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In order to help keep things moving here, we've decided to post a few money-making links to go towards funding NFC.

I found these randomly on subdesu, where it had he tags Anal, BDSM, Bondage, Dildos, Enema, Extreme Internal shots, Extreme Sexual Content, Fellatio, Guro, Horror, Masturbation, Necrophillia, Nurses, Pee, Rape, Scat, Strapon, Torture, Uncensored, Vibrators.

I immedately thought of you guys. Enjoy~~

Shitai wo Arau - Case.01
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Shitai wo Arau - Case.03

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Welcome to /gu/ - Guro

This board is for content and discussion of material that wouldn't be appropriate for /h/ or /d/. This includes gore, vore, scat, vomit, and the like.
DRAWN CONTENT ONLY! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PHOTOGENIC! Take that stuff to /b/ if you really have to.
Drama will not be tolerated. Don't like guro? Go watch ponies or funny cat videos or something >_>
Bestiality is not allowed. Deal with it.
Human, furry, monsters, and other creatures are all welcome. A general furry guro is will be stickied for your convenience to keep the warring to a minimum.
Posting doujins is allowed. Links are okay too, seeing as the nature of the content may be a bit much for /do/. Just don't overrun our board with single-post link threads.
Same thing goes for requests. Don't be obnoxious or you'll be met with a festering ban.

If you have any questions, feel free to catch us in IRC.

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Where can we post photoshopped gore?
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Those are acceptable. What we don't want here is actual photographic gore, but a shoop is fine too.

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World needs much more shota guro
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As she lay on the warm sand, she enjoyed the warmth of the sun on her bare flesh. Sweat beaded and trickled across her skin and she imagined it to be the touch of fingertips running down her belly or fresh spewed semen running down her breasts or dripping from her pussy down her slit to her ass. The thought made her ache for something between her legs and she reached down to massage her lips. It was good, but not enough and she yearned for help. Something touched the back of her hand as she fingered herself. She looked to see a wonderfully plump cock burrowing out of the sand. She laughed thinking some guy was pranking her. Well she was going to give him a surprise. She began stroking the cock and it came up more and more until it was completely uncovered. She marvelled at it as it slithered on her legs and belly, seeming to explore her. Two foot of cock with baseball sized nuts. She was intrigued and horny. It positioned itself between her legs and pressed its "tip" to her slit. She grabbed it to pull it away, but as it wriggled in a little she was overcome by the sensation of the slick meat spreading her open. She opened her thighs, offering her already moist pussy and it urged into her in slow forceful pulses.
It was exquisite. She came quickly as it throbbed inside her. Then as her womb pulsed with pleasure she felt it push in further. At first the novel feeling was exciting, but it began pounding in her harder and faster She tried pulling it out but it was anchored to her with barbs into her tender love canal. Then it convulsed in her. She saaw its nutsack contract and felt her insides fill. The burning sensation made her scream in terror. Several more creatures emerged from the sand. One entered her mouth and she pulled it free. It hissed in anger. Another opened a toothy mouth and engulfed her forearm before clampng down and biting it off at the elbow. Yet another entered her bum unceremoniously and began tearing her apart inside while the one she held at bay opened its fanged maw and took aim at her nearest breast. As it tore away her tasty milk gland, she came again, squeezing the cock in her clenching womb. It responded with a hard drive inward and a release of cum that burst her uterus sending dozens of fertilized eggs throughout her abdomen. Injured and helpless they would grow quickly and feed off her only to wait in the sand for the next sunbathing slut.

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Everytime im fapping, i kinda somehow always end up on this Board, and after i cum, i always just close this ,think about what the fuck i just fapped to,and try to forget about it. Am i the only one?




and as long as this is anonymous,

i think all you other motherfuckers into this are nuts

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very aptly named for anime of such frutuitous violence!

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