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Open file (212.89 KB 1632x1224 013.jpg)
My 5s Anonymous 05/11/2011 (Wed) 00:41:33 No. 13496
SO I sort porn in subject then into a "quality" of 1 to 5. Strangely, I still keep the ones. Anyway - here are my fives of facials.
Open file (21.51 KB 652x467 026.jpg)
So... what makes a 5?

A lot of things, actually. Mostly, how hard does it make my cock... but beyond that, I look for quality in a pic like (not all must apply):

Is the timing of the pic suitable for the intense energy of ejaculation?
Open file (95.24 KB 1152x864 029.jpg)
Are there glasses? Glasses are a plus...
Open file (57.29 KB 1024x713 064.jpg)
Is the girl just not-hot enough to be a "real" girl?
Open file (75.95 KB 1024x685 097.jpg)
Did some of the cum get in her hair? I love the thought of the girls trying to get clean after being covered.
Open file (42.72 KB 432x650 214.jpg)
Although Ama Allure sometimes seem samey, I love the glare on the girls eyes, something about it makes them seem more innocent...
Open file (59.87 KB 600x900 7440102.jpg)
I like a big mouthful of cum, usually with the picture at such an angle that totally prevents occludes anything that isn't cum in her mouth...
Open file (87.46 KB 1024x768 33572928.jpg)
Rainbow socks are totally fuckin hot, especially if they are better than knee high...
Open file (135.92 KB 1024x834 34648404.jpg)
I find even the look of manufactured surprise alluring...
Open file (226.09 KB 2045x1500 61589182.jpg)
Some girls are just reliable at getting sloppy. I love the vid of gianna where she shakes her cum covered face and it flies all over.
Open file (99.38 KB 1000x667 95364644.jpg)
There is something to be said for some colorful make up... getting all pretty to get a cum shower is always a worthwhile activity.
Open file (65.59 KB 633x489 107109513.jpg)
Sometimes the most plain-jane girl can be a major turn on if she's been hard ridden...
Open file (47.30 KB 480x640 288430197.jpg)
If they have a full mouth of cum, it can go down or out... out is fine with me if they make it look sexy.
Open file (40.92 KB 550x700 132670256.jpg)
There are plenty of other things too... but I think I'll just post some pics now. If anyone has anything that "goes" feel free to post it!
Open file (71.75 KB 800x600 2145565918.jpg)
Open file (71.75 KB 500x622 2144152333.jpg)
Open file (24.67 KB 360x480 2133790631.jpg)
Open file (97.75 KB 853x480 2132875118.jpg)
Open file (162.47 KB 900x1354 2090837008.jpg)
Open file (45.42 KB 1024x768 2050647241.jpg)
Open file (77.23 KB 919x767 12618668159.jpg)
this is awesome. :)


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