropping down the hall for quite some time and took many peeks to see how her bitch debut was going over. Needless to say, she was pleased with what she saw and heard. Because of her eavesdropping, she knew when the tape finished, and knew there was nothing for them to discuss. Everyone knew what Bill would decide given the incentive Susan laid on him before leaving. She may as well have said, "Let me have a dog, and I'll let you have Adrian."

Adrian knew the score before the words were spoken and tried to leave. She smelled a setup and suspected a conspiracy. With both parents after her to put out, a smart girl doesn't act smart, or question, or try to wriggle and squirm her way out: screwed is screwed. She made it easy on them, conspiracy or no.

Susan heard most of what Adrian said while milking her brother's dick. She heard no post-movie discussion, but did hear them restoring their clothing, so she waited three minutes before coming out.

She made her entrance like a movie star, wearing high heels, her shortest dress, and no signs of any underwear. She made her hair pretty and put on very sultry make-up. She stopped short of the living-room boundary-line so that they could all take in her sensual radiance, then said, "Well, you've seen what I went through. I won't lie and say I didn't enjoy any of it. I had no control over that. I doubt any female would. That's neither here nor there. The tape shows me to be a bitch and a whore ... a bitch-whore, if you will. I'll wear the label, but I don't want that master tape to be mass copied and placed in circulation; therefore, I am willing to play Darlene's game. She has me by the short hairs, although I had to shave all my short hairs off. Her instructions."

Pretty, curvy mommy Susan lifted the hem of a very short skirt to reveal her denuded fuckholes clear back to her asshole, taking a wide stance to do so; her family drew deep breaths at the sensual sight of her sloppy, well-fucked 24-year-old cunt in the raw.

Bill stood and came over to stand before Susan. One by one, the others joined him. Adrian stood at his right side, close, her new place, and she was the only one with no clothes on. She still wore the sperm her father squirted in her face, now dripping on her preteen tits. Three loads of sibling seed came pouring out of her pussy after she stood vertical for a few seconds. Susan watched the creamy mess slide down her daughter's sexy legs in globs, and she gazed at the pussy lips belching sperm, awed by the sight of her prize-winning beauty in the all its glory. Bill stood confidently with one hand on the child's bare ass, applying pressure to make Adrian jut out her cunt.

This was his answer. After taking time to appreciate his method, Susan cracked a smile and said, "So, you're casting me to the dogs."

"Darlene is doing that, Susan. We decided to play her game. I decided to start right away. That is what I'm showing you."

"Right you should, and I fully approve. She's lovely, very sexy. Sperm becomes her. I see you didn't use a condom or pull out."

"We intend to get her pregnant before she's 12, if we can. Seems wise to start now. Do you object?"
Open file (671.18 KB 1260x1600 1134253183259.jpg)
"I didn't say that. In sexual matters, it is Darlene's place to object. I seriously doubt that she would. I just wanted you to know that I noticed. You seem intent on driving home that point. I'm impressed, Bill, I really am, but she needs to clean up and get dressed so she can come with me to the pound. She and I also have a date to keep with Darlene and Arnold set for eight this evening. I hate to break the news to you, but they'll keep her overnight."

"Dammit, Susan, not Adrian, not the first night. I haven't even had her yet. John did all this from the waist down."

"Good for John, but Darlene calls the shots. They want Adrian first. They insisted ... over my objection."

"Dammit, Susan!"

"Bill, you are not the only one who has lusted after this child, and she is not your exclusive property."

"That may be, but she's my daughter, and all others had best respect my rights -- or I'll pull the plug on this nasty business."

"Your rights will be respected, Bill. All I'm saying is, don't hog her. Look, the sooner we go, the sooner we get back. You'll have your chance to add to the sperm bank she carries between her legs. After I do the dog here, I have to go to Mom and Dad's and do him there after showing them the tape. I'll leave Adrian here with you. This time, don't fuck around. Fuck her good and make it last ... but when we return, Adrian and I will have to go."

Judy exclaimed, "Mom, are you actually going to show that tape to Grandma and Grandpa and then do it with a dog right in front of them?"

"Darlene's orders. You don't have to go along."

"No, I want to go along. I love watching you fuck dogs, and I want to see your tape again."

Jennifer pipped in, "Me too. I wouldn't miss that for anything. Boy, they are gonna flip. I'll bet they get super-horny."

Adrian said nothing but Susan could tell she wanted in. Like a good concubine, she knew her place was with her man. She stood silent in his possessive embrace. Susan came closer and placed a warm hand on Adrian's cheek, saying, "Bill, Darlene did say to bring them all along, and Adrian is the one Mom and Dad lust after. With her there, it will be easier on me. If she'd get naked and serve as my assistant, they'd be thrilled by this nasty turn of events. I want them on-board, and I want them to play with us. You could come along and show off your new concubine. They'd love to watch you fuck her. We all would, and Darlene's instructions dictate that you always have to have an audience. We should not get off on the wrong foot by cheating. Darlene has ways of finding out ... and then all hell will come down on us."

"All right, Susan. We'll play by the rules, but I prefer the term whore, and she wants us to treat her like a whore. She likes being used and passed around. It makes her cunt wet and her nipples get hard just thinking about it."

Susan could tell that Adrian was gritting her teeth. She reached out to test the nipples that were not hard but were getting that way from her tweaking test. Susan said, "Yes, I see what you mean. Very well, show off your whore. Plant your seed in her and then pass her to Dad for sloppy seconds. He'll be happy to follow in your wake. That should make her happy, too. Let's see if her cunt is getting wet at the thought."

The cunt Susan slid her hand down to and two fingers deep into couldn't have been wetter to begin with, but the expert manipulations brought down more juices and relaxed the clench of her jaw. Susan said, "Oh, yes, her little cunt is drooling. This whore needs more cocks, more fucking, and lots more sperm in her womb. Her insides are hot and her cervix feels dilated. She's having a craving for sperm. She'll be a great whore for the next few days, and Darlene will see that she gets her fill of sperm. Ummm, yes, she likes that idea a lot."

Adrian did like the idea a lot, but it took her mother's expert knowledge of whore anatomy to make it show in her pelvic movements. Adrian fucked herself on her mother's fingers just like a sperm-starved whore would. The onlookers were impressed. Bill was impressed. Susan withdrew four fingers from a cunt that tried to follow. She stood back, and said, "I think we have a good plan; now, we have to get a move on. Adrian, go freshen up and throw something on. Meet us at the car, and hurry. We'll be waiting."

Bill said, "I'll help her get dressed in something appropriate for dog-shopping."

Susan said, " Come, girls, let's go sit in the car. We can get some talking out of the way."

The girls went one way, the guys and Adrian went the other. Bill went to grab little-girl lingerie after sending them to the master bedroom.

Adrian flopped onto the king-size bed, rolled to her back, and made a good beaver that immediately attracted the hands of brothers. While fingering her, ten-year old Benny said, "Boy, Adrian, you're really in for it, huh?"

"Looks that way, huh?"

John toyed with her clit while saying, "How do you really feel about all this? Seriously."

"If you want to know my true feelings, stop playing with my pussy."

"Why, does that change things?"

"Haven't you noticed? Sexually arousing me places me in another state of mind, one where being a pregnant whore isn't so bad."

"I guess. So, the best thing we can do is keep you turned on."

"I suppose. Turned on, turned off ... what does it matter? I'm just a whore."
Open file (587.23 KB 1600x1200 1134253219085.jpg)
Benny said, "We don't want you to hate it, Adrian."

Adrian smiled and reached out to touch his hand, the one that had a finger working in her hole, saying, "That's sweet, Benny."

John said, "We don't, Adrian. If we knew you hated what we were doing, this would suck. We'd still do it, but it would suck."

She reached out and placed her other hand on his clittie playing hand, saying, "Thanks, John, but this sucks whether we like it or not. Aren't you the one who says we play the cards we're dealt? Well, I drew this hand, and I'm willing to play it, at least until I'm eighteen. After that, I'm outta here, and I'm leaving the bastards for Mom and Dad to raise."

Bill entered and the discussion ended. She caught her father's eye.

Her handsome father smiled. "Is this making you horny?"

"Yes, Daddy. Knock me up and brand me a whore. Fuck me and pass me around. Show me off, humiliate me, use my body as an amusement and let everyone enjoy themselves at my expense."

"All I want is to experience owning you as a whore: a sex slave, being in total control. I want to be able to make you do anything that strikes my fancy just by snapping my fingers. When I have you, I want you to be a good whore for me."

"I will be, Daddy."

He held up a brief, too-short tennis skirt and thin white blouse. "How do you like it?"

"Nice ... but a slutty tattoo under a ballooned-out belly would make it better, don't you think?"

Bill smiled big and swatted her ass, saying, "Get out of here, you slut. Your bitch slut mother is waiting; be sure to tell her you like her new shave."

"Yes, Daddy."

As she left, he called after her. "Adrian?"

Adrian didn't go far, so she soon poked her head back in the doorway and said, "Yes, Daddy?"

"Feel her shave with your tongue, feel it good, all over, then lick her slit for her, lick it deep and lick it good, stick your tongue up her fuck-hole and then suck on her clit. Check out her pussy shave the way a hungry lesbian would."

John added, "Make her think you're queer for her."

"Aye aye, Sirs. For a minute there, I thought you guys were going to make me suck the piss out of her. See ya."

Again she disappeared, and again Bill shouted, "Hey, get back in here!"

"Yes, was there something else?"

"Suck the piss out of her."

"Okie Dokie. See ya."

Susan, Judy, and Jennifer climbed into the family station wagon. Susan reserved the front seat for Adrian, so Jennifer and Judy sat in back though all four could have taken seats up front. Susan lusted after Adrian and wanted room to do something nasty on the way to the pound. That much was understood, and the other girls understood that it was understood. Adrian was special. She had always been special. Now, she was their special whore and the mother wanted to take advantage of that fact.

Susan sat sideways in the driver's seat to engage the other two in conversation. Baby Jennifer was first to speak ... and, as usual, spoke what others were thinking. She smiled and said, "You're going to make her lick your pussy, aren't you?"

Susan smiled and said, "We'll see. I was thinking more along the lines of playing with her pussy, but if she wants a lick of my slimy slit, I won't stop her. If what you told me about her is true, she'll want a lick. I plan to let some pee go. If she freaks, I'll know you lied to me. Although this is working out a lot better than we thought it would, if you brought this mess on with a lie, I'll be furious with you."

"Do it. You'll see. Keep pissing. She'll drink it all down and then try to suck on your asshole if she can reach it."

"Reach it or not, she will never get any butt fudge out of my ass. I still think that's disgusting and I wish you'd go back to pooping in the toilet."

"It's been so long since I crapped in one, I forgot how. What's the roll of paper for?"

Judy cracked up, then said, "Mom, you never said anything about dogs. I thought we were just going to start partying with Uncle Arnold and Aunt Darlene."

"We are, but they are into dogs in a big way, so dogs will be a big part of this. I thought you approved?"

"I do, I was just surprised, that's all. When the time comes, I'll be ready."

Jennifer said, "Me too. That looked neat. I want a poodle so he can fuck me in the mouth. What kind do you want, Judy?"

"A Great Dane with a great big hunkin' cock and with balls like a bull. Whatever kind I get he'll have to be a large short-haired dog so his cock always shows and swings under his belly when he walks with me. When we fuck, we get hung up because he's so big and he drags me around by my cunt with his cock, drags me to school everyday and they have to take a hose to us to break us apart. That's the kind I want."

Pretty mommy Susan laughed, then said, "Well, I hate to disappoint you both, but we are only getting one dog and he's all mine. You'll get yours elsewhere. Don't worry, you'll get plenty. Now, I want the truth. Did either of you say anything about Adrian's submissive streak and nasty side to anyone? I won't be pissed, I'm just curious. This went far too easy. Well?"

Judy said, "I didn't. I swear. I just found out this morning like you."

"Me neither. Swear to God, only I did tell them about popping her cherry with my Barbie. They thought that was super cool. You and Judy are the only ones that know she likes to be forced to do nasty things."

"I just find this very odd, that's all. Look, we are in up to our nipples, now, and there is no going back. There is no point in planning anything because we are following the lead of others. I don't know where we're going. I only know this ride will be much more intense than I ever imagined. You two will end up in the thick of it in time ... but for right now, Adrian is center stage, the queen bee. She is to get most of the attention, and I don't want any jealous whining from you two little sluts. Is that understood?"

Jennifer nodded. Judy said, "Mom, I'm still a virgin and I've only sucked three dicks. How can I be a slut?"

"I see how you reacted to that video, Judy. You're a slut in mind and spirit."

The cute 8-year-old grinned, showing her freckles. "I can't deny that. I'm dying to get fucked by anything, anywhere, and I don't care who sees me do it."
Open file (132.79 KB 414x600 1142791820821.jpg)
"You never did. From now on, when you feel like masturbating, have at it. There will be no more boxing gloves or girdles for you."

"Great! In that case, I want to do it, now. I'm not wearing panties. See?"

Fitting action to words, Judy made a big beaver and went to work using both hands. Susan stared and smiled, then said, "Tell me, Judy, do you ever think about licking pussy?"

"Sometimes. Mostly, I think about eating out Adrian. She sure has a fantastic pussy. I like yours, too."

"Good, then try this."

Susan extracted the hand from her sopping pussy and reached back to present it to Judy. "Mom, that's disgusting."

"Try some. It won't hurt you. Licking slit sauce from fingers is no different than licking it from the slit."

"Well ... I suppose ..."

Judy leaned forward, sniffed, then licked a bit from the pinky, savored, then began licking as though from a slimy slit, eventually sucking fingers. Susan fetched more and gave Baby Jennifer some. She was eager from the start. Susan fed the girls until Adrian appeared at the front door wearing a brief tennis skirt and blouse open with the tails tied. She also wore high heels. She obviously wore no bra and the wind revealed no panties.

She got in and looked right into her mother's bare beaver, owing to her mother's position on the seat: turned right, with the right leg drawn up and her knee against the seat back. Adrian openly stared at the pussy, saying, "Mom, Daddy told me to check out your shave with my tongue. You might find it difficult to drive while I do that, because he told me to do it the way a hungry lesbian would."

Intrigued, Susan said, "If you follow his instructions to the letter, I'd find it impossible. We're not in that big a hurry."

Susan turned to face Adrian, leaned back on the door, and made a beaver suitable for sucking. Adrian immediately got to her belly and inched forward into the spread, then went to work running her flattened tongue over areas that had once had hair, carefully avoiding any slick pink meat. The tease soon had Susan squirming.

Adrian teased her mother for several minutes, but began licking in the slit when Susan forced the issue by grabbing her head and centering it on the gash. After a few deep, in-the-groove tongue swipes, Susan released her grip, swooned, and settled back for a good cunt sucking.

The girls in back eagerly awaited the flow of piss. Jennifer couldn't wait and kept silently signaling her mother to pee. Susan appeared hesitant, fearing even a tiny dribble might end her suck job and put Adrian in a sour mood. Eventually, she decided she had to know and let a short squirt go when the mouth was sucking on the part that piss exits from.

The partial mouthful of piss surprised Adrian, but came as a relief ... because she didn't know how to broach the subject. On his own, her father would never think of ordering such a thing, but ith the seed planted in his mind, he expected his wishes to be carried out.

So, how does a girl ask her mother to take a piss in her mouth?

With a mouthful of mommy piss, Adrian's mind kicked into high gear. Her mother would never dream of pissing while anyone were eating her out. Jennifer had to have told, and the squirt was a test to see it what Jennifer told was true. A bit angered that their terrible secret was out, Adrian was more concerned that Jennifer had broken her swear-to-God oath. Now, she was doomed to fry in Hell for all eternity, and Adrian didn't wish that on anyone.

Adrian quickly put thoughts of the afterlife out of her mind and focused on ways of capitalizing on the squirt. She needed to convey that she liked the squirt and wanted more. She did this by exaggerating the swallow, then moaning, then pulling the cunt lips wide to find the urethra before gluing her mouth to it and applying a nursing suck.

Susan watched closely for the reaction and was thrilled to see Adrian responding well and wanting more. The initial shock, more a surprise, was understandable even for someone who thought the pussy was a drinking fountain. Jennifer was all smiles as though saying, "See, I told you so, now take a piss. She wants it, all of it."

Susan could hardly believe what she was seeing, but Adrian did, indeed, appear to want more. Susan gave her another squirt, a longer one, a bulging mouthful and got the same reaction only with more moaning. Adrian made one long moan that lasted through the duration of the flow, then gulped down her amber ambrosia.

Susan smiled when Adrian returned to nursing. She brushed the hair from Adrian's face so they could make eye contact, then said, "Do you like Mommy's piss, sweetheart?"

Adrian nodded; it was the bright, hopeful, expectant eyes of a potty-freak striking the mother lode that told the story. Susan relaxed and let loose with a steady flow that Adrian sucked voraciously on, swallowing steadily, gulping and swallowing. While relieving herself in her sexy daughter's mouth, Susan couldn't help but think how nice taking a shit would be. If Adrian did, indeed, go down and suck on the asshole after draining the bladder, Susan could see rethinking her policy. Baby Jennifer and Judy would be absolutely thrilled if she grunted out a warm mushy turd, and by the looks of her excited potty freak, she'd be just as thrilled. Susan's entire world was now up-side-down and spinning in the opposite direction, but the change was long overdue and most welcome.

Seeing that Adrian loved piss and would be disappointed when it was all over, Susan slowed the flow to make it last, and was glad she did when the rear doors flew open and her three guys climbed into the back. Five heads now hung over the top of the seat, all looking down at a first-class suck job with half a bladder to go. Bill had the best view and said, "Jesus Christ, Susan, are you pissing in her mouth?"

Susan turned dreamy eyes on her husband and said, "Yes, and she's swallowing every drop. God, she sucks cunt so good."

Benny said, "I wanna see!"

Jennifer said, "Mom, have her stick her tongue up your asshole and then dribble your piss out. Let your piss run down the slit and she'll slurp it in."
Open file (225.24 KB 400x498 1142910204689.jpg)
Susan didn't have to say a thing. Adrian knew the procedure and moved lower to insert her flat, slightly cupped tongue in the puckered anus, but only after fully inserting her tongue and then delivering a hard suck that drew a mouthful of butt fudge out whether Susan liked it or not, curling her mother's toes and making her go cross-eyed, sending a silent message. That mouthful was pushed back in, uncurling Susan's toes. No one knew except Jennifer, and Jennifer only smiled knowingly.

Susan gazed on her beautiful potty freak in stunned awe, then slowly regained her wits and offered a dribble. They all saw piss flow down the pink trench and get slurped in and swallowed. The audience was in awe. Adrian made it better by lapping at the flow and slurping piss from the hole in a way that didn't block the view. By their excited reactions, she thrilled them.

She knew she could thrill them even more by sucking cunt and slurping piss: eating out a pissing pussy. Some piss got missed, but for visual effect and for shear joy to the pisser, there was nothing like it. She put her all into the task and not only looked like a hungry lesbian, she looked thirsty, too.

When piss had to be forced out signalling the well running dry, Adrian went for the kill by opening her mouth wide and sucking as much pussy as possible, keeping the clit and piss hole in her mouth, using her tongue on the clit and piss hole while sucking and swallowing. Susan squirmed under this new technique, then came violently, heaving up, and grinding her cunt in Adrian's face, shouting, "Oh yes, suck Mommy's pissing cunt you fucking whore! Oh God, yes, eat my god damn pissy pussy! FUCK! Oh FUCK! Eat me, you little cunt-sucking bitch! Ummm ... "

Adrian stayed with the wildly gyrating gash and didn't take anything her mother said in the throes of passion personally. Compared to the awful things Jenner called out, her mother's verbal barrage was nothing. To show there were no hurt feelings, Adrian kept sucking as the pussy settled and her mother went into a blissful slump, cross-eyed and panting. It was now time for phase two, the lapping of the cunt honey.

With her mother now completely still, Adrian dropped her mouth to the hole and began lapping the girl cum like a bear lapping honey from a deep jar. This got Susan's attention. Her hands came down and pulled her cunt open to see better and to show better. Without looking to Bill, she said, "God, Bill, now she's lapping up my cum. Look at her. She's eating my fucking cunt cream. Oh yes, Adrean, eat it all up, sweetheart. Lick out Mommy's nasty fuck hole."

Bill said, "Damn! I'll say one thing, the girl knows how to follow orders. Good girl, Adrian. Eat that pussy, girl."

Susan said, "Thanks, Bill. I owe you. We have to do this for Mom and Dad."

"I agree. Why don't I have her do it to your Mom?"

"If she'll go along, I think it would be great. If I know her, she'll want to take Adrian off somewhere and do her dirty business in private. I don't want that. I want everything done out in the open. You'll be in charge of the girls, so hold fast to that rule. If they won't play the game, they have to settle for watching us play. That, I know they'll do, but I want them in as full players. They've been spectators at enough of Darlene's wild parties, but I'm going to get them to play. I'll show my kid sister how it's done. I want to do everything there is to do, the works, the whole twisted path, the nastier the better. I want them to see shit they've never seen before. I want to know exactly what they're into and then give it to them until they cry, beg, and plead for mercy."

"I'm with you, Susan. You let me and John handle your mother. You and Adrian work on your Daddy."

"No, we all work on both of them together. I don't want to bring one along without the other. That could cause trouble. Let's stick to putting on a wildly erotic performance and let me decide when to make a move on them. Just be ready to follow my lead. When you see me move on Dad, make your move on Mom. The mutt fuck demonstration will be crucial. I want Adrian to lick me and the mutt while we're fucking. That'll blow their minds. Would you do that, Adrian?"

Adrian eased up on the lapping and said, "Yes, if Daddy orders me to."

"Will you eat me out after the dog finishes?"

"Mom, I'll do anything Daddy, John, or Benny orders me to do. Dad got me super turned on and made me swear an oath to God that I'd be a do-anything whore for them until I turn eighteen."

Adrian returned to licking, but the lap job was done. There would be no phase three now that the guys were there, and Susan was of a like mind. Her guys would not appreciate the shitty act since they loved French-kissing Adrian. It was a shame, too, because even before being treated to a sample, Susan had decided to do it and Adrian was sure she would be getting a solid hot meal for being such a good girl. The teasing sample was enough to win her mother over to the dark side. All they needed now was just a few minutes alone, or alone with the girls even better.

Both sensed the other's disappointment. As a consolation, Adrian kept her tongue inside the slit and licked reverently over her mother's fleshy pink parts while her mother held herself wide open, never taking her eyes off of the tongue while saying, "That is fantastic. Getting her to swear a sacred oath while in the throes of passion was a stroke of evil genius. I'm impressed. I didn't think you were capable of such dastardly conduct. What we have here is a true sex slave. I hope you realize that, Bill."

"We? If by 'WE' you mean me, John, and Benny, yes, we realize that."

"Alright, you guys have a sex slave, but we girls will only be good to you if you share. In that sense, we all have a family sex slave who will do anything until she turns eighteen."

"That's understood as long as you girls go through us guys to get what you want off of Adrian; otherwise, she is free to refuse without violating her oath."

"Fine, now let's get back to planning this mutt-fuck. I think it would be best if we pretend no one has ever seen this tape. If they think you're seeing this for the first time, they'll want to watch your reaction to it; and, of course, what you girls see drives you crazy with lust. Don't rush it, fight it, or appear to fight it. Steadily lose ground."
Open file (145.05 KB 356x500 1144575793648.jpg)
Bill said, "How do I act?"

"Amused. You should get Adrian on your lap and try to get the easy chair Mom usually sits it. I want to get Mom and Dad on the sofa with me between them and Judy one one side, Jennifer on the other. Judy next to Dad and Jennifer next to Mom would be ideal, but it will have to look natural. It can't look like we have a set seating arrangement or that anything is staged. I'll try to maneuver Mom and Dad to the center of the sofa by taking them both by the hand. The rest of you just sit."

Jennifer said, "Grandpa likes me best because I let him feel me up, and Grandma is more interested in Judy because she has titties."

Judy offered, "That's true, Mom. Grandma always finds an excuse to look at and feel my tits. Don't ask me why. Maybe she likes little tits, but I know she likes to feel them and look at them more than Grandpa does."

"Fine, then switch, and wear a top that she can see down and get her hand in easily. Bill, you and Adrian need to get the ball rolling. As soon as she starts squirming, you begin feeling her up, and place her across your lap with her legs toward us. Adrian, I want you to look and act your old self. Remember, nothing has happened: you're still the same ice-princess you always are, and the last thing you want to do is lie on your father's lap to watch a nasty video. Let him get you under control. You fume, but you will thaw quickly because you will turn out to be the biggest fan of bestiality. Jennifer, Judy, you thaw slower than Adrian does. Take your cues from her. Judy, you thaw slowest of all. Take your cues from Jennifer."

Bill said, "I like your plan, Susan; it's simple, easy to follow, and it will look genuine if no one gets carried away too soon. Jennifer, don't you dare try to do to Grandpa what you did to me. You can play with his dick outside his pants if you take it slow and easy, but you let him decide whether or not to pull it out."

Susan said, "Good point, Bill. Listen up, I don't want my video to become a general orgy, so slow down if it seems headed that way. I want everything to build to the mutt show and reach a climax when it does. Bill, you order Adrian's participation at the right time, and be vulgar about it. She should be naked and horny by then, long before then. If you feel like slipping her the dick during the movie, go right ahead. You boys leave her alone and just jack off to everything you see. Sit where you can, but sit where you can be seen, at least by your grandma."

John said, "Mom, we always sit where we might get a beaver off of Adrian. If she were on Dad's lap and he were in Grandma's chair with her beaver aimed at the couch, we'd pull up chairs and set them between the stuffed chair and the couch."

"That's fine, just be sure you aren't blocking their view and you sit closest to your grandma. I'll have to remember to put Mom on my left. Now, for the mutt show right after--Bill you take charge of that and have Adrian suck the dog hard. I want to do this on the coffee table while lying on my back. You lift him in place and have Adrian guide his cock. Maker her hold his balls and lick us while we fuck, and have her lick his dick after he pulls out, then have her eat me out. You should fuck her while she's eating the dog's cum out of my pussy. Have John fuck Judy and let Benny fuck Jennifer. That should do it."

Bill laughed, staring at the tongue action. "I thought you were in a hurry."

"We are, but this is so damn good. God, I love watching this girl lick my pussy and stick her long tongue up my fuck hole and especially my asshole."

"We all do, Susan, but our time would be more wisely spent at your folks place. Why don't we forget about bringing the dog back here and just go straight from the pound to their place. We don't want his balls empty when we get to your parent's house. We can all go to the pound."

"You're right, but these girls need to change into regular clothes. I'll be the only one dressed like a slut. Everyone else must wear what they normally would. Bring a change for Adrian, and bring her a pair of panties, a bra, too, and regular shoes. Her yellow dress will be perfect for this."

Jennifer said, "Mom, Adrian hardly ever wears a dress except to church."

"I don't care. I want her in that dress. We'll all wear dresses so she won't look out of place. She's a walking wet dream in that dress and that one will be easy for her Daddy to deal with and dispose of. Honey, she's outgrown it -- so go ahead and rip it off if you have to, oh, and go get the video. I'll wait here, just like this."

"I figured that much. I'll go ahead and rewind the tape now. Enjoy. Come on girls."

Bill and the backseat girls exited. John and Benny now had the choice seats and hung over the two females like vultures over a wounded bunny. Susan elected to pretend they weren't there, which was hard to do as they were looking and coping feels.

Susan locked eyes with Adrian and said, "You're good, Adrian. Look, I'm sorry for those awful things I said when I was climaxing."

Adrian gave the clit a lick, wetting Benny's finger in the process, then eased off to say, "I understand. Jennifer is worse. I'm used to it. She must have told you about what goes on in our bedroom at night."

"Don't talk, Adrian. Lick. Yes, she told me and Judy. What she told me turned me on like I have never been turned on in my life. I was so turned on, I masturbated with her and Judy watching. I went to pay Darlene a friendly visit while I was turned on. Things happened, and I ended up riding home on a bicycle, naked, with an I-fuck-dogs sign on my back. The rest is history. None of this was planned, so you can stop trying to figure this out. Sometimes, shit just happens."

"I believe you. This time, it happened to me. Mom, Jennifer broke a sacred oath never to tell."

"No, she didn't. Her toes were crossed."

Now, Adrian was just pissed. It showed. Susan said, "I'm sorry, Adrian, but you are too beautiful and sexy for your own good. I praised Jennifer for all she did. You are too good to go unmolested. That is the cross you bear, the price you pay for beauty. I don't feel the least bit sorry for you. I feel sorry for all the people you turn on and leave unsatisfied, tormented, tortured by visions and fantasies that you inspire as you go along on your merry way totally insensitive to their suffering. That's all going to change, and before this is over, you will curse the day you swore an oath to God."

Bill was back with the tape and wanted to drive, so Adrian got up, Susan moved over, and he got behind the wheel to wait for the girls. Adrian said, "I may curse this day, but I agree with you. I had this coming. I let Jennifer have all the fun when I knew everybody wanted me. That was being selfish. I was cruel to Daddy, John, Benny, and dozens of others. I feel the need to atone for that. I'll carry my cross and won't complain. I knew what I was in for when I swore the oath. No one forced me, and so far I've been a good sport about this, don't you think?"

"I do, and I am pleasantly surprised."
Open file (111.49 KB 900x600 1147117990090.jpg)
The girls hopped in and placed their change of clothes in the back. Both wanted to go to the pound looking slutty and half naked. They certainly looked that. As the car backed out of the driveway, Susan said to Adrian, "There is something you should know. When we get to Adler Street tonight, we have to park at the end and walk to Darlene's house in the nude. Their neighborhood is crawling with male dogs who see human females as bitches. We are to fuck at least twelve before we'll be admitted. You'll be expect to do your part."

"Are you serious? You mean do it in the street?"

"Yes, like real bitches do, and all the people will be looking out for us. They are the same people in the video, so they've seen it before. They've never seen it with a bitch like you, though. I suspect many will be inviting friends over who haven't seen anything like that. We may have trouble finding a place to park, and we might do twelve before we're halfway to Aunt Darlene's. I hope we each do twelve. I want you to impress their socks off. Impress Darlene. Impress me. I want you to impress the dogs. Between now and then, I want you to become a bitch. By the time we arrive, I want to see a bitch in heat, eager to get at them, a bitch who loves having a dog cock locked inside her bitch pussy."

"Mom, you're going WAY off the deep end with this nasty business. You're asking the impossible; besides, we'll get arrested if we did that."

"Maybe, but you have a get-out-of-jail-free card between your legs. Fuck the cops. Fuck the judge. Fuck whoever you have to fuck, but we're doing it. Bill, order her to do it."

Adrian turned pleading eyes on her father. He looked from those pleading eyes to Susan's demanding eyes, then back to pleading eyes to say, "Do it, Adrian. Be a bitch in heat when you arrive and make us proud. Be a good whore for your Aunt and Uncle. Do your best to get pregnant and tell them you want the tattoo we discussed. They'll arrange it and pay for it if they see you want it bad enough. If you return without the whore tattoo over your cunt, I'll know you didn't try hard enough. If you ever have a period, you'll get a whipping with a belt. I'll whip your bloody pussy, just see if I don't."

Adrian hung her head as Susan rejoiced, excitedly saying, "I love it, a whore tattoo ... and a whipping for not getting pregnant, delivered right on her bleeding pussy. God damn, I love it. Bill, I think we're going to make a great child molesting team. While you whip her pussy, I may just squat on her face and take a shit in her mouth, make her eat it all down and wipe my shitty asshole with her tongue. Turn right at the next light. The pound is at the end of Robilard Street, but pull into that gas station on Robilard and twelth. Adrian and I need to do a quick freshen up."

Susan ignored the strange look she got from Bill. At least he didn't say anything and didn't run over the curb. He came close. She took note of the sourpuss expression Adrian wore and wormed two fingers up her pussy, saying, "What's the matter, precious? Are you already cursing this day?"

Adrian didn't fight against the rude entry, but did fight the feelings her mothers fingers could rapidly bring on. This time, ten seconds was all it took to overcome her resistance. Adrian began signalling her surrender by losing the sourpuss while offering her mother easier access to her wet puss.

The pretty seven-year-old slumped in her seat and widened her legs. Soon, she began the tell-tale squirming. She gave her mother's talented fingers time to get her good and worked up before answering. When she felt like being a good sport, she said, "No, Mother, I just want to be a good bitch tonight and a good whore for Daddy, Aunt Darlene, and Uncle Arnold. I'll beg them for the tattoo, a big bold one. I'll do my best to get pregnant. I don't want to give Daddy a reason to whip me -- but not because I'm afraid of a whipping between my legs or that you'll shit in my mouth and make me eat it. If I fail, I'll hold my own legs wide apart for the whipping, and I'll suck all of your shit out. I'll make your asshole sparkle and thank Daddy for the whipping I deserve. I just don't ever want to displease my master."

Spoken like a great sport.

The parents smiled at each other as the car came to rest at the side of Tompson's Texaco. Susan and Adrian got out. As soon as they entered the Ladies room, Adrian pushed her mother over the sink and dropped behind her, gluing her mouth to the anus. A deep suck pulled the re-inserted butt fudge out and down the hatch it went.

Susan cried out, "Oh God, Adrian!"

Adrian sucked her mother's colon free of all rectal fudge in lass than a minute, then licked her asshole until it sparkled. Susan writhed all through the devilish procedure like a woman with a shit parasite stuck to her ass. When Adrian stood and went to the toilet to purge her stomach contents, all Susan could do was turn her head and watch. She had to stand on her own wobbly two feet when Adrian needed the sink. She stood back and watched her daughter gargle and spit, gargle and spit, then stand straight and smile, saying, "There, all better. Ready?"

Susan just stared for the longest time, then smiled and said, "Ready for more of that any time."

"Good. If you ever go back to using a toilet, you'll hurt my feelings."

"I won't ever do that, not ever. I'll hold it in until you become available."


"Adrian, how would you feel about bringing this out into the open ... within the family, of course. I tested your father. He didn't freak. I think he and the boys would be greatly amused. You did say anything."

"I'm okay with it, but I'd rather they think I hate doing it."


"Because I should hate doing it. Any normal person would hate doing it. Besides, it would get old fast and the people who enjoy doing that to me enjoy it because I hate it. It's more fun for everybody when it's rape."

"You have a point, but why didn't you want me to think that?"

"Because Jennifer told you everything and you know better. I could tell."

"You're right. That's how it'll be, then. Let's go, potty mouth. Hey, wait a minute. You said people. What people?"

"Mom, I've been getting sexually molested since I was four. Jennifer popped my cherry, but a week later it would have been popped anyway. I'm now well known in that particular circle of perverts. My school is crawling with them and three are in the congregation."
"Well, this is a pleasant surprise. I want you to tell the perverts in your circle that we deliver or they are welcome to stop by and pick you up and keep you out all night if your scedule is free. Will you do that, Adrian?"

"Not unless Dad tells me to. Some of these people are awfully mean and cruel ... real sickos. They stick needles in my tender parts and they love to tie me up, blindfold me, burn me and whip me. I've had my nipples in steel clamps with sharp teeth for hours on end. I've been suspended upside down in the splits with half my weight being held up by hooks in my labia. I've been spanked until I couldn't sob anymore. One guy carved his initials into the soles of my feet with a pocket-knife. I've been choked unconscious more times than I can count, with hands and ropes and belts. I've had baseball bats and vodka bottles shoved up my pussy and my ass. I'm not sure I could stand abuse like that for an entire night."

"If your father were to order it, would you faithfully go to each and every one and tell them what I said?"

"Yes. I'd have no choice. I can see you like the idea, Mom, so I won't work on Dad to avoid it. If you can get him to go along, I'll go along and be a good sport about it. I don't think any of those people are dangerous. They all have too much too lose to go too far and risk permanent injury or death. I assume that's important ... or, is it?"

"Hmm. Yes and no.. I'm relieved to hear that, but I'm also willing to take my chances. The thrill comes from the risk that we may lose or damage you beyond repair, and that you suffer for us. Suffering for the sins of others is the ultimate Christian sacrifice. I want these people to have a free hand, no restrictions, no limitations, and I want you to make that clear to them, every one of them. I'd want them to feel totally free to do as they please with you and to know that your father and I approve and would never cause trouble, even if they fuck up and kill you. I can get your father to go along. Will you faithfully convey our feelings and place yourself totally at their disposal and be willing to suffer the consequences?"

"Yes, but I'd have to hear it from Dad, put exactly that way just to know that he really wants that. If I know he understands the risks and still wants it, orders it, I would have no choice but to obey faithfully and suffer the consequences. I may suffer Hell on Earth for a few years. At least, I won't burn in Hell for all eternity."

"Right you are. Excellent. Shall we go?"

* * *

On arrival at the pound, the family drew a great deal off attention owing to the scantily clad females that should know better than to enter a kennel without panties on. The wind told the three attendants and two visitors about the pantiless condition of the new arrivals, but the dogs also lifted skirts. The four were licked, nosed, and humped from one end of the pound to the other, though the perfect dog was in the second pen they entered.

The huge bull dog with a cock even bigger than the Great Dane won their hearts when he displayed his endowment for them by jumping up on the fence, sending ten-inches of bright-pink cock through a link. What was great about him was his knot: too large to fit through a link diamond, but not so big that it couldn't enter a human pussy. For Judy, it was love at first sight. Altogether, he had fourteen inches of cock as thick as a baby's wrist that he could bring into play, and with balls the size of small oranges, he could pack a whallop. Add to that his eagerness, and Butch the Bully was the one. They went through the rest of the fourteen pens that held an average of four dogs each just to show off the prize bitch.

Adrian went into the last six pens alone, and the last three without a stitch on. After her mother made her suck on the bull dog's cock, the rest was easy, even thrilling. In the last pen which held three mid-size males, Adrian entered and without being told to do so, got on all fours where she was mounted and fucked by each in turn, giving her the opportunity to show how well she could imitate a bitch in heat. No one doubted that she was, in fact, in heat. She certainly fooled the dogs.

After that performance, Susan wanted to see how Adrian handled their selection. The head attendant, an attractive Negro named Rufus, suggested they go into the Quonset hut and do it in the back room. A handsome young couple, shopping, had seen everything and were thrilled by what they saw; the two were invited along. The couple were newlyweds, and the bride was a beautiful blond with long, straight hair, and she wore expensive clothes.

She was just out of high school, a cheerleader and star choir-girl, the daughter of a wealthy local businessman, well-known to everyone in the community: the former Miss Abigail Honeycut, the former Miss Cumquat Festival Queen. She married a good-looking jock with a little dick. They recently found out that they needed a bigger dick in the family. She found two, but couldn't decide which one she liked best because she refused to enter a pen with them.

There, in a small room, while lying back on a low table that seemed designed for the job -- with stirrups for her feet and everything -- little Adrian showed them how much cock she could handle. By ruler measure, twelve and a half inches which took in the knot and one inch of shaft behind the knot. Mommy Susan could take him to the balls, but it wasn't easy. Jennifer took him to the knot. Judy took eight inches before crying uncle. The new bride was talked into trying him.

Well, not 'talked'. It was rape, and quite brutal ... at first.

Under great pressure and strong objections, she was stripped naked, laid out on the table, and took him to the knot. Butch fucked her much longer than anyone else. He fucked her until she didn't need to be held down for it: a good five minutes, then fucked her for another five for good measure. Keeping him from cumming wasn't easy, but he was surprisingly gentle for such a brutish-looking beast and would stop fucking when held by the haunches.

When Butch got stopped, she did the fucking ... though it killed her to slide her pristine blond pussy up and down the length of that mutt's cock with all those people watching and making fun of her. She brought great shame on the family name but she got to where she didn't care. She didn't care how horny and hardup she looked, because she finally got enough cock in her pussy to make her happy.

Butch also allowed himself to be pulled off of a bitch before making puppies, very unusual. Someone trained him well. One had to wonder what bad habit he had that forced the owner to give such a magnificent animal up. The attendants didn't have a clue; all they knew was the woman cried when she left and her husband said, "Good riddance."

Abigail, Adrian, and Judy each fucked an attendant. The dog came free of all fees as a result, as did the two dogs the bride selected -- though she had to give rain checks for fucks to the two attendants she didn't give pussy to. Rufus used his massive rod to take all the wrinkles out of Abigail's pussy that Butch missed. If she looked hard-up on Butch's dick, she looked down right pathetic on Rufus' long dong.
Rufus displaced all the canine semen with the good stuff, stuff that could actually get her pregnant, defeating the purpose of taking dog cock into their marriage. She languished on his massive spent organ and let the good stuff soak in. She looked pathetic, like a former beauty queen in love with a huge black appendage.

Actually, it was the hubby who gave out the rain checks and promised to home deliver, leave her, and pick her up in the morning. He ended up having to give three, because the wife pointed out that the one whose dick was still in her was getting cheated out of an all-nighter. She wanted to be fair about this ... which was a complete turn around from her previous position. She didn't even want to screw the first guy because all three were black, which was especially odd since the dogs she picked were also black males.

Adrian had to be hosed off and douched with a garden hose, so she was taken out back. The family stayed to watch the blushing bride try out her selections. These two fucks went to completion. The protesting bitch was placed on her back for it with the niggers holding her legs apart while the dogs filled her pristine, Daddy's-little-princess pussy full of mutt-fuck. This is what made her blush.

She should have spoken in a whisper when she used the ignoble "N" word when telling her husband that she couldn't let niggers have sex with her. After the mutts soiled her white pussy, the niggers drew both white legs over her white head and let the fuck drip in her face. This told her that the rain checks would be tough to honor, but the look on her new hubby's face told her that she'd honor all three very soon. When he told her to hold her head straight up and open her mouth wide, she did as she was told without whining and drank the dog-fuck that dripped from her abused, gaping cunt. Spoiled though she was, she'd make a good wife, and soon.

She would also make a good employee. Rufus offered her a job and her husband accepted on her behalf. Again, she didn't whine. She didn't want to piss off her new boss, so she accepted the job and the obscene uniform he prescribed. She'd soon be at an adult bookstore or stripper-ware boutique trying on black leather micro mini-skirts, patent leather high-heeled boots, and matching half-cup bras that left the nipples exposed. She promised to be dressed and ready to go to work first thing Monday morning, and said she'd stop by latter in the day to model her selections and learn her duties.

She said this while on her knees before the big boss who stroked his cock while brushing the shiny purple head on her moving lips. She was quite the brown-noser, it seemed, and paused frequently to lick and kiss his cock. When she finished talking, she took the head into her mouth and sucked while looking up to his smiling face with subservient eyes. This was enough to make all of her ancestors do flip flops in their graves, but she didn't seem to care so long as he forgave her for that nasty "N" word slip.

Clearly, she'd have to do much better, because he pulled out and took a healthy piss in her face. Still trying to earn brownie points, she didn't shy away from the thick stream. Toward the end, she took his still pissing cock into her mouth and nursed the rest. The gal was trying to win employee of the month her first month on the job. While she sucked his cock, he explained one of her duties was to fuck new arrivals and to give condemned prisoners a farewell blow job. Obviously very oral, she nodded her understanding and acceptance, then took her mouth off his cock to say, "I'll make it good for them and anyone watching. I'll strip naked for it if you want me to."

He did. The Honeycut clan did more flip flops while Susan's family readied themselves for a trip to Granny's.

The trip to the pound was a true adventure, primarily owing to the debutante bride turning subservient-bitch before their very eyes, giving them a good example of how it's done. It was decided that Bill would play the boss man and Adrian the debutante, and that before Susan got mounted, Adrian was to turn subservient bitch and take Butch in all three holes while trying to avoid triggering the dog's climax, enjoying three of her own if possible ... faking them, if it wasn't.

While Adrian had been out back getting a hose job, Susan had been telling Bill about the perverts who were molesting Adrian. When she came back, he took her aside and made clear that he understood the risks but wanted her to go to the perverts individually and offer her body unconditionally. The possibility of her death did not bother Daddy.

The little seven-year old beauty swore she would; she would be able to see most on Monday and see three on Sunday if the family still planned on attending church service. He also knew about the shit-eating at the Texaco, and was under the impression that she hated what her mother made her do in there ... just hearing about it from Adrian's perspective gave him a hard-on.

His lovely 2nd-grade girl raped so well!
Open file (178.33 KB 648x1023 1147121635071.jpg)
Bill found time to tell John and Benny. On the long ride out to the country, they heard Jennifer's stories. Those stories inflamed their passions to a boil. Bill made Adrian tell about the perverts who were molesting her and all about the horrible things they did to her; shit-eating was the biggest thrill for all of them, but they also got off on the cruelty that she had suffered and would suffer in the future, each speculating on what they might do to Adrian once they had a carte blanc and direct word from both parents to "make the little bitch suffer, do try not to kill her."

Adrian soon had no doubt that all of her immediate family members were big S&M fans, at least as spectators. Little Jennifer was the only one to express a desire to inflict severe pain and suffering, and she was the only one who had. Though a bit jaded for your average Baptist family, potty stuff still topped their list of fun-time activities, placing them in the more-twisted-than-most column. As a result of exchanging likes and dislikes, Adrian ate shit and drank piss for ten miles, stopping several times for a purging puke along the roadside.

For her, this was a fantasy come true: her thrill-of-a-lifetime experience, though she had served more than six in the past, and most were adults. This was family, and there's no shit like family shit ... foreign shit can sometimes make a little girl sick. In piss drinking and shit eating, body waste dining, it is quality -- not quantity -- that matters most to those who love the smelly stuff.

The great part was, she could act like she liked serving as their toilet because her father ordered her to act that way. They assumed she hated it and only acted pleased and grateful because she had to. She made it look like poor acting when she'd say yummy, or delicious, or thanks. The retching pukes made her look insincere, and they loved seeing the proof that she hated serving in that capacity.

All in all, they were in a giddy mood, drunk on unbridled lust: loopy on sex. Five miles out of town, Adrian was shit-faced, having herself a gay old time while trying not to let it show through.

With the need for sick sex so thick you could cut it with a butter knife, she even found herself turning on to the torture themes and offered a few of her own ideas as possible consequences of placing herself at the mercy of perverts without mercy. She described how painful and agonizing the various torments were and speculated on how horrible others might be, all the while with fingers working away in her pussy. She came across as a pain-freak, and Adrian wasn't certain they weren't right. She did, after all, keep coming back for more ... and tried to keep the excessive molestation a secret. It was all so very confusing ... but she was enjoying the ride, so what the hell?

Riding with the horny dog in the car pointed out a flaw in their plans. He would not leave pussy alone. If allowed loose at Grandma's house, he'd be after all of them and make watching a video impossible. He'd have to be locked in a room but would need to be brought out at some point near the end of the video. At that point, Adrian's pussy had to be the only pussy exposed and available to him. Since Bill ordered her to play the role and do all she could to win over the grandparents, she climbed into the very back with Butch and let him get better acquainted with the pussy reserved for him.

She removed the panties and tried to teach him to eat pussy, but he needed no training. As long as she presented him with a spread, he seemed content to eat. Someone trained him very well. He sent his long fat tongue in deep and lapped the back wall of her pussy, bringing out the whore in her even better and faster than her mother's fingers.

Adrian was never too thrilled about the plan to seduce her grandparents, but with Butch's help, she quickly warmed to the idea. In no time, she wanted to have her grandfather's baby and serve her grandmother as a human toilet/whipping post. She let everyone know exactly how she felt ... at least, for that very moment.

Adrian writhed on the dog's working tongue and cried out, "Oh, Mom, this is the ultimate. I am going to be such a good bitch. Oh, God, I love being a fucking whore, a bitch whore. Right now, I would swear an oath to God to dedicate my life to pleasures of the flesh and to serving the sexual needs of others until the day I die. Please don't take advantage of me while I'm like this. No, please do. All you'd have to do is tell me that you want that. I'll eventually die at the hands of my tormentors. Seal my fate. I know you want to. You may never get a better opportunity."

Her siblings immediately lobbied for their mother to take advantage.
Open file (73.54 KB 571x800 1153028282056.jpg)
Susan looked to Bill. He thought for a moment, then nodded. She looked to Adrian and said, "You're right, I do want that. You should die being tortured to death, serving the carnal desires of those you excite. Will you give me what I want, nothing crossed, a genuine oath?"

"Yes, see, nothing crossed. I, Adrian Jean Mathews do swear a solemn oath before God and these witnesses that I will forever and always seek out only the pleasures of the flesh and serve the sexual needs of others in any way I can until the day I die, so help me God and Jesus. OH JESUS, Oh GOD! HELP ME! I'M CUMMING!"

The climax was Adrian's most vocal and dramatic. She took a long time to come down to a point where she could speak. She looked at everyone in turn and smiled, more a shit-eating grin, then said, "I'm glad I did that. Dad, I won't hate you, Mom either. This is what I want. I would like to die that way. I just hope it doesn't happen soon ... only because there is so much I want to experience before I go. I want to do it all, and have it all done to me, until my body is totally wasted and there's no point left to living. If that were the case, I think it would be cool to get snuffed at an orgy with all of you there, Grandma and Grandpa, too. I know they'd love to be a part of a snuff orgy."

Susan said, "I'm glad you feel that way, Adrian, because that is my fantasy. Like you, I hope it comes way down the road, but if it were set up for next weekend, I'd want to be there to watch. I could never participate by torturing you personally, but I would love to watch others do it ... and I'd masturbate while they did. I'd want it to last all weekend, be excruciatingly painful, and very bloody."

"I hope you get your wish, later rather than sooner. There's something else you should know: three months ago, Grandpa raped me and Grandma watched him do it. They're some of my worst molesters; he's the one who carved his initials into the bottoms of my feet while he fucked my ass and worked a baseball bat in my pussy. It was a brutal rape that included a terrible beating. He has raped me four times since then, and she helped him all four times. The last time, she stripped me naked and tied me spread-eagled to their bed and had me all to herself for over an hour. She did everything to me and made me do everything to her, everything except eat her shit. I'm sure she'd love to do that if she knew I were agreeable. Don't worry, I'll let her know first chance I get. If I can get anywhere near her asshole, I'll suck her dry."

Susan excitedly said, "You do that, Adrian. You convince them that you're a shit freak, understand?"

"I understand. You'll be interested to know that they are both into inflicting pain and humiliation. They love to watch me suffer while they have their way with me. They're pretty good; not the best, but they're holding back quite a bit. They might be great if they knew you got off on watching me suffer and were willing to watch me get tortured to death. They're big time snuff fans and they'd love snuffing me. I got most of my best torture ideas from them telling me what they'd like to do to me. They like their snuff the way you do, Mom: slow, gruesome, and very bloody."

Susan was first to react and shouted, "Fuck, this is fantastic! We're home free!"

Adrian said, "I think so, but they still might try to put on airs. I wouldn't mention anything about the rapes. I think they feel pretty rotten about taking what I wouldn't give, and they feel sick for doing it the way they do, and for rubbing my nose in snuff. They're just very horny and nasty by their true nature. They have a large snuff porn collection that they forced me to watch. Animal porn is big with them, too. They especially like seeing little girls with horses. They even showed me a snuff film involving a girl and a horse. She got fucked to death while getting pieces cut off of her body. It was hard to tell what killed her."

Susan said, "I have got to see that one."

"Yeah, it was one of the best, though it was also one of the shortest. It took less than thirty minutes to do her in. By the time she stopped screaming and squirming, she was just a bloody torso stuck on a huge cock. They threatened to take me to some stables some day and they wanted me ready to perform -- not in a snuff film, just fucking and sucking. By the way, I now know what happened to little Tawney Baxter. She was kidnapped, alright ... but they can stop looking unless they want to look for dog-shit with bits of red-hair pigtails and freckles in it."

Susan, now masturbating again, said, "I know which stables they'll take you to. I don't know who got them into snuff unless it was Darlene. I know where they developed the fascination for girls with horses, anyway. They spied on me. I used to suck off horses when I was your age. I never fucked one, but I tried like hell.

"I know. They have pictures of you trying. They have home movies of you sucking horses off."

"Oh, that's marvelous. I can't wait to see them."

"They had me looking forward to a trip to the stables. I even told them I wanted to do it and didn't mind if they filmed me in action. Grandpa likes to fuck me while I describe what I'd do to make the performance good for the people who came to watch and take pictures. I think if you let it out that you'd like to see something like that, they'll jump right on-board and set a date."

"That'll be easy while we're watching you fuck Butch. He's hung like a horse. I'll just make the comment on how nice it would be if we had a horse and a video camera. Hopefully, I'll be fingering my pussy with my legs over their laps when I do. They'll be able to look into my wet cunt to see how serious I am. God, this is great. Okay, gang, we're almost there. Adrian, get those panties back on and get straight. All of you get straight and wipe your hands dry, you sluts. You guys lose those hard-ons. Start counting backward by threes. I want this to go perfectly and look natural. Remember who you were yesterday and get that way. Let me set the pace for all action except Bill and Adrian's. I'm going to go very slow, so be patient. I don't want to spook them until I know they can handle it."

Adrian said, "Mom, they're not the way you think they are. If you were more like Aunt Darlene, you'd know that. They are both big-time swingers. They don't sit around watching others, they're right in the thick of it: doing stuff, directing stuff. I've seen the videos, and they were participants in three snuff films. Grandma and Grandpa snipped Tawney's fingers, toes, and nipples off. You're the one they'll be worried about spooking. They'll be watching you and taking their cues from you. If you are waiting on them, this won't get anywhere."
Open file (29.25 KB 431x480 1156667030924.jpg)
"Adrian, I think I know my own parents a little better than you do. Just because they're sadistic doesn't mean they're vulgar and nasty. Deep down, they are still good Christians, and we're dealing in heavy-duty taboos here. Grand parent and grandchild incest and sodomy is one thing, but parent-child is quite another. They had many opportunities to partake, and didn't."

"They sure don't mind doing it with Darlene."

"Yes, and that has been going on since we were kids. Evidently, I'm different. Even after Daddy saw me suck a horse to his knees, he never came to me for a blow job. That should tell you something."

"It tells me that you never gave him a clear signal that you wanted to get nasty with them."

"Are you saying you did?"

"I didn't intend to, but they took it that way, yes. I told them I was being sexually molested by a bunch of torture potty freaks and asked them for help. They helped the freaks. It was a little misunderstanding that I never bothered to try to clear up because they rape me so good. Turns out I like being fucked and fucked with ... I just hate being asked or seduced. Ask Jennifer."

"Look, you let me do this my way. Alright, let's break legs."

Baby Jennifer said, "Huh? Oh, fun! I want to feel it while Adrian's legs break!"

* * *

Rose answered the door wearing an apron that was wet from doing dishes; the lovely 49-year-old had the refined beauty of Annette Benning or Emma Thompson.

She appeared pleasantly surprised at seeing the whole family, but gave Susan's outlandish attire a queer look while welcoming them in -- along with the obscene animal John and Benny tried to control with firm hands on his collar, trying to keep his muzzle from going up Adrian's dress. They had little luck, but Adrian tried to keep away and did her best to keep her skirt pinned to her legs.

As Susan passed by, she said, "Boys, get that damn dog put away. Take him to the garage and be sure you shut the door."

"What's all this, Susan dear?"

The pretty mommy turned, taking in her mother -- who appeared mesmerized by the dog's swinging cock which was hanging half out of the sheath and almost dragging the floor -- "Is Daddy home?"

Still watching the dog's swinging schlong, she said, "Yes, he's in the bedroom watching golf. What's this all about, Susan?"

"Would you call Daddy to the living room? We'll need to use the VCR. There's a video you both need to see."

"A video? Ah, a movie. If it's one of your Baptist propaganda films, forget it. We're through ..."

"It's a movie of me doing something terribly nasty, I'm afraid."


"I have been blackmailed into sharing it with you and Daddy ... with my family present. I suppose you have the right to refuse to watch it, but I'll suffer some terribly unpleasant consequence if you do."

"Susan, who is blackmailing you?"

"Who do you think?"

Rose looked shocked. "Darlene?"

"Who else? Mom, you know how Darlene is. Please watch the tape so you'll know the scenes in case she grills you. Please talk to Daddy and get him to watch, too."

"I'll go have a talk with him. Why don't you get everything ready? I'm pretty sure he'll watch it with us once I explain the seriousness. Please, make yourselves comfortable. I'll be right back."

This was perfect. They could now claim their chosen places and leave space for three on the sofa. They could also arrange the furniture placement more to their liking. They turned Rose's stuffed chair so that the right side would be aimed at the center of the sofa, then moved the sofa closer to the big-screen TV set and the chair, creating a cozy and intimate setting.

Once they had everything set and everyone seated, Susan said in hushed tones, "Did you see the look on her face when she saw Butch going after Adrian? God, that was beautiful, perfect. Everything is perfect. Adrian, you were fantastic, very convincing. Keep that look going. Better yet, why don't you hop down and sit on the floor the way you usually do?"

"Like this, Mommy?"

"Perfect. Bill, after you start the tape and see what's on it, drag her onto your lap. That will look JUST about right. Oh, God, I am absolutely going to love every minute of this. I could French kiss Darlene right between her perverted ass-cheeks. I wonder what's taking them so long? I hope Mom isn't calling Darlene."

Rose and Don were changing clothes and giving their genitals a quick washing. Anything was possible, and they wanted to be fresh and ready in a best-case scenario. Since Bill wore loose-fitting shorts and a T-shirt, Don opted for the same by wearing underwear: boxer shorts and a spaghetti-strap T-shirt to show a fit, toned body; he looked quite a bit like Liam Neeson or Daniel Day-Lewis.

Since the other girls wore summer sundresses, Rose changed her dress to something lighter, looser, and shorter. Susan wore no panties
or bra under the thin clinging dress -- as evidenced by no panty line along with tits that may as well be bare -- so Rose left her undies off and went commando. Unless she bent over slightly, you couldn't QUITE see that she wasn't wearing panties, but the fact that her tits were bare was quite noticeable: more so than on Susan.

As soon as they emerged, Susan knew what took them so long. Their attire was perfect ... almost too perfect, as though they were expecting to see a fuck-flick and live mutt-fuck show. Her father's semi-erect dick showed through the gaping fly. Her mother never went without a bra, so she looked equally conspicuous in the ridiculously short pull-over summer dress. Susan mused, "Okay, so Darlene might have told them what to expect. Still, Mom looked genuinely surprised. Oh, well ... so what?"
Open file (90.99 KB 650x919 1156800089508so4.jpg)
She took each by the appropriate hand and led them to the wide space in the center of the sofa. They took note of the re-arranged furnishings but said nothing while they sat as one: her handsome father on her right, lovely mother on her left, 9-year-old Judy beside Rose, 5-year-old Jennifer beside Don trying to see inside his fly. He appeared to have a cock even bigger than her daddy's.

Rose peeked down the loose-fitting top Judy had on and saw both tits to the tips. She placed a casual arm over Judy's shoulder and looked around before giving the left nipple a light flicking, leaning close to whisper, "I see you're excited. So am I. Can you tell?"

Everyone could. Susan and Adrian inherited their nipples from Rose. Don placed a re-assuring hand high on Susan's bare thigh and said, "Don't you worry, sweetheart. Whatever is on this tape goes no further than these doors, and we won't think any less of you. We know how these things can happen to decent people. You just relax and enjoy the show. I can guarantee you we will."

Still resting his hand on her intimate flesh, Susan smiled weakly and said, "Thank you, Daddy, but you haven't seen it. This is filth beyond anyone's imagination. Everyone is going to hate me and think I'm sick and perverted after they see what I did. I am so ashamed."

He placed his thigh-feeling hand around her shoulders and patted her inner thigh by reaching across with his right hand while hugging her close and saying, "There, there, precious. We will think nothing of the sort. You're not wearing any underwear, are you?"

"No, they're forbidden attire. Sorry."

"Don't be sorry. Any gal built like you should apologize for wearing anything."

"Oh," she said with a giggle. "Daddy!"

Susan looked to her lap because she was being felt up. The hem of her dress, already very short, was getting shorter, being bunched in advance of the rubbing, squeezing, paternal hand. He'd soon get his fingers wet, so she said, "Daddy, if you feel any higher you'll discover that I'm bald down there as well. More orders from Darlene. Go ahead and feel around all you want. Do as you please. I don't have one ounce of modesty left and certainly no claim on decency."

That was all he needed to hear to close the distance to her pussy, a one-inch leap. Once there, he felt her up from asshole to belly button, then pulled the dress off over her pretty 24-year-old head so he could see what he felt.

Bill stood and advanced to the VCR, halting to say, "Well, is everyone ready? Susan are you ready?"

Don waited until Bill was looking right into his wife's naked crotch before slipping her the finger. Since he did that, Susan went ahead and laid one leg over her father's lap and the other over her mother's, then settled back and said, "Yes, let's get this over with. Play the fucking thing, and don't look at us. I gave him my permission. What I have between my legs is no longer any concern of yours. Watch the tape and you'll see why. If you get horny, grab one of the girls. They're all yours, now. Have a fucking ball."

So much for going slow!

Bill marched to the VCR and punched the play button, then saw Adrian doing her horrified expression routine. He marched over, took her by the hand, and jerked her to her feet. He dragged her along, plopped into the chair, and pulled her across his lap with her ass perched on the arm of the chair. When she struggled to get away, he slapped her bare thigh hard enough to leave a bright red hand print, then slapped her again in the same place when she tried to close her legs on his advancing hand.

Bug Daddy Bill slapped her several more times before she let her legs remain where he placed them -- way wide -- then once more, right on the cunt, when she tried to keep him from moving the dress up her legs.

Once he had her under control, Bill ripped away her panties and laid the pretty preteen bare from the waist down with her legs wide; he was showing the sofa-gang her hairless, sopping wet, and well-fucked pussy while she sobbed into her hands. A hairless, sopping wet, well-fucked pussy didn't look right, not on little Adrian, but no one cared to bring that to anyone's attention. Don leaned into Susan and said, "Poor Adrian. Looks like she's the pick of the litter."

"Tough tittie. The little bitch has this coming.'

Don thought so, too. He also thought he had an explanation for the abused and loose-gaped look of the child's fuck-hole. She was obviously following his suggestion to get her pussy ready to take a horse, working out with large cucumbers and sleeping with one inside her. He was pleased to see evidence that she took him seriously, and thankful there wasn't a cucumber in there when her father tried to put his finger in.

While the opening backyard pool scene played on the big screen, Rose slid her hand inside Judy's top to fondle bare flesh while stroking
Susan's left leg high up on the inner thigh with the pinky resting against a fat labia lip. She leaned in to Judy and said, "Isn't this exciting? I'm touching your mother's pussy. Take a look."

Judy had to peer around a large breast to see, but she smiled on seeing. She also saw that Jennifer had her grandfather's fully erect cock out of the fly and in her pumping fist. Her mother, Rose, also had her hand on it, helping out with the pumping. Mostly, the sofa gang watched Bill feel up Adrian: fingering, nearly fisting, but mostly displaying her pussy. They were impressed by Adrian's act of mortification as she trembled and sobbed in shame, forced to hold her legs wide apart for it.

The tears were real; as real as the slaps.

Bill had Adrian totally naked before the opening lawn scene with Susan began. Shortly after it began, Adrian stopped her sobbing and took interest. Don said, "It looks like Adrian approves of your new hobby, Susan."

"I hope so, because I'm not giving it up."

"That's the spirit. You see something you like, you go for it. I can tell you like that dog's dick."

"What's not to like, Daddy? It's long, it's hard, and it's in my pussy."
He and Rose laughed, then Rose said, "Now, you're talking like a true Harrington female. It's about fucking time, that's all I have to say. When I next see Darlene, I'm kissing her between the legs three ways: long, slow, and continuously just to thank her for bringing out the Harrington in you."

They watched thirty minutes without a noticeable escalation in the living room action ... other than the sofa gang all had hands working in each other's genitals. The boys had their cocks out and were jacking off. Rose felt up two pussies that didn't belong to her, and Baby Jennifer sucked on her Grandpa's dick while her mother did the pumping. Little Judy, Rose, and Susan all had their tits out.

Bill exposed Adrian in every imaginable way; he had her complete cooperation once the on-screen action got hot and heavy and two dogs were featured. He made her masturbate with both hands, fuck herself with a light bulb, and eat herself with her fingers. She was horny and let it show, playing directly to her grandparents. She wanted someone to fuck her, but nobody made a move on her. She eyed her grandfather's familiar cock longingly. She licked her lips and opened up her pussy to him, silently trying to coax him over.

He laughed and made her suffer.

Don was thrilled that Adrian now openly wanted his cock and didn't care who knew. He was more thrilled that Susan found it amusing and taunted Adrian with his stiff cock ... so close, yet so far away. Suffer, bitch. They often laughed together, more interested in what was going on in the chair than on the screen. Adrian suffered beautifully.

8-year-old Judy and her lovely grandma Rose were into the movie and freely discussed their mutual interest in bestiality and pussy in tones everyone could hear. They were like lesbian lovers and often engaged in long French kisses while feeling each other up, sucking titties and wet fingers. Rose loved getting her hand sopping wet between Susan's legs then feeding them to Judy, or smearing the vaginal wetness onto her own tits for Judy to lick off.

Rose pushed Judy's face into her crotch and into sexy mommy Susan's crotch, then licked Judy's face after each time she did that until Judy went with only a slight nudge and ate pussy while she was at it. Susan humped the cutie's face for her. Rose followed suit when it was her turn to get a facial. Susan offered to lick the maternal slit slime off of Judy's face, thrilling her mommy. Rose had Judy get up and get her face wet in Adrian and Baby Jennifer's crotch so that she could have of taste of them, too. Rose and Susan shared face.

Bill couldn't think of anything else to do with Adrian except fuck her ... and he wasn't ready to do that. He wanted a beer, so he set her on her feet and sent her away with a cruel slap to her ass. Adrian strutted her stuff in front of the sofa, putting a sexy sway in her young hips while thrusting out her sleek chest. Susan sent her along with a foot to the ass, saying, "You're not getting any cock here, slut. And stay away from the garage. That dog is mine. If you need fucking that bad, go stand out on the highway and strut your sexy whore little ass up and down the road. I'm sure you'll find a dog that will put you out of your misery if you'll suck on his cock for him."

Adrian made a pouting face and went on her way with a finger in her pussy, looking like a little girl who had to pee real bad. They laughed.

Rose said, "I do believe you'd put her on the street. And you would, wouldn't you, Susan?"

"Mother, if I knew of a good child molester, I'd hire him to babysit her. I'd drop her off and then pick her up after he was finished with her. My only stipulation would be that he not use a rubber or pull out. He could do whatever turns him on ... and I would make that perfectly clear to him. I'm dead serious. I always say, what doesn't kill you makes you strong -- even if it kills you. For years I've been saying that meeting up with a sadistic child molester would do her a world of good. Isn't that right, Bill?"

"That's right. If Susan found one, she'd hand the kid over and say, 'have at her'. What's more, I'd go along even if I knew the guy was into the rough stuff: whips, branding, body piercing, snuff films, that sorta stuff. I would have approached my brother-in-law Arnold, but he's too tame to do a girl like her much good. She needs a hardcore snuff guy with lots of time on his hands. We're waiting on someone like that guy that snatched Tawney. Personally, I think the little bitch got snuffed."

Susan said, "I do, too. I think he's still around and has his sights set on Adrian. She's grade-A snuff material, she is. I'll tell you the God's honest truth. If he approached me and told me that he wanted to skin Adrian alive, I'd strip her naked, place her in his arms, and offer to buy the razor blades and video tapes just so I could watch. Just thinking about that child being tortured to death makes my pussy drool. Feel, Daddy. You, too, Mom."

Rose and Don exchanged silent messages while checking Susan's oil, trying to decide whether or not to come clean. They decided to wait ... though she was a quart over full. It was too perfect, possibly a setup. All this talk of snuff made them nervous, and it was all done in front of Adrian, which struck them as very odd.

After pausing at the sofa to listen in on the snuff exchange that no one seemed to care that she overheard, Adrian brought the beer to her father then waited to see how he wanted her, seeming unfazed by all she'd heard ... and she heard all.

Rose said in a loud, clear voice, "If you ever find this man and cut a deal with him, we'll kick in on the razor blades for ringside seats."

Susan said, "It would be my treat, Mother."

Don said, "Hey, little Snuff Princess, I'd like a beer, too."

She went for another, still walking her sexy strut. She brought it to him, moving between the sofa and the coffee table to get up close. Don ran his hand up her leg and entered her pussy with two middle fingers, saying, "My, but you are a horny little snuff princess, aren't you?"
Adrian widened her knees and jutted her cunt into his hand, saying, "Yes, Sir."

"Would you like Grandpa to snuff you or to fuck you?"

"I'd rather get fucked, if I have a choice. At least, at first."

"Would you let me cum inside your pussy?"

"Yes. You can cum anywhere you want ... especially if I'm going to get snuffed anyway."

"That's good, because from now on, I'm going to fuck you every chance I get. I'll come to your house and fuck you. I'll you in every hole. I'll fuck you at the dinner table, and I'll keep fucking you until I get you pregnant. I hope to have you knocked up by 4th grade. And if I ever find out you washed any of my sperm out, I'll skin you alive with a dull pocket knife. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Sir. I never will, I swear."

Don was so pleased he could burst. This was a test to see if her father would be a problem. He knew Susan was on-board. She was so on-board that she climbed aboard, climbed aboard his cock and settled her juicy clam to his thick cock and began doing little bouncy squats. Bill still had no objection, so Don said to the envious little girl, "Get up on the coffee table and show us what you'd do to my cock with that beer bottle you're holding. Show us how much you want my cock and don't want me to take a razor to your lovely skin."

"I want your razor, Sir. I want your cock and your razor, your bottles and blades, your belts and your baseball-bat; I want to get fucked to death. I want all of you to feel me as you break me."

"Show me."

Rose scooted next to Don, turned her body to face Judy, and presented Judy with a beaver. She then reached out and pulled the child's head into it and settled back to watch Adrian prove herself.

Adrian climbed on the table and assumed a wide stance centered between grandparents. She took the long-necked Corona bottle and fitted it to her opening; it was familiar, Jennifer had used them on her before. The sensation was a familiar one, though she'd never been fucked with an ice-cold full one.

She sank the neck in steadily to the wide body, then began fucking herself in a jutted-out half squat. Her cunt filled with foamy brew and suds ran down her slim legs, but that didn't slow her down. On and on she fucked herself while they all laughed; at least, those who didn't have a mouthful of genitalia ... which now included Baby Jennifer, who mouthed the sloppy, incestuous intersection of her pretty mother and Grandpa.

Adrian did squats on the bottle as it rested on the table top, sinking all the way down till her cunt lips kissed oak. She laid on her back and fucked the bottle into herself, cupping the base in her hand, drawing the bottle out to the end and slamming it home to the palm, draining out all the liquid during her climax.

While Adrian laid there like a lab-frog in post orgasmic bliss, slowly moving the bottle in and out, Susan wormed her big toe up Adrian's ass, looked back to her father and said, "I do believe my daughter wants to have your baby. That might take years. Do you think she's worth the bother, or would you rather just snuff her ass?"

"It's no bother, Susan, no bother at all. I'd be happy to knock her up. We can snuff her in her ninth month and get two for one. Would you like to watch your daddy cut the baby out of this darling's womb with a pocket knife while your mother wittles off her fingers and toes and chews her titties off?"

"Daddy, you're trying to make me cum, aren't you?"

Don smiled big, then addressed himself to Adrian, saying, "That was good, snuff princess. Now go get me another beer and then go suck your father's cock. We're trying to watch a god damn fuck flick."

Adrian groaned, rolled off the table and off her mother's toe, then went for another cold one. Bill said, "You're hired, Don."

Susan said, "We're serious, Daddy. Knock her ass up with our blessing. I'm giving you a free hand with her. Do anything that turns you on ... anything at all. Molest the fuck out of her. If you do decide to snuff her, we only want you to invite us all along."

"I'll do that. It'll be my pleasure to molest that child and instill in her some much needed discipline. I plan to install rings in her nipples and in her clit so she'll be easier to control during a whipping."

Rose said, "I do most of the whipping around here, and I use a bull whip. Hitting her in the cunt should be no problem with that sexy gash she has between her legs."

"Ummm, you two keep talking like that and you'll make me cum for sure."

Adrian returned with another beer and this time, after having heard that disturbing bit of conversation, came up along the outside of the coffee table. She handed her Grandpa the beer, then went straight to her father, dropped to her knees, and began sucking his cock like a girl who had been DEEPLY turned on by something she heard. Rose said, "Susan, darling, if we were to turn Adrian into a breeding mare, would that make you cum?"
Open file (39.91 KB 323x600 1200699217412.jpg)
"Oh, God, yes! Please do, but invite us along. We'd love to watch."

"We'd love to have you. Shall we set a date to begin her training? We're serious about this, Susan. She'll be fucking horses: sucking them and fucking them."


"You should be aware that the mare sometimes dies, not from the horse, but from the people who come to watch. Lust sometimes turns to blood lust. Like you say, she is a little snuff princess. We could lose her. If things get bloody, we'll join in. With her, there's a good chance things will turn bloody. I'm serious."

"By all means. The sooner, the better."

"Next weekend at the Robinson ranch. Shall we make it an all-weekend affair? The longer we have her, the more likely things will get bloody. Don't worry. We have effective ways of disposing of the carcass. You were right, Tawney got snuffed. We have the film if you'd care to watch your parents in action."

"We'd love to see you two in action. We'd love to see all the snuff you have."

"Great. You'll see what Adrian may be in for, only we'll see that her ordeal lasts much longer; I'd like to have her pregnant when we finally do the deed, but she may not have any limbs after the weekend. As soon as we see things headed that way, we'll take over and see that it lasts at least into Sunday night. She won't die before the Sabbath, I'll promise you that."

"Perfect. As you recall, she was born on the Sabbath. We'll be there except for Jennifer. She has a weekend engagement with Arnold and Darlene."

"Oh, that's delightful," Don said. "Arnold and Darlene are actually meeting us out there next weekend. Obviously they had plans for Jennifer, but I think Adrian will make a better mare. Besides, they probably wouldn't kill Jennifer. Not yet, anyway. If Adrian can do that to a tall beer bottle, she'll have no trouble taking a horse's cock, and seeing full penetration fucking is what gets them fired up."

"Don't worry, we'll see to it that she can take a stallion to the balls. We have all week to whip her into shape. I may start the blood flowing myself. I'd love to slice off her clit to keep as a souvenir. I'll bring a razor knife and a pair of pliers just to be ready, but I think she'll be kissing that clit of hers goodbye on Saturday morning. She will kiss the bloody thing, too."

Rose shouted out, "Adrian, I know you are listening to this. Are those plans all right by you?"

Adrian sucked cock with her ass toward the sofa, showing her rear beaver which had a finger working in it. She took her mouth of her father's cock to say, "Yes, I believe I'll be free next weekend."

That response cracked everyone up. When the laughter died, Susan said, "Someone should let that dog loose. I believe he'd find a way to let her know we're serious and this is no joking matter."

Rose said, "I'll let him in if you'd like."

"I think I would like. Yes, I most certainly would. We'll see if she can handle horses."

Adrian made it to 13 and two babies before her grand-daddy finally got too excited with a razor, but she wasn't intact for most of it; by age 9 she was a pet-girl with four stumps at the elbows and knees, and by 12 she was a pillow-girl with stumps at her shoulders and hips. Jennifer & Judy disappeared three months later on a Sunday. Benny was 16 by that point, going by 'Bethany', and on a special regimen of vitamins, special pills and routine injections provided by friends of the family. 'She' lasted another month.

All four -- and Tawney -- are still on milk cartons.

Still a mystery.

(MFf+ ped inc bond non-con beast ws preg snuff extreme)
- a Phil Phantom/Madame Zulu tribute/mash-up/edit by Nicholas Fellheimer:

I knew full and well -- from the very moment I accepted the invitation -- that when I brought my family to the Woodward Estate for a weekend pool party, my pretty twelve-year-old daughter Kaitlyn would be the focal point.

Hell, I knew that little Kaitlyn was the point of the party.

Kaitlyn is the rarest kind of beauty: an unspoiled and angel-faced little dove, the kind of cute & coltish white-trash tomboy who has been turning heads with her bright green eyes, shy smile, button nose, adorable dimples and long red pigtails since she was still in diapers. Now that her smooth, stunning body is growing into the tight curves and heaving, perky bounty of a very generous puberty, watching her walk down the street in hip-hugging short-shorts and a too-tight wife-beater is enough to get most men -- and plenty of women -- openly drooling.

Just leaning and playing with her hair, my curvy, petite preteen goddess of a daughter gets cocks standing at attention; when she bends over in bikini bottoms and one coral-pink lip of her smooth, hairless peach slips out, I’ve seen men nearly fall over. The loud wolf-whistles and lewd remarks that get my exquisite baby girl blushing aren’t just from our fellow trailer-trash: she makes police officers, big-city bankers and priests start seriously contemplating rape when she takes a stroll.

Darling young Kaitlyn looks even better than I did at her age, and that’s high praise indeed: I’ve been a paying the bills stripping -- and part-time hooking -- since I was 14. I’m told that I look like a twenty-something Christina Hendricks, and I get plenty of attention from men of all ages. I’ve got more than a dozen regular lovers, including a well-hung 17 year-old from across the road, his cocky father and a pair of local bartenders; I haven’t paid for an oil change, a plumbing repair, a speeding ticket, a beer or a pizza in years.

My two littlest girls, adorable 8-year-old twins (Roxi & Randi), get even more attention than me: they’re both dead-ringers for a red-headed Dakota Fanning from ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ and have the cute, rambunctious charm of baby beauty-pageant queens. Keeping a cock out of either of them is damn near impossible, and I’ve got men lined around the block to babysit for them. They’re both irrepressible three-hole whores for their older brothers -- Mike, 15; Joe, 16; Nick, 17 -- those charming and devilish motherfuckers.

But my gorgeous doll of a daughter Kaitlyn is truly in a league of her own. She’s got an ass that could make a grown man weep, curves like a classic Chevy and a face that belongs on the glossy cover of a glamour magazine -- or the big screen. Yes, my petite, preteen goddess finally got the attention of the rich and famous, it seems ... and then I did, too.

Shortly thereafter, both of us got challenged. Her three horny older brothers weren’t challenged, and neither were her twin baby sisters, but the whole damn family was invited along to observe us. The message from the high-&-mighty Woodwards was simple: the pool-party was an opportunity for real social advancement. Kaitlyn would be challenged. I would be challenged. The family would be watched.

And the wealthy folks hosting the event would be delighted to reward any of us cute little white-trash girls who impressed them. Exactly what this ‘challenge’ would be, of course, wasn't made explicit ... but it was understood to be sexual. The well-to-do guests were sexual like-minds: rich and jaded, cruel and powerful, deeply into everything kinky.
The first incentive -- just to go the full weekend -- was ten grand. Ten-thousand fucking dollars, just to spend Saturday noon until Monday noon, forty-eight hours, lounging by the fucking pool.

I was focused on that ten grand. That would solve so many goddamn problems. Kaitlyn knew -- fuck, the whole family knew -- how badly we needed even one grand; ten would be so nice. We would be set. Not rich, maybe, but SET.

If we impressed them enough, this was only the beginning.

We had to give this sexual challenge very serious thought; we had to try to imagine kinky, too-scary things that would cause us to fail. The whole family needed to sit in on this family meeting: if nothing else, my three horny boys and my two baby-slut daughters could think up kinky things that rich, sick fuckers would like.

Assumption was, this challenge would involve plenty of things that rich, sick fuckers like.

We got the meeting underway in the living room, all my kids assembled on the couch half-naked, and I was pleased to discover that we were all on the same page: the whole family assumed that Kaitlyn was going to get fucked, and fucked hard. It wouldn’t be her first time, I learned. My oldest daughter had sucked quite a few dicks -- including her brothers and most of my guys -- but the last boyfriend had gotten everything ... then went after another virgin girl's everything, and was now doing his best to impregnate another, along with her mom.

I assumed as much, but the boys and my daughters saw her do it all -- bound, fucked hard in the ass, raped in the mouth, suffering plenty of cum-shots in a fertile little pussy, and then hosed down in piss -- with the very rich and very handsome Jeffrey Woodward, the very son of the man who came to me with a mother/daughter sexual challenge.

Richard Woodward, well-hung multi-millionaire owner of Woodward Architecture and Woodward Pharmaceuticals, fucked me right after the challenge was laid down; his son fucked me in the ass while Richard pissed down my throat and wrote me a check for $100 just to cover my time.

They did me right in the middle of Walmart, middle of the afternoon.

Jeffry wiped his sloppy dick on my cheek after his dad zipped up, and they left me in a well-fucked puddle of cum, piss and torn clothes on the tile floor ... right next to a great number of local bargain shoppers who were pretending not to watch. A lot of it got filmed on iPhones and posted online. The best one was called “cleanup needed, aisle 8.”

We had four days to get ready for ‘The Challenge”.

Before the pool party got underway, I needed to know everything my little Kaitlyn had experience in. She -- and the rest of the family -- desperately wanted to know everything I had experience in; cocks were getting hard as I explained the terms of the challenge, and my daughters were squirming on thick fingers.

I did have a wide, raunchy range of sexual experience, and I was up for something sexually wild. Pretty much anything, to be honest, and not just for the money: I have a hungry cunt that needs a good raping from a strong man, on occasion, and to be used as a helpless fuck-toy by a crowd. I could sure use a lot more of Jeffrey and his father, for instance ... and their big black driver looks like he knew how to put a deep fucking on a little white bitch.

Letting my fingers slide to my crotch, I realized that I could barely remember the last time I had been fucked so hard I couldn’t walk. I remembered the first time, though: I was 8, and still had “Property of Alpha Phi Alpha” tattooed above my pussy to prove it.

I knew I could handle most anything. I doubted Kaitlyn could ... yet.

But she was acting like she could -- and she stated it wasn't just the money motivating her, either.
“Mom, I’m so fucking horny. I can do this. I don’t mind the guys, knowing either -- I got off when they saw what I did with Jeff. I want Roxi and Randi there. I want them to see me earn money; I want them to see what a whore I am. I can take cocks, Mom -- lots of them! -- and they all know it.”

I frowned. “Are you sure you can do this, honey? I don’t think you know what you’re getting into.”

“Here,” she pouted. “Let’s just all take off all of our clothes for the meeting. I need to cum so bad, Mom, seriously. Let me take off my clothes, and you can tell me what all those men are going to do to me.”

By this point, my ravishing preteen daughter was openly masturbating with her right hand; her left hand was eagerly stroking the cock of her big brother Mike, who had baby Roxi thrashing on his thick fingers.

The meeting was a complete success.

We had three days of fucking around -- with me telling my stories, all three brothers using her every way they could think of, and the twins acting as fluffers, piss providers, and cleanup crew -- all giving Kaitlyn as much experience as we could. All seven of us shared my big bed: a three-day family orgy. My sexy little daughter and I became passionate lovers who could not get enough of each other; I taught her to French-kiss my asshole as her she took a thick cock in each of her nether holes, making the little bitch cry as we got her all-but-water-tight.

She ached for more.

She was almost ready.

She needed one very last thing: discipline.

I knew the subject well -- both giving and receiving -- so the last day was spent working on finding out how much pain she could take. It turned out that Kaitlyn, like me, could take it.

Really take it.

If chocking, slapping, spanking or harsh, brutal belting was the kink -- and I had reason to believe it was -- we would have no problem. I was very encouraged by what my girl could take ... and what my other children could dish out.

We had a lot of fun belt-whipping Kaitlyn; I had to go out and buy the right belts, of course. The boys and I took the last of our money, dressed in our very best, and went shopping. We left Kaitlyn tied to the bed to do it, while her little sisters each practiced fisting her.

The best belts, of course, are wide and soft: made of very pliable leather that can't cut even the most delicate tender flesh. Those motherfuckers float like a butterfly, sting like a bitch, especially when those ends get soggy from a drenched and slobbery cunt. That does make for a real bee sting: bumble-bee in the pink of pussy.

Half the fun, once we got back, was putting little Kaitlyn in lewd poses, which she had to hold while being whipped: ass, back of the legs, hip, everywhere. I allowed no pussy strikes -- at first -- but I did allow inner thighs and tit hits. We hurt her pretty bad, leaving her covered from the tops of her knees to her collarbone with thin red lashes.

And there were some, of course, that did strike her pussy, which got a yowl or two. I didn’t make a big issue out of it, so there were eventually quite a few more than accident allows for. I, personally, hit her between the legs three times that weren't accidents: just too damn tempting.

Sometimes you just had to haul off and nail that gaping cunt good.
We were giving her hell: not showing her much in the way of mercy, nor giving her much of a break. My boys had strong arms, and Kaitlyn’s wicked little sisters were very energetic. Even when we took breaks, she didn't get much of one; those dirty big brothers and their naughty sisters wouldn't stop hurting Kaitlyn’s little pussy in other cruel ways. They were endlessly inventive: snapping at her clit with rubber bands, sticking needles through her labia and her nipples, spanking her bare bottom until she bled, drawing on her with razors and stuffing things inside her.

She got fucked in the ass with a baseball bat, even.

I punished her -- pushed her -- as hard as I dared, trying to force her to her limit, and just the time we devoted to that was punishing as hell. In all, over eleven hours with no real breaks: just little breathers in the beatings to do semi-safe sexual torture.

Kaitlyn was more than a trooper about it: she was addicted. She was cumming as we abused her, begging for more, wanting to see what she could take.

By the end, I knew she could do it.

My pretty preteen goddess ended up with a very punished pussy: one we were hoping wouldn't look too punished by noon the next day. When we all crawled into bed together, exhausted and cuddling, we had fourteen hours for the swelling to go down, the marks to fade and the redness to go away.

Then again, the Woodwards couldn't blame us for preparing, and there was no demand she be any kind of unblemished virgin. They wanted young and gorgeous; she was still that, as pretty as any girl you ever saw, only not a bit shy and a lot tougher than she looked.

She very much impressed me.

We went off to this challenge feeling optimistic; hell, we were downright giddy. The whole family felt ready for whatever they threw at us. We looked great, we felt great, and none of us could think of a single thing we couldn’t see, enjoy ... and TOP.

Hell, as the limo pulled up into our trailer park and we all climbed in, we joked that maybe we would come off too strong. My twin daughters loudly hoped that firm, cruel discipline would be the kinky thing: it would be a damn shame, they said, if none of the guest were willing to abuse the hell out of Kaitlyn like they could.

Kaitlyn blushed, bit her cute lower lip, and said she hoped they would hurt her.

Hurt her bad.

It was devilishly fun hurting her and being cruel to her, but I also understood how much she got out of it. There’s a weird, powerful kind of pleasure seeing people get off on being cruel to you. A little girl can get high when the pain is extreme and unrelenting enough. Females, especially the young, have natural endorphins to help in childbirth, but prolonged and excruciating pain also triggers the release from that pharmacy in the brain.

You get high. Pain junkies get hooked on it.

I know she got high, and I knew that nailing her cunt now and then gave her another dose of a drug she was built to become addicted to. As for torture -- especially the pins, the needles and the razors, the very cruelest -- she just suffered beautifully without any attempt to avoid any or stop any.

We got her very horny talking about how we were going to be with her from now on, there in the limo. I let her know how cruel I'd be ... and I let her know how she'd better take damn good care of her cruel brothers, or suffer the consequences.

Her little sisters, talking about handcuffing her to the bed and bringing in men to knock her up, got little Kaitlyn masturbating a very sore pussy. I hoped like hell this thing would be disciplinary.

We were very ready for that by the time we got there.

We just weren’t ready for the reality.
It was a pool party at the biggest mansion I had ever laid eyes on, even in a movie; the sprawling grounds of the vast Woodward Estate went on for miles upon miles of rambling, densely-forested hills and creeks in every direction. There were two dozen or more elegantly appointed buildings half-hidden, back, shaded in the dark-green canopy as we passed -- all were connected by quaint curving paths and charming bridges laced through the woods. It was like a small city, plucked from the wealthiest part of turn-of-the-century Paris and then nestled into the thick woods.

We passed through two sets of guarded gates, ringed by razor-wire, and saw more opulent buildings; many were only glimpsed through the trees. The place, for all its enormous size, somehow still seemed all the more secluded, quiet and private: this was far beyond anything I had expected, alien and isolated.

The private drive was a sea of limousines.

The guests were all rich, young and gorgeous, all of them plucked from centerfolds and casting-couches. Many of the swimsuits we saw -- just on the walk up to the main house from the limo -- were extremely brief, so Kaitlyn's string bikini was actually modest swimwear; the thin, too-tight one-piece suits worn by the twins were absurdly conservative by comparison. The women in attendance, every one of them tanned and beautiful, were mostly topless in thong bottoms; many were nude except for jewelry, elaborate hairdos, tattoos and fetish-wear. The twenty or thirty young servers all were: nipple rings, handcuffs, chains, strings of anal beads and dog-collars glittered in the bright sunlight, accentuating the smooth, naked flesh.

We were among very sexy, very powerful young humans. Some of them were terrifyingly wealthy ... the rest were exquisite pets.

At the massive front door, we were greeted by two tiny, lovely Asian girls in absurdly brief French maid uniforms, cut low enough to see the dark curves of nipple above the swell of ample breasts; they might have been twins, and each looked a lot like a teenage Lucy Liu. One was obscenely pregnant, and milk soaked through her uniform’s top; when the little girls bent over, it was clear that both were naked below their short skirts, leaking cum from abused and hairless cunts.

The whole family was given a brief tour of the mansion’s first floor, which was luxurious beyond my ability to describe, and gifted with drink after drink from the many bars: there seemed to be one tucked into every other lavish room. We were shown the massive basement, as well, past the open showers and changing area -- like something from an ancient, echoing Roman bath -- then were wordlessly ushered out to the pool area.

We blinked, and our jaws dropped.

It was a huge and magnificent series of vast pools, steaming saunas, open-air bars and sparkling hot-tubs woven through the greenery and the aquariums, a winding garden set on various tiers of frosted glass and smooth-poured concrete. It looked more like an arena or a stadium than a back yard; it felt like five square miles of tropical beach paradise imported from a dream. Long, colorful banners waved in the breeze, and hundreds of beautiful, mostly-naked people lounged in the warm shade.

Depravity, likewise, was in casual abundance.
We watched as a tall, muscular man stood from his deck-chair, fisted his thick cock twice to coat it in suntan oil, and then began to fuck the gaping asshole of a little long-haired boy dressed in a bikini, expertly made-up in coy, alluring blush & eye-shadow. The child was bent over another chair; the tiny preteen -- all of maybe 7 years old -- was nursing on a savaged cunt which sprayed piss into ‘her’ open mouth while the lovely young woman to which the dripping pussy belonged spread her knees into a vulgar beaver and idly played with her heaving tits.

Through the girl's nipples were dozens of long, wicked pins; dropplets of blood beaded like dark crimson jewels on her flawless flesh.

After a few moments of smoothly fucking the little boy‘s ass, the big man pulled out of ‘her,’ grabbed the girlie-trap by the nape of the neck and forced the itty-bitty kindergartener to begin licking his shit-streaked cock clean even as piss sprayed across the little one’s cheek. Another grown man stepped up and began sodomizing the tiny, bikini-clad loli-boi; a line formed as the petite thing began chocking under the dual oral assault, deep-throating and crying even as ‘she’ sputtered piss from a cute button nose.

A few seats down from that chair, a large black man rudely pushed his cock into the asshole of a struggling young girl, a tiny Hispanic grade-schooler already impaled on a fat length of dick that was making a mess of her under-developed pussy. The huge negro began forcing the head of his tool into the girl’s unwilling anus; when she began to struggle, he called over a little Asian girl who fell to her knees and began prying at the tiny asshole with nimble fingers, licking -- and spitting -- into the entrance as it widened.

Next to the pool, three elegantly-dressed women took turns pissing on a sobbing, curvaceous dark-haired teenager; the girl was being held down onto her back by a man that might have been her father, her slim shoulders pinned to the ground by his knees as he masturbated a huge, gore-soaked cock over her face. A group of lovely, blonde little girls were jamming things into the brunette teenager’s already-bulging snatch, giggling; others held the girl’s long legs in the splits, and I could see that the pinned girl was bleeding, and heavily, from ragged wounds all across her smooth skin.

One of the ash-pale blonde girls tormenting the big-titted teen pushed too hard, and the lithe young thing shook long raven tresses as she was wracked with violent spasms; she coughed up a foam of dark blood just as the man pinning her sprayed long ropes of semen across her ample breasts.

As we looked on, mouths agape, the black-haired beauty was unceremoniously flipped over like a deflating sex-doll; with her face down and her perfectly rounded buttocks elevated, copious waves of blackish ichor poured from her mouth ... lifeblood flecked with stips of torn, pink tissues. She twitched, trying to get her hands underneath her, as another large man took her by the hips and began raping her vulnerable asshole.

The girl died, choking on her own ruptured cervix and ruined womb, even as her pretty face was rubbed red and raw again the unforgiving concrete beside the pool. She breathed her last, blowing bubbles of slick vomit and ripped uterus, as yet another man began pumping his seed into her cooling shit-pipe; when he pulled out and began pissing on her, men in thick rubber aprons -- armed with meat hooks, buckets and butcher’s knives -- approached.

Only then did I smell the BBQ.
Without even glancing down, I slapped each of my twin girls on the ass and told them to go make friends. The two little nymphs bounced away gleefully, shedding their suits as they went. That was the last I saw of them, except in photographs.

My fingers trembling, I took my suit off, and then pulled the strings on Kaitlyn’s top: my daughter was in a daze, both hands already jammed down the front of her bikini bottoms and playing with her glistening pussy. I pulled the last of her suit down, pulled it off her dainty feet, turned her toward the party, and gave her a gentle push.

The long, thin marks of our torture gleamed in the sunlight as she walked away.

The man who challenged us -- Richard Woodward, the homeowner, a man second only to God Himself -- walked up to me and my son. Smiling, he kissed me on the cheek. “You made it.”

“I-- yes. Sir, I--”

Richard said, "I'm going to fuck you now."

I said, "Oh -- well, boys, go have fun. Have something to eat. This nice man is going to fuck me."

“Actually, I would prefer it if they watch.”

Swallowing hard, I looked at my sons. “Will you please watch Mommy get raped?”

He liked that.

The boys liked watching him fuck me, too.

I liked being fucked, I discovered, while my sons watched me ... along with about twenty other kids and a few dozen adults.

Richard bent me over a deck-chair and fucked me until I came, again and again; as he pissed down my throat, I was mother-fucked. I was then fucked by other mother's sons; I was fucked by the help; I was fisted by little girls; I drank fresh fuck from a dozen gaping cunts.

I was not up for being fucked by a dog, but two dogs fucked me: one in my asshole, the other in my mouth. Fuck!

After that, I was taken out to see my daughter. Two hours had gone by. She had been beaten, branded, pierced, tattooed, whipped: easily raped about twenty times, her pussy and asshole nearly destroyed. There was enough cum poring from her two fuck-holes to puddle beneath her, and semen drooled from her lips. She looked absolutely high on pain -- spread-eagle on a deck chair -- and was struck hard across her bounteous tits with a belt just as I arrived.

The man beating her got her right across both nipples; blood ran freely from the wicked metal rings hooked through each one. She took that cruel strike without shrieking -- my little Kaitlyn only closed her eyes for a moment, composed herself, looked to me -- and said, “I keep cumming when they rape me, Mommy.”

I smiled and said, "Everybody seems very pleased with the way you take a raping. I’m getting lots of compliments.”

"I was raped by dogs, Mom."

"Me too ... kinky, huh? Did you get mouth-bred?"

"YES! I could barely breathe when the dogs fucked my mouth; I think I passed out a few times. Did you?"

"Yup. The one in my ass bothered me the most: the fucking knot popped in. That big cock had a knot like a fucking baseball.”

My daughter was masturbating now, and another lash came down on her tits. She smeared the blood into her clit, working at her slobbering hole with both hands. "They’re so cruel. I'm really screwed -- I’m going to die here, aren't I?"

"Probably. You should look like hell by sundown, but damn if you don’t look sexy now. Give me your hand."

She pulled her delicate fingers away from her frothing crotch, grabbed my palm, closed her eyes, and got another lash: this one right between the legs, splitting her smooth lips so good that the whip-tip put a red weal right on the shaved mound -- dead center. It almost looked like he had split her clit.

Kaitlyn’s pretty eyes stayed closed for almost a full minute, and she didn't breathe with her eyes closed. Goosebumps covered her slick, perfect skin.
I finally said, "Did you cum?”

She slowly opened her eyes, looked at me, and nodded. "More than once. My poor pussy. Mommy, I love it when they hurt me."

“You suffer beautifully."

Another group of men arrived; the first fellow casually flipped my preteen daughter over and began to ruthlessly sodomize her.

Mrs. Woodward snuggled up to me from behind as I watched, casually hefting one of my tits in her right hand as she ran two perfectly manicured fingers around the gaping entrance to my ruined asshole; I felt thick rivulets of cum drool into her palm. “Ah, how I adore you helpless commoners.”

“Well, I thank you for--”

She licked my neck, breathing into my ear. “You belong to us, now. Slavery still exists, my dear -- did you know that?”

I shook my head, watching my daughter’s rapist dump fresh cum inside her ass.

“Yes. The slaves today are Eastern Europeans, Latinos and Asians: all yearning to breathe free, and we hold their keys. Many are here illegally, of course; many more have crushing debts or fabricated criminal records. My family collects them, houses them, controls every facet of their lives ... and we use them to amuse ourselves, sexually and otherwise.”

I stuttered. “D-do ... do you, now?”

“Oh yes,” she said with a wicked smile, cupping my face and casually smearing the runny fuck from my asshole across my lips. “I always enjoyed watching Daddy hurt the slaves, ever since I was a little girl. I even instigated abuse when I was bored; I’ve been watching people raped for my amusement since before I could walk. On my fourteenth birthday, I had a tiny Asian girl of nine publically stripped, beaten until most of her limbs were broken, then raped to death in front of her family. Daddy let me pick out the executioner. He made all the men on our plantation drop their pants, and I walked the line until I found the one I wanted: a big black one. The little girl was even smaller than one of your darling twins, I think. I found it very amusing; even after she died, he kept pummeling her lifeless body while her family screamed and wept. Most amusing, indeed.”

I shuddered. Her expert hands ran over my body like I was property: caressing, squeezing, raking with nails and occasionally pinching. I was getting close to cumming again, even as she began entering my asshole with four fingers.


“Ah, yes. I love thinking about it, remembering how that poor little battered and bleeding girl squirmed as that big black cock penetrated her virgin cunt and kept driving in relentlessly, pushing right through the wall of her cervix and into her guts. He had a fourteen-inch cock as thick as my wrist; I’d be shocked if she had fourteen inches from her vulva to her collarbone. She was such a petite little fuck-doll. During the inspection, I remember that I stroked that monster cock of his and whispered in his ear, 'Get this all the way in the little bitch or I’ll ask Daddy to cut it off for me to put in a jar.' What an amazing cock he had."

“D-did he? Get it all the way in her, I mean?”
Open file (66.71 KB 950x1267 1264926080916.jpg)
“Of course. He knew his place. He fucked her guts, punched right through her; it was a bloody mess. She didn’t die quickly, either. She died from loss of blood and remained conscious and squirming to the filthy end. Her mommy watched her daughter die just to amuse me.”

I shuddered again. “Like ... this is like a snuff film.”

She began to masturbate me, smiling as we both watched my daughter get anally raped again. “Oh, you know about snuff films? I thought those were a rather exclusive domain.”

“I-I’ve heard they exist, but I’ve never seen one.”

“Would you like to? I have many -- dozens, hundreds -- and one of the better collections on the continent. The best, of course, are the ones I’ve made myself: my specialty, even as a young girl, was surgically removing the sexual organs from a live and conscious victim: the whole vagina along with the anus, the breasts to the rib cage, penis and balls as a unit. Mostly, I did the little girls; I flatter myself to think that I’m somewhat famous for it, in certain circles.”

Her hands were bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. “I-I would like to see that.”

She came in close, whispering in my ear. “You’ll see one made. This very weekend. In fact, you’ll most likely star in one.”

I came.

She pushed me to the ground, where a man mounted me before I could stand. I drew a very big crowd, cumming again and again as men raped me, one after another, right next to my bleeding and weeping daughter.

They took me in every way they could imagine.

While I was on my back, a thick dick stuffed in each end, a petite little Asian girl was pushed down on top of me, positioned into a 69; soon, I was licking a badly-whipped, blood-drenched, cum-drooling and abused little pussy that had a long dog's cock stuffed into it. After a while, the tiny preschooler stopped licking me because her throat had another dog fucking it; she thrashed and died on top of me, choked on a tremendous canine knot and speared through the asshole with a hot metal skewer.

Another little girl, this one pregnant, was placed over me; her hot mouth settled into my pussy and licked expertly as I sucked at her cunt-lips, my tongue exploring where a huge cock opened up her unwilling anus. At this angle, men could whip her; she died as I masturbated, licking at brutal mutt-fucking with a great view of it.

More girls followed her: too many to count.

By midnight of that night, my daughter and I were the lowest of whores ... but we were alive. It seems that the Woodwards wanted to keep Kaitlyn as mutt-slut pain-junkie, turn her into a toy; I let them do it. I helped them do it, in fact. I sold them to her; and soon they were leasing her. She didn't resist it or resent me: what I did to her was very cruel, but she found that sexy.

I found it very profitable and fun. Now, I run the slaves at the Woodward Estate; my sons break them in.

Yes, as a mother, I suck. I can live with it. I just can't stand being poor.

The End
Wow! Awesome stories!
I removed the lolicon images and skimmed through a couple of stories. This is some very interesting material. I look forward to having some time to myself so I can read this fully.

Thanks for the content.
Open file (3.36 MB 2400x2100 bac.png)
by Nicholas Fellheimer

I knew that my handsome husband Steve was fucking our very sexy next-door-neighbor Jenny, and it was hard to blame him: that big-tittied blonde bimbo mommy looked like she was built to take a good, hard fucking and come crawling back for more.

People tell me that I look like Lindsay Lohan from 'Mean Girls,' with my perky cutes and and long red hair; if so, Jenny was a dead ringer for Amanda Seyfried as Karen.

A sexy, sultry drop-dead cutie, she was a hot-to-trot 24-year-old sex-doll with a smooth bubble-butt, the ample curves of a professional Zumba instructor, big doe eyes like a shy little girl and thick, pouty-pink dick-sucking lips that could pry the chrome off a trailer-hitch. She looked like she was ready to be pinned down and raped, squirming and sobbing, even in a sundress, and she screamed & sprayed when she came; when lovely, curvy Jenny next door lay out by the pool in her tight white string bikini, with her juicy, sloppy pussy-lips hanging out of the fabric on each side of the well-stretched and too-thin material, Jenny looked positively vulgar.

Her three cute, blonde daughters -- a 9-year-old name Brianna, along with 7-year-old twins Elsie & Allie -- looked even sluttier, if that’s possible. Dolled-up in provocative fuck-me outfits, they looked like miniature strippers.

I honestly couldn’t get upset at my well-hung hubby for coming home with rings of bright, candy-pink lipstick smeared all around the base of his big horse-cock and fresh pussy on his breath; if Jenny’s hulking husband Pete didn’t mind, who was I to complain?

When I noticed that Steve’s thick dick tasted a lot like he had been creaming a slutty neighbor’s well-oiled asshole and maybe a few little neighbor girls, I just shrugged and kept sucking. Butt-fucking Jenny and her dumb daughters was a great hobby, after all: it kept my big, strong man in good shape and in a good mood, always with a smile on his handsome, weatherworn face. Him pounding that dumb cunt and her baby hookers a dozen times a week -- sometimes leaving one or more of them panting, exhausted, crying and bruised on the front lawn -- was excellent cardio, plus it kept that huge prick of his out of my own too-shy behind.

And it kept his blood pressure low.

Hell, it was good for our marriage; Steve was fucking me again like he hadn't since he knocked me up back in 10th grade.

What more could a mean-hearted, horny little redhead mommy like me want?

My three strapping teenage boys were all gaga over Jenny, too, and I knew the exact moment they started getting some well-needed pussy off that sexy mommy; the dumb blonde cunt lay out in the sun with cum from my horny sons running out of a hairless, gooey slit, staining her slinky white bikini-bottoms see-through. She masturbated in the front yard with both hands, rubbing fistfuls of hot cum into her perky nipples and letting it dribble from her well-used shit-pipe, right in front of her giggling daughters.

Yes, sexy little Mommy Jenny had my whole family -- and hers -- caught up in a powerful sexual high ... and all the men in both our lives competing to knock her up again. When she starting showing and my boys started placing bets, I grinned with a creul laugh and grilled up steaks.

That night, I got raped by all three of my boys; should have worn panties under my apron, I guess.

If that had been it, I wouldn’t have felt so dumb.

But it turns out that our good neighbor Pete and his dumb cunt bride Jenny took our good, bright young daughter and made her into something very bad, very dumb -- and very pregnant -- at a very young age. At just eleven years old, I thought my little Kaitlyn was too young to get pregnant. Guess I was wrong.

I also thought she was too young to fuck, but ... well, guess I was wrong again. I felt like a dumb, blonde cunt when she told me they had knocked her little slut-ass up.

Silly me, I thought she was barely old enough to babysit Jenny & Pete’s three pretty daughters. Those dumb blondes, it seemed, really liked watching their strong, well-hung daddy fuck my baby every which way a man can.

The trio of blonde, grade-school whores also liked watching their sexy mommy discipline our little girl; they got to see pretty Jenny enjoy my blushing preteen daughter sexually, repeatedly, brutally, in every way that a cruel dominatrix can hurt a little pig-tailed redhead: our darling, adorable Kaitlyn got her nipples pierced, got her belly and butt-cheeks tattooed, sucked dripping pussy, took grow men’s cocks up the ass, gargled piss and drank cum until she cramped up. She fucked Jenny’s dogs, then she sucked off dogs from all over the neighborhood; she got filmed choking on a fat dog-cock with another softball-sized knot making her little pussy squirt.

My little redheaded whore fucked herself, fisting that slick baby-pussy in marathon masturbation exhibitions with a half-dozen strings of anal-beads dangling from her loose shit-pipe, and she did whoever and whatever they put her with.

She even held down an Asian teen as Pete ass-raped the little fuckmeat to death; she sucked Pete's cock as he spitted two brunette runaways pussy-to-tonsils with a six-foot spiked pole, right after she personally snipped off their fingers and stuffed all twenty up her own ass.

All of it was online.
For six months or more, I was one cute, clueless redheaded mommy ... but when my baby Kaitlyn was five months pregnant and almost twelve years old, I noticed a clue. My smirking husband Steve sure wasn’t clueless, nor were her three older brothers: almost from the start, those horny fuckers had been getting a lot off little Katie, and had been doing their damndest to keep me clueless.

The little bitch was getting a big belly on her, and she looked like she had a sloppy cunt going on between her smooth, toned little-girl legs; she had a meaty, gutsy pussy that somebody had taken a belt to, plenty of times, and a set of sparkling steel rings punched into her slick, drooping labia-lips.

I demanded an explanation.

What came pouring out of that itty-bitty girl sat me down HARD.

I sat there -- staring at Kaitlyn’s bold, open cunt, her gaped asshole, her firm & milky tits and her obscenely-mounded belly labeled with “PLEASE RAPE ME” -- and found myself getting turned on by the sight. My own pussy started aching, getting nice & wet, at the tale she told; she was still leaned back in wide-spread recline, ready to examine an excessively-whipped crotch in a crude pose that made a tiny Girl Scout’s pussy look like a slobbering, fleshy woman’s cunt.

My little Katie got up on her dainty elbows to tell me everything, but the tiny whore kept that beaten beaver on open display the whole time. As my own pussy tingled and got warmer at the kitchen table, we discussed that dripping, pregnant brutally-raped little-girl cunt ... and all that my good neighbors were doing to it, how they used it, how they abused it, and how and couldn't seem to stop using her as a living, fuck-drunk sex-doll.

The neighbors, my lovely daughter said, wanted her to have their baby; she wanted them to force her to. They wanted her pregnant and wanted to see her carry the baby full-term, then nurse it while getting raped. They wanted the porn that it would yield, most of all: a big belly on one so young and tiny, so cute and pretty, well ... they thought Katie’s slut-ass was worth a small fortune.

My little Kaitlyn, a dead-ringer for a curvy preteen Emma Stone, wanted to provide that sick porn, and all the high-octane sexual kicks it would bring. My little slut was very eager to serve Jenny and Pete: she begged me to let her keep serving them in any way they wanted, begging to be pissed-on on hands and knees with a big dog-cock lodged up her ass.

I couldn’t help but envy Jenny; I would have done the same to her girls, but her oldest daughter Brianna was only nine ... and never came calling next-door the way my lovely, coltish Kaitlyn had. Turns out that Jenny’s cute daughters were getting fucked, most especially by my husband and sons, but that Katie was their fluffer, clean-up girl and mattress.

They raped and killed their victims on top of her.

Jenny really made my little bitch pay dearly for me fucking her husband Pete -- a dumb-cunt move on my part, admittedly -- but damn, what a turn-on!

I was even more turned on that Steve and the boys were in on it, especially that they hid it from me so well and for so long. My cunt got slobbery, picturing grown men -- my husband and my sons, my neighbors and friends! -- enjoying Kaitlyn’s lithe little body, dumping their seed in her fertile pussy after raping her gaping, greasy shitter. Dumb cunt that I am, I started rubbing myself as she gleefully described them enjoying her to an extreme, enjoying the feel of her tight body writhing to savage, shocking brutality that I found hard to imagine on one so young and delicate.

The discipline alone was hard to fathom, but Jenny and Pete did so much more than whip the living shit out of her. They bred her to dogs and treated her like one, had her raped by gangs of men and beaten until she could barely walk. They cut her and came in her, left her tied to a bench or a tree in parks to be used as a cum-dumpster and toilet.

‘Fuck that little bitch’ was their motto.

Why not?

My strong, brave little whore always came crawling back to them for more and more, every time, begging to be slapped and choked unconscious, fisted and branded, raped by niggers and forced to lick dirty cocks; she couldn't seem to get enough of everything they dished out.

The more we discussed it, the more I liked it. Kaitlyn could tell: she got turned on watching me like it, and began playing with a very sore pussy while trying hard to sell me on the idea of just going along with it ... like there wasn't a damn thing I could do to change it, and nothing to do but accept it no matter how bad it got.

According to my pretty Katie, that was all it would take: my silent acceptance.

Jenny, it seemed, was already under the impression that I was aware, silently enduring the brutal molestation and shameful sexual slavery of my daughter. This was the reason I was seeing so much evidence; Jenny didn't think she needed to hide a damn thing, and thinking that I was aware -- and that I could not (or would not) do a damn thing about it -- was a huge turn-on for that sexy, dumb blonde bimbo mommy.

That was interesting. And exciting as hell.

I could well imagine; if the shoe were on the other foot, I'd be thrilling the hell out of myself at the expense of Jenny’s sweet little girls ... and making myself a tidy profit, just as Jenny and Pete were. They were selling the porn, of course, and doing a brisk business in kiddy-bondage prostitution: they were renting my pretty Katie out to child molesters to degrade by the hour, their place or his, no holes barred. Plenty were all-nighters, all when I had thought she was babysitting next door.

Kaitlyn informed me, with her hot tongue on my clit, that she told Jenny I already knew everything. Months ago, she had let Pete know that I was kept current each day; the story was that I had been offing her a mother's undying love and affection, along with plenty of sympathy, back-rubs, kisses, baths and deep-cunt massages, but I kept sending her back with admonitions to be good and obedient to whoever had her.

Yes, it seemed that I was the perfect, pretty submissive victim-mommy: always reminding my sweet little whore to smile, say please, grin and bear it, that things were likely to get worse -- not better -- and to make sure that men mostly came inside her asshole.

‘Just suck it up and be brave’ was my motto, I learned.
Open file (81.83 KB 612x771 1216174505477.jpg)
I came, and Kaitlyn lapped at her mommy’ dumb cunt with fawning adoration. God, that felt wonderful ... but it looked even better. I finally understood Jenny's joy at looking between long, sexy legs and seeing a sweet daughter's pretty face merged with a hot, squirting pussy. Pretty Mommy Jenny made an excellent cunt-sucker out of my little bitch, and she used a firm belt to accomplish that.

As I sat there, pondering that, I thought, "And why not? She has every right."

What a deliciously wicked thought that was.

In fact, she did ... especially if I allowed this to go on without protest. Sending her back for more made me a party to all of it, even the dumbest and most irresponsible part: lending her out to child molesters to use and abuse unsupervised. I knew how bad they were, too, because Kaitlyn described them all as she licked, showing me exactly how well she could fist her own slimy cunt: the men were all mean, nasty, cruel and sadistic bastards that really know how to hurt a little girl.

They used needles, razors, lit cigarettes, safety-pins, whips, ropes, clothespins, yard-sticks, riding crops, bare hands, teeth, dildo, butt-plug, hot wax ... EVERYTHING.

“So,” I finally said. “They think I know?”

Katie smiled. “The molester-guys sure do; it’s a big turn-on, knowing that Mommy knows what they do to me and can't do anything about it. Jenny tells them that you hate it, but that you can't do anything about it -- like she has something really bad on you and they don't need to sweat anything and not to worry about leaving marks. She says to rape me until I can’t walk. Pretty soon, one of them is gonna kill me.”

I laughed. "Why would guys even think it might be true?"

"I'm a good actress, Mommy -- and why would I lie? I just sob, and they do the rest. They think you’re so cool, Mom. They all want it to get a lot worse -- bigger, with even more away overnighters, maybe even three-day weekenders, being a sex-slave to a torture freak. They love seeing me really get beaten. They whip the fuck out of my cunt -- I have to hold really still for it."

"Show me."

Kaitlyn bit her lower lip, her pretty eyes sparkling; she could see my interest and smiled with dark hunger. “Really?”


Pulling off my clit with a long slurp, the little pregnant redheaded whore got up to assume the position: curled in a tight tuck on her back, her chin almost between her milky tits and her long legs spread in wide splits.

After a moment, the little fuck-socket was gazing right into her own splayed-open beaver, "This is the main way they like to whip me, but there's lots of good ways to beat a little girl's pussy raw. Jenny sure loves to wail on me, especially when there’s things jammed in my shit-pipe. Do you want to beat my pussy, Mommy? Do you want to hurt me and stuff thing in my ass until I cry and bleed? Do you want to snuff me? Please?"

I smiled.

Oh, yes. Yes, I wanted to ... and I wanted it to get much worse for Kaitlyn. In that regard, my guys and I -- and Jenny and Peter and their lovely daughters -- were all in full agreement.

We wanted it to get much worse, and much riskier.

The cruel bastards had to want that, too; I thought that some lucky child-molester torture-freak could have some real wicked fun with my sexy little pregnant girl over a long three-day weekend. There had to be damn good money in a three-day indenture, too and I wanted Pete and Jenny to make some damn good money off my daughter ... off their little whore.

That was what I came to accept; that’s what I told Kaitlyn, and then added that they had the right to do with her as they pleased.

She came as I beat her pussy bloody.

I got little Kaitlyn cleaned up, dressed in a tiny pink dress with ribbons in her hair and knee-high stockings, then sent her right over to Pete with an order to thank him with her asshole; I was fully expecting she'd be gone all night with the cruelest fucker Jenny could find. That dumb blonde bimbo cunt immediately called her highest-paying, cruelest fucker and sold him a forty-eight hour indenture.

I told my darling daughter to suck it up and be brave. That evening, Steve and the boys all had me right on the kitchen floor after I cleaned up from their big steak dinner: I got gang-raped, and my shy asshole got the workout of a lifetime.

Jenny gambled big, doing this to me, but that thrilled the piss out of us. We knew that my precious little Katie would be getting it really bad -- and for a full forty-eight hours -- at the mercy of a sadist who had little or none. Poor little bitch, he hurt her good. But damn if Jenny didn’t make a bundle of my sexy little girl’s pregnant ass ... and good for her.

For months, I tended to my girl as the agony they put her through got worse; she lost her legs and then her arms, but she only begged for more.

Taking these huge risks was fun, even after one of the cruel bastards didn't return the little bitch. The bold fucker up and disappeared along with everything he owned, leaving no forwarding address, taking my pretty daughter with him.

Fortunately, Jenny and I each had another little one on the way by that point, and so did Brianna. We were working on both of the twins, as well as a basement full of six not-yet-snuffed teen runaways.

Sure, we all miss Kaitlyn, but whose fault was it?

You decide. I’ll always blame me ... and my own dumb damn cunt.

The End
Open file (204.38 KB 1280x960 1425148087175.jpg)
God this story is hot. I didn't read it here though since story the text here is rather small.
Open file (164.17 KB 640x800 003.jpg)
Ooooh, thanks for the link!
Stacy’s New Boyfriend
by Nicholas Fellheimer

Sexy, pregnant little Mommy Angie simply wasn't prepared to deal with boyfriend-issues regarding her eldest: darling Stacy, the apple of her handsome daddy’s sparkling eye, just-turned-eleven, a stunning blonde rich-bitch ice princess dolled-up in pink bows, pretty as a picture and twice as cold.

Lots of things were strange while Angie’s strapping hubby was on the road, getting an early start on a summer full of executive-level corporate decisions made in tropical locales; unfortunately, Angie had quite a submissive streak.

Thus, when cutie-pie, button-nosed, blushing baby Stacy brought a big black boyfriend home from school and the two went off to her bedroom to do homework together, Angie was at a total loss.

There was no rule covering that.

It seemed that petite, precocious blonde Stacy assumed the two of them could go into her bedroom, shut the door and turn on slow R&B music if they damn well felt like it ... and when Mommy Angie didn’t say shit, it looked like her lovely little eldest daughter was goddamn right.

The seven-year-old twins, Laura and Leila -- Stacy’s adorable little sisters -- thought that was pretty fucking cool. They and Angie got a fine earful of good, hard fucking that afternoon: what that man did to the girl was beyond lewd, beating and raping an itty-bitty preteen virgin half to death.

The twins also got to watch their sexy mommy masturbate from close up, Angie’s forehead pressed against Stacy’s pale, pink-painted bedroom door, her thong panties around her ankles and both hands working fast at the very hot, very slippery twenty-four year old pussy underneath a big, eight-months-pregnant belly. She fucked herself in time with her daughter’s bestial and inhuman rape, stuffing her greedy holes with eager, probing fingers as the big man in her daughter’s bedroom performed the most violent and unspeakable of acts imaginable to an innocent little girl, whipping her raw and then violently sodomizing the slim, curvaceous child over and over.

After she got her first hard cum, which brought her to shaking knees, Angie got some wits about her and quietly sent the twins to their room.

Unfortunately, Laura & Leila’s room was right across the hall, and they didn’t shut their door ... so they got to watch their sexy young mommy masturbate her sloppy cunt to squirting, heaving orgasm several more times as their big sister took a monster of a screwing. Stacy’s new boyfriend -- Leroy -- fucked that tiny blonde for hours, stopping only twice to get himself a beer, some duct tape and a magic marker.

To compound matters, the big bastard screwing her little girl was SO damn big: a high-school senior, a football player, built like an African war-god, six-foot-seven and heavily muscled from his bull-neck down to his thick nigger thighs. Walking naked through the house, his slick cock looked like a gleaming cudgel, swinging between his powerful running-back legs; he gave a bare-assed and very embarrassed Angie only a cursory nod, glancing down at her as if she were one of the help.

He stopped and flexed for the twins, making them giggle when he slapped their masturbating mommy with the head of his cock without using his hands. At his insistence, they both stripped naked and showed him their immature pussies and pucked pink rosebud-assholes.

The ripped, beautiful bastard had a cock like one of their forearms.

Sweet baby Stacy, meanwhile, was a tiny 5th-grade ballerina and Junior Miss pageant princess, still a little blonde girl that a VERY generous puberty was turning into a sexy little Playboy Bunny. She looked like a miniature version of Pamela Anderson in a bikini -- complete with tremendous, perky tits like her Mommy -- but she still wasn’t quite five foot tall and was all of 98 pounds soaking wet.

By the end, Angie just sat on the floor outside of her daughter’s open bedroom door, playing with her drooling, gaped-open pussy with both hands, a foot-long cucumber jammed up her ass: a degrading, humiliating and much-appreciated gift that Leroy brought back from his second trip to the kitchen.

That big bastard fucked her little girl in every hole, raping baby Stacy’s preteen asshole until she couldn’t walk before jamming his big black cock up her virgin, unprotected and very fertile pussy to pump her full of his hot, potent seed. He beat her with his belt, slapped her, called her a worthless child-whore, made her promise to suck off dogs, made her promise to fuck every one her teachers, ordered her to spend recess getting ass-fucked in the boy's locker-door with her head in a toilet, made her beg him to get her pregnant, and finally he let her drink his piss, choking her out as he let loose a torrent of hot, acrid urine.

Long after dark, nearing ten at night, Leroy walked out of the house with a swagger, leaving Mommy Angie to untie her cum-leaking, semi-conscious darling from the bed, make her a late dinner (cumber salad) and give her a bath to wash all the piss, cum -- and some of the obscene graffiti -- off her smooth, bruised, belt-lashed lily-white skin.

He grabbed another beer as he left, and let both of the curious twins lick the head of his slimy cock in parting.

Leroy also left little Stacy gagged -- with her tiny ankles bound to her wrists, both firmly strapped above her head and taped to the headboard -- with cum bubbling out around the magic marker jammed up her itty-bitty shit-pipe and a strip of tape holding his potent seed inside her leaky baby-cunt.

The tape, scrawled with magic marker, simply said: ‘do not remove’.

Ever obedient, Mommy Angie left it in place.

The next morning at breakfast, bouncing and cheerful little Stacy almost sloshed as thick nigger-cum dribbled around the edges of the peeling strip of tape holding her oozing pussy closed. Ropy rivulets of gooey cum stained the back of her sundress -- worn without panties, Leroy's orders -- and made her thin, coltish thighs glisten as it dripped from her, leaving puddles of runny fuck wherever she sat. Mommy Angie remained silent.

Both of the twins were eager to have boyfriends, now.

That afternoon, Leroy was back with Stacy after school; this time, he brought two friends. They didn't even make it to Stacy's bedroom. A trio of big blacks fucked Stacy senseless in the front hall: pounding her lithe frame as she contorted, twisting and exposing herself for them in the most vulgar poses until she lost consciousness, choked out on a thick slab of cock-meat. After that, they spent hours raping her limp, bound body -- slowly fluttering in and out of consciousness with the beatings -- while the rest of the family watched in shocked, aroused awe.

Mommy Angie found that she couldn’t help herself; while she masturbated, she let the naked twins sneak close enough that their noses got wet from her crude manipulations of overheating pussy-flesh. By the end, she had a tiny blonde twin fisting each of her slippery nether-holes, cumming in wave after wave as a black stranger pissed across her milky tits and down her belly.

The men stayed until almost midnight, and each had their way with the twins, as well: Angie got each man slick with her sucking mouth, getting them ready to rape the vulnerable assholes and pussies of her little girls.

Again, the men left little Stacy splayed open like a frog ready for dissection, cum dribbling out of every ravaged hole, covered in piss and bruises and graffiti. Her savaged cunt was sealed again: this time, Leroy jammed an empty beer-bottle -- base-first -- into her abused vagina, stuffing her expertly before taping her up.

In the morning, the neck of the bottle jutted obscenely from beneath the short white tennis-skirt Stacy wore, dripping cum like a long cock. Angie was shocked ... but her pretty preteen daugher was giddy with excitement -- black eye and all, with DOGGIE WHORE emblazoned proudy on her chest -- eager to suck off the bus-driver on the way to school

That afternoon, a dozen men arrived with cameras and dogs.


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