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Open file (77.33 KB 800x450 yukiko-23.jpg)
Finish Her lexi 09/28/2014 (Sun) 05:04:58 No. 3107
Yukiko has been cornered and exhausted, In order to gain her immortality, you need to get the crystal from inside her womb. How will you do it?
I'd slowly approach her as she moans in pain.
and slowly touch her and slide my hand from between her legs up to her breasts and chin.
I slowly rip her dress in the midsection exposing her belly button and pull it down until her panties are almost visible. I point my knife into her navel as she looks at me and thrust slowly and gently, deeply pressing, and second. stab her directly in her womb, hold down her legs as she moans more.
i will tease her first, assuming i have razor sharp nails, ill put my hands in her womb, then slowly sink in my nails, to her flesh.
hot ^_^
Open file (618.04 KB 1200x1600 1400508626014.jpg)
First I'd tie her down with her arse hanging over the edge of a bench and cut her legs off, making sure her legs are properly dislocated out of her pelvis. I've always wanted to fuck a legless woman so I can get my cock as deeply inside her as I possibly can.
After that, I will force open her cervix one finger at a time until I can fit a fist through with ease. Once removed, I'd install the crystal in myself and finish her off by forcing both hands into her womb and tearing her open as far as I could. First with my hands, then by reaching inside her with a blade and stabbing outward see she sees it protruding from her uterus. I'll then see how long she last as I fuck her a new cunt in her abdomen.
If she lives long enough, I'll pull the knife back inside her then push towards her head until my arm is completely inside her to the shoulder.

If I'm honest, I'd probably fuck her thrashed cunt again, and then fuck her new gut cunt and cum directly into her womb.

There would probably be some ovary-eating involved too.


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