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A way to make money for NFC kingADVRC 01/28/2015 (Wed) 08:25:41 No. 3238 [Reply]
In order to help keep things moving here, we've decided to post a few money-making links to go towards funding NFC.

I found these randomly on subdesu, where it had he tags Anal, BDSM, Bondage, Dildos, Enema, Extreme Internal shots, Extreme Sexual Content, Fellatio, Guro, Horror, Masturbation, Necrophillia, Nurses, Pee, Rape, Scat, Strapon, Torture, Uncensored, Vibrators.

I immedately thought of you guys. Enjoy~~

Shitai wo Arau - Case.01
Open file (520.11 KB 1442x1080 screen2.jpg)
Shitai wo Arau - Case.02
Open file (354.12 KB 1440x1080 screen3.jpg)
Shitai wo Arau - Case.03

Obligatory Rules Sticky kingADVRC 03/30/2014 (Sun) 11:21:15 No. 1959 [Reply]
Welcome to /gu/ - Guro

This board is for content and discussion of material that wouldn't be appropriate for /h/ or /d/. This includes gore, vore, scat, vomit, and the like.
DRAWN CONTENT ONLY! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PHOTOGENIC! Take that stuff to /b/ if you really have to.
Drama will not be tolerated. Don't like guro? Go watch ponies or funny cat videos or something >_>
Bestiality is not allowed. Deal with it.
Human, furry, monsters, and other creatures are all welcome. A general furry guro is will be stickied for your convenience to keep the warring to a minimum.
Posting doujins is allowed. Links are okay too, seeing as the nature of the content may be a bit much for /do/. Just don't overrun our board with single-post link threads.
Same thing goes for requests. Don't be obnoxious or you'll be met with a festering ban.

If you have any questions, feel free to catch us in IRC.

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Anonymous 10/06/2013 (Sun) 18:11:03 No. 1871 [Reply]
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Open file (205.96 KB 1500x543 Variationhf.jpg)
looking for Wabaki art from gurochan for 2013

Open file (393.86 KB 800x1201 ALICE.jpg)
Where to post photoshop gore? Anonymous 01/01/2018 (Mon) 02:29:23 No. 4207 [Reply]
Where can we post photoshopped gore?
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Open file (100.13 KB 1236x1600 amp2 - 150dpi.jpg)
Open file (77.68 KB 533x800 Natlie_vulkryps.jpg)
Open file (167.39 KB 1600x1236 amputee.jpg)
Open file (195.00 KB 612x783 dreamDate-150dpi.jpg)
Those are acceptable. What we don't want here is actual photographic gore, but a shoop is fine too.

Open file (56.76 KB 480x510 836152_p0.jpg)
Shota Guro Shotagurofan 01/16/2017 (Mon) 07:12:14 No. 3831 [Reply]
World needs much more shota guro
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Open file (71.03 KB 600x420 130753561642.jpg)
Open file (472.12 KB 828x700 A Severed Link.png)
Open file (650.70 KB 1596x1012 Nullo Sissy Boy.png)

Open file (346.43 KB 1700x2019 Drawing 217.jpg)
Paco's Girls Paco 09/19/2016 (Mon) 04:33:19 No. 3825 [Reply]
As she lay on the warm sand, she enjoyed the warmth of the sun on her bare flesh. Sweat beaded and trickled across her skin and she imagined it to be the touch of fingertips running down her belly or fresh spewed semen running down her breasts or dripping from her pussy down her slit to her ass. The thought made her ache for something between her legs and she reached down to massage her lips. It was good, but not enough and she yearned for help. Something touched the back of her hand as she fingered herself. She looked to see a wonderfully plump cock burrowing out of the sand. She laughed thinking some guy was pranking her. Well she was going to give him a surprise. She began stroking the cock and it came up more and more until it was completely uncovered. She marvelled at it as it slithered on her legs and belly, seeming to explore her. Two foot of cock with baseball sized nuts. She was intrigued and horny. It positioned itself between her legs and pressed its "tip" to her slit. She grabbed it to pull it away, but as it wriggled in a little she was overcome by the sensation of the slick meat spreading her open. She opened her thighs, offering her already moist pussy and it urged into her in slow forceful pulses.
It was exquisite. She came quickly as it throbbed inside her. Then as her womb pulsed with pleasure she felt it push in further. At first the novel feeling was exciting, but it began pounding in her harder and faster She tried pulling it out but it was anchored to her with barbs into her tender love canal. Then it convulsed in her. She saaw its nutsack contract and felt her insides fill. The burning sensation made her scream in terror. Several more creatures emerged from the sand. One entered her mouth and she pulled it free. It hissed in anger. Another opened a toothy mouth and engulfed her forearm before clampng down and biting it off at the elbow. Yet another entered her bum unceremoniously and began tearing her apart inside while the one she held at bay opened its fanged maw and took aim at her nearest breast. As it tore away her tasty milk gland, she came again, squeezing the cock in her clenching womb. It responded with a hard drive inward and a release of cum that burst her uterus sending dozens of fertilized eggs throughout her abdomen. Injured and helpless they would grow quickly and feed off her only to wait in the sand for the next sunbathing slut.

Open file (253.91 KB 820x1158 1457017876979.jpg)
Anonymous 03/04/2016 (Fri) 14:59:04 No. 3650 [Reply]
Everytime im fapping, i kinda somehow always end up on this Board, and after i cum, i always just close this ,think about what the fuck i just fapped to,and try to forget about it. Am i the only one?
and as long as this is anonymous,

i think all you other motherfuckers into this are nuts

Anonymous 10/08/2015 (Thu) 01:58:15 No. 3394 [Reply]

Open file (2.18 MB 2480x3508 img011c.jpg)
Gloves Comix GRAPHICDESIGNER 03/30/2015 (Mon) 21:10:37 No. 3256 [Reply]

Open file (317.75 KB 1050x1400 aaaabld.jpg)
blood c fumito 11/24/2014 (Mon) 08:54:45 No. 3225 [Reply]
very aptly named for anime of such frutuitous violence!

Maya stabbed in her lower belly/ womb! lexi 10/30/2014 (Thu) 17:18:05 No. 3216 [Reply]
A Dark elf has fallen :*( Maya my love!
how do u do it.
Did you draw that?
It's quite good.
Im fascinated at how dark elves or elven characters show their stomach, and I just want to stab them and make them realize that its their hottest part in the body!

Guro Fic Anonymous 10/03/2014 (Fri) 10:13:24 No. 3146 [Reply]
Hey, all. I didn't see a LIT or ELIT board on this site, but I thought I might post some of my guro work and edits. If this is the wrong place to be post, please don't hesitate to let me know.
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For six months or more, I was one cute, clueless redheaded mommy ... but when my baby Kaitlyn was five months pregnant and almost twelve years old, I noticed a clue. My smirking husband Steve sure wasn’t clueless, nor were her three older brothers: almost from the start, those horny fuckers had been getting a lot off little Katie, and had been doing their damndest to keep me clueless.

The little bitch was getting a big belly on her, and she looked like she had a sloppy cunt going on between her smooth, toned little-girl legs; she had a meaty, gutsy pussy that somebody had taken a belt to, plenty of times, and a set of sparkling steel rings punched into her slick, drooping labia-lips.

I demanded an explanation.

What came pouring out of that itty-bitty girl sat me down HARD.

I sat there -- staring at Kaitlyn’s bold, open cunt, her gaped asshole, her firm & milky tits and her obscenely-mounded belly labeled with “PLEASE RAPE ME” -- and found myself getting turned on by the sight. My own pussy started aching, getting nice & wet, at the tale she told; she was still leaned back in wide-spread recline, ready to examine an excessively-whipped crotch in a crude pose that made a tiny Girl Scout’s pussy look like a slobbering, fleshy woman’s cunt.

My little Katie got up on her dainty elbows to tell me everything, but the tiny whore kept that beaten beaver on open display the whole time. As my own pussy tingled and got warmer at the kitchen table, we discussed that dripping, pregnant brutally-raped little-girl cunt ... and all that my good neighbors were doing to it, how they used it, how they abused it, and how and couldn't seem to stop using her as a living, fuck-drunk sex-doll.

The neighbors, my lovely daughter said, wanted her to have their baby; she wanted them to force her to. They wanted her pregnant and wanted to see her carry the baby full-term, then nurse it while getting raped. They wanted the porn that it would yield, most of all: a big belly on one so young and tiny, so cute and pretty, well ... they thought Katie’s slut-ass was worth a small fortune.

My little Kaitlyn, a dead-ringer for a curvy preteen Emma Stone, wanted to provide that sick porn, and all the high-octane sexual kicks it would bring. My little slut was very eager to serve Jenny and Pete: she begged me to let her keep serving them in any way they wanted, begging to be pissed-on on hands and knees with a big dog-cock lodged up her ass.

I couldn’t help but envy Jenny; I would have done the same to her girls, but her oldest daughter Brianna was only nine ... and never came calling next-door the way my lovely, coltish Kaitlyn had. Turns out that Jenny’s cute daughters were getting fucked, most especially by my husband and sons, but that Katie was their fluffer, clean-up girl and mattress.

They raped and killed their victims on top of her.

Jenny really made my little bitch pay dearly for me fucking her husband Pete -- a dumb-cunt move on my part, admittedly -- but damn, what a turn-on!

I was even more turned on that Steve and the boys were in on it, especially that they hid it from me so well and for so long. My cunt got slobbery, picturing grown men -- my husband and my sons, my neighbors and friends! -- enjoying Kaitlyn’s lithe little body, dumping their seed in her fertile pussy after raping her gaping, greasy shitter. Dumb cunt that I am, I started rubbing myself as she gleefully described them enjoying her to an extreme, enjoying the feel of her tight body writhing to savage, shocking brutality that I found hard to imagine on one so young and delicate.

The discipline alone was hard to fathom, but Jenny and Pete did so much more than whip the living shit out of her. They bred her to dogs and treated her like one, had her raped by gangs of men and beaten until she could barely walk. They cut her and came in her, left her tied to a bench or a tree in parks to be used as a cum-dumpster and toilet.

‘Fuck that little bitch’ was their motto.

Why not?

My strong, brave little whore always came crawling back to them for more and more, every time, begging to be slapped and choked unconscious, fisted and branded, raped by niggers and forced to lick dirty cocks; she couldn't seem to get enough of everything they dished out.

The more we discussed it, the more I liked it. Kaitlyn could tell: she got turned on watching me like it, and began playing with a very sore pussy while trying hard to sell me on the idea of just going along with it ... like there wasn't a damn thing I could do to change it, and nothing to do but accept it no matter how bad it got.

According to my pretty Katie, that was all it would take: my silent acceptance.

Jenny, it seemed, was already under the impression that I was aware, silently enduring the brutal molestation and shameful sexual slavery of my daughter. This was the reason I was seeing so much evidence; Jenny didn't think she needed to hide a damn thing, and thinking that I was aware -- and that I could not (or would not) do a damn thing about it -- was a huge turn-on for that sexy, dumb blonde bimbo mommy.

That was interesting. And exciting as hell.

I could well imagine; if the shoe were on the other foot, I'd be thrilling the hell out of myself at the expense of Jenny’s sweet little girls ... and making myself a tidy profit, just as Jenny and Pete were. They were selling the porn, of course, and doing a brisk business in kiddy-bondage prostitution: they were renting my pretty Katie out to child molesters to degrade by the hour, their place or his, no holes barred. Plenty were all-nighters, all when I had thought she was babysitting next door.

Kaitlyn informed me, with her hot tongue on my clit, that she told Jenny I already knew everything. Months ago, she had let Pete know that I was kept current each day; the story was that I had been offing her a mother's undying love and affection, along with plenty of sympathy, back-rubs, kisses, baths and deep-cunt massages, but I kept sending her back with admonitions to be good and obedient to whoever had her.

Yes, it seemed that I was the perfect, pretty submissive victim-mommy: always reminding my sweet little whore to smile, say please, grin and bear it, that things were likely to get worse -- not better -- and to make sure that men mostly came inside her asshole.

‘Just suck it up and be brave’ was my motto, I learned.
Open file (81.83 KB 612x771 1216174505477.jpg)
I came, and Kaitlyn lapped at her mommy’ dumb cunt with fawning adoration. God, that felt wonderful ... but it looked even better. I finally understood Jenny's joy at looking between long, sexy legs and seeing a sweet daughter's pretty face merged with a hot, squirting pussy. Pretty Mommy Jenny made an excellent cunt-sucker out of my little bitch, and she used a firm belt to accomplish that.

As I sat there, pondering that, I thought, "And why not? She has every right."

What a deliciously wicked thought that was.

In fact, she did ... especially if I allowed this to go on without protest. Sending her back for more made me a party to all of it, even the dumbest and most irresponsible part: lending her out to child molesters to use and abuse unsupervised. I knew how bad they were, too, because Kaitlyn described them all as she licked, showing me exactly how well she could fist her own slimy cunt: the men were all mean, nasty, cruel and sadistic bastards that really know how to hurt a little girl.

They used needles, razors, lit cigarettes, safety-pins, whips, ropes, clothespins, yard-sticks, riding crops, bare hands, teeth, dildo, butt-plug, hot wax ... EVERYTHING.

“So,” I finally said. “They think I know?”

Katie smiled. “The molester-guys sure do; it’s a big turn-on, knowing that Mommy knows what they do to me and can't do anything about it. Jenny tells them that you hate it, but that you can't do anything about it -- like she has something really bad on you and they don't need to sweat anything and not to worry about leaving marks. She says to rape me until I can’t walk. Pretty soon, one of them is gonna kill me.”

I laughed. "Why would guys even think it might be true?"

"I'm a good actress, Mommy -- and why would I lie? I just sob, and they do the rest. They think you’re so cool, Mom. They all want it to get a lot worse -- bigger, with even more away overnighters, maybe even three-day weekenders, being a sex-slave to a torture freak. They love seeing me really get beaten. They whip the fuck out of my cunt -- I have to hold really still for it."

"Show me."

Kaitlyn bit her lower lip, her pretty eyes sparkling; she could see my interest and smiled with dark hunger. “Really?”


Pulling off my clit with a long slurp, the little pregnant redheaded whore got up to assume the position: curled in a tight tuck on her back, her chin almost between her milky tits and her long legs spread in wide splits.

After a moment, the little fuck-socket was gazing right into her own splayed-open beaver, "This is the main way they like to whip me, but there's lots of good ways to beat a little girl's pussy raw. Jenny sure loves to wail on me, especially when there’s things jammed in my shit-pipe. Do you want to beat my pussy, Mommy? Do you want to hurt me and stuff thing in my ass until I cry and bleed? Do you want to snuff me? Please?"

I smiled.

Oh, yes. Yes, I wanted to ... and I wanted it to get much worse for Kaitlyn. In that regard, my guys and I -- and Jenny and Peter and their lovely daughters -- were all in full agreement.

We wanted it to get much worse, and much riskier.

The cruel bastards had to want that, too; I thought that some lucky child-molester torture-freak could have some real wicked fun with my sexy little pregnant girl over a long three-day weekend. There had to be damn good money in a three-day indenture, too and I wanted Pete and Jenny to make some damn good money off my daughter ... off their little whore.

That was what I came to accept; that’s what I told Kaitlyn, and then added that they had the right to do with her as they pleased.

She came as I beat her pussy bloody.

I got little Kaitlyn cleaned up, dressed in a tiny pink dress with ribbons in her hair and knee-high stockings, then sent her right over to Pete with an order to thank him with her asshole; I was fully expecting she'd be gone all night with the cruelest fucker Jenny could find. That dumb blonde bimbo cunt immediately called her highest-paying, cruelest fucker and sold him a forty-eight hour indenture.

I told my darling daughter to suck it up and be brave. That evening, Steve and the boys all had me right on the kitchen floor after I cleaned up from their big steak dinner: I got gang-raped, and my shy asshole got the workout of a lifetime.

Jenny gambled big, doing this to me, but that thrilled the piss out of us. We knew that my precious little Katie would be getting it really bad -- and for a full forty-eight hours -- at the mercy of a sadist who had little or none. Poor little bitch, he hurt her good. But damn if Jenny didn’t make a bundle of my sexy little girl’s pregnant ass ... and good for her.

For months, I tended to my girl as the agony they put her through got worse; she lost her legs and then her arms, but she only begged for more.

Taking these huge risks was fun, even after one of the cruel bastards didn't return the little bitch. The bold fucker up and disappeared along with everything he owned, leaving no forwarding address, taking my pretty daughter with him.

Fortunately, Jenny and I each had another little one on the way by that point, and so did Brianna. We were working on both of the twins, as well as a basement full of six not-yet-snuffed teen runaways.

Sure, we all miss Kaitlyn, but whose fault was it?

You decide. I’ll always blame me ... and my own dumb damn cunt.

The End
Open file (204.38 KB 1280x960 1425148087175.jpg)
God this story is hot. I didn't read it here though since story the text here is rather small.
Open file (164.17 KB 640x800 003.jpg)
Ooooh, thanks for the link!
Stacy’s New Boyfriend
by Nicholas Fellheimer

Sexy, pregnant little Mommy Angie simply wasn't prepared to deal with boyfriend-issues regarding her eldest: darling Stacy, the apple of her handsome daddy’s sparkling eye, just-turned-eleven, a stunning blonde rich-bitch ice princess dolled-up in pink bows, pretty as a picture and twice as cold.

Lots of things were strange while Angie’s strapping hubby was on the road, getting an early start on a summer full of executive-level corporate decisions made in tropical locales; unfortunately, Angie had quite a submissive streak.

Thus, when cutie-pie, button-nosed, blushing baby Stacy brought a big black boyfriend home from school and the two went off to her bedroom to do homework together, Angie was at a total loss.

There was no rule covering that.

It seemed that petite, precocious blonde Stacy assumed the two of them could go into her bedroom, shut the door and turn on slow R&B music if they damn well felt like it ... and when Mommy Angie didn’t say shit, it looked like her lovely little eldest daughter was goddamn right.

The seven-year-old twins, Laura and Leila -- Stacy’s adorable little sisters -- thought that was pretty fucking cool. They and Angie got a fine earful of good, hard fucking that afternoon: what that man did to the girl was beyond lewd, beating and raping an itty-bitty preteen virgin half to death.

The twins also got to watch their sexy mommy masturbate from close up, Angie’s forehead pressed against Stacy’s pale, pink-painted bedroom door, her thong panties around her ankles and both hands working fast at the very hot, very slippery twenty-four year old pussy underneath a big, eight-months-pregnant belly. She fucked herself in time with her daughter’s bestial and inhuman rape, stuffing her greedy holes with eager, probing fingers as the big man in her daughter’s bedroom performed the most violent and unspeakable of acts imaginable to an innocent little girl, whipping her raw and then violently sodomizing the slim, curvaceous child over and over.

After she got her first hard cum, which brought her to shaking knees, Angie got some wits about her and quietly sent the twins to their room.

Unfortunately, Laura & Leila’s room was right across the hall, and they didn’t shut their door ... so they got to watch their sexy young mommy masturbate her sloppy cunt to squirting, heaving orgasm several more times as their big sister took a monster of a screwing. Stacy’s new boyfriend -- Leroy -- fucked that tiny blonde for hours, stopping only twice to get himself a beer, some duct tape and a magic marker.

To compound matters, the big bastard screwing her little girl was SO damn big: a high-school senior, a football player, built like an African war-god, six-foot-seven and heavily muscled from his bull-neck down to his thick nigger thighs. Walking naked through the house, his slick cock looked like a gleaming cudgel, swinging between his powerful running-back legs; he gave a bare-assed and very embarrassed Angie only a cursory nod, glancing down at her as if she were one of the help.

He stopped and flexed for the twins, making them giggle when he slapped their masturbating mommy with the head of his cock without using his hands. At his insistence, they both stripped naked and showed him their immature pussies and pucked pink rosebud-assholes.

The ripped, beautiful bastard had a cock like one of their forearms.

Sweet baby Stacy, meanwhile, was a tiny 5th-grade ballerina and Junior Miss pageant princess, still a little blonde girl that a VERY generous puberty was turning into a sexy little Playboy Bunny. She looked like a miniature version of Pamela Anderson in a bikini -- complete with tremendous, perky tits like her Mommy -- but she still wasn’t quite five foot tall and was all of 98 pounds soaking wet.

By the end, Angie just sat on the floor outside of her daughter’s open bedroom door, playing with her drooling, gaped-open pussy with both hands, a foot-long cucumber jammed up her ass: a degrading, humiliating and much-appreciated gift that Leroy brought back from his second trip to the kitchen.

That big bastard fucked her little girl in every hole, raping baby Stacy’s preteen asshole until she couldn’t walk before jamming his big black cock up her virgin, unprotected and very fertile pussy to pump her full of his hot, potent seed. He beat her with his belt, slapped her, called her a worthless child-whore, made her promise to suck off dogs, made her promise to fuck every one her teachers, ordered her to spend recess getting ass-fucked in the boy's locker-door with her head in a toilet, made her beg him to get her pregnant, and finally he let her drink his piss, choking her out as he let loose a torrent of hot, acrid urine.

Long after dark, nearing ten at night, Leroy walked out of the house with a swagger, leaving Mommy Angie to untie her cum-leaking, semi-conscious darling from the bed, make her a late dinner (cumber salad) and give her a bath to wash all the piss, cum -- and some of the obscene graffiti -- off her smooth, bruised, belt-lashed lily-white skin.

He grabbed another beer as he left, and let both of the curious twins lick the head of his slimy cock in parting.

Leroy also left little Stacy gagged -- with her tiny ankles bound to her wrists, both firmly strapped above her head and taped to the headboard -- with cum bubbling out around the magic marker jammed up her itty-bitty shit-pipe and a strip of tape holding his potent seed inside her leaky baby-cunt.

The tape, scrawled with magic marker, simply said: ‘do not remove’.

Ever obedient, Mommy Angie left it in place.

The next morning at breakfast, bouncing and cheerful little Stacy almost sloshed as thick nigger-cum dribbled around the edges of the peeling strip of tape holding her oozing pussy closed. Ropy rivulets of gooey cum stained the back of her sundress -- worn without panties, Leroy's orders -- and made her thin, coltish thighs glisten as it dripped from her, leaving puddles of runny fuck wherever she sat. Mommy Angie remained silent.

Both of the twins were eager to have boyfriends, now.

That afternoon, Leroy was back with Stacy after school; this time, he brought two friends. They didn't even make it to Stacy's bedroom. A trio of big blacks fucked Stacy senseless in the front hall: pounding her lithe frame as she contorted, twisting and exposing herself for them in the most vulgar poses until she lost consciousness, choked out on a thick slab of cock-meat. After that, they spent hours raping her limp, bound body -- slowly fluttering in and out of consciousness with the beatings -- while the rest of the family watched in shocked, aroused awe.

Mommy Angie found that she couldn’t help herself; while she masturbated, she let the naked twins sneak close enough that their noses got wet from her crude manipulations of overheating pussy-flesh. By the end, she had a tiny blonde twin fisting each of her slippery nether-holes, cumming in wave after wave as a black stranger pissed across her milky tits and down her belly.

The men stayed until almost midnight, and each had their way with the twins, as well: Angie got each man slick with her sucking mouth, getting them ready to rape the vulnerable assholes and pussies of her little girls.

Again, the men left little Stacy splayed open like a frog ready for dissection, cum dribbling out of every ravaged hole, covered in piss and bruises and graffiti. Her savaged cunt was sealed again: this time, Leroy jammed an empty beer-bottle -- base-first -- into her abused vagina, stuffing her expertly before taping her up.

In the morning, the neck of the bottle jutted obscenely from beneath the short white tennis-skirt Stacy wore, dripping cum like a long cock. Angie was shocked ... but her pretty preteen daugher was giddy with excitement -- black eye and all, with DOGGIE WHORE emblazoned proudy on her chest -- eager to suck off the bus-driver on the way to school

That afternoon, a dozen men arrived with cameras and dogs.

Tentacle Navel stab lexi 09/30/2014 (Tue) 08:04:02 No. 3138 [Reply]
Poor girl as she moans in pain.
Her hands tied together, her fragile body remains open. A tentacle stabs through her navel bringing intense pain. The impact loosens her belt and it falls revealing her sensitive womb.

Open file (57.44 KB 300x342 0_4185.jpg)
Critical Hit lexi 09/30/2014 (Tue) 07:45:27 No. 3136 [Reply]
The girl Warrior is stripped of her armor. And as punishment, she is to be stabbed in her belly,from her Navel, destroying her womb in the process as the knight stabs her with a sharp sword.
Hemophile we lost another warrior. .
not even her body was spared.

Open file (77.33 KB 800x450 yukiko-23.jpg)
Finish Her lexi 09/28/2014 (Sun) 05:04:58 No. 3107 [Reply]
Yukiko has been cornered and exhausted, In order to gain her immortality, you need to get the crystal from inside her womb. How will you do it?
I'd slowly approach her as she moans in pain.
and slowly touch her and slide my hand from between her legs up to her breasts and chin.
I slowly rip her dress in the midsection exposing her belly button and pull it down until her panties are almost visible. I point my knife into her navel as she looks at me and thrust slowly and gently, deeply pressing, and second. stab her directly in her womb, hold down her legs as she moans more.
i will tease her first, assuming i have razor sharp nails, ill put my hands in her womb, then slowly sink in my nails, to her flesh.
hot ^_^
Open file (618.04 KB 1200x1600 1400508626014.jpg)
First I'd tie her down with her arse hanging over the edge of a bench and cut her legs off, making sure her legs are properly dislocated out of her pelvis. I've always wanted to fuck a legless woman so I can get my cock as deeply inside her as I possibly can.
After that, I will force open her cervix one finger at a time until I can fit a fist through with ease. Once removed, I'd install the crystal in myself and finish her off by forcing both hands into her womb and tearing her open as far as I could. First with my hands, then by reaching inside her with a blade and stabbing outward see she sees it protruding from her uterus. I'll then see how long she last as I fuck her a new cunt in her abdomen.
If she lives long enough, I'll pull the knife back inside her then push towards her head until my arm is completely inside her to the shoulder.

If I'm honest, I'd probably fuck her thrashed cunt again, and then fuck her new gut cunt and cum directly into her womb.

There would probably be some ovary-eating involved too.

Open file (2.98 KB 94x125 1362381513627s.jpg)
Guroch.org down? Anonymous 09/02/2014 (Tue) 06:58:16 No. 3066 [Reply]
Hey /gu/, any word on what happened to guroch.org, the replacement for gurochan.net? Please post any information you have regarding the outage here, it would be greatly appreciated!
2 posts omitted.
It's back! https://gurochan.ch/

They promise they really aren't going to go down again this time...
Well, I sure hope they'll bring the catalogue back.
We have an actual contingency plan this time, no need to worry about that.

Will do. All suggestions are welcome on /dis/ (and we actually do respond to them).

On an unrelated note, some fag got my VPN banned here. ;_;
It was most likely used in a spam/CP spam post. PM me on IRC and I'll remove it if I can find it.
ah, so that's what the address is THIS time... and glory be, it's still up. Thanks for that.

Weakness sighted lexi 09/25/2014 (Thu) 16:45:09 No. 3094 [Reply]
Every girl would have a weakspot and mostly thats their stomach. How would you kill her?
by Stab, arrow or shoving your hand through her womb?
Reach in and caress her naughty bits from the inside until she dies of pain and ecstasy, or stick her own hand in her and make her pull out her own beautiful intestines.
Good! , I was also thinking like tie both of her arms, then put a hole through her womb with a knife take it out then you start caressing her naughty bits.
but an arrow on her womb would easily make her bend over.

Fatal Arrow hits lexi 09/25/2014 (Thu) 15:58:06 No. 3091 [Reply]
Its poor that this girl was not given a chance to fight but got hit by 3 arrows. It turns me on quite even if im a girl, to get hit in the stomach. I wish to see more of this but more on the navel area or Womb even if the girl isnt pregnant a shot to the womb or belly is a critical, but nice ^_^

Open file (198.39 KB 470x659 zine10.jpg)
my zine eto 09/24/2014 (Wed) 15:45:38 No. 3089 [Reply]
Hey, people! I'm a artist and into guro. Released a little zine with a friend, I would like to let me know what you think. Thank you!!

to download: http://loveshitstar.blogspot.com/2014/08/penyimpangan-transtorno-by-eto-godoy-r.html
can you draw more stabbed in belly but make the girl sexier?


no cookies?