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General Hardcore guy 12/06/2011 (Tue) 14:29:53 No. 6640 [Reply]
With /gp/ being cleaned up, I can finally start a general hardcore thread without worrying about it getting swallowed by an ocean of vid posts.
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Open file (116.86 KB 1000x665 4321232341.jpg)
Open file (57.93 KB 512x705 6565565665.jpg)
Open file (27.03 KB 500x375 IMG_0678.jpg)
Open file (159.72 KB 1024x768 235234434.jpg)
No cumming inside me bro!

Open file (162.08 KB 1024x680 5179564201_bd96a3e3b8_o.jpg)
Blowjobs guy 11/12/2011 (Sat) 17:46:09 No. 5699 [Reply]
I would stick this in GP, but I don't post often enough to keep it alive there, where it gets swallowed by all the fileshare threads. Cake gave the OK a while back.
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Open file (141.46 KB 1024x660 4555.jpg)
Open file (194.28 KB 676x1024 1097.jpg)
Open file (116.05 KB 971x728 8DE2CB7.jpg)
Open file (114.24 KB 970x836 4BF6EEF.jpg)

Open file (59.22 KB 667x1000 puss2.jpg)
perfect pussy Anonymous 10/22/2011 (Sat) 04:20:20 No. 4749 [Reply]
Can we get a pretty pussy thread going, I have yet to find one.
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Open file (54.91 KB 950x632 3422311342.jpg)
Open file (76.40 KB 681x1024 7787878778.jpg)
Open file (109.68 KB 1200x900 7788778787.jpg)
This thread completely derailed.

It started out as perfect pussy, and then became any old pussies.
Open file (468.97 KB 2048x1536 137529241587.jpg)
full size

Open file (30.72 KB 683x1024 1272632120998.jpg)
Buttplugs in female asses cnd 09/27/2011 (Tue) 13:32:58 No. 13169 [Reply]
among other things
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Open file (628.53 KB 1280x1920 1349468079488.jpg)
Open file (137.76 KB 720x960 1349471901778.jpg)
Open file (225.11 KB 1600x1200 1349471986665.jpg)
Open file (51.07 KB 364x546 1349660159813.jpg)
Open file (246.78 KB 1024x768 1349472159529.jpg)

Open file (135.59 KB 475x315 Sexy Lesbians - 001.jpg)
Hot Lesbians Folder guy 07/08/2011 (Fri) 02:16:45 No. 10558 [Reply]
girls on girls

fuck yeah.
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Open file (2.71 MB 5616x3158 0-lips 001.jpg)
Open file (610.92 KB 1920x1080 0-trio 004w.jpg)

Open file (250.94 KB 720x472 12388715586.jpg)
Anonymous 05/09/2011 (Mon) 05:30:23 No. 14408 [Reply]
Gentlemen I don't see a public facial thread.

Let's fix that.
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If by "facial" you mean "women who appear to have cum on the face only by coincidence," then yes, this is the only one.
How can you "coincidentally" have cum on your face?
Open file (103.99 KB 450x368 steal-do-want.jpg)
You can fake a facial with pina colada mix
I wanna be her

Open file (266.31 KB 1098x1648 Suziexxxc01151.jpg)
Burlybear 05/01/2011 (Sun) 22:41:48 No. 12872 [Reply]
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Open file (172.99 KB 768x576 12165366698.jpg)
Open file (72.12 KB 900x600 23424453545.jpg)
Open file (441.83 KB 830x553 23432423342.jpg)
Open file (87.59 KB 510x768 23434212134.jpg)
Open file (234.98 KB 1200x798 24324323433.jpg)

Open file (56.94 KB 791x520 untitled%20%282%29.jpg)
Burlybear 05/01/2011 (Sun) 01:09:46 No. 13557 [Reply]
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Open file (123.38 KB 600x800 7878777887.jpg)
Open file (38.86 KB 666x1024 8798779798.jpg)
Open file (86.38 KB 800x600 11725759574.jpg)
I love it all over and into me....
Open file (100.92 KB 576x1024 IMG_5433.jpg)


no cookies?